#love poem


Oh New York ! Oh New York !

When will I see you again

The memories have faded but those feelings remained from when our story began,

The misty eastern breeze touching past my face,

The smell of burning gas from the ford going at pace,

The wet streets, the smokey aisles,

the noisy kids you can hear from miles.

Oh New York I have felt you and let me feel you again.

I’ve felt the black, I’ve felt the white,

I’ve felt the snow of the winter night.

Central Park and morning dew,

A waiting line to taste the brew.

The cheap plays, the shiny lights,

The busy sidewalks every night.

Oh New York I dream of you everyday,

This poem will never be complete until I feel you again someday….!

‘Finite’ Poem

Written by The Silicon Tribesman. All Rights Reserved, 2020.

“We did things only lovers do in the dark

but we did them in the bright of day

Under the warmth of the sun

With smiles and laughter”


I warned you

To the boy who fell in love with me

You can’t say I didn’t warn you

Can’t call me a bitch

Like I didn’t already you that I was one

I wear my story on my sleeves

It’s not my fault you didn’t read in between the lines

I told you not to love me

I told you I was known to flirt with others

You should’ve read the terms and conditions before you checked you accepted

Because I will lie straight to your face and kiss you all in the same breath

My favorite color is red

Because it matches the flags that I bare

I get pleasure from playing games

You shouldn’t have stray to close

Now you are entangled in this web

I will haunt you at every place that you go

Every song that you hear

I’m not one for love

I told you that to begin with

I told you I would break your heart

So don’t you dare say I didn’t warn you


The girl you’ll never forget”

-Day 586

“People always ask me how I can be friends with my ex’s and I tell them I can because I no longer love them like that but when in reality I don’t know how to let go of the ones I love.”

-Day 580

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

— Dr. Seuss