will forever be frustrated at the amount of potential to develop relationships between the encanto charactere that a 120-minute long film didn’t have time to explore… mirabel is the same age as camilo. are they good friends? do they get along? did dolores feel jealous about isabela marrying the guy she loved? did isabela know about her feelings towards him? what’s the sibling dynamic like between dolores, camilo and antonio?? heck what’s the sibling dynamic like between isabela and luisa?? we see mirabel talk to her parents a lot during this film but julieta and agustin hardly talk to luisa or isabela. what’re their interactions like?? camilo is 15, so he was about 10 when antonio was born. was he excited to have a little brother??

@ Disney, hey, look, you did a really good job churning out MCU spinoffs. now please please do one for the madrigal family too

remember guys he’s not a dilf unless he has:

  • a seven-foot frame
  • rats along his back
  • when he calls your name it all fades to black

“I’m tired of pretty, I want something real, don’t you?”

Isabela Madrigal

Did anyone else think “Ophelia!” when they saw Mirabel from Encanto, or is that just me?



I finally draw Isa for the first (third actually but this one is official) time in my life!

Señorita Perfecta Isabela with her pink flowers and pink things

(it’s a dtiys by @/axuuuuumii high school au on Instagram!)



My friend and I were head over heels because of the early character of Pepa. Especially the fact that she wears a rainbow cape, she has the perfect Bi Wife Energy!

We came to the conclusion that it’s really a shame that Disney robbed us of that character (even though I loooove the final version of Pepa, I wouldn’t trade her for the world )

So we were thinking of how to include Beta!Pepa into the Madrigal family and my friend came up with the Idea of creating a Poly couple with Beta!Pepa, Pepa and Félix and I was in love with that idea!

But first I have to make some things clear:

1. I changed her name from ‘Beta!Pepa’ to 'Paquita’ since it’s only appropriate for her to get her own identity. That name means 'free’ which is perfect for a daredevil like her

2. Her and Pepa are obviously NOT related to each other in any way!

3. Paquita doesn’t have the gift of indestructibility like in the concept, since she’s not part of the family Madrigal.

4. Encanto is about generational trauma and we all know that. With that AU I don’t want to take away from it! It’s just supposed to be a fun project of mine.

misshollyslair:Not very original, but my favorite character from #Encanto was Dolores ❤️


Not very original, but my favorite character from #Encanto was Dolores ❤️

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beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)beyonce-knowles-carter:What else can I do?ENCANTO (2021)


What else can I do?

ENCANTO (2021)

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Where’d your brain go, Madrigal? (pt.14)

Paring - Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader

Warnings - Reader does get really uncomfortable with physical intimacy from another character, it does bring them to the point of breaking down. Slight (and by slight i mean VERY slight) sexual implications but nothing unsanitary or unholy.

18+ users, and proshippers/gross people please dni

Note - ITS BEEN 3000 YEARS,,, i got SUPER busy with school then went on an unplugged trip!! INCREDIBLY SORRY for the long wait! i rlly hope its worth it this was originally supposed to be ari fanservice but… no…. N E WAYZ READ

Taglist - @xdyledz,@solislunastellaes,@duckymomo002,@m1ntyspiiees,@tigreost,@aysenademir,@inky-clover,@stackie4ever,@fellovestoons,@mysticfire0435,@chxwrites,@damnzelsoul,@jammaeis,@akira-ri00

Summary - Camilo is any other 15 year old boy; hormonal, annoying, and a complete and utter jerk. Being the cousin of your best friend, you have to deal with him a lot- but it’s not like you really mind. At all.

Part 1,Part 2,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5,Part 6,Part 7,Part 8,Part 9, Part 10,Part 11,Part 12,Part 13, Part 14

Sitting down in the chair facing the mirror, you ran your brush carefully through your h/c hair. You had just changed out of your uniform and into more comfortable clothes (opting for shorts, a theater t-shirt, and sneakers), and were sitting in front of the vanity in the dressing room before practice. It was a long day; you had a few tests, your socks came back wet after volleyball, and you were very sweaty for whatever reason that particular day. You were extremely tired- but it was okay. You had rehearsal, and today they were moving forward in scene progression. Your water bottle sat in front of you, so you went ahead and grabbed it- taking a swig. 

