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will forever be frustrated at the amount of potential to develop relationships between the encanto charactere that a 120-minute long film didn’t have time to explore… mirabel is the same age as camilo. are they good friends? do they get along? did dolores feel jealous about isabela marrying the guy she loved? did isabela know about her feelings towards him? what’s the sibling dynamic like between dolores, camilo and antonio?? heck what’s the sibling dynamic like between isabela and luisa?? we see mirabel talk to her parents a lot during this film but julieta and agustin hardly talk to luisa or isabela. what’re their interactions like?? camilo is 15, so he was about 10 when antonio was born. was he excited to have a little brother??

@ Disney, hey, look, you did a really good job churning out MCU spinoffs. now please please do one for the madrigal family too

“I’m tired of pretty, I want something real, don’t you?”

Isabela Madrigal

“He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised, and someday be mine.”

I’m about 5 months late but I really love this movie also, hi!! It has been a whileee but I hope you guys are doing alright!!


Gonna do my Encanto hcs because I can and feel like it.

Disclaimer: I am white, and I’m trying my very best not to take away from the culture of the movie with these. I don’t have these hcs because I want representation, I just think I see these traits in these characters and this is all for fun blah blah blah you know the drill.


- I’m thinking lesbian. I feel like most people have explained this one to death but the rundown is basically she just Gives Those Vibes + comphet

- autistic!!! What Else Can I Do tells the story of a girl learning to unmask so clearly. Also Isabela’s whole perfect persona gives big masking vibes. Idk I just think it’s neat.

- gifted kid burnout /hj


- autistic once again!! Her sensory overload is a MOOD and there’s a lot of fun stuff to play with there. Told a guy “you talk so loud” as a compliment.


- adhd and autism. She very much has a “thinking out loud” personality. Special interest in sewing!! Always moving, sensory seeking.

- I don’t have a specific sexuality hc for her but I feel like she’s mspec.


- autistic! She strokes her braid to calm down/as a stim, emotional dystrguation, and also I just think Pepa and Dolores both being autistic is neat. Also people not understanding how to handle her emotions.

- as a friend pointed out, there’s a lot of overlap between ASD and BPD, and I think Pepa slides right into that sweet spot.


- gay, but specifically the brand of gay that only a theatre boy can be.

- questioning his gender hardcore, but not quite there yet. Not totally cis tho.

- Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. No further comment.


May I interest you with some lovely details in Encanto’s costume designs?

Brought to you by the Art of Encanto book

First off my darling Luisa. I’m obsessed.

I love her clothes in the movie and I’m so happy they went with that look but also I…

I love her your honor.

Anyway, I am also OBSESSED with the details they give us about Felix’s shirt I mean

“Embroidery direction” are you kidding me. Also all the cultural references in this movie. Love.

Shoutout to Dolores and Agustin. We adore his socks. Also the hair design deserves it’s own post.

Just… HER

Only 10 pictures tumblr that’s not enough anyway here’s a quick Isabela & Mirabel

This movie is a work of art

pocheroes:ISABELA MADRIGAL voiced by DIANE GUERREROENCANTO (2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bushpocheroes:ISABELA MADRIGAL voiced by DIANE GUERREROENCANTO (2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bushpocheroes:ISABELA MADRIGAL voiced by DIANE GUERREROENCANTO (2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bushpocheroes:ISABELA MADRIGAL voiced by DIANE GUERREROENCANTO (2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bushpocheroes:ISABELA MADRIGAL voiced by DIANE GUERREROENCANTO (2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bushpocheroes:ISABELA MADRIGAL voiced by DIANE GUERREROENCANTO (2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bush


ENCANTO(2021) dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bush

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I was rereading some of my seer Julieta posts and now I decided that during the rebuilding of Casita Julieta bonded with her daughters by playing matchmaker with them. They were trying to get Dolores with Mariano and Bruno with Osma.

They even got Augustin to join in too. He was grateful for Bruno’s help during those ten years and now wants to see Bruno happy with the love of his life.

Pepa was a little harder to convice until Julieta said that it looked like it might rain on their wedding day in her vision.

Pepa, who made it her life goal to make it rain on both of her siblings’ wedding days after they flooded her brain on her’s, immediately agrees to help.

When You Plan a Whole Proposal Party But Nobody Pays Attention to the Proposal (or the vegan cuisine)

Gang’s All Here

Billie: Ty and Melissa teach our adult dance classes. Jules has been my friend since he moved to the city 5 years ago. Briala also works at the dance studio. Isabela would rather be at the club.

Isabela: We’re too grown to be at an arcade.

Billie / Giichi: It’s a barcade.

Briala: Schematics.

Rico: Nobody calls me Jules anymore. It’s Rico.

Billie: “Rico,” she says with disdain.

Rico: Actually, Billie, you can call me whatever you want.

