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Dusk till Dawn- Billy Russo x Reader| X

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Fandom; Marvel & The Punisher

A/n; so i was thinking about finishing the series here, but then i had an incredible idea so please put your seatbelts onp.s. read the second a/n at the end ‘cause i don’t wanna spoil anything yet!!

Summary; Y/n receives a weird phone call.

warnings; fluff, angst, mature language, unedited work

words; 1.6k


Spring of 2018

It had been four months since you and Billy were finally leaving in peace, yet no upcoming pregnancy.

After that day on the beach and all the events that followed, you decided that you wanted to leave free for a little bit. Good thing that your ovulation was low and you didn’t actually got pregnant. Now, you were extremely happy that you could spend all the time that you wanted with your man.

You still kept in touch with your father and that’s how you know that he was intending to marry his- for so very long time- assistant- Pepper. You couldn’t be more happy about him. You knew that he loved her and you liked her very much too, so you wouldn’t mind calling her step- mother even though she was insisting on you calling her by her name, because she was saying that you wanted to be best friends- yes, she knew about you and Billy.

This morning your father called you again, to ask you if it’s okay with you to have another sibling. The first thing that came into your mind was that Pepper was probably pregnant, but no. He just told you that he had a dream that night that he and Pepper had a daughter called Morgan. You thought that was very sweet and of course you told him that you couldn’t be more excited about it.

However, he brought up the subject of having grandkids again, so you just rolled your eyes and told him that for the time being, you just wanted Billy all to yourself… he just called you ‘horny’ and that you need to calm your hormones down.

After you finished talking to him, you went in the kitchen to find your husband cooking. You approached him and wrapped your arms around his waist, placing your chin on his shoulder.

“Hello love…” He smiled down at you.

“Hi.” You blushed.

You couldn’t believe that after all these years, he still was able to make you blush without even trying.

“What are you cooking?” You asked him then.

“Your favorite, y/f/f.” He told you making you squeal and tighten your grip around his torso even more.

“I love you I love you I love you.” You giggled while standing on your toes and kissing his cheek multiple times making him giggle.

“You’re so cute.” He said while turning around, wrapping his arms around your thighs and lifting you onto the kitchen island as placed himself between your legs.

“No! You’re cute.” You fired back laughing.

He laughed with you and brought your lips into a loving kiss, while having his hands gently placed on your waist drawing circles under your shirt. By the time, the kiss deepened and your guided your own hands around his neck, bringing him even closer, as he squeezed the flesh of your waist.

“I love you too sweetheart.” He smiled when he pulled away, but before you could say anything he attacked his lips onto yours once more, kissing you even more passionately this time.

The palm of his hand started going downwards and stopped when he had finally grabbed your ass, slapping it playfully making you yelp into the kiss. As the kiss started getting even more heated, you heard your phone ringing and pulled away with a groan.

“Weren’t you just talking with your father?” Billy asked frustrated.

You didn’t answer him, because you were taken aback with the caller ID. It was an unknown number calling from the USA. You immediately panicked thinking that somehow Homeland had found out about your whereabouts.

“What is it?” Billy asked more worried now.

“I… it’s from the States.” You finally said making Billy’s eyes go wide.

“Don’t answer it.” He told you making you look at him with a arched brow.

“Are fucking stupid Billy that I’m going to answer the freaking phone when someone calls me from the States as we are actually wanted criminals?” You said sarcastically.

“That sounds so hot when you say it.” He smirked.

“Shut up Bill.” You said and your phone finally stopped ringing making you let out a deep breath.

“Thank God…” You exclaimed, but sooner or later it started ringing again.

“Turn it off.” Billy instructed.


“Turn it the fuck off, Y/n.” He repeated, but you didn’t move so he just grabbed your phone and pressed the off button.

“Ughh…” He sighed as he placed his head in the crook of your neck.

“It’s okay, Billy, they won’t find us. I promise.” You said while stroking his hair.

“But what if they already did? Who was calling you Y/n?” He asked you concerned.

“I don’t know Billy, but I promise you that if someone will ever try to hurt yo—”

“Don’t you dare say that you’re gonna use your powers.” He cut you off.


“No buts Y/n. You remember what happened last time. You don’t even know what I went through when you collapsed that day in my arms Y/n. It felt like I had just lost my whole world. I can’t get through that again, please.” He pleaded with tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

You were speechless.

“Promise me… promise me that you won’t use your powers, not even if the worlds ending.” He begged you.

“I promise you Billy, I won’t use my powers.” You finally said, kissing his forehead.

