Btw just a quick side note, I finally pulled Oriko! It didn’t take me as long as it did on NA but still. This means, you got it, Oriko and Co Transformation gifs incoming

I made an Excel sheet to keep track of all my gifs. Do I have more important things to do? Yes. But it was quite fun, until I had to manually search both blogs and my folders to update the sheet.

Take it as a little preview of whats to come. Short reminder that some characters take longer cause I record everything myself (some exceptions are certain transofrmations taken from youtube)

My niece (4) was watching me play magia record on my phone being amazed by the pretty images so I showed her some transformations. Nothing special happened until we watched the corbeau one and she started laughing calling her a crazy, silly witch.

Corbeau stans how are y'all feeling?

I’ve been obsessed with playing Hades for the last few days (instead of working on my paper about modern hr management) and I’ve come to think about how awesome a hack'n'slash with megucas would be

You’d play through barriers and whatever uwasas have going on, beat their minions, fight witches and uwasas as bosses. Instead of godly boons you’d get connects from other megucas to buff you during that run. For example Felicia could give armor pen and tsuruno aoe flame dmg. Sana could give defensive abilities or Iroha could give additional hp and sustain

Outside of battle you could get permanent upgrades from Mitama and stuff

God I wanna play something like this really bad. Madoka Magica Portable and grief syndrome are fine and fun, but we need more combat games

hehe 420 ;)

hehe 420 ;)

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me, watching on as i get more and more of my friends who haven’t seen Turning Red unironically into 4*Town music:


I’m still kinda mad that Gunpherd’s siren lights are a fucKING HAT


This is also the only shot where he looks remotely like a wolf, and not like some kind of weird gator/lizard

U MAD BRO? BECAUSE GUNPHERD IS 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL 2 CARE~ (also he’s busy being startled, c'mon now, he can only handle one thing at a time y'know)

<3 Watching Richard and Larn’s reactions to Go-Onger is the absolute highlight of my long school days

(Good thing, too, considering my class schedule is currently 7:30AM to 11PM. … There’s a five hour break between classes in there, but if not for friends, it’d almost be worse.)
(… Well, okay, I’d survive. Probably marathoning LPs and TGWTG and who knows what else, but I’d survive.) (Watching Go-Onger with friends is more fun, though.)








Supernatural; OH GOD!!

Game of Thrones: I’m so dead.

The Little Couple…cute but worrying

Judge Judy “Beauty fades! Dumb is forever!”

transformers prime

Does Go-Onger count? Am I a Go-Onger now? Can I transfer to ToQuger?



… Hey, could be worse. If not for us watching Go-Onger today, I would have been stuck in either Reboot or Gaim. I’m not sure which would be worse, actually.

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(Ah, it’s been a while since I could do one of these. My players have not become any less loony in the absence.)

Ninja: “So, we’re agreed then! We’re all going to start following that raven-headed god of midnight!”
DM: “I randomly generated him five minutes ago and already you guys are obsessed…”

Anubisman: “Y'know, I think I really can’t approve of you guys setting up the hawk as a false god-prophet.”

Anubisman: “We are going to enter this church, and I swear if you are all not on your best behavior, I will SHOW you some ‘INVASION OF PERSONAL SPACE’.”
Liontaur: “… You can’t 'show’ me anything.”

Ninja: “Donkeys can’t fly!”
Liontaur: “Neither can they perch on your shoulder.”
Fighter: “I’m just saying I always carry my donkey with me!”


Ninja: “That one’s a blind one! But don’t worry, we don’t think she’s contagious anymore!”

Fighter: “Can I roll to knock him unconscious?… 3. Never mind.”

Liontaur: “You do understand I’m trying to butter this guy up, make him feel important?”
Ninja: “We already told him he’s fluffy!”

DM: “You’re not on the Kraken, you’re in a temple!”
“Okay, so we need wheels and a bag of winds so we can ride the Kreaky Kraken around on land…”

Ninja: “Look, I know you panther people make flags! That guy has a saw!”

Liontaur: “:( the tijuana priestess didn’t want to come…”

DM: “Yeah, she isn’t an actual cleric, since Tiamat isn’t even a present godess at the moment.”
Liontaur: “Does she have NPC class levels? What are they?”
Ninja: “She lives in the cellar beneath the tiny shrine!”

Liontaur: “…Why do I hear the ninja?”
Ninja: “Because things, and things, and saws, and portals, and there are no bloody flagmakers on this island!

Liontaur:YOU’RE a fire pillar!”

Liontaur: “Is their weaving spider-goddess related to Lolth?”
DM: “… Don’t ask them that.”
Liontaur: “NINJA, ASK THEM!”

Ninja: “I wonder if this will be the island where I get trapped in the corridor of halls…”

DM: “So, the moon elf clerics who are around you, not taking kindly to being called drow, shove you out the door. … Good job getting kicked out of the place that COULD have made you a flag.”

DM: “And now, Ninja’s adventures through time and space!”
Ninja: “*sobbing* all I want is a flag and some badges…”
Liontaur: “Could you pick up some cookies for the Tiamat priestess while you’re teleporting everywhere?”

