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So she dances

@adamdriverfangirl666​ asked: Fluff n° 1, please ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

A/N: I hope you enjoy it. it’s a little something-something. It’s short and sweet.

Also- listened to Josh Groban while writing this. Low key inspired it.

Prompt:1. “How can you love a monster?”

WARNINGS: none. Fluff.


She took careful steps on the tips of her toes as she danced around the open room. Her dress was pale pink and her hair was a tasseled beautiful mess. In the moonlight, the tops of her cheeks glowed and her eyelids glittered. The room was silent but he could hear the music in her head, playing like a soft wind up music box. She smiled for no one but he felt like it was just for him.

Everything about her was graceful. He wanted nothing more than to take (y/n) into his arms but that would have meant for him to step into the light. He was not ready yet to stop watching her.

She was innocent, lost in her own little world. He could see the visions in her head. A grand ball on some planet, she the princess and he the one she’s been waiting for. They’re happy. So in love.

Kylo took a step out of the shadows. Her eyes meet his and her lips curled into a fresh smile.

“Dance with me,” she sang offering her hand.

“There’s no music.”

“There doesn’t have to be.”

He took her hand unafraid and spun her around before pulling her close. She was Petite next to him and her hands the size of a child’s in his. She followed his lead and he swayed her round the perimeter of the room. (Y/n) glided as if she was on air. They moved naturally together.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” (Y/n) sighed contently.

Kylo lowered his lips to meet hers, kissing her delicately. “What I wouldn’t give for it to be this way all the time.”

“Me too.”

“I must admit, I’m not the best version of myself without you. I’m messy, angry all the time, and have murderous thoughts. I’ve done bad things while away from you. Things you would not approve of. I saw the scavenger and she called me a monster. She’s right. It’s what I am.” He frowned. “How can you love a monster?”

She cupped his face in her hands and kissed both his cheeks. “You are not perfect and neither am I. Kylo Ren I don’t think you’re a monster. I just think you’re a creature that wants to be understood.”

Kylo lifted her into the air and spun her around. “You are the absolute love of my life and I don’t deserve you.”

“It’s not about what you deserve,” (y/n) stopped to pull him flush against her. “It’s about what you need. You need me as I need you.”

“I love you.” He leaned in halfway.

“I love you too.” She met him in the middle.



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The Sun and The Moon

(Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x Reader)

Episode III: The Five Mistakes of a Jedi

  • Summary: “You were one of the 12 Padawans that Luke Skywalker taught. There, you met the love of your life. Your first best friend, your first lover and your first boyfriend; Ben Solo. Everything was perfect. That is, until the Jedi temple was burned by Ben Solo himself. 5 years pass since you last saw him and he isn’t the man you used to know. The Moon preferred darkness and in that darkness, Kylo Ren was born.”

Warnings: some swearing, murder and NSFW content.

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18 years old

“Hey Y/N, wake up,” you heard a voice whisper to you. You let out a moan, snuggling deeper into your bed. “C’mon, wake up.”

Your eyes fluttered open to see Ben with the widest smile ever, holding a plate of pancakes drizzled with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Candles with the number ‘18’ was stuck on top of the breakfast creation.

“Happy birthday my Sun,” he spoke, moving over to kiss you on your forehead. You hummed in approval. “I made you something.”

“I can see that,” you grinned, getting up from your bed to grab the delicious looking plate of pancakes. “It looks amazing.”

You begun eating, moaning everytime you have the syrup mixed in with whipped cream. Ben sat down, watching with a grin on his face. “Can you believe you are finally 18?”

You slowed down eating slightly, an uneasy look settling on your face. Ben took notice of this look and grabbed your hand. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just-“ you put the plate down, shaking your head. You then rubbed your temple before facing the love of your life. “I’m 18. You’re almost 21. You should’ve become a Jedi this year with Almec, Daario and Leirra and gone with Luke to the Resistance base. But you didn’t. Why?”



