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Kylo: Whenever I’m about to do something I think might be dumb, I ask myself “WWPDD?”

Kylo: What Would Poe Dameron Do?

Leia: Probably Finn.

Ben Solo and MUSE bitches, a match made in heaven.

Tribute to the Solos.

~That John Oliver video sparks so much joy ~<3

~That John Oliver video sparks so much joy ~<3

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~Started this for fun and got completely carried away :D

~Started this for fun and got completely carried away :D

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In the Center of Everything

Request: Hello love! Can you write with something like rebel and force sensetive reader and Kylo kidnaps her but he doesn’t want rebels to come so he takes her to Naboo instead? They spend time there and reader is nice person so they slowly start falling for each other? I was thinking like kinda fairytale setup like dresses he gives her, fancy meals etc. Picnic next to the waterfalls like Anakin and padme would be a nice bonus for @imaginesyes

Words: 3,260

Reading Time: 14 min

Category: Fluff

Warnings: None

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In the Center of Everything

There’s something sweet and almost kind

But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined

It has been some time since I have been, how to put it… In captivity on this planet? It all started a long time ago, for several years I had done everything possible to try to go unnoticed by the war that was happening everywhere, I knew perfectly well that something in me made me different from others, and for that reason, I decided to live with a low profile, I didn´t want to attract the attention of anyone, not the separatist groups, or those who called themselves rebels and much less the First Order, at the end of the day I was sure that if someone noticed that peculiarity that I had, they wouldn’t hesitate to spread the word and eventually I would have someone behind me looking for me.

I realized that I was able to connect with the Force when I was a teenager and to be honest, at first, I was very scared, I didn’t understand what was happening or how I could do what I was doing, but with the passage of the years, I accepted that that was my nature and I couldn’t deny it, so I cultivated it as best I could.

When my parents passed away, I completely put aside the business and commercial life we ​​had and isolated myself, I built a small cabin from scratch in a quarry near our town and dedicated myself to planting what I could, slowly, I became a self-sufficient person. All this time I stayed out of the conflicts that were happening outside, never in my life did I think that I would end up in the center of everything.

One night, I still remember it perfectly, while I was meditating, I connected with a strange energy. At first, I was very scared, I couldn´t understand what was responding to me, so I immediately cut my meditation. It took a few weeks before I was encouraged to do it again.

The next time I connect with that energy, try to prolong it as long as I can. Little by little, night after night, I connected with that entity more often. I didn’t know what it was, who it was, or where in the Galaxy it was, but I felt quite comfortable and intrigued to have made such a connection. I never suspected anything, I never thought that it could be something that would hurt me, I simply felt that it was someone like me out there and that, even with my self-exile in the middle, it made me feel accompanied… Until that night arrived.

It all started like a small whisper that intensified, “Where are you?”; A pair of eyes that pierced the gloom of the space that divided us. One question only. An answer from me that I would later regret “Cantonica”.

And now he’s dear and so unsure

I wonder why I didn’t see it there before

A couple of days passed until the consequence of my actions resonated. It was a day like any other, I never thought that something out of my routine would happen. I woke up, had breakfast, and planned my day: check and maintain my herbs, fetch some water from a nearby well, take the opportunity to wash some clothes, and go quickly to town to find some supplies that I had scarce.

When I returned home, it was already beginning to get dark, the door was closed and everything in my home seemed to be in order until I entered the living room.

A shadowy black figure was sitting on my sofa, slightly lit by the fire in the fireplace, which he had surely lit while waiting for my return.

I was completely paralyzed in place, the basket in my hands fell to the ground and some of the apples that I had collected during the day rolled on the ground, reaching his feet.

The silence was sepulchral, I could see how his body curved towards the floor and slowly, one of his hands took one of the apples that was at his feet. Immediately afterward, his entire body rose from my sofa, he was a huge black mass, I couldn´t distinguish any feature in his figure, his shoulders were wide, his entire body was covered by a black cape that seemed to blend with the shadows of the stay and his face was covered by a mask.

