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In the Center of Everything

Request: Hello love! Can you write with something like rebel and force sensetive reader and Kylo kidnaps her but he doesn’t want rebels to come so he takes her to Naboo instead? They spend time there and reader is nice person so they slowly start falling for each other? I was thinking like kinda fairytale setup like dresses he gives her, fancy meals etc. Picnic next to the waterfalls like Anakin and padme would be a nice bonus for @imaginesyes

Words: 3,260

Reading Time: 14 min

Category: Fluff

Warnings: None

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In the Center of Everything

There’s something sweet and almost kind

But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined

It has been some time since I have been, how to put it… In captivity on this planet? It all started a long time ago, for several years I had done everything possible to try to go unnoticed by the war that was happening everywhere, I knew perfectly well that something in me made me different from others, and for that reason, I decided to live with a low profile, I didn´t want to attract the attention of anyone, not the separatist groups, or those who called themselves rebels and much less the First Order, at the end of the day I was sure that if someone noticed that peculiarity that I had, they wouldn’t hesitate to spread the word and eventually I would have someone behind me looking for me.

I realized that I was able to connect with the Force when I was a teenager and to be honest, at first, I was very scared, I didn’t understand what was happening or how I could do what I was doing, but with the passage of the years, I accepted that that was my nature and I couldn’t deny it, so I cultivated it as best I could.

When my parents passed away, I completely put aside the business and commercial life we ​​had and isolated myself, I built a small cabin from scratch in a quarry near our town and dedicated myself to planting what I could, slowly, I became a self-sufficient person. All this time I stayed out of the conflicts that were happening outside, never in my life did I think that I would end up in the center of everything.

One night, I still remember it perfectly, while I was meditating, I connected with a strange energy. At first, I was very scared, I couldn´t understand what was responding to me, so I immediately cut my meditation. It took a few weeks before I was encouraged to do it again.

The next time I connect with that energy, try to prolong it as long as I can. Little by little, night after night, I connected with that entity more often. I didn’t know what it was, who it was, or where in the Galaxy it was, but I felt quite comfortable and intrigued to have made such a connection. I never suspected anything, I never thought that it could be something that would hurt me, I simply felt that it was someone like me out there and that, even with my self-exile in the middle, it made me feel accompanied… Until that night arrived.

It all started like a small whisper that intensified, “Where are you?”; A pair of eyes that pierced the gloom of the space that divided us. One question only. An answer from me that I would later regret “Cantonica”.

And now he’s dear and so unsure

I wonder why I didn’t see it there before

A couple of days passed until the consequence of my actions resonated. It was a day like any other, I never thought that something out of my routine would happen. I woke up, had breakfast, and planned my day: check and maintain my herbs, fetch some water from a nearby well, take the opportunity to wash some clothes, and go quickly to town to find some supplies that I had scarce.

When I returned home, it was already beginning to get dark, the door was closed and everything in my home seemed to be in order until I entered the living room.

A shadowy black figure was sitting on my sofa, slightly lit by the fire in the fireplace, which he had surely lit while waiting for my return.

I was completely paralyzed in place, the basket in my hands fell to the ground and some of the apples that I had collected during the day rolled on the ground, reaching his feet.

The silence was sepulchral, I could see how his body curved towards the floor and slowly, one of his hands took one of the apples that was at his feet. Immediately afterward, his entire body rose from my sofa, he was a huge black mass, I couldn´t distinguish any feature in his figure, his shoulders were wide, his entire body was covered by a black cape that seemed to blend with the shadows of the stay and his face was covered by a mask.

My only reaction was to try to run away. In seconds one of his hands grabbed my arm and my back hit his chest, where he wrapped both arms around me and lifted me off the ground.

I screamed, kicked, tried my best to break his hold on my body. Little by little I ended up getting tired, my mind kept bringing a thousand scenarios: He will it kill me? What is he doing here, what does he want? Who is he? Why me? Just when I stopped fighting him, he released me, and my feet hit the ground again, I immediately turned to look at him.

“Don’t you recognize me?” A distorted metallic voice came out of him, I shook my head slightly as I took a step back. My body was tired of trying to get rid of him, my legs were shaking, a cold chill ran down my spine and the room was slowly beginning to darken.

“It was you who brought me here…” He spoke again, at that moment I understood everything, that Beast was the source of the energy with which I had connected the previous nights, what had I done? At that moment, the panic completely seized me, with one last effort, I tried to run, but with a few steps he grabbed me again “No!” I yelled as loud as I could “What are you doing here?” I tried to separate my body from his with all my might “You know perfectly what I have come for” that metallic screech resounded in my ears with peculiar annoyance.

No, no, no. I didn´t want to, I couldn´t believe it, “Please…” the tears ran down my cheeks “Please… Leave me alone…” I sobbed uncontrollably, while my body collapsed on his, rendered by the struggle “Inside you, you know that I can’t” his arms held me tighter “Please…” my cry was already a single whisper “Just sleep” he passed one of his hands in front of my face.

He lifted me in his arms, while my eyelids closed completely.

The firelight was completely extinguished.

The last I remember of that night is the sound of his footsteps, I never understood why it had happened.

And now he’s dear and so unsure

I wonder why I didn’t see it there before

When I woke up I was in a foreign place. It was a small cabin, quite minimalist in the middle of a forest, surrounded by absolutely nothing but trees, I could suspect that near where I was there was a body of water since I could hear it, a small waterfall perhaps, or a small lake.

I walked a little through that small place, I had everything I needed, clothes, food, products for my care. Even though the place was a bit cozy, I felt quite scared, I still didn´t understand what was happening, however, I found enough comfort in the fact that that black figure wasn´t with me.

I spent a few days in solitude, days that I took the opportunity to go into the surroundings of the cabin. I wanted to know if there was a nearby place where I could ask for help, but I didn’t find anything.

One afternoon, returning home, I noticed that there was something strange, the door of the cabin was open, smoke was coming out of the chimney and a small light illuminated the main room, I understood that that black figure had returned and before entering I contemplated the possibility to flee, but where? Besides, if he had been able to trace me to Cantonica, he would be more than capable of finding me in this place, so, despite my desire to do so, I entered the cabin.

He was sitting again on a sofa in front of the fire, this time I could observe him better, he wasn´t wearing his helmet, so I could see his long, black and wavy hair “Where were you?” his voice sounded very deep, very different without that mask, I didn’t know what to answer so I remained silent “I asked you a question!” he yelled and his voice echoed through all the walls “I went out to see the surroundings” I answered fearfully, with a blow he got up from his place and in a few steps he reached where I was, one of his hands held my chin and looked at me in the eyes “You will never leave this place if I don´t allow it!” at that moment panic took hold of me again, my legs were shaking and I closed my eyes and a few tears escaped. His hand left my face and I could feel him walking past me “I left food in the kitchen…” I could hear a small sigh from him “I also left you some clothes and supplies in your room” and without saying more he left the cabin slamming the door.

These types of encounters were repeated a few more times, every time he came to see me he left me supplies, dresses made with fabrics that I had never seen before, and some other gifts, such as necklaces, bracelets, and sweets. I didn’t understand what was happening. Who was this man? Why had he brought me to this place? What did he want from me?

One of those many nights that he had come to see me I decided it was time to confront him, I appreciated the details he had with me, but I couldn’t say that I was grateful, at the end of the day, this man had kidnapped me and I still didn’t know why.

“Who you are?” I asked before he went out the door again “That doesn’t matter” he answered without even turning to look at me, for a moment my blood boiled, I was tired of him appearing and disappearing without giving me explanations, without saying anything “Of course it matters!” I didn’t notice the tone of my voice, and yet he kept walking without saying anything to me “Is this all a twisted little fantasy of yours?”, he was about to reach the door when he turned his face suddenly, I could notice how his brow frowned “You´re exceeding a limit that you should not cross” he threatened me raising one of his hands and pointing one of his fingers at me, something in my stomach told me that I should stop with this confrontation, but I couldn't… “I need answers!” now it was me who was walking towards him with an outstretched hand and a finger pointing at him “I know you have brought me here because I manipulate the Force!” I yelled at him as my finger sank into his chest “But I don’t know why I’m here or why you’re doing this and…” his always stoic face, began to flood with a red color “I’m done! I will not continue with this! ” Suddenly a roar was present and all the furniture in the house went flying “You will do what I tell you!” he yelled as he paced back and forth “I’m not your toy!” Even though my body was shaking with fear and helplessness, my anger was even greater, “You can’t have me here” I threw it in his face once more “Of course I can and I will continue to do so” he turned his back on me once more and went out the door, I ran after him to reach him, but the darkness of the forest didn´t let me see him…

She glanced this way, I thought I saw

And when we touched she didn’t shudder at my paw

Once again, I was alone in that place, without knowing what to do or why, full of anger, anger, and fear…

A few weeks went by without him showing up at the cabin, so I take advantage of all those days to tidy up the house, clean, and review some of the things that he had brought. The truth is that I refused to wear several of the clothes that he had given me, as well as the jewels, so I had simply put it away without paying any more attention, but now, with many time alone, I looked closely at it and I could notice each one of it were quite exquisite.

The days continued to pass without knowing anything about him, for some strange reason, I was beginning to miss his presence, I hadn´t noticed before, but the truth is that he was quite a handsome man, although, every time this idea crossed my mind I felt quite guilty and angry at me.

The weeks became months, I began to wonder if I would see him again or if I had to accept the idea that I was stranded in that place with no one else around me. I began to have small panic attacks due to my loneliness and some nights I implored to see him again.

One morning I went for a walk to the nearby stream, indeed, it had a small waterfall, it was a comfortable place that filled me with tranquility, when I returned to the cabin, I noticed that the door was open and my heart jumped, I didn’t know if it jolts with joy or scared, but I ran inside right away.

There were a few pieces of furniture lying around, I started to feel scared. I kept going until I reached the bathroom, where I found him lying on the floor, he was injured. I immediately rushed to the ground and tried to hold him “Don’t touch me!” he growled as his hands tried to remove mine from his body “You’re bleeding!” I insisted holding his hands with mine “I don’t need your pity…” he growled again, I turned to see him, our eyes were fixed for a few seconds, I could see that he felt pain and I weighed all that we had previously experienced and I felt the need to attend to him “Let me help you…” I spoke softly “Please…” he nodded slightly and I took it for a yes, despite his pride wasn´t allowing him to say it, he wanted my help.

No it can’t be, I’ll just ignore

But then she’s never looked at me that way before

That night he slept in my bed. When I woke up the next morning, I assumed that it was likely that he was no longer in the cabin. I was so surprised to see him still asleep that a small smile spread across my face. He was a completely different person, calm. The little light that filtered in through the window finely illuminated the features of his face and my heart jumped slightly with a strangely warm, not out of fear or insecurity, so I left that room a bit confused by what I just felt.

The days went by, and he… He stayed with me in the cabin. Little by little, we began to exchange more words, although not many, he was a man who spoke little. He began to help me with the little chores of the house, although he was quite clumsy at first, he improved as the days went by. He even offered to help me with the little herb garden that I had started to build in the garden.

Slowly his laughter began to flood our meals, and his stories about his travels across the Galaxy catch me at night. I learned about things that I didn´t know existed thanks to him and my heart kept jumping every hour that I enjoyed his company.

On one occasion I asked him if he wouldn´t go away again, the only thing he answered was that there was no place out there where he belonged. At that moment I understood that the Beast that had appeared a year ago in the room of my old home no longer existed and it was in that moment that I decided that that place where we were, in the middle of nowhere and far from everything, was now the home of both, however, I still felt my doubts, what if the bond that we were beginning to have was just a product of my imagination.

New and a bit alarming

Who’d have ever thought that this could be?

One morning, after waking up next to him, I wanted to put a plan to the test: the night before I had prepared a basket with some food, my idea was to ask him to accompany me to the forest to find some berries to plant in the garden. That morning I fixed myself with one of the dresses that he had brought me during one of his first visits and that I had never worn. When he got up, I had everything ready.

"I’m going to need your help today…”, he just looked at me a little confused “Please get ready before we get late”. A few minutes later he left the room towards the kitchen where I was “Hold this” I gave him the basket, his face was full of confusion, he couldn´t understand what was happening, I walked to the door and turned to see him “What are you waiting? Let’s go!” and I smiled at him as I walked out the door.

We walked for a few minutes in the forest without saying anything until we reached the stream. Once on the shore, I spread the blanket, I approached him, took the basket, and sat on the ground, he just imitated my steps. I took out some of the bites that were in the basket and we began to eat, we never speak. When we finished, I looked back at him.

“I don’t know much about you…”, he just fixed his eyes on mine “And you don’t know much about me…” I started to take off my shoes “But we´re both… Living in this place…” the sound of the waterfall was like little sinfonie behind us “I didn’t get here of my own free will and I still don’t understand why…” I plunged my feet into the water “But I’ve grown to love this place…” I turned to look at him and a huge smile was painted on my lips “And I’ve started to take a strange affection for you, although I don’t know if I should…” and suddenly, everything changed.

The birds sang around us, the sound of the waterfall became louder, and his lips… His lips were on mine with an intensity that I had never felt. One of his hands was holding my neck, while the other was holding one of mine firmly. His caress was soft, however, somewhat desperate, but full of passion “Ben…” he whispered as a smile touched his lips and his hand caressed my cheek “My name is Ben”. At no time did his eyes leave mine and my heart burned completely “Well, Hello Ben” I went over to kiss him again “Welcome home”.

