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How accurate does everyone prefer their subtitles/closed captioning? Do you prefer to just have the voices, or do you prefer it to have everything. The different infliction in the voices (Or if they change how they say something, deeper or lower or a funny accent), each time someone laughs or chuckles, the background sounds or sound effects. I really want to make sure these subtitles are as inclusive as they can be.

As someone who is perfect hearing, I forget about all the background noises or changes in voices. So I’m wondering from others who are Hard of Hearing, deaf and Deaf (I did that right, right?) which do you hope to see in a youtube video CC?

Welcome to our deaf-friendly classroom. Order one for your classroom today!

Welcome to our deaf-friendly classroom.

Order one for your classroom today!

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if a deaf or hard of hearing person asks you to repeat yourself please do!!! don’t ignore them or say “nothing” or “never mind” !!! you may not think what you said was significant, but you’re forcing us to be in the dark and you’re controlling our environment more than you may realize!!!

Am deaf, can confirm. It’s literally saying to us, “You’re not worth the effort. I’d rather just not talk to you at all.”

Additionally, I stopped what I was doing to focus my attention on you, so dismissing me with ‘never mind’ because I didn’t catch it the first or second time means you’ve wasted my time and my energy. It is for this reason that I no longer invest in a conversation with a hearing person until I’m sure they’re worth myeffort.

sometimes, a character from some silly british spy movies can be so personal…sometimes, a character from some silly british spy movies can be so personal…

sometimes, a character from some silly british spy movies can be so personal…

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Kinda old pic, but still my favorite outfit

Don’t romanticize it.

When a person says that they’d just love to have my experience I just want to say, “Really? You want the frequent headaches, the ringing sound in your head that’s not really there but you’re beyond exhausted like all the time that at this point being tired is just a continuous state of being for you, and no amount of sleep can alleviate your constant dread of social situations and being in noisy places and second guessing yourself ALL THE TIME even when you know there’s no reason to but its just that being deaf is like having a phantom sense and you’re always wondering if there’s a sound there or if something’s happening here and you’re not hearing it but no worries because someone will be there to make you feel like a total piece shit for not hearing them speaking to you?”

Let me know how that goes as you realize it’s not a simple matter of plugging up your ears.


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“Deaf and dumb.”


Not trusting that your peers have your best interests in mind when it comes to selecting an activity that won’t cause you stress and anxiety because of your hearing, while dealing with the backlash as you are accused of not having enough faith in others, when, ironically, you’ve had to explain to those same people many times why you don’t answer the phone or why you’re over the loud, crowded bar scene or why that guy’s looking at you funny because of your accent.

And then they proceed to tell you that it’s all in your head.

I’m not fucking dealing with this in 2018. Get out of my face with my shit.

Is this my trauma?

I was up at 3 in the morning after a heavy conversation with my best, pouring forth my unfiltered thoughts and gutting my heart on paper the stream of consciousness of a deaf, black male who has to balance those two predominant spheres (along with being queer) while battling the never ending introspective thoughts that constantly make me question my self worth and whether or not my friends are REALLY my friends, or just people who pity me and are being polite while I misread all of their cues and tones, all the while addressing the fact that I have avoided confronting the real issue that my disability is an obstacle when it comes to building genuine (ergo, romantic) relationships, while people won’t actually SAY it….we all know it’s there, and it’s great that I’m like this “AMAZINGWONDERFULGENUINETALENTEDFUNNY” guy, but I’m still “too deaf,” “too black,” “too intimidating.” And internalizing THIS message, this stream of consciousness, in a way that people cannot look at me and go, “Nah, you’re being a #paranoidminority” or “you’re #attentionseeking and #playingthevictim” because we are often taught that our experiences are invalid. That it’s all in our heads. But it’s me holding up a portrait of myself that contains fragments belonging to different places while not fully belonging anywhere.

I’m not asking for pity or your opinion. There isn’t a right or wrong. It’s just me. My experiences as the results of biology and fucked up circumstances and being a clusterfuck of star stuff.

Yeah that’s my headspace.

I figured I’d post a selfie since nobody on here knows what I look like now. The two in the ba

I figured I’d post a selfie since nobody on here knows what I look like now. The two in the back are my muses. ❤❤❤

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Constantly asking yourself if you’re too guarded. Too deaf. Too independent. Or all of the above.

- dating life

“Listen, dude, I can’t fucking hear you and I don’t really fucking care at the moment.”

-sensory overload

***that feeling of wanting to slaughter every breathing person in range***

Pretend you’ve got a four year old constantly asking you to stop and look at something they’ve got in their hand. You know they don’t mean any harm, but after a while it gets annoying and tiresome to have to continuallystop and turn around and figure out what the child wants. That is how I feel when hearing people talk to me, and around me, constantly, without making sure they have my attention first.

It disgusts me how many adults in my life have tried to raise me as a hearing person. It’s their secret way of saying, “No. We don’t accept this.” And to think how I’m not the only one. It happens to all of us, everyone, in different ways. And not just deaf and hard of hearing people.

When you keep saying “huh?” or “what?” and keep leaning in, but they still don’t understand how to observe and understand what’s going on…