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“Damn” you expressed to yourself when you tried to find your pencil case at th end of your bag, but unfortunately it was not there, you may have forget it at home since you were such a distracted girl. Quietly you made a sound to Zack Dempsey, the boy who was sat in the desk next to you. The first in notice it was his best friend, Foley. 

“Zack” you called him, making him to face you. “ Could you lend me a pen? I forgot mine.”

At that moment, Zack was seeing rockets surrounding him. He was popular with girls, but it was the first time you two had a conversation started not by him. Obviously, Justin couldn’t ignore the situation since Zack looked dazed. 

“Sweetie, he would give you everything he has and whenever you want.” 

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Request: Not technically, but a lot of Monty requests were made.

Pairing: Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

Warning(s): Sexual tension seems to be a theme was the Monty Python.

Word Count: 595

Gif: Mine

A/N: Inspired by ‘On My Block.’


You had gone through the entire day catching glances and stares from nearly everyone at school. Not only did it makes you uncomfortable, but it made you incredibly anxious.

While navigating your way through the cafeteria, you saw Jessica flag you down to her table. You sat across from her and it felt like the cheerleaders beside her silently judged that decision.

“Did you really do it?” Jessica asked immediately. She recognized the confused look on your face and clarified. “Sleep with Monty– did you sleep with Monty?”

Your jaw fell open but your lips remained pressed together, and you swear you could hear someone choke, but it might have just been in your head or you yourself. Suddenly all the cheerleaders were watching you while you processed what just came out of Jessica’s mouth. You cleared your throat and inhaled sharply.

“Jeez, Jess. I’m good, how are you?” You mocked and she rolled her eyes. “Who’s concern is it, anyway?” You had a sour tone in your voice, but it relaid no evident truth.

“Mine,” at least half of the cheer squad scoffed. You scoffed and began to pick at your plate. 

At least now you knew why you suddenly became a supermodel in the hallway. For the rest of the day, you spent it figuring out what you were going to say when you eventually ran into Monty.

Alas, walking out the front doors, you saw him sitting in his car in the parking lot. Gripping your book bag, you marched over to him. Justin, who was sat in his passenger seat, tapped his shoulder and motioned in your direction. When Monty locked his eyes onto you he let out a grin.

“There’s my girl!” He growled. He jumped out of his truck and attempted to wrap his arms around your waist.

You slapped his arms down, which he did not appreciate. "What is your problem?” He bit down, strengthening his jawline. “I will tell you what your problem is– You’ve got loose lips! Spreading a rumor like–”

“A rumor?” He interrupted. “Sweet cheeks, that was not a rumor and you know it.” He gripped your chin and finally wrapped his arm your torso to pull you close to him. 

You shifted your vision down then back up to him, now with less anger. “But you didn’t have to tell everyone,” you whispered to just him.

He brought his lips down to your ear. “I had to let everyone know who you belong to. I claimed you.” His lips traced your ear and you let out a sigh of compliance.

You felt everyone in the parking lot watching the pair of you. Those in their car, those walking to their car, those without a car. All watching you. 

“Justin, get out,” Monty said, straightening up and not taking his eyes off of you. His grasp on your chin loosened as he stroked your cheek with his thumb.

“Excuse me?” Justin barked. Monty snapped his head toward his friend. 

“Get out of the car.” He spoke slowly and clearly, threat dripping on every word. Justin sighed and hopped out, grabbing his bag from the back.

Monty turned back to you and saw a playful grin on your lips. “I’m taking you home, come on.”

You ran around to Justin’s side and blew him a kiss as he shook his head. As soon as your door closed Monty sped out of the parking lot, nearly running over Tyler Down. Like a habit, Monty rested his hand on your thigh and to your house, he drove.


Request: ‘can you do more of the coach daughter’ ‘can you continue on coaches daughter?’ 

Pairing: Scott Reed x Reader

Warning(s): None.

Word Count: 292

Gif: Mine.

A/N: Inspired by ‘Crush Culture’ by Conan Gray. Find parts: [1] [2]

The table vibrated a notification on someone’s phone. I scrambled to pick up mine, checking if it was her. Nothing. I adjusted my volume and swiped off any other announcement.

“Dude, relax.” Zach knocked on the desk as he put his phone back down. “Just my mom, she’s wondering if you want to come over for dinner.” I nodded a ‘sure’ as I struggled to put my phone in my pocket.

I reverted my attention to the chemistry book in front of me. I tapped my pencil on the edge of the book finding it hard to focus. Apparently so did Zach because he slapped the pencil out of my hand. He widened his eyes at me and slightly shook his head.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. I sighed as I sat back in the uncomfortable library chair. I pulled out my phone again, still seeing no message or sign of her contact.

Unpleased at my apology, Zach threw his eraser at me. “What’s up with you?”

I threw my head back and the sound of pops followed along. I snapped back to him and slacked my jaw. “I don’t know. It’s just… I don’t know.”

Zach had a smirk on his face while he crossed his arms. “It’s Y/N, isn’t it?” When I refused to look at him, he scoffed. “Dude, you know she’s like, off limits. She’s Coach Rick’s daughter-”

Stepdaughter.” He rolled his eyes.

“Doesn’t matter and you know it.” And he’s right, Coach Rick would kick me off the team if I touched her.

Just then a familiar chime went off from my pocket. It was a text. From her.

You free tomorrow?
I’ve got good news!

“Is that her?” Zach coughed. I felt my cheeks tighten. “God, you’re hopeless.”


Request: I know I’ve been asked to do some Alex stuff, but I can’t find them.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 467

Gif: @techalamet

A/N: I want to do some holiday writings, so if y’all have any ideas, feel free to shoot them in my inbox!

You were out with the Standall family on their winter vacation to Colorado. Most of Alex’s family was in the house, in bed or asleep, but you decided to enjoy the cool evening by the campfire. Alex popped inside to make another batch of hot chocolate for the two of you. A cold breeze came by, even swaddled in your numerous blankets, you still shivered.

“Do you want another blanket?” Alex asked, placing the kettle of cocoa on the side table. You smiled up at him, shaking your head. “Okay, scoot over.”

Alex huddled in your nest of throws and knitted quilts. You leaned over to refill your mug and Alex’s while he settled in. You plopped in a few marshmallows and turned back to your boyfriend. 

“Can I get another marshmallow?” He requested, which you did. He kissed your temple and brought you into him. 

You sat in a calm silence accompanied with soft sips and the fire crackles. You looked up at the clear and wide starry sky. You held your mug, indulging in the warmth when you felt Alex shift in his spot.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” You could hear the smile in his voice while he fiddled with your hair. “If I were here alone, I’d kill myself.”

You shook your head and turned to him. His hand rested on the side of your neck. You turned your face into his hand and kissed his palm. You reached over him to put your mug on his table and when you turned back to him he caught your lips with his.

You smiled as you relaxed in him. Using your forearm to keep balance, your other hand rested on his chest. He cupped the nape of your neck, keeping you to him. You pulled away but kept close to him.

“Alex,” you whispered, keeping your hand on his chest. He held your cheek in his warm hand. 

“I love you, Y/N.” Alex stroked your chin with his thumb. He pulled your face back to his. His tongue slipped between your lips, which you allowed him room to do so.

Clutching his collar, you lightly tugged him up to you while you turned over. His arm cradled behind your neck, staying close to you and never breaking the kiss. Your hand went from his collar to raking through his hair. 

Your breath became hot between the two of you. Kicking off some of the blankets, Alex readjusted his position. He took a minute to look into your eyes. You crushed his hair back, enjoying the view of him in front of the stars.

“Should we go inside?” Alex asked. “It’s kinda cold, and I don’t think anyone is awake anymore…”

Biting your lip, you nodded. Alex nodded and hurried you up to his room. 


Request: “Can you do more Monty x Tyler’s sister” - @idk888999

Pairing: Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader | Tyler Down x Reader

Warning(s): Sexual tension

Word Count: 651

Gif: Mine

A/N: Hey, Monty is not on my top Boyfriend-To-Be list, but he is the only character I can match with this concept and it was requested.

“Okay, Courtney, but I’m just saying,” you sighed, closing your locker. You tucked your hair behind your ear. “I feel like there is a more appropriate way to integrate that.”

You saw Monty and his friends on the other side of the hall. He locked his eyes on you, making you shift your weight from one foot to the other.

“Yeah, but,” Courtney started.

You refocused your attention on her, placing your hand on her shoulder. “You know what? Why don’t we talk about this at the meeting?” She opened her mouth, but you didn’t give her time to reply. “Okay, great. I’ll let Marcus know.”

You left Courtney at your locker while you headed in the direction of Monty. You cocked your head at him, telling him to follow you. You looked into an empty classroom and decided to duck in there. Monty walked in before the door closed.

He caught your waist and spun you to face him. He attached his lips to yours, pulling your hips into him. You reached up to clutch his collar. His tongue dodged in between your lips, but you pulled away.

You sighed. “No, Monty.” You pushed him back slightly, making him let go of your waist.

“What?” He panted. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” His eyes burned into you, waiting for a reply.

You rolled your eyes, taking your backpack off and placing it on the desk behind you. “Well, if you’d let me explain first…” You turned back to him and saw that Monty’s jaw was clenched. “You’ll chip a tooth, babe.” You kissed the corner of his mouth.

You needed him in a good mood. He’s been on edge lately, but you’ve really had a big favor to ask of him that you knew he won’t agree to. That is unless you have payback.