Ben sighed, letting go of your hand. “If we become Jedi, it means we must potentially end things with one another. And- and I don’t want that.”

“We don’t have to, we can keep everything in secret,” you told him. Ben let out a bitter laugh, getting up from his seat.

“Please, you’re telling me Luke wouldn’t know? He already knows and he won’t let us train with each other as Padawans,” he spoke, brushing his hair back. “Imagine if we were Jedi? He would banish the both of us. Shame us. Because God forbid that I, Ben Solo, am ever happy and found someone who actually loves me.”


“All my life, I felt like I had to prove something to my Uncle. That I’m not like Grandfather. And everytime, he always spits on my face, trying to get rid of everyone I love. But I won’t let that happen, no, that won’t happen. Because I won’t let it,” Ben continued on. He then looked at you, seeing your eyes looking at him in confusion. “But let’s not talk about that now. Today is your birthday. And I have a surprise for you tonight.”

You let out a small laugh, still a bit taken back by his little rant. He was breathing deeply, his eyes moving around your room like he regretted the words coming out of his mouth. His eyes looked at yours, desperate to hear you say something, anything.

“I can’t wait.”


Ben sat patiently on his chair, nervously bouncing his knee. He had spent hours trying to arrange this; a table near the edge of the cliff, rose petals scattered across the table, a candle illuminating the environment and a gourmet meal that he had prepared himself.

It would’ve been quicker to arrange, if he had help by a friend. But he didn’t. No one liked Ben, or in his mind he thought no one did. In his mind however, that did not matter. You were all he needed.

But see, the thing is, when you rely on one person, that person becomes your whole life. Your day doesn’t start until their’s does. What you do depends on what the other person wants to do. Your thoughts, behaviour, is affected by their’s. And that concept is dangerous. Because once that person exits their life, whether by death or purpose, their own life crashes, burns. And they are left with nothing but ashes, a reminder of what was.

And then, their lives have no purpose but what the next person asks them of. That is what it means to be dependent.

And that is how Ben was. You both never noticed at that time, but he was someone who relied heavily on you. Maybe you should have realised, when you saw the way his eyes lit up the moment you walked towards him in a white, silky dress, pearls adorned on your hair.

“You look amazing,” Ben spoke breathlessly, watching how the candle accentuated your features. You smiled lovingly at him, walking over and pressing a kiss on his lips.

And then the last night you would ever spend the with him, unbeknownst to you, went on. Many laughs and kisses were shared. It was a night you would not forget. And it wasn’t because you lost your virginity to the man you love on your 18th birthday, you wished that reason was why this night was so memorable.

But that might, you had made fivemistakes.

“I’m ready,” you spoke in a quiet voice, looking at him in awe, like he was the one who created all the things in the galaxy. Ben scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, not understanding what you were hinting. “I want you to make love to me, Ben Solo.”

That was your first mistake.

Within a flash, you were pressed against the wall by Ben in your room, kissing like you haven’t seen each other in years. His hands were grabbing you wherever he could, both of you panting like starved dogs.

He picked you up before gently lying you on the bed, his lips trailing down your neck, leaving kisses along the way. You let out a breathless moan, your hand tugging at his roots. Ben then looked up, his eyes half lidded. “Are you sure?”

“More than I’ll ever be.”

And that was the night you lost your virginity. You hadn’t slept that night, too giddy with emotions that you couldn’t stop thinking how happy you were as you smiled, drawing shapes on Ben’s back. Wind quietly howled as your window was left open, stars bright in the sky.

But, as fate had willed, you had felt thirsty. Your mouth felt dry. So you quietly got up from your bed, trying not to wake up Ben. Putting on a robe, you begun walking outside to go fetch a bucket of water from the well outside.

That was your unnoticed mistake.

As you begun to attack the bucket onto the rope, you felt a buzz against your neck, feeling a presence behind you. Turning around, you were shocked to see who it was. “Almec?”

