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Something Different | Part Ten

a/n: you know the drill: long wait, long chapter! and things are only getting more messy from here – the next part is gonna be A RIDE.

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A week passed by without any further discussion of Draco Malfoy, or Y/N’s father. Frankly, the girl was just happy to have Cedric in her life the way she did, meaning the effect of Draco’s cold glares and that growing pit of curiosity she’d buried were stifled almost entirely. Almost. On the blond’s end, it almost seemed as if he had been sure she would come back. So, the longer she didn’t, the more bitter she watched the Slytherin grow. It was only at the end of the week, during which Draco had been especially frigid with the two Hufflepuffs, that Cedric spoke. But, when he did, his words certainly startled his girlfriend.

“I reckon we should talk to him,” he said as they left Potions class.

The sun shone magnificently on the cold day. The girl, folding her arms across her crisp black robes, stopped. The two had just emerged from the dungeons, the air sharp and cool as it snapped against her cheeks. Students in the corridor bustled noisily past without a care, and birds chirped encouragingly from the nearby greenery.

“What are you on about?” the girl asked questioningly.

“Don’t get me wrong, I hate the git,” he added cooly, “but he might know something about your father.”

“So?” she said defeatedly. “I cut him out, remember?”

“Right,” the brunette clicked his tongue, “that’s why I said ‘we’.”

She folded her potions book under her arm with a tilt of her head.


“If the both of us talk to him, maybe we can get through to him,” Cedric elaborated.

“Cedric, he hates our guts,” she reminded him.

“Not our,” he corrected, “my.”

She grimaced.

“Well it’s true,” he shrugged in defeat.

“I’m not so sure.”

A contemplative silence ensued. Then they resumed walking. The halls emptied as students made their way to lunch, leaving the slow-moving pair in a thoughtful stroll.

“I don’t get it,” she chuckled, “why would you of all people want to help Draco?”

“Simple,” he replied at once, “for you. You deserve the truth.”

The girl sighed, full of so much love for the boy.

“That’s very sweet, Ced” she smiled softly. “But, aren’t you forgetting he nearly killed a girl? And that he’s likely a death eater?”

“Course’ not,” the Hufflepuff grinned. “That’s the only somewhat leverage we have on the ferret. And we haven’t said a word on it.”

“Meaning?” she asked confusedly.

“Meaning,” he stopped, “either he helps you, or we out his misdeeds for good.”

Cedric’s big blue-green eyes sparkled in the sunlight, the boy looking as handsome as ever as he blinked down at his girl. Y/N’s mouth fell into a hard line, the words ringing uncomfortably and weirdly in her ears as she stared up at her boyfriend. She wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that, after all. And then, at once, they were conveniently interrupted by a boy with a mess of black hair and a prominent scar on his forehead.

“Harry!” the girl chuckled in uncomfortable surprise.

“Hullo,” he waved with an on-brand nod of greeting.

Then, not knowing how else but to skip the niceties, he mumbled with a wave of his hand.

“Y/N, have a moment?” he asked distantly.

“Erm,” she cleared her throat, eyes darting to Cedric’s, “is this about Draco?”

The boy-who-lived read the two Hufflepuff’s with a squint, a crease forming between his brow. 

“Malfoy, yeah,” Harry said timidly, eyeing Cedric. “Does he–” Harry began.

“I’ve let him in on everything, yeah,” the girl answered Potter’s hanging phrase.

Harry didn’t judge, only observed curiously, a cautious smile dancing on the corners of his mouth. Beside her, Cedric nodded, folding his long fingers into the pockets of his robes. Not revealing a word, the Gryffindor blinked in silence for a second, his green eyes narrowing as the cogs in his brain whirred.

“Ah,” Harry shrugged at last. “Well, erm, that’s good actually. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. It’s about Katie and that cursed necklace.”

The Hufflepuff pair tensed in anticipation.

“I–” Harry began timidly, “–I think he did it. Malfoy, I mean”

Y/N and Cedric exchanged a silent glance, communicating wordlessly in their wide stares.

“What makes you say that?” Cedric feigned ignorance, moving his eyes back to Harry.

“Well, I’ve already got the itch that he’s working for Voldemort, right? But then I saw him leaving towards the castle looking desperately guilty only moments before she was cursed. And he’s been acting extra offputting this whole week since,” he rambled.

The girl clenched her jaw. His pieces were lining up, even if the latter ones had far less to do with the necklace than Harry knew. Sucking in a breath, Y/N darted her eyes to Cedric’s before responding carefully.

“I don’t know, H…” she tried.

“If the three of us all come forward,” he stammered, “surely then McGonagall or someone would listen, right?”

Probably, actually, he was right. But doing so meant severing ties with the blond for good and making him suffer a deserved but likely ghastly fate. And it also meant losing any chance of gaining intel on her father, she thought. Not that she loved Cedric’s idea morally, either. But, she felt upon his proposal that she couldn’t not try.

“Listen, Harry,” she sighed. “I don’t think it’s best unless we have actual proof.”

Harry frowned, “and have you found any?”

The girl shook her head, hating to let him down like this again. More specifically, she hated that she was keeping secrets from a dear friend.

“Draco and I haven’t been talking,” she told the half-truth.

“Again?” Harry retorted.

She winced.

“Sorry– just–” Harry caught himself, “that git is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.”

The girl looked at Cedric, swallowing, “I know.”

He looked rather off-put, as his mouth hardened into a faux smile of assurance.

“Well,” Harry cleared his throat, “okay. I suppose you’re right. I can’t go about sounding loony with baseless accusations, even if they are true, so… okay. You’ll let me know if anything changes?”

The Hufflepuff’s made a noise of agreement, staring at the jet-black-haired boy as he pushed his glasses up his nose and made down the corridor with a sigh. She noticed he was looking a little disheveled, what with his laces undone and a rather crumpled set of robes on. Kindly, Cedric gave his friend a pat on the back as he departed, the polite smile fading from his lips as he watched him go. Then, slowly, he turned back to his girlfriend. He didn’t look all the most pleased, but what was there to do? This was them being honest with each other, after all.

“Alright, Ced,” the girl exhaled slowly, bringing each of her hands to the side of his robes as she leaned into his torso, “what do you think I should do?”


This time it was Y/N who sent the bird-shaped parchment Draco’s way. On it, she’d written:

. . - Y/N

Of course, what she hadn’t mentioned was that Cedric would be joining. After a rushed dinner of rosemary glazed potatoes and pork in the Great Hall, the pair slipped away into the castle and pattered over to the library. For a second, they stood outside together. The girl wore her robes still, her hair in a high pony and her lips flushed a little red. Cedric stopped, grabbing her gently by the wrist. His blue-green stare moved all over her face, his expression worried.

“You look very lovely,” he offered nervously, rubbing his thumb against her wrist.

Taken aback, the girl chuckled a bewildered thanks.

“You do,” he prodded again, moving his free hand up to brush back the loose pieces of hair she sported.

Then, eyeing her hair with an odd determination, the boy moved his hand to her hair tie, pulling her hair loose altogether.

“Ced?” she questioned, scrunching her nose as her locks fell around her halo face.

“Well, now you just look arguably more beautiful,” he huffed in annoyance, fiddling at her with his long fingers again.

“Ced– what–” the girl was laughing now as she slapped his hand back with a giggle. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” he shrugged through his lie, letting his fingers stay on her rosy cheek, “nothing. Come here.”

Then he brought his lips gently down to hers, the kiss soft and brief. Blinking through her surprise, the girl cleared her throat and stared at the towering boy’s mouth. He looked utterly love-struck, and something else, too. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think he was jealous.

“What was that for?” she mumbled softly.

“Nothing,” he lied obviously, silencing her with a peck to the lips and a grin. “Nothing.”

Struggling to breathe right, the girl came off of his lips once more, breath faltered. Regaining her composure, she smoothed her hands over her little black skirt and cleared her throat with a nod. It was odd, but she wasn’t complaining. Entering the library first, the girl slinked between its opened doors. She knew where to go immediately this time. Brushing past huge wooden oak shelves, focused huddles of students, and warm gas lamps, the girl made her way to the musty and dusty abandoned back corner of the room. Crammed between the two back shelves, she stood alone, just like last time. Recalling her previous encounter there, she reached nimbly for an old blue book on healing incantations, the one she’d skimmed the time before. Flipping it open, she barely had a second to observe its old yellowed pages before Draco Malfoy stood before her. He didn’t hide behind the opposite shelf this time, embarrassed to be seen near her. Rather, he strode quite confidently to her, his long pale fingers glittering as he pushed the book gently down from the girl’s nose with a smirk.

“Hello,” he murmured, icy blue eyes gentle.

She lowered the reading slowly, growing nervous at the proximity. He wore his uniform, too, but minus the robes. His dark emerald tie stood out against the white fabric that clenched to his definite chest. His bright white hair was neatly framed over his head. His pale and sallow features held some smug in them, she noticed.

“Hi,” she cleared her throat, setting down the book.

She gave a nervous glance around. Some nearby students had lifted their heads from the other side of the shelf. She could just make out Cedric’s tall frame approaching from the opposite side. In front of her, Draco hummed curiously.

“I was wondering how long you’d shut me out,” he spoke softly, “before you’d come back.”

The girl’s doe-eyes narrowed. Was he really that full of himself? Or was this him being vulnerable?

“I missed you,” the blond added softly, taking the girl immediately off-guard.

Perhaps it was both, she decided with a swallow. His words and that dark minty smell alike were making her head spin. She wasn’t sure how to reply. In all truth, as much as she was furious with him, this– him– she’d missed. But she couldn’t ever admit that to herself, much less Draco Malfoy. Opting for something curt, she straightened.

“Draco, I’m not doing this.”

His pale brows came together, his pink lips creasing, “hm?”

“We’re here on behalf of my father and nothing else,” she continued, leaning back away from him and into the bookshelf.

Draco’s face grew dark.

“We?” he asked dangerously.

“That’s right.”

Cedric stood behind the blond, both of his hands in his pockets as his hard gaze leveled that of the snow-white boy. Grimacing, Draco tilted his head with a scowl.

“Diggory,” he uttered with dislike.

From behind him, Cedric’s throat rumbled an acknowledgment

The smug Draco wore dissipated, the blond hardening before Y/N’s very eyes. The glitter in his icy eyes melted, a cool gray glaze replacing it.

His hands moved to his pockets, “what is this, hm?”

Cedric stepped around him now, Draco’s eyes dead-set to the girl still.

“What is this?” he repeated, flicking a finger between the two Hufflepuff’s but speaking only to one.

There was a brief silence. The girl felt as if her heart had grown tendrils that were now reaching from her chest to her throat, shutting her down from the inside out. Now the cozy library suddenly felt too hot, and the turning of yellowed pages too loud.

“If you’re going to say anything to me,” the girl said through an unconfident stammer, “it should be something the both of us are hearing.”

The Slytherin pondered this for a moment, his enrapturing eyes glinting devilishly.

“Anything?” he dared, ego consuming him.

The girl swallowed, “to the both of us.”

Draco’s lips split at once – it was as if she was just begging for it.

“Alright,” he decided with cheek, turning to the brunette with predictable spite. “I kissed her.”

He aired it so confidently that the slow stopping shuffle of nearby pages had to be an indication that his words had reached a few perked ears. Draco didn’t seem to care. As the girl swallowed, she thought back to when she’d last been with him, like this. At the time, Draco Malfoy had tried with all efforts to keep the girl a secret, a mindset he’d clearly lost interest in sporting.

Cedric sucked in a breath with a straight smile, “I know.”

And there went his cheek.

“What?” his facade crumbled quickly, his brows lowering on his handsome face.

“I know,” Y/N’s boyfriend uttered, leaning in a little this time, so he could really get it.

“I don’t–” 

Draco’s face softened, then grew hard again. His snowstorm gaze was slow as it moved back to the girl’s face. She wore a look of feigned togetherness and a hint of something else… guilt? Her eyes were quick to flee to the floorboards, her bottom lip disappearing beneath the gentle bite of her teeth.

“Did–” Draco began, so soft now that his quivering was hard to place as rage or upset, “did something happen with you two?”

She hadn’t responded, but judging by the Slytherin’s next words, her and Cedric’s expressions had told him enough.

“Right,” he said, and it came as a sour, hurt, laugh. “Well, I suppose you’re in luck then, Y/N.”

Her glossy eyes lifted. His own were right where she’d left them. Buried under the familiar loathing within his demeanor, she sensed a quelled but definite rage, one he barely had on edge.

“I have nothing to say to you,” he uttered, cold and firm, his back straightening.

His stare flickered to the other boy, who folded his arms in silence.


“Still feeling cocky?” he shot back cooly, the reply fired instantaneously.

The blond’s nostrils flared, his slender fingers growing tight in unison.

“Right. You must be loving this,” he snarled sarcastically.

“As a matter of fact, I am.”

It was like watching a ticking bomb.

“Ced,” the girl perked up glumly, reaching for his arm, “don’t.”

Two blue-green eyes moved to hers, but they were shrouded in defiance. Before them, the snow-white was shaking. But then, pale fingers trembling as they came undone, Draco Malfoy stopped. That crystalline stare went dim as he turned, various curious eyes and ears tuned into the sight of his swift exit from the library. It was only after he left that Cedric spoke.

“I’m going after him,” he announced coldly, bright eyes forward.

“What?” the girl stammered, pulling her fingertips from their gentle clasp of his wrist. “He’s never going to want to help us.”

“He will,” the boy said, barely giving her a glance as he began striding forward.

“Ced! No! Ce–” the girl tripped on her boots after him.

Y/N went stumbling through a maze of novels, hands still clasped to her own book as she tried to slow the Hufflepuff with a loud library-like whisper-scream. When wandering eyes turned, her mouth closed, the girl straightening her back as a good Prefect might. Palms to her sides, she proceeded to curtly and formally chase her boyfriend through the doors of the library in silence.

“CED!” she hollered the second her feet landed outside the place.

But the boy was practically miles ahead as he hollered down at his target, Malfoy.

“Draco!” he called. “DRACO.”

Cedric’s hand touched his shoulder, and he stopped. The blond looked like he was holding it together by a half of a hair as he turned, his eyes alight with rage and facade tremoring with something more wounded. Very slowly, his lips split.

“Malfoy,” he responded.

There was that voice thick with hatred – she knew it from memory.

“Malfoy,” Cedric corrected himself with a curt smile. “Won’t you hear us out?”

“No,” he responded simply, eyes darting to the girl who came to a halt behind Cedric’s shoulder. “Not you. Not her.”

Cedric’s jaw went stiff, the boy half-turning to cast a pair of sad eyes upon his girlfriend.

“I’ll talk to him,” she tried softly, willing Cedric to listen.

His brows creased. This was grappling with logic and ego.

“Please, Ced. It’s fine.”

Her words were soft, the boy’s demeanor shrinking as he stepped back with a nod, a brown lock of hair falling handsomely over his right eye. His gaze grew defeated as he turned, moving to stand just behind the heavy-breathing Hufflepuff. Sighing with relief, the girl closed her eyes. Bomb diffused.

Draco,” she began softly, her eyes opening.

He didn’t correct her.

“Draco, I want to know more about my father,” she spoke, stepping closer.

The boy’s ice-colored eyes doubled in size as they moved from Cedric to Y/N, his entire face softening with the like for her that he couldn’t quite hide. He shook his head with a clear of his throat, masking whatever pain was crawling around at the back of his vocal cords.

“Why is he here?” he asked back simply, dodging her plea.

“Because I trust him and I want him to be a part of this,” she responded firmly.

From behind her, Cedric’s back straightened a little.

Draco moved a hand to his emerald tie, pulling at it with unease. He looked unhappy with her reply.

“And because you kissed me,” she added definitely, moving her hair behind her ear with a glance down.

This was the answer he’d both expected and dreaded together. The boy’s lips tightened as he rubbed at his chin, the silver on his long fingers glittering. Next to her, Cedric didn’t move.

“Because you kissed me,” the girl repeated breathily, “which means you can’t be trusted alone around me.”

Draco’s frosty stare glimmered, his slender fingers dropping from his face.

“Because I can’t, or because you can’t?”

He’d asked it so softly, so calmly, that she’d barely caught it.

Feeling her throat close, the girl stammered in a wordless reply.

“Watch your mouth,” Cedric warned, turning a broad shoulder out with a glance at the Slytherin.

But Draco didn’t pay him any mind. Rather, his eyes were still locked to the flushed cheeks of the girl before him.

“Draco please,” she ignored his remark, “I’m ready for this.”

It was true, not that she knew what ‘this’ implied. Knowing more? Absolutely. Vengeance for her mother? Most certainly.

His eyes softened, “Y/N, this is so very dangerous. For bot– all of us.”

Her jaw hardened, “it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

He tilted his perfect face a little, white locks splaying across the edges of his sharp features.

“This might not work,” he tried.

“Well, then I’ll take that risk too.”

The blond sighed, his jaw pulsating as he shook his head with a sheepish laugh.

“Ever stubborn,” he said with a press of his tongue to his cheek.

The girl suppressed a smile, eyes flickering around nervously. And, for a moment there, Draco looked at ease – happy, even. Hie eyes on the girl’s uplifted mouth, the Slytherin’s smile faded slowly, his stare shifting to the Hufflepuff boy beside her. Cedric was facing him now, wearing a look of mingled stress and upset on his creased brow. As the brunette’s shoulder bumped against his girlfriend’s, Draco Malfoy grew quickly bitter.

“I don’t trust you,” Draco announced simply, his eyes dead-set on his rival.

“I don’t trust you either,” Cedric chuckled, voice thick with distaste.

“Then it’s her or nothing,” he shrugged simply.

“Draco,” the girl chimed, stepping forward.

His crystal stare moved quickly down, hurt visible behind those wide pupils. He took a step forward, lowering his voice for her.

“I do trust you, you know?” he uttered gently, sucking his lower lip beneath his teeth with a shake of his head. “That’s something you earned.”

True, she thought. Trust wasn’t something Draco Malfoy gave easily. But then again, the basis of their trust revolved around a lie she’d schemed with Harry, which of course he had no clue about.

He threw a glance at Cedric as if he wasn’t a person worth actually acknowledging, “but not him. I mean, what would I even get from this? From him?”

“The skin on your back,” Cedric replied flatly, interjecting the exchange before him.

The Slytherin didn’t look too pleased.

“C’mon, Cedric,” the girl moved her head, shaking it.

“I haven’t forgotten about Katie,” Cedric continued calmly. “Watching you terrorize students under my nose isn’t something I could’ve.”

Draco scoffed, “so righteous. And even if that lie were true, what would it serve you, Diggory?”