Monty’s shoulders relaxed and he allowed himself to slouch a bit. “What is it?” His tone was softer and less aggressive. He spent more time searching for eye contact than demanding it.

You ran a hand through your hair, inhaling deeply. “It’s Tyler.”

And with that, his whole demeanor shifted as quickly as it came. But he wasn’t angry, he was intrigued.

“He’s been, I don’t know, acting differently,” you started. “Listening to new music, dressing differently, hanging out with new friends-”

“He didn’t have friends in the first place,” Monty interrupted. You glared at him.

“The point is, Tyler’s been acting differently.” You leaned on the desk behind you. “And I know you and your friends give him a hard time, for a lot of things. All I’m asking is for you to lay off a bit.”

Monty leaned into you, placing his hands on the desk to trap you within him. “What do I get?”

You scoffed. “The gratitude of being a good person.”

Monty inhaled the air between his teeth. “Not enough, sweetcheeks.” He put his hand on the inside of your thigh.

“Monty,” you groaned. “Whatever, I don’t need you.” 

You got up and grabbed your bag. You headed for the door, but Monty caught your arm.

“Stop,” he said roughly. “I’ll do it. I’ll lay off.” You smiled slightly and pulled him in for a short kiss. “But if he pisses me off, I can’t guarantee I won’t slam him into the lockers.”

You dismissed him with a playful smack. You pulled him by his collar for another peck. “Come on, I think Coach Patrick will want his room back.”

From the doorway, you saw Tyler in the hallway with his new friends wearing his homemade shirt. He saw you and nodded.

“Hey Tyler,” you smiled. You felt Monty wrap an arm around your stomach and press his body against your back. Monty’s presence made Tyler look down. “I’ll see you later.” 

All he did was nod and walk on. The bell rang and you left Monty for your next period.

Request: “could u please continue w chase? thanks”  “Could you maybe write a second part to ‚ the chase‘? The first part is really nice!”

Pairing: Scott Reed x Reader

Warning(s): Scott POV, internal thoughts (a lot of them)

Word Count: 398

Gif: @a-fandom-imagine

A/N: I know, I know… Moving on… I kinda like this ScottxCoachsDaughter dynamic. Let me know how y’all feel.

I walked pass Coach Rick’s office and heard muffled arguments. I leaned in, curiosity getting the best of me, but I still couldn’t understand what was going on. I did, however, hear the march of footsteps heading toward the door. I shuffled in place before realizing that I should move. Out of the door came Y/N.

“Y/N, we aren’t finished here,” Coach Rick stated from the doorway of his office.

Y/N, who was clutching her book bag in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, turned to face him from her spot in the middle of the walkway. “No, dad, we aren’t. But I am not doing this here.”

Dad? Coach Rick is her dad?! No wonder she’s off limits, I never understood that rule…

As she walked off, I followed her quickly, hoping to catch up with her strides.

“Hey, Y/N,” I panted slightly. Damn, she walks so fast, but she looks so good when she’s angry. Once she noticed it was me, she smiled softly.

“Oh, what’s up, Scott?” That’s what is so amazing about her… She is always thinking about others, regardless of her own state of mind.

I gripped my bag strap. “You okay? You know, with what happened with Coach Rick?” I pointed toward his office. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I didn’t know he was your dad.”

“Stepdad,” She corrected. “Yeah, I, uh… he found out that I’m failing math and he’s harping me about it.” She clicked her tongue. “And that sucks because now he won’t let me out of the house until I get that up.”

I nodded, internally panicking because I was planning on asking her to the winter formal. I don’t know what made me offer this, but I did.

“You know, I’m pretty alright in mathematics. I could tutor you during study hall.” I don’t know why I said that… I suck at math. But her face lit up.

“Are you serious?” She was almost shocked. “Oh, my God, Scottie, that would be amazing!” Y/N hugged me tightly. “You have no idea what this means to me.” Her hair smelled like sweet pea and honey. She pulled away. “Thank you, Scott. I owe you one.”

I smiled as she walked down the hall as the bell rang. Hell yeah, she owes me one, now I actually have to pay attention in math class.


Request: ‘hiya! Can I request a scott reed imagine for? He’s my little flower baby!”

Pairing: Scott Reed x Reader

Warning(s): Fluff

Word Count:259

Gif: Mine :)

A/N: Look at this boy!!

She walked around the track, her ponytail swaying side to side as she gossiped with Chloe Rice.  Her skin glowed from the sunlight, but nothing shined brighter than her smile when she laughed.  There is no denying that she is the most charming girl I have ever seen; but she’s out of my league, practically off limits.  

“Looking good, Y/L/N,” I flashed a flirty smile at her. 

She smiled, shaking her head. “Not as fine as you, Scottie– especially when you pass first base.” She winked playfully while sauntering into the shaded area.  I watched how her hips moved, keeping every piece of her body in my mind.

My head swung left when a mitt was flown at the side of my face.  I saw that it was Zach who threw the glove. I gripped the mitt and eyed him out.

“Would you quit staring at her ass? Do you want her to think you’re a perv?” He hissed.  I shook my head and stood up.  “Come on, we gotta head out.”

I walked off the field with my duffel on my shoulder and Zach by my side. 

“So, what’s your deal with her anyway?” He questioned.  “You know she’s not dating.  Why do you keep pursuing her, Reed?”

While we made our way to the locker rooms, I caught a glimpse of her when the girls locker door opened.  She caught my glance and smiled just before the door closed again.  I grinned and looked up to Zach, who held open the door for me.

“It’s the chase.”


Request: None

Pairing: Justing Foley x Reader

Warning(s): Homelessness

Word Count: 442

Gif: @13reasons-13truths

A/N: I thought the concept on Justin’s life on the streets is underwhelmingly unused. If y’all would like more on this topic, please feel free to request :)

“Spare change?” A voice called out from the brick wall. You normally didn’t given much notice to the homeless community being as you genuinely did not have spare change or knew better than waste you money on a drug addict’s addiction, but something about this man’s demeanor told you that he wasn’t on the streets for very long.

“Hey, you wanna grab a sandwich? I’ll pay,” you offered. Without thinking, he stood up and gathered his things.  “Let’s go across the street.”

You went into the shop and greeted the cashier.  The boy had disappeared to the deli area while you got a coffee and granola bar.  You kept your eye on the boy while he looked at the coolers for a drink.  You could see that the cashier was keeping an eye on him through the reflective mirrors.  He was your responsibility in this store and what ever he did would be your fault. When he returned to your side for you to purchase his food, you let out an internal sigh of relief.

“Anything else?” Your card was in your hand waiting for the cashier’s go-ahead. He reached for an Oakland postcard and asked if you would let him get this. You nodded and paid for the order.

While leaving the store, he stopped you.

“Thank you,” he spoke in a raspy, tired voice.  You smiled kindly at him.  “Do you, by any chance, have a pen I could borrow?” 

“Uh… yeah,” you rustled in your bag.  He wrote against the store’s wall for support.  “Is your name Sid?” He cleared his throat. 

“Yeah, yeah it is.” He turned to return your pen. 

“You’ll need a postage stamp. Here.” You gave him a kitten postage stamp. “There is a mail box down there, I’ll walk with you.”

He was quiet, shuffling his feet. 

“So,Sid where are you from?” He mumbled something, only catching ‘North Cal.’ “So, what are you doing on the streets? You seem a little young.”

“I’m not that much younger than you,” he blurted.  You nodded, keeping silent. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be rude. You did pay for my first full meal in a while.” You shrugged. “I just can’t deal with life right now. Not a home, so I’m better on my own– I’ve been on my own my whole life.”

You reached the post box.  He turned his card in.  “You know, you don’t have to be alone.  There are probably a lot more people who need you than you think.”

“Thank you for everything, but you’re wrong about that.” And with that statement, he crossed the street and you made your way off.

Request: “what if you were Alex’s sister?”

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader | Alex Standall x Reader


Word Count: 126


A/N:I saw this gif and loved it.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re creeping on Y/N, Clay…”

I looked up and saw the white-haired Alex Standall. I shook my head quickly. “No, no, I was just… Embracing the after school atmosphere. You know, sports and cheerleading.”

He sat next to me, not looking at me at all. “Nope, I really don’t care.” It was quiet for a moment.

“I prefer you over Justin if it makes you feel better.”

“What?” I furrowed my brows. 

Still not looking in my general direction, he explained. “I’d rather have you dating my sister than that talking follicle. You’re a good guy, to my knowledge.”

I smiled to myself. Then I looked back to the field and say that ‘follicle’ wrapping his arms around her. That smile faded.


Happy New Year!!!!!

I know I haven’t been posting imagines lately it’s because I haven’t had inspiration to do any really, I haven’t been writing that much either and I love writing. I do miss it but I just have no ideas for writing, but one hopeful day there will be a imagine. Or I can just open request and all.

I’ll try to post more in the future though but depending on this inspiration thingy if it’ll ever come back (let’s hope so)

But here’s to another year, 2018 had its ups and downs but it was pretty cool I guess.

I hope you guys and gals had a fun year, if not let 2019 be your year.

~To start off, this is the only thing I’ve written so far that I would even consider writing a part 2 for, if requested enough. This is a sad one lol. It also has a lot of Jeff in it. Thank you again for all of your support. Requests are open!!❤️~

Everyone was staring at you. You were the talk of the school. No matter what group, everyone knew what had happened to you. What had happened to your whole family. Everyone knew that you hadn’t been to school in almost a month. If it weren’t for your needing to be there for attendance, you probably would have stayed gone longer. Well, your parents were a factor too. You were heart broken and sad and confused. Everything imaginable. Your brother was dead. Jeff Atkins was dead.

