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Ok, time to share some scenes I would’ve liked to add to Encanto’s story to add some extra kick to the angst of familial pressures and not feeling good enough.

I’ll start with Luisa’s music scene and how off-putting it felt for me. The other music scenes feel treated with respect, taken seriously, showing valuable imagery to get their emotional points across. Luisa’s to me felt like Disney needed its quota of ‘quirkiness’ and so they have our girl sing about her understandable and heartbreaking problem with being labeled the 'strong’ sister all while she smiles and dances with donkeys. Idk it just felt jarring to me and like such a missed opportunity for some stuff that could’ve hit me harder.

Like maybe they could’ve kept her 8n reality as she sang, doing the jobs around town as more people keep piling on her, and we progressively see her getting more and more tired, her reflexes getting slower to reacting to stuff (like a runaway cart coming their way). When she starts talking about wanting 'simple pleasures and relaxation’ maybe her staring longingly at people her age hanging out, drinking, implying her isolation because her responsibilities keep her from having a social life. And as the music goes to its emotional drop, we see it cut from that to a memory of a time as kids where both her and her sibling (maybe Mirabel) got hurt as kids but the attention is on Mirabel and treating her while Luisa can only pick herself up and keep running to go help Abuela, trying not to cry as little her runs and goes by flashes of other memories of her doing work.

And then she’s back in the real world, with renewed vigor finishing the jobs she was getting tired of, but with an anger behind her movements. The song ends as she shuts the door behind the last donkey with a harsh slam, and her shoulders quake not wanting to face Mirabel.

Mirabel I felt could’ve had a bit more to do with Luisa dropping her guard too, instead of Luisa hugging her first and telling her that maybe she has a problem. Something softer. Mirabel slowly hugging Luisa after the song as Luisa flinches and tries not to cry. Mirabel reassuring her that she’s human and that she deserves a break and Luisa taking in a sharp breath and we see her MELT into her little sister’s embrace. That’d be powerful, man.

…. OK next up, scenes I would’ve added to Bruno’s past.


Today’s scorching hot take: There needs to be more of Luisa begging and crying on her knees. And getting railed and receiving aftercare and whining and-

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So I was tottering around on ao3, as one does, and besides all the gross shit and general unpleasantness that comes out the Encanto tag which would require an entirely different post I do have one comment

You guys are absolutely cracked out insane if you think the Madrigals forgot Mirabel’s quince.

Julieta: My first reaction when I spilled this queso was “fuck!” but then I thought “does this really justify that kind of reaction?”

Bruno: I would’ve killed myself

Random Encanto Hcs

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Madricest freaks stay the fuck back or get popped in the mouth

-Dolores is the best musician in the Encanto. She can match tone and harmonize perfectly and has a beautiful voice. Her room has an orchestra pit at the foot of her bed that she practices in almost daily. People often commission her to play at big events

-Mirabel and Camilo looked veryalike when they were younger. They were impossible to tell apart when Mira took off her glasses. Dolores and Isabela were nearly identical as babies but the difference in hair texture gave them away

-Luisa, Agustin, Julieta, Dolores, and Alma are cat people. Felix, Pepa, Mirabel, Camilo, Antonio, and Isabela are all dog people. Bruno is a rat guy.

-Alma taught Mirabel the basics for embroidery and bought her some self-help books when she wished to learn more. She also bought Mira her sewing machine

-Agustin is so clumsy bc he’s straight up wearing the wrong type of glasses and no one has realized it yet

-The grandkids consider both Pepa and Julieta to be their mothers in all but name. And treat them as such. Because of this Isabela got many of her personality traits from Pepa and Dolores got hers from Julieta

-Camilo can also shift into animals and objects he just doesn’t do it often bc switching to an entirely different anatomy feels very gross

-Antonio’s love of animals started with Bruno, who would sneak into the nursery when no one else was around and let him play with the rats

-Felix taught his daughter everything she knows about music and they love performing together.

