Things on YouTube I found and didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I have: Stuff of Legends.

For someone who’s not super big into D&D I’ve had a blast watching it so far - go check it out if you haven’t already.

Shouting into the void of the Internet making yet another blog on here since I recently learned Smosh’s Tumblr fandom is a thing.

A few quick bits about me:

  • I share a home state with at least three former (and one current) members of the Smosh roster
  • Like Shayne, I also majored in psychology as an undergraduate (looking to go to grad school eventually this blog may or may not be a coping mechanism for getting my first rejection letter yesterday oops)
  • My current cast faves are everyone except Ratt Maub (with Damien, Tommy, Kimmy, and Jackie in a four-way tie for the top spot)
  • My favorite former cast member is Lasercorn with Mari right behind him in second and Boze in third
  • My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff, my astrological sign is Taurus (my birthday is three days after Lasercorn’s which I straight up forgot about until recently), and my brain’s an ADHD disaster of bisexual trainwreck and snippets of songs and random facts about anything except what I need to focus on
  • Lastly, I’ve been watching Smosh on-and-off since 2018 and started watching more regularly about a month ago given I finished college and job hunting has yet to be fruitful

I’ll stop running my mouth now but I’m here to make friends and vibe while bonding over the Smosh gang - if y’all have song or artist recommendations shoot them my way.

NE6 6-Hour Livestream!

Come enjoy the stream! They’re raising money to help kick COVID-19’s butt!

What happened:


  • Hitting the 2k goal before even starting to play
  • Pure. Utter. Chaos. (Lucky blocks)
  • Wes fixing Mari’s audio like the OG Tim from Tim’s channel he is
  • Tyler quickly picking up on Minecraft and beating up Mari
  • Mari’s Lucky Dogs destroying Sohinki
  • NE600, aka sad Joven in the chat
  • NE601, because Lasercorn did nothing wrong
  • Joven, about the Wes rap: Why would he remember it four years later if he couldn’t remember it four minutes later…?
  • FLitz, to Joven: You have blindness; we call it illiteracy

Pummel Party

  • Mari’s mom finding the livestream and donating!
  • FLitz getting hit by a bus too many times
  • Sohinki: Three, four, five… FLitz: Oh you can count, that’s what’s up!
  • Reaching the NE6k goal in THREE hours
  • Mama Johnson donating 500$ holy crap
  • Joven: Me and Lasercorn just having fun at the bottom of the barrel
  • Boze, texting FLitz: YAYYYY! Streaming!
  • FLitz, imitating Sohinki: Mmmmh, yo pockets look kinda fat… I want that!
  • Mari tricking Lasercorn into not swapping places
  • Will you continue Maricraft? FLitz: There’s been conversations

Aliens vs Predator

  • Troubleshooting with Jovenrage for 35 minutes
  • Sohinki: Joven, don’t look so miserable- Joven: Oh right you can see me! Lasercorn: Be happy for charity!
  • Mari and FLitz having a discussion in Japanese
  • Mari: I think there’s about 680 people watching. Joven: THEY STILL HAVEN’T LEFT?!!
  • Sohinki vs FLitz, ft. Joven jumping around in the forest
  • Supportive Boze and Brohinki in the chat!
  • Sohinki curse count: 6 (he can’t help it)
  • Chat going crazy with #platinumblondejoven
  • 8k$ raised, 4x the goal!
smoshers-comment: smoshers-comment: ▶ Clevver Games - Smosh Takes Over Clevver Games A moment of sil



Clevver Games - Smosh Takes Over Clevver Games

A moment of silence for this video… This, as well as the great saga of Riot Shield Man and Knife-Man Guy, is no longer on YouTube as of end of December 2018. Why? The whole GT Reviews / Clevver Games channel is gone. Terminated.

Smosh Takes Over Clevver Games

GOOD NEWS, it’s back up on the Smosh Games channel!!

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drakebois:David “Lasercorn” Moss | Smosh Gamesdrakebois:David “Lasercorn” Moss | Smosh Gamesdrakebois:David “Lasercorn” Moss | Smosh Gamesdrakebois:David “Lasercorn” Moss | Smosh Games


David “Lasercorn” Moss | Smosh Games

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