You remembered that night like it was yesterday. You’d been at the same party as him. In fact, you were completely blasted. Your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz was taking care of you as you blubbered about random things. Jeff had said he’d like to drop you off to your guys’ house while he was out on the beer run that he’d been asked to do. You’d refused, even after Jeff and Monty both persisted that you do so. So Jeff took off into the night. Little did you know, your drunken refusal would be your last interaction with your brother. And a mere hour and a half later you’d get a very frantic call from your mother. You, still out of it, were not comprehending the seriousness of the situation, forcing Monty to take your phone and work out what your mother was talking about. His teammate, and one of his best friends, had been in a fatal car accident. Without a word to anyone, he’d leapt up, throwing you over his shoulder, knowing he didn’t have time for your antics, and ran out to his car.

Five minutes later, you understood. No amount of drugs and alcohol could have ever kept you from noticing the body bag, and your mother hiding her face in your Father’s chest in sheer horror. Nothing was going to take away the fact that your brother was in the body bag, that he was dead.
You remembered screaming at the top of your lungs, eventually trying to run over to the paramedics that were tending to Jeff’s body. Monty stopped you, turning you back around and pulling you into him. You could feel his heart pounding. You kept demanding things, as if they could be done or changed. ‘Give him CPR’ you’d bellowed. ‘Wake him up.’

Monty refused to leave your side after that. His baseball coach had given him four games off without any grief. He felt the loss of Jeff too. Monty said he wanted to wait until you could handle yourself before he tried to go back to normal.

Your parents didn’t say anything when you refused the idea of Monty leaving your bed at night. In fact, Monty had spent every night with your emotionally drained body since the accident.

No one saw it coming, Montgomery caring about someone so much. Jeff had been suspicious of his motives when he’d first asked about you. But there was no mistaking the way his eyes lit up when he saw you in the stands at their games. Or the way he’d talk to himself, as though he was practicing what he was going to say to you. He liked you. And your lack of reluctance towards him scared not only Jeff, but your friends as well. He was, well he was a 'fuck boy’. It surprised everyone even more when he gave you a 'ring on a string’ for your six month anniversary, when the first I love you’s were said.

“Montgomery said he wished he could have walked you to class, Y/N.” Hannah’s voice shook you out of your daze. You nodded, she was right.

“I told him, baseball’s his future. If coach wants him to practice, he needs to.” You spoke in a hushed tone. A sharp contrast to your normally spunky, louder voice. But this was the voice you’d grown accustomed to. There was no reason to be so cheery or chirpy.

“You look nice in your dress.” Hannah continued. She was another person who’s sympathy you’d been receptive of. She seemed genuine, not nosy. You didn’t care what Monty had to say about how she 'got around’. She was a good person.

“Monty bought it for me last week.” You said. You could feel her wide smile on you.

“He takes good care of you, yeah?” She asked. You couldn’t help but smile, you liked the honest answer you were able to give.

“Yeah. I used to take care of him too.” Hannah stopped in the middle of the hallway, and turned you so you had to look at her.

“After everything, I’m sure he’s aware it’s his time to be caring for you, Y/N.” you nodded, not in the mood to wallow in your self pity aloud.

“See your knight in shining armor?” Hannah nudged you, gesturing for you to look forward. You looked up and saw Monty with his friend group. It was good to see him with them. He’d kind of wiped them out of his life to take care of you.

That didn’t stop him from perking up when he saw you walking down the hall. He smiled as he walked towards you. Hannah unlinked arms with you, as if her shift was over. There was a pregnant silence between Monty’s friends and Hannah. God, they were all judging her. And it clearly was making her uncomfortable.

“I’ll see you in gym, Y/N.” Hannah rubbed your shoulder softly before beginning to walk away.

“Stay?” You asked simply. Looking into her eyes. She paused, thinking about it for a moment.

“No, I think you’re in good hands now.” She smiled gently before walking away and out of the hallway.

“I don’t get why you like her so much.” Monty pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you.

“She’s a good person, Montgomery. You all are so mean sometimes.” You whispered.

“Hey Y/N, Monty just doesn’t want her influence around.” Marcus spoke up. You hadn’t seen him since Jeff’s funeral. He hadn’t said much to you. Then again, you two hadn’t ever said much to one another.

“Hey so we’re all gonna workout at the country club later today, you down?” Marcus asked Monty. Your boyfriend traced small circles on your back as you took in the group of people, arms crossed over your chest.

“Dinner with her family tonight, sorry.” Monty said in return. That hadn’t been officially planned, but he did have dinner with you and your parents most nights.

“You haven’t worked out with us in forever, man. It’s the only day that I can get all of you into the club at once.” Bryce continued to try and convince your boyfriend.

“My girl comes first, sorry.” Monty thought that was the end of the conversation

“She can come. You just said how she’s gained all this depression weight and it’s getting to be a problem and-” Bryce was going to talk further, but Monty lunged at him, making him fall to the ground before he could.

“If anything about her EVER leaves your mouth again I swear to God I’ll kill you.” He growled. You pulled Monty off of Bryce, tears already slipping down your cheeks.

“She just lost her damn brother, Jesus.” Jessica, who had been standing by her boyfriend, Justin had rushed to your side out of protectiveness.

“That’s not how it was I just-” you couldn’t even let him finish his excuse.

“Did those words leave your mouth?” You didn’t even look up at him. Jessica has wrapped her arms around you. The hall had gotten quieter. This had officially been made a scene after Monty lunged at Bryce.

“Look princess it didn’t-”

“Answer the question! Did you say my weight was a problem? Yes or No?” Your voice was raised and louder than it had been in a month.

“Yes, but it was just-” you shook your head, laughing to yourself.

“That’s all I needed to know. But, let me relieve you of this said problem.” You pulled your hair to one side. You unhooked the necklace you wore. The necklace that hadn’t left your neck in almost four months. His little promise 'ring on a string’ anniversary gift. When he wouldn’t take it back, you handed it to Zach.

“Make sure he takes this. It’s his decision what he wants to do with it. Maybe he was who every girl in this school warned me he was all along.” You said, turning in the other direction. Jessica followed you, wanting to show you support. Monty tried to walk after you. You had no idea what he was frantically saying. All you knew was that Jessica was yelling at him to get away and that you now felt officially alone in this world.

•okay but like, they’re the type of friends that would literally drop anything if you needed their help

•Free snacks at the Crestmont

•Tony especially being someone you can have deep conversation with

•Clay is definitely someone who you can text at 3AM and he’d answer.

•Them both trying their hardest to keep you away from all of the tapes drama

•You’re a weakness for both Tony and Clay, so some of the people featured on the tapes threaten to get YOU involved rather than do something to Clay or Tony

•You having no problem going off on anyone who has something to say about Tony’s sexuality

•You and Tony spending all kinds of time trying to come up with ways to get Clay and Hannah together

•All of you hoping to go to college at least near one another so you can stay close

•Clay’s parents not so secretly wanting you two to end up together, but you two are definitely just friends.

•they’re SUPER protective of your heart. Like if Monty asked you out, they’d try their best to shut it down immediately

•you always falling for the boys they don’t want you to fall for anyway (ie Monty, Justin, any jock really)

•Tony and Clay pulling up in front of your house and you three going to the beach randomly

•You trying to set Clay up with all of your friends, especially Hannah, because he’s so awkward and shy.

•Attending pride with Tony, Brad, Clay, and Skye

•movie nights, star gazing nights

•Asking Tony to teach you about cars, only to have you zone out after a minute of him talking. EVERY TIME.

•"okay, but which one of us is going to be your man of honor?“

•"depends on the day.”

•If your heart was ever broken, they’d be over right away, and you’d fall asleep between them while watching movies and eating junk food they’d brought over
•Tony teaching you how to drive

•Cooking for them allll the time and you can’t decide whether they just don’t know how to cook or if they’re just lazy

•Taking care of one another

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There were a lot of reasons why you didn’t talk to many people at your school anymore. Some, you never really wanted to be talking to in the first place. Some, weren’t the people you thought they were. And some, some you just had no excuse for cutting off, it was just easier than maintaining a friendship. After Hannah Baker died, everything seemed surface level. Nothing seemed like it was even remotely important. The funny thing was, you weren’t even that close with her. But that was what you had learned from her death. One person you still talked to was Skye. She was kind of a downer, sure. But she was also understanding of other people who were down. And she saw passed the high school surface level crap the way you had come to.

Skye had gotten you a job at Monet’s. And the two of you had gotten close fast. Her family seemed happy that she’d found a friend. She was kind of a loner in most people’s minds. But she was about the only person you could stand at the moment, so you could put up with her struggle to stop being so isolated all of the time. You were on good terms with Tony Padilla and Clay Jenson, too. That was about it though. Skye was a good person, she was just different, that’s what the people at school didn’t take the time to understand.

“So, guess who was talking about you in history today?” Skye smirked as she made yet another cup of coffee as you washed one of many cups stacked in the sink.

“Would you care if this was reversed?” You rolled your eyes. It was true, if you had said that to Skye, about anyone, she would have scoffed, saying that no one mattered enough to overhear their conversations.