-Antonio is extremely intelligent for his age. Like, extremely intelligent. He’s less quiet than his sister but just as perceptive

-Both Dolores and Pepa are picky eaters so they rarely eat food that is not Julieta’s cooking

-Pepa is a fantastic dancer and Mirabel learned by watching her

-Bruno was 100% a Mama’s boy when he was younger and kind of still is. Alma did not spoil her children but had a soft spot for her only son

-Bruno looks so much like Pedro that sometimes it was hard for Alma to look at him without tearing up. Post-movie Alma is better at processing her grief

-Bruno had a lisp when he was younger and his sisters bullied the hell out of him for it but they would go apeshit on anyone else that tried to poke fun at it

-All the grandkids love playing with Isabela’s hair. If she’s sitting still long enough one of them them will just show up and start braiding it. She pretends to be annoyed but secretly loves the attention

-Post-movie Isabela gave all her dresses to Mirabel and she used them to make more frilly and colorful clothing for Luisa

-Luisa always wanted to grow out her hair like Isa but thought it would get in the way while she’s working. Post-movie she’s growing it out and wears it down more often

-Pre-movie Isa and Mira liked strolling through the jungle and naming different types of plants. They’ve started doing it less as their relationship became more strained and Isa started to really feel the pressure of expectations but occasionally Mira would point at a random house plant while naming it and they would share a little smile

-Post-movie they’ve been going on these walks frequently and Isa would try to recreate every plant Mira pointed out

-Julieta is simultaneously the last person to get pissed off and the last person you want to piss off. Many childhood bullies of Bruno and Pepa’s learned this the hard way

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  • In my au all the rich people that run it are the madrigals
  • when each of the kids get their gift they join it
  • since Mirabel never got her power she’s didn’t know so she joined the game to make her family proud.
  • Isabella does what the old man did but she does it so she can get Mirabel out of it.
  • She explains to Mirabel what’s happening during the Marble game and that if she just comes with her she can take her out of here but Mirabel won’t have it and challenges her.
  • So Isabela tries to fail so that Mirabel gets to continue and they can rig it so she wins
  • That fails and Mirabel looses on purpose so that at least she got out showing that she dosent need her family to save her
  • Also all the madrigals are watching that game instead of the final two as they need to make sure there ok so they all see Mirabel be shot

Have another au!!

Basically Mirabel, Camilo and Antonio still have to go to school, shenanigans ensue. Mirabel becomes and over stressed ‘gifted kid’. Camilo gets the lead in like every school play and Antonio beats up kids who talk shit.

I realised it’s probably hard to see the text so in the second picture Mirabel is saying: “now that I’ve written it I’m terrified for anyone to ever read it so what I’m gonna do, is that I’m gonna read my essay out, your going to react and we’ll all collectively decide wether or not I should kill myself” if you get that reference I love you

And in the third picture Camilo just saying “O Romeo, Romero wherefore art thou Romeo?” Cause I need Camilo to play Juliet in a play

I wanna give Mirabel a super nice lover who has a very big crush on her but thinks Mirabel won’t lover her back but Mirabel has a crush on her and dosent think she’d ever love her. So it’s this big loop of the family trying to push them together because both of them are oblivious as fuck


Uh hi swag encanto fandom tell me about your encanto headcanons please i am bored ‼️

*cracks knuckles aggressively* I’ve been waiting for this question but I’m working on something sadly so I’ll give you 5 for each


  • Mirabel started doing embroidery when Alma ripped her dress and Mirabel tried to fix it to make her happy. The dress still has the aggressive stitches from when she was 4
  • She is an awful cook, she found this out when she burnt pasta, she want even making pasta
  • When someone asks her what her gift is it usually makes her panicky that they won’t like her so she immediately changes the subject to her family cause it’s an easy subject for her and she’s genuinely very proud of them
  • People just kind of dump their kids on her so she become the unpaid town babysitter, only problem with that is dosent know how to handle more than one child at once. Her family usually help her though.
  • She has broke a lot of stuff to the point where her family immediately know if she’s broken something and how to get her to tell them what


  • Mirabel just sits on her shoulder like all the time, she used to do it when she was little and the habit just never stopped
  • She usually calms herself down with hugs so she usually just sits with someone on the couch as they both do something, no one questions it at this point it’s just normal
  • Everyone just imminently assumes she the oldest of the grandkids, and are genuinely surprised when she tells them she’s the third oldest
  • When she was little she used to follow Isabella and Delores around the house to the point where they gave her the nickname ‘duckling’ it wore off as they all got older though
  • She’s Antonio’s favourite, as much as he says he loves them all equally. Giant daddy’s girl


