#incorrect atla


[after zuko leaves the fire nation]

azula: wait-something else is happening. my palms are sweating. my heart’s racing!

mai: i think you’re caring-


mai: -for somebody besides yourself.

azula: what! we have to stop that! we’ve got to get zuko back, not for him but for me!

ty lee: well, i have a plan, but you’re all going to have to trust me.

azula: trusting … caring … it’s all too much!

aang: can you check for monsters under my bed?

zuko: the monsters don’t live under our beds, they live inside of us.



[fighting zuko during s1]

sokka:aang, tell zuko where he can stick his grapes!

aang: in the fridge!

sokka: no, aang.

zuko: suki told me instead of being sad i should “go get it, girl.” so i’m going to “go get it girl”

sokka: get what?

zuko: unclear. i’ll get everything, just to be safe

zuko: if you saw me sitting alone at the club penguin pizza parlor would you come say hi

sokka: only if you become my club penguin boyfriend afterwards

zuko: it’s a deal

katara: zuko! you’re losing a lot of blood, what’s your type!

zuko: tan skin, rosy cheeks, blue eyes and hair loopies



zuko:[looks at wound]


katara: i hate you

zuko: well according to this picture i drew of us holding hands, that must be untrue

katara: i can’t believe you two decided to move in together

zuko: excuse me, we are both sophisticated adults

sokka: yeah, just yesterday we purchased a vegetable

and this, my friends, is how sokka entered a permanent coma

zuko:wow i really couldn’t get much gayer

narrator: he will get much gayer

sokka:the palace is on fire and you have sixty seconds, what do you take?

zuko:a nap

sokka: good choice

sokka, burrowed in 3 comforters: i am the human taco. the beginning and the end of comfort. i am the couch potato, the king of sleepy and the superhero of watching cartoons all day.

zuko:you’ve been wrapped like that for eight hours. you sure you’re okay?

sokka: … i’m stuck and i really have to pee.

sokka, wide awake at 3 am: if you work on a farm and your job is to take care of the chickens, you’re a chicken tender

zuko, eyes wide staring up at the ceiling:

aang:you lost a lot of blood and passed out. do you remember anything?

zuko: i remember the ambulance ride to the hospital

aang:there was no ambulance, i drove you there

zuko: but i heard sirens

aang:that was sokka

sokka: i was WORRIED

katara, entering the room: sorry i’m late, i was ….. doing things

zuko, entering the room, disheveled: SHE PUSHED ME DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS

aang: now it’s your turn zuko, tell us your secret

zuko: okay…. uh….. i might have a crush on sokka

toph:zuko, he said a secret

zuko: *banging calculator on the table in frustration*

sokka:hey, don’t be mean to the calculator! would you like it if i banged you on the table?


zuko: i don’t know the correct answer to that question