“Touché missy, but I don’t care how mad you are at the world, you still have a fat crush on Mr. Basketball Dempsey.” Skye pretended to clutch her heart with dramatic flair. You turned bright red. You tried not to react more than that though. He was someone that she thought could fall under the cliche ‘he’s different from his friends’. There was just something about him. He was so smart. He volunteered locally, same as you. Before everything happened with Hannah, when everyone would be at parties, he’d always get drunk just like his friends, and just like his friends, he’d find some girl, she’d sit on his lap and they’d make out for a couple of hours.

But one party, one party when you had hit the keg up a few too many times, Marcus had tried to get you to hook up with him and somehow it had turned into a drunken screaming match. Justin had pulled Marcus into one direction, and Zach had pulled you into another. In all honesty, you couldn’t exactly tell if it was the alcohol, but seconds later you’d found yourself crying in Zach’s arms. He’d taken you into a downstairs bedroom and you two sat down on the bed. Within the hour, you were spilling your guts to him, and you’d given the the chance the spill his guts to you. Neither of you would admit it, but you’d both sobered up at some point, but felt you could continue to talk to one another. He was different. God, you hated yourself for thinking so. He was a jock, you were supposed to hate jocks. It was supposed to be apart of this whole perpetual sorrow facade you’d found yourself in.

“You better figure out how to care. Because he’s stopping by today. He wants you to 'go back to normal.” She said as she took a cup of coffee and walked it to a table. You huffed. What exactly was your supposed normal? Trying to impress Justin Foley with how many jello shots you could down in one minute? Or the way you used to playfully banter with Jeff Atkins about baseball stats when you and him were on drink making duty? Jesus Christ, thinking of that alone killed you inside. Maybe if Hannah wouldn’t have killed herself parties wouldn’t be so revolting. But you knew Jeff’s death was one of the real reasons you winced when a table of people at lunch would start raving about the party coming up that Saturday. God, you didn’t want to 'go back to normal.’ That was the absolute last thing you wanted.

“My normal is now being a barista and focusing on my studies. And that’s that.” You mumbled to her as she walked back behind the counter. As you finished washing the last of the dishes, you and Skye switched spots. You began taking orders and she began drying the cups you’d just hand washed.
“So, does this place have like a secret menu with alcoholic choices or..?” You looked up to see who you expected. Zach Dempsey. Letterman jacket and all. You looked back and scowled. You now understood why Skye had wordlessly initiated you two switching positions. She wanted you to face the music.

“Um, decaf and regular’s pretty much it.” You looked up at the boy. He wanted to make light conversation so it would be easy to initiate any other things he wanted to say.

“Alright. Hot chocolate.” He didn’t have the same humor in his voice that he had before. He stared at you as you typed whatever you were typing into the register. He sighed.

“What time do you get off of work?” Zach was going to persist, he’d just given up on the idea of it being easy.

“Looks like she can get off right about now. I can close up, run along.” Skye said from the small kitchen doorway. She smiled at you and you rolled your eyes. You weren’t getting out of this, so you thought you might as well accept it. You untied your apron and went to the back room to hang it up.

“You’ll thank me later, trust me.” Skye murmured. You elbowed her as you walked passed her again. She sighed a little like she was going to say something, but simply shook her head at your childish behavior.

“Fuck off. Now you get to clock me out.” You said, your voice monotone. You grabbed your backpack, walking to where you were in front of Zach.

“What were you going to say?” You asked him. You tried to make it so there was at least a partial chance you could get out of whatever he wanted to talk about. Or at least make it short.

“Um, well Bryce and Justin are expecting me at Bryce’s place. I asked them if you could come and they were cool with it.” Zach cleared his throat. That sounded like your very own personal hell.

“Look I’m tired and I have homewo-” Zach shook his head. No way you were getting out of this. You sighed deeply. He could tell you didn’t want to go.

“Just a couple of hours. I’ll drive you there and I’ll take you home after.” Zach looked at you with puppy dog eyes. You melted a little bit. There really was something so special about him. And he was so cute. He could probably ask you to go cliff diving with him and you’d do it eventually.

“Yeah, okay. But really, only a couple of hours. Hanson’s test has me stressing.” Zach took your hand and lead you to his car. You tossed your backpack onto the back seat before shutting the passenger door and he looked at you for a solid thirty seconds.

“Are we going somewhere?” You said, irritation in your voice.

“Not until you buckle your seatbelt.” He shot back. You hadn’t really noticed that you’d not fastened it. As you did as he said, you playfully scowled at him.

“Since when are you Mr. Safety? As I recall, you were never opposed to a game of Chinese fire drill.” He looked out of his back window as he backed out of the parking lot.

“Honesty?” He said, staring at the now open road. You smiled a little. Things were getting more comfortable.

“Always.” You said in return. You watched as his knuckles turned white, his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

“Jeff. I still can’t get him out of my head.” He continued to stare at the road. Clearly Zach still saw you as someone he could talk to. And you could relate. Although you had stopped driving all together for a good two months after Jeff’s death. You had so much anxiety over it. Now, you drove when you had to, but you rarely drove other than to and from school. Never out of town. Jeff was your close friend. It probably haunted you more than it haunted Zach.

“I get it. I don’t even drive to work. I rarely drive. It gets to me to much.” You spoke. You found your hand touching his upper arm. You wanted to comfort him. If he was going to show emotion and open up, you’d support that. You didn’t see him getting that from any of his friends.

Zach pulled into Bryce’s large driveway. The rest of the car ride had been fairly silent, but it wasn’t awkward by any means. You actually found yourself thinking about Skye. You were grateful she’d made you do this. You couldn’t avoid everyone forever.

“They’re in the pool I think, I brought you an extra shirt of mine just because I didn’t know if you’d wanna swim or not.” Zach got out of his car, you followed. He went to his trunk and grabbed a stack of clothes. So he was very sure you’d say yes, you thought.

“Ah, sounds fun. I think I might, actually.” You grabbed the pony tail holder off of your wrist and threw your hair into a messy bun of some sort. You didn’t know if it looked too terrible or not, but you’d know these boys for years. You honestly couldn’t care less what they thought of your hair.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a genuine smile out of you in months.” Zach commented. You shrugged. He was probably right. He led you down the pathway. He opened the front door without knocking.

“His parents are out of town. I know. I’m just as shocked as you are.” Zach’s sarcasm was evident. Bryce’s parents were always out of town. You knew it, everyone knew it. It really was his house. Zach grabbed ahold of you again by the wrist as he opened the sliding glass door the lead to the backyard. It wasn’t just Bryce and Justin, Marcus was there as well. You rolled your eyes. You hadn’t really talked to him since the screaming match at that party.

“So the workin’ girl was able to get some time off to hang out with her boys?” Bryce smiled at you. You couldn’t help but smile back. Bryce knew how to have a good time. He knew how to make you smile and laugh, even though he could be an ass.

“I make time for what I want to make time for.” You joked, a smirk taking over your face.

“Ouch.” Justin laughed. You looked to Zach, you handed you his T-shirt, which was obviously going to be oversized on you.

“Ah, the good old wet tshirt contest.” Bryce hollered, making all of the boys laugh. Including Zach. You rolled your eyes, shoving his white T-shirt into his chest. He went wide eyed, not realizing you were going to be so offended.

“Here, take this one. It isn’t see through.” He practically begged as he took off the navy blue shirt he’d worn that day. He could tell your patience with their behavior was already growing thin. You examined the blue shirt.

“Can I change in the pool house?” You asked Zach rather than Bryce. You looked up at him.

“Of course, go ahead.” He gestured towards the pool house. Bryce had some sort of comment. The kind of comments you had learned to ignore. You kept your underwear and bra on, taking off your jeans and Led Zeppelin T-shirt. You slipped into his shirt.

“Damn, this is the Y/N we remember.” Marcus commented. You ignored it. You didn’t want it to be awkward, so you figured maybe they get the memo if you ignored them.

“So, you’re Ms. Landon’s favorite student now that you’ve shown effort.” Justin teased you. It was true. You had always been a good student, but you never even attempted to act like you actually cared about what was going on.

“Guess I needed to learn how to care before college starts in a few years.” You said, sitting next to Zach in the hot tub. His arm was on the side of the hot tub, so it looked like he may have been trying to put his arm around you in some shape or form. Bryce chuckled.

“We’ve missed seeing you at get togethers for, I don’t know, four months.” Marcus scoffed. He probably hadn’t wanted you around. After your spat, you had to say you weren’t all that surprised.

“It got old.” You said simply. No way were you going to let him make you out to be some sort of uptight bitch. So you were honest with them.

“Oh don’t get on your high horse. I do recall a time where you were one of the people that had the most fun here.” Bryce gestured around his backyard. He wasn’t wrong. There were many memories. Good ones. Just not ones you’d want to repeat.

“I’m not. I’m just-” you began. Marcus cut you off. He wasn’t buying it.

“No excuses. Just come around more.” He said. Bryce and Justin laughed in agreement. You looked to Zach. He was staring at the warm water that floated in the tub. He looked unsure of what to say or do.

Suddenly, you looked to your other side, where Bryce sat. His hand grazed over you butt before squeezing it. It was more uncomfortable than if you would have been in bathing suit bottoms, because you had nothing but a small pair of underwear underneath Zach’s oversized shirt. You’d have dressed for the occasion if you’d known it was happening. You whacked his hand away, moving closer to Zach. You were officially uncomfortable with the situation. Zach hooked his arm around your shoulders as the boys continued to converse.

“You know what, I’m gonna ask Tony to come get me. I really need to study.” You stood up in the tub. Before you could fully stand up, Zach firmly gripped your wrist, you looked down into his pleading eyes.