This was pointless. Even without flat-out blackmail, the girl had found herself on the verge of earning Malfoy’s agreement. What was happening now served no purpose but to quell Cedric of the sting of his challenged ego. She had never wanted it to come to this, not if there was an alternative.

“Stop,” the girl tried, finding herself growing quickly invisible. 

Only the light from the cobbled wall’s torches illuminated the deserted hallway as the three stood there, fiercely entangled.

“I’m suggesting that you’ll help the both of us, or I’ll report you to the headmaster myself, and out you as the traitorous death eater you are.”

Cedric looked pleased as he aired out his threat.

“Impressive, for a Hufflepuff.”

Draco’s head tilted, his ice-blue eyes wide with alarm and even horror, like he couldn’t comprehend the words he was hearing from good-boy Cedric Diggory’s mouth.

“Cedric!” the girl hissed quietly, shaking her head in frustration.

Draco Malfoy moved his bewildered stare to the girl, begging a question of her from within his eyes. Was this her idea? Had she been in on it? The answers in her expression told him no, and also somewhat.

“And was this what you wanted?” Draco then asked the girl, bonds of trust fraying quickly.

“No,” she said surely, throwing her boyfriend a disappointed glance. “No, Draco. I just want to know about my father, but… I don’t want to see you hurt, either.”

The bonds somewhat mended, Draco just looked disappointed now. So did Cedric.

“Even if he deserves it,” Cedric worded from behind her shoulder.

She snapped around, “don’t.”

The bronzed boy’s expression fell, his face hardening and ocean eyes moving to the stone ground. Turning back to the blond now, the girl released a sigh of distress, hating every second of what was happening. Timidly, she approached the Slytherin. She came before him, folding her hands into her pockets with a nervous chew of her jutted lip.

“Will you help us?” she pleaded softly, blinking up at the boy through long lashes.

Still stinging, Draco looked down at her with a sense of betrayal festering in his stare.

“Have you left me a choice?” he asked softly.

The girl couldn’t reply, opting for a gentle head-shake of sadness. She could barely hold his gaze, feeling her heart race and blood rush hot against her ears as she tried desperately not to break the guilt-inducing scrutiny of the blond. With no words, she begged of him.

“Okay,” he decided softly, clearing his throat. “I will.”

Cedric perked up, eyes lifting. It had worked. Now, however, Draco acknowledged him.

“But know one thing.”

He swallowed.

“I’m doing this for her,” Draco spoke firmly, stepping so close the girl had to retreat into Cedric’s front with alarm.

The boy’s arm snaked into the girl’s front, holding her arm snugly into the grasp of his large hand. She could feel Cedric’s heart thumping against her frame.

“Not for your sake, or the sake of the skin on my back,” he murmured assertively, confidently. “But for her.”

Cedric tensed, his face hard as he nodded with unenthusiastic understanding. 

“Whatever it takes to help her,” Cedric responded calmly. 

She felt his grip tighten. From before her, Draco’s eyes fell, resting on hers with a mingled hurt and care. It looked as if there were a million things he’d wanted to say to her, but he had restrained them behind his parted lips.

“We’ll need somewhere to meet,” he said at last, straightening. “Somewhere we can’t be found.

The girl thought hard, eyes widening as she thought back. 

Then, with a clear of her throat; “I know a place.”


The two Hufflepuffs had made their way from the Library and to their Common Room in almost absolute silence. It was quiet, save for the clack of their shoes on the ground and the occasional passing set of students chattering. The girl was aware of the silence, of course, since it was paired with the intense and upset stare of one Cedric Diggory. The boy, though keeping his mouth shut, looked desperately like he was fighting for his life. Only when reaching the set of barrels at the entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room did Cedric dare make a noise.


A large hand sprung out, its hold gentle as Cedric’s long finger curled against his girlfriend’s wrist. She turned, her eyes blank as she tilted her jaw up, giving him the floor. Cedric’s handsome face looked stricken with regret.

“I shouldn’t have been so–” he tried.

“So eager to get yourself into a pissing contest?” she replied.

“Y/N, he almost killed a girl,” he defended.

“And is that why you said what you did?” she challenged with a raise of her brow.

Slowly, Cedric’s hand moved away, his lashes fluttering as he stood straight. From outside their Common Room, the girl could hear the jovial delights of fellow friends and the wonderful smell of fresh cookies. She craved knowing those two things at that moment.

“No,” the boy admitted, running a hand over the curve of his jaw in agitation. “No, you’re right.”

The girl swallowed, sucking in a breath.

“I got very defensive, I’m sorry. I didn’t need to be that way he just–” Cedric heaved, his head rolling back. “He’s infuriating.”

“I’m aware,” she replied, stifling a tired chuckle. “Ced, I’m aware.”

“No, you d–” the brunette started, stammering and growing quickly flustered. “You don’t see what I see, Y/N. When he– When he looks at you, he does it like you’re a piece of food. Like you’re prey and he’s the predator.”

It sounded ridiculous. She couldn’t help but to snort, her nose scrunching. Cedric involuntarily smiled at the sight, then grew more frustrated yet. His brown locks were becoming messy as he streaked his fingers through them in distress.

“I’m being dead serious,” he tried, “it’– it’s maddening.”

The girl’s smile faltered. What was she supposed to say to that? She pulled nervously at her skirt as Cedric’s big bluish greenish eyes grew sad. He stepped forward, bringing his index and middle fingers to her cheek with a tilt of his head.

“Y/N,” he began slowly, so slowly she could feel his thickly layered hesitation, “are you sure about this? About him? There’s still time–”

“I’m sure,” she answered shortly, blinking through a shaky sigh. “I’m almost certain of it. And I’ve committed now, so, I suppose I can’t run from my past forever… right?”

Cedric’s face softened, “yeah. Right.”

There was a moment of tension. It was somewhat dark in the little corridor and felt cold in comparison to what lay behind the bricked wall. The girl ran her tongue against her teeth nervously, then shook her head. This was right, and everything was going to be okay. Desperate to ease herself of the rigidity of it all, the girl allowed herself a smile.

“And you promise you’ll not go about making trouble?” she said, voice rising with cheek.

The girl’s lips quivered as they split. Slowly, she stepped forward into her boyfriend’s muscular chest. Her small hands moved to his golden-yellow tie, grabbing him by it with ease, and tugging in playful request.

Cedric let out an attractive sigh, lowering his forehead closer to his girl’s.

“Not unless he does first,” he said.

She smacked lightly at his bicep. The boy’s lashes fluttered closed as his forehead came upon the girl’s. Beneath him, she giggled. His lips twitched into a devastatingly gorgeous smirk, his shoulders relaxing from her touch and the sound alone. Eventually, the two and their quiet laughs fell quiet, their breathing low as they embraced each other’s gentle touch. Silence ensuing, the girl’s eyes opened, meeting Cedric’s magnificent ocean stare. He had something clear on his mind.

“Nothing,” he began, his voice wavering. “Erm..”

He pulled away, clearing his throat and curling his arms to his chest with a nervous and adorable chuckle.


He tried again, smiling anxiously

“Nothing frightens me more than the thought of losing this,” he announced simply. “This. You.”

The girl felt her brows crease and her heart grow three sizes. He was certainly direct, not to mention he had caught her very off guard. Blushing furiously, Y/N bounced to the balls of her feet, grabbing each side of her boyfriend’s face with a flicker of her love-struck stare. Cedric burned red beneath her touch, his lashes fluttering as his dimples creased beneath the girl’s palms.

“Good thing I’m not in a rush to go anywhere,” she teased, smiling into his mouth.

Her lips closed to Cedric’s. They were delightful and soft, just like always. He hummed lowly with content against the girl’s mouth, two hands coming gingerly beneath her chin so as to keep her propped to his level, the kiss slow and drawn. He smelled wonderfully of aftershave, and his skin was perfectly smooth. When at last the two pulled back, it was with a slow and drawn sigh, as well as a lingering smile. Cedric grinned one of those earth-shattering grins of his as he reached for his wand and turned to the barrels before them like he was a little drunk. Taking Y/N’s hand, he tapped at the barrels in order, the warmth and light of the Hufflepuff Common Room spilling invitingly over the pair. Fellow housemates were eager in greeting, and a set of cookies was soon to make its way over to them, of course. Smile fading, the girl trailed after her best friend, the noise around her beginning to ring ever so slightly. The voices grew a little fainter, and the lights a little brighter, Then, amongst the commotion, she heard it. It was soft but present, and there was no denying it, for that was surely the dreadful and indistinguishable sound of a bomb, its ticks growing louder, and louder.

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DRACO MALFOY X CEDRIC DIGGORY X READERSomething Different | Part Ninea/n: sorry for the winter break


Something Different | Part Nine

a/n: sorry for the winter break delay, buuuut this is super long and some of you are about to be very happy w me (and some of you not so much hahah)! but believe me, there’s still so much im excited to write. <3

warnings: smut!!! SMUT!!!

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It lasted only for a second. Only one. But that second alone was enough to process a wall of various things. First, surprise. Surprise that he’d tried such a maneuver, yes, but also surprise at other things. Namely, how much warmer his lips were than she’d anticipated, for example. And another thing was his force. He’d gone into it with such a hunger, and such a desperation, that he’d entered the ordeal like every second he had on her lips was his last. It was almost like he knew what would come. Gasping into his lips, the girls’ eyes had fluttered open and shut with alarm as a set of long fingers streaked ravenously through the head Draco cradled to his mouth. His breath was short and faltered as he locked a kiss to the girl, his whole body dissolving into her like he’d die if he didn’t. And there was his other hand. It had come up to grab her hand in the air and pull it forward against him, and then pressed her wrist in a cage up against his chest. There, beneath their intertwined hands, she could feel Draco Malfoy’s heartbeat under his hard front. It was racing at lightning speed, she noticed. It was likely as fast as hers. Coming to her senses quickly, the girl’s eyes shot open, and she used her free hand to push her fingers against the blond’s chest. It was such a hard kiss that they both came off of it gasping, Draco’s huge icy eyes were overflowing with desire as a sharp breath detached from his flush lips. He didn’t look guilty in the slightest.

“What are you doing?!” the girl stammered, her eyes doubling in size as she fumbled back in horror.

His chest still heaving, Draco slurred quietly through a love-drunk mumble, “something I should have done long before tonight.”

She was momentarily at a loss for words.

Her jaw unlocking, the girl stammered and pushed the Slytherin from her frame, “what?! I–” she tried.

But she didn’t even know where to begin with that statement.

“I’m with Cedric, Draco,” she huffed at last, her brows knitting as she brought her hands to her hair with anguish. “I mean I’ve barely known you for a month and a half and now you’re saying these things and it’s just– you can’t I mean– y– you have NO right,” she tried.

But her words were coming hard to her.

“That’s not true,” the boy interjected, speaking to her mouth, “I know you.”

He paused, crystalline stare moving back to her eyes with intent.

“I have always known you,” he corrected.

Her hand still in his, the girl yanked her touch free from him with a pang of realization.

“You’re right,” she said stiffly. “You do. Or you did. And you spent five of those years tormenting my every move. But then our sixth year comes around and then you finally decide I’m worth seeing. And– only after I had to beg it of you.”

The Slytherin shook his head, a look of anguish growing in his eyes.

“And only now, now that I’ve finally realized what I want, now you decide to make me the object of your desire.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed with hurt as he retracted his long fingers back into the pockets of his suave black suit.

“Is this some kind of game to you?!” she hissed, growing angry now.

He shook his head, blond locks catching on his brow, “never.”

“Well, it must be!” she spat bitterly, her chest heaving, “or else why would you do this, and why now? Now that I finally have something good.”

He thought about this for a second, choosing what was about to be a layered response. His jaw clenched, his voice matter-of-fact when he replied. Staring at her through his loose light hairs, Draco sighed.

“Because you shouldn’t be with him,” he announced simply.

She felt her heart drop through her chest.

“What?” she mumbled, so softly he had to read her lips to catch it.

He stepped closer, his lids heavy, “you heard.”

Finding her soles glued to the cobblestone now, the girl blinked breathlessly up as he approached.

“And what do you think gives you the right to say that?” her voice came as a whisper.

He took another step. Once more, the scent of fresh mint and his dark cologne went through her, and she remembered coldly what her Amortentia had smelled of as it did. The tall boy towered over her as he arched his frame over hers, blinking longingly into her glossy stare. A long finger, sparkling where a silver ring decorated it, came to her cheek. The Slytherin brushed her flesh softly, making her shiver horribly and flinch at the touch.

“I want you,” he hummed softly, with a tilt of his head.

She swallowed, hard.

“So does he.”

Draco smiled one of his cruel smiles, a large dimple creasing at the corner of his pink lips as he chuckled with amusement. Drawing his hand back to his pocket, he stood straighter.

“Well, I wanted you first.”

She found herself shell-shocked for what seemed like the millionth time today. Arching her head to get a look into those blue eyes, the girl felt her throat go dry.

“You’re lying,” she tried weakly.

“No, you are,” he said, the words coming as a half growl. “I’ve wanted you since my eyes first came upon you.”

You made my life a living hell,” she hissed in instant disbelief.

“And you, mine,” he retorted cooly, lowering his height so as to stare at her head-on. “I loathed the parts of myself that felt for you.”

Electricity was crackling through her blood now.

“Why?” she said through a short breath.

The blond shook his head.

“Because you fight back. Harder than anyone. You bite at my heels and spit at my nose. Your maddening stubbornness and infuriating passion has made you impossible to not see,” he explained softly, his eyes darting back and forth over hers.

She swallowed again, “and?”

Catching on, the boy tilted his head with a low hum.

“And when I became invisible,” he murmured, sucking in a breath, “you saw me yet.”

She felt her throat tighten, a wave of emotion crashing upon her. It took every ounce of strength she had to act unaffected by the words he spoke. Watching with intent, he opened his lips once more.

“I see you too, you know,” he whispered, his eyes softening. “I always have. Even before you opened your heart to me, truly. It’s why I know the stomp of your boots, the various glints in your eye, and the smell of the lavender scrub that I caught in Slughorn’s first lesson.”

She felt her heart give a slow lurch. He was exposing his truths faster than she could process them. Still, he went on.

“But then you did, and that–” he paused, faltering, “–what was a stifled hunger became a ravenous famishment.”

He bent in more closely, his nose so near to her visage that it almost touched her own. His eyes drooped, mournful as he stared down her lips.

“And we are more alike than you even know,” he murmured his closing statement.

For a moment they just sat in the silence. The girl breathed a rattling breath as she urged her eyes to fight their journey to Draco’s mouth. Her blood was so hot she could feel it against her skin. Her heart raced so fast that the sounds of the night went unheard of. Her words had to fight their way out of her parted lips.

“I–” she shook her head.

Draco urged the words he wished to come from her, but the look in his storm-blue gaze was doubtful.


He could sense what was next, but there was a surefire way to know, he thought in defeat. Moving his hands back to her high cheeks, his palms engulfing her feminine face, Draco descended on her lips a second time. His lashes fluttered as he curled his fingers against her, gripping her with the passion of a thousand fires as his lips came to meet hers. But they’d barely touched, barely even grazed, before her own were gone.

Her head was turned against the set of cold rings on his fingers. Against them, he felt a harsh tear splatter down against his hand, the moisture sparkling pathetically in the moonlight as he kept his eyes closed, his forehead to the side of her face. Though gone from his mouth, the girl pressed her cheek harder against his forehead, her chest rattling as a massive sob came sharply through her chest – the meaning of which remained unknown to him as she moved her lips slowly against his palms, quivering in his hold.

“I can’t,” she cried, mumbling against his skin. “Draco, I can’t.”

Then he was gone. His touch was devoid of hers just as quickly as it had come.

“I know,” he said simply, his iris’ growing huge as he looked at her in defeat.

The girls’ eyes opened, her mouth bent into a downturned and trembling shape. She just tilted her head in confusion.

“I know,” he said again, sounding cool now. “That’s what makes you a liar, and not me.”

Sadness morphed quickly to anger.

“What?” she breathed in astonishment.

“Because I’m honest about the part of me that craves for something I shouldn’t have,” he said, standing up straight again. “And you’re not.”

Her mouth was frozen open.

“Because we both know what feels wrong and what is wrong,” he added. “But only one of us can admit that to ourselves.”

She managed the only thing she could.

“Go to Hell.”

She snatched herself away from his grip, stepping backward as she drew further with a quiet gasp. Turning her cheek to him, she just shook her head as she made to leave. Eventually, she gave up on adding anything else, her head down as she began to walk.

Draco was unmoving as he watched her go. The boy only smiled with a low chuckle.

“Alright. I’ll see you there.”

She kept going.

“But, if you want to see your father–”

Her footfalls stopped.

“Then you’ll be back.”


The footfalls began again.

She was marching back towards the blond now.

“Give me your sleeve,” she demanded.

“What?” the boy recoiled with a laugh of surprise.

“Give me your wrist,” she snapped again, the cries silent now as she threw her hand forward. “Right now.”

Draco snapped his left arm back with realization, his icy eyes narrowing.

“Don’t,” he warned through a low hiss.

“Then show me yourself!” she barked, her despair and fury mingled as she practically yelled it. “Show me you aren’t what I think you are!”

His face was hard and raw, her words slicing his disposition deeply.

“No,” he growled, moving a hand out so as to fend her advances off.

The girl moved into him but had no luck. He was stronger than her and she knew it. With a sigh, he looked down upon her. Draco sucked his tongue through his teeth as he ‘tsk-ed’ her softly.

“No,” he uttered again, softly this time. “I’m not.”


He was there in the Common Room, much to the girl’s disbelief. The earth-shatteringly handsome Hufflepuff had pulled forward the small table before the fire and was sitting perched on its edge like it was an actual seat. His head had snapped aside the moment he heard her enter, his giant shadow spreading across the plant-speckled walls as he stood. He didn’t say anything.

“Ced?” she said again, approaching him slowly, and with an unbearably heavy heart.

He turned, and it was a tragic sight. His muscular jaw was set forward with the hard clench of his teeth, and his magnificent ocean eyes fought back tears as they sparkled in the firelight.

“I’m going to let you talk first,” he heaved through a struggled breath. “I’m going to let you share your side first, before I say anything. Okay?”

It was a simple enough request. But God, he was fighting back every demon in that stunning and strained stare. The girl noticed, feeling exhausted from the whole night and hanging on by a single and final thread as she nodded with a slow step forward. She padded over the thick faded carpet under her boots and stopped to meet her boyfriend in front of the fire. He sighed, so desperately wanting to touch her, but not allowing himself the permission.

“It started earlier this year,” she began nervously, shoving her hands into her pant pockets. “I had noticed Draco behaving strangely on the train, and I hadn’t thought much of it. But then– then Harry told me about this theory he had. About Draco. Well, he said he thought he was a death eater. And I shouldn’t have touched it, but I did. I gained his trust and his time because I needed to know if it was really true.”