True that he’s not Prince Charming

But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see

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100 Prompt List

  1. You´re so beautiful.
  2. Can I hold your hand?
  3. Bite me!
  4. What are you thinking?
  5. Just this time.
  6. Will you stay?
  7. I promise I will never let anything bad happen to you.
  8. All I wanted was you.
  9. I don’t trust myself around you.
  10. Take me back.
  11. I´m just scared that one day you find someone better than me.
  12. It wasn´t supposed to happen this way.
  13. Please be careful, this is my first time doing this.
  14. I don’t understand why you get like this.
  15. It’s because I’m jealous!
  16. Just relax.
  17. Relax, everything will be fine.
  18. I’ll be in my room in case you need me.
  19. Just say it and I’ll stop.
  20. Because I love you!
  21. Don’t look to me to apologize.
  22. How could you do this to me?
  23. You will speak when I say you can.
  24. Who do you think you are?
  25. Please, forgive me.
  26. I’m nothing without you.
  27. You will do what I say!
  28. You like that, right?
  29. Please stop, you’re hurting me!
  30. I would like to apologize, but the truth is that I do not regret it.
  31. Do you think anyone knows?
  32. Who do you think you are to talk to me like that!?
  33. Just a little more.
  34. Are you trying to turn me on?
  35. Why are you looking at me like that?
  36. I hate that you behave like that!
  37. I’d give anything to kiss you right now.
  38. Never go near him again!
  39. You are just mine.
  40. Can you give me a cigarette?
  41. You don’t know what you are saying!
  42. I will never tire of looking at you.
  43. Could you teach me to do it?
  44. I would like to leave it all behind!
  45. You have no idea how I feel!
  46. I hate you so much!
  47. You’ve only manipulated me all this time!
  48. It is not what you think.
  49. You are reckless.
  50. I would like to freeze this moment.
  51. What we are doing is wrong.
  52. Things shouldn’t have happened like this.
  53. Everything they/he/she told you is not true.
  54. Can I hold your hand?
  55. Come here.
  56. Why are you so nervous?
  57. Don’t tell me what to do!
  58. Why me?
  59. I want to be with you no matter what happens.
  60. I would like to try it.
  61. Do not leave me.
  62. Let’s just enjoy this moment.
  63. It’s all your fault!
  64. None of this would have happened if I had done it right.
  65. Who did this to you?
  66. Tell me what you want.
  67. I am at your mercy.
  68. You’re bleeding!
  69. Let ‘me help you.
  70. I am worth much more than you think!
  71. I am not a trophy that you must win!
  72. You are such a nasty boy/girl.
  73. Open your mouth.
  74. On your knees.
  75. Next time I won’t be so nice.
  76. Do you think you deserve it?
  77. Shout my name!
  78. You’re going to cum when I say so.
  79. Who is your owner?
  80. Beg me.
  81. Not so fast, we have time.
  82. Let me take care of you.
  83. You will behave well.
  84. Go on, don’t stop!
  85. Just a little more.
  86. Only for this occasion.
  87. Someone can see us.
  88. I wish I had never crossed paths with you!
  89. Stay still for just a second.
  90. You, and you fucking pride!
  91. I can not continue with this!
  92. What can I do to make you feel better?
  93. You are so needy.
  94. This moment is just for you.
  95. What are you hiding from me?
  96. I don’t understand why you behave like this.
  97. Just shut up!
  98. I don’t want to leave, but I have to.
  99. And haven’t you ever thought that if I do it is because I feel something else for you!?
  100. Just tell me what’s wrong.

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Stay with me - Headcanons

Ways you and Ben Solo adjusted your  lives after the fall of the First Order

Ben Solo & Kylo Ren One Shots MASTERLIST.
Black Diamond´s Story MASTERLIST.
  • Switching to the Light wasn´t an easy thing for Ben, he still goes through very bad times when the Darkness tries to call him, but he tries to hide his frustration as best he can since he knows, and feels, that he´s the only pillar that you have to stay in the Light too.
  • Leaving the darkness for you was a bit more complicated, since your whole life was full of situations that fueled the anger you felt, and going so dramatically into the Light, when you had never been there before, meant completely forgetting and leaving behind the person you were.
  • There are times when one of the two wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating or crying due to some nightmare, and the other will always cling to the other’s body, even after leaving the Darkness, both continue to maintain your bond through the Force, so you´re able to feel what the other feels. Both are a kind of lifeline for each other.
  • At first, it was very difficult for you to move around the resistance base, since you could feel the inquisitive looks and some of the suspicious thoughts of the people around you and judged you.
  • There are times when both cannot sleep and leave your tent to walk calmly and chat alone in the surroundings of the base.
  • During the whole time you were together in the First Order, you got used to leading your life as a couple in an extremely private way and it´s something that even being in the Light you continue to maintain, all your activities together, such as eating, training and your free time it still, as much as possible, at the privacy of your tent.
  • Regarding the displays of affection, at first you were both embarrassed that someone saw you sharing a caress, but little by little, Ben began to be affectionate with you in public, holding your hand when you walked together, hugging you from time to time and occasionally kissing you on the forehead.
  • Sometimes when you try to call him, you do it by the name of Kylo; You automatically blush and apologize immediately, but secretly, and privately, you both like to hear your old names (in fact, even now in the Light, you both call each other by their Sith names while having sex and love it).
  • You aren´t very sociable, however, Ben has managed to develop a good relationship with Poe, knocked down by their mutual interest for ships and engineering, while you have started a good friendship with Chewbacca. Both try to avoid Rey, although sometimes Ben helps her train and that makes you feel very jealous, and Finn avoids you completely.


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A Poem Exposé? about Kylo Ren and a Reader or “insert” lover who is not Rey. 
Original Poem by Dylan Thomas in Bold.
Italics are mine, where the “story” meets the poem. 

This is a stand alone piece, not connected in storyline to my other works. 

Do not go gentle into that good night, 

And he did not. No, rather it was a painfully slow end. His life force for another. 

Old age should burn and rave at close of day; 

You had planned to grow old together, something you had done since you were children, one half of a whole soul.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Yours was dimming, he traded his so she could live, but your light was his light. 

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

He must have known what this would cause, what that trade would do, something to set the universe right, but your world collapsed the moment he did. 

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night.

But his actions stopped them, his sacrifice helped save everyone, helped save her, but possibly unbeknownst to him, it sacrificed you too. 

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright

Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

He was lost, for so long, unable to find the truth. He did what he thought was right, even when that deed was against all else, the only truth he knew was you. 

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

She didn’t get to watch you fall, no, you were supposed to be safe. He kept you safe, but nay that did no good, for you still fell. 

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

One of the things you loved most about him, was that childish seeking of adventure, the one he hid from all else, part of the true form he only revealed to you. 

And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,

But he found out too late that the fight he was fighting, was not the good fight, for all the players had not revealed their hand. No, he was playing blind in a master’s game. 

Do not go gentle into that good night.

But in the end, when it really mattered he was there, not taking a particular side, he was there. Fighting the one who would destroy the galaxy. 

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

You felt the shift just prior to his perilous end, his mother, gave herself to him and gave you the sight to see his end. 

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Oh, how you wish your message traveled faster, how it would get to him sooner. But in the end, it did not matter. For in either outcome your light would diminish. 

And you, my father, there on the sad height,

He was the end of the line now, not only his father’s by his own hand but his mother’s too. You were not fruitful, but you believed there was more time, but how wrong you were. 

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

But you were the one to bear the pain of feeling the other leave. You were given moments to grieve as you watched, anguish and anger, and loss, and heartbreak was what you felt. 

Do not go gentle into that good night.

And you did not, for if there were others around to witness your fall, they would have heard the screams of wretched tormented pain you felt, and the violent tears pouring down your face. As scream was the last sound, not heard. 

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

As you took your last breath, the flame of it went out.

A new galactic war was forming, and your star system needed to create an alliance. Your father, the king, made a deal with the First Order in a promise of protection for guaranteed trade. You are arranged to marry the Commander Kylo Ren, apprentice of the Supreme Leader. A man who is hidden behind his mask. Will your husband show you his heart? Or will it be forever hidden behind a mask?

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*Note: The author of this work does not condone arranged marriage practices, domestic abuse, or non-con sexual encounters, this work is for fictional uses only.*

Chapter 9

You dressed in your nightclothes and slipped underneath the freshly changed covers. You regretted asking the droid to change them as these smelled new and sterile and nothing like him. Eventually you drifted in and out of consciousness. Late into the night or early morning, you swore you could hear the sounds of the outer door opening and shutting. And then the door next to your room opening and closing. He must be back. And choosing his own room rather than yours to clean up and rest in.

Your suspicions were confirmed when you heard the sound of water running through the pipes. He had his own refresher, which made sense as you knew he didn’t use yours to shower in. You briefly wondered if he washed his hair, if he even had any. Your mind drifted to what hair you had seen on his body. If he had hair on his head, it would be as dark as the hair that led to his cock. At the rush of that thought, you involuntarily squeezed your thighs together, feeling heat pool there briefly. You weren’t asleep again for more than 30 minutes before you heard your door open; you had hoped it was him joining you to sleep. But he had other plans. 

You felt the bed dip behind you slightly as you felt a hand trace up your outer thigh before moving to grip the inner tender flesh. You felt his other hand lightly shove your shoulder into the bed; face down into your pillow. No words were exchanged. Your nightgown was shoved up to your waist revealing that your bareness, unlike previous encounters where you didn’t wear any for his savagery of ripping it off, you had worn none this time in hopes of a more consensual encounter, but it would not happen. 

But what you felt shocked you, your hips were brought up higher, more convenient angle, his fingers traced down your folds as if he was touching a delicate piece of ancient knowledge. His calloused thumb massaged your delicate clit. You bit into the pillow to muffle your moans of pleasure. You didn’t want to scare him off. But he continued to slowly massage you for a few minutes as his fingers danced over your folds. You felt his bare thigh brush up against yours. You did not remember hearing him take off any clothes, he must have come in naked. 

You felt him ready you as both hands gripped into the meat of your ass, his thumbs dipping into you, spreading your cunt wide for him. His thrusts were different this time, desperate in a different way as if touching you was almost enough to get him there, that he was desperate for any form of friction or tightness from you. His hands had moved to the top of your hips to steady his unsteady self. You could hear the urgency in his breaths through his mask. You neared your edge as his hand came to steady his cock inside you. His fingers fumbling against your folds as you wrapped around him. 

You moaned as brightness hit the back of your eyelids, your convulsions were just enough to send him into his own orgasm. One that almost made him collapse on top of you, but he steadied himself before that could happen. You felt his helmet rest against your back as his hands landed on either side of the bed. As he lifted himself up from you, you felt the bed dip even more with his weight. His hands steadied themselves once more on the top of your hips as he reluctantly pulled out of you as if he was relishing in your warmth. He used your hips to help him stand, something he has never done. Almost as if he had just given you everything. As he stood, you heard him slightly stumble back and brace himself against the wall. His arm making a dull thud sound against the metal wall. 

He stood there for a moment as you let your hips return down to the bed. Once they made contact, you stretched your legs and spread them out even wider, hoping that he was looking and that he enjoyed the slight show. While your face was still buried in the pillow, you reached down under you to your own folds, feeling the wetness you both had left behind. Your fingers mixing the two milky substances, relishing in the tenderness you felt there. You heard him take a step forward, but as you took your hand away hoping it would be replaced by something, anything of his; you heard the door open. As you turned to look at it, you saw the glimpse of his bare shoulder as he left. 

You were alone. 

It took a while for you to fight back into sleep as your emotions seemed to run through the entire course of the Kessel Run. You squeezed your thighs together, relishing in the tenderness you felt between them, and hugged your pillow as sleep finally overcame you. 

You were reluctant to wake to your alarm, feeling groggy and sore. But you ushered on into the refresher taking a shower, you cringed as you washed away the dried cum between your legs and in your folds. Pondering over the bruises he left on your hips. You didn’t remember him gripping you that hard during the whole thing, so you assumed they were from his attempts at balancing himself. Squeezing your thighs together, hoping to feel a ghost of his cock. Your body almost seemed to ache for his ability to fill you and stretch you. And anything else was just you missing a piece of yourself. 

You finished your shower and finished getting ready. As you stepped out into the living room, you heard the main door shut, which means that your husband had just left. It stung just a bit knowing that if you had left your room just two seconds earlier, you would have been able to see him if only for a moment. You set aside that thought and made yourself breakfast, you ate, and as you put your bowl away you thought for a moment, and sent a photo to your husband even though he was apparently on board ship. 

Commander Ren,

As per the attached photo, I have eaten. Good morning, there is dessert in the fridge from last night if you have a moment to enjoy it.

                                                                                                           Princess Ren

Wife to the Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

A rather quick response came to you, as if it only took just moments for him to respond. 

Dear Princess Ren, 

I fail to believe that you have put your cunt in the fridge. 

                                                                                             Commander Kylo Ren

              Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

You dropped your datapad in shock at the message. Frozen for several minutes as your brain tried to process his message. You eventually picked it back up off the floor, the feeling of blood rushing to your face and vulnerability as you bent down. Slowly staggering to the kitchen and snapped a photo to send back to him. 

Commander Ren,

No! I made dessert last night, thinking you were going to be back earlier than you were, I miscalculated how late you were actually going to be. 

                                                                                                           Princess Ren

Wife to the Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

Moments later, his response came. 

Dear Princess Ren, 

That is… unsatisfying.  

                                                                                             Commander Kylo Ren

              Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

It shocked you. Did he really want a nude photo of you? Sent to him now? When he could just come to you from where ever he was on the ship and fuck you again? If he was away on a mission, you could understand. You could even hope that it would be his eyes only on the photo, but on this ship wherever he was you couldn’t guarantee that. 

Commander Ren,

Did you expect me to undress and take a photo of myself in the fridge?! 

                                                                                                          Princess Ren

Wife to the Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

You wandered over to the couch to sit down, to be able to steady yourself for this conversation. He seemed to be like you right on the datapad, as another message seemed to instantly reply to you. 

Dear Princess Ren, 

The fridge detail is rather unneeded, but the photo would be rather satisfactory.  

                                                                                             Commander Kylo Ren

              Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

You could feel warmth pool between your legs as you excitedly responded. 

Commander Ren,

I was informed that you have surveillance access to our quarters. What need does a photo satisfy compared to that? 

                                                                                                           Princess Ren

Wife to the Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

This was it, you were flirting with your husband. It seemed like the datapad was just the buffer and shield you needed in order to be able to do so, both of you. 

Dear Princess Ren, 

I do. Your point?

                                                                                             Commander Kylo Ren

              Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

So he really needed you to spell it all out for him. You took a breath of bravery and stood and shot off a reply. 

Commander Ren,

Where are the cameras placed? You better be alone.   

                                                                                                           Princess Ren

Wife to the Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

You waited with baited breaths for his response. 

Dear Princess Ren, 

Near the window facing towards the front door. Another in the kitchen facing towards your bedroom door and lastly in the corner of your bedroom facing your door out into the living room. 

                                                                                             Commander Kylo Ren

              Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

Bravely you headed towards the window and hit the button to shut the shutters, closing off the outside world to what was about to happen. Finding the small round device that appeared to be the camera. You sent off one quick message before setting the datapad on a side table. 

Commander Ren,

As I said, you better be alone. Get ready for a show. 

                                                                                                         Princess Ren

Wife to the Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

Once you sent off the message, you took a few paces back from the camera. You turned slowly in a circle, stretching your neck as you did so, showing him the skin that was already exposed there. You paused as you faced the camera, fingertips slowly drifting up to the sides of your face and then down along your neck and collarbone. Slowly teasing him with the skin that was already bare. Fingertips brushing up and down against the top of your breasts, against the small amount of cleavage you allowed the world to already see. 

You slowly turned, keeping your back to the camera now, letting your fingertips caress your skin as you stretched your neck, and caressed yourself as if you were your own lover. Hands skimming over your sides and waist, rolling your neck sensually. You paused for a moment, before hooking a finger under the shoulder of your dress and letting it fall down your arm, and then to the other side. You were unsure how far the other camera could see, so you covered your breasts, not wanting to show too much too soon. Being a tease. 