“In a flesh,” he spoke, but it sounded a bit dry, like he was wounded. You smiled at him, pulling up your robes more as you realised how you may look inappropriate right now with just a pink silk robe.

“When did you come back from the Resistance base?” You spoke, trying to make a conversation out of an awkward situation. The wind picked up, making your hair fly everywhere. Yet, you still did not hear a response from Almec. “Almec?”

“You know I loved you,” he confessed, taking a step towards you. You moved hair out of your way, looking at Almec in shock. You watched as he kept moving towards you, a broken look on his face. “I loved you. I still love you. And- and I came back to tell you that I left the Jedi. I’m no longer a Jedi. Because of you, Y/N. I want to be with you.”


“But you slept with him. You slept with that little fucking bastard-“


“Who fucking killed a bird when he were little and he convinced you he didn’t kill him when I saw him do it with my own eyes! I saw it Y/N! But you always want to believe him. Only him. It’s always him. It will always be him. And one day, he’s going to fuck up. But it would be too late. It will be too late for you,” he spoke, his face now mere inches away from yours. “But even then, you’ll still come running back to him. In the end, you always do.”

Tears were streaming down your face as you looked at him in anger. You looked at him with all the anger you could muster, but you didn’t say anything. You just looked at him like he had betrayed you.

That was your weakest mistake.

Because that quiet little moment, that moment of what could’ve been filled with words defending the person you love, was replaced by a kiss. A kiss you did not want, a kiss not initiated by you. A kiss you had wanted to pull away from, your sense of loyalty kicking in, but couldn’t because Almec’s arms were wrapped around you.

But it did not matter what you wanted to do. Because when someone walks by and sees, they’ll see merely two people kissing.

And that’s exactly what Ben saw. You did not see him, he made his presence known by pushing Almec away from you.

“Ben!” You screamed, as you watched him continuously punch Almec, his eyes black as night. That had taken you back. “Ben stop it! Ben please stop it!”

He did not listen as Almec’s blood splattered against his face. And he didn’t even flinch. You watch, now even more horrified. The most horrified you’ve ever been in your life. You could tell that Almec was in the verge of death. This man, a man you’d known for ages, was going to die in the hands of your lover if you did not intervene.

So you did what you had to do. You used the force against him and pushed him away. Far away from you and Almec. When you made sure he was far away, you ran towards Almec, cradling his head in your arms as he let out a groan. You looked at Ben, who looked just as horrified as you did. “Y/N-“

“Leave,” you spoke, the tone in your voice holding a strict seriousness within it. Ben stood up, gulping as he looked at you, his eyes shining like he was trying to hold back tears.


“Leave!” You screamed as you stood up, the wind picking up from the strong aura of the force that surrounded you. Ben looked at you one last time before nodding, turning to look away.

And you did not chase after him.

That was your worst mistake.

You should’ve ran after him. You should’ve been there with him at his most vulnerable state, a state where he could be manipulated by anyone and anything.

As you patched up Almec at the infirmary, not wanting anyone to find out about what had just took place, your mind was thinking about Ben. And how Almec was right about you always running back to him. But you won’t. Not this time. Not looking at Almec’s face, his barely unidentifiable face.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry,” Almec spoke, his voice coming out a whisper due to his probably broken ribs. You ignored him, moving water through the force to ice out his injuries. “I- I didn’t mean to. To cause a rift between you two. I- I just love you so much, and-“

“Okay, that’s done. Just make sure you apply a new bandaid every 6 hours after putting on disinfectant,” you instructed. Almec nodded, taking the hint. You gave him one last look before walking off to your quarters.


It was 4AM when you finally fell asleep. It was hard, but eventually you felt yourself drifting into oblivion.

‘You wanted to kill me!’ You heard a voice cry out. You stirred in your sleep, barely awake as you clung onto your blanket. The wind howled even stronger as your windows begun to ruttle. ‘You will pay for this!’