“You said a few hours. We haven’t even been here for twenty minutes, Y/N.” Zach meant well, God he did. But this boy could not handle the idea of not getting his way. He also had no idea what Bryce had just done.

“When did you get to be such a prude? And since when are you best friends with Skye and Clay and that Fag Tony?” Bryce laughed, but seemed like he was asking a serious set of questions. Your face flushed out a little at his dig. But it didn’t stop you from getting angrier.

“This-this is what I don’t miss. Walker, you are such a prick. Fuck off.” You hopped over the tub and walked towards the pool house, where your shorts and shirt were folded. You were ready to cry.

“Y/N, just come back in. It’ll be fine.” You heard Zach approaching behind you. As you tried to hold your composure, you didn’t turn around and opened the pool house door and entered it. Before you could shut it, he entered as well and shut the door behind him. After figuring out you weren’t going to respond, he spoke again.

“I’m quite literally begging. Please just stay for a bit. You said that you could.” Zach looked like he was struggling to find a good reason. He probably was, considering there really wasn’t one.

“I don’t need to be berated for my decision to not get drunk every weekend. And I’m not going to let Bryce grab at my ass. I just won’t let it happen, okay? But above all tell your friend not to call my friend a fag, thanks.” You were breathing heavily as you unlocked your phone and shot Tony the text you’d been meaning to send.

“Stay here. Bryce and I have to have a little conversation I think.” Zach went to walk back out of the door. He sounded angry. You stopped him, grabbing his arm. He turned back around and looked at you.

“There’s no need to make a scene, but the fact that you laughed with them at some of shit they were saying. It changed my opinion of you a little, okay? Do you guys say things like that about Tony a lot?” You looked at him with disappointment. There was hurt in his brown eyes. He probably hadn’t expected to hear that from you.

“No-No! I love the dude. I want him to be happy. I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry. You don’t have to go back into the tub. You and I can go somewhere just the two of us.” He grabbed your hand and looked at you, waiting for your answer.

“Why?! I’m not the girl that you took shot after shot with every Friday and Saturday anymore. I’m just not, alright?” You took your clothes and walked into the bathroom to change. Zach didn’t follow you in, but you could feel his presence right outside the locked door.

“And I’m okay with that. Just please, let me take you to Rosie’s for a milkshake?” You were beginning to feel like you were talking in circles with the boy, and your patience had just about ran out.

“Why do you want this so bad?!” You screamed.

“Because I want to spend time with you!” He raised his voice more this time. He was getting just as frustrated as you were and it was beginning to show.

“Why take me here then?” You really wanted to know his answer. Little did you know, his body was shaking. He was getting upset, not angry.

“I thought it’d be more casual. My mistake. I’m sorry, okay?” You were trying to think of anything that would make him let you leave the house. Part of you didn’t really care if it hurt his feelings. But the other part did.

“Yeah, you’re mistake.” You said as you hung up his wet T-shirt to dry.

“You know what, scratch that. I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you I’m in love with you. There I said it.”

Your hand had already gripped the door handle and you were getting ready to dodge everyone and run off of the property. You couldn’t bring yourself to do that now. There was no running from this.

“No you don’t.” You shook your head, staring at the tile floor. He tipped your head up and made it so you had to look at him.

“Yes, I do. And you can try to deny it all you want. But it’s true. And if you can bring yourself to give me a chance. We can leave, we can go where ever you want. Do whatever you want. I don’t care. As long as I get to be around you.” Zach caressed your face before moving to sit on the couch. You sat next to him.

“You’re in love with a party girl-” he cut you off before you could even finish your sentence.

“Don’t. I am not in love with the girl who you keep saying doesn’t exist anymore. I know you. And I know you remember opening up to me. And me opening up to you. I’m so fucking in love with you. God, can you just accept it so I can show you?” You could hear your heart beating, it was so quiet and you were so close to him now. It crossed your mind that the other boys could possibly be listening. It didn’t matter enough.

“Okay.” You said simply.

“Okay?” He asked. He was completely shocked.

“Don’t act so surprised. You made a great case. And I think, as long as you can accept the fact that my party going days are limited now, you deserve a chance, I suppose.” You smirked at him. A smile played on his lips as he leaned into kiss you. It was slow and it was passionate but it was also one of the most exciting things that had ever happened to you.

“Finally, you came around. I was afraid I was going to have to ask for more help.” He said against your lips. You pulled away, giving him a suspicious look.

“And who might you have been getting help from, Dempsey?” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“Your good pals Tony and Skye helped me out. How do you think I knew when you were working?” You rolled your eyes, thinking of Skye. She’d definitely not overheard him in class. She was in on it, obviously.

“Speaking of Tony, he’s here to get me.” You said, holding up your phone. You had received a text message from Tony, simply saying 'here’. You got up, slinging your backpack over your shoulder.

“Let me take you to Rosie’s tonight.” Zach took your hand in his. You looked up at him, shaking your head.

“Studying.” You said, opening the pool house door. He grabbed your shoulder and turned you.

“Tomorrow. Please?” You nodded. He leaned down and kissed you again before you walked out. You watched as he began to walk over to Bryce. You caught his shirt. He tensed up.

“He’s not worth it.” Zach relaxed. He needed you. You needed him.

“You’ll tell me if he touches you again?” You nodded your head and he leaned down, kissing your forehead. He walked over to grab his phone off of the hot tub cover. He made eye contact with Bryce.

“You’re lucky.” Zach said before leading you off the property. And Bryce really was lucky you’d stopped Zach. He was your protector now.

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I️ may be a little too obsessed with this sweater for my own good ‍♀️I️ may be a little too obsessed with this sweater for my own good ‍♀️

I️ may be a little too obsessed with this sweater for my own good ‍♀️

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Rock Paper Scissors? (Clay Jensen, 13 reasons)

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“Pretty please?”

“Hey- how about no?” You smiled at him, amused that he had gotten his hopes up at all. Clay slumped against your head board as you continued taking history notes, clearly a lot more concentrated on what you felt was the more important matter than he was.

“Okay, Okay. But you need to tell them within the next month. It’s really wrong to keep it from them if you ask me.” Clay replied, looking at you with very convincing eyes.

You and Clay had been together for what felt like always. He was your everything. As cliche as it sounds, nothing compared to movie nights with him, knowing a party was probably raging nearby, yet you were still wrapped in the pale, lanky boy’s arms.

You remembered when he thought he was too boring for you. You remembered feeling bad for him when he finally got the courage to ask if he was too boring for you. You’d reassured him that this wasn’t the case, and if only seemed to make your relationship stronger.

Clay and you probably wouldn’t have made it this far if you really didn’t want to. He had nightmares over Hannah’s death. You had started talking not long after the suicide, and he seemed okay at first, but things got weirder and weirder. After one large blowup, where you walked out of his house crying, he came after you, and promised an explanation would come in time. ‘I was in love with Hannah Baker, Y/N. But, I think she sent me you, really I do.’ He has pleaded with you. And you couldn’t have turned from him in that moment even if you’d wanted to.

You’d been inseparable since. And things really had fallen into place for the two of you. Most people didn’t talk marriage and kids with their high school partners, but you two did. People teased Clay saying ‘he would’ be the kid to marry his high school sweetheart. But it didn’t matter. You two were happy. A lot happier than most if not all of the people in your high school.

“What do you think they’ll say? We’re thrilled that you’re no longer going to the college we’ve been prepping you for since you were two years old, so you can go to school with your high school boyfriend? I think they might kill me.” You ran your fingers through your hair. You had to tell them, he was right about that. But would there ever be a good time to let them down? Maybe you were in search of something nonexistent.

“You accepted Stanford’s offer. They can’t be that mad that you turned down Yale. I mean, Stanford is an in state school. No out of state tuition to pay.” Clay pulled your frustrated body into his chest. He knew you were nervous, but he felt the longer you waited to say something, the more spur of the moment your parents would feel the decision was, and the more they’d resent him.

“Rock Paper Scissors?” You offered, sitting up and looking at your boyfriend. He laughed at the ridiculous notion.

“You’re telling me someone who got into Stanford is using Rock Paper Scissors as a decision making tactic? I’m shocked.” He looked at you for a solid ten seconds before you both broke out into light laughter.

“Alrighty then.” He sighed, preparing for the match. You giggled and smiled brightly at him.

“Scissors beats paper!” Clay soon yelled, leaping off the bed and throwing his fist in the air.

“You were too excited for that first of all. Second of all, how about 2 out of 3?” Clay looked at you as though you were speaking a foreign language. You two could be childish, but it was part of your DNA as a couple.

“Nope! They better know by the end of tonight!” He began stuffing everything into his backpack, preparing to leave you to face the music. There was a pregnant silence as he stopped in his tracks at your bedroom door.

“You don’t regret picking Stanford right?” You could tell Clay was afraid for you to answer honestly.

“Of course not. It’s Stanford, Clay. Plus I like the teaching program there more.” You closed your textbook. You were going to be a teacher, Clay was still looking at his options supposedly.

“Guess I’m just realizing that it’s not far fetched that a good portion of why you picked the school was to be with me.” He turned around, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Don’t give yourself so much credit, Jensen. I’ve always wanted to be a tree.” He laughed at your joke that seemingly made fun of the Stanford tree.

“Hey, that’s the band’s mascot. We’re the cardinals, if we’re honest.” His eyes laughed and danced with happiness, like they did a lot of the time when he was around you.

“Oh, well that might change things.” You said sarcastically. He tensed up for a moment before realizing you were joking.

