Cowboy Like Me (Pt. 3)

Warnings: Smut, angst, cheating, rough sex and slight degradation.

Summary: Rip knows that Y/N slept with one of the cowboys, but will he be able to figure out which one? Also, Kayce and Y/N finally talk about what they want and which leads to *ahem* sexual relations and the official start of the affair.

Authors Note: This story is on Wattpad with an OC! My username is smashedrose and it keeps the same premise, although I would like to edit it further in the future.


“Well who the fuck did then?” I hear my cousin state angrily “Shes not even twenty one yet, and here you are sneaking her into a bar and using her as a pawn.”

“I wasn’t twenty one when you snuck me in either.” Beth groans

“Yeah will this ain’t about us. She has had enough to deal with and here you are dragging her into your battles.” Rip yells, pacing and glaring at the blonde woman standing in front of him.

I make my way near the bunkhouse when I hear him yell at me “This ain’t over for you either! I didn’t bring you here for you to treat it like some damn dating game!”


The boys eventually came back around dusk and went to their beds, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

How am I going to confront Kayce?

What happened to Jenkins?

Why don’t I feel guilty?

My thoughts are interrupted by the break of the door, which I almost missed due to the loud snoring coming from under my bunk. I open my eyes to adjust to the dark and hear a voice whisper my name.

“Y/N? Ya up?” I glance over and see Kayce standing near the wall, trying to stay hidden in case anyone happened to be up.

“Yeah, just give me one second. I’ll meet you outside.” I whisper back before climbing out of bed quietly and slipping on a coat and shoes.

Here goes nothing.

I make my way out the door and find him sitting on the fence staring at the sunrise. I make my way over to him, limping slightly due to the wooden bench he fucked me on a few hours before. Coming to a rest near him, I look up and he sighs.

“Look. You didn’t have to agree to-“

“When we’re you going to tell me you had a wife?” I ask, anxiety rushing through me and wanting to get this conversation over with as fast as possible.

“Beth told you.” He groans and looks at his hands “Look, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. At least not this soon. I was just happy for once talking to you and forgot.”

“You forgot you had a wife?” I’m taken aback by this, was he always such an asshole?

“No. I knew I had one and trust me I wish I didn’t.” He jumps off the fence and comes to stand next to me, taking my hands in his “I understand if you want to end whatever this was. You can walk away and i’ll call it a drunken one night stand.”

“I don’t know what to-“ I start but he continues speaking.

“But I barely know you and i’m so fucking attracted to you and I just need an escape.”

I look down at his calloused hands on top of mine, taking a deep breath before replying “I’ll be your escape for a few weeks before I leave. But the second this gets messy, I’m out.”

He looks relieved by this and nods his head, placing a kiss on top of mine.

“Oh and also, don’t do that lovey shit cause unlike you I’m not married and tend to fall easily.”


I wake up back in my bunk alone, after spending the sunrise with Kayce. I look around and see everyone else getting ready for the day.

I’m gonna need a hot shower after last night.

I knock on the door only to hear a man yell “One fucking second!” Before opening it, clad in only a towel around his waist. I recognize him as the one with the guitar and hear him let out a laugh.

“Well darlin’ if I knew it was you I wouldn’t have used that tone. Wanna hop on in?” He winks, making me roll my eyes and slam the door. Grabbing my shoes and heading outside.

“Where ya going?” I hear him yell as I make my way down the gravel path to Rip’s house. I take a deep breath and knock on the door, hoping his anger subsided.

The door opens and he seems surprised to see me, saying nothing as I make my way inside and look around. “Where’s your shower?”

“Take one later, you’re gonna be covered in cow shit today.” He says and motions me out the door “And also, don’t think I forgot. We’re gonna be having a talk later.”


I spent the whole day palpating cows and I was indeed covered in cow shit. I was pissed off beyond belief and my back still hurt, so I headed back into the empty bunkhouse.

God damn bed. That bench would’ve been more comfortable than that sorry piece of shit.

Opening the door, i’m greeted by the sight of Kayce sitting on my bed with his legs dangling off.

“You sure know how to turn a guy on.” He laughs taking in my appearance.

“Shut the fuck up and either fuck me in that shower or get out.” I state, begging to slip off my clothes.

“They’re gonna come back soon, i’ll take you to the main house and i’ll fuck you any way you want there.” He jumps off the bed and wrinkles his nose “But please do shower.”

I punch his arm lightly and grab a change of clothes, following him out the door and attempting to be as discreet as possible.