‘Ben, no!’ You heard another voice yell. You let out a groan, fluttering your eyes open as a full-blown headache consumed you. You got up from your bed, holding your head as you let out a cry. You felt darkness consuming your body, filling your veins.

‘Ben does not exist. He is weak, a young boy clinging on love,’ you heard Ben speak. Your hand went to your mouth as you realised what was happening. The darkness that Ben had warned you about was starting to consume him. The one moment you weren’t there for him, he had invited darkness.

‘I am Kylo Ren.’

You then heard yells from outside. Running over to your window, you let out a cry as you see the temple on fire. The crackling sound was louder than the strong gust of wind. You gulped, knowing the person who started this fire.

Your hands trembled as you grabbed your lightsaber, ready to do what was necessary. Not because you were a Jedi, but because this was something only you could do.

Grabbing your cloak, you then ran over to the the temple, the heat of the fire getting hotter and hotter. You breathed in the smoke, before lifting your arms and slowly bringing it down, allowing the fire to simmer before completely evaporating. You then swallowed the nerves stuck in your throat, a tear rolling down your face as you realised what had enfolded.

Walking around the temple, sadness consumed you as you realised how little was left of this place, how there was nothing. You then let out a cry as you see 10 of the Padawans and Jedi members who had come back from Luke’s mission. They were now just blackened skeletons lying on the floor. One in particular was your friend Leirra, whose necklace was still around her neck. You sobbed as you unclipped her necklace, placing it in your pocket.

“I see you’re finally here,” you heard the now Kylo Ren speak. You let out a cry slowly standing up as you felt like your legs were about to give up on you. “I was going to kill Almec, but he ran away just in time. But now that I’ve killed all the Jedi, he can live out the rest of his days in regret before I eventually kill him.”

You stopped crying, a looking of nothingness on your face. You then turned around, looking at him. “Are you really gone, Ben Solo?”

“I killed that bird,” Kylo spoke, his face showing no remorse. “I’ve never been Ben. I’ve always been Kylo. I was showed the true power of the force. But I can show you, Y/N. I can show you the force. And together, we could rule the Galaxy.”

“You really aren’t Ben Solo if you thought I’d say yes to that,” you coldly spoke. Kylo looked slightly upset but quickly masked it. You then turned on your lightsaber, the mechanical hum coming to life. The white light of your saber illuminated your face and Kylo knew from the expression on your face that you weren’t coming back to him anytime soon.

“Would you really kill me, my Sun?” Kylo spat out the nickname he had for you bitterly as he took a step forward, challenging you.

“For the Jedi?” You spoke, thinking of all the people Kylo killed, including your friend Leirra. You took a step forward, pointing your lightsaber towards his neck. “Without question.”

Kylo pulled out his blue lightsaber, waiting for you to attack. You let out a war cry, running towards him. He quickly dogged you before swinging his lightsaber at your figure. You quickly slid down, avoiding the pulsing light by a millimeter.

You then swung your lightsaber the same time he did, your lightsabers letting out a loud hum as they made in contact with each other. You both looked each other in the eye as you tried to overpower each other. You felt the darkness within him, but you also felt his loneliness, his slight regret yet knowing it was too late to go back.

Eventually he overpowered you, pushing you towards the floor. Your lightsaber fell out of your hands as you tried to crawl away from Kylo who stopped you by using the force. You looked at him, now scared. Kylo had seen how afraid you were and for a slight secound, his face fell. He knew it. He knew you were scared of him. You were scared of him like everyone else was.

“Master Luke was right,” Kylo spoke, his lightsaber now millimeters away from your neck. “I did go too easy on you.”

Kylo breathed in, trying to do what he was told to do, what he was destined to do. The look of fear of him only delayed that so he looked away from you. When he finally breathed out, he swung the lightsaber back but hesitated.

And in that slight hesitation, Master Luke had swooped in, using the force to push Kylo away. He then faced you urgently, a look of seriousness in his face. “Run!”

