#deaf problems

Webcam Model(Kiyara7) is live

DEAF = Don’t Expect Anything Free……

Being deaf can be rather expensive at times!



Girlfriend: Can you turn down the music?

Me: What???

Girlfriend and I, while watching a film: Shit, we don’t know what they’re saying, turn on ccs.

CC’s: [Speaks foreign language]

Us: Well that was helpful….

I want to gush about my girlfriend for a post.

She’s on the right with glasses. I’m on the left with hearing aids.

She has been so supportive and understanding since day one.

When we’re at a loud place, she asks me where a good place to go would be so I can hear.

When we watch TV or play games, she makes sure the captions are on so I can hear.

She asks me if there are books/websites/programs she can view so she can understand better.

We have a code word that I say if I’m not able to hear her. She came up with this idea our third date ❤️

There is so much more I can say. I have never felt so loved and supportive before and I know there will be so much more love to come.

Shoutout to all the closed captioning writers out there who go the extra mile. Prefacing someone’s line with <in bad British accent > really adds something special. #deafproblems

Marco Polo (at the echoey AF public pool without hearing aids, of course): worst childhood #hoh game ever.

Marco Polo? More like Marco No-Uh.

Goes to a loud concert…

Girlfriend: inserts ear plugs

Me: takes out hearing aids

Both: Perfect!

Deaf Problems

When you’re on a date in a loud place and you hope you will be able to hear them and not be awkward.

I wake up from nap and don’t put aids back in -

Girlfriend: I feel like I can’t swear around you.

Me: Why?

Girlfriend: Cause right now your ears are…. holey.


Hey All!

I’m seeing a new audie on Monday after much encouragement from my girlfriend. I learned last week that my insurance will cover up to $2000 per ear every 36 months. I almost cried when I found that out. I’ve had to pay out of pocket for the last three pair I’ve had, over $5000 for a pair. At one point, it was a choice between new pair of hearing aids and a car…

Health care insurance in the US blows a lot of the time.

That being said, I’m looking to get the newest kind of aids out there. I’ve only used Widex and Phonak but am open to others.

What would you guys recommend? I currently wear bilateral BTE with moderate-severe (some areas profound), Phonak Audéo.

I’m not looking forward to being stuck in a soundproof booth for a half hour to get a hearing test… but it’s important.

Thank you!!

Hey All!

I’ve decided to start a blog to share my experiences as a deaf/hoh individual.


What kind of topics do you think would be interesting or questions you have that I can address?

You guys are the best!

::in shower mid-convo::

gf: hehehe

me: What are you laughing about?

gf: just thought about tiny ponchos for hearing aids

Me: Now I wouldn’t mind some weed!

Girlfriend: [Encouragingly] Okay!

Me: Now I wouldn’t mind some weed!

Girlfriend: ‍♀️

Girlfriend: We need to pick up aluminum foil.

Me: Neosporin?

Girlfriend: ‍♀️

Overdone Cheek botox: The real live enemy of hoh lip readers everywhere, equivalent to switching off closed captioning.

*Inspired by true events

Girlfriend: Does an audiologist’s office have referral forms?

Me: Yeah… why?

Girlfriend: Do they ask, “Where did you *hear* about us?”


I needed to go to a doctor, so I wanted to ask for a term. I’m almost totally deaf, so I communicate using writing and can’t call.

I found an e-mail adress and wrote them about my problem and if I can get a term.

They replied I can get a term only if I call and that they don’t really care about my deafness.

This is such a big fail and now I’m really angry.