A shower is exactly what I needed. I stepped out and wrapped myself in a towel, feeling my foul mood subside and the stress from the day melt off. I creak open the door, seeing Kayce laying on the bed waiting for me.

“Well? Still want me to fuck you?” He asks, motioning to the bed.

I drop the towel and sit down next to him, leaning up the kiss him only to be shut down by this hand wrapping around my neck and his mouth near my ear.

“After that little outburst I think you deserve a little punishment.” He bites down on the earlobe before flipping me over on my stomach and angling my ass in the air.

He reaches his hand down to rest on my core and lets out a groan at the wetness that drips on it. “Damn Y/N, all ready for me.” He slips a finger in and makes the come hither motion, making me moan into the pillow.

I hear a belt buckle and jeans hit the floor and feet the hot head of his dick on my opening. I push back slightly, in an attempt to stick it in me, and i’m bet with a harsh swat on the ass making me scream.

“I’m in charge right now.” And with that he shoves his full length in me, making me see stars.

His pace is brutal, hands gripping my ass and occasionally spanking me. I’m at a loss for words and feel his hands in my hair, yanking me up while still fucking me.

“Shit- Fuck Kayce yes-“ He spanks me again causing me to scream.

“You think you’ve been a good girl? Think you deserve this dick?” He asks, headboard slamming ruthlessly against the wall.

I cant reply, caught up in the brutal pounding and I feel his hand make his way onto my clit, rubbing harshly and making my legs jello.

I fall back down, shaking and can feel my orgasm quickly building. He leans back down and says “Tell me, do you think you deserve to cum?”

“Please. Please!” I moan out, biting the pillows.

“Well if you say so.” He chuckles and continues to rub me while keeping up his pace. I can feel the beads of sweat hitting me but and my mind is in fragments as I feel the dam break.

He groans and I can feel him finish inside me, hot spurts of cum leaking out of me as he pulls out. Kayce lays down next to me panting and tucks a few strands of hair away from my face.

“Stay with me tonight? Everyone is out of the house.”

I nod with a smile and scoot closer, making him wrap his arms around me and as my head lays on his chest.

I guess that talk with Rip can wait another day.


Part four coming soon!!

Cowboy Like Me (Pt. 2)

Authors Note: The next part is linked at the bottom! This is going to be a new series I will eventually move to Wattpad. I do not condone or support cheating this is purely fiction.

Warnings: Cheating, angst, mentions of sexual situations, mentions of blackmail, and violence. (No smut in this part but stay tuned for part three!)

Summary: Kayce comes to terms with what just happened and Y/N discovers his marriage and is conflicted. Should she continue or should she do what Beth says to prevent her from telling everyone?


I stare in shock at the man laying over me, confused and ashamed that we got caught. I hadn’t even been there a day and I’m already hooking up with one of the cowboys, or at least I hope he’s just a cowboy and not one of the sons.

He gets off me in an instant and rushes to put on his jeans, throwing me mine and making a silent motion over his mouth with his finger. I nod and slip on my jeans, heart pounding as he goes to creak the door open, his body shielding the woman’s gaze from me.

“What makes you think i’m with Rip’s cousin?” I hear Kayce ask, making the woman laugh. “Well unless we happened to pick up that stripper Rip’s been wanting that would mean you’re either with me or with baby Wheeler. And I may be a mean son of a bitch but incest just ain’t my thing.” She says.

They’re related? I think to myself, mind whirling with questions about who I just slept with. And I know Rip would flip but who’s Monica and why would she also have the same reaction?

I shake the thoughts away and make my way to the door, laying a hand on his back letting him know it’s okay that she sees me. She looks me up and down and smiles to herself “Damn. Y’all’s family must’ve won the fucking gene lottery.”

I let out an awkward laugh and shuffle a bit, nervous about what i’m going to ask. “Can you please not tell him? We just met again after years apart and I don’t want him to think of me as some whore. I’ll do anything name your price.”

She seems thoughtful for a moment and I can see her mind brewing with ideas before she widens her eyes and smiles. “I’ll tell ya what, I won’t tell Rip OR Monica.” She glances at Kayce who’s looking at his shoes, wanting to be anywhere but here “But you little lady are going to help me with something. I can use those good looks of yours for a little business venture.”

“What the he’ll do you mean Beth she just got here don’t get her involved with-“ Kayce starts but is cut short when the woman, apparently called Beth, rolls her eyes and scoffs. “Don’t worry, it’s not anything that has to do with the ranch. Just a little favor for good old Daddy.”