Cedric blinked at his girl with a heavy sigh.

“But then–”

He swallowed, his nostrils flaring.

“–then I gave him my trust,” she said.

Cedric ran his tongue over his lips with a dart of his eyes to the side, “and?”

She sighed.

“And he became the unthinkable,” she decided. “My friend.”

Cedric’s eyes shifted back to her own.

“Your friend?” he asked.

“Yes, my friend,” she said confidently. “And so I couldn’t bear to betray him anymore because of it. I stopped trying to find out the truth about him because I no longer wanted the answer.”

The Hufflepuff shook his head, bitterly reciting the words she’d just heard back to her.

“Draco Malfoy doesn’t want to be your friend,” he dropped knowingly, hurt clear in his intonation.

“I know that now,” she tried, voice wavering. “If I’m being honest, then…” she struggled. “Well, I suspected it from that night when I drunkenly told him about you. About us. Because then he’d said something about how you were foolish for waiting, for not–”

She stopped. Cedric looked unnaturally pale. Shaking her head, the girl faltered.

“But nothing else happened after… that night…” she trailed off.

“After that night?” the boy uttered thoughtfully, sunshine hair falling over his tear-filled eyes.

She opened her mouth, “well he– and then tonight he– he kissed me.”

Cedric looked as if a ghost had passed through him.

“What?” his voice became strained.

“But it was only for a second, and by the time he tried to do it again I’d seen it coming–” she rambled hopelessly.

“Draco kissed you TWICE?” Cedric’s voice dropped dangerously, a dark anger residing upon his facial features.

The girl panicked. This did not look good.

She touched his chest, “y– n– no. No. He tried, but I stopped it both times, Ced.”

Her fingers splayed over his front, she could feel Cedric’s heartbeat running a million miles an hour beneath her touch. He opened his mouth wordlessly before closing it with a slow shake of his head. His huge ocean stare moved first to her hand, then to her mouth, and finally her eyes.

Mouth dry and eyes stinging, the girl whispered softly, “it didn’t mean anything.”

Cedric’s hurt gaze softened momentarily, and he tilted his head to the right with a flutter of his lashes.

“So then why is this the first that I’ve heard of any of it?” he said, for the second time that night.

The girl froze, her throat tightening as her fingers fell from the boy’s front. He stepped back away from her, turning his face towards the fire with a shaky exhale.

“Well?” he spoke to the flames when she didn’t reply.

“Ced–” she began.

He was staring at her again now, his jaw clenched as he struggled to maintain any sense of composure.

“I– I don’t know–” she stuttered with difficulty.

He nodded knowingly, sucking in a sharp breath with a forced smile of his quivering lips and an “okay.”

“No, but–” she grabbed the side of his muscular arm as he turned. “It doesn’t matter anymore, okay? Because I don’t want him. I knew it with certainty when he tried to kiss me tonight and– it was wrong and– I don’t want him, Cedric. Only you.”

Cedric blinked at her through the crystal sheen that enshrouded his eyes.

“I won’t see him anymore,” she pleaded, her words catching on the trip of her voice. “I promise. And I’ll never lie to you about him again.”

His eyes moved to her mouth once more, and then once again back to her gaze. He looked like he was fighting a losing war with himself.

“Do you trust me?” she asked, her voice shaking.

Cedric swallowed the lump in his throat, his nostrils flaring, “I do.”

She sighed, breath turbulent as she stepped closer towards him with a curl of her fingers into his bicep. He watched her with intent, his tongue coming to his cheek as he restrained himself.

“But I can’t–” he cut her off, shaking himself free of her hold.


“I trust you,” he said. “I trust your story and your promises but–” he paused. “But it’s not as if it undoes everything. It’s not as if I can forget it, just like that. You know?”

She stared into his helpless eyes with a bow of her head.

“You’re right.”

Still, he stared.

“I just,” he sighed in defeat, “I need some time.”

Running a large hand through his gold-brown hair, the sun-kissed Hufflepuff made to leave, his feet dragging across the thick carpets and hard floors.

“He said my father is still alive.”

Cedric stopped dead in his tracks, his back still turned.

“Draco said my father is still alive.”

Slowly, he turned.

“What?” Cedric gaped with a shocked crease of his brow.

“I–” she stammered, folding her hands nervously together. “When I was leaving, after he– you know– well… he said I’d be back if I wanted to see my father.”

Cedric approached her, his eyes wide.

“What is that supposed to mean? Is he lying?” he pressed urgently.

She shook her head, “I don’t know anymore. I mean, maybe he’s not. Or–”

“Maybe it was a desperate sellout to keep you under his nose,” Cedric finished.

The girl nodded hesitantly. Then, she watched as Cedric’s face melted into an expression of contemplation.

“But your father,” he said slowly, “was a death eater.”

She didn’t move.

“Which would mean,” he swallowed, “that if Draco was telling the truth…” he trailed off with a shake of his head.

“Right,” she whispered.

“Well, is he?” Cedric stepped closer.

The girl clenched her teeth together, “I still don’t know for certain. He won’t let me see his arm, but he also expects me to believe he’s not. He says it’s his father who he heard it from.”

Cedric blinked, stepping back into the firelight.

“And what is it that you think?” he challenged with knowing.

Releasing the deathly grip of her jaw, the girl admitted her truth to Cedric.

“I don’t know about my father, but I do think he’s a Death Eater.”

He nodded slowly, his eyes softening.

“Well then I trust that too,” he said gently.

Within his reach now, she desperately wanted to seek comfort in him, but she couldn’t.

“And so,” he folded his hands into his pockets, “what are you going to do?”

She ran her tongue over her lips with a shrug, “nothing.”

Cedric tilted his head to the side with shock, “what?”

“I told you, Ced. I’m done. I can’t keep chasing these loose ends for a person like that. Not if it jeopardizes what I have with you,” she asserted confidently.

His mouth came open, “but this is your father we’re talking about!”

“Ced, drop it,” she urged.

“But what if it’s true?!” he exclaimed in disbelief.

“So what if it’s true?!” she retorted. “I’d be fighting for a man who stands for the darkest of evils rather than the one who–”

She paused.

Cedric was gazing at her with newfound surprise.

“Who what?” he prodded softly.

The shadows created by the fire’s thick red and gold flames shot smoothly over Cedric’s face. His hands were still tight in his pockets, like he was restraining them there, and his massive blue-green eyes sparkled beautifully. Awaiting her reply, the boy sucked a lip between his teeth with a little sigh of disbelief. Rocking his hips ever so slightly forward as he spoke to the girl’s mouth, his voice lowered.

“Who what?” he said again, dangerously low this time.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, the girl exhaled shakily, her back straightening.

“Who I love,” she said.

There was a moment where everything froze. Cedric didn’t move, nor did she. Aside from the flames, one would’ve thought they were a still moment in time. The boy wore this look of absolute stillness, his eyes dead-set to hers as he just stood there. Then, with that same curious and unreadable look on his face, he approached her. He was coming quickly, his hands drifting from his pockets and into the air as he grabbed the unmoving girl from either side of her face and yanked her forward into his mouth. For a moment she remained still, her lips barely moving as he detached quickly from her, his big eyes filled with emotion now.

Gasping with surprise against him, the girl managed a shaky “what?”

“Kiss me,” Cedric interrupted her with a desperate shake of his head.

“But–” she protested, feeling her stomach tighten at the way he was looking at her. “But you said–”

He didn’t even let her finish this time. His large hands were gripping her again as he lifted the shorter girl against his frame, her body melting into him as they connected once more. Still in shock, the girl’s hands just kind of floated awkwardly in front of her, not knowing where to go. The kiss was fast and short-lived, for he was soon drawing back again. It was so heated and intoxicating that she came off of it with a spinning head, her vision blurred and eyes almost crossing with mingled surprise and appreciation as she breathed against his opened lips. Slowly, she shifted her unsteady gaze to the Hufflepuff’s eyes once more. His chest was heaving lightly against hers, knocking her with each lift as he blinked down at her through a rapidly darkening gaze.

“Now I’m saying kiss me,” he uttered breathily, his lashes fluttering.

It’s not that she didn’t want to, because she did. Oh, she definitely did. It’s just that she wanted to know that it was right. That this was what he really wanted. And not something spurred in the moment only to be regretted later, she thought. Practically reading her mind, the bronzed boy shook his head, rubbing a finger against the curve of her cheekbones.

“Hey,” he uttered softly.

He pecked her lips just quickly enough to snap the girl out of her trance, the tip of his nose brushing to hers and sending a charge of electricity through her whole body and into her tummy. Slowly, she unhinged her jaw, her breath unsteady as she blinked at his storm-blue eyes. Whatever words she’d had were coming to her throat and getting trapped there, the will to speak being so overridden by her other ones that she managed only a quivering breath and helpless widening of her eyes. Any more like this, and she knew she’d be done for. Cedric, reading her again, moved one of his hands to her hanging ones. Slowly, he plucked up her hands in his, and brought them both gingerly in place to either side of his sculpted cheekbones. The girl just watched his eyes all the while, her feet cemented into the floors.

“Okay,” he decided softly, meeting her eyes again.

His lips quivered, his eyes darting between hers so quickly that she spun.

“Now,” he demanded very gently, “kiss me.”

This time it was her who was leaning forward, any sense of rationality gone from her as she stood on her tiptoes and fell into the boy’s lips. They were ever-warm and soft like clouds. Her hands slid from his cheeks and up to his ears as she curled her fingertips into his silky brown hair with a gasp that was stifled by the fast close of his lips over hers. He caught and swallowed her sound as he drew her further into him, their chests hard against each other as the kiss became quick and desperate. One of Cedric’s hands was on the back of her head now, and he was forcing the girl into him, harder. She gasped again, but it was unheard of as he pressed his mouth to hers and held his kiss to her for a long time this time, making her the subject to his passion for as long as they could hold their breaths. Then he’d detached again, only for a second, and their lips popped loudly as they split apart. There was only a moment of hesitation then, in which the girl stared foggily up at the boy and his heavily lidded eyes. There was something ravenous in his visage and she’d barely had the time to grasp that sense of him before he was hoisting her up. Yelping, the girl was pulled upwards, her legs folding around Cedric’s torso as his arms slinked under her thighs and against her back, where he hoisted her petite frame to the one that engulfed her. Kissing her again, the girl’s eyes fluttered closed on instinct. Her hands were drifting further through his locks now, both arms around his neck as she breathed in his warm and familiar scent. They grew tangled, the boy stumbling as he turned her and brought the girl’s back thumping into the side of the fireplace, where he pinned her and descended upon her swollen lips. The stone was hard to her back as he used its placement to his will. The kiss dragged from her mouth, to her chin, to her neck. Soon enough, he had latched his mouth to the flesh at her collarbone and was drawing all kinds of sounds out from her. Suddenly it all felt very real.

“Cedric,” she moaned breathily, closing one side of her fist against her teeth.

He pulled back. His hair was tousled and his lips were red. He looked giddy and insatiable.

“Yes?” he said through a low whisper.

“What–” she gasped, speaking through heavy breaths, “what are you doing?”

He breathed his answer through a touch of his forehead to hers.

“Something I should’ve done before,” he murmured, unblinking as his dark eyes fixated on her lips.

“But–” she tried, fighting against the knot in her stomach, “but what about what you’d said? About rushing things?”

He shook his head against hers, touching his nose to her and flickering his stare upwards.

“You were right about one thing, Y/N. I’ve waited long enough to get you,” he spoke breathily. “And no amount of waiting could make me want you any more than I need you now.”

She nearly fainted at his words, her throat closing as he spoke confidently now.

“I need you desperately,” he spoke softly, his fingers curling against her skin. “And–”

The girl felt her heart stop as he adjusted her so that his eyes were level with her own.

“And I love you too.”

Then they were kissing again. Somehow faster and harder. The girl’s stomach roared as she felt one of Cedric’s large hands grasp the underside of her thigh, a soft growl emanating from his lips as he fastened her to the wall and consumed her with ferocity. As soon as he’d met her neck again, she was moaning once more. The sound made her grow self-conscious as she splayed her fingers over her lips and tilted her skin away from him.

“What?” he demanded softly, his dark eyes perturbed at her motion. “What is it?”

“I–” she said, flustered. “I can’t be making too much noise.”

Her eyes moving up, she indicated at the students above with a tilt of her head. Cedric hummed thoughtfully with understanding as he procured his wand and uttered a sure ‘Muffliato.’ The magic resultingly enshrouded them in a space wherein no one outside of it would hear them, she realized. For good measure, he mustered up a decent invisibility shroud. Bringing her eyes back to his, the girl stared in silence at her boyfriend. A slow smile was spreading across his lips. It was devilish upon his rugged face.

“Now you can be as loud as you want,” he grinned, the words barely making it out as he dived back into her neck.

“Ced!” she exclaimed with mingled surprise and like, her legs tightening around him.

One of his hands slid back. He was fully grabbing her ass now as he ran circles across her collarbones and down towards her breasts with various speckles of kisses and sucks to her skin. She moaned, her breaths short as she curled into him, pressing the side of her cheek to his forehead as she trembled into his lips. When he reached her chest, his nose in the valley between her breasts, he dragged his eyes upwards and stared innocently up at her from beneath the tip of her nose. His hands brushed the edge of her knit black sweater in question.

“Can I?” he breathed through his pink lips.

Her chest was heaving, her hands shaking with nervousness as she gave the boy a little nod. He grinned, releasing her weight slowly as she came back down upon the balls of her feet before him, blinking up at him as she stood against his chest. Slowly, she felt his two large hands snake against her hips, clutch her top, and pull the fabric upward. She felt her throat tighten with nerves as it came over her head, her eyes shutting. When she opened them again, Cedric was staring at her with huge and unblinking eyes.

“What?” she prodded shyly.

He observed first her bright red cheeks and tousled hair, and next, her chest.

“You’re breathtaking,” he uttered, making her grow even more flush.

She had no idea how to reply.

“Thank you?” she tried.

“Come here, you,” he shook his head with a low chuckle, moving a set of long fingers under the girl’s jaw as he forced her chin gently up into his lips.

She sighed with contempt into his mouth, her hands reaching for his loose-hanging sweater. The kiss was so good that her hands struggled, her fingers fumbling awkwardly as she tried stripping the fabric off of the boy who towered against her. His throat rumbled as he laughed into the kiss, making the girl pull back with frustration.

“Want some help?” he offered coyly, making her grumble.

“Please,” she felt her lips split.

He was grinning again as he slid the fabric over his head, coming out with a devastatingly handsome and further tousled look. His bronzed chest was impossible not to notice, what with its definite ripples and the sharp V that protruded from his black jeans. The girl felt her mouth go as dry as a desert as her eyes moved down his torso and to the large lump that stuck out from his pants. Her blood suddenly felt very hot and she was overwhelmed with desire and anxiety. Indiscreetly flickering her gaze back to those huge green eyes, she swallowed.

“Alright?” he asked gently, checking in.

The girl tucked a lip under her teeth, “you’re breathtaking.”

Cedric’s huge white smile flashed as he smiled at the girl, ecstatic as he descended upon her lips one more. His hands cradled her face. Her hands splayed across his chest. The orange-red of the fire cast glows and flashes over their form as the two tangled passionately in one another, feeling each other’s smiles as they went. Then his tongue was in her mouth and hers was in his, the two working in sync at each other as their hands went in each other’s hair and they both went stumbling around. Ravenous, the girl swirled her tongue against his, drawing a moan from the boy that made her feral. He fought back at her neck, a spot he newly learned was easy to dominate. The girl’s lashes fluttered, mouth opening as he engulfed the area just below her ear, his long fingers forcing her hair to the side as he vampirically came upon her. Struggling, the girl moved her shaking hands to his jeans. Fighting his tongue, she tried desperately at the hem of his waistband, and then at his zipper, her fingers trembling. At the same time, he’d reached for her bra, which only made her heart quicken and anxiety double. She felt the jeans loosen as the boy blinded her by now kissing her mouth and blocking her view again. She chuckled knowingly into the kiss, forcing the fabric harshly down his form the best she could. She still couldn’t see, but she knew she’d gotten them down part of the way when a hard protrusion sprung up into her front, level with her torso. Cedric groaned into her lips, and she felt the knot in her body tighten at the noise. The popping sound came again as the two came off of each other’s lips. Their foreheads both glinted with a quickly developing sweat, and Cedric leaned down so that he could press his against her own. When his eyes came open, they were massive and dark. But there was also a profound and overwhelming love in them, which she no doubt mirrored.

“Can you go first?” she asked nervously, brushing her fingertips across the V he sported.

He nodded, slowly, drinking her in.

The girl moved her eyes nervously down, staring not-so-subtly as she brought her fingers to the black briefs he wore. The second her hands touched him, he twitched against her, the member beneath stirring at her interest. Her throat was even drier now. Her eyes went back to his, and he was still staring right at her. He nodded with an adorable half-smile. Reciprocating, the girl moved the last layer of fabric down his legs, her mouth nearly dropping as his huge erection came before her. She was utterly speechless as she moved her lips silently, both impressed and terrified at the thought of fitting him. Cedric, reading her, spoke softly.

“You okay?” he asked gently.

She was back on his eyes now, nodding. Not really sure how else to answer him best, the girl moved her hands to her back and unclasped her black bra, letting her breasts fall free. Cedric’s jaw pulsed as his blue-green eyes flashed down and up at lightning speed.

“That’s a yes then?” he ran his tongue over his lips with a flare of his nostrils.

The girl suppressed a smile, “yes.”

“And you’re stunning,” he flattered her further, moving each of his large hands to her hips.

He pulled her against him, and, feeling his member hard against her front, the girl let a long sigh out. She was fighting with not much luck to keep her composure. Cedric still didn’t kiss her, but only stared. He brought her in closer, and she felt her breasts mold to the front of his hard chest. His eyes grew darker, and he swallowed. He leaned in slowly, offering one soft kiss before retracting.

“I’m going to set you down, okay?” he said softly.

The idea of what was next sparked electric tension in her.

“Okay,” she breathed nervously.

Cedric scooped her up and turned her a little, setting her down on the edge of the large rectangular table before the fire. Quickly, he grabbed a stray blanket and timidly set it behind her, for when she would lay back. That’s when she noticed him shaking, too. The girl blinked up at her gorgeous boyfriend in surprise.

“Are you nervous?” she whispered with a smile and a crease of her brow.

Cedric stared down at her with a sheepish grin, “that obvious?”

“What–” she giggled, reaching for his front like a child, “really?”

He tilted his head, snorting, “why is this surprising to you?”