My only reaction was to try to run away. In seconds one of his hands grabbed my arm and my back hit his chest, where he wrapped both arms around me and lifted me off the ground.

I screamed, kicked, tried my best to break his hold on my body. Little by little I ended up getting tired, my mind kept bringing a thousand scenarios: He will it kill me? What is he doing here, what does he want? Who is he? Why me? Just when I stopped fighting him, he released me, and my feet hit the ground again, I immediately turned to look at him.

“Don’t you recognize me?” A distorted metallic voice came out of him, I shook my head slightly as I took a step back. My body was tired of trying to get rid of him, my legs were shaking, a cold chill ran down my spine and the room was slowly beginning to darken.

“It was you who brought me here…” He spoke again, at that moment I understood everything, that Beast was the source of the energy with which I had connected the previous nights, what had I done? At that moment, the panic completely seized me, with one last effort, I tried to run, but with a few steps he grabbed me again “No!” I yelled as loud as I could “What are you doing here?” I tried to separate my body from his with all my might “You know perfectly what I have come for” that metallic screech resounded in my ears with peculiar annoyance.

No, no, no. I didn´t want to, I couldn´t believe it, “Please…” the tears ran down my cheeks “Please… Leave me alone…” I sobbed uncontrollably, while my body collapsed on his, rendered by the struggle “Inside you, you know that I can’t” his arms held me tighter “Please…” my cry was already a single whisper “Just sleep” he passed one of his hands in front of my face.

He lifted me in his arms, while my eyelids closed completely.

The firelight was completely extinguished.

The last I remember of that night is the sound of his footsteps, I never understood why it had happened.

And now he’s dear and so unsure

I wonder why I didn’t see it there before

When I woke up I was in a foreign place. It was a small cabin, quite minimalist in the middle of a forest, surrounded by absolutely nothing but trees, I could suspect that near where I was there was a body of water since I could hear it, a small waterfall perhaps, or a small lake.

I walked a little through that small place, I had everything I needed, clothes, food, products for my care. Even though the place was a bit cozy, I felt quite scared, I still didn´t understand what was happening, however, I found enough comfort in the fact that that black figure wasn´t with me.

I spent a few days in solitude, days that I took the opportunity to go into the surroundings of the cabin. I wanted to know if there was a nearby place where I could ask for help, but I didn’t find anything.

One afternoon, returning home, I noticed that there was something strange, the door of the cabin was open, smoke was coming out of the chimney and a small light illuminated the main room, I understood that that black figure had returned and before entering I contemplated the possibility to flee, but where? Besides, if he had been able to trace me to Cantonica, he would be more than capable of finding me in this place, so, despite my desire to do so, I entered the cabin.

He was sitting again on a sofa in front of the fire, this time I could observe him better, he wasn´t wearing his helmet, so I could see his long, black and wavy hair “Where were you?” his voice sounded very deep, very different without that mask, I didn’t know what to answer so I remained silent “I asked you a question!” he yelled and his voice echoed through all the walls “I went out to see the surroundings” I answered fearfully, with a blow he got up from his place and in a few steps he reached where I was, one of his hands held my chin and looked at me in the eyes “You will never leave this place if I don´t allow it!” at that moment panic took hold of me again, my legs were shaking and I closed my eyes and a few tears escaped. His hand left my face and I could feel him walking past me “I left food in the kitchen…” I could hear a small sigh from him “I also left you some clothes and supplies in your room” and without saying more he left the cabin slamming the door.

These types of encounters were repeated a few more times, every time he came to see me he left me supplies, dresses made with fabrics that I had never seen before, and some other gifts, such as necklaces, bracelets, and sweets. I didn’t understand what was happening. Who was this man? Why had he brought me to this place? What did he want from me?