“Beth I swear to god if you use her as a pawn for you’re fucking feud with Jenkins i’ll kill ya.” Kayce replies, catching onto whatever she is wanting me to do. I’m left confused and standing to the side, still trying to piece together what just happened.

“So what do you say little lady? Gonna accept or do you wanna be known as the fuck toy for your stay?” She states, wearing a smile as if knowing what i’m about to say. “Fine I’ll do it. But don’t you dare tell rip or whoever the fuck Monica is.”


Apparently, what I agreed to was far less that what I was expecting. Beth led me to the main house and I stop in my tracks, piecing together the fact that she’s THE Beth Dutton.

I stare at her with my mouth open and quickly close it, before asking the question that I knew the answer to. “So, um Kayce is a Dutton?” I mumbled, looking down at my boots as we step onto the front porch. “You got a lot to learn around here but yes. I’m assuming you know who I am then?”

“Yeah, kinda figured it out considering I was told not to enter this house unless invited.”

“Who the fuck told ya that?”

“Rip.” I state and with that she smirks before turning towards me. “Well you can tell your dear cousin that the same rules apply to him. Never seen him follow that damn rule in my life.”

I nod and make my way inside, taken aback by the decor. Growing up, we never had much money so walking into this place felt like walking into a palace. Glancing around, I follow her down a hall before asking more questions about what she wants from me.

“So i’m just gonna seduce him? Isn’t he married?” I ask, while entering the bedroom door. “Yeah and you obviously don’t got an issue with that considering Kayce.”

“Wait- What?! He’s married?” I am wide eyed and my heart comes to a stop, realizing that Monica is his wife. “He didn’t tell ya? What a shame, I thought I was beginning to like you.”

“You liked me more when you thought I was a home wrecker?”

“Honestly yeah, never liked Monica and had been waiting on my little brother to do this. Hell, him not being able to keep his dick in his pants is what got him married in the first place.”

I’m in a state of shock, alcohol still in my system and I can’t help but laugh. Not out of joy of course but more out of shock that I’m in this situation in the first place. She shakes her head and smiles before heading to a wardrobe, pulling out a silk dress and heels.

“Alright Y/N, put this on and we’ll be on our way.”

I stare at the sage green dress and tan heels, admiring the way it glistened in the light. “Are you sure? If anything happens to this there’s no way that i can aff-“ I’m cut off by her.

“Don’t worry about that, think of it as a welcoming gift for my dear brothers mistress. God knows I’ve been waiting for it.” And my heart drops again at her name for me. Mistress. I just came here for work experience, not to be thrown into a fucking affair. I make a mental note to talk to Kayce after this and figure out what he really wants.

Besides, if Monica doesn’t find out what do I have to lose? I’ll be out of here in a few weeks and back at college, never seeing him again.


Beth leads me into the hotel bar before coming to a stop near an older man with grey hair. His eyes seem to devour me and I discreetly shift, uncomfortable at the situation I put myself in.

“Well Dan, what a surprise running into you here.” Beth says, coming to sit down next to him. I take that as my cue to sit down next to him and lean over the bar, trying to get this done with as fast as possible.

“You’re not gonna introduce me to your friend?” He says, eyes still on me with a twinkle in his eyes. Fucking disgusting why did I agree to this, hell why did I agree to come to the ranch in the first place. My thoughts are interrupted by beth’s laugh and her words.

“This is Y/N, she’s a wrangler and what I would like to call a family friend.”

If that isn’t the biggest lie i’ve heard all night then I don’t know what is.

“Well Y/N it’s a pleasure to meet you. Tell me, how did the Yellowstone come to find you? I thought y’all only had murderous cowboys and land hungry old men.”

“Like you?” I hear beth say, sending a silent glare at me to not give any information about myself. Jenkins, or Dan as Beth calls him, rolls his eyes and faces her.

“And what do you want? You ruined my fucking marriage. You befriended my wife. What else could you possibly want from me?”

She smirks and grabs his face, running her nails over his skin. “Wanna come home with me and my friend? I can promise you, we’ll make it worth your while.”

She had already told me of her plan so I wasn’t taken aback, but the reality set in when she said those words. Was I really about to lead a man I barely know to his own death because I slept with a married man?


I step out of the car, shaking. I knew what was coming, someone would come up behind him and drag him off to who knows where to do god knows what to him. Breathing in the cool air, I hear him step out and the sound of feet running towards him.