“No, we can still save him!” You told him, as you saw Kylo get up, rubbing his head groaning.

“You cannot save him!” Luke yelled at you, his eyes wide in fury at your lack of cooperation. “Now run!”

You looked at Kylo one final time. The final time you’ll see him for years to come. His eyes made his way towards you. And the face you had made would be engrained in his face for eternity; the face of betrayal.

You turned around, before quickly bolting. You knew that Luke had a spaceship, so you’d get it in and get the hell away from the island. You will leave this island, forget about being a Jedi, about falling in love with Ben Solo. You will forget him. You have to forget him. You will leave this island and never look back. Because you could never go back to how things used to be. You could not save him.

That was your last mistake.

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Love or Leave Me [ Kylo Ren x Reader ] PART TWO

Summary: Kylo and you have a lot to discuss when he unexpectedly arrives as the representative of the First Order.

Warnings: None

A/N: A few people asked for a part two so here it is! I’ll be tagging those who wanted it below! I’m sorry for such a long wait, but I will be posting a part three as well! Let me know if you want to be apart of the tag list! <3 enjoy loves!




You stood there for what felt like forever, staring into his cold eyes that no longer shined as they did when he used to see you. They were now pained and dark bags were underneath. He looked like he no longer had consistent sleep, and how could he? He was now with the side that was planning to rule the galaxy.

“If I had known it was you, I would not have come to visit.”

The words struck you by surprise and for a moment, you wanted to snap back at him. How was he alive? You were told everyone was dead.

“How?” You whispered, trying to regain your composure. After all, this was still meant to be a formal meeting and you were to report discussions to the rest of the royal court.

“How did I survive?” He could easily read you, and for a split second you felt him inside your mind. The slight pain itched in your mind, but it was gone before you could process it entirely.

You nodded.

Ben looked down slightly before turning back to the tree. You slowly went to stand beside him, unsure if he would pull anything on you.

“I kept hearing things… like something was calling out to me. I chose to ignore it, but that plan did not last long after you were whisked away.”

You were not entirely understanding what he was saying… did your leaving effect his choices?

Ben continued to talk, not giving you time to respond. “I did not want the temple to burn or my uncle to… to be a coward and run away. Now they blame me for his absence when he was the one who turned on me.”

He clenched his fists and became angrier with the words he said, almost as if he was reliving the moment.

You seemed to act before thinking and reached out to grab Ben’s shaking hand. He flinched and quickly glanced down at you, noticing you were tense being so close to him.

Ben was unpredictable, you did not recognize the boy that was in front of you. He was no longer the twenty year old boy who occasionally gave you flowers or would keep simple conversations with you to pass the time. He was no longer the boy who helped you with training and encouraged you with every triumph and blunder. He was no longer the boy who kept his anger and pain inside and would enjoy the quietness that would help calm him.

And when you left the temple, he was no longer the boy you had grown feelings for.

Now he was no longer Ben, but rather Kylo Ren.

“While I do not know the extent of the circumstances, I do know that whatever happened in the past has led us both to these positions of power. I think we are both far too young to be making decisions and ruling out the fate of planets and the galaxy.” You spoke with such confidence and great manners. Fearing your voice would shake, it did not which impressed Ben to say the least.

He was the one to simply nod this time.

You dropped his hand and turned to the path that led to the beautiful, seasonal flowers. You began to walk down it and Ben was close behind, his long strides made it easy for him to keep pace besides you.

“Now, I do have to show you around and we have to discuss matters of what lies ahead.” You went straight into what the meeting was meant to be. While you wanted to confide in Ben for what you had lost and all the responsibilities you had gained, you knew now was not the time.

“I understand, Princess.” Ben was now more quiet than before, and it felt for a second you were back at the temple again, a lovesick teenager who wanted nothing more to hold the title of a Jedi and be the one to go home to Ben at night.