Anubisman: “Oracle powers, activate!”
Liontaur: “Form of: a Liontaur!”
Anubisman: “Form of… a bucket of water.”

Ninja: “Liontaur! Use your oracle question to see if we can get the Tiamat priestess to come with us!”
Anubisman: “Dude, I don’t think the DM’s letting us take the cleric with us.”

Liontaur: “I heard that as 'a race of Morticias’…”








Magic?   ☒
Donuts? ☑
Yup, all set! It’s Showtime!

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wizard please please don’t make me ever regret this

almost… at the end… at 43 out of 48… guh have so much writing to do this weekend ahahaha

My only figure is Fourze base states he’s NOT AS SHINY but he’s adorable so I guess it’s okay XD

OH GOSH!!!! … Well you still have a ride in front of you (and Wizard ends at 51 - with two bonus episodes after that… So. :O)

Awwwww! I kinda want Fourze… but I want Kuuga first because gdi when did that moron grow on me >:I ugghhh can’t stay angry at yuusuke, he’s a puppy

OH RIGHT. That’s what I get for just glancing at my folders and not noticing I was looking at a different season :V FARTHER AWAY THAN I THOUGHT. NOT SURE HOW TO FEEL.

Of all the fictional monster characters I’ve simped over, I’m most genuinely mad at myself for falling head over heels for Zarla’s version of Gaster. Like. Like. He’s a skeleton. But Zarla draws him so freaking beautifully and is like hitting every single checkmark in my simp list like what the frick he’s a skeleton WHY. HOW.

Sweaters?Check.Scientist?Check.Sassy?Check.Arrogant?Check.Socially awkward when it comes to emotions? Check.Older?CHECK.DILF?CHECK.Has sleeves rolled up his forearms half the time?CHECKK.Has a sweater that shows off collarbone?CHECCKK.Kind of evil depending on the timeline?CHECCCKKK.

Like. I’m dying over here ya’ll. I’m questioning my sanity. Like, I love my monsters and the more monster-fied a character the better. But. He’s a skeleton.


But like anyway you guys if you’re Undertale fans and haven’t read them you should totally read Zarla’s UT comic Handplates. Also Mercyplates because it’s adorable and Gaster does not know how to dad because his own parents were absolute shit, so Asgore keeps trying to show him the proper way to do it. It’s adorable. I love it so much. And Asgore freaks out because baby Sans and baby Papyrus keep doing skeleton things and he does not know how to handle it.

Alphys is my spirit animal.

Anyway I need a priest because god damn. Kurt Wagner where are you I need to be exorcised. Oh wait, he’s fictional too. And fuzzy and blue.


*screams into void*

Hi! :3Sorry for my low activity. It has been kinda rough few months, first we moved and moving aloneHi! :3Sorry for my low activity. It has been kinda rough few months, first we moved and moving alone

Hi! :3

Sorry for my low activity. It has been kinda rough few months, first we moved and moving alone would’ve been hard enough but little after moving me and my bf got covid. Not so bad but still a bit scary, I lost my sense of taste and smell completely, I had headache and mild coughing.

We moved in December, but I’ve felt this place as home just recently.. Never had this kind of issue before, so it surprised me. And my youngest cat felt some anxiety after moving too, she cried few days but luckily calmed down at nights(slept next/or on top of me….. :D). But she is fine now, enjoying running up and down the stairs x)

this rambling stops here!

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We have finally moved! I’m so glad that we don’t have to move every month, moving sucks x(


What is new?

Neal followed my Neal IG account a few weeks ago and he has so far liked 3 of my posts. Honestly my life is made, how can it go uphill from here?

Steve Augeri is thankful for me always supporting him, so is Lady M, they both commented that to me on replies on different posts. Life is good man.

Lol, Neal has blocked me, it was bound to happen at some point

What is new?

Neal followed my Neal IG account a few weeks ago and he has so far liked 3 of my posts. Honestly my life is made, how can it go uphill from here?

Steve Augeri is thankful for me always supporting him, so is Lady M, they both commented that to me on replies on different posts. Life is good man.




Because I’m googling that to find out, attempting to further develop my writing skills, but I cannot find a clear answer, it seems. Because I often find both sound correct.

I was sitting.


I had been sitting.

To give a simple example.

Damn English, always being so complicated and annoying. D:

To me, it seems that “had been” is often used when referring to an action that happened in the past, that is now finished.

While “was” refers to something in that happened in the past, that may or may not be finished now. 

But I really am not sure, and it feels like these terms can be used interchangeably. Some help please? It would be highly appreciated!

I’m still struggling with this. (; m ;)

And I really need a good answer to settle this down, in order to progress my writing. To give an another example, here’s a sentence from a fic I’m working on.

He had been invisible to humanity for a very, very long time.


He was invisible to humanity for a very, very long time.

This is a RotG fanfic, and this particular sentence refers to Jack looking back at his past life, being invisible. He WAS invisible, but he no longer is. However, this fic is written in past tense, so I thought had been sounded better, since it makes it more clear he HAD BEEN invisible, while was might imply that he still is, due to writing in past tense.