You stepped out of your dress entirely. Slowly turning towards the camera, keeping yourself ‘modest’ with your own hands. You played shy while batting your eyelashes towards it, and then you rolled your neck, exposing more of yourself to him, but not everything. This was so liberating for you, as your arm and hand kept you covered. You crossed your legs and brought the hand that was covering your crotch up to caress the bare skin of your stomach. You also squeezed your own breast, relishing in the sensation of letting out a small moan. 

You did not know if that surveillance included sound, but at this point, you didn’t care. You gained the courage to drop your arm, but then quickly took your breasts in your hands, squeezing and leaning forward, eventually splaying your fingers. Swirling your nipples, giving him a show and yourself pleasure. Your hands had minds of their own, one still playing with your breast, the other trailing its way down your stomach and to your crotch. Just as your fingers were gracing your folds, your datapad pinged with a message. 

You sauntered over to it, pushing your ass out as you leaned over to read it. Spreading your legs a bit, hopefully giving him a full view. 

Dear Princess Ren, 

Your bed would give us both a better vantage point for that. 

                                                                                             Commander Kylo Ren

              Apprentice to Supreme Leader Snoke and Master of the Knights of Ren

You read it out loud, giggled, and turned. Looking at the camera over your shoulder playfully. You picked up the datapad and sauntered your way to your bedroom. When the door to your bedroom opened, you looked at it squarely before tossing the datapad onto the bed. You promenaded for a moment giving a show before flopping down onto the bed. You ran your hands through your hair before grabbing your pillows and propping up your back. 

Now fully facing the camera, baring it all to him. You trailed your hands over yourself. You spread your legs wide, allowing your hands to find different ways to pleasure yourself. Your hands taking turns with your breasts, your lips, and your folds, even thrusting fingers in and out of yourself. Filling your room full of your own moans. You did not know how long you were lost within yourself, but you panicked as you heard the outer door of your quarters open and shut, but then your brain registered the familiar fall of a particular person’s boot steps. 

Your bedroom door opened, relieving your husband in his black-clad glory. You spoke first as he almost hesitated in the doorway. “You’re wearing too many clothes,” it came out as much more of a whine than should have been appropriate between you two given your history.

But oddly enough, he complied as he started taking off his belt, toeing off his boots, and removing his shirt. You shimmied up the bed, throwing the pillows back into place and flopping down into your usual spot. By the time your eyes had focused on him again, he was nude in front of you, well except for his helmet. He climbed up between your legs; you were both eager and ready. An arm behind your back and the other hooked over your shoulder as he thrust in. The quick and tempered pace was what he set out for you both.

This angle allowed you to kiss and run your tongue over the mouthpiece. Your brain was already so fried that you could not fathom why that wouldn’t be a good idea. But oddly enough your husband didn’t seem to mind, or maybe he was more focused on what his genitals were doing that you kissing him didn’t matter. After all, you could only speculate how flustered your show left him. It was a possibility that his brain was just as flustered. But he turned his head to yours as if HE was kissing you. 

You rang in your orgasm loudly, probably the loudest you had ever been. Kylo kept going as he had yet to reach his own climax, but you could feel he was just on the cusp. But he briefly switched angles, hitting your sweet spot again and again and again, almost as if he was determined to get you off again before he came. And it worked, or rather you literally came together as a final crescendo to the complete show. As you came down, you gripped his helmet in your hands and kissed him as if your life depended on it. Forcing yourself on top of him. Taking control of the finale. 

And for once he didn’t cut it short as his hands wrapped loosely around your back. He let you kiss him. Your kisses trailed all over his face. As you kissed his crown, you could feel your nipples graze against the textured metal. By the end, you were sitting on his stomach as you sat up. Essentially ‘trapping’ him beneath you. 

You felt a giggle bubble up, “Was that a good dessert?” A mischievous smile gracing your lips. A sparkle within your eye. 

You could hear him sigh deeply before responding, “It was… acceptable.”

You cocked your brow and tilted your head, “Just acceptable, I thought that it all was rather impressive myself. Much better than the photo you requested.” 

You heard a sharp sound, which could have translated into a snort, “Much better than a photo, I agree.” 

You moved to hover over his face, “So more than acceptable?”

His hands gripped your hips as he pulled you off of him. “More than acceptable,” he reluctantly agreed. 

You had a pout on your face as you realized he was leaving. “So what were you doing, might I ask?”

As he pulled up his pants, “Test piloting my TIE Fighter, I had some adjustments made, and they needed testing.” He sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling on his boots. You joined him in your naked glory. 

“Did I distract you? I have been called a distraction for you.” You didn’t really want to bring up Hux in your afterglow, but you wanted to tease your husband. 

He turned and looked at you, his covered eyes seeming to bore into you. “It would take much more than that to be a distraction.” He then stood up and donned his shirt. 

You crossed your arms over your chest, knowingly pushing up your breasts. “That sounds like a challenge.” Your mind started twisting and turning, thinking about how you would be able to get under his skin in that way.

 He bent down to look at you again while putting on his gloves. “I would like to see you try.” You could tell that this would be fun for both of you. He then turned and headed out of your bedroom. 

You followed unabashed in your nudeness in your own home. You grabbed his arm, and he froze; he was headed out the door to return to whatever else he had yet to do today. You stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek, “Good morning.” And then let go to walk over to your dress, which was still in the corner of the living room. As you pulled it on, you could see him paused in front of the door to the ship’s hallway. His head turned slightly as if to keep you in the corner of his eye, checking to see if you were clothed. Once your dress was properly situated on your body, he left. 

You were very proud of yourself at that moment; you had managed to get him to drop whatever he was doing to come running to you, for you. It felt empowering knowing you could do that to him. Even if he would never admit it. You half wondered if he would travel across the galaxy for you if you had put on that much of a show while he was away. 

You hoped that the bubble wouldn’t burst anytime soon, that he would continue with this round of good moods. But you knew it wouldn’t last forever, as much as you wanted it to, reality would come crashing down around you. 

Briefly, you wondered if you would eventually fall in love with this man; it felt as if you were reaching the summit and that you would be there soon. You just hoped that he wasn’t below sea level. He might never say the words, but you hoped he would at least harbor the feelings. 

A/N: There will be approximately once a month updates or more, February was just short. But I kept my promise. 

So she dances

@adamdriverfangirl666​ asked: Fluff n° 1, please ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

A/N: I hope you enjoy it. it’s a little something-something. It’s short and sweet.

Also- listened to Josh Groban while writing this. Low key inspired it.

Prompt:1. “How can you love a monster?”

WARNINGS: none. Fluff.


She took careful steps on the tips of her toes as she danced around the open room. Her dress was pale pink and her hair was a tasseled beautiful mess. In the moonlight, the tops of her cheeks glowed and her eyelids glittered. The room was silent but he could hear the music in her head, playing like a soft wind up music box. She smiled for no one but he felt like it was just for him.

Everything about her was graceful. He wanted nothing more than to take (y/n) into his arms but that would have meant for him to step into the light. He was not ready yet to stop watching her.

She was innocent, lost in her own little world. He could see the visions in her head. A grand ball on some planet, she the princess and he the one she’s been waiting for. They’re happy. So in love.

Kylo took a step out of the shadows. Her eyes meet his and her lips curled into a fresh smile.

“Dance with me,” she sang offering her hand.

“There’s no music.”

“There doesn’t have to be.”

He took her hand unafraid and spun her around before pulling her close. She was Petite next to him and her hands the size of a child’s in his. She followed his lead and he swayed her round the perimeter of the room. (Y/n) glided as if she was on air. They moved naturally together.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” (Y/n) sighed contently.

Kylo lowered his lips to meet hers, kissing her delicately. “What I wouldn’t give for it to be this way all the time.”

“Me too.”

“I must admit, I’m not the best version of myself without you. I’m messy, angry all the time, and have murderous thoughts. I’ve done bad things while away from you. Things you would not approve of. I saw the scavenger and she called me a monster. She’s right. It’s what I am.” He frowned. “How can you love a monster?”

She cupped his face in her hands and kissed both his cheeks. “You are not perfect and neither am I. Kylo Ren I don’t think you’re a monster. I just think you’re a creature that wants to be understood.”

Kylo lifted her into the air and spun her around. “You are the absolute love of my life and I don’t deserve you.”

“It’s not about what you deserve,” (y/n) stopped to pull him flush against her. “It’s about what you need. You need me as I need you.”

“I love you.” He leaned in halfway.

“I love you too.” She met him in the middle.

This is based of “The Rise of Skywalker”, but does not exactly follow the plot, so if that is going to offend you, stay away. In other news, this may be the best thing I have written… so here we go.

This was it, the final battle. You would either defeat general Palpatine once and for all or die trying. You had given the directions so that the resistance could follow you and start taking out the Star-Destroyers. They had called in every ally that they had and were prepared to fight.

But the real fight, the one that would ultimately determine the fate of the entire universe, that was on you. 

-no pressure-

You weaved in and out of the deserted hallways, put off by the eerie stillness. It was dark and had the force not been guiding you, you never would have found it. You came into a clearing, it appeared to be an empty stadium. And then you saw it, the throne that had plagued your nightmares.

Chanting filled the room as the once empty stadium was now filled with Siths. 

“Long have I awaited your arrival. I never wanted you dead, I wanted you here. Empress. You will take the throne as destiny demands.” Palpatine spoke ominously.

“I have not come to lead the Sith, I have come to destroy them,” you informed standing your ground.

“As a Jedi?” he all but laughed.


“No, your hatred, your anger, you want to kill me. That is what I want. If you kill me my spirit will pass into you, as all the sith live in me. You will become the empress and we will rule together. The time has come,” he announced and all the Sith bowed down. 

You stood momentarily at a loss for what to do.

“With your hatred you will strike me down and ascend,” Palpatine instructed.

“All you want me to do is to hate, but I won’t, not even you,” 

“You are weak, like your master, look where that got him,”

“He sacrificed himself to save the resistance, to save hope, and as long as hope remains you can never truly win,” you replied with strength.

Palpatine opened the ceiling to reveal the war that was going on in the sky.

“Here is your great resistance. They don’t have long, no one is coming to help them, and you are the one who led them here. So much for your so-called hope,” he sneered.

“Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over the new empire and the fleet will be yours. Only then will you have the power to save them. Refuse and they will die,”

You felt conflicted, knowing that no matter the cost, you couldn’t give in to the darkness. You were questioning your next move, but then you felt his presence. Ben was here.

You nodded towards Palpatine, trying to buy time.

“Very good. The ritual begins!” he declared to his followers who cheered. “Now, you will strike me down and pledge yourself to the Sith. You will draw your saber,”

You did as he commanded.

“You will strike me, taking your revenge. The Jedi are dead, the Sith with be reborn,” he exclaimed, “Do it! Make the Sacrifice!”

You were scared, afraid that Ben was going to be too late. That is when he spoke to you through your connection. 

“It’s okay your not alone, just hand me the saber,”

You were filled with relief as you acting as if you were preparing to strike down Palpatine, then revealing your hand and the missing saber.

Seeing this Palpatine backed away and his guards rushed at you. You took out your second saber and began to fight them. Relief filled you as Ben joined by your side taking out the last guard. You both stared at each other for a moment so many things you both wanted to say, but this was neither the time nor place.

“Stand together, die together,” Palpatine snarled as he used his power to force you to kneel, pushing the lightsabers far away, as he tried to drain the two of you, immediately receiving a shock.

“The life source of your bond, a dyad in the force, a power like life itself, unseen for generations. And now the power of two will restore the power of the one true emperor,”

And with that, Palpatine started stealing your and Ben’s force with the two of you completely helpless to do anything about it. When he was done, both of you fell backward unconscious.

“Look what you have made,” he bellowed.

Ben woke up first, he struggled through the weakness to open his eyes. He glanced over to your unmoving form and knew what he had to do. He stood to face Palpatine, but the Emperor quickly lifted him off of the ground. 

“As I once fell, so falls the last Skywalker,” he yelled as he launched Ben off of the cliff, presumably to his death.

Palpatine then took his throne and sent electricity through the air to disable all of the resistance ships. 

In hearing the commotion you started to wake up. Your entire body ached, and while you could feel Ben’s presence, it wasn’t as strong as it should have been. You laid on your back seeing the resistance ships beginning to fail. Now, more than ever you needed hope. 

“Be with me,” you called out to the force, “be with me,” you pleaded.

And then you heard them, the voices of the Jedi who had come before you, giving you the encouragement and strength that you needed to rise. You summoned your lightsaber and stood your ground.

“Let your death be the last word in the story of the resistance,” snarled Palpatine. 

He refocused his power on you, which unbeknownst to you at the time had saved the resistance fighters.

“You are nothing. You are no match for the power in me,” he insisted.

You pushed forward with all of your strength, closing the gap between the two of you.

“I am all of the Sith,” he roared.

“And I am all of the Jedi,” you declared taking another step forward, summoning the other lightsaber. You then continued to push forward until the Emporer’s own power was too much and began destroying him. With one final push from you, his power imploded disintegrating him and taking out all of the Sith with as well as the majority of the structure. 

You managed to take another step, dropping the lightsabers before collapsing on the ground, welcoming death.

Ben, who was climbing back to the throneroom, ignoring his pain, had felt it. It was the same wave of emptiness that had hit him when each of his parents died, only now it was much stronger.

‘No, no, you can’t be dead,’ he thought as he struggled to pull himself over the side of the cliff. He looked around, the room had been completely demolished. There were no signs of life anywhere. Between the dust and the smoke it was hard for him to see anything. Despite that, his eyes found you, lying completely still eyes open. He limped over to you, tears streaming down his face. 

“You did it, Y/n you did it,” he cried as he pulled your limp form into his arms. He stared at you regretting everything he had done and all of the things he hadn’t done. He was too worried about turning you, trying to get you to join him. In all of the time you were together, he never told you that he loved you. He loved you. He hugged your lifeless, willing with everything that he had for you to be okay. And then he remembered.

When he had been struck down, right after his mom died, you had healed him. It was something that he had never seen done before, only having heard of it in legends. But if you could do it, maybe he could too.

He put his hand on your chest, closed his eyes, and focused. He was pushing out with the force, with his love, and transferring his life force to you. With everything he had and everything he was, he willed for you to come back.

That is when he felt it, your hand on top of his. He opened his eyes to meet your own.

“Y/n?” he asked softly as if you might fade away again. He was on the verge of crying again. 

You looked at him momentarily confused before smiling, “Ben,”

Before he could say anything else, you kissed him. The kiss was everything that you never knew you needed, it spoke every word that you hadn’t said. When it was over Ben smiled genuinely, before his face began to fall. 

He fell backward as you tried to reach out for him. You stared in disbelief as he was gone. Before you could even think about reviving him, he disappeared before your eyes. Leaving you alone once again.

You felt an overwhelming pain in your chest as you stared at his clothes. You forced yourself up, knowing that the entire empire was collapsing around you. Taking one more look at where he once laid, you turned away and headed towards your ship. You flew out and met the rest of the resistance as the flew back to the base. You hung back for a moment trying to compose yourself before landing.