Closing my eyes, I wrap my arms around my waist and pray for this moment to be over. I hear screams and the sound of horses leading him away, and I shakily look at my feet.

A pair of boots are in front of me and I hesitantly look up, coming face to face with Rip.

“What the hell Beth. She doesn’t wear the brand why the fuck would you get Y/N involved in this?” He angrily asks, storming towards her and grabbing her arms.

“Met her tonight and figured I could use her. Relax, nothing happened to her.”

“Then why the fuck does she have those marks on her neck? Huh? You used my cousin as a fucking prostitute.”

Beth just laughs at this and winks at me, as if to say my secret is safe with her. I almost believe her until I hear “Trust me, Jenkins isn’t the one that marked up that pretty little neck.”


Part Three…

Cowboy Like Me (Kayce Dutton x Reader)

Warnings: Smut, cheating, rough sex, overstimulation, choking, degrading language, and a tiny age gap.

Prompt: Y/N recently moved into the bunkhouse after reconnecting with her cousin, Rip. During her first night she runs into Kayce and sparks fly, leading to a passionate night and a rude interruption. Set during season one when Monica took off with Tate to live with her parents.

Authors Note: I do not condone cheating and i’m in no way affiliated with the show. I wish. This is purely fiction.

Also might make this a series so let me know if you want a part two! We need more Kayce fanfiction.


Growing up my father always told me that my only remaining cousin was a monster for what he did to my uncle. I never knew what had happened but the question lingered in my mind even now as a 20 year old. My father wasn’t a nice man and the second I got my scholarship for Montana State University I left his drunken ass behind to pursue my own dreams.

If only he could see me now, I think to myself, sitting across from my so-called evil cousin. “So uh, what is your major?” Rip asked me while staring at his hands. A few minutes before he had told me what truly happened during that fated night so many years ago. “Animal Science actually.” I reply and he looks surprised at my revelation. “Well no shit, how about over your winter break you come with me and work at Dutton Ranch and gain some experience. I know your Daddy ain’t giving ya a home for christmas.” He says.

Everyone in this damned state knew of the Duttons and I was taken aback by his offer. “Are you serious?” I ask, hopeful that he’s not the mean man my father always made him out to be. “Yeah of course. I’d like to get to know ya considering you’re all I have left.”


Now here I am, staring at the door to the bunkhouse that will be my home for the next few weeks. “You’re boss is really okay with this?” I whisper, nervous that I’ll walk in and make a fool of myself. “Of course, plus we’re about to be working on a bunch of new heifers and need more hands.” Rip chuckles, opening up the door.

The second I walk in it reeks of beer and the foul smelling scent of man. I wrinkle my nose, causing Rip to laugh and lead me over to the group of men playing cards. “This is my baby cousin Y/N, y’all don’t lay a single finger on her she’s here to help out over the break.” He sternly states, glaring at the man with guitar who was looking me up and down.

“Which bunk is open?” I ask the group of gawking men. They all stare at each other as if to gauge their reactions until finally the oldest cowboys says “Back left one.”

I make my way to my bed and set my hat on the floor, nervous about what I got myself into. I grew up riding horses and working cattle but i’d never been fully emerged into the lifestyle like this. I needed air to breathe so I put on my jacket and headed outside, marveling at the night sky.

I sat there for a while until I heard someone come up to me, expecting it to be Rip I pay no mind to it and continue to stare up at the sky.

“Who are you?” I hear a deep voice behind me ask. Startled, I turn around and see a man with dirty blonde hair and a slight beard towering over me. “Uh I’m Y/N.” I say staring up at the stranger. His eyes widen and he laughs, coming to sit down next to me on the grass. “Oh shit, you’re Rip’s cousin. I was expecting a child from the way he described you.” He says, laughing still.

I smirk and look back up, shaking my head. “Nah, I’m in college.” I laugh. I can feel his body heat radiating off him and realize I don’t even know his name. “Do you have a name?” I ask, to which he replies “I’m Kacey.” and takes a swig out of a bottle he had been holding.

“Well Kacey, you mind sharing?” I glance down at his bottle and back up at him, trying not to look like i’m checking him out. “Are ya 21?” He asks “In 2 months I will be.” I cheekily reply, grasping the bottle in his hands.

“Hell, close enough for me.”