“I no longer hold that title.” You were a bit harsh when you corrected him, but you no longer were the Princess that he always wished would be the one he could hold in his arms at night.

“Apologies,” he said after a brief pause. “How have the troops been adjusting to the new artillery?”

“They are getting along fine. A bit of adjustment to such… advancements.” You knew your soldiers were not equipped enough beforehand as your planet was peaceful and seen as the middle ground for many debates and peace treaties. However, after the assassination of your family they knew they had to do whatever they could to keep you and the high officials of your planet safe.

“Very well…” Ben seemed at a lost of what to say. While he often was the more “intimidating, power” figure that would stand next to Snoke and General Hux, he was never the one to talk as a representative. “I, uh, know you must have other matters to attend to.”

You were confused and stopped in your tracks, “Well, you are the only meeting I have scheduled for today. I was to devote my time to you, Ben.”

Ben knew this was starting to become suspicious as to his true intention of Snoke sending him here. Whatever is was, a part of him felt as if he should not find out. However, the other side of him knew he would be yelled upon if he did not stay long enough.

“Everything is here is very clear to me.” Ben spoke like he was more confident than before. “I saw everything here upon my arrival. Your planet is as beautiful as you told me growing up… it makes me sorrowful that you had no other choice than to join my side when I know all you wanted was tranquility for your planet and to become a Jedi master.”

It was as if Ben had taken the words right out of your mind.

“That is only a dream of a young girl who was not burdened with such a high position.” You were starting to become impatient. Everything you had wished to be was taken from you in one day.

But seeing Ben in front of you, that made you feel as if there was a ghost of your dream reaching a hand out for you, the temptation of leaving this all behind…

“I understand that what we both wanted in life was not what came to be,” Ben knew that there was not much else to take away from the stakes at hand. “However, I do know that I will do whatever I can to make sure you, your people and your planet flourish. No harm will come your way. You have the First Order’s protection… and mine as well.”

He was now the one to grab your shaking hand. You peered into his deep, brown eyes and felt like there was a chance that your dream had already pulled you back into the temptation.

“And know now,” He said with a whisper as your bodies were very close together now, “My name is no longer Ben. Call me Kylo from now on.”

Love or Leave Me [ Kylo Ren x Reader ]

Summary: Everything you know was leading to the moment you feared.

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: I’m missing my troublesome boy…



You remember the day like a harsh snap. That was the only way you could describe it. Your life was perfectly fine and then in an instant, everything went to absolute shit.

You were young, in your late teens when the war broke out again. Your usual morning routine of meditation and slipping on your Jedi robes with difficulty. They were never too comfortable and you always complained to Master Skywalker about it. “(Y/N), you’re here to learn, not be treated like a princess anymore. You’re going to have to deal with it.”

He was right and you knew it deep down inside. Sure, you came from a royal bloodline and was next to be Queen on your home planet, but you had other plans. Finding out you were force sensitive at a very young age, you begged your parents to let you train with the famous Master Luke Skywalker.

It took forever for them to agree to this ridiculous plan that seemed to come from nowhere, but they eventually did send you off.

Training to become a Jedi was one of the greatest things to ever happen in your life. Instead of curtesy classes and council meetings and banquets, it was a breath of fresh air to you.

The morning of the tragedy was calm. After dressing in your robes, you exited your room and walked around the long hall that had other rooms and then in the center was one training place. You decided against going to that one that morning because the little kids were training and they tended to accidentally throw objects around. Last time you had decided to help them left you with a black eye. So, never again.

You went to the area where the older kids would hang out during the morning. Well, they would stand there and have their own conversation while you were awkwardly standing away, not wanting to barge into their own bubble.

When you first arrived, people had already made friends and become close. Therefore, you were often by yourself or with a certain Solo boy.

Ben Solo. He was a loner and quiet just like you. You could say there were similarities between the two of you. He came from famous parents with a high reputation while you came from an important royal family.

