I love her body. Especially her ass. I always have. Always will. I just love my Princess’ taunt, little ass.

I have nothing against her breasts. They’re beautiful too. Smooth mounds under a top with a teasing neckline. Or their fleshy orbs rolling and jiggling as I thrust myself deep inside her again and again, her legs spread in welcome.

But there is just something so special … so mesmerising about a sweet-sweet feminine ass.

I love to have my Baby Girl lay naked on her belly, her head resting on crossed arms. I lay beside her, my head propped on one bent arm so that I can gaze down her back to where the curve of her ass cheeks proudly rise. I reach out and my fingers dance across her back, sweeping back and forth, up and down. I kiss her shoulder, my lips soft … moist … tender. I trace the outlines that are the edges of her bones and the curves of her muscles beneath her flesh. I kiss her shoulder again then rest my head there as I lean my body against hers; my chest against her side, my crotch against her thigh, my pulse making me throb.

I continue to draw lines across her back as the heat of our bodies mingle. I hear her sigh. Listen to her breath. Time ticks by … warm moments … lingering minutes.

I lean up and plant delicate kisses across her shoulder blades. This causes me to press firmer against her … my growing manhood pulsing against her thigh.

I rest my head on her shoulder once more.

My fingers dance down to play at the small of her back, that little dip just before the sensual curves of her ass rise up. Gazing down her body I admire their delicate shape, their smooth flow. I trace the edges of her spine … her waist lines. Over and over my fingers dance. At intervals I raise up to kiss her back, my lips slowly traveling lower. My growing member presses against her … pulsing … throbbing.

Her shallow breaths are interspersed with quiet moans … content sighs. Her body starts to shift with its building heat. Her legs slide upon the sheet, they part slightly, pressing her thigh against me.

My fingers dance up … down. My lips kissing.

Eventually my fingers slip onto her ass to cup and fondle one beautiful cheek. They tense ever so slightly, pressing into her smooth flesh. Planting soft, moist kisses ever lower I caress her ass cheeks … massage them. I revel in the feel of them. Against her thigh I throb excitedly, my desire being fuelled.

Her body responds more. Her hips roll as she lifts her ass in offering to my touch. Her breathing grows more shallow … more laboured. Soft whimpers rattle her throat. Her legs part a little more, the one pressing against me intentionally.

For long, long minutes I rub and massage her beautiful ass … loving it … worshipping it. Sliding myself down I kiss her lower back, my lips gentle … tender. I can smell her growing arousal, the aroma is so … enthralling.

As I continue to adore her ass, her hips roll more and more. Her ass rises higher pressing herself into my touch. Her legs open further … further … further.

I slide over the one to lay between the pair and they open even further.

Now I am staring straight at her beautiful ass. It hovers before me, inches off the bed, rolling ever so slightly. I reach out and cup a cheek in each hand. My fingers tense as I gently squeeze. I lean in … kiss one beautiful orb … then the other. My fingers tensing, squeezing … Moulding her flesh I love her glorious orbs with more kisses during long minutes.

She responds.

Her body simmers. Her hips roll before me. The aroma of her arousal fills the air. She whimpers louder … moans mixing with her heavy breath. Her knees are bending, lifting her … raising her ass into the air.

My attentions shift with her. My hands … my kisses … slip downward to the spot where her beautiful ass meets her thighs. Cupping her cheeks here my thumbs extend inward, brushing at her flesh near her sex. My fingers tense, plying into her asscheeks. My lips kiss her. I inhale her sexual scent.

Shivering, she squirms before me, her breathing shallow, laboured. She whimpers and sighs as I continue loving her fleshy orbs while my thumbs draw tiny circles tantalisingly close to her pussy.

Now her knees are firmly beneath her, her ass raised as high as it will go. I pull back to admire the image before me. Her lovely ass hovering in the air, rolling so subtly with the passion burning inside her. Her legs spread in invitation. Between them her pussy glistening with her juices. Her labia are swollen with her desire, parting slightly in anticipation, her slit pink. This sight … this image is definitely one of the most beautiful images in the world; an aroused woman on her knees before me, my hands squeezing her firm ass cheeks as it sways before me, her pussy glistening wetly with her arousal … her desire … her need.

I throb with my own hunger.

My hands shift once more, my thumbs slipping to within millimetres of her pussy. My fingers tense, squeezing her ass harder. I lean forward, plant heated kisses where her lovely cheeks meet her thighs.

Her aroma fills the air with its incense. Her sighing whimpers are filled with unfulfilled contentment.

While my fingers continue to ply at her asscheeks I ever so gradually allow my thumbs and my lips to move closer … closer … closer to her sex. My digits reach it first. They massage her swollen lips, dip delicately between them to swirl in the juices wetting her slit. Then my lips brush against the bottom edge of her pussy. My tongue darts out, flickers between her open lips to taste her juices.