“I love you.” He looked at you one more time. You blushed. He was the first and only guy you’d ever said ‘I love you’ to.

“I love you too. Now leave so you don’t see my parents kill me.” He grinned one more time, leaving you alone in your room. Even though it was going to be a pain in the ass getting your parents to accept that this wasn’t going to go their way, you were going to college, you were going to fucking Stanford with Clay. No one could ruin that for you.

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First day back and you hadn’t even made it through the day, what a trooper you were. You’d managed to contain yourself enough to call your mom and ask her if you could spend the night at Jessica’s. She couldn’t contain her excitement, that you were finally going out and being a person again with someone other than Monty. Little did she know, everything was worse.

Jessica had ditched the rest of the day to be with you at her house. She’d even ditched her plans with Justin that night. But she said if he even so much as went to the same get together as Montgomery, she’d cut his balls off. You could tell she was trying not to have “I told you so” talk. She’d been one of the most vocal when it came to being anti- your relationship with Montgomery, in the beginning especially. She listed all of her cheer friends he’d hooked up with and never texted back. She’d mentioned on many occasions what a flirt he was. She’d even said that his anger problems should have been enough to keep you from dating the jock. But it only took mere weeks for you to be head over heels for the hothead. And no one could deny how happy he seemed to make you. Just like no one could deny that you brought out the good in him.

It was midnight. Jess was still up with Sheri. You were passed out on Sheri’s lap. They’d pretty much watched you cry yourself to sleep. Two girls that you probably wouldn’t have been all that close with had it not been for your relationship with Monty. You’d been acquaintances at best. They were apart of Jeff’s ‘friend group’, sure. But you two lead your lives separate enough to where you didn’t necessarily know all of the same people.

You’d wanted to invite Hannah, hell, you’d even wanted to see Skye when she texted you, reaching out. Jesus, shit got around fast. Then again, a lot of people had witnessed it for themselves. On that very public stage that was the main hallway. Bottom line was though, neither Jessica nor Sherri seemed to want Hannah there. Maybe that was what made Hannah think everyone hated her. You couldn’t blame her for that.

Out of no where, you were startled awake by Jessica raising her voice and her bedroom light being switched on.

“I swear to God I’ll get my dad. Get out of my house! All of you. Go on!” You opened your eyes slightly. You had a feeling you knew what was going on, but you didn’t want to believe it was happening.

“God damn it Jess. There’s no need for that. I heard him out. You guys should.” Justin whisper-yelled.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and see Justin pleading with his girlfriend, while Monty stood behind him, his jaw clenched.

“Why the hell are you two breaking and entering?! And Jessica said you’re not even supposed to be with Montgomery.” Sheri whispered.

“There’s five of them!” Jessica pointed out her bedroom window. Standing on the roof right outside were Marcus, Zach, and Alex.

“Leave!” Sheri said, her tone normal, but not level the same time.

“No.” All five of them said at the same time, causing a booming echo.

“Leave before you wake up my brothers.” Jessica said firmly. She glanced towards the wall that she shared with one of her brothers, as his bedroom was next to hers.

“I’m not leaving before I talk to you.” Montgomery was being serious, no doubt. His eyes were full of pain and they were red. You couldn’t decide if he’d gotten high with the boys or if he’d actually been crying. But either way, you wanted nothing other than to deny him his wish.

“This is Jessica’s house. She doesn’t want you here. And neither do I.” You said sharply. You didn’t look straight at him, because you didn’t want him to see how many tears were already slipping down your cheeks. So you buried your head in Sheri’s lap again. She ran her hands up and down your back, trying to help level your breathing.

“I’ll throw you over my shoulder and drag you out of this damn house myself, Y/N.” Montgomery walked forward. Jessica pushed him back.

“No you fucking won’t.” You snapped, still not looking up at him.

“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna stop me? Twig one and twig two? I don’t think so.” Monty knelt down so he was face to face with you, since you still hadn’t moved from Sheri’s lap.

“I would say Jeff would kick your ass, but we all know why that’s not gonna work out, now don’t we?” There was a tension filled silence. Sheri wouldn’t let go of your hand as your breaths grew more and more uneven again.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Monty finally mumbled. Yeah, you did know. And maybe it was selfish, but you said it so he’d hurt even more than he already was.

“I guess. But I still want you to leave.” You got up and stood next to Jessica, who had just finished fending off Justin’s who was trying to get back on her good side by embracing her.

“Look me in my eyes and say that.” Montgomery said. His tone was firm, like he knew you weren’t going to be able to do what he said. He was right. So you stayed silent.

“See, I know that after everything we’ve been through, you don’t wanna just throw me away like that. Let’s go.” He stood behind you. Everything he’d ever done for you crossed your mind in that moment. The times that you were sick and he’d fall asleep on the couch after picking up your prescription for you. The countless times he asked your mom if she needed any help with dinner, or if your dad and Jeff needed help with any labor work outside. 'If they’re happy with me, then they’ll continue to let me make you happy, Y/N.’ he’d said once. You’d told the girls about it, they found it unbelievable that Montgomery De la Cruz had said that to a girl.

You turned around slowly, looking up at him. You nodded, and he took your hand, heading for the bedroom door.

“I swear to God if you hurt her anymore than you already have I’ll do what Jeff would have done if he were here.” Jessica’s words truly came out in a growl.

“Davis, you’ve always hated us together. I get it, maybe I don’t deserve her. Hell, I know I don’t. But I’ve never hurt her before this. I didn’t mean to hurt her now. So don’t talk about things when you don’t know shit. As I recall, you haven’t really stopped by too much in the past few weeks, have you Jessica?” You had told Jessica not to stop by. You’d been a mess and you were really only comfortable with Monty seeing you in your state. She’d broken the rule a few times but not that many.

“Fuck you Monty. She told me not to.” Jessica moved as though she was going to hit Monty, but Justin stopped her.

“Well let me tell you something about Y/N, alright? It’s all in her eyes. She can say one thing and mean another and I can tell you what the fuck she’s actually thinking just by her eyes. That’s why she won’t look at me and say it. Because she knows she wants to hear me out.” Montgomery’s statement got no response from anyone else in the room. And with that, he took your hand again and lead you out of the bedroom door. No one stopped him. No one could find it in them to stop him.

You were silent. Still angry and upset, you didn’t know what you could say even if you wanted to speak.

“I love you.” He said once you were both seated in his jeep that was parked out front. You laughed a little.

“Do you, though?” She asked him. He threw his keys down on his dash in frustration.

“That’s a bullshit question, and you know it.” He grumbled, still staring at you, practically begging for eye contact.

“I love you too.” You mumbled back to him, staring at your hands that sat in your lap.

“I didn’t say it the way you think I did.” He said, now getting straight to the point. You couldn’t take it anymore, you turned and stared at him.

“What other ways can that be meant?” You scoffed. For the first time that night, the two of you made true eye contact.

“The boys asked why coach was going so easy on me missing practice and games. I said that he knew I was taking care of you. They asked if you were doing better. I said not really.” He said, still looking at you. He went to grab your hand, but you swatted his away. Apart of you wanted to grab his hand. Skin to skin contact with him was one of the only things that made you feel good automatically. It hadn’t gone away, you had to admit, even after what he said.

“And you responded with yeah, she’s sad so she’s eating a bunch of shit and gaining a ton of weight and if it continues she’s gonna have a problem.” You still stared at him.

“You don’t believe that.” He stated. You rolled your eyes.

“So now you know me better than I do?” He shook his head, laughing a little.

“Maybe. You know deep down I would never say that about you. I love you whether you’re two hundred pounds or one twenty, I don’t give a fuck. I just- I’ve seen the way you grab at your stomach while you look in the mirror. It’s an unhealthy dislike towards yourself, baby.” You winced at him calling you what he’d called you for the year you two had been dating. You couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop though.

“I’ve gained fifteen pounds over the course of three weeks, that isn’t normal.” You squeaked out, tears flowing down your face now. You flinched as his arm hook around your waist, attempting to move you onto his lap. You eventually gave in begrudgingly.

“Love me, God damn it.” He whispered into your hair. You gave in a bit more, wrapping your arms around him as you continued to cry.

“You knew I didn’t say anything bad.” He kissed your temple as his fingers traced shapes on your shoulder blade.

“Maybe. It’s just-” he didn’t let you finish.

“It’s just that you wanted another excuse to be this sad still.” Your breath hitched. Fuck, he was right.

“It’s not normal to still feel this bad.” Your voice was hollow.

“Well, no matter how abnormal you are, I fucking love you. I changed a lot so I could at least try to be deserving of you, did you know that? I even watch my language around your parents.” You chuckled a little.

“Mom still complains about it.” You looked up at him.

“To my face.” You saw him smirk a little bit. You sighed deeply.

“I don’t care if you’re this sad for five more years. I will be here for you until you can little by little move on.” He moved your chin with his hand so you had to look at him.

“I’ll say it again, I fucking love you. I want to marry you. I want you to have my babies. And I want us to tell all kinds of stories about Jeff to our kids. Because he would have been the best damn uncle out there, yeah?” You nodded before burying your head in his chest, letting out a heart wrenching sob.

“We’ll get through this, alright? And if it takes you gaining extra weight or you watching the same movies over and over to get through it, then that’s how it’s gonna be, alright baby? Do you get it?” You nodded again, wrapping your arms around his neck, his arms settled at your waist as he rested his head in your neck. In a few minutes he’d give you back your 'ring on a string’. Although this time he didn’t want it on a chain. He wanted everyone to know that you and him were in it for the long haul, no matter how shocked they’d be.