A few hours later, you had eaten your food and now you were both cuddled on the sofa while watching your favorite movie. Billy had literally spoiled you.

“Are you alright?” He asked as he saw your eyes closing.

“Hmm… just sleepy is all…” You said yawning.

“Time to take my Queen to bed then.” He said and got out of your arms before lifting you off the couch- bridal style- and leading you to your bedroom.

When he laid you down, you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him softly.

“Please, lay with me.” You pleaded.

“Okay baby, just wait a second to go downstairs to turn off the lights.” He exclaimed softly as he kissed your forehead and left.

Several minutes later, Billy hadn’t come back yet. Suddenly, reality hits you and you thought that someone had captured him. Panicked and worried you shot up from the bed and grabbed one of Billy’s guns that he had on his nightstand, before making your way downstairs carefully.

When you reached the living room, the lights were still on and the TV was playing the movie that you were watching previously. As you started searching the house, you didn’t find any evidence that someone had broken in. When you entered the kitchen, you found silence, but you saw your phone on top of the counter where you had left it in the morning. A thought crossed your mind then that the caller had to do something with Billy’s disappearance.

So, with no Billy around you grabbed your phone and turned it on, deciding to call back whoever had called you in the morning.

After a few seconds someone picked it up.

“Yes…” You heard a familiar voice.

“Who is this” You finally asked.

“Y/n?” You heard the person saying your name.

“Yes, it’s me Y/n, now tell who the fuck are you and why did you call me!” You demanded.

“Y/n it’s me, Bruce, Bruce Banner.” He said making you gasp.

“What? Bruce?” You were so confused.

“Y/n I called you because something terrible happened. Thank God your still here.” He sighed.

“Bruce, what’s going on?” You asked worried as you made your way to the living room where the lights were still on, in hopes that Billy had reappeared in some kind of way.

“I was in some planet with Thor and Loki and then Thanos appeared and I came back to the Earth and Stephen was here, Stephen Strange and something bad had happened and we called your father, Tony and he came and then I wanted to call you too, but you weren’t answering your phone and then that thing appeared in the sky and those three weird people, God if I can even call them ‘people’, came and then there was a fight, and Peter and your dad and Stephen went into that spaceship which took of to space and then we went to Wakanda and then there was an even bigger fight an—”

“MY FATHER WENT TO WHERE?! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING BRUCE?” You practically screamed into the phone.

“I’m so sorry Y/n…” Bruce said.

“You’re w—” You had started crying when you saw a shell of dust on the floor.

“Y/n, are you okay?” Bruce asked concerned due to your silence.

You looked at it confused and kneeled down to exam it.

“What happened next Bruce?” You asked him to continue as you were still curious about the tone of dust in your living room.

“You won’t like what’s next Y/n…” He warned you.

“Oh please my father is on space and my husband’s missing, what else could have gone wrong?” You said ironically.

“Billy’s missing?” He asked you worried.

“Yeah… and I don’t know what might’ve happened to him Bruce.” You said while trying to wipe your tears away.

“Y/n, when did Billy exactly disappear?” He said next.

“Like… thirty minutes ago, Bruce…” You sobbed.

“Y/n… 50% of the population of the Universe is gone…” He informed you and you choked on oxygen.

“What?!” You yelled.

“Thanos Y/n… he turned 50% of living species into dust.” He exclaimed and you felt like you lost the Earth from under your feet.

Part 11


a/n*; i know that there’s a big timespan between the events of civil war and infinity war, but for the story’s needs it will be like 4-5 months difference



Saga continues:

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Here we go:


*internally screaming*


I see this person’s coming’s for both of my adorable boys.


How dare you?


He isn’t dead. I’m calling it. And I know you also know it deep down.


You scrolled down and you wonder

“Wakanda bullshit is this?” I know. 

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If you go the website didthanoskill.me you will find out if you survived Thanos attack. I was spared

If you go the website didthanoskill.me you will find out if you survived Thanos attack. I was spared. Great, I can’t even die in the fictional alien attack :/

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So, in Poland you can buy water with your favourite Avenger A week ago I saw a kid who chose this instead of soda

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Happy Birthday, Tom Holland!

What more could I lose?What more could I lose?What more could I lose?What more could I lose?What more could I lose?

What more could I lose?

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daughtersofthanos: Tom Holland in the infinity War (2018) gag reeldaughtersofthanos: Tom Holland in the infinity War (2018) gag reel


Tom Holland in the infinity War (2018) gag reel

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am i the only one who ships quill and tony after watching the new trailer?

y'all are thirsting over Steve even when Gamora snapping her fingers was the clearly the real panty wetter in the trailer