You leaned forward in your chair, putting your hands on your face as your elbows reached the vanity. The other girls changing in here had come in and out, but you were sure to be alone now as their scenes had started a couple of minutes ago. You yourself had a few minutes before you needed to be on stage, taking a little break to get ready. You adjusted yourself to sit crossed legged, and sighed. 

Yeah, you were exhausted. 

It was Thursday evening. Sort of the start of the couple days you had been looking forward to. In rehearsal, the cast was going to run through the kissing scene for blocking- which would be smooth and super fun, since the one you had to kiss was Camilo. You guys already had a little “impromptu” practice in for that already. Tomorrow evening, you’d be having dinner with Camilo’s family. Your parents had said yes, as long as Camilo had you home before nine. You giggled to yourself in nervousness as the butterflies crept up your stomach; you had met at least miss Pepa before, and it was when she practically broke into Mirabel’s house during one of your sleepovers to tell Julieta something “urgent” (all you knew what that it pertained to hair).

You knew she’d recognize you, but you also didn’t know how much Camilo had told her about you- so you were excited to see how things would play out. Mister Felix sounded like a ball of sunshine, and you died of heart convulsions every time Camilo would fawn over Antonio. You didn’t know if his older sister Dolores would be there or not, and he said the same thing- she lived in a different part of town, and had a busy life with her kid and her job as an audiologist. He had invited her, but also understood completely if she couldn’t make it. 

Aside from that, this was a rehearsal you were looking forward to. The previous had been pretty tedious, and didn’t really involve your character much- which had you on the side either watching or helping with the stage as they worked Camilo to the brim. When the understudies came in, you tensed as you felt the shift in dynamic with Ari’s presence onstage. 

Bitterness. Anger. Envy. 


You were pretty sure that Ari wouldn’t be too involved today. You knew he’d seen you guys making out by the janitor’s closet, and it kind of messed with you a bit. You didn’t mean to hurt him- but you probably did. The thought of Ari upset you, so you tried getting your mind off of him.

Knock knock knock. 

The abrupt knocking at the door made you turn around in your seat.

“Who is it?” You called out, running your fingers through your hair as you expected it to be someone telling you that Doc Bruno was ready for you onstage. 

“Your mom.” A familiar voice rang out from behind the door- a voice that put a smile on your face. You rolled your eyes at the stupid joke, and got up from your seat to open the door for him. You pulled down on the handle, and there he stood. 

The tall boy lounged against the doorframe with his arm on the wall like a “bad boy” (it made you roll your eyes until you almost blacked out). He was dressed comfortably, out of his uniform. He wore an Encanto Valley Capybaras athletic shirt, athletic shorts that raised only a little bit above his knee, long socks that corresponded with his outfit, and vans. He was dressed like the average high school dude, only with the glam that screamed he was coming out from the top of popularity. His brown curls moved just as mesmerizing as usual (with every small movement), his tan skin held a built look, and his pretty green eyes displayed his excitement, playfulness, happiness- and veiled nervousness to be with you

“Hey dum dum.” You spoke, giving him a happy look. He responded with a lopsided smile, and suddenly pushed his way into the girl’s dressing room. Your eyes widened as you held your hands out. 

“Wo-woah! Camilo! Are we even allow-”

He closed the door behind him with his foot, and wrapped his arms around your body- pining your arms to your sides as you were pressed up against him. A blush quickly swept clean across your face as he looked down at you with a smug look. 

“You look beautiful, mi vida.” He spoke in a wildly flirtatious tone as his eyes flickered back and forth from your eyes to your lips. The boy absolutely claimed you with his gaze- shattering your mind with those green eyes.

“Th-Thanks-flaco.” You managed through your nervousness and pounding heart, trying to come up with something witty, but also being held captive in his gaze. The strong hold of his built arms held your arms in place, which only made your heart pound more. He smirked at the sight of your embarrassed face, and only laughed as you realized you couldn’t move your hands to cover your blush. 

In a few small moments, Camilo’s lips softly came down on yours. You closed your eyes as you embraced it, your feet following Camilo’s lead as the two of you walked towards the wall. Your mind and heart raced at an equally fast speed as Camilo kissed you further. Eventually, you were against the wall and Camilo’s arms were around your head. You grabbed his torso, and he put his hands on your hips. 

His kiss and embrace was a spell.

He was a spell.

You couldn’t break through that spell- and you were fine with that. 

Suddenly, you and Camilo abruptly stopped when a knock sounded loudly on the door. 

