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“I’m tired of pretty, I want something real, don’t you?”

Isabela Madrigal

“He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised, and someday be mine.”

All done !!!!

UPDATE NUMBER 2: finished the green room up top, added some more layers to the pink room, and got most of the way done with the second floor !

The town isn’t concerned about Bruno being back and giving them bad visions, the town is concerned about Bruno and Pepa being back to being a chaotic desaster partners in crime sibling duo.

Even more realistic encanto sketches? its more likely than you think.

Ok but this is hands down my fav shot. Bruno and Julieta are my two fav characters so yeah. This moment is so soft

Ok, time to share some scenes I would’ve liked to add to Encanto’s story to add some extra kick to the angst of familial pressures and not feeling good enough.

I’ll start with Luisa’s music scene and how off-putting it felt for me. The other music scenes feel treated with respect, taken seriously, showing valuable imagery to get their emotional points across. Luisa’s to me felt like Disney needed its quota of ‘quirkiness’ and so they have our girl sing about her understandable and heartbreaking problem with being labeled the 'strong’ sister all while she smiles and dances with donkeys. Idk it just felt jarring to me and like such a missed opportunity for some stuff that could’ve hit me harder.

Like maybe they could’ve kept her 8n reality as she sang, doing the jobs around town as more people keep piling on her, and we progressively see her getting more and more tired, her reflexes getting slower to reacting to stuff (like a runaway cart coming their way). When she starts talking about wanting 'simple pleasures and relaxation’ maybe her staring longingly at people her age hanging out, drinking, implying her isolation because her responsibilities keep her from having a social life. And as the music goes to its emotional drop, we see it cut from that to a memory of a time as kids where both her and her sibling (maybe Mirabel) got hurt as kids but the attention is on Mirabel and treating her while Luisa can only pick herself up and keep running to go help Abuela, trying not to cry as little her runs and goes by flashes of other memories of her doing work.

And then she’s back in the real world, with renewed vigor finishing the jobs she was getting tired of, but with an anger behind her movements. The song ends as she shuts the door behind the last donkey with a harsh slam, and her shoulders quake not wanting to face Mirabel.

Mirabel I felt could’ve had a bit more to do with Luisa dropping her guard too, instead of Luisa hugging her first and telling her that maybe she has a problem. Something softer. Mirabel slowly hugging Luisa after the song as Luisa flinches and tries not to cry. Mirabel reassuring her that she’s human and that she deserves a break and Luisa taking in a sharp breath and we see her MELT into her little sister’s embrace. That’d be powerful, man.

…. OK next up, scenes I would’ve added to Bruno’s past.

Pretty sure I found my newest comfort character lmao

Can’t promise how much more Encanto fanart will come…but I do have a few other Madrigal family members I wanna draw!



“Welcome home, Tìo” - Part 5  Mirabel.  Part 6 with Antonio coming soon…  

 P.S. My Art about Bruno and the kids affection is all PLATONIC !!!

Rat twink kinnies where ya at?

this HTTYD scene inmediately came to mind to the thought of Bruno being queercoded

Your family doesn’t support you being queer? don’t worry, your cool gay uncle Bruno loves and supports you

I regret nothing

yO my tumblr is dEAD BRO ;;;; sorry abt that, did ya miss me? oh well, i’m back on my regular simping spree, this time with THIS BABY BOY, HOLY SHIT HE’S ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH



Today’s scorching hot take: There needs to be more of Luisa begging and crying on her knees. And getting railed and receiving aftercare and whining and-

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Rating Ecanto AUs

because I’m toxic

Anti-madricest bug spray go brrrr

Papa Bruno Au:4/10

I love the guy but there’s absolutely no way Bruno is mentally stable enough to raise a child. And there’s no beating Julieta besides. He’s definitely more of a cool uncle

Also it ruins the rule of Threes

Papa of Two Au:0/10

Same grievances as the Papa Bruno Au except worse because it ignores Camilo’s afro-latino heritage. Not sexy

Mirabel Dies Au:9/10

Can be wonderfully heart-wrenching when done correctly. Bonus points if the death comes so suddenly that the family barely has time to process

Shoutout to open your eyes(for the fireworks) for being my favorite version of this.

Bruno kidnaps Mirabel Au:-20/10

Same problems as Papa Bruno but 100× worse because it’s creepy asf.

Imagine being stolen from your loving parents at five years old and forced to live on the run. Idc what his intentions are this is insane. Who decided this was a good idea?

Mirabel Runs Away Au:5/10

Honestly my rating for this can go higher or lower depending on how it’s written. Can be very bittersweet but has a tendency to make Mira ooc

Mama Mirabel Au: 2/10

(This is the one were Mira acts as Antonio’s parental figure)

The only thing not ooc about this au is Mirabel and Antonio’s relationship (which I always love) Definitely don’t appreciate the implication that Pepa and Felix were anything less than attentive and loving parents. They literally have two kids already.

Also not a fan of how it romanticizes the parentification of a 15 y/o.

Tainted Miracle Au:8/10

NO comfort ONLY hurt fuck you.

Has nothing I look for in an Encanto au. Almost everyone is a monster, absolutely no family feels, sad times everyday all the time. It’s great totally recommend. Head over to @c-rose2081 to check it out.

Avoid if you’re prone to angst induced heart attacks

Flightless Au:15/10

Also by @c-rose2081

Has EVERYTHING I look for in an Encanto au. All the family feels and fluff. So soft so sweet love so much.

Power Swap Au:6/10

There are a couple different versions of this au and honestly none of them have been written all that great so this is the rating for now. I really do like the concept though. Just not the execution

The art for this is always spectacular though

Role Swap Au:9/10

I haven’t seen anything written for this au but all the concept art is phenomenal.

Villain Bruno/Mirabel Au:5/10

Again, my rating for this fluctuates largely depending on how it’s done. Tainted is a great example of this Au. It sets up the motivation of the characters and has the worldbuilding to back it up. We know exactly how the Madrigal’s came to be the way they are. Everyone is ooc but there’s a solid reason for it

Other versions of this try to frame it in way that makes it as close to canon as possible with the twist that Bruno snd Mirabel are just less forgiving which honestly just makes them seem like moody edgelords lashing out (idc what anyone says being ignored sometimes is NOT a good reason to go evil).

Proper setup is key for this Au

And that’s it

In the mood to hurt some feelings

So I was tottering around on ao3, as one does, and besides all the gross shit and general unpleasantness that comes out the Encanto tag which would require an entirely different post I do have one comment

You guys are absolutely cracked out insane if you think the Madrigals forgot Mirabel’s quince.

Julieta: My first reaction when I spilled this queso was “fuck!” but then I thought “does this really justify that kind of reaction?”

Bruno: I would’ve killed myself