You put on a fake smile as you passed through the cheering crowd. You watch as people reunite with their loved ones. Everyone was so happy. You saw Finn and Rose kissing, Maz giving Chewie a medal, R2 and C-3PO being reunited. Everyone had someone, except you. Your entire family was dead, and now even your chosen family was dead, Ben was dead. You continued through the crowd numbly, just trying your best to get back inside the base. That was at least til BB-8 rammed into you affectionately. You looked up and met eyes with Poe. He was the first one who seemed to really see you. He wasn’t fooled by the fake smile, he had no idea what you had to do to defeat Palpatine, but he could tell that it had shattered you. He pulled you into his arms and told you that everything would be alright. And that was the last thing you remembered.

Because it was seconds after he hugged you, that you collapsed into his arms. He hoisted you up bridal style and rushed you into the med-bay where the droids quickly started working to figure out what had happened. He waited outside your room, waiting to find out whether or not you were okay. He assumed that it was maybe over-exertion or pure exhaustion. It was also possible that you were more injured from your fight than it had originally appeared, he racked his brain to remember if there was anything off about your appearance when he’d seen you earlier. But nothing stood out.

He was pulled from his thoughts as one of the droids emerged from your room.

“There is nothing physically wrong with her. But for reasons we can’t explain, we are losing her,” the droid informed.

“She’s dying?” Poe asked in disbelief.

“We don’t know why, but her life force is failing,” the droid answered.

Poe didn’t know what to say as he entered the room. You had saved everyone, defeated the Emperor, destroyed the dark side. You deserved to be honored and thanked, but no one really knew what you did, how much you sacrificed. He decided two things as he sat beside you. One, you would not die alone. And two, he would make sure that your sacrifice was not forgotten. 

And true to his word, he was there when you took your last breath and faded from existence to become part of the force. To this day, people still theorize about what had caused your death. Some believe that it was because of your dyad connection with Ben, when he died, you died. Others believe that since all of the Sith and dark side leaders were destroyed, that the Jedi were no longer able to exist, and thus the force claimed you. Others claim that you suffered a fate similar to Ben’s grandmother Padame who died of a broken heart. No one will ever know for sure. 

Regardless of how you died, you will always be remembered as a hero. The Last Jedi. The one who killed the Emperor. 

But none of that mattered to you, you were happy now. For as you were welcomed into the force, you were reunited with old friends. First with Luke, then Leia and Han, each of whom congratulated you on your victory. Han was the first to notice that you were looking around expectantly for something, rather someone with a hint of sadness in your expression. 

“You can come out now,” he yelled smiling.

And then you saw him, joy washing over you completely. You ran to him jumping in his arms, all but tackling him. He smiled wrapping his arms tightly around you. “I love you,” you marveled.

“I love you too,” he beamed before taking your face in his hand and continuing what you had started earlier crashing his lips on your own. 

“You know, they used to tell Jedi’s that they weren’t allowed to be in love,” Anakin joked as he watched the scene unfold, “I will say this though, my grandson definitely takes after me”.

And with that, the Skywalker Saga that had started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, had finally, once and for all, came to an end.

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This is just a cute Kylo x Reader  idea that I came up with. Enjoy!


“I know you’re there,” you whispered.

“I am,” Kylo confirmed.

“I don’t want to talk right now,” you sighed resting your head against your knees.

“Y/n, I-”

“Please, don’t” you cut him off. You didn’t have the mental capacity to do this, not now. You didn’t want to do any of this anyone. No more light side, no more dark side, no more force. You were tired of fighting this unbeatable battle. You were tired of fighting him. 

“You’re not alone,” he replied, sitting across from you. He had never seen you look so hopeless or defeated before and it made his chest ache. 

But weren’t you though? You have been for as long as you could remember. And now the resistance only cared about you because of what you could offer them. They didn’t know you, no one did.

“I do,” Kylo said.

You didn’t realize that he could read your mind through the force connection. You looked up at him, he was staring at you with such sincerity and softness. Something you liked to believe he reserved only for you. 

“Why are you here Kylo?” you asked tiredly.

“You needed me,” he replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

After a moment of not receiving a response, he asked, “Where are you? I can’t see your surroundings, just you,” 

“We can’t do this,” you whispered softly.

And it was true, whatever ‘this’ thing was that connected you, you could never act on it. You couldn’t go to the dark side and he wouldn’t come back to the light. That is one reason that your feelings for him scared you so much. You had watched him do horrible things, but when you looked at him there was no room for hatred or fear. You simply wanted to be with him and to save him from the cruel world that you were both forced to be a part of. 

“Don’t be afraid, I feel it too,” he said reaching out his hand towards you.

You felt so safe in his presence and part of you wished that you could stay like that. You wished that the two of you could stay there in that room together and forget about the First Order and the Resistance.

You stared at him for a moment before returning the gesture. Your fingers touched and that is when you saw it. The outline of the future, the two of you fighting together, and you felt a consuming loss. You wondered if he felt it too, but when your eyes met his he merely smiled at you for the briefest of seconds.

Then Luke barged in and yelled for you to stop throwing you backwards with the force, not realizing how much his fear had magnified his power. Your head hit the stone and everything around you faded.

Kylo watched in horror as he heard his old master and saw the fear in your eyes. He watched you being thrown backward and then the connection was broken. 

“Y/n?” he reached out with his mind, but it was no use.

He needed to know that you were alright. He wanted to yell, not out of anger but out of fear. He felt so helpless. What was the point of the force connecting the two of you if he couldn’t protect you?

Then the conflict within him started again. Why did he care? He wasn’t supposed to. He was supposed to be a part of the dark side. No emotions, no mercy. Only power. And he did want to be powerful like his grandfather, at least he thought he did.

But then there was you. He couldn’t explain or understand the way he felt around you. It was like he was more. More than Ben Solo or Kylo Ren, more than the dark side or the light side. Just more. His feelings for you were the source of the growing conflict in him and it was tearing him apart. The only time that he didn’t feel it was when he was with you.

He waited, still sitting criss-cross on the floor of his room. He was struggling against everything, his humanity getting the best of him. That is when he felt it. You were back, he immediately took in your appearance. Aside from some blood on the side of your head and your eyes being red, you seemed to be fine. 

“Neither are you,” you said sitting across from him again.


“Earlier you said that I was not alone, neither are you,” you explained.

“Are you okay?” you both said in unison.

“Me? I’m not the one who was just attacked by Luke Skywalker,” he said confused.

“I’m fine, he didn’t mean it, he was just scared,”

“Why do you do that?” Kylo asked staring at you again.

“Do what?”

“Why do you refuse to see the bad in people?”

“The world isn’t just light or dark. People aren’t all bad or all good. They are a chaotic mix of the two. As long as they are alive there is always hope,” you explained.

There was a pause as he looked at you again as if really seeing you for the first time. You really were unlike any other person he’d ever met.

“Are you okay?” you asked breaking the silence.

“There is something that I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it,” he revealed looking down at his hands.

“Whatever it is, you don’t have to do it alone,” you promised.

“I know,”

“Y/n I lo-” he started

“I know,” you smiled.

“I have to go, I’ll see you soon,” he said before the connection ended.

You didn’t have to ask, somehow you knew that he was going to Snoke, prepared to end him. You wouldn’t let him go alone and quickly prepared to leave. You thanked Luke for everything and boarded your ship directed towards the Supremacy.  

So I watch all of the Star Wars movies for the first time and I figured that there was no better way to jump start my return to tumblr than with a Star Wars imagine. So, here we go!

Here you were face to face with Supreme Leader Snoke. This is where you were going to die, Kylo had seen it happen in his dreams. This is where it was always meant to end.

Regardless of how bleak the entirety of the situation had seemed, you refused to lose hope. You fought back with everything you had in you and resisted giving in to the torture. You would rather die than to join the dark side.

Kylo struggled to watch as your face contorted in pain. He didn’t know why he cared. He wished that he could understand it because maybe if he could understand it he could put an end to it once and for all. He was Kylo Ren, grandson of Darth Vader. So why was he struggling with your inevitable demise?

His inner conflict was supposed to die when he killed his father. That was supposed to sever all ties he had to the light side and cement his commitment to the dark side. He should be well on his way to conquering the universe and dismantle the resistance. You were a Jedi, he was a Knight of Ren, opposition was your destiny. He most certainly should not be having any sort of hesitation in watching you die. But as he watched the scene unfold in front of him he realized that he didn’t want to kill you, he wanted to know you.

The two of you had only met a couple of times, but there was an undeniable connection between you. Your fire enchanted him. You were so passionate, brave, strong, and resilient. When you were with him he didn’t feel fear or hate radiating off you. It was something else entirely. It made him feel a draw, not necessarily to the light, but to you. It brought him a connection to his past that wasn’t accompanied by guilt or hatred. This feeling he got gave him hope for a future where he could be something more.

So when the Supreme Leader had placed you in front of him and ordered him to complete his training by ending you and the Jedis once and for all, he knew what he had to do. He looked you in the eyes as he drew his light-saber. Even facing death, you were not afraid of him, you didn’t hate him, if anything, you felt bad for him. You simply closed your eyes waiting for the blow that would end it all.

The expected blow never came. Instead, you were shocked to see that he used the force to activate your light-saber and kill the Supreme Leader. He gestured for it to come to you and together the two of you fought the Praetorian guardsmen. Your mind was racing about what this meant, however, you found it hard to think too much about it as you were both fighting for your lives.

The fight was intense, but together you persisted. You were in a one on one with one of the guards when you noticed Kylo was being overtaken completely unarmed. You didn’t hesitate to throw him your light-saber while using the force to summon his. In the mere seconds, it took to appear, your attacker managed to slice at your stomach. You immediately retaliated ending the fight in one strike. You made your way over to Kylo who was just ending his own battle.

You stared at him, briefly at a total loss for words. Your brain couldn’t comprehend everything that had just happened. He met your glaze and there was so much tension between the two of you.

“Thank you,” you spoke mentally cursing yourself for not coming up with something better.

“What?” he asked as your voice drew him out of his own thoughts.

“I said ‘thank you’, you know for saving my life and all” you repeated.

“Of course,”

“So, what happens now?”

“Join me,” he says softly.

“What? What about the Resistance and the First Order?”

“Forget them. We can leave all of it behind, just you and me against the galaxy,” he answered looking at you hopefully.

“I can never go back to the Resistance not with everything I’ve done. I’d never be able to look my mom in the eyes again. And I don’t belong here on the dark side. I can see it now, it’s a losing battle, just the past repeating itself. But it doesn’t have to be with us. We can leave here today and create our own future. When this ship crashes, everyone will think we were on it. We won’t have to be pawns in their game anymore.”

“I-I don’t know,” you answered mind racing at the possibility.

“Come on Y/n, you can’t tell me you don’t feel this connection between us. Come with me, please,” he begged as he reached out his hand.

The two of you were running out of time. It wouldn’t be long until someone discovered you or until the ship crashed. It was now or never. You had to make a decision. 

You were torn between going with your heart and your sense of duty. You owed your life to the resistance and believed in their cause, but Kylo was right about the undeniable connection between the two of you. Deep down you knew that if you didn’t leave with him that your paths would continue to cross until one of you wound up having to kill the other. And he was right, he could never join the resistance, they wouldn’t trust him and if the dark side found out he spared you they would kill him. He had risked everything to save your life, maybe this was how you would save his.

“Okay,” you decide, taking his hand.

His entire face lit up, he was so relieved that you weren’t abandoning him. There was so much that he wanted to say to you, but there wasn’t enough time. Instead, he simply nodded and led you away. The two of you boarded a ship and made it out into free space far away from all of the action. Kylo was familiarizing himself with the controls and set-up of the ship, taking a moment to breathe still slightly in denial after what had just happened. 

You were scoping out the resources on the plain and your adrenaline was beginning to wear off. For the first time, you were beginning to feel the extent of your injury. You glanced up to make sure you were still alone and proceeded to lift up the top of your outfit to access the damage. There was a lot of blood and the wound seemed deep. You reminded yourself that it most likely wasn’t as bad as it looked. The previously dull ache was quickly escalating into fiery agony and your breathing was becoming shaky. How had you not noticed this earlier? 

You quickly re-positioned yourself and tore off some fabric to wrap tightly and apply pressure to the wound. Everything was going to be fine, you just needed it to stop bleeding. It’s fine, you reassured yourself.

Meanwhile, Kylo had asked you where it was that you wanted to go. When he didn’t get a response he realized that you hadn’t returned from exploring the ship’s resources. He still couldn’t believe that you had agreed to join him and that the two of you were actually going to do this. You were going to get out of this messed up fight once and for all. He was busy thinking about the life that the two of you could create when he felt it. Something was wrong, something was wrong with you. He immediately went in search of you.

When he saw you, he cursed himself for not noticing your injury sooner. You were semi-reclined struggling to apply pressure as the exertion of the day and the consequences of your injury were combined and working against you. Your face was covered in sweat and the palest he’d ever seen it. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked as he sat across from you.

“It’s not that bad,” you answered.

“Of course you don’t think it’s that bad,” he chuckled, “let me have a look,” 

He lifted your hands and removed the already red fabric. In his presence allowed yourself to relax. You wanted to let go and give in to the exhaustion, knowing you were in good hands.

“Hey now, I’m going to take care of you, just stay awake,”

He then put his hand on your wound which caused you to groan in pain jerking away from his touch. He apologized and then closed his eyes to focus. He used the force to slowly heal your injury. You watched in utter awe. When he finished his eyes met yours and you both smiled. 

“That’s the second time you saved my life today,” you spoke.

“Just evening up the score,” he replied moving to sit next to you. You rest your head against him and just took in his presence.

Kylo was slightly caught off guard by this action as it was completely foreign to him. He quickly decided that he liked it. 

“So, what happens now?” you asked.

“Now, we make our own destiny,” he answered taking your hand in his. 

The Sun and The Moon

(Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x Reader)

Episode III: The Five Mistakes of a Jedi

  • Summary: “You were one of the 12 Padawans that Luke Skywalker taught. There, you met the love of your life. Your first best friend, your first lover and your first boyfriend; Ben Solo. Everything was perfect. That is, until the Jedi temple was burned by Ben Solo himself. 5 years pass since you last saw him and he isn’t the man you used to know. The Moon preferred darkness and in that darkness, Kylo Ren was born.”

Warnings: some swearing, murder and NSFW content.

The Sun and The Moon Masterlist

Ultimate Masterlist

18 years old

“Hey Y/N, wake up,” you heard a voice whisper to you. You let out a moan, snuggling deeper into your bed. “C’mon, wake up.”

Your eyes fluttered open to see Ben with the widest smile ever, holding a plate of pancakes drizzled with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Candles with the number ‘18’ was stuck on top of the breakfast creation.

“Happy birthday my Sun,” he spoke, moving over to kiss you on your forehead. You hummed in approval. “I made you something.”