“Y/n? I’m coming in-” Shouted the very familiar voice of Catarina as the door opened. You both tried to quickly react, but your entanglement led to you tripping over Camilo’s long leg and the both of you losing balance as you stumbled to the floor. Camilo landed on top of you as you fell on the floor, and Catarina walked in.

“Doc Bruno says to wrap it u-” She abruptly cut out at the sight of the two of you on the floor- Camilo lazily on top, trying to get up, and you under him with wide eyes. Catarina’s own eyes widened as she snorted, her hand shot to her mouth, and she backed out of the dressing room.

“Hurry up and finish okay!” You heard her yell. Hot with embarrassment, you scrambled up from the half shocked-half amused Camilo. You whipped around to him as he slowly got up from the floor. 

“We’re idiots!” You fumed, rubbing your forehead in exhilaration. “That could’ve been anyone else! One of your old friends, Mirabel, a loudmouth-”


“Don’t ‘hey’ me, Camilo! Do you understand how badly that could have turned out?!” You snapped, eyes narrowed. You didn’t at all appreciate his lack of seriousness. 

He walked up to you, and put his hands on your shoulders. 

“Yeah, and I’m sorry. I’ll make sure we’re more careful next time. But we’re alright. It’s just Catarina- she keeps secrets better than she counts to ten.”

You loosened in his hold, and calmed down as it occurred to you that he was indeed taking it seriously. You heaved a sigh.

“Without using her fingers.”

He smiled. 

“I’llnever let anything bad happen to you, okay?” Camilo whispered, with the most sincere look in his green eyes. You put your hand on his wrist, and smiled in content. 


He reached down and kissed your forehead, taking your hand in his. Your chest filled with butterflies as you observed him. Yeah, having a hispanic boy… Partner… Friend was amazing. He was super affectionate, and you loved him. 

The both of you walked out of the dressing room, and made your way to the main stage where you could already hear Doc Bruno and Ashby giving loud instructions. You walked up to Catarina as Camilo went towards Doc Bruno onstage, probably going to ask a question. She saw you coming, and shot you a knowing look as you approached her. You made sure your eye roll was visible when you reached the girl.

“Hey- you know we weren’t doing anything… Y’know…” 

She looked at you with a raised eyebrow.

“Cat, come on. The most we’ll do is… Very intimately make out, okay? Don’t you dareeven think about freakin’ telling Mirabel either.” You admitted, embarrassed. Catarina gave you a satisfied smile. 

“Alright, thanks for the good info!” She sang. You scoffed, and your head turned as you heard Ashby call you to the stage. You briskly made your way up to the stage, standing beside Camilo once you reached it. You both had your scripts in hand, and waited for the ensemble to get their stuff in order for the progression. Once they were done, Doc Bruno pulled out two chairs from the set pieces and put them in front center stage. 

“Alright. Madrigal, I want you in this blue chair here on the left. Y/n, take this wooden one on the right.” Ashby spoke, not looking up from his notes- but pointing to the said chairs. You and Camilo, took your seats while holding onto your scripts, and waited. It took a couple of moments for Ashby to stop muttering to himself, and then he looked back at the two of you. 

“Okay. Take a look at scene seventeen in your scripts. I know we crossed some things out in our cold reads, so this shouldn’t be that hard. But I will say this; I want your kiss to give the audience a certain implication-” While Ashby spoke, Camilo wiggled his eyebrows at you. It took an act of congress for you to keep your composure. 

“-that Thomas isn’t a kid anymore. He’s really reaching the serious stage of his adolescence, and this moment is where that occurs. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Got it.”

Ashby nodded, then walked offstage to sit in the front row seats with Doc Bruno. Next to him, Doc Bruno clapped.

“Alright, show on the road! Hit the lights, Anakin. I want them all off except for the one center-stage spot. Madison and Kaiyo, make sure their mics are full. This is a pivotal moment in the production,“he yelled. With the orders, all lights turned off with the exception of the one spotlight on you and Camilo. The two of you got into character, sitting differently and holding each others’ hands as the characters did in the stage direction. 

“Annnd… Action!”

So it began. 

“I… See things, Eliza. The goldfish in the canal. The tank water turned to blood. The dead frogs. Maybe, it’s because I want to see them. Maybe it’s because I’m insane. But I know that for sure.”

You smiled, and put your hand on his face.