“Well– cause–” she stammered. “I mean, you’ve done this part before.”

The smile on his face softened, his expression melting as he shook his head.

His voice was infuriatingly low as he hummed back, “not with you.”

Her own smile vanished. The butterflies in her stomach attacked. She was yanking him down upon her lips now, the boy letting a noise of surprise out as he kissed her right back, her weight gong down on the table as she lay flat upon the surface. He stayed kissing her as he brought down the rest of his jeans, and then her own pants. Eyes still closed, the both of them engulfed in the sensation of their hot and bare flesh pressed flush together. That feeling in her stomach was practically pulsing now, and she’d never felt more excited or afraid in her life. She could feel Cedric’s length right up against her thighs, which she embarrassingly noticed were dripping all over him, not that he minded at all. And then Cedric’s long fingers were gripping at her breasts, making her tremble into his mouth. Next they were at her stomach, then along her thighs, drawing goosebumps as they went.

He detached for a second.

“Can I–” he began.

“Yes,” she cut him off and forced his lips back down, the boy smirking into her mouth.

His index finger came to the outside of her entrance, where he dipped it ever-so-slightly in her. The girl clenched and moaned and melted like butter. Groaning at her reaction, he slid in further the next time. She was louder, of course, making him all the more frustrated. He pulled out his finger from her, making her pull from his lips in dissatisfaction, but she was soon made still again when he rubbed his thumb against her clitoris. Her head fell back, the boy grinning again as he ran circles against her sensitive spot. As she lifted her head to look, she saw his own descending. Gasping, the girl recoiled in surprise as she felt Cedric’s mouth close at her entrance, his tongue going first inside of her, and then to his thumb, where he aided his fingers outside of her.

“Shit, Cedric,” she went back again, seeing a set of stars alight before her eyes as her body turned to jello.

He responded by inserting his finger into her. Then, gauging her body’s reaction, he tested another. Her whole body tensed and relaxed, her mouth opening as the boy focused his tongue against her clitoris, and his fingers, which he pumped slowly, inside of her. Dissolving, her fingers grabbed at his hair, tugging him by his golden-brown locks as he hummed against her, sending vibrations through her form.

“Oh my god,” she breathed incoherently, her hair falling around her face.

“You okay?” he stopped for a second, interjecting politely.

“Yes, Ced,” she covered her mouth with an embarrassed laugh. “Yes, please. Please, more.”

His lips glistened as he smiled a “good,” and came back down on her. Her legs grew tight as she clasped both of her thighs to the side of the boy’s head, breathy gasps tumbling from her mouth as his fingers worked rhythmically to the beat of his tongue. Feeling her stomach clench like she was about to explode, the girl trembled and shook, fingers going limp in Cedric’s hair as her head rolled back. As his name fell from her, her lidded eyes caught him staring at her, his iris’ huge and dark as he watched Y/N disintegrate. It felt like a hundred fireworks went off and the rope inside her was cut, the girl shaking as she finished onto and into Cedric with a series of short gasps. Heaving, the girl brought a hand to her burning red face as Cedric snaked back over her with a big grin.

“Alright?” he cooed, dropping a kiss on her nose.

She brought a hand to either side of his face with a giddy chuckle.

“Alright,” she beamed breathily, smiling into his wet mouth.

They kissed like that for a minute, the girl regaining her breath as she consumed him with deliberate slowness. Cedric was glowering when she pulled back, hearts practically shining across his eyes. His eyes then widened suddenly as he felt a hand reach his member, his breath short-circuiting.

“Erm–” his visage melted, looking taken aback and bashful all the same.

“Do you have–” she started nervously.

“Yeah, yeah,” Cedric flashed his canines and dropped another kiss on the girl’s nose as he leaned over the table.

Watching as he fished around for a condom in his wallet, the girl sat up against her elbows, glowing in the firelight as she tracked him with giant eyes. Her long hair fell beautifully across her shoulders and breasts, and her legs hung partially open from where he’d been. As he turned, she blinked slowly at him. Her heart was pounding out of her chest now.

Cedric’s face seemed to fall too, looking ever-serious as his eyes fell upon his girlfriend, splayed out poetically before him. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he sucked in a deep breath and descended over her, the girl’s back lowering slowly in matching the lowering of his. His definite muscles came against her chest, his hand sliding through her hair and against her cheek as he bore into her with those ocean eyes. He smelt of aftershave and sweat as he lay into her, cradling her in silence.

“Are you sure?” he murmured at her lips, his voice low.

She brought a palm to his face, dragging her thumb over his cheekbone with a shaky inhale.

“I am,” she assured, bringing her forehead to his again.

He nodded, moving one hand down, the other still on her face, as he propped his thick member against her entrance, making the girl release a small gasp. His eyes were then back again.

“I love you,” he said a second time, his gaze gentle.

She smiled, kissing him gingerly.

“I love you too,” she whispered back nervously.

And then he was entering her, the feeling slow and drawn out as he moved steadily past her folds. She felt her walls tighten at once, the feeling certainly more foreign and larger than that of two fingers. It only hurt a little, the girl thought as she went straining lightly against him with an extended moan of mingled emotions. Cedric pushed a little further, the girl’s eyes shutting as she pressed her forehead harder against his. He brushed his nose against hers, attaching his mouth to her lips as he extended himself fully now, the girl involuntarily pouring a groan out from her mouth and into his.

“Okay?” he mumbled gently against her mouth.

“Yeah,” she nodded, bringing her other hand to his face as well.

He hummed, kissing her more deeply now as she felt his hips move back. Only, as they came back in, it had hurt a lot less, her walls growing comfortable to his cock now. He drew out again, slowly, then back in again. By the fourth time, she was already mewling incoherently. A various set of mumbles dropped from her lips, the boy devouring them all as he rocked his hips slowly back and forth into the girl.

“Good?” he breathed, moving his lips back to her neck.

“Good,” she echoed breathlessly, her head rolling back.

Cedric used his left hand to grab her neck, capturing the girl in a gentle chokehold as he patterned a set of kisses down her throat. His right hand went sliding down her front and to her left breast, which he molded easily into his large hands, his nimble fingers running circles over the girl’s perked up nipples. Overwhelmed, the girl cursed once, then bit her tongue between her teeth to refrain from being too much. Cedric’s right hand was back, and he was sliding his thumb over her closed lips now as if in permission for her noise, but she fought back with a tilt of her head and a shut of her eyes. Playing her game, Cedric rocked his hips a little faster, and the push as he came in was harder as it clashed the bundle of nerves that the girl had pent up for him. His name bounced out in reply, the girl moving to turn her head back away. With his left hand on her throat, Cedric yanked her gently forward, so that she was forced to keep her face level with his, and so that she couldn’t escape his ravenous stare.

“You can look at me. Talk to me, you know,” he encouraged, sliding his thumb from the corner of the girl’s mouth and right between her lips.

The movement caused her to open her mouth, a desperate moan escaping her as it did. Her eyes fluttered open, Cedric looking incredibly impressed as he grinned. He looked so handsome and devilish in his victory that she couldn’t help but blush furiously at his cheek.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured through a low chuckle, pecking her lips. “Talk to me.”

Her heart racing, she moved her hands to his chest, “faster.”

“Faster?” he echoed with a smile, as if he hadn’t heard.

She dug her nails into his chest in reply.

“Okay,” he scrunched his nose with a laugh, quickening his pace.

Then it was him groaning. And, she realized, if Cedric Diggory moaning her name had the same effect as her moaning his did, then she understood his requests. Her fingers splayed over the boy’s muscles as her mouth came open. Cedric dropped his right hand from her face and moved it instead to her hip. He used it to tilt her up a little more, so that the two were angled against each other as he fucked her a little faster. The repositioning made the clenching feeling only stronger in the girl’s body.

“Fuck, Ced,” she moaned, her voice strained as she writhed beneath him, the pleasure growing overwhelming.

They were so sweaty that liquid dripped over and between their fronts, the girl moving her hands to his bicep for a better grip as he found rhythm in his deepening strokes. The gap between them open now, her breasts rolled and bounced to the beat of his movements, Cedric’s eyes moving up as he fixated on her chest, and then to her trembling mouth.

“More,” she uttered.

He didn’t hesitate at all this time, not a second spared for her as he came into her with more force instantaneously. His hips crashed against hers. Each thrum of his digit into her sent a loud slap of his balls to her entrance sounding. The Hufflepuff boy was dropping hard and sharp profanities left and right, his hands sinking into her cheek and face as he used the spots like pinpoints by which to grab and hoist her. The grip he held there was strong as he fucked her harder, the girl rolling into his palm and hips melting into his grasp like honey. Forehead coming off of his, she couldn’t bear to stay fastened in such a way any longer. Instead, she leaned back again on her elbows, Cedric holding her there by her throat as his cock slid easily in and out of her. Feeling euphoric, the two of them held each other’s gaze next, maintaining it there in their whirlwind of lust. Even then, his beautiful cheekbones, the sweat that ran down his nose, and his pink opened lips were hard to see through the cloud of stars that were growing in the girl’s line of vision. He released her neck now, scooping both of his arms under her back, his hands grasped to her petite frame as he held her there and fucked her into the table. The girl writhed and gasped and squirmed, making him hit harder. The table shook beneath her. Her legs were growing tired. The knot inside of her was next to unbearable. Whining, she begged him further. More. Faster. More. Cedric. And more again. He was twitching as he pounded her now, keeping his length buried deep as he attacked her sensitive spot with a series of several sloppy kisses to her mouth.

“Please, Ced. Ced I’m gonna–” she said, practically crying now as tears sprung from her eyes.

“Good,” he encouraged through a sharp breath. “Good.”

Her eyes opened. He was waiting, waiting to watch her unfold. The only sound was their breathing and the definite slap of his thrusts as she winged something absolutely incoherent into his front and arched her head forward.

He caught her chin against two fingers.

“Come,” he said. “Come for me.”

His words alone could’ve pushed her over the edge. The girl went blind, her eyes open but vision going absolutely black as she began to convulse violently in Cedric’s arms. He cooed and kissed her and held her tight to him as he slammed his hips forward, causing the whole table to slide back as the two hit their highs. The girl collapsed into the high-ringing curse that left her lips, her whole body falling limp and back against the table as Cedric finished in her with a huge groan.

“Ced,” she half-mumbled-half-cried as her head rolled to the side.

She felt him leave from inside of her. They were both filthily drenched, the boy’s skin sticky as he pulled his girl into his open arms and held her gently to his collarbones as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Y’okay?” he sighed, kissing her hair with a shuddered breath.

She pulled back, sweaty hair tangled in his long fingers as she stared foggily up into the boy’s eyes.

“I think I am, yeah,” she grinned with a sarcastic taunt, her lids heavy. “You?”

The boy smiled, grasping either side of her face in his palms with a warm chuckle. He didn’t respond as he laughed, kissing her again and shaking his head in awe.

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DRACO MALFOY X CEDRIC DIGGORY X READERSomething Different | Part Eighta/n: literally having the most


Something Different | Part Eight

a/n: literally having the most fun writing this rn, thank you all for your support! i know this one is gonna tear many of you to shreds but i am ensuring y’all that there will be smut in the next chapter, though i won’t reveal with whom it’s happening. >:) 

tag list: @call-me-banana-bandit@pillowjj@truly-insatiable@natsiboo@justmesadgirl@boredoffmebox@jjjmaybank@jejegu@superpowereddonut@irritantive@salemlilly@marshmelloyellow02@puffymints@is-it-really-a-secret @i-mmunity@sebastiansass@hisoldlover@kyobien@averagefangirl21@inurealiyah@fuzzzwald@lesfleursmonet@you-bleed-just-toknowyouarealive @darkqueennyx-blog @cityintexas-dallas @summerconcerto @awesomebooklover17@nicodoesntexist


The next week, they had potions class again. In the few days since their drunken encounter, the girl and Cedric had timidly avoided stepping near the topic. The same went for Draco. The three had seemingly silently agreed not to communicate about that which had occurred between them. It was standard, anyways, given the house duties and crippling hangover the girl had bore just previously. Come class time, Y/N sat at a rickety stool beside Cedric, who took his place happily beside her as Slughorn jovially welcomed his students in. The man wore a devastating purple suit and orange bow tie combination. Today, they would learn to make the Elixir to Induce Euphoria, a sunshine yellow liquid which the professor had set an example of up in a large and bulbous glass vial at the front of the room. Stools scraped and feet scuffed on the dungeon floor as the stirring from the room began to settle. From across the room, the girl made eye contact with the snow-white boy whose icy stare was already settled very obviously to her own. His mouth was hardened into a thin line, his white hair looking neat and smooth over his pale skin. Draco blinked slowly at her, shifted his eyes coldly to Cedric, and then removed his gaze altogether. Feeling as unsure and uncomfortable as his deathly silent communication typically left her, the girl shifted awkwardly in her chair and cleared her throat as Horace Slughorn launched into the usual pre-lesson rant.

“…shrivelfig and porcupine quills,” his voice came swarming into focus. “It will induce a euphoric frenzy in you that will cause you to rejoice with glee, and perhaps even burst into song.”

The class stirred with interest.

“Can you imagine this stuff at the next house party?” a student nearby chuckled quietly.

“Reckon we wouldn’t need it,” Cedric said in reply, speaking to his surroundings discreetly.

The girl’s eyes flickered curiously up to Cedric’s mischievous ones, and they swum blue-green with a sparkle of delight.

“Like we need to bottle a potion for this elixir when we already have empty bottles of the stuff lying round’ the Common Room,” his cheeks creased with dimples as he spoke softly, running a large hand over his mouth in an attempt to hide his grin.

Referring to the alcohol-strewn disaster of a Common Room they’d had to clean up that weekend, of course, the Hufflepuffs in close proximity all bent forward in suppressed laughter. Collectively, a strangled noise of amusement sounded from the table. This included one from the girl, who was taken aback by the boy’s cheek but enjoying it nonetheless as she blew her cheeks up in surprise at him. Giggling mutely, she turned her head back to the professor and kicked Cedric’s foot from under the table. He shrugged with a lopsided smirk and kicked her right back.

“And for today, I thought we’d shake things up a little,” the frog-like man clapped his hands together. “So we’ll be doing this with a little help from a friend! Yes, yes! Do partner up for this class!”

Y/N’s eyes moved instinctively to the bronzed boy beside her, and he was already staring down hopefully at her through his long lashes. In silent question, he flashed his white teeth handsomely at her with want.

“But,” the professor interrupted them, “a rule! Now I know the house rivalries have been getting next to hostile these days, especially between these two.”

Slughorn stopped and wagged a large finger at the Slytherins and Huffelpuffs who crowded around him. His beady eyes landed on the girl, and she couldn’t help but to recall the remark he’d made on the issue upon taking over for her and Draco’s joint detention.

“And so, to bolster our spirits and teamwork, you must pair with someone from the opposite house.”

A collective groan ensued. Nobody seemed particularly enthused about the idea, but Slughorn cheered over their complaints with several flaps of his chubby little hands. The girl felt her stomach lurch as she dragged her eyes forcedly to their next target. Only, this time, upon looking at him, she noticed that he wasn’t doing the same. No, Draco Malfoy’s eyes were fixated on the boy beside her. Turning, the girl felt her throat harden as she watched the events beside her unfold, a mild horror spelling across her face. Cedric had seemingly caught Draco’s stare, and he was holding it unflinchingly with a pulsing jaw and a flare of his nostrils. A large hand clasped at his potions book, his knuckles whitened against it as he stood.

“I’ll get the brat,” he decided, his eyes glued forward still.

“Uh–” the girl’s stool scraped loudly as she shot up, her eyes moving with panic over the two of them, “no!”

Cedric froze, his eyes slow as they tore from Draco’s and resumed their focus on her own.

“No?” he asked with bewilderment.

He couldn’t, she realized, looking up at the boy. There was a quiet and contemplative hatred behind that stare, she deciphered. And, moving to look at Draco’s not-so-quiet-and-contemplative-hatred filled scowl, something dangerous dawned upon her. The handsome and slender framed boy’s light blue contemplation was laced with spite, and glimmered dangerously as he fixated it now upon the girl. If Cedric did anything to rile him up in the slightest, he would undoubtedly weaponize the secret the two shared. Not just of their last encounter, but of any before that. Panicking, and feeling her mouth go dry, the girl placed a hand to Cedric’s chest. She could feel his heart thrumming excitedly beneath her fingertips, and she had to snap twice at him to regain his flickering attention.

“Ced,” she protested, “you’ll only start a row.”

The boy showed not an ounce of care as he forced his tongue over his teeth with a bitter laugh.

“Only if he starts one first,” he grimaced.

“Ced,” she said again, hissing through her teeth now.

Jealousy was a new look on the boy. He sported a bead of sweat on his knit brows, his full lips curved in distaste, and his eyes had hardened with a coldness that softened the instant he looked back down at his girlfriend.

“Y/N,” he repeated curtly.

She shook her head with a laugh of mingled amusement and fear, “you can’t. As house prefects, it’s our job to set an example.”

She felt the tense muscles beneath her touch loosen, Cedric’s brows lowering a little with disappointment. Huffing softly, he gave his girl a defeated nod, and brought his fingers briefly up to her own so as to grasp her small hand in his large one.

“Okay?” she whispered softly at him, blinking with worry up at the boy.

“Okay,” he decided, “you’re right. Okay.”

Taking her hand up in his own, he brought her knuckles briefly to his lips, dropping the faintest of kisses upon her hand with a defeated little smile.

“But if he tries anything–” Cedric began with a flare.

“I will gladly take care of him myself,” she finished, flashing him a confident smile as she drew his hand back to her mouth and returned the favor.

Cedric released a slow sigh, his golden brown locks spilling handsomely over his ocean eyes as he blinked lovingly down with defeat. Letting him go with upset, the girl turned, her back pressed against Cedric’s large front as she took position in line of Draco’s sight. The pale figure of Draco Malfoy held an aura similar to that of a black stormcloud around him. His mouth had curled down with distaste at whatever he’d just witnessed, and his eyes narrowed in frustratingly silent communication at the girl. Clearing her throat and tucking a book beneath her arm, the girl stepped confidently towards her target, her black skirt swinging confidently at her hips as she took her place across from the Slytherin. Beside her, Cedric begrudgingly partnered up with Pansy Parkinson, his narrow eyes attentive to the two as he took his place across the dungeon.

The girl threw her book against the table with a slam, throwing its crisp pages open coolly.

“Shall I start, or shall you?” she said to the pages beneath her nose.

“Hm,” Draco’s throat rumbled. “And hello to you too.”

Her eyes flickered up. The boy before her wore a smug half-smile on his pink lips.

“Hello,” she responded mechanically. “Pass me the Shrivelfig.”