She’s not your girlfriend, though. Please stop; you’re not Jay.


What else can I do?

sabeedraws: elsabela ship week (hosted by @elsabelas) day 1; Snowy Cuddles! finished with flat colou


elsabela ship week (hosted by @elsabelas) day 1; Snowy Cuddles! finished with flat colours cause I haven’t coloured anything in uh a lot of months haha but I think it turned out cute

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More Encanto Hcs

Because I’m procrastinating

Madricest bitches know that I’m mentally punching you in the throat

-Antonio is a little shit to Camilo every day. Little Shit behavior started as soon as he could walk. Camilo took it as a challenge though so they have mini prank wars that no one knows about

-The more negative Bruno feels when performing a prophecy, the more negative the prophecy is. If he really doesn’t want to do it, he’s more likely to show you a vision of your dog dying than meeting the love of your life. The reason the vision worked for Mirabel was bc he started to get excited once he saw the butterfly

-Both Pepa and Dolores are extremely blunt, sometimes to the point of offense. They’ll look you in the eye, tell you your face looks like crap and walk away. Dolores does this because she Does Not Care and never will. Pepa does this because she cannot read a room for shit

-Luisa has very soft and fluffy hair

-Agustin can actually be incredibly smooth on a good day. When they first met, Julieta thought he was just a cute, clumsy nerd until one day he rolled up to her table, pulled out the cleanest one-liner ever and left her a flustered mess. The illusion was immediately broken when he tripped on air while walking away but she had already fallen hard by then

-Isabela, Dolores, and Pepa have days where they’ll meet up in one of their rooms (usually Dolores’) and gossip for hours.

-At some point in their lives every grandkid has accidentally called their tia ‘Mami’. Pepa and Julieta absolutely adore it when this happens and it usually leads to a lot of cooing and smothering kisses as the grandkid in question tries to escape with their dignity

-Felix is a chess grandmaster

-Pepa and Bruno used to beat the shit out of each other on a daily basis for literally no reason. They would be walking down the same corridor, share a Look and immediately start squaring up. It baffles everyone to this day

-Luisa loved being held but she grew very quickly and soon no one was able to pick her up or give her good hugs anymore. The solution Julieta was to lay Luisa’s head in her lap and gently stroke her face and hair. It works every time and different members of the family will do this if they notice she’s feeling stressed out

-Mirabel got away with absolutely everything as a kid bc she was so damn cute. Her puppy dog eyes were especially lethal since the glasses amplified them.

-Luisa has a love of reading that she got from Alma who read to her nearly every day at one point.

-No adult in the Madrigal household has ever laid hands on their children and no adult ever will.

-Every Madrigal has an extremely deep-set sense of loyalty, Alma and Luisa especially. If you can worm your way into their hearts they’re pretty much ride or die for you unless you mess with their family.

-Dolores is the type of girl to step away and call the cops if anyone even thinks about trying to touch her. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fight

-Isabela on the other hand will throw down all day and every day. As soon as anyone gives her a reason she pops tf off. She doesn’t even use her powers, just 16 years of pent up aggression and a slowly building tolerance for pain

-Julieta has said “when I was your age…” to her triplet siblings at least once

-Isabela can create sentient potato people because fuck Disney for cutting that out

-Pepa looks a lot like her Abuela. Alma wasn’t able to save any pictures of her when they fled but she often talks about her.

-Luisa and Agustin have daddy-daughter book clubs

-Pepa doesn’t actually need to feel any particular emotion to summon weather. She can just want it to rain and boom, rain. However, she can’t control it at all when her emotions get the best of her.

-Bruno is quite the fan gossip himself. He doesn’t usually speak much but he’ll listen in on the Pepa and the girls’ sessions and they do his hair

-Julieta can just touch anything edible and it will become magical. Her logic is why wait for someone to make the food and go around putting her hands in everybody’s plates afterward when she can just make the meals herself

-Pepa is one of those people that will say she can do something she absolutely cannot do and practice it everyday until she gets good at it out of spite. Because of this she is surprisingly versatile. It’s one trait Isa and Mirabel picked up from her


-When they were teenagers, the triplets promised each other that they would not outlive one another. When Bruno vanished without warning, everyone initially assumed the worst. For the next few weeks, Felix and Agustin glued themselves to their wives’ sides to make sure they didn’t do anything…drastic.

-Alma had to do things…she isn’t proud of in order to ensure her family’s saftey when the Encanto was risen, especially after the triplets got their gifts. Most people were more than happy to follow her lead but there were many who saw a naive young woman with three magic piggy banks. And they were more than willing to hurt to get what they wanted

-Julieta can’t heal herself. Everyone found this out the hard way when she tripped on Bruno’s stairs and cracked her head on the steps.

