Know what gives you pleasure. Don’t be shy of it, don’t be scared to guide your partner, show them the way to the ultimate goal❤️‍

It can be hard sometimes, but it will be worth it

Show them where to touch, lick, stare and suck. Show them your most vulnerable, yet powerful spots, show them you weaknesses and strength, show them how to love you.

And love them back. Respect them, listen to them and give back the pleasure you just got.

Remember: you are at your most powerful, when you’re together. Those feelings are what makes you so strong. Hold on to that.

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Kik me @ nice_bsexy

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#h0rney    #masturbait    #fickdate    

⚠️MDNISlight dübc0ñ. Reader neutral friendly. Think of any guy you want!

IMAGINE his rough, curved fingers knuckle-deep in you, rubbing your sweet spot and slowly milking out each yearning moan from your quivering lips. Your hips buck against his palm for more friction but he holds you down and gazes at the frustrated tears threatening to spill from your eyes. You wanted to beg so bad but you remembered his strict rule:

‘One word out of your pretty mouth and there would be consequences’.

You didn’t want to agree to some unfair, bullshit demand he hung over your head but between him looking at you with those alluring, dominating eyes to suddenly bending you over the bed and pinning you in place…well, there wasn’t much for you to protest.

What’s worse was when he took out some rope and tied your wrists to the headboard knowing fully well that at this point there was no going back on this.

He always had this secret side to him that no one knew. This dark, seductive side that hid itself in his true intentions and you hated how it could bring you to your knees in less than 2 seconds.

You were strong but…he knew he could get what he wanted…and what he wanted was to play with your beautiful body until he had you right where he wanted you…

…and when you least expect it?

He’d hold you down and claim you all fucking night if he had to so he could get it though your head that he was the one in control of you.

So far, it looked like he was proving his point.

All you could do was pant like a bitch in heat and try to grasp on the little bit of willpower you had left. You were trying to be strong and not give in but…then his slick tongue licked up your wet, throbbing sex and you couldn’t hold back any longer. You moaned his name loudly and rocked your hips against his talented fingers and tongue.

You didn’t fucking care anymore, you wanted him. You needed him to use his mouth on you, to explore your body with his hands and to fill you up with his rock-hard cock till you couldn’t stop craving him inside of you. But…

Right when you were willing to give in to his tantalizing touches…the pleasurable feeling suddenly dissipated.

Your eyes shot open with a concerned, slightly distraught urge. Why was he-?

He hovered over your body with a small smirk playing on his handsome face, a knowing, sadistic secret etched into it. Your breath quickened and you bit your bottom lip.

“I told you not to say a single damnword,didn’tI?”

You focused on your juices glistening off his mouth and chin from when he went down on you and it made it really hard to concentrate.

Why did he have to tease you like this? Just play with you like his doll. You couldn’t even fucking touch him. The rope wrung achingly around your wrists and you could tell already how much that turned him on. Was there more to what this man was hiding from you? More to uncover and be victimto?

Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” his voice commanding and impatient made you quickly shift back to staring deep in his eyes.

That was a bigmistake.

The vibrant rings of his irises only shielded the darkness tucked away behind them and that other side was pulling you in…trapping you even.

You were speechless…you really were his slave to control. No matter how much you’d fight he’d always get the upper hand.

Before you could apologize a cry ripped out of you and the tears you guarded back earlier slid shamefully down your cheeks.

You had forgotten his long, powerful fingers were still sheathed deep inside you…a truth you were now fully paying attention to as soon as he started pumping mercilessly into you with no warning.

You squirmed and arched against him, which he then buried his face in your shoulder and bit down hard unexpectedly. You howled and begged but for what were you begging for you didn’t know.

This man was splitting your head in two and driving you insane! You wanted him to stop putting you under his spell but you also wanted him to fuck the life out of you. What was he doing to you?

Almost reading your mind, he unlatched his teeth from your shoulder and gave the bruised flesh a flat, long lick.

“It’s your punishment for disobeying me. Now fucking take it like the good little brat you are!” The last part of his sentence drawled out in a growl and without a second thought he sunk his fingers deeper, pounding harshly in you at a near impossible pace. Every time he finger fucked you he didn’t miss either, he made sure to hit that sensitive spot of nerves nested deep within you that had you out of your mind…and at this point you were sure acting like it.

Your body twisted and convulsed against your doing, crying out in pleasure and a some pain. You fought against the ropes but it was no use and before you could beg for forgiveness a heated and intense pressure quickly started to build in the bottom of your pelvis.

In a last effort to securely keep you under him he wrapped his other hand around your throat and squeezed, making your eyes roll to the back of your head.

Oh, he was definitely enjoying this. You knew all too well this is what he wanted and whether you were prepared or not you were going to give him everything he desired. He would make sure of it.

Your eyebrows furrowed and your legs shook uncontrollably. Fuck! You could barely breath properly with his hand around your throat. You could swear you could see stars with the little oxygen he allowed you to have. Not only that, but he managed to take charge over your body and rub you in allthe right places.

Dammit, You couldn’t hold on any longer.

You brokenly screamed out his name as you spasmed around his fingers, your orgasm erupting through your whole body. Gasps after breathless moans poured out of you as you kept coming and he didn’t let you stop. He stroked your sweet spot with more pressure than before fully intending on you riding this out to the end. He loved how dazed and weak you looked under him…and it was all because of him.

Just look at your body…Flushed, drained and covered with a sheen of sweat. You could hardly even speak but he liked that. The thought of what else he could do to you now that you were vulnerable went straight to his throbbing, needy cock.

Your chest rose and collapsed through the heaviness of your breathing, your mind trying to keep up with reality. You could barely think with your juices still dripping down between your legs. God, if his fingers could do that to you then what about his-

Coming down slowly from your high, you realized he swooped down and captured your left nipple in his mouth. A raspy moan escaped from your abused throat while he sucked greedily. He ceased the choking and slid his digits out of you, his fingers soaked completely.

But oh no, he wasn’t done with you yet…

He swiftly undid his pants and pressed his thick arousal against your inner thigh. You instantly tensed at the violating touch.

Before you could protest he let go of your nipple and shoved something between your teeth, tying whatever cloth it was around to the back of your head. You whimpered and tried to move away but you were still too exhausted to fight back against him. He skillfully pushed you down by your waist and held you in place with a predatory glare piercing through whatever stubbornness you had left.

First you disobey me and now you’re trying to get away?”

A deep, intoxicating chuckle rumbled from his sculpted chest as he indulged in the fright swirling in your eyes now. It was so delicious…

“Its time to teach you your place…and I fully intend to fuck some sense into you.”

You whimpered and tried to close your legs. However, he was not having ANY of it.

An animalistic growl seethed behind his teeth as he dung his blunt fingernails into your knees and ripped them far apart. He licked his lips and drunk in the irresistible sight before him. Ah, well would you look at how beautiful you were when you weren’t hiding your naked body…

Fuck, he had to take you. NOW.

“Sorry, babe…I can’t wait anymore…” his smirk grew into an sinful, demented grin.

“Ineed to make you MINE.


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