One of those many nights that he had come to see me I decided it was time to confront him, I appreciated the details he had with me, but I couldn’t say that I was grateful, at the end of the day, this man had kidnapped me and I still didn’t know why.

“Who you are?” I asked before he went out the door again “That doesn’t matter” he answered without even turning to look at me, for a moment my blood boiled, I was tired of him appearing and disappearing without giving me explanations, without saying anything “Of course it matters!” I didn’t notice the tone of my voice, and yet he kept walking without saying anything to me “Is this all a twisted little fantasy of yours?”, he was about to reach the door when he turned his face suddenly, I could notice how his brow frowned “You´re exceeding a limit that you should not cross” he threatened me raising one of his hands and pointing one of his fingers at me, something in my stomach told me that I should stop with this confrontation, but I couldn't… “I need answers!” now it was me who was walking towards him with an outstretched hand and a finger pointing at him “I know you have brought me here because I manipulate the Force!” I yelled at him as my finger sank into his chest “But I don’t know why I’m here or why you’re doing this and…” his always stoic face, began to flood with a red color “I’m done! I will not continue with this! ” Suddenly a roar was present and all the furniture in the house went flying “You will do what I tell you!” he yelled as he paced back and forth “I’m not your toy!” Even though my body was shaking with fear and helplessness, my anger was even greater, “You can’t have me here” I threw it in his face once more “Of course I can and I will continue to do so” he turned his back on me once more and went out the door, I ran after him to reach him, but the darkness of the forest didn´t let me see him…

She glanced this way, I thought I saw

And when we touched she didn’t shudder at my paw

Once again, I was alone in that place, without knowing what to do or why, full of anger, anger, and fear…

A few weeks went by without him showing up at the cabin, so I take advantage of all those days to tidy up the house, clean, and review some of the things that he had brought. The truth is that I refused to wear several of the clothes that he had given me, as well as the jewels, so I had simply put it away without paying any more attention, but now, with many time alone, I looked closely at it and I could notice each one of it were quite exquisite.

The days continued to pass without knowing anything about him, for some strange reason, I was beginning to miss his presence, I hadn´t noticed before, but the truth is that he was quite a handsome man, although, every time this idea crossed my mind I felt quite guilty and angry at me.

The weeks became months, I began to wonder if I would see him again or if I had to accept the idea that I was stranded in that place with no one else around me. I began to have small panic attacks due to my loneliness and some nights I implored to see him again.

One morning I went for a walk to the nearby stream, indeed, it had a small waterfall, it was a comfortable place that filled me with tranquility, when I returned to the cabin, I noticed that the door was open and my heart jumped, I didn’t know if it jolts with joy or scared, but I ran inside right away.

There were a few pieces of furniture lying around, I started to feel scared. I kept going until I reached the bathroom, where I found him lying on the floor, he was injured. I immediately rushed to the ground and tried to hold him “Don’t touch me!” he growled as his hands tried to remove mine from his body “You’re bleeding!” I insisted holding his hands with mine “I don’t need your pity…” he growled again, I turned to see him, our eyes were fixed for a few seconds, I could see that he felt pain and I weighed all that we had previously experienced and I felt the need to attend to him “Let me help you…” I spoke softly “Please…” he nodded slightly and I took it for a yes, despite his pride wasn´t allowing him to say it, he wanted my help.

No it can’t be, I’ll just ignore

But then she’s never looked at me that way before

That night he slept in my bed. When I woke up the next morning, I assumed that it was likely that he was no longer in the cabin. I was so surprised to see him still asleep that a small smile spread across my face. He was a completely different person, calm. The little light that filtered in through the window finely illuminated the features of his face and my heart jumped slightly with a strangely warm, not out of fear or insecurity, so I left that room a bit confused by what I just felt.

The days went by, and he… He stayed with me in the cabin. Little by little, we began to exchange more words, although not many, he was a man who spoke little. He began to help me with the little chores of the house, although he was quite clumsy at first, he improved as the days went by. He even offered to help me with the little herb garden that I had started to build in the garden.