Draco’s long and ring-clas fingers moved slowly, his eyes ever-present on hers as he slid their first ingredients across the faded wooden table. The girl paid him no mind as she began slicing and grinding their materials on her own, her tongue firm against her teeth as she forced a slow breath through her nostrils. Draco eyed her all the while, his cogs turning.

“Porcupine quills,” she commanded.

She could feel his gaze burning through her as he handed over the next ingredients. The girl’s eyes flashed quickly across the room to Cedric, who was peering out of the corner of his eye at the two of them. Swallowing, the girl’s fingers began to tremble. Draco took note, his sharp focus catching the scene before him.

“Why wouldn’t you let your little boyfriend have a go with me?” he asked after a minute of further silence.

Her head shot up, hand dropping as she placed both palms flat against the table before her.

“You too oughtn’t start a row in the classroom,” she spoke her prepared reply formally.

The corners of Draco’s mouth twitched.

“Shall I wait til’ after, then?” he shot back cleverly.

Her teeth came together.

“Draco!” she hissed loudly.

Drawing the attention of a few turning heads, the girl went beet red. Nodding awkwardly with a forced smile, she tugged her long strands of hair back behind her ears and composed herself as she prepared her next attempt at conversing.

“Draco,” she said again, gently this time.

He just smiled. And he smiled with his lips still shut in sly knowing, making her grow all the more furious. This was internal, of course.

“Draco, you really should leave him alone.”

“Oh believe me, I would love to,” the blond scoffed sheepishly, standing. “But it really does seem that he wants to have a word. And who would I be to stop him?”

The girl felt her cheeks flare as Draco began his nonchalant stride over to her side of the table. Ignoring him, and making an attempt to play casual, the girl retrieved their stirring utensil. And, with timid hands, she began to stir the funny-looking fluid beneath them in a clockwise manner.

“Anti-clockwise,” came a smug voice from beside her.

As if it was nothing, she felt the cool movement of the boy behind her. The typical smell of mint and the dark aroma he sported came charging at her lungs, making her head flood further as Draco slinked an arm around her side and plucked the utensil from her fingers before nudging her right out of the way with a bump of his elbows to hers. Stepping aside with a sharp exhale, the girl folded her arms, eyes fixated on the pot before her as the Slytherin stirred their ingredients four times, counter-clockwise.

“Draco,” she tried again calmly, speaking to the fluid under her nose, “I need you to promise me something.

The stirring stopped. Draco let the thing fall from his long white fingers with a blinding flash of his teeth, the boy turning casually to his side as he folded those long arms over the ripples of his black robes, mirroring his subject of interest. At last, the girl met his ferocious ice colored eyes.

“And what might that be?” he asked innocently.

She grimaced, still facing forward as her eyes moved quickly to the big ocean ones that peered at her from across the room. Feeling her stomach lurch, she took her bottom lip between her teeth with a drawn sigh.

“Don’t tell Cedric about the other nig–”

She’d barely gotten a word out before Draco, anticipating her response, interjected.

“Why not?”

Now she turned, facing him.

Blinking desperately at him through her long lashes, she watched the boy’s sickly deviant gaze softened.

“Please,” she uttered quietly.

His jaw pulsed, his hollow cheekbones growing hollower as he sucked a breath between his teeth. He looked torn between choosing pettiness, or letting his soft spot for the girl get the better of his cheek.

He asked the question again, tenderly this time, “why?”

“He already doesn’t like–” she paused, shaking her head and waving her hand in indication at the boy, “–this. Us.”

“Us?” Draco echoed back, the word sounding strange on his lips.


She sighed shortly, lashes fluttering as the two just stared in silence at each other. Draco’s slender form towered over her, the boy restraining himself from edging closer with a dart of his eyes up and above the girl’s head. Moving his large hands to the folds of his pockets, he hummed with soft contemplation.

“Well I don’t like him either,” he decided after a moment.

She almost laughed. What a stupid reply, she thought, fighting the curl of her lips.

“If he finds out,” she phrased carefully, adding, “even if it was nothing–”

“Mm, mhm,” the icy figure nodded casually.

“He’ll be,” she sucked her tongue back, “furious.”

“Oh I suspect so,” Draco swung his hips forward with an infuriating little smile.

“And I’ll never be able to see you again,” she finished.

The attitude vanished from the boy’s visage at once, his face falling.

“Oh,” he spoke.

“Right,” she replied slowly, mirroring the boy with a move of her hands to her pockets.

She looked at the deathly handsome Slytherin, awaiting his reply. But, his mind overflowing, he never did. Rather, he turned back to their pot, looking dejected. Silent in thought, his nimble fingers plucked up their next ingredient, and he got back to work. Not knowing what else to say, the girl cleared her throat, doing her best not to stare too much as she scrutinized him. And so they went on like that, helping one another and working frighteningly in sync at their concoction. Approximately forty-five minutes later, a shimmering sunshine yellow fluid sat before them. From its top, a literal rainbow glow emerged, spilling like fog from the edges of the cauldron before sizzling out over a set of luminescent little pops. As usual, Professor Slughorn made his rounds through the students, inspecting their results one by one. Cedric and Pansy’s, he claimed, was very well done. But Y/N and Draco’s, he scoffed, was spectacular.

“Just brilliant, just brilliant!” he danced, pouring a vial of the fluid into a thin vial before his frog-face.

Giving a cheers to the class, the professor downed a serving of the potion right before them, making his students jitter excitedly.

“It’s all well,” he giggled, slamming a hand to the back of the two students before him in appreciation. “I haven’t any more classes today, there’s no harm in some singing, I suppose.”

The class laughed. Well, except for his proclaimed prodigies, who exchanged a terrified glance. Draco moved his eyes back and forth over the girl’s features, deep in thought. She felt her legs almost jelly at the sight. Anxious, she scanned the faces before hers, and landed on a familiar one. Cedric looked like he was unsure whether to be proud of his girl or devastated by the look of guilt she and her partner wore. Still, he clapped her on, giving her a nervous smile. Even that, she thought as she straightened, made her feel better.

“And so you see how–” Slughorn realized, bubbling, “two students such as these old foes, can– can come together.”

The faces of the Slytherin and Hufflepuff students around them looked equally unimpressed.

“Very good dear girl,” he finished with a beam. “You too, Mr. Malfoy.”

Draco nodded, and the class was dismissed. As the girl made to run, scrambling as she picked up her things, a hand stopped her. Grabbing her frayed and dustied book, Draco’s long white fingers snatched the object out from under her, making her huff. His silver rings glittered beautifully into her face.

“What?” she snapped, not even bothering to feign niceties at this point.

“Not seeing me again,” he said quietly, plucking up the line from which they’d left off.

“Yes?” she said with uncertainty, her heart quickening as Cedric approached the two.

“You say it’s my punishment,” he phrased matter-of-factly. “You say it like it would be me who suffers that consequence, and me alone.”

The girl went still. Her mind fired hot shocks of panic down to her heart. Then her heart came to an abrupt halt, her throat growing hard in turn. The boy read her expression easily, his next words deathly quiet.

“But you fear it too,” he finished.

Dumbfounded, the girl found herself unable to breathe. Looking unsurprised, but confident with his choice of words, the snow-white boy leaned closer, if only for a second. He forced the book between her hands, making the girl gasp sharply as her lashes fluttered up into his dead-set crystalline gaze. She instinctively took a faltered step back, her brows knitting as cement seemingly poured down and through her throat. Muttering softly as he drifted away, Draco Malfoy now spoke vaguely to her mouth.

“Not just me,” he breathed. “You.”

She stared.

“You fear it as well,” he murmured.

Two more weeks passed after that. Two weeks in which the weather assumed its frosty autumn bite, and during which time Y/N found it increasingly more difficult to manage the entanglement of lies and meetings which she’d spun between herself, Cedric, Draco, and even Harry. It was Harry who was perhaps the most suspicious. Upon discovering his plan had worked and she’d gained the Slytherin’s trust, she’d had to satisfy his need for Voldemort-related answers with something of a shrug and a “it’s not like I can just ask him to roll up his sleeves.” Promising she’d dig deeper, the girl had continued to meet Draco Malfoy a few times in secret, only there was no sleuthing involved. Rather, they talked. They talked and grew closer. Every few days they’d meet at the Astronomy Tower, which was increasingly hard to get a spot alone at. Finally, come October, it was time for the students’ trip to Hogsmeade. The girl wore a knit black sweater with a striped pair of pants and the typical boot, her hair cascading down freely on that day. Cedric, conversely, wore a striped sweater and black pants, almost unintentionally mirroring the girl. Alongside their friends Julian, Ernie, and Hannah, they visited Zonkos, Honeydukes, and Dogweed and Deathcap. Finally, the two alone headed to the Three Broomsticks, losing their friends to J. Pippin’s Potions on the way.

“Thank God,” the girl breathed, stepping into the establishment.

It was toasty and warm inside. The sloped ceilings glimmered with rings of candlelight, and it smelled deliciously of something roasted. The sounds of chairs scuffing against the gray floors, silverware clattering, and happy chattering sounded from all around. Cedric released his girlfriend’s hand with a content sigh.

“I’ll grab us both a hot butterbeer?” he asked excitedly.

“Sure, thanks Ced,” she beamed.

“Wonderful, pick somewhere out for us?”

The boy bent forward, his chestnut hair flopping over his forehead as he knelt down to drop a kiss to his girlfriend’s forehead. Y/N felt her skin flush with rose, a smile spreading wide on her lips as she watched the boy slink off with a grin. Scanning the place, she eventually noticed a free table up on the second floor, across from the big bar Cedric stood at. Making her way hastily through the bustle, the girl thudded her path towards the stairs, stopping only when her nose came in contact with the front of a crisp black dress-shirt whose scent she recognized at once.

“Ouch, Draco!” she rubbed her face with a scowl, tilting her face up to get a look at him.

His sharp jaw was tilted down so as to scowl back better at her.

“You’ll never learn to watch where you’re going, will you?” he observed.

But his voice was quiet, and tired. Like he didn’t have the energy to be either funny or bitter with her. Instead, his eyes looked drained and tired, his skin somehow even paler than paper, and his lips hung down into a creased line of worry. Noticing her staring, the boy cleared his throat with a flicker of his ice colored eyes over her shoulder.

“You’d better be going,” he muttered. “Don’t want to be seen hanging round’ with me in front of all these people.”

She stiffened, feeling her heart sink at his words. The girl was unsure of whether she should be more upset with his statement or the fact that it was an evident lie to get her off of his trail, whatever that was.

“Oh, okay,” she mumbled unsurely, not moving.

That searing gaze penetrated her still, the boy unmoving as well.

“Draco, is everything alright?” she worded under her breath.

His eyes grew sad, contradicting the stiff nod he gave her.

“Your boyfriend is coming,” he answered in reply, his shoulders straightening.

The girl turned, and sure enough he was right. There was Cedric, navigating through the crowd with two drinks and a rapidly fading smile. His ocean stare fixated first above her head, and then back to her eyes. Turning once more, the girl watched confusedly as Draco slipped off wordlessly away, melting like a black fog into the sea of people.


The girl snapped back around to Cedric.


He raised an inquisitive brow, saying nothing.

“Erm,” she fumbled, suddenly at a loss for words.

Luckily, Cedric finished the thought for her.

“He looked rather grim, didn’t he?” he pondered aloud, handing her a drink.

The girl wrapped her hands gratefully around the beverage, taking a sip. The foamy froth hit her tongue first. It was sweet and fluffy like white clouds on her lips. And then the butterbeer. It was like pure delight was seeping into her system, warming her up and making her skin tingle. Cedric mimicked her as he slinked an arm through her side and around her waist, his arm so large it wrapped around to the front of her torso. The girl nuzzled silently against him as he guided her up the stairs, the smell of aftershave and parchment thick on his sweater.

“D’you remember what you told me, about how you thought Malfoy was a death eater?” he asked as the two assumed their seating positions upstairs.

The girl swallowed quickly, feeling the butterbeer struggle against her throat as she covered her mouth with a cough.

“Yes,” she responded flatly, her eyes itching to look at the scratched up table before her.

Cedric’s big blue-green eyes narrowed in observation.

“Well,” he started, “I think you’re right.

She tensed, “why?”

“What you said before makes sense,” he defended, “and the bloke has looked rather down, like he’s carrying the weight of the world on those stupid padded shoulders.”

The girl took a tentative sip of her drink, a nervous smile perching on her mouth as she leaned forward.

“Is this just because you don’t like him?” she joked lightly.

Cedric brushed her off sheepishly, “do you not think he is?”

She faltered, unsure of how to respond.

“I don’t know what to think,” she lied passively, tucking her bottom lip between her teeth.

Cedric read her every movement, his eyes narrowing with a sort of knowing.

“Is that just because you do like him?”

Her heart stopped. Her brain drew an utter blank. Honestly, she’d never seen those words coming. Struggling, the girl stammered and leaned back, her long lashes fluttering.

“Ced–” she began. “Look, no. I mean, not really. It’s not like that.”

The boy tensed, swallowing the hard lump in his throat as he knitted his brows together and shoved a large hand through his brown hair, like her flustered reply had worried him more than he’d anticipated.

“Well, what is it like?” he responded after a moment.

The girl felt her eyes well. He looked so taken aback, so struck. She needed to assure him, but she couldn’t do so as long as she kept up this lie. This lie, whatever it was. That her and Draco were, well, something like… friends. Friends. Even the thought sounded odd in her head. Anyways, she debated silently with herself, she couldn’t do it anymore.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” she said through an extended sigh, her jaw quivering with nervousness, “about Draco and I.”

The door swung open from downstairs with a massive slam, startling her. The occupants of the establishment all jumped in surprise at the sight of Horace Slugnorn in the doorway, the frog-like man paled with worry as a flurry of brown autumn leaves whirled around behind him.

“Get back to the castle!” he ordered.

For a moment, nobody moved.

“A student has been hurt!” he ordered seriously. “UP! NOW!”

Things only grew worse after that. On their walk back to the castle, the two moved swiftly, rounding up any students they could. Guiding a crowd of Hufflepuffs behind them, the prefects moved in deathly silence besides one another, their conversation put on an abrupt hold. Cedric said absolutely nothing the whole way back to the Common Room, and so neither had she. After leaving their housemates for a Prefect’s Meeting assembled by Professor Mcgonagall, they’d learned the victim of the recent tragedy: Katie Bell. Apparently she’d been carrying a cursed necklace in a parcel back to Hogwarts, only she’d touched it through her glove and just barely survived it herself. And she has no recollection of what had happened, according to the Professor. As she spoke, the girl turned silently to stare at Cedric. His face had gone unnaturally pale, and his jaw was beginning to visibly shake. Her heart rate rising, the girl fixated her eyes on the boy as she extended a cautious hand to his. Her fingers trembled with nervousness as they tapped his slender ones. And then he stopped. His breath slowing, Cedric, with eyes still forward, closed his long fingers around the girl’s hand.

“I’m going to find Draco,” he’d said the moment they got out.

From down the hallway, the girl could see the backside of the suit-clad Slytherin Prefect, Cedric catching it too and turning briskly in his direction. The boy skimmed easily through the open corridor and its frames that cast triangular flares of moonlight onto the cobblestone ground beneath it.

“Ced?! Hey– oi! Ced!” the girl barked in quiet confusion.

Cedric was displeased as he continued to walk, ignoring his girlfriend with determination setting deeply into his distressed expression. The moon sent ominous sorts of shadows over his knitted brows as he practically flew.

“CED!” she demanded, grabbing at his hand.

He stopped, fuming as he moved his big blue-green eyes down to hers. It was so bad that she swore she could see the cartoon smoke billowing from his nose. And in her haste to call him, the girl had drawn the attention of the nearby Draco Malfoy, who stopped slowly in his tracks to listen.

“What?!” she hissed through her teeth, her little hands struggling to hold his hesitant wrist to her chest. “What are you doing?!”

“He did it,” Cedric fired back, deathly quiet.

“He– what?!” the girl blinked confusedly back.

“He. Did. It.”

“Ced–” she tried urgently.

“Didn’t you?” he interrupted, turning his beautifully pointed nose to the boy before them.

Draco Malfoy’s slender form turned around excruciatingly slowly, a hard and cold smile plastered to his cruel lips. The boy had both hands folded neatly into the pockets of his black suit, and he raised a pale brow with a light chuckle.

“What are you assuming, Diggory?” he murmured through a slow and innocent blink.

“That you gave that necklace to Katie,” Cedric said back promptly. “Didn’t you?”

Flabbergasted, the girl’s mouth fell open. Her hands dropped from Cedric’s wrist as she forced them instead into the pockets of her pants with a stiff sigh of disbelief. Surely it couldn’t be true, could it?

But Malfoy barely reacted, save for an amused twitch of his brow.

“Careful what you go around saying,” his voice dropped dangerously in warning.

“I saw you in the Three Broomsticks earlier,” Cedric ignored him calmly.

“Alright,” the pale boy shrugged, the light from the moon sending a threatening cast of his silhouette down by his feet.

“You left right after Katie did,” Cedric said. “I saw her go.”

Draco stiffened, ever so lightly.

“That doesn’t mean anyth–” he started.

“Katie was cursed by that necklace only about five minutes later,” Cedic completed his thought, silencing the Slytherin.

Draco’s raised brows lowered observantly with dislike, his lips twisting like he had something sour stuck in his mouth. He looked as if he may explode, for a moment. But only for a moment. And then, calmly, his face relaxed.

“I didn’t do anything,” he assured, his cerulean eyes flickering briefly to Y/N’s.

It was almost believable.

Her hands trembled in their pockets, and she held his gaze, feeling her stomach fall at the sight. But, fuck. He was lying. She could just barely read it through the facade, but there it was, the ever so slight quiver of his lower lip, something she’d only learned to be his tell through a month of careful study. Draco, reading her every thought effortlessly, clenched his teeth together, the grip so tight it made his jaw pulsate. His defined nostrils flared, and he brought his tongue briefly to the roof of his mouth so as to hold it hostage in place whilst he thought. At first he looked as if he’d snap back with something clever, but then, his face falling, he thought. She could see the cogs turning as he reflected back on their deal. That he would behave so long as it meant seeing Y/N.

Clicking his tongue, he sighed, “goodnight, you two.”

Cedric was not satisfied by this answer at all. His brows lifting, the boy followed briskly after the nonchalant Slytherin, who once again, came to a slow halt in his tracks. Then he stopped. The girl, extremely overwhelmed, skipped forward.

“Look at me,” Cedric demanded, “now.”

She froze. She looked at him. His face was hard, his lips were curled with fury, and a dark sweat had built against his forehead. The bronzed boy looked absolutely furious as he shot up a hand, pointing his wand in warning against the back of the boy’s suit. And his voice, it was so new. It was so low and threatening that she even found herself growing afraid at the sound.