You had had conversations with him before, here and there, mostly about Jedi tricks that would help one other with training. He would never address you by your name, but rather princess since it was your actual title.

Ben was skilled beyond belief. He often helped you out in the places you struggled and did not mind being close with you.

If it was not forbidden, something beautiful might have bloomed between you two during that time. You would reflect on it later on in your life, wondering if it could have stopped his downfall into darkness.

But at the time, you were so wrapped up in your own world, thinking about Ben, that you didn’t hear Master Skywalker repeatedly call for you.

The older teens looked at you suspiciously; you never got in trouble or called upon so this had to be serious.

You followed after him as he led you outside of the temple.

There was a ship that you recognized immediately; it was one from your home planet that royalty and their servants would use for trips. At the bottom of the ramp was one of your childhood maids. She had a solemn look on her face which troubled you.

“Princess (Y/N), I was ordered to retrieve you under terrible consequences.”

“What has happened?”

“There is no easy way to say this but, your family was assassinated last night at a council meeting. You must come home and claim your position as queen.”


Your life from then on was like a blank journey, no color or liveliness.

Taking the mantle as Queen, your life from then on was filled with meetings, banquets, showing your face to planets you were in union with, dress fittings, and so on.

You obeyed what your higher officials told you to do, not caring all too much about what was happening around you.

Your home planet flourished while you wilted away inside.

The dream of becoming a Jedi was stomped into the ground immediately.

Only a few days after leaving did you receive the news of what happened at the Jedi Temple. Every last one of the people there were slaughtered, and Master Skywalker has vanished.

You mourned even more than you had before. While the death of your family stung, any chance of leaving this planet was gone. And Ben… the thought of him burned in your heart. The sweet, quiet boy was gone. The one who called you princess at every greeting and respected your boundaries and the want for silence.

People claimed there was war on its way, having said that it was the work of the new First Order.

A discussion arouse on your home planet: what side would you chose for them?

Long nights entailed for you. Demands from everyone around you made your head throb and your hands shake.

You knew you had to make alliances with the First Order. It was the only smart way in your eyes. You did not entirely agree with what they stood for, but it was either stand with them or perish. Despite your lack of caring for what happens to the royal gardens or the transportations to new planets or what color dress you would wear, you knew for sure that you could not let your home planet go down in ashes.

So you agreed to the peace treaty with the First Order. You were told that a high member of the Order was to visit your planet to get familiar with the resources and how your army was getting along.

Everyone was prepping for his arrival, making the castle look even more incredibly rich with life & prosperity. You were forced into a red gown that was embellished with silver and a lace belt that tied around your waist. You also adorned a small black cape that rested on your shoulders delicately.

You stood on the balcony overlooking the vibrant flowers of your home world. However, you noticed a dark figure admiring the tree that stood in the middle. The tree was older than you, and had been planted years before your grandparents were born. The thought of your family arose again, and made you wonder if they would have chosen to join the First Order.

The thought did not last long as one of your guards approached you. “Madam, the representative of the First Order is waiting for you in the garden.”

You nodded your head at him and he escorted you down the stairs. The floors, freshly polished, glimmered in the candlelit hallway.

Once outside, you dismissed your guard and began walking towards the tall man who had his back faced to you. His long dark hair rested on his broad shoulders. His outfit consisted of a dark, long sleeved shirt and fitted pants. He wore a thick belt buckle that had a… lightsaber attached to it?

You stopped in your tracks, worried about what this might entail for you. While your training was never finished, Master Skywalker did leave you with a blue lightsaber. However, you kept it hidden away in your room.

Now, you feared you should be carrying it with you at all times. Who is this man to be standing so confidently and poised with a lightsaber in sight instead of hidden?

“Will you continue to stand there or will you introduce yourself?” The figure said with a familiar voice. He sounded like a ghost to you.

He finally turned around, only to reveal what you least expected and that made your heart drop.




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