Slowly his laughter began to flood our meals, and his stories about his travels across the Galaxy catch me at night. I learned about things that I didn´t know existed thanks to him and my heart kept jumping every hour that I enjoyed his company.

On one occasion I asked him if he wouldn´t go away again, the only thing he answered was that there was no place out there where he belonged. At that moment I understood that the Beast that had appeared a year ago in the room of my old home no longer existed and it was in that moment that I decided that that place where we were, in the middle of nowhere and far from everything, was now the home of both, however, I still felt my doubts, what if the bond that we were beginning to have was just a product of my imagination.

New and a bit alarming

Who’d have ever thought that this could be?

One morning, after waking up next to him, I wanted to put a plan to the test: the night before I had prepared a basket with some food, my idea was to ask him to accompany me to the forest to find some berries to plant in the garden. That morning I fixed myself with one of the dresses that he had brought me during one of his first visits and that I had never worn. When he got up, I had everything ready.

"I’m going to need your help today…”, he just looked at me a little confused “Please get ready before we get late”. A few minutes later he left the room towards the kitchen where I was “Hold this” I gave him the basket, his face was full of confusion, he couldn´t understand what was happening, I walked to the door and turned to see him “What are you waiting? Let’s go!” and I smiled at him as I walked out the door.

We walked for a few minutes in the forest without saying anything until we reached the stream. Once on the shore, I spread the blanket, I approached him, took the basket, and sat on the ground, he just imitated my steps. I took out some of the bites that were in the basket and we began to eat, we never speak. When we finished, I looked back at him.

“I don’t know much about you…”, he just fixed his eyes on mine “And you don’t know much about me…” I started to take off my shoes “But we´re both… Living in this place…” the sound of the waterfall was like little sinfonie behind us “I didn’t get here of my own free will and I still don’t understand why…” I plunged my feet into the water “But I’ve grown to love this place…” I turned to look at him and a huge smile was painted on my lips “And I’ve started to take a strange affection for you, although I don’t know if I should…” and suddenly, everything changed.

The birds sang around us, the sound of the waterfall became louder, and his lips… His lips were on mine with an intensity that I had never felt. One of his hands was holding my neck, while the other was holding one of mine firmly. His caress was soft, however, somewhat desperate, but full of passion “Ben…” he whispered as a smile touched his lips and his hand caressed my cheek “My name is Ben”. At no time did his eyes leave mine and my heart burned completely “Well, Hello Ben” I went over to kiss him again “Welcome home”.