“I can see that,” you grinned, getting up from your bed to grab the delicious looking plate of pancakes. “It looks amazing.”

You begun eating, moaning everytime you have the syrup mixed in with whipped cream. Ben sat down, watching with a grin on his face. “Can you believe you are finally 18?”

You slowed down eating slightly, an uneasy look settling on your face. Ben took notice of this look and grabbed your hand. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just-“ you put the plate down, shaking your head. You then rubbed your temple before facing the love of your life. “I’m 18. You’re almost 21. You should’ve become a Jedi this year with Almec, Daario and Leirra and gone with Luke to the Resistance base. But you didn’t. Why?”



Ben sighed, letting go of your hand. “If we become Jedi, it means we must potentially end things with one another. And- and I don’t want that.”

“We don’t have to, we can keep everything in secret,” you told him. Ben let out a bitter laugh, getting up from his seat.

“Please, you’re telling me Luke wouldn’t know? He already knows and he won’t let us train with each other as Padawans,” he spoke, brushing his hair back. “Imagine if we were Jedi? He would banish the both of us. Shame us. Because God forbid that I, Ben Solo, am ever happy and found someone who actually loves me.”


“All my life, I felt like I had to prove something to my Uncle. That I’m not like Grandfather. And everytime, he always spits on my face, trying to get rid of everyone I love. But I won’t let that happen, no, that won’t happen. Because I won’t let it,” Ben continued on. He then looked at you, seeing your eyes looking at him in confusion. “But let’s not talk about that now. Today is your birthday. And I have a surprise for you tonight.”

You let out a small laugh, still a bit taken back by his little rant. He was breathing deeply, his eyes moving around your room like he regretted the words coming out of his mouth. His eyes looked at yours, desperate to hear you say something, anything.

“I can’t wait.”


Ben sat patiently on his chair, nervously bouncing his knee. He had spent hours trying to arrange this; a table near the edge of the cliff, rose petals scattered across the table, a candle illuminating the environment and a gourmet meal that he had prepared himself.

It would’ve been quicker to arrange, if he had help by a friend. But he didn’t. No one liked Ben, or in his mind he thought no one did. In his mind however, that did not matter. You were all he needed.

But see, the thing is, when you rely on one person, that person becomes your whole life. Your day doesn’t start until their’s does. What you do depends on what the other person wants to do. Your thoughts, behaviour, is affected by their’s. And that concept is dangerous. Because once that person exits their life, whether by death or purpose, their own life crashes, burns. And they are left with nothing but ashes, a reminder of what was.

And then, their lives have no purpose but what the next person asks them of. That is what it means to be dependent.

And that is how Ben was. You both never noticed at that time, but he was someone who relied heavily on you. Maybe you should have realised, when you saw the way his eyes lit up the moment you walked towards him in a white, silky dress, pearls adorned on your hair.

“You look amazing,” Ben spoke breathlessly, watching how the candle accentuated your features. You smiled lovingly at him, walking over and pressing a kiss on his lips.

And then the last night you would ever spend the with him, unbeknownst to you, went on. Many laughs and kisses were shared. It was a night you would not forget. And it wasn’t because you lost your virginity to the man you love on your 18th birthday, you wished that reason was why this night was so memorable.

But that might, you had made fivemistakes.

“I’m ready,” you spoke in a quiet voice, looking at him in awe, like he was the one who created all the things in the galaxy. Ben scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, not understanding what you were hinting. “I want you to make love to me, Ben Solo.”

That was your first mistake.

Within a flash, you were pressed against the wall by Ben in your room, kissing like you haven’t seen each other in years. His hands were grabbing you wherever he could, both of you panting like starved dogs.

He picked you up before gently lying you on the bed, his lips trailing down your neck, leaving kisses along the way. You let out a breathless moan, your hand tugging at his roots. Ben then looked up, his eyes half lidded. “Are you sure?”

“More than I’ll ever be.”

And that was the night you lost your virginity. You hadn’t slept that night, too giddy with emotions that you couldn’t stop thinking how happy you were as you smiled, drawing shapes on Ben’s back. Wind quietly howled as your window was left open, stars bright in the sky.

But, as fate had willed, you had felt thirsty. Your mouth felt dry. So you quietly got up from your bed, trying not to wake up Ben. Putting on a robe, you begun walking outside to go fetch a bucket of water from the well outside.

That was your unnoticed mistake.

As you begun to attack the bucket onto the rope, you felt a buzz against your neck, feeling a presence behind you. Turning around, you were shocked to see who it was. “Almec?”

“In a flesh,” he spoke, but it sounded a bit dry, like he was wounded. You smiled at him, pulling up your robes more as you realised how you may look inappropriate right now with just a pink silk robe.

“When did you come back from the Resistance base?” You spoke, trying to make a conversation out of an awkward situation. The wind picked up, making your hair fly everywhere. Yet, you still did not hear a response from Almec. “Almec?”

“You know I loved you,” he confessed, taking a step towards you. You moved hair out of your way, looking at Almec in shock. You watched as he kept moving towards you, a broken look on his face. “I loved you. I still love you. And- and I came back to tell you that I left the Jedi. I’m no longer a Jedi. Because of you, Y/N. I want to be with you.”


“But you slept with him. You slept with that little fucking bastard-“


“Who fucking killed a bird when he were little and he convinced you he didn’t kill him when I saw him do it with my own eyes! I saw it Y/N! But you always want to believe him. Only him. It’s always him. It will always be him. And one day, he’s going to fuck up. But it would be too late. It will be too late for you,” he spoke, his face now mere inches away from yours. “But even then, you’ll still come running back to him. In the end, you always do.”

Tears were streaming down your face as you looked at him in anger. You looked at him with all the anger you could muster, but you didn’t say anything. You just looked at him like he had betrayed you.

That was your weakest mistake.

Because that quiet little moment, that moment of what could’ve been filled with words defending the person you love, was replaced by a kiss. A kiss you did not want, a kiss not initiated by you. A kiss you had wanted to pull away from, your sense of loyalty kicking in, but couldn’t because Almec’s arms were wrapped around you.

But it did not matter what you wanted to do. Because when someone walks by and sees, they’ll see merely two people kissing.

And that’s exactly what Ben saw. You did not see him, he made his presence known by pushing Almec away from you.

“Ben!” You screamed, as you watched him continuously punch Almec, his eyes black as night. That had taken you back. “Ben stop it! Ben please stop it!”

He did not listen as Almec’s blood splattered against his face. And he didn’t even flinch. You watch, now even more horrified. The most horrified you’ve ever been in your life. You could tell that Almec was in the verge of death. This man, a man you’d known for ages, was going to die in the hands of your lover if you did not intervene.

So you did what you had to do. You used the force against him and pushed him away. Far away from you and Almec. When you made sure he was far away, you ran towards Almec, cradling his head in your arms as he let out a groan. You looked at Ben, who looked just as horrified as you did. “Y/N-“

“Leave,” you spoke, the tone in your voice holding a strict seriousness within it. Ben stood up, gulping as he looked at you, his eyes shining like he was trying to hold back tears.


“Leave!” You screamed as you stood up, the wind picking up from the strong aura of the force that surrounded you. Ben looked at you one last time before nodding, turning to look away.

And you did not chase after him.

That was your worst mistake.

You should’ve ran after him. You should’ve been there with him at his most vulnerable state, a state where he could be manipulated by anyone and anything.

As you patched up Almec at the infirmary, not wanting anyone to find out about what had just took place, your mind was thinking about Ben. And how Almec was right about you always running back to him. But you won’t. Not this time. Not looking at Almec’s face, his barely unidentifiable face.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry,” Almec spoke, his voice coming out a whisper due to his probably broken ribs. You ignored him, moving water through the force to ice out his injuries. “I- I didn’t mean to. To cause a rift between you two. I- I just love you so much, and-“

“Okay, that’s done. Just make sure you apply a new bandaid every 6 hours after putting on disinfectant,” you instructed. Almec nodded, taking the hint. You gave him one last look before walking off to your quarters.


It was 4AM when you finally fell asleep. It was hard, but eventually you felt yourself drifting into oblivion.

‘You wanted to kill me!’ You heard a voice cry out. You stirred in your sleep, barely awake as you clung onto your blanket. The wind howled even stronger as your windows begun to ruttle. ‘You will pay for this!’

‘Ben, no!’ You heard another voice yell. You let out a groan, fluttering your eyes open as a full-blown headache consumed you. You got up from your bed, holding your head as you let out a cry. You felt darkness consuming your body, filling your veins.

‘Ben does not exist. He is weak, a young boy clinging on love,’ you heard Ben speak. Your hand went to your mouth as you realised what was happening. The darkness that Ben had warned you about was starting to consume him. The one moment you weren’t there for him, he had invited darkness.

‘I am Kylo Ren.’

You then heard yells from outside. Running over to your window, you let out a cry as you see the temple on fire. The crackling sound was louder than the strong gust of wind. You gulped, knowing the person who started this fire.

Your hands trembled as you grabbed your lightsaber, ready to do what was necessary. Not because you were a Jedi, but because this was something only you could do.

Grabbing your cloak, you then ran over to the the temple, the heat of the fire getting hotter and hotter. You breathed in the smoke, before lifting your arms and slowly bringing it down, allowing the fire to simmer before completely evaporating. You then swallowed the nerves stuck in your throat, a tear rolling down your face as you realised what had enfolded.

Walking around the temple, sadness consumed you as you realised how little was left of this place, how there was nothing. You then let out a cry as you see 10 of the Padawans and Jedi members who had come back from Luke’s mission. They were now just blackened skeletons lying on the floor. One in particular was your friend Leirra, whose necklace was still around her neck. You sobbed as you unclipped her necklace, placing it in your pocket.

“I see you’re finally here,” you heard the now Kylo Ren speak. You let out a cry slowly standing up as you felt like your legs were about to give up on you. “I was going to kill Almec, but he ran away just in time. But now that I’ve killed all the Jedi, he can live out the rest of his days in regret before I eventually kill him.”

You stopped crying, a looking of nothingness on your face. You then turned around, looking at him. “Are you really gone, Ben Solo?”

“I killed that bird,” Kylo spoke, his face showing no remorse. “I’ve never been Ben. I’ve always been Kylo. I was showed the true power of the force. But I can show you, Y/N. I can show you the force. And together, we could rule the Galaxy.”

“You really aren’t Ben Solo if you thought I’d say yes to that,” you coldly spoke. Kylo looked slightly upset but quickly masked it. You then turned on your lightsaber, the mechanical hum coming to life. The white light of your saber illuminated your face and Kylo knew from the expression on your face that you weren’t coming back to him anytime soon.

“Would you really kill me, my Sun?” Kylo spat out the nickname he had for you bitterly as he took a step forward, challenging you.

“For the Jedi?” You spoke, thinking of all the people Kylo killed, including your friend Leirra. You took a step forward, pointing your lightsaber towards his neck. “Without question.”

Kylo pulled out his blue lightsaber, waiting for you to attack. You let out a war cry, running towards him. He quickly dogged you before swinging his lightsaber at your figure. You quickly slid down, avoiding the pulsing light by a millimeter.

You then swung your lightsaber the same time he did, your lightsabers letting out a loud hum as they made in contact with each other. You both looked each other in the eye as you tried to overpower each other. You felt the darkness within him, but you also felt his loneliness, his slight regret yet knowing it was too late to go back.

Eventually he overpowered you, pushing you towards the floor. Your lightsaber fell out of your hands as you tried to crawl away from Kylo who stopped you by using the force. You looked at him, now scared. Kylo had seen how afraid you were and for a slight secound, his face fell. He knew it. He knew you were scared of him. You were scared of him like everyone else was.

“Master Luke was right,” Kylo spoke, his lightsaber now millimeters away from your neck. “I did go too easy on you.”

Kylo breathed in, trying to do what he was told to do, what he was destined to do. The look of fear of him only delayed that so he looked away from you. When he finally breathed out, he swung the lightsaber back but hesitated.

And in that slight hesitation, Master Luke had swooped in, using the force to push Kylo away. He then faced you urgently, a look of seriousness in his face. “Run!”

“No, we can still save him!” You told him, as you saw Kylo get up, rubbing his head groaning.

“You cannot save him!” Luke yelled at you, his eyes wide in fury at your lack of cooperation. “Now run!”

You looked at Kylo one final time. The final time you’ll see him for years to come. His eyes made his way towards you. And the face you had made would be engrained in his face for eternity; the face of betrayal.

You turned around, before quickly bolting. You knew that Luke had a spaceship, so you’d get it in and get the hell away from the island. You will leave this island, forget about being a Jedi, about falling in love with Ben Solo. You will forget him. You have to forget him. You will leave this island and never look back. Because you could never go back to how things used to be. You could not save him.

That was your last mistake.

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I See You Part Two (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Word Count: 750

Pairing: Kylo Ren X Reader

Warning: a bit of making out but it still pg up in here.

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You were sitting alone around a lowly lit fire along the edge of the island. The night air was peaceful, only the quiet sounds of the native wildlife filled the air, leaving you to ponder on your thoughts as you gazed up into the starry night sky. Before you were dragged into this new world you’d lay down outside every night and stare up at the stars, imagining a better life, one where your parents would return to you. But now as you stared up at the night sky all you could think about was Ben Solo and how he turned into the man he is today. What happened to him? Who or what pushed him so far that he turned to the dark side? What turned him into somebody so cruel that they would murder their own father?

Then you felt it, the boys presence. And you were right as he sat across from you, the light from the flames flickering against his sorrowful face.

“Hi.” Your voice came out quieter than expected, showing your true emotions to Kylo.

“Y/N.” The way he looked at you, with such an intense longing to be closer to you. His intense gaze, it stirred something inside you.

“I…how are you?”


“Because believe it or not I care.”

Silence. Neither of you knew what to say. Something had clearly changed since the last time you connected.

“Kylo if…if the First Order, The Resistance, the Jedi and the Sith, this whole war. If none of that existed…would you…could we have been- how do I word this.”

“Y/N please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

“But it doesn’t have to be. You could hold me, love me, be with me if you just- why can’t you stay with me?”

“I can’t. I’m only darkness, why can’t you see that! If you’d just join me-”

“I will never turn to the dark side. I’m so sorry, but I can’t be with you like that.”

“Then this is never going to work.”

“I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish i could see you in person, I wish I could touch you and-” You couldn’t finish your sentence before you choked on your sobs, sending tears streaming down your face. “The closer i get to you, the more it hurts. I’m in agony Kylo. Knowing that we can never be together, that I will never wake up to find you sleeping there next to me-”

“I can’t be with you Y/N. if you just join me-”

“I cannot follow you down that path. Kylo…you’re breaking my heart.”

He watched as more tears dripped down your cheeks, not being able to take seeing you like this anymore. He slowly reached his hand out towards you and you gladly placed your palm onto his. His touch ignited something inside of you, a spark more intense than the first time your skin touched one another’s . Something had changed within him, you could sense it. The way he was looking at you, with want, need and desperation.