-Pepa accidentally killed a man with lightning once. Alma stroked her hair as her daughter sobbed into her chest and said she would take care of it. Anyone who asks about the man is told he left to visit family. Anyone who pries further gets a visit from the town leader. No one asks about the man

-Isabela had an identity crisis a few years before canon where she constantly questioned whether her family actually loved heror if they just loved the front she put up. This caused her to be snappish and cold towards them for a few months, especially Mirabel. She eventually made up with almost everyone. Mira though? Not so much.


Part one


Please note that Abuela Alma also faces immediate trauma. Immediate.Her children and grandchildren face generational trauma, but her trauma is immediate. Not passed down. It’s trauma she experienced in the moment and was never, ever given a chance to fully recover. 

That impacts everything she does. 

This isn’t an excuse as everyone has said, but her actions aren’t worth hating her, at all. Not like some people have done. Not when she works to correct herself directly afterwards. She owns up to her mistakes, and burdens the brunt of what she did. 

Not even Triton did that in the Little Mermaid, not until the end. 

Y’all are being way to fucking harsh on her.

These mfs: Give us female characters with flaws!!

Flawed female character: *Is not young and pretty*

Them: Ew nvm

Broke: Dolores ruined Isabela’s proposal bc she wanted Mariano for herself

Woke: Dolores ruined Isabela’s proposal bc she knew Isa didn’t want to marry him and didn’t care if she got Mariano or not

Random Encanto Hcs

I’m bored

Madricest freaks stay the fuck back or get popped in the mouth

-Dolores is the best musician in the Encanto. She can match tone and harmonize perfectly and has a beautiful voice. Her room has an orchestra pit at the foot of her bed that she practices in almost daily. People often commission her to play at big events

-Mirabel and Camilo looked veryalike when they were younger. They were impossible to tell apart when Mira took off her glasses. Dolores and Isabela were nearly identical as babies but the difference in hair texture gave them away

-Luisa, Agustin, Julieta, Dolores, and Alma are cat people. Felix, Pepa, Mirabel, Camilo, Antonio, and Isabela are all dog people. Bruno is a rat guy.

-Alma taught Mirabel the basics for embroidery and bought her some self-help books when she wished to learn more. She also bought Mira her sewing machine

-Agustin is so clumsy bc he’s straight up wearing the wrong type of glasses and no one has realized it yet

-The grandkids consider both Pepa and Julieta to be their mothers in all but name. And treat them as such. Because of this Isabela got many of her personality traits from Pepa and Dolores got hers from Julieta

-Camilo can also shift into animals and objects he just doesn’t do it often bc switching to an entirely different anatomy feels very gross

-Antonio’s love of animals started with Bruno, who would sneak into the nursery when no one else was around and let him play with the rats

-Felix taught his daughter everything she knows about music and they love performing together.

-Antonio is extremely intelligent for his age. Like, extremely intelligent. He’s less quiet than his sister but just as perceptive

-Both Dolores and Pepa are picky eaters so they rarely eat food that is not Julieta’s cooking

-Pepa is a fantastic dancer and Mirabel learned by watching her

-Bruno was 100% a Mama’s boy when he was younger and kind of still is. Alma did not spoil her children but had a soft spot for her only son

-Bruno looks so much like Pedro that sometimes it was hard for Alma to look at him without tearing up. Post-movie Alma is better at processing her grief

-Bruno had a lisp when he was younger and his sisters bullied the hell out of him for it but they would go apeshit on anyone else that tried to poke fun at it

-All the grandkids love playing with Isabela’s hair. If she’s sitting still long enough one of them them will just show up and start braiding it. She pretends to be annoyed but secretly loves the attention

-Post-movie Isabela gave all her dresses to Mirabel and she used them to make more frilly and colorful clothing for Luisa

-Luisa always wanted to grow out her hair like Isa but thought it would get in the way while she’s working. Post-movie she’s growing it out and wears it down more often

-Pre-movie Isa and Mira liked strolling through the jungle and naming different types of plants. They’ve started doing it less as their relationship became more strained and Isa started to really feel the pressure of expectations but occasionally Mira would point at a random house plant while naming it and they would share a little smile

-Post-movie they’ve been going on these walks frequently and Isa would try to recreate every plant Mira pointed out

-Julieta is simultaneously the last person to get pissed off and the last person you want to piss off. Many childhood bullies of Bruno and Pepa’s learned this the hard way

Aight I’m done ✌️

A slightly more modern take on the beautiful Madrigal girls I had to draw them since the characters of Encanto are all so charming!

Which Madrigal do you relate to the most? Mine’s Isabela. Being the eldest, golden child of the family who presents in a very feminine way (plus, I’m so happy to find a Disney character who looks like me who has darker skin and long black hair♡)

(also, I gave Luisa a sparkly little unidonkey plushie which is so cute)