She whimpers. Her body tenses. Her ass reflexively pushes back into my hands.

My tongue darts out again and again, licking at her repeatedly with quick little laps that swipe at her wetness.

She whimpers. Her body quivering with the electricity shooting along her nerves.

After several minutes I pull away. Shifting, I rise up behind her on my own knees. Squeezing her ass with one hand, I grasp my cock in the other and tug on it a few times to ensure it is fully engorged. Then I guide myself to her.

Her anticipation makes it hard for her to hold still as I approach.

I guide myself between her legs, place the tip of my cock in her slit. Sliding it around I search for her opening. I find it … snuggle myself against it … press forward. Her walls open for me, my cockhead parting them as it enters her. I push forward, sliding inch after inch of myself deep inside her.

Her folds encircle me, their velvety glove hugging my shaft. Her wetness coats me … envelopes me.

I release myself, my hand returning to her ass so that I cup both beautiful cheeks as I bury myself inside her. My crotch mashes against her rear as I fill her. I hold myself there, our hips rolling and gyrating, grinding against each other. After a moment I pull back, withdraw a portion of myself, then press forward again. Once more I fill her, my cock stuffing her sex as I grind myself against her ass. I pull back again … press forward. Again and again I do this … back … forward … back. Slowly, steadily I build a rhythm … my hips rocking. I fuck her … my hard cock pistoning in and out of her.

Soon her swaying body finds my rhythm … matches it. Pumping herself back and forth she fucks my cock with her wet pussy.

I watch her beautiful ass rocking back and forth, watch her cheeks quiver and shimmy as our bodies smack into one another. I see her flesh mould under by squeezing fingers. Her entire body sways and rocks before me. Her head lulls, her hair shimmering. Her moans and whimpers mix with the wet sounds of our fucking to fill the air with their cascading music.

Our lust builds. Our hunger grows.

Humping … pumping … fucking … our rhythm builds. Our lust drives us. Our roiling desires making our bodies steam and our flesh shimmer with sheens of sweat.

Her moans grow louder … her whimpers heavier. She drives her ass back at me, shoves herself onto my cock again and again.

My own hips match her growing passion, rocking back and forth, driving myself into her faster … harder. My fingers dig into her ass, her flesh so warm as its moulded by my feral desire.

Eventually her pussy starts to clench around my pounding cock. Her body starts to tense, her muscles tightening, her flesh tightening. Her nearing climax drives her to slam her sex on and off my cock. She fucks me with wild abandon.

This, of course, urges my own climax forward. Grunting I match her feral rhythm, pounding myself into her again and again … hammering her pussy with my stiff cock.

Suddenly she cries out. Her body snaps and twist, her muscles quivering beneath her flesh. She slams her pussy onto my cock. Her ass hops and jerks spastically before me. From her mouth spills dirty words and phrases, urging me on … making me drive myself into her even harder … faster.

With animalistic fury I answer the call. I jackhammer myself into her … slamming … pounding … fucking her fiercely. My lust races to its own crescendo and I pummel her pussy with my rigid cock. In … Out … In … I drive my hips at her. Harder … Faster … I slam myself deep inside her again and again. Roaring, I cram myself completely inside. Grind my crotch against her. My fingers dig at her ripe ass cheeks. Deep inside her I explode. My cock twitches … jerks … erupts with my orgasm.

Her pussy instinctively clenches tighter around me … milking me … draining me with primal need.

Finished. Our bodies relaxing, we collapse to the bed. I’m on my back. She moves over and cradles her head on my chest. Loose strands of her hair tickle my nose.

Throwback with the beautiful @kyleaelizabethh because I miss you and dressing up and laughing till w

Throwback with the beautiful @kyleaelizabethh because I miss you and dressing up and laughing till we cry and I miss you I miss you I miss you. ❤️ #throwback #babygirl #juicyj #milwaukee #iloveyou

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I got to see some of my favorite people this weekend and I am so so happy #godmama #myles #babygirl

I got to see some of my favorite people this weekend and I am so so happy #godmama #myles #babygirl #babyboy #favs

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Hey babygirl, thanks again for having me this weekend! And letting me be a part of one of the happie

Hey babygirl, thanks again for having me this weekend! And letting me be a part of one of the happiest days of your life! I can’t wait to watch you walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life #besties #shesaidyestothedress #babygirl

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Just messin around with my green bean #bestfriend #lilsis #loveyou #babygirl #dancing

#dancing    #bestfriend    #lilsis    #loveyou    #babygirl    

Last one for the day trying to amp myself up to do something besides lay in bed wish me luck #georgehelps #babygirl #girlswhosing #passionishappiness

Wasn’t gonna post because I hella fucked up the lyrics but George though #shelovesme #babygirl

#babygirl    #shelovesme    

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Happy Hump Day @daddyanhissercet hope y'all enjoy

Paying dress up wif my stuffie :3

Paying dress up wif my stuffie :3

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