I can’t remember how we got here but next thing I know i’m on his lap with my hands in his hair, empty bottle discarded who knows where. His lips are on mine and he bites down on my lower lip gently, causing me to moan.

“Gotta be quiet, can’t let them know we’re out here doing this.” He whispers before attacking my lips again. I begin to slowly shift my hips and whisper in his ear “Well then why don’t you take me somewhere else?”.

He slowly stands up with me still in his arms, refusing to break the kiss. My body feels wobbly from either the alcohol, Kayce stumbling to a barn, or both. My mind races as he sets me down on a bench before rushing to shut the barn doors.

“Now, where we’re we?” He says before ripping his shirt off and laying on top of me. I feel up and down his chest, tracing my fingers over the brand. Huh, I guess the rumors about that were true.

But my exploration of him was cut short as he gripped my hands and held them over my head, attacking my neck with kisses. At this point I couldn’t hold in the moans and let go, knowing we were secluded enough. He reaches one hand down to lift my shirt, while still holding me on the wooden bench. His face retreats from my neck and he smirks at my lack of bra.

“You expecting to get with someone tonight?” He winks and I giggle looking up “Nah, it was more comfortable with this shirt.”

He leans down close to my ear and whispers “Good, because I don’t like sharing.”. He begins to lower his body down to my waist and eventually his face comes parallel to my belt buckle. “Ladies first.” He smirks and takes off the belt, along with my pants and underwear.

The cool air hits me and I subconsciously close my legs, making him look up. “You want this?” He asks before proceeding. I nod my head and smile “If you don’t fuck me right now i’ll find someone who will.” And with that his mouth is on my clit and he is sucking feverishly.

I cant help but scream, it’s been a while and he was just so good. He raises his head and teaches his hand up to place over my mouth and gets back to work.

He stops the torture on my clit and traces his tongues across every crevice, taking extra time with the places that encourage a muffled groan. His tongue feels like heaven and I can feel myself getting close, not knowing how long it has been.

Eventually he focuses on my clit again and adds a single finger, causing me to fall apart. In an instant I’m a quivering mess being held down by this arm as he continues his onslaught.

Once he’s satisfied he gets up and wipes a hand over his face, only to lip the juices back up. His hands fly to his jeans and they’re quickly removed, thrown into a pile with mine and he’s back on top of me in an instant.

“Your turn?” I ask hopefully, reaching down to stroke him. “No darlin, we’ll have time for that later. First I wanna be inside of you.” He groans and slowly pushes himself into me, stretching me open.

“Holy fuck.” I moan and cling to his back for support. “Holy fuck is right. You’re so fucking tight.” He says and begins thrusting in and out, picking up the pace as he goes.

His hands are everywhere, gripping me and eventually coming to rest on my neck, tightening as he moves faster. I can feel my body riding up and down the rough bench and although I know it’ll hurt tomorrow, it just felt so good in the moment.

“F-fuck Kayce, yes please don’t stop.” I cry out and with that he picks up his pace even more, slamming me into the bench with his hips. “Wasn’t planning on it.”

He shifts his hand around my neck to place his thumb on my mouth which I gladly accept and suck. He groans at the sight and grips my face hard and moans out “You like that? You like being my little slut?”

The pleasure was too much for me and I couldn’t take it anymore, looking up at him I moan out “You’re gonna make me cum again.”

He grips my thighs and spreads them wide, watching as I spiraled out of control. “Yeah? You gonna cum on this dick and let the whole ranch know who’s fucking you this good?” He mutters out and I lose it, screaming out his name into the night.

I feel him pulse within me and he collapses on top of me, kissing my cheek while panting. I groan from his weight and run my fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, we hear a knock on the door and a female laugh.

“Damn Kayce, Monica and Rip ain’t gonna be too happy about this.”


Part Two…

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Corona Virus-what’s going on + Vocab List

Sewol Ferry Disaster (세월호 참사)

The April Revolution (4.19 혁명)

May 18th Democratization Movement (5.18)

Chobok(초복) First of the three dog days + Vocab List

제헌절 (Constitution Day)

Korean Independence Day 8.15 광복절


10/9 한글날

Halloween Post-Korean Ghosts and Monsters

동짓날 (Winter Solstice)

<Korean Culture & History>

Culture: Popular Korean Apps

History: Where to Learn

Culture: Korea’s flag, Taegeukgi

Art: Interview with a Korean Traditional Music Student

Learn Korean with K-dramas – Hotel Del Luna

Korean Slang 유행어

Kim Hongdo-Artist of Korea

History Traveling: Trip to Deoksugung palace

Korean Names

Korean Slang-Texting

Korean Surname Clans

Korean Snacks – Choco Pie (초코파이)