True that he’s not Prince Charming

But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see

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100 Prompt List

  1. You´re so beautiful.
  2. Can I hold your hand?
  3. Bite me!
  4. What are you thinking?
  5. Just this time.
  6. Will you stay?
  7. I promise I will never let anything bad happen to you.
  8. All I wanted was you.
  9. I don’t trust myself around you.
  10. Take me back.
  11. I´m just scared that one day you find someone better than me.
  12. It wasn´t supposed to happen this way.
  13. Please be careful, this is my first time doing this.
  14. I don’t understand why you get like this.
  15. It’s because I’m jealous!
  16. Just relax.
  17. Relax, everything will be fine.
  18. I’ll be in my room in case you need me.
  19. Just say it and I’ll stop.
  20. Because I love you!
  21. Don’t look to me to apologize.
  22. How could you do this to me?
  23. You will speak when I say you can.
  24. Who do you think you are?
  25. Please, forgive me.
  26. I’m nothing without you.
  27. You will do what I say!
  28. You like that, right?
  29. Please stop, you’re hurting me!
  30. I would like to apologize, but the truth is that I do not regret it.
  31. Do you think anyone knows?
  32. Who do you think you are to talk to me like that!?
  33. Just a little more.
  34. Are you trying to turn me on?
  35. Why are you looking at me like that?
  36. I hate that you behave like that!
  37. I’d give anything to kiss you right now.
  38. Never go near him again!
  39. You are just mine.
  40. Can you give me a cigarette?
  41. You don’t know what you are saying!
  42. I will never tire of looking at you.
  43. Could you teach me to do it?
  44. I would like to leave it all behind!
  45. You have no idea how I feel!
  46. I hate you so much!
  47. You’ve only manipulated me all this time!
  48. It is not what you think.
  49. You are reckless.
  50. I would like to freeze this moment.
  51. What we are doing is wrong.
  52. Things shouldn’t have happened like this.
  53. Everything they/he/she told you is not true.
  54. Can I hold your hand?
  55. Come here.
  56. Why are you so nervous?
  57. Don’t tell me what to do!
  58. Why me?
  59. I want to be with you no matter what happens.
  60. I would like to try it.
  61. Do not leave me.
  62. Let’s just enjoy this moment.
  63. It’s all your fault!
  64. None of this would have happened if I had done it right.
  65. Who did this to you?
  66. Tell me what you want.
  67. I am at your mercy.
  68. You’re bleeding!
  69. Let ‘me help you.
  70. I am worth much more than you think!
  71. I am not a trophy that you must win!
  72. You are such a nasty boy/girl.
  73. Open your mouth.
  74. On your knees.
  75. Next time I won’t be so nice.
  76. Do you think you deserve it?
  77. Shout my name!
  78. You’re going to cum when I say so.
  79. Who is your owner?
  80. Beg me.
  81. Not so fast, we have time.
  82. Let me take care of you.
  83. You will behave well.
  84. Go on, don’t stop!
  85. Just a little more.
  86. Only for this occasion.
  87. Someone can see us.
  88. I wish I had never crossed paths with you!
  89. Stay still for just a second.
  90. You, and you fucking pride!
  91. I can not continue with this!
  92. What can I do to make you feel better?
  93. You are so needy.
  94. This moment is just for you.
  95. What are you hiding from me?
  96. I don’t understand why you behave like this.
  97. Just shut up!
  98. I don’t want to leave, but I have to.
  99. And haven’t you ever thought that if I do it is because I feel something else for you!?
  100. Just tell me what’s wrong.

Let’s play!

All this weekend I´ll be prepared to answer all your questions about Armitage HuxandKylo Ren of any kind, whether it be flufforsmut, so shot your darkest and most perverted doubts or your sweetest and most tender concerns about these two gentlemen.

I promise not to keep anything at all.

Your darling (and mistress),

Black Diamond.

Stay with me - Headcanons

Ways you and Ben Solo adjusted your  lives after the fall of the First Order

Ben Solo & Kylo Ren One Shots MASTERLIST.
Black Diamond´s Story MASTERLIST.
  • Switching to the Light wasn´t an easy thing for Ben, he still goes through very bad times when the Darkness tries to call him, but he tries to hide his frustration as best he can since he knows, and feels, that he´s the only pillar that you have to stay in the Light too.
  • Leaving the darkness for you was a bit more complicated, since your whole life was full of situations that fueled the anger you felt, and going so dramatically into the Light, when you had never been there before, meant completely forgetting and leaving behind the person you were.
  • There are times when one of the two wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating or crying due to some nightmare, and the other will always cling to the other’s body, even after leaving the Darkness, both continue to maintain your bond through the Force, so you´re able to feel what the other feels. Both are a kind of lifeline for each other.
  • At first, it was very difficult for you to move around the resistance base, since you could feel the inquisitive looks and some of the suspicious thoughts of the people around you and judged you.
  • There are times when both cannot sleep and leave your tent to walk calmly and chat alone in the surroundings of the base.
  • During the whole time you were together in the First Order, you got used to leading your life as a couple in an extremely private way and it´s something that even being in the Light you continue to maintain, all your activities together, such as eating, training and your free time it still, as much as possible, at the privacy of your tent.
  • Regarding the displays of affection, at first you were both embarrassed that someone saw you sharing a caress, but little by little, Ben began to be affectionate with you in public, holding your hand when you walked together, hugging you from time to time and occasionally kissing you on the forehead.
  • Sometimes when you try to call him, you do it by the name of Kylo; You automatically blush and apologize immediately, but secretly, and privately, you both like to hear your old names (in fact, even now in the Light, you both call each other by their Sith names while having sex and love it).
  • You aren´t very sociable, however, Ben has managed to develop a good relationship with Poe, knocked down by their mutual interest for ships and engineering, while you have started a good friendship with Chewbacca. Both try to avoid Rey, although sometimes Ben helps her train and that makes you feel very jealous, and Finn avoids you completely.