“To hell with it all.“ At those words he closed the distance between you both, his palms grabbing either side of your face and smashing his lips against your own. You were surely startled but quickly melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. A heavy blush coated your cheeks as the kiss became more intense, Kylo picking you up easily and situating your body onto his lap, your legs wrapping around his body like the position was second nature to you. His lips left your own for a moment as he trailed kisses down your neck making butterflies swarm in your tummy at the feeling.

“Kylo…we should stop this…we’re only hurting ourselves more by doing this.” His mouth left your own to answer you. “You’re right, i’m sorry.”

There was silence as you both stared into each others eyes, knowing you should detach from each other but wanting the exact opposite. You let out a sigh as you leant forward to rest your forehead against Kylos as his arms snaked around your waist. “I never want to let go.”

“Then don’t. Stay with me, please.”

“I’m sorry.” Another tear slipped down your cheek as you said those words and the boy once again faded away. Seeing the hurt expression he wore killed you, but you could never give him what he wanted. You would never turn, not even for him. Not even for love.

Word Count: 1101

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader


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Summary: You’re force sensitive and able to connect with Kylo like Rey does in TLJ. Basically you’re Rey but a different character with a different personality as she does not exist in this story :))

Part Two

“W-what is this?” Your eyes widened in pure fear as the figure of Kylo Ren appeared before you. How you ended up on the First Orders ship, you had no clue. Even so you didn’t hesitate to grab your lightsaber and ignite it as you stared into the monsters surprised eyes. 

“You can see me?” He appeared to be shocked by this, however you knew not to trust someone so easily. Especially when that someone was the enemy. Striding towards the boy you pointed your saber at him accusingly. "How is this possible?“

Yet he ignored your threat completely as he took in his surroundings. No longer was he on his ship, now he stood on an island, a place he’d only heard about in stories when training to become a Jedi. Anger filled his body at the memory of his old master, the one who betrayed him and gave him the final push into the darkness. His fist clenched in rage as he stared at the girl in front of him, putting the pieces together. "You’re with him aren’t you. You’re with Skywalker. You found him.”

However you took little notice to his words as you began to freak out, pacing back in forth as Kylo still glared at your figure. “I-i’m going insane! This can’t be real! It can’t be, I must be dreaming! no! It’s a nightmare!”

“Why can I see you, this doesn’t make sense!” His voice was loud, echoing in your mind causing you to stop your pacing. Unfortunately, nothing could ever bring your sarcastic nature to a stop. "Way to point out the obvious. God I can’t even look at you after what you did.“

At the mention of that incident Kylo visibly tensed. “He wasn’t your father.”

“But he was the closest I ever had to one. And you just took that away. You took away my best friend, because of you he’s in a coma. You murdered so many innocent people. All you do is take and take until there is nothing left!”

It was like everything you spoke went over his head or maybe he just didn’t care. Either way you were quickly becoming fed up with his behaviour. “You are so unaware of the power you have, you’re holding back your potential. Become who you were meant to be. Join me, I can teach you.”

“Over my dead body.”

Your response evidently angered Kylo as he punched the wall next to him in rage leaving a hole in the wall and disappearing from your sight. You could only hope you’d never see him again. 

“Will you stop that! I don’t want to see your face everywhere I go.” You shouted in anger as the boy appeared in front of you again the following day. 

“I’m not the one doing this and obviously neither are you. Somehow, I think we are connected.”

“Why would I be connected to someone like you.”

“Like what? A monster? I know who I am so don’t pretend like you do.”

“I…Please just go.” And with that he faded away from view, leaving you questioning the darkness that raged inside of the boy. Maybe he wasn’t so far gone as you’d thought. Maybe he could be saved?


“Again? Really this isn’t great timing i was about to train and-”

Turning around you saw him standing there wearing only his pants, leaving his muscular chest on display for you to see. You couldn’t help but stare in awe at his body, somewhere deep down you were attracted to the boy, but remembering what he was and what he’s done erased those thoughts. At the thought of Hans death you snapped back into reality, eyes meeting his as they gazed at you questioningly.

“Are you alright?” His voice sounded almost sincere which took you off guard for a moment but you quickly got rid of the thought. "Y-yes, i’m fine. Why do you care?“

"What do you mean?”

“Why do you care about me?”

“I don’t.”

“That’s a lie and we both know it. When we first met, when you captured me. You should have killed me, or hurt me at least. But instead all you did was pry around in my mind.”

“You’re strong with the force. Why would I waste an opportunity to train another force wielder to fight for the first order.”

“No. No it’s more than that. At the star killer base, I shouldn’t have won that battle. I was inexperienced and you were training to be a jedi since you were a boy.”

Some unknown emotion flashed across his face for a moment, he was clearly becoming uncomfortable with the direction this conversation was going. “What are you getting at-”

“There is good in you Ben.”

At the mention of his old name he stood up abruptly, striding towards you in anger. “Don’t! Don’t call me that. Ben is dead-“

"But he’s not!" 

Growing frustrated you took steps forward until you were face to face with the boy. You startled him by the close proximity between you, reaching your hand out to rest your palm against his chest gently. You could feel his heart beat fasten at your touch and his breathe hitched as he stared down at you in bewilderment. It had been so long since the boy had felt such a caring touch.

"Ben still lives. In here, I can sense it. I can help you Ben, please, let me help you.”

A tear unwillingly escaped as you pleaded with enemy. Finally looking up into his eyes you almost lost it at the sight. His expression showed the internal battle he was having with himself as he gazed down at you. Being this close gave you the opportunity to study all the details of his face and you could tell he was doing the same. Taking in the huge scar that ran along his face that you had given him during battle, guilt filling you as you stared at it.

“I’m so sorry for giving you this.” You choked out as you lightly ran your fingers down the scar, more tears leaving you yet still no words were heard from the broken boy in front of you. Suddenly his hand shakily reached up and wiped away your tears causing you to shiver at his touch. However the moment was over too soon when the boy finally responded to your pleas.

“Ben is gone, do yourself a favour and stop searching for him because he’s never coming back.” And with that the connection between you was gone with Kylo disappearing from view.

You’re somebody else- Kylo Ren

(Reunited with long lost lover Ben solo but he’s not the same anymore) song inspired one shot, came to me pretty randomly

TW Sad, depressive, no love just sad feels


“Well you look like yourself

But you’re somebody else

Only it ain’t on the surface

Well you talk like yourself

No, I hear someone else though

Now you’re making me nervous”

She couldn’t help but stare into the black abyss of his eyes, his eyes that once shone beautiful honey hazel and spread warmth when he glanced at her, even for a second.

Eyes she’d stared into a thousand times, in sunny fields and under cotton sheets.

Gazing up at the man she once knew, more than she knew herself. His face was stone-like and his heart held no love, just empty hatred.

She loathed the way the darkness clings to him, drowning him the way his threatening glare drowned her.

“You were the better part

Of every bit of beating heart that I had

Whatever I had

I finally sat alone

Pitch black flesh and bone

Couldn’t believe that you were gone”

“Ben solo”

The words felt ghostly on her lips and his eyes shone with a a darkened rage she’d never been victim to before, his knuckles white and clenched at his sides, the way his jaw tensed, staring through her soul with more menace than she could ever handle, coming from him.


Even his voice was hardly his anymore, he spoke like a rabid animal, eyes wild as he leered at the girl, daring her to do something, anything to ignite the temper lurking under his skin, so he could ignite the crackling red sabre that burned at his side, itching to be reached for.

The tears fell from her freely and the ache residing in her chest was almost consuming, swallowing her soul where she stood.

Mind reeling with a thousand different things, yet her eyes couldn’t leave his, not for a second.

His face was almost the same, but the scar that marked his heavenly alabaster skin was just another reminder of the harrowing man he’d now become.

She felt the way her body fell, but her mind couldn’t, wouldn’t, register the pain of her knees that thudded against the hard floor.

“You were dead… not… not this… this isn’t you… I…-”

Words couldn’t ever comprehend the betrayal, the agony behind her heart as she stared at her once lover… her only lover.

“Ben Solo is dead.”

Venomously he spat at her, glaring her down as she sank even lower to the ground.

Despite the sniffle in her voice, the tears that ran down her face she muttered harshly

“You should have stayed dead.”

“Well you look like yourself

But you’re somebody else

Only it ain’t on the surface

Well you talk like yourself

No, I hear someone else though

Now you’re making me nervous”

Ruler Part two Kylo Ren


Neither of them sure where they stood with one another.

Neither of them sure of what unspoken boundaries were in place.

She felt unusual, as if she hadn’t fulfilled the marriage.

She thought it would be expected of her and Kylo to complete the marriage… The intamacey she thought he would have wanted from her, but weather he did or not he didn’t show it.

He didn’t reach for her, he didn’t tell her what to do, nor did he expect anything from her… But she didn’t know that.

She struggled to sleep beside him during the night, she was an odd sleeper, moved a lot in a sleepy state and she was afraid of getting too close, afraid if she accidentally annoyed him… Well she wasn’t sure what he’d do.

She heard the stories, she knew ruthless he could be…  she hadn’t seen that yet and dreaded when she did.

She sat on the balcony of their shared quarters, overlooking the many trees that swallowed the planet.

Hiding the base neatly within the depths of greenery.

She wore her lace nightgown, her messy curls pushed out of her face as she leaned against the railing.

“The droids will bring you breakfast, you’re free to wonder the base but we careful and ask for a guide. I’ll be in the command room if you need me”

She glanced up to him with a nod “Thank you”

He simply nodded, turning on his heel, mask in hand as he left the room as the day began to attend his duties.

She wondered if it would be like this a lot.

Him busy, her alone, accompanied by droids?

She wasn’t sure, but she supposed it wasn’t as bad as she expected.

She entered the room again as a silver and black droid entered the room with a smile. “Breakfast, Empress Ren”

The term she hadn’t heard herself being referred to before but accepted it with a nod.

Sitting at the large empty dining table.

She was presented with a large variety of options and was glad, at least she was being treated well.

Sipping the warm fruit tea as she sat, relaxing as she ate.

She pressed the button for the droid to return, finding herself with questions.

“So where are we?”

She questioned, glancing out of the large window.

“A secluded Base, Ma'am”

Nodding gently she contuined with her questions.

“What am I allowed to do?" 

The droid almost laughed, finding the girls uncertainty quite amusing.

She wasn’t aware of her high status yet.

"Anything you like Ma,am. You are the empress after all”

She nodded, unsure how she felt about the term.

“What’s there to do around here?”

She noticed the lack of leisure type facilities as she entered.

“We have a large library on offer but this is a majority military base, there’s a gym I suppose or swimming if you’d like, there’s not much to do outside as winter is coming to and end the weather still isn’t that good…”


The term was unusual, but she nodded gently regardless.

She found herself in the gym, Captain Phasma being the one to show her around.

“I’m not sure how Master Ren will feel about you here”

She muttered, glancing around the room of watching men.

They immediately averted their gaze as they noticed Phasmas warning glare.

“Why’s that?”

“You’re his wife… And prying eyes annoy Master Ren quite a bit”

She hadn’t seen him annoyed, but shook it off anyway.

“I’d just like to do something with my day is all… Yoga? Dance? Something that won’t hurt but is fun”

Phasma nodded.

“As you wish, M'lady”

Yoga was calming, Phasma had found an open spacious room to begin in.

A few other women joined, nurses, kitchen assistants of such, all quite nervous around the girl. Confused by her kindness.

The gym was huge, the downstairs filled with a large dance floor, behind which treadmills and rowing machines.

Small rooms off to the sides for private training sectors and classes.

The upstairs was open planned, filled with heavy duty equipment and had a balcony overlooking the bottom floor.

The girl wore a pair of lycra style black shorts, a grey sports bra and a black open sleeve tank top over it.

Hair pulled back into a messy bun as she contuined to stretch and pose with everyone else.

Yoga lasted an hour, standard.

Though as they exited the class her eyes drew to the Stormtroopers training.

“What are they doing?”

She questioned, Phamsa glanced to her before sighing.

“Combat drills…”

The girl watched their bodies move fluently with a smile.

“It vaguely reminds me of Ballet back at home”

She mused, though caught sight of her reflection in the large mirror.

She looked unusual not in a dress but she didn’t care.


The girls eyes turned from the training troopers and to Phamsa with a tilt of her head. “You’ve never heard of it?”

“Well… No. We’re a military orientation.”

The girl sighed slightly.

“I’ve heard of ballet… Back on my home planet but I never managed to learn”

“Why don’t you show us?”

The empress turned to the lady behind her with a smile. Hoping to involve everyone she could.

If this was her home now, she wanted to feel at home.

Phamsa questioned and the girl nodded.

The troopers training were done anyway.

“Do we have any classical type music?”

When Kylo Ren entered the gym, it wasn’t what he expected to see.

His wife stood in the centre, twirling, other women following her actions.

She was leading a class of women in some style of dance.

Phamsa stood at the door with a smile before approaching Kylo Ren.

“She’s a natural leader. She makes a good Empress, my lord”

(filler I apologize!)

Ruler Part one Kylo Ren

Ruler Kylo Ren EditALT

“I do”

Oh, how the words themselves didn’t even feel real, nothing did.

In a way it wasn’t.

This want a real wedding, a ceremony or something magical every girl is promised, every dream of marrying someone she loved, had vanquished under the orders of her father.

Oh, the hatred.

The abandonment that coursed through her heart leaving it empty and broken.

She stared across at the man in front of her, he repeated the words as she had, in a daze she watched, almost not hearing anything at all.

The ring was significant as he slid it onto her finger, his touch gentle.

The rings matched beautifully, she was impressed by his choice, the black band jewelled with red rubies, one large one centered.

The dress she wore, the rings he chose, the ceremony itself, was all beautiful.

It just wasn’t right.

His ring was a black band with a red pattern of sorts etched around it, beautifully put together.

It was breathtakingly beautiful, but she refused to be won over so easily.

Her red lips didn’t quirk into a smile, neither did his as the ceremony finished.

The two now bound together until death do them part.

She glanced over the sea of people, all commanders, generals, men of The First Order, few women.

The Knights of Ren kept watch at all times.

She was silent, stealing glances his way.

This wasn’t his fault, not entirely.

He needed a reason to trust her father, her home planet… Her father’s suggestion made her blood run cold.

She recalled the moment she realised he wasn’t joking, his face void of any humour.

They weren’t close, never had been.

Especially once her mother passed… Their relationship as father and daughter crumbled.

He was a power hungry king who cared for nothing and no one… She was the princess of a queen; who once upon a time, did all she could for her kingdom before being taken by death itself.


“She’s the only heir to the throne. Take her as your wife, I have already offered my resources and men to The First Order… Take her. She’ll be better use to you than she is here.”

She sat wide eyed with a glance in The Supreme Leaders direction.