Korean Culture- K-pop

Learn Korean with Songs- Twenty Three (스물셋, IU)

Dalgona Coffee 달고나 커피

Korea’s hero, Admiral Yi Sun Sin (이순신 장군)

Korean Movie: Extreme Job (극한 직업)

Korean Gastroventures (맛집탐방)

Learn Korean with Songs-Butterfly(BTS)

Korean Movie-Dongju; The portrait of a Poet (동주)

Hanbok(한복) Korean Traditional Clothes

What’s on Korean Coins and Bills

Life as a Korean Student-Reading(Studying) room 독서실

Korean’s love of rice (밥심)

The climate of Korea (한국의 기후)

Korean Tales(전래동화)

A painter of the Joseon Dynasty, Shin Yun-Bok (신윤복) + Vocab

일월오봉도 (Ilwol Obongdo, painting only for the King)

Introducing Kimchi

돌잔치 (First Birthday Party)

Life as a Korean Student- Academic Grading system (9등급제)

Constellation and Korean Year counting method

Korean Traditional Poem, Sijo (시조)

Korean Traditional Beverages (한국의 전통 음료)

Korean Family Names (우리나라 성씨 소개)

Introducing Ramen in Korea (우리나라 라면 소개)

Korean Provinces and Cities

애국가 (Korean National Anthem)

Twelve Months in Pure Korean (순우리말) and more

Korean Age

Popular Study Apps in Korea (공부 앱)



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WESTWORLD — “Full Diagnostic” series.

1)Improvisation OnlyComplete[ 12ch, 51k ]

Being a Behavior technician requires a certain amount of dedication to the job — the rigorous type, bordeline rigid. That’s what’s expected to be at peak efficiency regarding analysis protocols and diagnostics for host service and calibration.
For that, Vivian thinks she might be the worst tech in her department.

Warning:violence, strong language, gun violence, death of host characters and a bit of angst. Also, humour and kind of a slow burn.

2)Journey Into NightComplete(translation ongoing) [ 70ch, 300k ]

Following the unforeseen events at Ford’s Gala, Vivian is trying to survive. And escape…

Warning: violence, strong language, more gun and knife violence, more angst, PTSD, death of host and human characters. Also, humour, some measure of fluff and resolving slow burn.

THE MANDALORIAN — “Tales of Clan Mudhorn” series.

1)The FoundlingsComplete[ 2 parts, 9k ]

POV young Din. Just after his rescue by the Mandalorians, Din and other children are brought to what will be their new home, and their new life.

Warning: children with PTSD, processing trauma, death of parents (mention). Also, some level of goof and humour, and Mandalorian good parenting.

2)Lost and FoundWork in Progress [ 8/16ch, ??k]

Multiple POVs. After leaving Nevarro, Din and the Child go on the quest for Jedi that the Armorer bestowed upon him. But how hard can it be to find one in the entire galaxy?!

Warning: S1 compliant, S2 divergent, SW-type of strong language, a lot of alien and droids languages, blasters and gunship violence, angst, hints of PTSD. Also, goof and humour, friendship, action and adventures.

Table of Content:
1—The Lead, 2— The Remnant, 3— Childhood, 4— The Stowaway, 5— The Scholar, 6— The Pet, 7— The Corellian Run, 8— The Jedi Planet,
9— TBA (writing), 10— TBA, 11— TBA, 12— TBA, 13— TBA, 14— TBA, 15— TBA, 16— TBA

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I’ve gotten a few asks requesting some research resources for writing characters who have Bipolar Disorder. I don’t have Bipolar, nor am I a mental health professional, but I have found some helpful resources from people who experience it in order to get you started.

Please let me know if you have any reading recommendations, and if you’d like to share your experiences! 

Also note: apologies I haven’t been able to answer asks the way I used to, as adult life and grad school keep me rigorously occupied. But I always appreciate the people who take the time to write to me!

Happy writing, everybody!