Tensing, Draco sucked in a slow breath, his hands up in defense as he turned cautiously around to face Cedric, who stood just a bit taller over him. The blonde boy’s icy stare moved to Y/N’s, and she could see them visibly struggling to maintain control, a silent battle occurring in the iris’ of Draco Malfoy.

“Admit it,” Cedric snarled through his perfect teeth.

His gaze was wavering now, the rage seeping quickly into his sharp features.

“No,” he responded firmly.

Cedric raised his wand to the boy’s sloped nose, like it was nothing.

“Ced!” she pleaded again, to no avail.

Moving his eyes slowly back to the girl’s, Draco’s face fell. She could read the exact moment he’d tossed his composure aside. His eyes narrowed, darkening as he spoke his next words to the girl.

“I was only in there because I was trying to get a look at your girlfriend.”

Lie. It was a lie. She could tell he was lying. But that didn’t matter, because that wasn’t the point. No, the point was to fuel Cedric’s flames, and it had worked.

“What?” Cedric challenged, his voice barely audible.

“Cedric, please,” the girl tugged gently at his arm now, feeling her eyes grow wet with moisture.

It couldn’t happen like this. It couldn’t be happening like this.

He ignored her.

“Draco–” she tried

But it was as if she weren’t even there.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Draco shrugged, his voice growing thick with bitterness now as his lips twitched upwards into a sick grin. “Hasn’t she told you?” he continued to the stricken boy, feigning mock shock.

“Told me what?” Cedric said hoarsely, his breath short as he refused to look down at his girlfriend beside him.

“That she’s been sneaking round’ to see me?” he shook his head innocently. “That she came drunk and bustling into my arms after you so brutally dissatisfied her the other week? You know, the day of the quidditch match?”

Cedric tensed. He’d gone shockingly still now, the breath barely coming from his pink lips. The girl, meanwhile, had shut down completely. This simply could not be going worse. Not only had she been blinded by the charm of Draco Malfoy, but she’d been foolish enough to trust in it, and to hide it like a shameful secret from the one person whom she cared for most. And now she watched as he, Cedric, held it barely together before her. The starlight alone revealed in the reflection of the orb-like glaze over his eyes that he was on the verge of tears.

“What?” Cedric winced, lowering his wand at once.

But he wasn’t talking to Draco now. Rather, his gaze was fixated beneath his nose, to the girl who had swung in front of his torso with a touch of her palms to his chest. Her breath rattled as she blinked through bleary tears up at him.

“Cedric,” her voice quivered. “Ced, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please I– I was going to tell you earlier.”

“Earlier?” his voice faltered, his nostrils flaring as he grew hesitant beneath her touch. “Earlier. Not earlier, like last week, or the week before. Not earlier like right after you did it. Because you did, you did do it. And then you lied.”

“Nothing really happened–” she tried.

This made both boys grow visibly tense. Behind her, Draco turned his jaw aside with a hurt chuckle. Before her, Cedric shook his brown locks disbelievingly.

“If that was true,” he said quietly, “why wouldn’t you have told me?”

The girl felt her throat close as she stammered in silent reply.

Cedric’s eyes doubled in size, a single tear hitting his curved cheekbones as he pulled from her touch with a mortified flutter of his eyelashes.

“Right,” he said at once, his face hardening. “That’s what I thought.”

And he drew slowly away. Panicking, the girl began to follow, but he shook his head, his lips plastered tightly to one another now. He had nothing left to say to her. Feeling the knot in her chest pull so tightly that it reached her throat and caused her to release a sharp gasp, Y/N turned. She turned and she listened to Cedric walk away from her. Then, she had one hand to her opened mouth as a mangled gasp of pain hit her lips. A silent and strangled sob burst forth, and she snapped furiously to the snow-white boy who had frozen in place before her. He looked guilty already. Guilty, but with fumes still running from his nose and mouth.

“How could you?!” she said through a quivering breath.

Draco’s icy eyes softened, his shoulders relaxing, “Y/N. He should know.”

“Did you do it?” she cut him off, her voice shaking as she pleaded gently before him. “Tell me he’s wrong. Tell me you didn’t.”

If there was this, at least, maybe it meant there was a shred of a salvageable human in the cold figure before her. Draco’s mouth came apart, his head tilting as the verdict of her question read simply across his features.

“I had no choice–” he tried softly.

“GOD!” she screamed.

It had been so hoarse and so loud that her throat burned, but she paid the sting of it no mind. Instead her hands came flying up, and she thudded them against Draco’s definite front, making him stumble back in surprise, his chest heaving and brows lifting. He looked devastated, his head shaking as he muttered a quiet plea.

“I trusted you!” she said, the words coming out as a half-statement-half-sob.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks now, the light from the sky making them look like little falling stars as they ran down her face and upon her unsteady lips. She hit him again, thudding her fists defeatedly to his chest as she dropped her hands with a shaky cry.

“I trusted you,” she uttered again, more softly this time. “You were my friend.”

The boy’s eyes were turning red as he held back a wall of emotion behind their blue-ness. He scoffed defeatedly, running his ring-clad fingers over his mouth with a pained laugh.

“Right,” his chest heaved as he bit his lip frustratedly, “right.”

The girl, sucking in a deep breath, stood straighter. Her head came forward as she hung it before him, blinking desperately up into his gorgeous stare. She folded her arms against herself in the cold, her hair cascading around her halo face as she awaited his words with a splatter of a tear to the bridge of her nose. Draco looked as if he’d wanted to collect it, but upon meeting her eyes again, thought twice. And he shook his head. His gorgeous blond hair fell messily from its sculpt over his eyes, the sallow boy locking his jaw closed with a horrible and wounded chuckle.

“Right,” he said again, shaking his head now.

The girl felt her breath cut short as the boy stared determinedly at her mouth now, his throat tightening as he forced his eyes back to hers. She was shaking, and her words struggled to leave her. The wind, biting nimbly at her face, had sent a pink flush to her cheeks and nose. And the tears, like diamonds upon her visage, made her twinkle with an ethereal presence in the dark. From between her twitching lips came a slow stream of cool silver air.

“What?” she tried at last.

Draco shook his head, making his mind up now as he moved his focus between her eyes and back down to her mouth.

“Right,” he began again. “Except I don’t want to be your friend.”

She felt the cold of his rings clasp to her wrist, and he was pulling her in before she could stop him. The Slytherin yanked the Huffelpuff forward, and she stumbled on her toes and into the welcoming and familiar minty-dark aroma that enshrouded her. Only, having anticipated her movement, Draco ensured that the girl would no longer meet her nose to his chest. No, he’d stooped down into her this time, his other hand flying to grasp her cheek as the cold of his rings met her skin again. He’d caught her in midair, the movement so swift and effortless that her lips had simply had no choice but to fall into his as the boy’s slender fingers moved to her ear, through her hair, and pulled her flush against him. Any noise she had tried to make was lost, silenced as he devoured it. And as the force of it brought them stumbling back into the shadows, Draco Malfoy tried to make the girl his own.

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You know whats funny about kpop stans?

The concept of duality.

Like have you ever seen them use the the term “duality”?

Yeah its cause rooted in the fact these girls love to infantilize these grown ass men. Who are in there 20s hitting their 30s. They call them babies, literal kids, assume they are the purist and know absolutely nothing of the real world. But when the kpop stars just idk. Get angry, or do a sexy dance, or just give an intense gaze.

girls explode and go “OH THE DUALITY!!!”

Like bro. He’s human, he’s a complex human and pisses and shits like you do. These niggas can go and serve in the military and hold a gun, and have sex, and these girls will go “HE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT HE IS LITERALLY TOO FRAGILE!!”

While simultaneously making erotic fanfiction of the kpop guy fucking his bandmate and showing it to the musicians.

Another thing. Like… stop acting like you know these people.

Stop making invasive essays about their personal life and how they ACTUALLY act

You treat these people like they arent even human. But little characters you play with. Like dolls. Projecting your disgusting fetishes onto real people. Like stop.

They’re people. Who didn’t consent to you being a fuck ass weirdo. Like stop. They’re human beings.

Why are you drawing them in lingerie and showing it to them.

Why are you writing weird mpreg fanfiction. Why are you harassing random girls who just stood next to them.

Dont idolize human beings for fucks sake.

notice how its really only a thing with kpop? theres an element of racism methinks

Fetishization is wonderful isn’t it?

Me: OK I’m gonna write this tiny little ficlet, just for fun, just to keep myself entertained for an hour or so

*one week later*

Me: …Well, I just need a little bit of research. Just a little bit

*two weeks later*



Did anyone ever find out the reason there’s so much hockey rpf? Like, there’s a ton.






  • When someone is really freaking mad at me for inducing an emotional response from them
  • when readers give me a background of how/when they read my writing
  • when readers give me a background of why they shouldn’t have been reading my writing (usually while at work)
  • when readers quote my work back to me in comments
  • the frickin’ real heroes here, the ones who comment on every chapter of an ongoing multi-chapter fic
  • when someone notices something I deliberately left as subtext and cries about it in the comments :3
  • When someone notices something I did by accident and tells me how much they loved it and I get to feel like a genius XD

• when a commenter goes wild and types a 1000 words or uses way too many emojis… c:

  • When someone picks apart my fic in the comments like they’re writing an essay
  • the simple “how dare you”

Cowboy Like Me (Pt. 3)

Warnings: Smut, angst, cheating, rough sex and slight degradation.

Summary: Rip knows that Y/N slept with one of the cowboys, but will he be able to figure out which one? Also, Kayce and Y/N finally talk about what they want and which leads to *ahem* sexual relations and the official start of the affair.

Authors Note: This story is on Wattpad with an OC! My username is smashedrose and it keeps the same premise, although I would like to edit it further in the future.


“Well who the fuck did then?” I hear my cousin state angrily “Shes not even twenty one yet, and here you are sneaking her into a bar and using her as a pawn.”

“I wasn’t twenty one when you snuck me in either.” Beth groans

“Yeah will this ain’t about us. She has had enough to deal with and here you are dragging her into your battles.” Rip yells, pacing and glaring at the blonde woman standing in front of him.

I make my way near the bunkhouse when I hear him yell at me “This ain’t over for you either! I didn’t bring you here for you to treat it like some damn dating game!”


The boys eventually came back around dusk and went to their beds, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

How am I going to confront Kayce?

What happened to Jenkins?

Why don’t I feel guilty?

My thoughts are interrupted by the break of the door, which I almost missed due to the loud snoring coming from under my bunk. I open my eyes to adjust to the dark and hear a voice whisper my name.

“Y/N? Ya up?” I glance over and see Kayce standing near the wall, trying to stay hidden in case anyone happened to be up.

“Yeah, just give me one second. I’ll meet you outside.” I whisper back before climbing out of bed quietly and slipping on a coat and shoes.

Here goes nothing.

I make my way out the door and find him sitting on the fence staring at the sunrise. I make my way over to him, limping slightly due to the wooden bench he fucked me on a few hours before. Coming to a rest near him, I look up and he sighs.

“Look. You didn’t have to agree to-“

“When we’re you going to tell me you had a wife?” I ask, anxiety rushing through me and wanting to get this conversation over with as fast as possible.

“Beth told you.” He groans and looks at his hands “Look, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. At least not this soon. I was just happy for once talking to you and forgot.”

“You forgot you had a wife?” I’m taken aback by this, was he always such an asshole?

“No. I knew I had one and trust me I wish I didn’t.” He jumps off the fence and comes to stand next to me, taking my hands in his “I understand if you want to end whatever this was. You can walk away and i’ll call it a drunken one night stand.”

“I don’t know what to-“ I start but he continues speaking.

“But I barely know you and i’m so fucking attracted to you and I just need an escape.”

I look down at his calloused hands on top of mine, taking a deep breath before replying “I’ll be your escape for a few weeks before I leave. But the second this gets messy, I’m out.”

He looks relieved by this and nods his head, placing a kiss on top of mine.

“Oh and also, don’t do that lovey shit cause unlike you I’m not married and tend to fall easily.”


I wake up back in my bunk alone, after spending the sunrise with Kayce. I look around and see everyone else getting ready for the day.

I’m gonna need a hot shower after last night.

I knock on the door only to hear a man yell “One fucking second!” Before opening it, clad in only a towel around his waist. I recognize him as the one with the guitar and hear him let out a laugh.

“Well darlin’ if I knew it was you I wouldn’t have used that tone. Wanna hop on in?” He winks, making me roll my eyes and slam the door. Grabbing my shoes and heading outside.

“Where ya going?” I hear him yell as I make my way down the gravel path to Rip’s house. I take a deep breath and knock on the door, hoping his anger subsided.

The door opens and he seems surprised to see me, saying nothing as I make my way inside and look around. “Where’s your shower?”

“Take one later, you’re gonna be covered in cow shit today.” He says and motions me out the door “And also, don’t think I forgot. We’re gonna be having a talk later.”


I spent the whole day palpating cows and I was indeed covered in cow shit. I was pissed off beyond belief and my back still hurt, so I headed back into the empty bunkhouse.

God damn bed. That bench would’ve been more comfortable than that sorry piece of shit.

Opening the door, i’m greeted by the sight of Kayce sitting on my bed with his legs dangling off.

“You sure know how to turn a guy on.” He laughs taking in my appearance.

“Shut the fuck up and either fuck me in that shower or get out.” I state, begging to slip off my clothes.

“They’re gonna come back soon, i’ll take you to the main house and i’ll fuck you any way you want there.” He jumps off the bed and wrinkles his nose “But please do shower.”

I punch his arm lightly and grab a change of clothes, following him out the door and attempting to be as discreet as possible.


A shower is exactly what I needed. I stepped out and wrapped myself in a towel, feeling my foul mood subside and the stress from the day melt off. I creak open the door, seeing Kayce laying on the bed waiting for me.

“Well? Still want me to fuck you?” He asks, motioning to the bed.

I drop the towel and sit down next to him, leaning up the kiss him only to be shut down by this hand wrapping around my neck and his mouth near my ear.

“After that little outburst I think you deserve a little punishment.” He bites down on the earlobe before flipping me over on my stomach and angling my ass in the air.

He reaches his hand down to rest on my core and lets out a groan at the wetness that drips on it. “Damn Y/N, all ready for me.” He slips a finger in and makes the come hither motion, making me moan into the pillow.

I hear a belt buckle and jeans hit the floor and feet the hot head of his dick on my opening. I push back slightly, in an attempt to stick it in me, and i’m bet with a harsh swat on the ass making me scream.

“I’m in charge right now.” And with that he shoves his full length in me, making me see stars.

His pace is brutal, hands gripping my ass and occasionally spanking me. I’m at a loss for words and feel his hands in my hair, yanking me up while still fucking me.

“Shit- Fuck Kayce yes-“ He spanks me again causing me to scream.

“You think you’ve been a good girl? Think you deserve this dick?” He asks, headboard slamming ruthlessly against the wall.

I cant reply, caught up in the brutal pounding and I feel his hand make his way onto my clit, rubbing harshly and making my legs jello.

I fall back down, shaking and can feel my orgasm quickly building. He leans back down and says “Tell me, do you think you deserve to cum?”

“Please. Please!” I moan out, biting the pillows.

“Well if you say so.” He chuckles and continues to rub me while keeping up his pace. I can feel the beads of sweat hitting me but and my mind is in fragments as I feel the dam break.

He groans and I can feel him finish inside me, hot spurts of cum leaking out of me as he pulls out. Kayce lays down next to me panting and tucks a few strands of hair away from my face.

“Stay with me tonight? Everyone is out of the house.”

I nod with a smile and scoot closer, making him wrap his arms around me and as my head lays on his chest.

I guess that talk with Rip can wait another day.


Part four coming soon!!

Cowboy Like Me (Pt. 2)

Authors Note: The next part is linked at the bottom! This is going to be a new series I will eventually move to Wattpad. I do not condone or support cheating this is purely fiction.

Warnings: Cheating, angst, mentions of sexual situations, mentions of blackmail, and violence. (No smut in this part but stay tuned for part three!)

Summary: Kayce comes to terms with what just happened and Y/N discovers his marriage and is conflicted. Should she continue or should she do what Beth says to prevent her from telling everyone?


I stare in shock at the man laying over me, confused and ashamed that we got caught. I hadn’t even been there a day and I’m already hooking up with one of the cowboys, or at least I hope he’s just a cowboy and not one of the sons.

He gets off me in an instant and rushes to put on his jeans, throwing me mine and making a silent motion over his mouth with his finger. I nod and slip on my jeans, heart pounding as he goes to creak the door open, his body shielding the woman’s gaze from me.

“What makes you think i’m with Rip’s cousin?” I hear Kayce ask, making the woman laugh. “Well unless we happened to pick up that stripper Rip’s been wanting that would mean you’re either with me or with baby Wheeler. And I may be a mean son of a bitch but incest just ain’t my thing.” She says.

They’re related? I think to myself, mind whirling with questions about who I just slept with. And I know Rip would flip but who’s Monica and why would she also have the same reaction?

I shake the thoughts away and make my way to the door, laying a hand on his back letting him know it’s okay that she sees me. She looks me up and down and smiles to herself “Damn. Y’all’s family must’ve won the fucking gene lottery.”

I let out an awkward laugh and shuffle a bit, nervous about what i’m going to ask. “Can you please not tell him? We just met again after years apart and I don’t want him to think of me as some whore. I’ll do anything name your price.”

She seems thoughtful for a moment and I can see her mind brewing with ideas before she widens her eyes and smiles. “I’ll tell ya what, I won’t tell Rip OR Monica.” She glances at Kayce who’s looking at his shoes, wanting to be anywhere but here “But you little lady are going to help me with something. I can use those good looks of yours for a little business venture.”

“What the he’ll do you mean Beth she just got here don’t get her involved with-“ Kayce starts but is cut short when the woman, apparently called Beth, rolls her eyes and scoffs. “Don’t worry, it’s not anything that has to do with the ranch. Just a little favor for good old Daddy.”

“Beth I swear to god if you use her as a pawn for you’re fucking feud with Jenkins i’ll kill ya.” Kayce replies, catching onto whatever she is wanting me to do. I’m left confused and standing to the side, still trying to piece together what just happened.

“So what do you say little lady? Gonna accept or do you wanna be known as the fuck toy for your stay?” She states, wearing a smile as if knowing what i’m about to say. “Fine I’ll do it. But don’t you dare tell rip or whoever the fuck Monica is.”


Apparently, what I agreed to was far less that what I was expecting. Beth led me to the main house and I stop in my tracks, piecing together the fact that she’s THE Beth Dutton.