“You’re a silly boy, you know?  Funny little boy. It didn’t stop at the canal. Remember the trolley?”

“Far too well.”

“You aren’t insane, Thomas. No matter what that horrible father of yours may say. You aren’t insane, you aren’t a failure, and you aren’t wicked. You’re you. You have a wonderful mind. A powerful imagination. Incredible intellect. I don’t know a single person who can beat you with wit. You’re wonderful. You’re perfect. You’re… Everything to me.”

“You really mean that?”

“Want me to prove it to you?”

A pause was given for effect, and you moved in first for theatrical reasons. You kissed him, then he pulled  away abruptly. His eyes widened as a look of fear and hesitation came across his face. You tilted your head in a confused manner. 

“Is… Everything alright, Thomas?”

A beat. Another beat. Around three seconds of silence, then Camilo’s face transforms- from scared to determined. From anxious to devoted. From hesitant to hellbent. 

Camilo then quickly went in for a kiss, this one being much more deep, intense, and physical. It lasted a few seconds, then-

“Alright, good!”

After that, the scene was gone over by them many more times. Corrections were made in attitude, tone, physical appearance, and wording. It was altogether pieced, and you couldn’t have been more satisfied by the end. Doc Bruno called in for the understudies, and you got up off your chair to stretch. 

“That went really well.” Camilo said, getting up. 

“Yeah! It was kinda fun too.”

“Why? Cause you got the privilege of kissing Camilo?” He said, holding his hands together up to his face and lifting his leg up.

“You’re hilarious, but it might be the other way around.” You snorted. 

“I believe you.”

Glancing sideways, you saw Ari walk onstage. Seeing him too, Camilo took your hand and the two of you began walking off. You were almost out too, when-

“Hold up a second- Y/n!” You heard Ashby call. You poked your head out from the curtain. 

“Chrisiana’s out sick, so you’re gonna have to fill in for the understudy role today. We’ll have extra practice with them, but since we have everyone here we don’t wanna waste. Alright?” He asked- not really asking, but more of a silent order. 

You nodded.

But it was only seconds later when it hit you-

You were going to have to kiss Ari.


Multiple times. 

Your head all but flew to look at Camilo, who was frozen in worry. Obviously, he realized it too. He intensely waved his arms for you to go back to him. 

You looked behind you, and there Ari stood. His facial expression was emotionless. Even bored, perhaps. But the guy was a liar. If you hadn’t known him for the years you did, you wouldn’t be able to see right through him like you were now. And what you saw? 

Veiled triumph- especially as he stared at Camilo. 

“Uh- I’ll be a quick second, Mr. Ashby. I have to use the restroom.” You said, resisting the urge to bolt offstage and out the auditorium doors to avoid the situation altogether. He gave you a thumbs up, and you ran to the wide-eyed Camilo behind the curtain. When you reached him, you both quickly ran to a private area. 

“This is the worst thing that could’ve happened.” He gritted, glancing over to the stage. 

“Crap! Camilo! I don’t wanna do this. I know I should have the theater mindset and not care but… Things are too weird right now! He hasn’t even apologized, he punched you, and I- Ugh! I don’t want to let him just get what he wants!”

“I know. Me neither. If anyone else had to kiss you for the play, I wouldn’t care- but him? This is pissing me off. It’s pissing me off!”

You stayed quiet as anxiety swelled up in your chest. As a reaction to your feelings, tears welled up in your eyes. 

“I’m gonna kill him if he thinks he can just do this to you-” Camilo snarled, not seeing your face. But when he looked down into your eyes, his anger softened into concern. 

“Hey, it’s okay mami. You don’t need to do this if you don’t want to. I’ll make sure of it- Doc Bruno’s totally my tio. He’s also righteously terrified of my mama.” He said, pulling you into a hug with one hand, and wiping your tears with the other. You inhaled deeply. 

“No. I’m gonna do this- we’re not gonna give him that satisfaction of knowing he got a reaction. I’m gonna go there, and I’m going to act, and it’s gonna be anything else I’ve ever done. And after that, we’ll go to the paletera.” You spoke bluntly, a determined look taking over your face. You and Camilo were happy; Ari wasn’t going to take that away. 

“You’re somethin’ else, y’know?” Camilo said, flashing you a smile.

“Oh trust me, I know.”