What it’s like to have bipolar, by people who have bipolar

What Bipolar Disorder Is Like, According to Women Who Live With It

My Story with Bipolar Disorder

This Is What It’s Actually Like to Live With Bipolar Disorder

What It’s Like to Be a Black Woman With Bipolar Disorder

Black and Bipolar: Our Melanin Does Not Shield Us From Mental Illness

Accounts from Black, Asian, and other People of Color living with Bipolar

Your Experience With Bipolar Disorder Depends on Your Race


Wishful Drinking, by Carrie Fisher 

Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life, by Melody Moezzi 

An Unquiet Mind, by Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD

Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country, by Merryl Hammond

Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life, by Ellen Forney

I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying: Essays, by Bassey Ikpi

OMG That’s Me: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and More…, by Dave Mowry


Living With Bipolar Type II

Destigmatizing Bipolar Depression

Finding Balance in Bipolar

What It’s Actually Like to Live With Bipolar Disorder

Living with Bipolar Disorder

What Hypomania Feels Like: Bipolar Disorder

Putting in a plug for Maria Bamford, a comedian with Bipolar. She keeps bootleg stuff off youtube, but her entire catalog is on Spotify and I cannot recommend her enough. Here’s a clip from a Comedy Central special. 

Seconding the rec for Carrie Fisher. She died right around the time I was first getting diagnosed myself and is still a huge comfort.

I have a diagnosis of Bipolar Type II myself and am glad to be a resource for questions as well.

Things To Research As A Celestial Witch


Celestial witches get most of their energies from cosmic and celestial bodies. AKA anything outer space, really :) They’re one of my favorite witches (all witches are my favorite lol) so of course I had to do a masterlist (I had to do it to ‘em).

Also, there are so many correspondences. But as always, you don’t have to research all of them to be considered a Cosmic/Celestial witch.


moon phases

special moons (blood moon, dark moon, etc.) and their magic

significance of each moon phase

moon water

solar water

how to charge items with the moon

crystals correspondence to the moon


zodiac signs

liminal space


how to use astrology with divination

astrology oriented tarot cards

astral projection

how to use celestial energy to ground/center

major constellations

how each celestial body affects you

universal/cosmic energies

 black holes


planetary spells

planetary botanical blends

star magick

planets correspondence to colors

planets correspondence to gods/goddesses

planets correspondence to crystals/stones

planets correspondence to days of the week

planets correspondence to elements

planets correspondence to zodiac signs

planets correspondence to elements

planets correspondence to types of divination

planets correspondence to metals

planets correspondence to intent

different types of cosmic magick (venusian, martian, lunar, etc.)

diy celestial sigils

meteor shower magick

cosmic altars

♡ That naked witch in the woods

Things To Research As A Sea Witch MASTERLIST

Sea witches are so interesting. They emit very loving and calm vibes. But also a very intense “calm before the storm” vibe. These individuals often work their magic on the sea shore or near the sea. Some who don’t live near the sea, works with close bodies of water.

This list is certainly not all you need to know, but I wrote as much as I could. You also don’t have research all of these either, they’re just suggestions! :)


ocean folklore

sacred bodies of water

water zodiac signs


the water element

element symbols

the history of ocean

the history of ocean gods/goddesses

water stones (crystals or stones associated to the element of water)

water plants (plants associated to the water element)

types of ocean magick

other types of water witches (ex. storm)

ocean life

magical uses of rainwater

magical uses of solarwater

magical uses of moonwater

hag stones

sea gods/goddesses

ocean cleansing

sea offerings

sand dollars

ocean oriented potions


water spells

moon phases (they affect the ocean)

types of sea salt

sea witch’s familiars


water spirits (sirens, mermaids, etc.)

banishing sea spells

seashell runes

healing sea spells

sea charms

importance of salt

lakes, rivers, and stream spirits

how to use things you find on the shore for magical purposes

how to be a sea witch when you’re not near the sea

how to gathered tools

how to start a sea altar

how to beachcomb

how to cast a circle

What is a sea priestess?

♡ That naked witch in the woods

Things To Research As A Green Witch MASTERLIST

A green witch is typically a witch who specializes and focuses on natural materials and energies. They are often skilled herbalists and probably enjoys gardening. Like a lot. You might be a baby green witch or an experienced one. Maybe even an eclectic one, no matter what, all is welcome!

I am most certainly not entitled to knowing everything about green witches but I want to help out some people when stuck on not knowing what to research.

