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Woke up locked and attentive.  After being allowed to go down on her last night, she told me this year is the year that she will defy expectations.  In the past, I expected to be released on anniversaries, birthdays, vacations.  Not this year.  It is now the 4th month of the year, and I’ve had 1 orgasm all year.  It’s been insane!

tanyateases: 25 minutes of my tongue teasing your sensitive head. I think thats a new record baby. T


25 minutes of my tongue teasing your sensitive head. I think thats a new record baby.

That lady’s fantastic

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I’ve been grazing nonstop on Easter candy for the past two weeks and it’s showing…


Chubbiest I’ve ever been ✌

same caption but heavier weight

kinda embarrassing ngl

Funny how I haven’t done any yoga in this yoga outfit

I really just mindlessly snacked all night and finished everything in the house

Feeling particularly naughty tonight and pretty horny. Been looking through my dash for an hour and my pussy is dripping.

Sometimes I get so turned on and worked up I need to find a way to cool myself off!

Who wants to follow her in?

I’m waiting for someone to meet me so I can give my man all the sexy details…

Amazing flavor….

When you both connect at every level you know what truly turns each other on.

Happy hump day to all our followers!

A wild evening at a hotel. Couldn’t wait so nylons got ripped.

Been a while since posting. Should we post more?

Gonna be a fun night at the club!

What do you think of the new panties?

What do you think of the new panties?

Working out getting ready for our trip to New Orleans! Collette here we come!

Okay need all you to help us! Which outfit should be the one to wear to the swingers club in New Orleans next weekend? #1 or #2. Please reply and also share this post out to your Tumblr networks so we can see the favorite!

Someone doesn’t want to go to work today. I think we could find a better way to fill our time… don’t you?

Getting ready for work and this cold cold gulf coast mornin’

Sneaking a panties pic at work this morning.

Tanning to get ready for the beach weather soon!

Who else likes her curves?

Love her in animal print

Like the view?

I’m just running to the store. Do you like my dress?

When she just had to share her ass while at work… she asked me to post this for y’all to see!

Love when she sends me sexy pics that she sneaks while working.

Guys… find a woman as amazing as mine. She surprised me tonight with a bunch of sexy photos she spent the day taking. This woman means everything to me. It’s because of our intwnse love and deep connection that we can do this lifestyle. She’s so open, caring, loving and wow so sexy beautiful. I’m extremely lucky!




God dam… my favorite! Can make me cum so quick doing this!