His mask hid his face, it often did on business trips of sorts.

That’s all this was.

He nodded gently turning back to the king to begin an agreement on the treaty.

All while she sat wide eyed with horror.

She’d just been given away…

Given to the First Order, to the Supreme Leader himself.


She tore herself from the memory, still stood by Kylo’s side while people spoke aimlessly.

This was almost like a celebration, almost like a funeral.

People stood in all black attire, her dress included.

It was a black lace dress with a plunging neckline that clung to her figure before flaring at the bottom.

It accentuated her bust as well as the contrast in her skin colour.

She looked stunning, Kylo wouldn’t even deny that.

She glanced around the room once more, the glass of red wine in her hand as she sighed.

She knew no one, and no one really knew her.

She was the Princess of Kyron, an advanced planet in an outer region. Nothing particularly special about the planet itself.

Nor it’s people.


Her voice was small, gentle and almost nervous to even speak to him at all.

Immediately he tore himself from the conversation he was in, his eyes cast to hers.

He could feel her pulse as she held onto his arm carefully.

“May I be dismissed?”

She questioned, her voice unsteady.

She was overwhelmed, it was clear to see.

The uncertainty and anxiety within her storming blue eyes made him feel guilty, her skin on her cheeks and chest blotchy from nerves.

He nodded softly to the girl, guiding her over to one of the Knights.

“Take her to our quarters, see to it that she has everything she needs”

She glanced up to Kylo as the two parted, swallowing thickly as she followed the Knight.

She was flustered, uneasy and panicked in such a busy atmosphere.

She’d never dealt with anything like that, her palace never held events or balls or anything of the sort.

After what felt like forever The Knight stopped abruptly.

“Your Quarters, My lady. Master Ren will join you soon”

She entered the doors with a slight relief… To be alone finally, after hours of meetings, a ceremony and just constantly being surrounded by the Men of the Order, she just wanted to breathe.

She glanced around the large room, it was all quite plain. Not too extravagant.

Slate grey walls, a large window that over looked the snowy base.

The bed was large, king-size fitted with black and ruby silk sheets.

Red leather fancy sofas sat around a black polished table, in front of the huge fireplace with a large mirror hung above it, candles on either side.

It was open planned, the fire already lit and crackling away to itself.

She stepped out of the black heels she wore, the cold mahogany polished wood beneathe her feet sent a shiver up her spine as she crossed the room towards the large wardrobe.

She knew her things had been put away already, spotting the mirrored dresser she smiled, something she asked about before even arriving.

She wanted a dresser like she had at home and Kylo delivered.

Turning back to the wardrobe she knew it was late, the ceremony had started around 5:00 and felt as though it dragged on all evening.

She wasn’t able to be small talk with people she didn’t know.

She pulled out a black nightgown, the material soft and comfortable but short and sort of revealing…

Though it’s expected of a wife, she guessed.

She quickly changed, brushing through her long dark curls before entering the large bathroom.

Cleaning her face of makeup and brushing her teeth before making her way back to the room.

Perched on the edge of the bed as the large doors opened.

His eyes immediately drawn to the delicate girl that sat so shyly.

“Apologies I took so long, I had to brief the commander of the next few days”

He spoke, pulling off his boots as he approached the dresser.

“I hope you found everything that you need here, if not the droids will see to it that anything you want be retrieved”

He spoke, undoing the cufflinks as he began to neatly put things away.

Her eyes cast back to the ring on her finger.

“Do you not like it?”

His question came as a suprise.

“What? No, I think it’s beautiful…” She muttered, lightly watching it gleam in the light of the overhead chandelier.

“I just wasn’t expecting any of this, I suppose I’m still trying to get used to it, I apologize if I seem-”

He silenced her with a shake of his head “Don’t apologize, I understand”

My work so far-

I don’t post anything because I don’t assume anyone’s interested but I have a lot written and will just kinda lazily add to it, any of you who do stumble across it, I hope you enjoy :)


Summary: An American assistant catches Kylo Ren’s eye at a United Nations conference.

Kylo Ren did not appreciate Earth. The people were unaware of his power, of the First Order’s power. He was undoubtedly taking over Earth whether it was liked or not. He didn’t care. He was free to do what he pleased without anyone to stop him. The UN gathered to discuss the issue of what to do, if war was even an option. Kylo Ren was amused by Earth’s citizens for thinking they had a choice. Even if there was a war, the First Order would dominate within hours. His light saber would kill any of these fool within seconds. The conference was held in the United States, tense anxiety looming over each member like a cloud. Kylo smirked at the intimidation of his starkiller hovering in the sky. One wrong move and he would wreak havoc.

His knights surrounded him as he walked through the streets earlier that day taking in the new scenes of the world that would soon be theirs. Women moved their babies away from the crew, men hesitated to keep walking, and kids pointed and whispered in awe. Attention that was not completely negative was foreign to him. Other world’s would scream in fear and hatred as soon as their ships landed. But at the same time, Earth was so very unaware how things go when it came to him.

Washington D.C was busy as people filed into the House Chambers for the primal meeting. Kylo pushed past a few representatives of Spain as he walked in, his build larger than anyone else’s. He rolled his eyes. This was all unnecessary to him, but he let them have their fun. Tomorrow he would take what was his. What was owed to him for his shitty upcoming with Luke.

He leaned against the back wall as the meeting began. Everyone in the room was dressed in suits or pant suits or even dresses. Clothes here were much different than he was customed to. Listening was no priority of his because this damn gathering was equal to a child’s birthday celebration in his eyes. Meaning that nothing was going to be accomplished.

You slipped in beside him holding five coffees on a tray. You glanced at the beast beside her but kept going. You could not afford to deliver cold coffees during such a crisis. Your job depended on it. American representatives took the coffees wand practically shooed you away without a single thank you. Shoulders sagging, you went to walk back out to grab their sandwiches.

Kylo watched the encounter with confusion. They took the coffees without even looking at you, and you were somehow okay with it? His people served him but that’s because he was in charge. He didn’t say thank you, didn’t need to. But these low lives? What possible status could they have? One among hundreds at a meeting. Earth was odd because it was divided, different leaders ruling different areas. In his eyes it made Earth weak.

You were breathtakingly beautiful. Short hair framed your face, cascading to rest right about the shoulders. You looked unbelievably kind with your soft smile even though you just got treated like scum. You looked like a woman who should be Queen of a prosperous planet, not an unappreciated assistant of sorts.

“Come here.” Kylo’s voice caught not only your attention, but also the people’s around you. Your eyes adverted to him, ghostly pointing a finger at yourself in confusion.


“Yes, you, come.”

You sheepishly trudged over, terrified that the Supreme Leader would kill you. His hair fell over some of his face as he looked expectantly down at you. You went to kneel in front of him but his gloved hand grabbed your bicep.

“State your position.”

“Assistant, sir.”

He clicked his tongue in amusement at you calling him sir. Such a beauty in a shitty place. Your voice was soft and unsure. It made his hard exterior slightly melt away. His mother once told him when he was a young boy that you only truly fall in love once. That your soul only binds completely with another one single time. Woman usually were not that desirable to him. He would have sex with them but he never cared about them. He was already interested in you.

“Seems beneath you. Follow me.”

You swallowed heavily at the order, but before you could protest his knights were crowding behind you. A silent demand that you comply to their leader’s wish. You sighed. Today was simply not your day. A black ship was parked outside in the yard, white armored Storm Troopers surrounding it. They stared at you earlier when you had walked past to deliver coffee. Not friendly folks, you presumed. Kylo waved his two fingers and his guard dogs shifted, allowing a clear path to the entrance ramp.

Kylo walked in first and turned around, leaning against the wall. Apparently that was his usual. Yet again his fingers moved to signal his knights away. They nodded their heads and in synch left down the ramp to guard themselves. His dark hair flowed slightly against the light breeze.

“Earth is a pitiful thing.” He declared, “Technology is far behind other planets, no alien species habitat the area, and the people here? They are senseless. My troops could destroy this place.”

You sighed, “I am not a leader. I cannot discuss terms with you. Leaders are in the room you just took me out of.”

He rolled his eyes at your lack of understanding. He wanted you to understand that he was tolerating Earth for the day, but he wanted to more than tolerate you.

“I do not wish to discuss terms with you.” Your eyes snapped to his. You had been in many situations where you had zero power. You were to listen and do what was told because the people you work for are above you. In charge. While you work your ass off and still are struggling to announce yourself as a successful woman. Again, Kylo Ren was way way way above you on terms of authority. Being an assistant woman on Earth is no comparison to the handsome and aggressive man before you.

“Why then…?”

“Why what? Say it.” His voice was demanding and goosebumps traveled down your arms and surely to your legs too.

“Why did you bring me here? Oh no.. am I going to die to set an example? Of course this is the karma for not picking up that Hitchhiker the other day. Paranoia is what gets me killed… Mom would be proud.” You rambled to yourself, hands running down your face in frustration.

Kylo shook his head no, not liking that you assumed the worst of him, “I am not killing you. Tell me your name.”


He hummed in appreciation of your name, never hearing it before. It somehow suited you perfectly. He nodded, “I’m Kylo.”

You nervously barked out a laugh, “Yes. Kylo Ren. I am aware of that, infact the whole world is. Did I do something to disrespect you earlier?”

“You were disrespected.”

This took you by surprise. The lethal Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader of the First Order, Han and Leia’s only heir was pressed at how you were treated by your asshole bosses. Being a moderately pretty woman gained you attention from time to time, but catching his eye was beyond you. Unknown to you Kylo was reading your mind. It was easy to slip into.

Kylo was stunned that you referred to yourself as moderately pretty. In his eyes you were the most beautiful being his brown eyes landed on. Maybe it was his Mother’s tale about soulmates that was getting to him. He considered this very carefully. He did know you or your soul, but could the force be giving him a hint that you would be his one life partner? Either way he was not letting you rot here.

“Not really. It comes with the job because that’s how things work around here.” You retorted, glancing outside to see people looking in at you. An elderly man stood on the skirts of the lawn, worrying that you were in harm’s way. You offered a wave followed by a thumbs up and it was enough because he continued on.

“Do you think you deserve to be treated as such?”

“I’m a hard worker but so are millions of people who get the short end of the stick.”

Kylo rolled his eyes and pointed outside, “Blowing this place up may be considered a favor. This is the supposed greatest country’s capital and there are homeless here.”

“Anyone can be poor anywhere. Earth has it’s flaws, sir, but I can assure you that there is good here.” You crossed your arms in a defying manner. This was your home.

“Good and bad are not definite, both coexist in a complicated manner. Whoever disagrees is an imbecile.” He snarled, hand hitting the wall in anger. Both at you defending Earth and for not listening to him.

How could you defend a planet that was full of selfish pricks who were living lavishly with billions of dollars while more poor swarmed the streets than flies. Kylo took care of his people once they were under his rule. The First Order elegantly supported struggling citizens according to need. Earth seemed like a waste of his time. It only infuriated him at how poorly it was doing.

“What do you want from me?” You quietly asked. Escaping was impossible. Troops surrounded the ship and Kylo Ren was said to be stubborn.

“Power comes with loneliness, Y/N. Consulting with my officers leaves me in a position to be weak. Being weak revolts me. As beautiful as you may be, you are weak.”

You scoffed in disbelief, “Excuse me?”

His body moved to surrounded yours like a lion going after a gazelle. His body pinned you, hands rested close to your head against the solid black wall, “You are weak. You take shit from worthless money makers with no true value. Earth raised you this way. But I am here to change that. You will be more.”


“Yes. We can help one another. For you, I will give you power. No longer will those beneath you take you for granite.” His voice was stern like he had all the answers in a tiny book that only he had access to.

“Yeah? What about you, Supreme Leader?”

“Glad you asked. I need someone to confide in without the risk of being overthrown. The force within me senses trust and loyalty. Simply words are what I require from you.”

Compromises rarely proved helpful in your case. Set backs always trailed along with them like a loose string on an old sweater. Untangled until nothing but scraps were left. Kylo Ren was a snake. A successful murderer who worked for his cause alone. But what did you have to lose at this point? Your family shut you out after you moved away, you were really too busy for friends, and certainly busy enough to not have a significant other. Leaving Earth behind did not sound that bad. Not when what was offered was appreciation in turn for treating a someone like a decent human being.

“Okay. On one condition.”

Kylo’s head leaned down so that he was looking into your eyes, “Go on.”

“Protect Earth instead of destroying it. I’m not dumb, this place has shitty people but there are simple pleasures that I want maintained. Old tribes, trains, caramel candy, the cultures, high school baseball games, fireworks, cows in pastures, and dogs. Dogs are so very sweet and we don’t deserve them. Just please…”

Kylo leaned away from you, crossing his strong arms over his chest. Your eyes tried to look as pleading as possible. He didn’t want to give in. Earth was pretty annoying and it being wiped out of the sky would please him to an outrageous extent. But the way you were asking so nicely with every ounce of his heart, he contemplated it. Not to mention that it meant he would finally have someone to talk real conversations with.


Force Knows Best

Summary: after infinity war, life is in shambles, but to make things even more complicated, the first order decides to visit. kylo ren is in search.. for you.

5. Welcome Home


Kylo put his helmet back on, security of his anonymous face and power. The guards surrounded you two as you left the doors, walking up a few step to enter the bigger ship, your apparent new home. People in the halls glanced your way, curious to see the woman that Kylo Ren was hell bent on finding. His glove found your bicep again, pulling you closer, shielding you by the mere size and strength of his being. You felt tiny, like a child compared to the Supreme Leader. Echoing footsteps followed behind you, irritating you. He sensed your discomfort.

“Leave us.” Kylo barked, and the white plastic covered men split off without skipping a beat. Commanding people made goose bumps appear on your skin, how could he be so harsh with them? Treat them as dogs rather than human beings- well if they were humans, for all you knew they could be different alien races. The mask allowed for mystery, and you were not a fan.

Hallways turned until you were in front of two tall red doors, contrasting the black vast area of walls, floors, and ceiling. Kylo’s chambers were different and more extravagant compared to the rest on the ship, afterall he deserved a treat for ruling planets and the Galaxy. His hand freed itself from the black glove and rested his palm against a glass scanner, it shone red before a click was heard and he was grabbing you, pulling you in behind him. Doors shut with a harsh slam and lights turned on, illuminating the large common room.

It was so.. him,multi shaded grey tile covered the floor beneath your feet, a leather black sectional sat against the wall, which was also painted grey, red stands sat on either side of the sectional with a black coffee table directly in front of it. A tv like screen, bigger than any normal one of Earth, splayed against the left wall facing the sectional. Five different rooms branched away from the one you were in. You kicked your shoes off, shifting the bag in your hands to rest against your legs. Kylo noticed and took it from you, nodding at you to follow him. Furthest right was your bedroom, well Kylo’s. A king size black bed sat in the middle of the room, plush red pillows covering by the white headboard. You yearned to lay down and sleep, your day was pretty hectic already and it wasn’t even night. Not that you could tell because in space it was always dark. He dropped your bags on the bed and took off his mask.