Not to pull a ‘Jaime Lannister is alive clown club’ moment on the main but…..

My beloved son Ben is not only alive, but going to find his sexy space wife in Project Luminos I will not be accepting comments, clowns, unite

Who wants a Reylo fic?

I lowkey want to write one to satiate my soul from how much pain I am in.

I’m thinking either a dark reylo AU or one where they both survive and have to adjust Ben to life after redemption and horror.

Would anyone want to read//what would you want to see?

Look I have a thought on Rey’s reaction

Okay, so I know we all think we know exactly what should have happened or how it could’ve been better. But as of now I actually really liked TROS.

Now, I think the reason I am so cool with it is that while I’m heartbroken my baby boy is dead, especially after bendemption, I think Rey’s reaction wasn’t all bad.

She just spent the entire battle with Palpetine removing herself from hatred and anger and connecting with all thr Jedi’s of a thousand generations.

When Ben disappears, his body fading to become one with the force as per Jedi standards, I think if anything, it would be comforting.

He will always be with her, and any lingering doubts she could’ve possible had are gone. He has been redeemed, and become the Jedi he was meant to be. And now he will live on within her and she will never be alone.


Star Wars may be heightened fantasy, so the situations that the characters are in are extreme for dramatic effect but the emotions of the characters are still very human. When we watch a film, we as the audience “put ourselves in the character’s shoes.” 


That’s why the opening scene of the Last Jedi is so effective in getting the audience invested in the stakes of the film. Rian Johnson said that “Star Wars wasn’t about space ships but about the people inside the space ships.” Because while it’s really hard for an audience to care about “the galaxy” being at stake if the heroes lose. When a movie gives us character’s that we can connect with and relate to, then it makes it easier for the audience to care. For example, I care about what happens to the resistance because Rose is part of the resistance and I care about Rose because Rose lost her sister and clearly loved her, I can relate to this idea because I have two sisters and would be devastated if anything happened to them. 

I think this human element is what makes memorable and inspiring films.

No film illustrates this concept of the emotional connection between the characters and the audience better to me than one of my favorites, “Saving Mr. Banks.” (Which also just so happens to be about writers misunderstanding a redemption story and is also a Disney movie) 


“She’s as real as can be to my daughters. And to thousands of other kids. Adults, too.” - Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

In fact, studies have shown that the relationships that we feel for fictional characters are very real and we can feel very strong emotions for them. “The interesting thing is that our brains aren’t really built to distinguish between whether a relationship is real or fictional, So these friendships can convey a lot of real-world benefits.” Those can include self-esteem boosts, decreased loneliness and more feelings of belonging.”- Jennifer Barnes (Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma)

This is why fiction can feel like such a personal and intimate experience. I find it interesting that the writers of “The Force Awakens”, chose to make the villain of the series the son of Han and Leia two characters that audiences growing up watching the original trilogy loved and connected with. What is interesting is that OT Audiences are now Han and Leia’s age in the sequel trilogy and many have their own adult children. I believe that this was done intentionally because the audience is suppose to feel sympathy for Ben and see him as “their own child” in a sense. The audience is suppose to consider “what if this was my own child and they were struggling? What would I want to happen to them?”