As always, enjoy!

gif by @la-petitefille


edible plants :)

non Edible plants :(

other uses for non edible plants that’s not eating :)

history of herbal witchcraft

herbal brews


drying flowers/herbs

harvesting flowers/herbs

endangered plants (so you don’t accidently pick them)

medicinal plants/herbs




smoke blend recipes

different types of other natural based witches

seasonal magick

when to start sowing

when to reap

wheel of the year

types of plants

types of herbs

what types of animals/insects (bees, butterflies, etc.) do your flowers/herbs attract?

usage for *plant name*’s roots

usage for *plant name*’s stem

usage for *plant name*’s flowers

usage for *plant name*’s leaves

usage for *plant name*’s bark

usage for *plant name*’s seed


what are herb sachets?

pressed flowers <3

smoked herbs

poisonous plants

essential oils



gardening 101 (hehe)

what are some good botanical books?

the fae

candle correspondence to elements



sage (god, I love sage)







aloe vera

tea leaf readings

dear me, I almost forgot to mention plants

feel free to add on, loves!

♡ That naked witch in the woods

Things To Research As A Witch MASTERLIST

Always remember that each witch’s journey is a different one. You certainly do not have to research all of these in one go. Or all of it for that matter. Take your time and explore the possibilities of witchcraft, even if it’s one subject at a time. Witchcraft isnt strict on rules, find what suits you, there’s a place for everyone. And remember, always keep learning! :)

I tried to organize it somewhat (not really) Im going to start a series of master lists like this one for different types of witches too! So stick around for those but for now…


the history of witchcraft

types of witchcraft

types of magick

types of spells

types of witches

types of divination

types of herbs

types of energy








basic tools

lunar phases

candle magic

planetary correspondence

tarot cards

incense and oils

Animals and what they represent



astral projection

celestial bodies



edible plants

toxic plants

the tea sis

wheel of the year

Zodiac signs

moon/sun water



sacred items




witchy symbols

witches/wiccans terminology

witching on a budget

what is satanism and why do people confuse it with witchcraft?

witchcraft practices  (ex. circle casting)

difference between wiccans, witches, and pagans

similarities between wiccans, witches, and pagans

concoctions (potions, elixirs, brews, etc.)

good books to read about witchcraft

book of shadows and grimoires

the role of nature in witchcraft

tarots and how they work

how to consecrate items

how to take care of crystals

how to store herbs

Feel free to add on!

♡ That naked witch in the woods


Hey everyone! This is my list of resources I have made over the course of the existence of this blog, pertaining specifically to death witchcraft and spirit work. (EDIT: I also added divination because it is such a vital part of my own practice) I hope it helps some of you, and provides a resource for you to use! I’ve also thrown in my death work stuff as well. These posts are all mine, coming from separate blogs at times ( @shipping-the-gods,@the-daily-diviner, and @tarnished-headstone (@witchthatiam/@lonesome-bones are the names of this blog from a while ago)); none of these blogs are active. The only blogs I am active on are @shroud-of-roses and @breathing-in-gilded-dust (dodekatheism blog). 

Please note you can do these three practices individually, I just choose to put them together for my own personal practice! Pick what you like and use it if you desire.  



Resources, Essays, and Tips:

Spells & Rituals:


My Symbols and Artwork for Death Witches/Workers

Other Recommended Resources:

Some fun things:

One More Thing:



Updated 13/04/22

Welcome! This is the sideblog for writing, fic recs, and reads for me, @undutchable11. I’m so glad you’re here.

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Over 18s only, minors dni! Please indicate in your bio that you are over 18! I go through and will delete and block followers with no age indicators.

All probably contain smut of some kind, please heed warnings in each story.

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Weekend reading rec ❤️

About Me and Rules:

Hello! Welcome to the Hub!

Information: I go by Hubby, I’m in my 20’s, my pronouns are she/her & they/them! Writer on the side because I need an outlet and daydreaming/fantasizing in my head doesn’t go anywhere. I mostly write oneshots, drabbles, ficlets and long ass headcannons because I don’t trust myself with writing anything longer.

Fandoms: My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Haikyuu, Dorohedoro and many more!

Rules: I write mostly SFW on this blog, there is dark content from the past but any and all further NSFW will be directed on my other blog.


My Hero Academia.



Endeavor, Dabi & Shoto get sick HC’s.




All For One-

Demon Slayer

730 days

~on hiatus~

series masterlist

summary; y/n and billy go way back. two years ago the two of them managed to turn from enemies to lovers, after he had kidnapped her and forced her to pretend to be his girlfriend as to use her against her father, william rawlins.

warnings; mature themes, mature language, violonce, torture, abduction, angst, sexual content, smut (MINORS D.N.I. / 18+)


prologue|part 1|part 2|part 3|part 4* | part 5

To be continued…