Is finished!! Thank you for all of you that have requested it. I’m so glad it was enjoyable and I’m very happy with how part 2 turned out. I haven’t decided when I’m posting it though. I’m super tired rn and I’m going to the beach tomorrow with friends. I’m also going out of town with a friend on Saturday and then Sunday I’m going out of town AGAIN with a different friend. So if I get a minute this weekend I PROMISE I will post it. I love you all so much and thank you for the support! As always!!! Request!!!!!!!

Yikes. I guess I should have seen it coming seeing as this is a writing blog and people are critical of writing but it still stings. ‍♀️

alex standall x reader imagine. 

request:cani request an alex standall imagine? one where alex and the reader are dating, but their parents don’t like them dating so they always have to sneak out and they go stargazing or something after having a bad day? and they just like kiss and its super fluffy.

a/n:its super descriptive at the beginning and kinda rushed but once you read a little further all the fluff will happen and it’ll be better. sorry!!!

today wasn’t like any normal day for you, today was basically the worst day ever so far. your mind couldn’t concentrate in any of your classes, you kept getting distracted easily. you failed your chemistry test that you studied so hard for. you hardly got to see your boyfriend alex at all today. the only time you got to see him today was at lunch, but you felt as if he wasn’t really paying attention to you ramble about your day. 

all you wanted to do was go home and sleep in, considering that saturday was tomorrow, but you couldn’t even do that. as soon as you got home you and your mom got into an argument over something stupid. 

you guys never got along, ever since you brought alex to meet her. you were finally happy to show her the boy who made you happy. after he left that day she would non stop tell you, “he’s no good for you”, “he’s trouble”, “he’s just gonna break your heart.” 

she didn’t want you seeing him anymore. you never knew why your mom didn’t like him so much. you’d thought she’d be happy for you, meeting the boy who made you happy. ever since then you guys never got along, nor agree on anything. 

she’d always blame him for your actions. “see that boys no good for you! look what he’s done to us!” “we wouldn’t be arguing all the time if you would just accept him!” you’d shout getting frustrated with her. “he’s just going to break you, i was young once i know what boys like him do!” 

“then wait for the day he does break my heart and you can tell me i told you so, but for now just let me be happy with him!” you said on the verge of tears from thinking of him breaking up with you and your mom taunting you about it. 

you didn’t want to argue anymore you just went straight up to your room and laid in bed trying to get rid of the tears. you just wanted to sleep the rest of the day away but you couldn’t do that. you couldn’t sleep peacefully with the thought of alex breaking up with you. 

thinking that’d he would do it soon since neither of your parents wanted you guys together. so why would he want to stay in a rough relationship where he can find someone who’s parents would love him, and his dad accepting them. 

you can remember the day alex brought you to his home for dinner so you can meet his brother and dad. his brother liked you, although he never really cared about the people alex hanged out with or dated. his dad wanted to like you but he thought the same way your mom thought of alex. 

“wow were basically like romeo and juilet,” you remember him saying on the phone with you that night. “basically,” you laughed. 

with both of your parents hating the fact that you two date, you never really hung out that much outside of school. if you wanted to hang you’d just say you’re going out with a friend, or straight up sneaking out your window at night. 

thinking of all the little memories of when all this started you felt yourself getting sleepy and eventually you fell asleep. 

the sound of rocks hitting your window had woke you up. you thought it was just the wind blowing dirt at your window but the sound wouldn’t stop. you groaned leaving your comfortable position and got up. 

you opened your window and peaked your head out the window to see alex staring back at you. “alex what are you doing here?” you asked rubbing your eyes. “you weren’t answering any of my texts so i thought i’d come to check on you.” 

you furrowed your brows together looking at your phone to see it was already 8:35pm and every single notification came from alex. “i’m sorry,” you muttered looking down. “are you okay?” he then said looking at you with concern. 

“just peachy,” you smiled, he knew you were lying though. “do you wanna go somewhere? get out of here?” he asked. “depends where were going,” you smiled. “if i told you it’d take away the adventure from it and make it less romantic,” he smiled making you laugh. 

after telling your mom your going to sleep you climbed down from your window. once you got down you wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your lips onto his, you both smiled into the kiss. you pulled away resting your foreheads onto his. 

“ready?” he asked and you nodded. he then grabbed your hand into yours and started to run. “alex!’ you laughed at of surprise. you both ran away from your house. not a sound was heard but laughter from you two, as the colors from the sunset blended into the sky surrounding you. 

you came across his car that was parked a few houses down from yours. from there he drove off. with the windows down and the radio playing out loud you stuck your head out of the window. nodding your head to every beat and shouting the lyrics out loud without a care in the world. 

the wind was blowing through your hair pushing it back, and you watch as the sun set. alex would glance at you and smile, singing along to whatever song was playing.

few minutes later it was dark out, and alex finally made it to where he wanted to take you. 

you stepped out of the car and looked around, “alex, do you even know where we are?” “of course i do,” he smiled grabbing a blanket out from the backseat of his car. “really because it looks like were in the middle of no where.” 

he laid the blanket down on the grass and laid down. your arms were crossed and you stared at him. “aren’t you gonna come join me?” you smiled and walked over to him. 

he pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around you once you were beside him. you laid your head on his chest listening to his steady heart beat. you shut your eyes, feeling at ease. 

“what’s been bothering you?” he asked, his fingers brushing your hair back. “today’s just been the worst day ever, i feel stress from school, my mom and i keep arguing, i hardly got to see you today.” you sighed as he traced patterns on your neck. “i’m sorry,” he murmured. “it’s not your fault,” you said, “i just need to take a break and relax.” 

“look up at the stars,” he said and you did. you tilted your head to where you were facing the sky and saw all the little stars scattered across the night sky. “woah, it’s beautiful.” “not as beautiful as me,” alex said causing you to laugh as you slap his chest playfully. 

“i see a turtle!” you exclaimed pointing towards the sky. although alex didn’t see where you were looking at he still agreed with you. 

you laid there in silence, a few minutes one of you would say what you saw the stars make out and debate over what it looks like. 

“thank you for this,” you mumbled. “its no problem.” he said still staring up at the sky with you. “i love you,” he then said out of no where kissing the top of your head. 

you looked away from the sky and towards him and smiled, “ i love you too,” you said kissing him on the lips. you both smiled into the kiss you pulled away from him and kissed his cheek and peppered kisses all over his face. 

“(y/n) stop!” he giggled and you laughed. kissing him once more on the lips. you laid your head back on his chest and continue to look up at the night sky. 


justin foley x reader imagine. 

anon: can i request a justin foley x reader? maybe do one where it’s the middle of the night and he sneaks over after a bad fight with meth seth and she like patches him up or something. idk if you do smut but maybe like a dash? im so sorry if this is super specific thanks!

warnings: a little bit of smut, mainly just making out. 

you didn’t expect justin to be calling you in the middle of the night, constantly blowing up your phone. call after call, message after message. but all the notifications had woke you up from your sleep. 

“justin what do you want? you should be asleep,” you said sitting up in bed turning on the lamp beside your bed that lit up your room dimly. “i need to talk to you,” his voice quivered. “justin? are you okay? where are you?” you asked worriedly. “go to your window.” 

you threw your phone onto your bed and hurriedly walked to your window. pushing the curtains away revealing justin at your window, on a ladder. it was sprinkling outside, the small rain drops landed onto his face slowly. you unlocked your window pushing it open allowing him to crawl in.

the dimmed light from the lamp reflected on his face allowing you to see him more better. his hair was slightly damped and he had blood traveling down from his nose to his neck. the blood on his chin blended in with the water on his face making it flow in different directions. there was a little cut underneath his eye that had a little bit of blood spilling out.

your lips parted once you saw him, “what happened?” you asked placing your hand on his face. his eyes were slightly red and puffy due to crying. “did seth do this to you again?” you ask. your voice was low yet soft. your eyes wandered all over him making sure he wasn’t hurt any where else. 

justin only nodded and you felt a painful stab in your heart. “you wait right here i’ll go get something to clean you up,” you said and made him sit on your bed. 

you left your room and went to go find things to help justin. when you came back you saw him sitting on your bed looking down at his hands, nothing but the sound of the rain from outside filled his ears as he was lost in thought. 

you sat beside him and picked up a damped cloth and lightly pressed it to his face. 

“do you want to talk about it?” you asked him, lightly pressing the cloth onto his skin trying to clear the blood off. justin looked at you as you concentrated on cleaning his face. 

“he thinks, he acts like he can control me. he acts like he owns the place, doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. he acts like he owns my mother and i, and i’m sick of it. my mother can’t see what he’s fucking doing, but i can.” 

you placed the cloth down and grabbed a band aid placing it on the cut under his eye. “i know i tell you this a lot, but i truly do promise you that it’ll get better. you’ll be free from him and not have to worry and live in fear. one day it’s gonna be him that suffers, not you.” 

you softly pressed the band aid down with your thumb, swiping over it to make sure it stays in place. “better?” you ask justin nodded,”yeah”.  it was silent after that. you put away everything that you took out and sat back on the bed. 