  • When Mirabel was really little she used to sit her in her lap and made her loads of flower necklaces, bracelets and crown. Mirabel and Isabella still have most of them, Mirabel have rotted and Isabella keeps her alive
  • She has a garden that no one knows of, it was meant to be a gift for alma after Mirabel got her gift but everyone started to panic so she abandoned it.
  • Isabella tells everyone that Bruno said her life would be perfect but really he told her that ‘she would marry someone she didn’t love but it would make her family happy’
  • She doesn’t mean the stuff she says to Mirabel at all, she’s just jealous sometimes on how Mirabel, doesn’t have any expectations to live up too
  • She wishes she never gotten the gift she got because she thinks maybe if she got another it would mean less pressure

Julieta & Agustin

  • Jullietas favourite is Mirabel mainly because she spends almost every night cooking stuff for her to heal whatever broken bone, cut or bruise she’s somehow given herself.
  • Agustin is from the city, he mainly came to the encanto to get Julietas food since his mum was sick, after he gave his mum the food he moved back to the encanto where he and Julieta started dating
  • Agustin and Mirabel are equally as clumsy as each other and get shared scoldings from Julieta.
  • When Mirabel, Isabela and Luisa where baby’s. Agustin would sit them on his chest as he slept


  • Sometimes Antonio worries about how he might be alone because the second youngest is still ten years older than him
  • He has cried multiple times because his family stepped into ants
  • Antonio likes to sit on people’s laps and hug onto them, even if he gets stressed out by too much attention he still likes hugs though, he can never get too much of them
  • He and Mirabel used to sit up ever night telling each other stories or just whatever rumour they heard around town, they would sit under a blanket with stuffed animals and a flashlight.
  • After Antonio got his gift and his room he still sneaks into the nursery to talk with Mirabel, the only difference is he brings his animal friends with him


  • He’s a chaotic dumbass, like even he knows it, so does everyone else
  • When someone is talking he’ll usually stand behind them and shapeshift into them.
  • If someone in the family has a crush he immediately starts to shapeshift into who they have a crush on just to annoy and fluster them
  • He’s very much a mamas boy, him and Pepa usually go out together to the shops cause he likes to spend time with her
  • He sometimes shapeshifts into alma to make people do what he wants


  • She usually so quiet because if she talks louder it hurts her ears
  • When she first got her powers everyone in the crowd cheered and since she wasn’t used to her powers she almost had a panic attack
  • She hears one time heard someone talk about her during dinner and burst out crying
  • Delores one time dropped Camilo of the center but in the house, she says to this day thats why he’s so weird
  • Antonio does the thing where he attaches himself to her leg and won’t let go, she’s gotten so used to it she can just walk around with him on her leg

Pepa & Felix

  • Felix calls Pepa “sunshine” and Pepa calls Felix “Rainbow”
  • Pepa sometimes tries to change her emotions to give people the weather they want but it barely ever works
  • Pepa was originally going to get married to someone else but she found out he was only using her for her family magic, Felix comforted her when she was scared to tell her family.
  • After that whole thing happened Felix had always been slightly protective of Pepa.
  • Felix used to be scared the family would think less of him cause he wasn’t magical but when he met Agustin it made him feel better.


  • He really wanted to be an actor when he was little but when he got his power he knew it wouldn’t be possible
  • He basically sees Mirabel as his daughter, he got really attached to her quickly
  • Hes named named his rats after his sisters and dad. He would have named one after alma but everytime he thinks about her he feels like he was too much of a disappointment to even say her name
  • Jullieta taught Bruno how to cook but hes still not as good as her but he’s pretty close.
  • Bruno constantly get his clothes caught on everything, no matter what he does his clothes will always get caught

Alma & Pedro

  • Alma Says she dosent have a favourite but her favourite is Isabella and everyone knows it’s Isabela get she still denies it
  • If Pedro was still alive his favourite would either be Camilo or Delores but he’d still treat all his grandkids equal
  • Alma and Pedro were originally going to be an arranged marriage but they did grow to love eachother and ran away to get married on their own terms
  • Before they got Casita Alma was a florist and Pedro was a baker. Pedro would always go to her flowers forgetting she worked their.
  • Jullieta, Pepa and Bruno are named after their mums and dad.