I stare at her with my mouth open and quickly close it, before asking the question that I knew the answer to. “So, um Kayce is a Dutton?” I mumbled, looking down at my boots as we step onto the front porch. “You got a lot to learn around here but yes. I’m assuming you know who I am then?”

“Yeah, kinda figured it out considering I was told not to enter this house unless invited.”

“Who the fuck told ya that?”

“Rip.” I state and with that she smirks before turning towards me. “Well you can tell your dear cousin that the same rules apply to him. Never seen him follow that damn rule in my life.”

I nod and make my way inside, taken aback by the decor. Growing up, we never had much money so walking into this place felt like walking into a palace. Glancing around, I follow her down a hall before asking more questions about what she wants from me.

“So i’m just gonna seduce him? Isn’t he married?” I ask, while entering the bedroom door. “Yeah and you obviously don’t got an issue with that considering Kayce.”

“Wait- What?! He’s married?” I am wide eyed and my heart comes to a stop, realizing that Monica is his wife. “He didn’t tell ya? What a shame, I thought I was beginning to like you.”

“You liked me more when you thought I was a home wrecker?”

“Honestly yeah, never liked Monica and had been waiting on my little brother to do this. Hell, him not being able to keep his dick in his pants is what got him married in the first place.”

I’m in a state of shock, alcohol still in my system and I can’t help but laugh. Not out of joy of course but more out of shock that I’m in this situation in the first place. She shakes her head and smiles before heading to a wardrobe, pulling out a silk dress and heels.

“Alright Y/N, put this on and we’ll be on our way.”

I stare at the sage green dress and tan heels, admiring the way it glistened in the light. “Are you sure? If anything happens to this there’s no way that i can aff-“ I’m cut off by her.

“Don’t worry about that, think of it as a welcoming gift for my dear brothers mistress. God knows I’ve been waiting for it.” And my heart drops again at her name for me. Mistress. I just came here for work experience, not to be thrown into a fucking affair. I make a mental note to talk to Kayce after this and figure out what he really wants.

Besides, if Monica doesn’t find out what do I have to lose? I’ll be out of here in a few weeks and back at college, never seeing him again.


Beth leads me into the hotel bar before coming to a stop near an older man with grey hair. His eyes seem to devour me and I discreetly shift, uncomfortable at the situation I put myself in.

“Well Dan, what a surprise running into you here.” Beth says, coming to sit down next to him. I take that as my cue to sit down next to him and lean over the bar, trying to get this done with as fast as possible.

“You’re not gonna introduce me to your friend?” He says, eyes still on me with a twinkle in his eyes. Fucking disgusting why did I agree to this, hell why did I agree to come to the ranch in the first place. My thoughts are interrupted by beth’s laugh and her words.

“This is Y/N, she’s a wrangler and what I would like to call a family friend.”

If that isn’t the biggest lie i’ve heard all night then I don’t know what is.

“Well Y/N it’s a pleasure to meet you. Tell me, how did the Yellowstone come to find you? I thought y’all only had murderous cowboys and land hungry old men.”

“Like you?” I hear beth say, sending a silent glare at me to not give any information about myself. Jenkins, or Dan as Beth calls him, rolls his eyes and faces her.

“And what do you want? You ruined my fucking marriage. You befriended my wife. What else could you possibly want from me?”

She smirks and grabs his face, running her nails over his skin. “Wanna come home with me and my friend? I can promise you, we’ll make it worth your while.”

She had already told me of her plan so I wasn’t taken aback, but the reality set in when she said those words. Was I really about to lead a man I barely know to his own death because I slept with a married man?


I step out of the car, shaking. I knew what was coming, someone would come up behind him and drag him off to who knows where to do god knows what to him. Breathing in the cool air, I hear him step out and the sound of feet running towards him.

Closing my eyes, I wrap my arms around my waist and pray for this moment to be over. I hear screams and the sound of horses leading him away, and I shakily look at my feet.

A pair of boots are in front of me and I hesitantly look up, coming face to face with Rip.

“What the hell Beth. She doesn’t wear the brand why the fuck would you get Y/N involved in this?” He angrily asks, storming towards her and grabbing her arms.

“Met her tonight and figured I could use her. Relax, nothing happened to her.”

“Then why the fuck does she have those marks on her neck? Huh? You used my cousin as a fucking prostitute.”

Beth just laughs at this and winks at me, as if to say my secret is safe with her. I almost believe her until I hear “Trust me, Jenkins isn’t the one that marked up that pretty little neck.”


Part Three…

Cowboy Like Me (Kayce Dutton x Reader)

Warnings: Smut, cheating, rough sex, overstimulation, choking, degrading language, and a tiny age gap.

Prompt: Y/N recently moved into the bunkhouse after reconnecting with her cousin, Rip. During her first night she runs into Kayce and sparks fly, leading to a passionate night and a rude interruption. Set during season one when Monica took off with Tate to live with her parents.

Authors Note: I do not condone cheating and i’m in no way affiliated with the show. I wish. This is purely fiction.

Also might make this a series so let me know if you want a part two! We need more Kayce fanfiction.


Growing up my father always told me that my only remaining cousin was a monster for what he did to my uncle. I never knew what had happened but the question lingered in my mind even now as a 20 year old. My father wasn’t a nice man and the second I got my scholarship for Montana State University I left his drunken ass behind to pursue my own dreams.

If only he could see me now, I think to myself, sitting across from my so-called evil cousin. “So uh, what is your major?” Rip asked me while staring at his hands. A few minutes before he had told me what truly happened during that fated night so many years ago. “Animal Science actually.” I reply and he looks surprised at my revelation. “Well no shit, how about over your winter break you come with me and work at Dutton Ranch and gain some experience. I know your Daddy ain’t giving ya a home for christmas.” He says.

Everyone in this damned state knew of the Duttons and I was taken aback by his offer. “Are you serious?” I ask, hopeful that he’s not the mean man my father always made him out to be. “Yeah of course. I’d like to get to know ya considering you’re all I have left.”


Now here I am, staring at the door to the bunkhouse that will be my home for the next few weeks. “You’re boss is really okay with this?” I whisper, nervous that I’ll walk in and make a fool of myself. “Of course, plus we’re about to be working on a bunch of new heifers and need more hands.” Rip chuckles, opening up the door.

The second I walk in it reeks of beer and the foul smelling scent of man. I wrinkle my nose, causing Rip to laugh and lead me over to the group of men playing cards. “This is my baby cousin Y/N, y’all don’t lay a single finger on her she’s here to help out over the break.” He sternly states, glaring at the man with guitar who was looking me up and down.

“Which bunk is open?” I ask the group of gawking men. They all stare at each other as if to gauge their reactions until finally the oldest cowboys says “Back left one.”

I make my way to my bed and set my hat on the floor, nervous about what I got myself into. I grew up riding horses and working cattle but i’d never been fully emerged into the lifestyle like this. I needed air to breathe so I put on my jacket and headed outside, marveling at the night sky.

I sat there for a while until I heard someone come up to me, expecting it to be Rip I pay no mind to it and continue to stare up at the sky.

“Who are you?” I hear a deep voice behind me ask. Startled, I turn around and see a man with dirty blonde hair and a slight beard towering over me. “Uh I’m Y/N.” I say staring up at the stranger. His eyes widen and he laughs, coming to sit down next to me on the grass. “Oh shit, you’re Rip’s cousin. I was expecting a child from the way he described you.” He says, laughing still.

I smirk and look back up, shaking my head. “Nah, I’m in college.” I laugh. I can feel his body heat radiating off him and realize I don’t even know his name. “Do you have a name?” I ask, to which he replies “I’m Kacey.” and takes a swig out of a bottle he had been holding.

“Well Kacey, you mind sharing?” I glance down at his bottle and back up at him, trying not to look like i’m checking him out. “Are ya 21?” He asks “In 2 months I will be.” I cheekily reply, grasping the bottle in his hands.

“Hell, close enough for me.”


I can’t remember how we got here but next thing I know i’m on his lap with my hands in his hair, empty bottle discarded who knows where. His lips are on mine and he bites down on my lower lip gently, causing me to moan.

“Gotta be quiet, can’t let them know we’re out here doing this.” He whispers before attacking my lips again. I begin to slowly shift my hips and whisper in his ear “Well then why don’t you take me somewhere else?”.

He slowly stands up with me still in his arms, refusing to break the kiss. My body feels wobbly from either the alcohol, Kayce stumbling to a barn, or both. My mind races as he sets me down on a bench before rushing to shut the barn doors.

“Now, where we’re we?” He says before ripping his shirt off and laying on top of me. I feel up and down his chest, tracing my fingers over the brand. Huh, I guess the rumors about that were true.

But my exploration of him was cut short as he gripped my hands and held them over my head, attacking my neck with kisses. At this point I couldn’t hold in the moans and let go, knowing we were secluded enough. He reaches one hand down to lift my shirt, while still holding me on the wooden bench. His face retreats from my neck and he smirks at my lack of bra.

“You expecting to get with someone tonight?” He winks and I giggle looking up “Nah, it was more comfortable with this shirt.”

He leans down close to my ear and whispers “Good, because I don’t like sharing.”. He begins to lower his body down to my waist and eventually his face comes parallel to my belt buckle. “Ladies first.” He smirks and takes off the belt, along with my pants and underwear.

The cool air hits me and I subconsciously close my legs, making him look up. “You want this?” He asks before proceeding. I nod my head and smile “If you don’t fuck me right now i’ll find someone who will.” And with that his mouth is on my clit and he is sucking feverishly.

I cant help but scream, it’s been a while and he was just so good. He raises his head and teaches his hand up to place over my mouth and gets back to work.

He stops the torture on my clit and traces his tongues across every crevice, taking extra time with the places that encourage a muffled groan. His tongue feels like heaven and I can feel myself getting close, not knowing how long it has been.

Eventually he focuses on my clit again and adds a single finger, causing me to fall apart. In an instant I’m a quivering mess being held down by this arm as he continues his onslaught.

Once he’s satisfied he gets up and wipes a hand over his face, only to lip the juices back up. His hands fly to his jeans and they’re quickly removed, thrown into a pile with mine and he’s back on top of me in an instant.

“Your turn?” I ask hopefully, reaching down to stroke him. “No darlin, we’ll have time for that later. First I wanna be inside of you.” He groans and slowly pushes himself into me, stretching me open.

“Holy fuck.” I moan and cling to his back for support. “Holy fuck is right. You’re so fucking tight.” He says and begins thrusting in and out, picking up the pace as he goes.

His hands are everywhere, gripping me and eventually coming to rest on my neck, tightening as he moves faster. I can feel my body riding up and down the rough bench and although I know it’ll hurt tomorrow, it just felt so good in the moment.

“F-fuck Kayce, yes please don’t stop.” I cry out and with that he picks up his pace even more, slamming me into the bench with his hips. “Wasn’t planning on it.”

He shifts his hand around my neck to place his thumb on my mouth which I gladly accept and suck. He groans at the sight and grips my face hard and moans out “You like that? You like being my little slut?”

The pleasure was too much for me and I couldn’t take it anymore, looking up at him I moan out “You’re gonna make me cum again.”

He grips my thighs and spreads them wide, watching as I spiraled out of control. “Yeah? You gonna cum on this dick and let the whole ranch know who’s fucking you this good?” He mutters out and I lose it, screaming out his name into the night.

I feel him pulse within me and he collapses on top of me, kissing my cheek while panting. I groan from his weight and run my fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, we hear a knock on the door and a female laugh.

“Damn Kayce, Monica and Rip ain’t gonna be too happy about this.”


Part Two…

Enishi/Kaoru oneshot for @pinaytiger . Originally the request was for angst and I pretty much missed the mark, but hey…. have some fic for this rarepair anyway? :D

Also crossposted to The Pit.

(Unfinished - June 1, 2016)

James can’t sleep anymore.

He’s never been particularly restful, always fidgeting and stretching, even during sleep. His eagerness to move even follows him into his dreams. It hasn’t changed since the war. When it isn’t unbounded energy keeping him on the verge of waking up, it’s unease. 

Today, it is the latter. 

It has been three days since Voldemort disappeared, and James hasn’t slept since.

In the immediate aftermath, when the relief of finding their family alive had given way to wondering what exactly happened, Lily thought, briefly, that it had been a miracle. That the prophecy lingering over their heads had finally come to fruition, and their son had won. But James knew better. For the first time in his life, he was unwilling to trust in the goodness of the world. It didn’t take long to figure out why.

James cannot find rest in a world where Sirius Black isn’t alive. 

They had been asleep, of all things. Finally under the protection of the Fidelius, finally able to ease some of the heavy weight of the worry and fatigue from trying not to be found, they turned in early that night. They did not hear Sirius when he came to check on Harry, or his quiet refusals to move away from Harry’s cot. 

“Love magic,” is Dumbledore’s explanation when they ask. His tone sounds almost reverent, and for some reason, that makes James want to hit him. 

There is one fact they do know, from the information flooding from the other side. At some point, Regulus Black asked Voldemort to spare his brother’s life. Albus doesn’t have an answer for how an eighteen-year-old boy had risen high enough in the ranks to be able to make such a request of Lord Voldemort. Regulus is dead now, so it’s not as if they can ask him. 

All the same, Sirius was given a choice. Step aside and let his godson be taken, or suffer the consequences of standing in the way.

He had not hesitated.

Only the Order mourns. All along the wizarding world, celebrations are breaking out because of the Dark Lord’s fall. No one seems to care that it was at the cost of someone’s life. While fireworks light up the London sky in the daytime, James Potter lowers his best friend into the ground. 

Minerva McGonagall is crying. James’s mother is gone, and Walburga Black could care less, but Minerva McGonagall is crying and James cannot look at her without feeling as if he’s forced her son into the grave. 

He’s supposed to speak, of course. James is supposed to speak because he’s Sirius’s family, and everyone is looking at him for answers. And he tries.

“Sirius Black,” he says, hoarsely. His throat is too tight to continue, so he begins again. “Was—” is all James manages before he can’t find words.

Lily takes over then, in spite of the tears on her own face. She holds James’s hand in her own and their baby on her hip, and she’s so much stronger than him, because she can bring herself to use past tense. 

Exhaustion doesn’t make James any less aware, so it’s not hard to navigate people after the service, speaking when he’s supposed to and nodding when he’s not. 

If he were to choose to speak to anyone, it would be Remus, but neither of them can look each other in the eye. Lily, beautiful and unbending to their brokenness, hands Harry over to James and takes Remus into her arms. James looks away when his shoulders begin to shake.

Harry fists his hand in James’s shirt, and James looks down at him. He is smiling, because he does not know any better. There is a scar on his forehead from three days ago, still fresh. It had been Harry’s crying that woke them up moments before the explosion. 

His son’s life is a gift from Sirius which he will never be able to repay. 

Lily’s hand on his shoulder guides him away from the crowds eventually, and he’s grateful. They walk to Bathilda’s house, their temporary home. It isn’t far, because Sirius has been buried in Godric’s Hollow next to the parents who loved him. 

“He was supposed to come over today,” says James pointlessly. Lily knows this. She has been just as excited for it as he has. Still, he feels the need to fill the silence. The world is too quiet now. 

Lily nods, eyes downcast. “I was going to make him a cake.” 

Sirius Black will never be twenty-two, but they throw him a birthday party anyway.

There were three stories left in my drafts on this blog that for whatever reason, I didn’t want to part with. So, you’re getting them now, incomplete, but posted. Last vestiges of old writing. It is what it is! Hope you’re all well. 


(Unfinished - Mar 27, 2016)

When James Potter is seventeen years old, Lily Evans decides he doesn’t know anything about Muggles. 

“My family’s lived alongside Muggles for centuries,” he says, frowning.

Lily eyes him dubiously. “James, who is the Prime Minister?”

“Churchill?” he tries. He’s certain he’s seen the name in one of his textbooks.

By the way that Lily looks heavenward for patience, his answer is a bit out of date. She turns to his wardrobe and starts pulling articles of clothing out. “You’re due for a lesson, mate. We’re going to London.”

James protests that he’s been taking Muggle Studies since third year, so he must know something, but Lily promptly informs him that Muggle Studies is a rubbish class founded upon the same identity politics used to justify British colonialism. James blinks, and lets her hand him a t-shirt and jeans so he can change. 

On their way down the stairs, James shouts to his mother that he will be going out and if his body is found she should send the Aurors after Lily Evans. His mum tells them to have a nice time. 

When they arrive in London, James almost loses her in the crowd. At first he assumes this is normal, considering how many people live here compared to the countryside on which he was raised, but then he notes the shouting. 

“Why is everyone yelling?” he asks Lily. She grabs onto his hand so that she can pull him through the sea of people.

She says something about “wage restraints” and “labour” but her explanation is lost in the din.

James thinks about how dangerous it is to have this many Muggles gathered out in public at once, when attacks have becoming bolder and no longer restrained to the night. Then he wonders how he could be a crowd full of people in a city he visits at least once a holiday and have no bloody clue what they’re protesting. Lily Evans is right; he knows nothing about Muggles.

A man hands James a pamphlet, and he figures out what they’re protesting comes down to money. It’s hard not to feel a bit stupid at that. Gold has never been an issue for his family, and though he’s always known that’s better-off than a number of his peers, the sheer number of protesters over something like this has taken him off-guard. 

He looks at Lily and thinks about how money tends to follow old blood in wizarding Britain. The Blacks, the Malfoys, the Potters. Even as magically talented as they are, Remus and Lily will never have half so many doors open. Money is certainly not the cause of the divide, but perhaps it’s a symptom.

“Is the rest of this day designed to me feel like a prat as well?” James asks, raising his voice as he leans towards her.

Lily grins. “Yes.” 

And in spite of his discomfort, James cannot help but return her smile. “Looking forward to it.”

When the Muggle law enforcement starts to disband the protest, Lily decides it is time for them to make their exit. She blends into the group with an ease James can only hope to mimic, and once she’s pulled him into a shop, she explains, “You don’t have any identification. Couldn’t risk your smarmy arse getting taken in by a policemen and having them deport you when they realize you don’t technically exist.”

“The only identification I need is in these jeans.” James smirks, tapping the wand in his pocket. He expects the sock to his arm that Lily delivers. “Besides, I exist. I reckon it’s all sort of the same government.” 

Lily laughs. “Yeah, I see that going over well. ‘You see, Sergeant, we should all be one government, really.’ Combine that with being out at a union strike, you might as well be waving a red flag at their headquarters.”

Like before, James isn’t sure that he’s caught her whole meaning, but he laughs anyways, because he likes it when Lily does, and they’re standing in a record shop ducking the police. He turns his gaze to the albums, but his attention is still on Lily as he asks, “Is this how it feels all the time?”