“thank you for everything.” he said. “anytime,” you smiled. 

justin pushed your hair out of your face and tucked it behind your ear. both of you staring at one another not saying anything but listening to the rain start to get more heavier and louder. 

justin then looked at your lips and slowly leaned in, his lips attached to yours. your lips molded perfectly with his. his lips were soft yet cold but once they collided with your warm ones it melted the coldness away. 

your hands found their way up to his hair, your fingers tugging at it softly. he placed his hands on your hips pulling you closer to him. he always got lost in your lips, his mind blanked. he loved the feeling of you close to him like this. 

your lips were attached in a chaotic kiss. you were like a drug, you always made him feel good and you made him forget about whatever was on his mind. 

his lips moved away from yours down to your jawline and slowly down to your neck. your heart was beating rapidly. the temperature in the room was rising, even though there was a cold rainstorm outside, your bodies were hot. 

justin sucked harshly at your neck making you let out a groan of satisfaction. he pressed his lips back onto yours with so much love and passion. he hovered over you as your back pressed into the soft mattress.  

from there on you spend another few minutes just appreciating one another. hands roaming up and down on each other, open mouth kisses on each other exposed skin. you got lost in one another. all the shit on justins mind disappearing, and all of your thoughts and worrying for justin had vanish. 

you made each other forget, it felt like it was only you two in the world and no one else. 

last updated: february 7, 2018


alex standall:
night skies

justin foley:
movie night 

alex standall x justin foley



clay jensen:
↳ one

zach dempsey:


a/n: first imagine!! wanted to show my style of writing ig? its not the best, i’ve been stuck on this imagine for days but hope you like it.
(also i prefer everything lowercase oops)

“have you ever sneaked out before?” the question broke the silence in the room, the question that left justin’s lips that cause alex to freeze. the two of them currently sat in alex’s bedroom bored out of their minds. justin staring at the ceiling thinking, and alex playing his guitar softly. 

it was around 10pm when justin had ask if he can stay the night, and since then they haven’t really talked that much. justin didn’t think alex would say yes to him staying the night, considering they weren’t on best terms at the moment. but no one would answer any of justins texts and he had no where else to go. 

no one knew about his home life not even alex. the only ones who knew were jessica, zach and bryce. he’d normally ask them if he can stay at theirs, but zach had plans, jessica was completely ignoring him, and he didn’t really want to see bryce at the moment. alex was the only person left he thought of to go to. 

“why are you asking?” alex asked putting his guitar away. “because i want to know if you have ever sneaked out before?” justin said now staring at the boy. “well maybe, a couple of times,” alex said shrugging. 

“do you wanna do it?” justin asked smiling at alex. “justin you know my dad would kill me.” “but you said you’ve done it before,” justin whined. “so?” alex scoffed. “so whats one more night gonna hurt?” justin said, trying to get alex to do it. 

“he knows you’re here, he’s probably gonna check on us and see what we’re doing,” alex said. “why? is there something he doesn’t want us to do in particular? “ justin smirked. “shut up,” alex giggled. “come on its 11 at night i don’t think you’re dads gonna bother us.” “fine.”

around 11:30pm they stood in front of alex’s opened window. “ladies first,” justin smiled. “then why aren’t you going?” alex smiled back at justin. “whatever.”

alex sighed, as he felt the cool winds brush up against him. yes he has sneaked out before. usually late at night like this, his friends would drive by and give him a text saying that there at his and he’d climb down from his window. then they’d drive to wherever, blasting music out loud with the windows down. but that was at his old town. he has never sneaked out before where he lives now. 

alex stepped out of his window and grabbed onto the side of the window, from there he jumped off and landed onto the ground. he then looked up to see justin do the same as him. right before he jumped off he made sure to shut alex’s window, leaving it a little open for whenever they get back. 

“so where are we going?” alex asked when justin landed on the ground. “you’ll see,” justin said and began to walk away from alex’s, leaving alex to follow him. 

after 15 minutes of them walking around town and alex asking if they’re there yet, they finally made it. 

“you wanted me to sneak out to go to a cliff?” “shut up standall and look,” justin said and walked closer to the edge. “woah,” alex said breathless as he came across the view. “it’s beautiful isn’t it?” justin said shoving his hands into his jacket pockets. “yeah,” alex mumbled, not moving his gaze from the city lights.

it made alex feel at ease, all the shit going on, all the stress, it seemed so small to him now. looking at how small the city looked from where he was standing, nothing mattered. he felt disconnected. 

“i always come here when lifes shitty,” justin said breaking the silence, causing alex to look at him. “is that why you took me here, and asked to stay at my place tonight?” alex asked. 

justin sighed still looking at the city, “my mom, she doesn’t know how to take care of herself. she drinks a lot and gets with a new guy every month. her new boyfriend, he doesn’t like me that much.” “how much?” alex asked surprised justin was opening up to him. “he wants to get rid of me,” justin said not wanting to look alex. 

“he hurts me, and my mom she doesn’t even at least try to stop him,” justin said holding back the tears that are forming. he took his gaze away from the town and looked down at the ground. all the flashbacks and memories replaying in his head.

alex just stared at him feeling pity. justin then took a deep breath and looked at alex. the city lights reflected on justin making his red glossy eyes visible to alex. 

justin chuckled at him, ‘see that broken glass bottle over there?” justin said pointing behind alex. “that was me, last week.” 

alex shoved his hands in his pockets, trying to think of the right words to say. “you don’t have to say anything,” justin said as if it was like he read his mind. alex couldn’t help but look at justin as justin looked at the city. 

“being here makes me feel like nothing matters, everyone from up here look so small, and they don’t matter.” alex then looked away from him staring at the city.

alex still stood there in silence, and it was like that for a minute. they just enjoyed the feeling of the breeze brushing against them, and the sound of cars from below. 

“justin?” alex said looking at him again. “yeah?” “i just want you to know when lifes shitty you have two places to go, here and my place.” justin then looked back at alex. “thank you.” 

alex didn’t say anything, they just continued to look at each other. it was then 11:59pm when alex leaned in and push his lips against justins. 

the kiss was quick once alex realized what he did as he pulled away. but that doesn’t change the fact that justin still kissed back. “i-” alex continued but justin just placed his lips on alexs. 

justins lips molded perfectly with alexs, his lips felt like satin and alex didn’t want to pull away. justin reached his hands out of his pockets and placed them on the sides of alexs face. his lips were like wine and he wanted to get drunk. 

both of their hearts were beating faster than ever. they both could feel the heat and tension as justin sucked on alexs lower lip. 

justin finally pulled away and looked at alex. alex felt hot, he has never been kissed like that before. “thank you,” justin said once more. “you already thanked me,” alex smiled. justin smiled at him and threw his arm around alexs shoulder. 

alex was still smiling as he leaned his head on justins shoulder and they both looked at the town they lived in. “what time is it?’ justin asked breaking the silence. alex grabbed his phone from his pocket. “12:01″ 

i dont even know. 

so new account making 13rw imagines!! kinda nervous doing this but excited ?! so feel free to request anything. all the love

justin foley x reader. 

anon: can you write an imagine where you and justin have a movie night?

a/n: so sorry im barely now posting this. im not very happy with it but i hope you still like it ♡

the smell of popcorn lingered around the dark room. the only light shining in was coming from the tv. you and justin sat on your bed cuddled into each other underneath a blanket, trying to find a movie to watch. you were having a movie night but all you’ve been doing is debating on what to watch. 

“lets watch a horror movie!” justin exclaimed knowing you’re not the kind to watch scary movies. “how about a romantic movie?” you suggested scrolling down the channels.

“no lets watch a scary movie,” justin said causing you to look at him. the light from the tv reflected on him, showing his messy appearance. his hair was messed up and he wore a plain white shirt with sweatpants. even when hes not trying to look good he still manages to look good. 

“romantic,” you protested smiling at him. “horror.”,  “romantic.” ,“horror!”, “romantic!” 

“okay how about we settle this on rock, paper, scissors?” he said. “hmm best two out of three?” you asked and justin nodded. 

you both sat criss-cross facing each other with your fist in your hand.”rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” you both exclaimed. “hah scissors beats paper!” justin said pretending to cut your hand with his fingers. “whatever we still got two more rounds,” you muttered. 

“rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” “yes! rock beats scissors!” you said throwing your fist into his hand, pretending to crush it. “last round!” justin said smiling. “best of luck foley,” you said. 

“rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” “i won! paper beats rock, yes!” “technically in the real world rock beats paper.” “you’re just mad because i won,” justin smirked. “whatever,” you said as you slumped back on the bed.

once he settled on a movie you both returned back to cuddling under a blanket. about an hour into the movie you hid your face in justins shoulder, facing away from the tv.

nothing but the sound of girls screaming filled your ears as you shut your eyes tightly. once the screaming had stop you relaxed your eyes, you weren’t really afraid to watch it you just weren’t the kind to watch the gory parts. 

“is it over?” you asked. “mhm,” justin hummed causing you to face the tv. three seconds later and a jump scare happened causing you to jump. 

“justin!” you groaned slapping him lightly. “what,” he laughed. “i hate you,” you said looking at him. “im sorry how can i make it up to you?” he asked turning to look back at you. “by changing the movie.“ after a lot of convincing justin finally changed it.

thats how you ended up watching a cute animated movie, finding dory. even though you both have seen it a million times you both still chose to watch it. the sound of crunching of popcorn and the movie filled the room as both of you watched the movie. 

it was in the early a.m and eventually the only sound that could be heard was soft snores and light breathing as justin fell asleep. you were starting to get very sleepy, barely holding your eyes open. you then turned off the tv and cuddled back into justin. 

shutting your eyes you fell asleep as well. your head laid on his chest with your arm hanging loosely around his waist. you both were tangled up in each other. both of your bodies being pressed on one another. it felt warm and nice as you both laid there sound asleep.