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tumblr user probablylilhal, or “Halex” is in a critical condition. if you read down his blog he has downed an entire pill bottle. If anyone or any friends of his knows his location, or can call the authorities, that is needed right now.
if you cannot do those things, just send messages of comfort to him, your support is helpful.

Tara Lynn Fox

It seeks your approval





Do it u wont


Not even a fic necessarily, fuck, just write me a headcanon and/or random snippet of dialogue, I’d be the happiest.

Funnnnnnn! What Lou said!

Hit me up!

Ohh I want this please <3 

(And maybe just Supernatural characters please?)


I just find it so interesting how tough and edgy Keith comes off to most people


But around Lance he’s so carefree, it’s like he’s a totally different person.  

He likes to tease and joke around with him (or more like flirts with him)


He likes to show off and try to act cool sometimes (cough more flirting cough)


He’s not afraid to have fun with him 


He’s literally so cute with him sometimes


And he’s shown so many other emotions around Lance that I honestly haven’t seen him make with anyone else

Like heartbreak (LOL)




This (I just want my boyfriend back) grumpiness


This cute, impatient look??


And this (I think I’m falling in love with you) smile 


Honestly I think he can act so different around him because Lance is able to bring out so much of his emotions, he can really be himself around Lance. That literally just proves how good of a match they make for each other. 

kimbutimpossible: Giulia’s gay sea monster brother


Giulia’s gay sea monster brother

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Actual goals in lifeActual goals in life

Actual goals in life

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Why can’t Niall look at me this way

Why can’t Niall look at me this way

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when you finally receive an ask during one of those ask games


y’all i am struggle bussing out here trynna write something ultra smutty and ultra delicious for you guys but alas my imagination has disappeared and I don’t know where she went, and the bitch left without giving me a forwarding address. SO i am requesting that you guys send me in some prompts/ideas/fantasies/memes idk whatever you want and hopefully a miracle will happen and i will be inspired to write something other than a load of doody.


mood of the hour: wanting a girl to sit and ride the fuck out of my face as i’m eating her out

@ jisol @ junhaojisol pls start rehearsing rocket and network love we would love to see it at the concert that we are going to in this tour

Husband comes home, 7.30am. Kid is watching cartoons.

Hey champ how you doing

Hi Daddy

Where’s your Mom?

She’s in bed. You’re not back til Sunday

I know. Someone got sick. Everything ok?

Yeah. I got a new baseball, look

That’s cool. Your Mom buy you that?

No. Joe gave it me

Gave it TO me. Who’s Joe?

Some old guy. He came to see Mom

Oh yeah? When?

Yesterday night

You mean last night?

Yeah. It was funny. Mom was dancing. It was ooky


Yeah, she was dancing all sexy. I was on the stairs she got mad at me for looking

Oh yeah? Where’s she now

I told you. In her bed

And who’s coat is that?

I dunno

Husband goes upstairs. Wife comes out of bedroom in a robe and closes the door behind her. She’s in full makeup.

Hi Doug I wasn’t expecting you

Are you going somewhere? Why are you wearing your boots?

Yeah. I had to….pop to the store. We need milk

Dressed like that?You have somebody in there?

Please, don’t go in, Doug

Don’t go in my own bedroom?

He pushes the door open. Tied to the bed is a man in his mid sixties, greying hair. Naked except for a blindfold and a pair of red panties that the husband recognizes. They were a Valentine’s Day present for his wife. On the floor is a riding crop and a flogger.

What’s going on?

Doug, I’m so sorry.

You. Whoever you are. You need to get the fuck out of here now

Don’t shout, please! Dylan is downstairs

He’s fucking downstairs, I know, and you’re up here playing fucking sex games with this old fuck. Jesus. Have you lost your mind? Is that cum in your hair? I don’t fucking BELIEVE THIS.

Not again.

Doug, please keep your voice down

Will someone untie me?

It’s not what it looks like…


Got in a friendly debate about our current president, and I genuinely asked them ‘Why do you support him’? No attacks, not incredulously. I genuinely wanted to know why they support him in office.

“I feel he has done great for the country”

“cmon now … you have heard it all”

“most of (the state I live in) is for him”

They literally could not tell me a legitimate reason why.

People, vote this year. It matters more than you know. For fucks sake vote.


Baking requires fairly precise timing, so I imagine one day on the ship Caduceus puts four attempter cupcakes into a small clay oven, finds Caleb, and taps him on the top of the head.

“Twenty minutes,” Caduceus says calmly, then sits down and starts checking on the beetles in his staff. Caleb looks at him, confused, before going back to his books.

Exactly twenty minutes later, Caleb’s head pops up.

“Twenty minutes,” he says.

Caduceus nods his thanks before putting his staff down and walking out the door. It’s only three minutes later he returns holding a plate with four cupcake-shaped baked goods when Csleb realizes what just happened.


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