She runs her hands over the cover art of a band he doesn’t recognize. “How what feels?” 

“Like people are speaking in half-sentences,” he admits, giving her a side-long glance. 

Catching on, Lily raises her eyebrows. “Sometimes. But it’s not really the same, is it?”

James flips a record over in his hands for want of something to keep him busy. “What d’you mean?”

“I’ve got to do both,” Lily says with a shrug. “I go to school and learn what it means to be a witch, but I come home and return to living like a Muggle. I can’t just ignore it like you can.”

Somehow, this feels like an insult. “I don’t try to ignore it.”

She shrugs again. “You don’t need to try.” Perhaps sensing that his hackles are raised, she adds, “I know you’re willing to learn. I wouldn’t have asked you to come out otherwise.” 

He nudges her with his shoulder. “And here I thought you asked me here for the pleasure of my company.”

Lily finally meets his gaze directly. They pause, a quiet moment in a noisy shop. “There’s that too,” she agrees, and the moment passes.

James clears his throat and suggests they browse the shop in earnest. This, at least, is a subject in which he does not feel so lost. He’s listened to music like this with Remus, even has his own records, and music is not something so dissimilar across worlds. The words may be different, but the frustration is the same.

Lily buys a record for James that she declares “post-punk.” As she is pulling out the correct change, he comments, “I didn’t realize punk was dead. Sirius will be heart-broken.”

Very seriously, Lily tells him, “Punk will never die.”

The clerk chuckles as she hands over the record. “Tell that to PC Plod outside,” the girl says, and Lily laughs. The girl leans closer and lowers her voice. “You ought to come to our gig tonight. Me and my mates are playing down the road at half ten. You can bring your boyfriend,” she adds, with a side-long glance at James. He blushes.

Instead of correcting the girl, Lily tugs on James’s wrist and says over her shoulder, “I just might.” 

There are a number of fics in the drafts of this blog that I started a few years ago, and no longer feel the inclination to finish. But there are still some pretty fun bits and bobs, so I’m going to throw them all up in one post if anyone is interested in some disjointed excerpts. 

Dueling - Jan 27, 2014

James has his hands on her shoulders, and she is calculating how best to catapult him off of her body when his lips descend to kiss her thoroughly.

“James,” she protests, as they pause for a breath, “we’re supposed to be fighting.”

“Sorry,” he murmurs, but the grin on his face contradicts his apology.

Later, when they are about to leave, Lily says, “I think we should compartmentalize our situations.” She does not meet his eyes, choosing instead to rub nonexistent grease off of her wand by running it against her jeans.

“How so?”

“Well… as much as I like snogging you, I think that we should have… snogging times, and dueling times. So we can be efficient with, er, both,” It sounds oddly formal and for reasons Lily is unsure about, a flush has risen in her cheeks. She still refuses to look him in the face.

James tilts her chin up, a gleeful look on his face. “Lily Evans, are you asking me out?”

She splutters out an indignant protest but James just grins all the wider. “Youare asking me out,” he says, leaning closer to get her to look at him directly. Her cheeks are hot as his hands move to either side of her face. “Yes.”

And There Was Only One Bed - Feb 2, 2014 

“One of you can come up and sleep with me.” As all four boys seem to prepare themselves for a smarmy comment, she adds, “Don’t start, gits. You know what I mean.”

“If someone’s joining you, Wormtail’s out,” Sirius says, his eyes flicking to the boy in question, “he’s a kicker.” From his tone, it seems that Sirius has experienced this very quality one too many times.

Peter huffs indignantly. “Padfoot’s a prat, I kicked him out of a hammock one time—” He cuts himself off as he sees the black-haired boy fingering his wand. “Fine, I’m out.”

“I’m out, too,” Remus says with a sigh. “I roll about too much, I’m afraid. I’d be falling out of the bed anyway.“

James does not say anything, but instead he and Sirius seem to communicate something with a glance between them. James gives Sirius a warning look, but Sirius simply grins and pats the wooden arms of the chair, saying, "I’m comfortable where I am,”

“C'mere, then,” Lily says to James, gesturing to the spot next to her. Shooting a loaded glance at his best mate, he sits down.

Pecker Parody - April 22, 2014

James Potter had a problem. This particular dilemma was approximately five feet tall, freckled, and had a habit of popping up at inopportune times.

This problem was his diddly-doo. His magical wanking stick, if you will. You see, while having a dingler the size of a broomstick was all well and good when he was a boy, due to the fact he could ride it around like a pogo stick, at the age of eighteen, it was a bit more troublesome.

The truth of the matter was that he wanted to put his party popper inside Lily’s cash register, but he didn’t know how to tell her.

Birth - March 15, 2015

“I can’t believe you just did that,” he says in awe. “Did you know you could do that?”

Brushing some of her hair out of her sweaty face, Lily laughs. “I’d had some time to get used to the idea, yeah.”

James looks back at the bundle in his arms, and then again at his wife. “You just pushed an entire person out of you. Our person. He’s not tiny, either. I mean, he is tiny, but only because he’s a baby. Otherwise, he’s quite a large thing to be exiting any orifice.”

“If we ever do this again, you can do that part,” she says leaning back against the pillows.

Grease AU - June 25, 2015 

(Also posted here.)

“This is… ridiculous,” she murmurs against his lips.

James laughs. “It’s a little late to denounce snogging on the beach, Evans, since we’ve been doing it for the past few weeks.” As he speaks, he drops his mouth to her neck, smiling as her eyes flutter.

Lily pulls his face up by the chin to meet his gaze. “I meant this whole thing.” She gestures around them. “After what happened after the Defence O.W.L. at the end of last term, how can you find any of this normal? Everything was such a mess after. Hell, if we hadn’t both come to the same place this holiday, I’d still be stewing in it by September.”

“But we did,” says James, brushing his nose against hers. “We talked and we yelled and we talked more and then you threw yourself at me.”

He dodges her swat at him much too easily to satisfy her, but at her raised brow he makes an amendment. “Alright, so I may have done some of the throwing. I’m a Chaser. I need to hone my reflexes.”

“My point is, it doesn’t feel like you’re Potter on this beach,” Lily says, ruffling his hair pointedly. She smiles. “You’re just James.”

“Just James,” he repeats, adjusting so he lies beside her instead of half atop her. “You make it sound like I’m two different people.”

It is Lily’s turn to laugh. “Aren’t you? I can’t imagine this version of you hoisting someone up by their ankles.”

“Of course not,” says James immediately. “I’m wearing trunks. Where would I keep my wand?”

Lily is already giggling by the time James begins suggesting locations on his body that he might be hiding his wand, and by the end of his lewd list, she is nearly having a fit on the sand. When she catches her breath, she looks at him. “I know I don’t get to keep Just James forever,” she says, leaning on his arm. “But at least try to preserve the illusion for me when we get back to school by avoiding me.”

James is quiet for a moment, but when he speaks his voice is soft. “You’re being silly, Lily,” he tells her, pulling her closer. “This is who I am. Caring about your feelings, about anyone’s feelings, isn’t exclusive to this beach.”

She kisses him, slowly and deeply. “Try to remember saying that.”

James grins. “If I’m going to be reliving a memory from this holiday, I reckon I have to choose the night under the pier—”

Lily laughs, cutting him off with her lips. “Be quiet, James.”

Masquerade - Dec 16, 2015

“So you’re Muggle-born, then?” he says thoughtfully. She stiffens, and he hasten to add, “It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just trying to figure how that narrows down the options for who you are.”

She smiles, but then looks a little put-out. “That’s hardly fair, I don’t know anything about you.”

“Pureblood,” he tells her, kissing her neck.

“A pureblood that doesn’t care that I’m Muggle-born? That does narrow down the options.” Her fingers tug at his robe. “N.E.W.T. classes?”

He shakes his head, kissing her lips quickly. “Too easy. Do you play Quidditch?”

“No. Do you?”

After a moment of hesitation, he says, “Yes,” so she is quick to follow with a suspicious, “On a team or for leisure?”

He laughs. “Both.”

Problematic.jpg - March 29, 2016

“James Potter,” Lily says to Mary suddenly, “is my problematic fave.”

“Receipts, please,” says Mary, not looking up from her copy of Witch Weekly.

“Plus, he’s like, a pureblood. So he’s got the whole legacy of all that fucked-up culture.”

“But like, a lowkey pureblood. He’s 12% Muggle-born.”

Junks the Trash King: The Sequel - April 18, 2016

“I’ve met the Rubbish Man,” announces Lily upon entering her flat.

“Good, tell him we need a new recycling bin,” says Mary absently. “There’s a family of raccoon living in ours.”

“Not him, Junks.

The name catches Mary’s attention. “The soulmate?” she asks, straightening up. “How was he?”

Lily drags herself over to their kitchen table and collapses into a seat. “Not named Junks, for one.” Lily holds up her palm for Mary to inspect. “Apparently this is supposed to say ‘James.’”

“Shame. I’d rather hoped to one day receive a wedding invitation inviting me to the marriage of Lily and Junks. Though I’d have to bin it for the wordplay, you understand.” Lily turns her hand so she can flip Mary the bird, but from the look in her eyes, her friend has already spotted something new. “Got his number already, did you?”

Baby Brain - June 15, 2016

“I think I’m pregnant,” says Lily, so quietly that James almost doesn’t hear it.


“Oh?” she repeats, turning over in bed to face him. “I tell you I might be up the spout and all I get is, ‘Oh?’”

James grins at her in the dark. “Would you have preferred ‘Blimey?’” He expects the pillow that’s aimed at his face.


“Yes, dear?”

“Would you be okay with it? If I am?” It’s hard to see her eyes clearly with such little light, but James can hear in her tone that she’s nervous.

“I… Yeah, I would,” says James, seeking out her hand. “You know I want kids with you. I mean, I might not have seen this starting so soon, but I think we’re pretty great at improvising. Remember our wedding reception?”

Lily laughs. “Somehow I don’t think using Dumbledore’s hat to catch projectile vomit is the same thing as raising a child.”

“I think you’ll find they’re remarkably similar.”

She laughs again. “I’m trying to work myself into a worry, James, and you’re making it very difficult.”

He leans over to kiss her on the cheek. “Sorry, dear. Feel free to treat our child as a sign of impending doom.”

Lily leans her head onto his shoulder. “We’re nineteen, James.”

“Old enough to be married,” he replies, poking her with his ring finger.

“We don’t know anything about children.”

James smiles. “Children don’t know anything either, so we’ll be on a level playing field.”

(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ Hold My Flower - August 17, 2016

“Lily, no.”

She scoffs. “What do you mean, ‘Lily, no?’ I didn’t say anything.”

“Lily,” he says cheerfully, throwing an arm around her shoulder, “We have been married for forty-five years now—”

“Dating for eight months,” she corrects, holding back a smile.

James waves a hand dismissively. “So, in that time, I am confident that I’ve grown to recognize what your faces mean. And that face said, ‘I’m going to put frogspawn in his tea.’”

“I don’t carry around frogspawn, James.”

He looks at her dubiously. “But you’d find some, wouldn’t you?”

Countdown - October 31, 2016

“Padfoot gets back from his assignment tomorrow,” Lily tells him, eyes on their calendar.

James pauses in trying to convince his son of the merits of pureed beets. His eyes drift towards the day on the calendar circled in red. Lately, they’ve taken to marking their calendar with the events of their day, if only to make the days seem more distinct. August 27th: ‘At 3 o’clock, Harry said his first full sentence.’ September 12th: ‘At 6 in the morning, the cat brought James a present and left it in his mouth.’ Tomorrow, October 31st, is a rare date that marks the future.

“Good,” he says. “I was hoping he’d be back before his birthday.”

A small, hopeful smile blooms on her lips. “Perhaps we can finally give him a nice celebration. I know Moony is still underground, but Wormy said he’d stay close by. I could bake him a cake.”

“Cake!” says Harry, and James laughs. He takes advantage of his boy’s opened-mouth enthusiasm to give him a spoonful of beets. The look he receives is nothing short of betrayed.

Victorious and still chuckling, James turns back to his wife. “We can ask him to come by as soon as he’s home.”

Baby I’m Trying: The Sequel Pt. 1 - Jan 4, 2017

He wishes his mum were still around, but since she’s not, in his desperation, James consults his neighbour, Batty Bagshot. Though she’s had no children of her own, she’s looked after many of her nieces and nephews over the years, and James has never been more thankful to hear her drone on.

After his conversation with Bathilda, he comes home, arms laden with all the supplies she recommended he find. Sirius’s eyes are wide as James brings the load inside the flat. “Reckon you got enough?”

James slumps over to the floor and leans his head on the pram. “This stuff is only for the first six months,” he says, staring into space. “Do you knowhow many times a day a baby needs formula? D’you think McGonagall will let me take the baby to class?”

Sirius considers it. “McGonagall does let her cat into the lectures. Although,” he says, wrinkling his nose and holding the baby out to James, “she knows how to use a litter box.”

James wonders if it’s pathetic to google ‘How to change a nappy.’

Baby I’m Trying: The Sequel Pt. 2 - Jan 4, 2017

In three days, James has a paper documenting that the baby is one hundred percent, undeniably his. He hadn’t doubted that he was, but it’s something different to see it on paper. It makes the whole thing more real for him. He sets about telling the rest of his friends, and while they are as surprised as he is, they take it in stride and help him sort it out, as they’ve always done.

“What are you going to name him?” asks Remus.

“Wilberforce,” suggests Sirius, grinning.  

James cracks a smile at that. “Maybe something unisex. Elvendork?”

“You’ll have no trouble calling out for him if you ever lose him,” says Peter fairly.

James laughs. The baby fusses a bit in his arms and he runs a hand over the dark mass of hair that is already on this boy’s head. “Could go with a family name,” James says thoughtfully.

“I’m going to take a moment to remind you that your father’s name was Fleamont,” says Remus.

He shakes his head. “My grandfather,” James says.

None of the boys know much about his grandfather, since he died while James was still in primary school, but Sirius lived with his parents for a time, and he knows James better than anyone else. So it is Sirius who asks, “Henry?”

“Harry,” corrects James. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the baby stops squirming. “His name was Henry, but they called him Harry.”

“Harry Potter,” says Peter. “I like it.”

His son has a name. “Harry Potter,” James repeats quietly.

Ring Out - June 15, 2017

“Frank and Alice are engaged,” Sirius tells him as he slides a drink to James across the table. 

James lifts the pint into the air. “Congratulations to them,” he says, and he means it. He knows many couples rushing to the altar these days, but Alice and Frank seem the best-suited for marriage of all of them. He takes a large swig of his firewhiskey.

Sirius raises an eyebrow. It takes no more than this movement for James to know what he will say next. Still, Sirius asks, “When are you going to ask her?” 

“What, you reckon because everyone else we know is getting married, I ought to as well?” James asks, mirroring his friend’s expression.

Sirius snorts. “No, I reckon that you’re horrendously in love with Evans and want to ask her to be your wife.”

James takes another drink. “We’re in the middle of a war, Padfoot.”

“Seems to be reason enough for everyone else,” Sirius counters, shrugging.

“Exactly,” says James firmly. “I don’t want Lily to marry me because she’s afraid we’re doing to die.”

Sirius pauses, reaching for his own firewhiskey. After a moment, he lowers his glass and shrugs once more. “We might.”

“We might not.” James retorts. He runs a hand through his hair. “I’d rather wait for her to be certain.”

“You’re living together,“ Sirius says, and when James opens his mouth he shakes his head. “You say you live with me but you spend more time at Lily’s than you do at ours.”

James chuckles. “So your concern is that we’re living in sin? Talk about glass houses, mate.”



i think it’s funny when people are like “dark fiction or tragic fiction is ok if it’s about overcoming trauma or showing the outcome of a mistake” bc like that feels weirdly christian (though not saying only christianity promotes that) like it must always have a “moral” or whatever and meanwhile aristotle’s idea of catharsis is like “hey sometimes people just feel better and have their negative emotions purged when they see fucked up shit happening to an innocent fictional character that did no wrong in the story because as a fictional story literally no one is getting hurt”

That is exactly why the greeks wrote tragedy. They believed catharsis was the expelling of negative emotions. So they wrote heartbreaking plays where no one was happy in the end because sometimes life just sucks. 

Sometimes you don’t wanna listen to Mamma Mia and laugh, you wanna listen to This Impossible Year and cry. And that’s okay. 

Bellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, ofBellamione Series: Part 3“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, of

Bellamione Series: Part 3

“Do you not see what he has done to you again Bella?! How can you, of all people, keep allowing this to happen?”

 “Aw, what's the matter with you muddy? We may share a bed, but that doesn’t give you any right to tell me right from wrong when it comes to Rodolphus!”

“Honest to Merlin Bella -“ 

"That is not my name! You can keep it out of your mouth till I say otherwise Granger, for this has nothing to do with you at all.”

“It has everything to do with me when I see a girl being taken advantage of, this isn’t right at all Bella -”

 “ - Trix! Bellatrix you incompetent little fool -“ 

"Will you stop acting like this is the complete norm when it isn’t at all, don’t you see what power he thinks he has over you? This person I’m next to right now isn’t the Bellatrix I know, she wouldn’t let a stupid little boy run his hands all over her like she was nothing but a hunk of meat! Please Bellatrix, please wait! Just listen to me - would you, oh please Bellatrix, just stop and listen to me! STOP!”

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Anyway go stream @feuillytheflorist ’s new fic which made me have this violent of a reaction.

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This article is part of our new column Cultus Dispatches, which looks at the history and culture of Tolkien fandom.

A Sudden Outcry: The Tolkien Estate and Fanworks

When the Tolkien Estate recently presented their newly revamped website, it did not take fans long to see past the new artwork and other features to find that the Tolkien Estate has a policy on fanworks. The past several days have seen a whirl of discussion about what it all means that can be distilled down to a single burning question:

Did the Tolkien Estate just ban fanworks?

In short, no, the Tolkien Estate did not just ban fanworks. The fanworks you have posted, are in the middle of creating, or are even thinking about creating are not affected by what the Estate says on their website.

The longer answer depends on if you’re interested in the just or the ban part of that question (or maybe both!). While the following is not legal advice, we hope it will lessen the worry that the existence of fanworks is in jeopardy.  As always, bear in mind that laws vary from country to country. If you have specific concerns, the Organization for Transformative Works’ legal committee, while unable to give legal advice, can answer questions you might have.

The History of the Tolkien Estate and Fanworks

For the majority of its existence, the Tolkien Estate website has addressed fanworks in its FAQ. The Tolkien Estate opened its website in 2006, and for its first year, it was little more than a landing page with information on the (then) new book The Children of Húrin. Around April 2007, the site expanded considerably, and fanworks were addressed for the first time:

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