And that is why I can’t support this interpretation of Leia’s character: 


Why did you have to make him so cruel? He was not a monster! You all have children, yes? And do those children make letters for you? Do they write letters? Do they make you drawings? And would you tear up those gifts in front of them? It’s a dreadful thing to do. I don’t understand. Why must Father tear up the advertisement his children have made and throw it in the fireplace? Why won’t he mend their kite? Why have you made him so unspeakably awful? “In glorious Technicolor”? “For all the world to see”? If you claim to make them live, why can’t he… they live well?”-Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

I can’t view Ben’s death as this hopeful positive thing that they’ve been trying to portray it as. Parents want what is best for their children, they want to see them succeed. What parent wishes for their child’s death? Especially after he’s just found hope. Now that they’ve “seen the light” wouldn’t you want them to live their life to the fullest?

I swear that every time a person goes into a movie house – from Leicester Square to St Louis, they will see George Banks being saved. They will love him and his kids, they will weep for his cares, and wring their hands when he loses his job. And when he flies that kite, oh! They will rejoice, they will sing. In every movie house, all over the world, in the eyes and the hearts of my kids, and other kids and their mothers and fathers for generations to come, George Banks will be honored. George Banks will be redeemed. George Banks and all he stands for will be saved. Maybe not in life, but in imagination. Because that’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again.” - Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Star Wars has many themes, but the most prominent are redemption, compassion, family and most importantly of all… “Hope”

 The reason we love redemption arcs is because they give us hope that anyone can change. They can inspire us to turn our own lives around and hope for a better future for ourselves and our family. The way TROS ends, with Ben’s death, creates a disconnect with the films message. 


George Lucas believed that it was possible for lost people to find their way again and make a difference. But killing Ben Solo off after he’s done one good deed, goes against this message. If you want people to change, you have to let them live to correct their mistakes. 

“Character like Finn & Rey are examples of doing right. But you have to speak to the lost ones too if you want them to come home. “ -Unknown.

*Again I hope this makes sense, I have a lot of thoughts!



so much could have been improved in the sequels if kylo ren hadn’t been force sensitive

no wait think about it. kylo ren not being force sensitive, but so desperate to be so he’s willing to do anything. he feels cheated out of his grand destiny, his powers that his mother and uncle (and cousin?) have. give me the story on the entitlement towards the force. it would have shown that the force is beyond biological, it always has been. it would have given a better reason for kylo ren to “fall to the dark side”, so desperate for a connection to the force that he plays the part of a dark sider, swinging a cracking red lightsaber around with no finesse or training, killing hoping that it will push him further into a dark side of the force he cannot feel. it would have given a reason for him to hate han; that because han isn’t force sensitive, it’s his fault that kylo isn’t either. kylo’s character would have been stronger because his choices would have been his own, instead of whatever whisper dream manipulations they were in canon. his evil has nothing to do with the force, but an entitled man trying to claim a power he believes is his by birthright.

this would have foiled perfectly with finn, too- one is a child born to the most powerful force sensitives in the galaxy who cannot feel the force. and finn is a child who was taken from his family, forced into soldier-hood, who feels such a deep and powerful connection to himself and the force that he breaks free. kylo ren, seething and entitled trying to claim a destiny and power that just aren’t his, and finn, who has suffered at kylo’s actions and still connected to the powerful light inside of him. the “nobody” hero of the sequels who has the power of the force and the legacy-born villain who doesn’t.

Lego Star Wars Death Star scene but make it NOT Lego Seriously, Lego did these two more justice thanLego Star Wars Death Star scene but make it NOT Lego Seriously, Lego did these two more justice than

Lego Star Wars Death Star scene but make it NOT Lego

Seriously, Lego did these two more justice than TROS and there wasn’t even any kissing. Anyway, had to redraw their versions of the “I wanted to take your hand, Ben’s hand” scene!


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