Sometimes, English has clear rules when writing, but other times, the rules feels… blurred, with no clear answer. Is there a clear answer to this?

Ok maybe i can help? But your questions bring up confusion in me too XD. English is haaaard!

So was is a more active verb for past tense. It denotes that something happened

Had been is passive, and it feels to be more for a recollection of a past happening.

So i think had been is more appropriate for when jack is thinking about his past.

And was is better for jack doing something in the past.

But also, it’s a generally better idea to try and use as many active verbs over passive ones because it engages your reader more than passive verbs sooooo. Yeah that’s the problem lol.

Any of my New followers have a better description for a non-native English speaker?

I hope i helped a little though :’D


I hope I can shed some light on this, and zinfandelli, I tagged you because your explanation is…not quite correct…and I wanted to clarify things to you both.

First of all, miss-evening, you are correct in noticing that the “had” construction is used for an action in the past that is no longer occurring. 

Regarding your first simple example: 

In a story set in the past tense, “I was sitting” says that the narrator is currently sitting in the current action of the story.

“I had been sitting” says that the narrator, at some point in their personal/the story’s past, was sitting, but is no longer sitting. 

(This is the simplest scenario. I will be glad to go into reasons why exceptions might be used, feel free to send me a chat–I may not be confident about advice on many things, but I am confident about English grammar.)

For your specific example in your story:

He had been invisible to humanity for a very, very long time.<—When you are writing in the past tense, this is correct if you want to imply that Jack is no longer invisible, that the state of invisibility has ended.


He was invisible to humanity for a very, very long time.<—When you are writing in the past tense, this doesn’t sound correct because “for a very, very long time” implies an amount of time with a beginning and an end. This conflicts with the use of “was,” which in the past tense refers to the story’s present/currently ongoing conditions.

NOTE: If Jack has cause to mention his completed invisibility, he could say “I was invisible to humanity for a very, very long time.” This is because in conversation (not narration) English speakers speak of the present in the present tense, so the use of the past tense implies something that’s already been completed. EX: “I am visible now, but I was invisible to humanity for a very, very long time,” Jack said. 


“Was” may feel more active because we’re familiar with it referring to a story’s present. 

“Has been” may feelless active because we’re familiar with it referring to the past in a story.

HOWEVER both “was” and “had been” are forms of the verb “to be” and as such have the same “action” value.

You may see advice that recommends avoiding forms of the verb “to be” in order to make your writing more immediate. This is okay advice if you find yourself using forms of “to be” FAR more than anything else. The thing to remember is that forms of “to be” imply a state of existence, not any sort of motion/action. Using forms of “to be” excessively can give your readers a feeling that your story is a series of, like, still pictures, rather than a movie, since you’re giving them series of states of being and not the motions between those states of being.

To sum up: use forms of “to be” in the appropriate tense if, and only if, you want to describe a (temporary or permanent) state of being.

The Passive Voice:

Teachers (and Clippy) often harp on avoiding the passive voice. Teachers don’t like the passive voice because it avoids attributing the action to an actor.

When you write in the active voice, you make it clear who or what took the action.

Active voice: Susan ate the doughnut. (Susan took the action of eating.)

Passive voice: The doughnut was eaten. (It is unclear who ate the doughnut. The dog? A pigeon? Slimer? Rasputin? Teachers don’t like the passive voice because when you use it in a paper it looks like you didn’t care enough to look up who did the thing you want to talk about, or you didn’t want to put in the effort to provide a citation.)

The active voice is all-purpose, while the passive voice obscures clarity. When you use the passive voice–which you can totally do, it’s not wrong–make sure that you either make the actor clear with the surrounding context, or that you are intentionally leaving the actor unclear.

Ex: Commissioner Gordon looked at the crime scene. “The Penguin Puzzles and Pranks factory was destroyed,” he said. 

“Yes,” said Cop 1, “but by who?”

In this example, Commissioner Gordon doesn’t know if the Penguin, the Riddler, or the Joker destroyed the factory, or if it was even someone else. He’s sticking to the facts by using the passive voice here. The factory was destroyed; the mystery that the world’s greatest detective has to solve is by who.

The passive voice has little to do with the reader’s “distance” from the story–well, they may feel more distant from the story if everything is in the passive voice and they can’t figure out who’s doing what–and much more to do with the accidental or intentional obscuring of an actor for an action.

As an author, you may find reason to do this, and your characters may find reason to do this as well. (For some reason I feel like the pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies might have exploited the passive voice at some point.)

Hope that helps! I’m glad to chat about grammar stuff any time!

I wish I could play time loop games, cuz the concept seems so fun, but unfortunately I’m fucking insane and if I couldn’t get everything right on the first try I would shoot myself

finally getting into aot and I just wanna say that I would kill and die for hange,,, that’s all

can I just say how much I hate the “x character suffered too much to live a happy life so they have to die” trope? give them a happy ending u cowards or I’m gonna kick ur teeth in