The two of you turned around, and made your way back to the stage. In the center, there sat Ari- reading through his script. Even when you came, he paid no attention to you. You fought the urge to scoff loudly. 

“Oh-kayy! Y/n, you just did this, so you should be fine. Now Ari, I assume you were doing your job and watching the last runthrough with Camilo. If so, you should have a pretty solid idea of what and what not to do. Let’s take this from the top, ready?” Doc Bruno shouted, clapping his hands for the stage crew. 

And just like that, it happened again. 

You both said your lines. Ari’s deliverance was much different from Camilo’s in style, but about the same in theatrical technicality. You said your lines the same, then the time came. Before you went in for the kiss, you were abnormally reluctant- then you did it. 

When Ari pulled away, you wished that was the end of it. 

“Is… Everything alright, Thomas?”

Of course not. 

Then Ari got his way. 

He went in swiftly for the kiss. Maybe a little too impactful on your end, and his lips moved hard upon yours. Your discomfort was visible as you gripped your chair, fighting back the tears that came with the displeasure of the situation. But Ari didn’t care- he kept going further. The hell seemed to last forever. Not being able to take it anymore, you yanked back, and stood up. Ari looked up at you, almost confused. In the corner of your eye, you saw Catarina and Camilo. 

“Y/n?” Doc Bruno asked in a worried tone. 

“I- Uh- I have to go, Doc. I’m sorry. I’ll be here tomorrow.” You said, briskly walking offstage. Not stopping for Camilo or Catarina, you grabbed your bag and pushed your way out of the auditorium doors and into the hallway. You faintly heard Catarina assuring Camilo she’d take care of things with the directors, but you didn’t stop to go do it yourself. 

It was hurting too much.

“Y/n!” Camilo’s voice rang out through the otherwise empty hallway. 

You didn’t respond, but kept walking. His walking pace picked up into a speed walk behind you, and then eventually a run to catch up with you. 

“Y/n hold on-”

You abruptly stopped, spinning around to look at Camilo. Your face was on the absolute verge of a breakdown, as you were already hiccuping. 

“That was- I- That was horrible, Camilo- I-” Your voice broke. “He wouldn’t stop- it was- I-”

Unlike usual, Camilo didn’t touch you. He kept his hands at a distance- figuring the last thing you’d want right now is another guy touching you. He was hiding a fit of rage- a hatred for Ari. But also, a hatred for himself. He just watched as some desperate loser kissed the girl he loved with the bare minimum of your consent. He watched it, and let it happen. What he just saw went against everything his papa taught him. But with his intense anger, there was an overwhelming feeling of hurt. Not because of you, and not because of Ari- but because you were in front of him, hurting like hell, and he couldn’t figure out how to make you forget.

“We were never like this- I miss… But he’s so- He’s- He’s different.” You cried, the tears finally breaking through with your sobs. Camilo looked like he was deeply pained to see you this way. 

You let your head fall on his shoulder, and he reluctantly wrapped his arms around you. You cried into his shirt, and then he began holding you tighter. He rubbed circles on your back, and held a kiss to your head as he comforted you. 

Está bien, mi vida. Está bien.

And it was as if the built up tension inside you- from missing Ari- from everything changing- finally let out as you sobbed into Camilo’s shoulder. 


Reminder: The things Camilo and Bruno wear are NOT ponchos! I’m Colombia, they are called ruanas!


I enjoyed Encanto


Mirabel, Isabela and Camilo - Spoilers for Encanto

Okay, so the part where Camilo and Isabela rush to the rooftop, with Mirabel, when the house is falling apart… I really love that scene!


They’re going cuz they’re trying to get to Mirabel. They’re going after her

They’re not trying to get to the candle. I don’t care if thats not the reason behind the scene in the official script, - to me- they’re desperately trying to get their sister/cousin out of danger

Mirabel wants to save the magic, but at that moment Isa and Camilo just want her safe and with the rest of the family, out. of. the. crashing. house.

I need to rewatch the scene because initially I thought they were reaching for the candle. December 24th cannot come faster.

xuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite charxuxialling: @pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members @fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite char


@pscentral​ mini event: get to know the members
@fantasysociety  game 2 | favourite character

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I’m gonna tell my grandkids this is Forbush Man

I’m gonna tell my grandkids this is Forbush Man

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We have Bruno’s birthday

We have Bruno’s birthday



Basically just me projecting my own health issues onto poor Bruno I’d love to hear what you think!