“All that is here belongs to you now.”

Kylo’s voice was sturdy, but a sense of anxiety slipped past his teeth and rolled off of his pink tongue. You quirked an eyebrow at the man before you. Weary of him you were, but at the end of the day he was human. You wondered if that mattered, humans on Earth did vicious crimes all the time, cops barely covered providing safety, and even shield wore itself thin at times.

“Thanks, you know freedom once belonged to me..” you sarcastically replied, waving around the space between his large body and your stressed out one. His gaze adverted to the wall, jaw clenched uncomfortably hard, frustration almost besting him in the worst possible moment.

“I can give you anything you desire. Luxurious gowns, jewelry, planets, creatures, plants, all in my grasp. What can I do to please you?” His voice was desperate, a yearning to make you happy above all else. He spent years searching helplessly for you, and now that he had you, you hated him. Hated him for taking the one thing that mattered most to him, what belonged to him in an intricate way. You. Joining your souls together was not a mistake and he certainly would not apologize for doing what the force meant to happen, but your sorrow did guilt him. He loved you, as foolish as it seemed from the outside.

But to him, it made all the sense. Kylo visited your thoughts and body day after day while hunting for you. He knew the type of woman you were, your thought process, how easily your fragile feelings could be hurt, how you fiercely loved those close to you, how you preferred grape jelly over strawberry, how your clumsy manner often left you bruised-much to his disliking, and he memorized all of these in great detail. You were an extension of him and he wanted to know you inside and out, and at this point he did. But now that you were in grasp, he needed you to love him back.

As soon as he had his first dream about you, his gut told him that you were his other half, far far away from him in the most unfortunate way. He vowed to make one complete being, promptly begining his journey to find you. The Force allowed him to visit you, but the touch and occasional dream of him was the only hint you got, not enough information to warn you of your impending future.

“None of that would please me, Kylo. I agreed to come because you weren’t going to leave otherwise. War plaques Earth enough without the First Order involved. Gifts will not fix the pain, and you are stupid to think it would.”

“I want you to be joyful.” Such a phrase could be taken the wrong way, read as he was commanding you to feel an emotion, but he was not, he was vocalizing his goal to you in lame terms, horrible at portraying feelings with spoken sounds.

“Well, I’m not.” His eyes saddened and you felt unfair guilt, “Maybe one day, but right now- no, joy isn’t a friend of mine.”

“I am the Supreme Leader, a powerful man, and I do what I wish without protest. Listening to anyone is not my skill, but with you, I am trying. Trying because of who you are to me,” He picked up his helmet and traced the face of it, big fingers coming together to flick it before honey brown eyes met yours, a hard stare, an unapologetic one, “Retrieving what’s mine is not apology worthy, it had to be done. Hate me if it makes you feel better, I suppose.”

Fire bristled along your arms, blue flames dancing involuntarily. How dare he act like he did you both a favor by snatching you up like a stray dog on the road. Being bound seemed like a different way of saying soulmates. And even if the two of you completed one soul, one half still belonged to you. He didn’t own your half, he should be thankful that he has such a connection with another being, but he was acting like a mad man.

His eyes adverted to your arms, new small holes exposed the skin, your shirt burning from the use of powers. Your fireproof suit was in your bag, you had taken it off when you packed your belongings. Usually your powers were in control, but being around Kylo made new levels of emotions, mostly anger, appear.

“My goal from now on is to knock you down a peg. You’re human, and I will remind you of it everyday.” You mumbled.

“I will remind you, little one, that you are where you belong. With me. By my side. Forever.”

“Forever is suddenly my least favorite word.” Your heart fluttered at how honest and raw his words were when he spoke to you, but hating him was your angle at the moment and you had to stick with it. His shaggy black hair swept in tuffs over his forehead, strikingly similar to the lines over his long scar on his face that led down to his neck. A well formed neck, you thought. Being so attracted to someone you should hate was foreign to you. Something in books and movies, but not real life. Now it was happening in a space ship in the sky, miles away from home, your life reduced to a romcom movie, a hate to love story.

“Each hateful word you throw my way, my adoration will only increase.” Kylo dropped his helmet back on the bed and shrugged at your hazy expression. You were torn between hating him and wanting to accept his words, “Try all you may, you cannot deter me, we are meant to last.”

“You’ve stated that fact multiple times today, look, I don’t get why this force picked me to be the one who you’re bound with, we are vastly different.”

Kylo sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance because it seemed that you weren’t getting it, “The force would not make a mistake. You make me stronger, and vice versa.”

“How do you know I’m the one?”

He grabbed your hand, slotting his large fingers in between your tiny ones in comparison, skin blazing heavenly at the contact. You felt drunk, the best kind where happiness takes over and you feel invincible, on top of the world where nothing can drag you down. Like friends are talking, but it’s hard to make out from all the laughing and bubbly dancing to shitty bar songs, but you’re happy because it’s perfect. You feel giddy but attempt to suppress it because these feelings are not valid, he is a murder. He holds up the intertwined hands, an example of your ridiculous question. Kylo Ren would not lie about his bond with you, never lie to you about anything.

“My body cradles yours in every way because we were born to be one.” He rubbed his thumb across your hand, making you blush, pushing him to step closer to get more of a reaction from you.

“Why is there- my body, I just feel like.. like” you tried to explain the intense sensation, but failed miserably. He gave you an understanding gaze, smirking at the fact that you felt a fragment of the bond, the pull to be close.

“Alluring, isn’t it, little one? The Force is letting us know that we found eachother. In time it will feel normal.”

His fingers left yours to push your hair behind your ear, but you snapped out of the trance. Distraction to move away, suitcases opened and hands shuffled through clothing and items, looking for a new shirt to wear. Burning the current one was embarrassing and changing would wash away the mistake that you just made. Years of training for control over yourself crumbled like bridges during high degree earthquakes, crashing down around the man who you were forever stuck with. A grey hoodie from the bottom was plucked from your hands and into Kylo’s. He turned it over in curiosity.

“What is this?”

You rolled your eyes, grabbing it back in defense, the hoodie was the one thing you owned compared to his fleet of ships and planets, “Hoodie. Wear it for warmth.. so where’s the bathroom, I need to change.”

He pointed to a black door left of where you stood and you nodded curtly, entering and getting out of his sight, gaining a second alone. Pitiful holes surrounded what was once cloth covering skin. Pale flesh teased you, a reminder that was gone when you ripped the shirt up over your head, hoodie slipping on instead. Warm, reliable, comfy, home smelling hoodie. A mirror rested above the sink, reflecting you in the bright bathroom lighting. How could you let him hold your hand like that? Knock a wall down that he didn’t deserve to witness.. His bond touch was unfair to use, it went went against your mind. Tears that you were unaware of previously dripped down your face, dampening your chin, baby hairs sticking grossly to the area. Crying was a rebirth, a chance to let it all out and restart again. It felt good to sob on the bathroom floor, to lean against the wall for support.

Time passed and you cried, emptying bottled up confusing emotions. Kylo stood outside the door listening, chest tightening at the wretched gasps for air as you bawled, his heart thudding with every sound. Kicking open the door and holding you was his idea, but he was scared to push you even further away. He wasn’t stupid, he realized you didn’t trust him yet. Crying in the bathroom was a personal thing for you to cope, and intruding would embarrass you. After the hand holding moment he assumed the road ahead was easy but now he was not so sure.

At the same time hiding in there to cry angered him. Why couldn’t you melt into his embrace and allow him to ease your pain? No one was more suited for the duty than him, your equal in life, your other half. Kylo did not let people in, he didn’t like the attachment and risk, but you were the one who it was acceptable to confide in, to show vulnerability. Dark force was in his genes, and it would never leave, but you would see the better side of him. Not that he wouldn’t ever upset you or go against your wishes, but you were going to be the closest to him, his weakness. Reaching out in the only way he could, he closed his eyes and used the force to seek you.

Dry tears crusted your cheeks, despair eating away at your insides, when a swirling feeling rested on your upper arm, sliding up and stroking your chin. The swirling morphed into an invisible hand that wiped moisture away with gentle caresses. Matter of the fact was that Kylo was reaching out to comfort you in the way he had in the past. Grudgingly you pulled away, but a dull pain of struck your heart, leaning more into the invisible hand.

“Open the door.” His voice called out. You ignored him, head falling backwards to rest against the wall behind you. The touch vanished and you heard the main door slam. Kylo stalked off, helmet on and anger active heading towards his knights for Intel on Thanos. His knights roamed the galaxies, if anyone knew about the purple titan, it would be them.

Eventually you crawled out of the bathroom and pulled the blankets back on the bed. His pillows surrounded you, shielding you from the air coming from the vents. Dark endless space peeked through the two small windows of his room, allowing it to feel like bed time rather than evening. It was enough because within minutes you were zonked.

Kylo sensed utter tranquility from you, calming him down. His emotions were hard enough to handle, but being so near to you caused all of yours to mix with his, making your crying suffocating, which made him mad, but when you were asleep he could level himself a bit.

“Sweetdreams,littlelove”, Kylo whispered in your mind as he stood in front of his kneeling, ever so loyal, knights.

Force Knows Best

Summary: after infinity war, life is in shambles, but to make things even more complicated, the first order decides to visit. kylo ren is in search.. for you.

4. Paths Diverge

(This chapter is a filler and I’m sorry that it’s like short and not as good)

Tacit understandings led you and Kylo outside, worried eyes glancing over your body to make sure that you were unharmed. Kylo’s hand grasped your bicep lightly, but you pulled away, walking into Steve’s comforting arms. Swirling touches moved along the back of your ear. Why couldn’t Kylo stop touching you for a few seconds.

“What’s going on?” Steve asked, brushing his fingers under your chin.

“I have to go..”

Steve’s face fell into despair and disbelief. You were as close to a kid as he had, and his intent was to protect you, but unfortunately Kylo’s instincts to have you were stronger, tearing your family even further apart. Natasha placed her hand on your shoulder, giving Steve a hard, yet connecting look. Their minds linked as they shared the same thought. You had a plan and they needed to closely follow it, they respected your wishes.

“No!” Thor yelled, storming forward. Big man loved endlessly, too much sometimes, magical axe flew straight for Kylo’s head, making a scream rip out of your throat. Before it collided with skin, a black gloved hand raised and stopped it mid air, it dropping to the ground. The troops raised their blasters, but he dismissed them. Under the mask, he grinned. You had screamed when the axe was sent his way, youfeared that he would’ve died, showing that you cared. A small sliver of you felt what he did. Time would progress and so would the bond.

“Let’s not do anything rash.” Kylo’s deep voice rumbled through the mask that he put back on before leaving the ship. A small thing, such as the mask, gave him jtter authority.

“Rash? You daring to invade Earth to take one of our own, thats rash. I’ll show you rash.” Thor’s hand flexed and the axe’s handle sat once again in his grasp.

“Thor, please.” His brown and blue eyes met yours in confusion, “Remember yesterday how we talked about bringing everyone back? What if I can do that by leaving with him? He can help us. We owe it to them.”

“You trust him?” Rhodey asked.

A swirling feeling touched at your hips again, his special reassurance that he wanted you to believe in him. Did you trust him? He killed his own man without hesitation, but his devotion to you seemed unparalleled. Trust had to be earned, and he certainly made you uneasy, but for now he seemed alright enough. If he was the key to bring Wanda and the rest back, you would roll the dice, take a chance. Dying under Kylo’s watch seemed doubtful, that much you knew.

“I trust him enough.. I love you guys, and I’d do anything for this team. Do you trust me?” Natasha’s eyes searched yours for a few seconds. Her sad eyes grew even sadder.

“With our lives, kid.” Cap said, sagging his shoulders in defeat.

“Then its final..”

Collecting the few items you had and saying goodbye was the hardest thing you’ve had to do in a while. Leaving the people you love the most in the universe takes a toll. Rhodey was the first to hug you, explaining that if Tony got back they would search planets for you, Rocket gave you a sly fistbump, Okoye offered her spear, which you politely declined but instead gave her a firm handshake. Bruce and Thor gave you a group hug, your small body being engulfed by theirs, Thor was reluctant to let you go, but Natasha gave him a look. She gave you a long hug, trying to remember what it was like to have you close for the last time for who knows how long.

Steve was the hardest to say goodbye. Light once danced in blue orbs, soared in roaring Pacific waves, crashing along the coast. But now they were a dull, lifeless grey, like small bits of gravel resting on a well trodden road. Bucky was gone, and now you were being lifted out of his grasp by a ruthless space lord. Adoration, bundled in grooves of the heart swelled intolerably as he looked at the young woman who he saw as his own kid. Years of training, jokes, movie nights, advice, teasing, breakfast, tears, arguments, and laughs flashed before him within seconds. You were annoyingly noble, sacrificing yourself for the greater good of Earth, continuously putting others first before yourself. How could you not be that way, you learned it from him. Grudgingly, he realized you were doing exactly what he would if he was in the same position.

Strong arms wrapped tightly around your upper back, your arms tangling on his lower back, head resting comfortably against his chest. A dad’s embrace. His body slightly shook from bottling up high amounts of emotion. Steve wanted to kick something, scream, yell, keep you here and kill Kylo, but none of that was reality. So he settled for taking a few moments to let it sink in that you could maybe reverse what Thanos did.

“Who is going to remind the team to watch their language?” You teased, slightly pulling away to look at the older man’s expression.

He slightly chuckled, shrugging his shoulders, “Nat got that covered.”

“Damn right I do” Her voice retorted.

“We need to leave” Kylo Ren’s deep voice said, the swirling sweeping across your lower back. You were angry that touches from such a man had an effect on you. Unwillingly, two bodies parted and you gave the team one last look before walking towards Kylo’s black ship. He was like an emo teenager, clothes and ship blacker than night itself. Kylo held his hand out for you to take, but you brushed past it before turning to face what was rest of the Avengers.

“I love you guys, may we meet again soon.” A chorus of love you’s echoed, cochlear systems picking up the sounds. Your heart clenched in emotional pain, as if you hadn’t your fill for a life time already. Kylo grabbed your bicep lightly and led you inside, his men following silently. A conversation among the troops began, talk of a bet had been brought up. Kylo glared at them in warning and they quickly shut up. You didn’t care enough to pursue what the bet was, you didn’t want to know. The stormtroopers fluttered away, leaving you and Kylo Ren alone.

You two took a seat and strapped in while the ship began to take off. You had refused his aid in buckling up, you weren’t a little kid. He seemed frustrated at your distance, so he moved his knees to rest against yours. Moving away would be pointless, he would only attract closer.. he was stubborn like that, something you already figured out. Not every man searched planets for a woman and then required her to leave with him. A molecule of you felt flattered that he was so loyal and driven for you, but the you who had common sense loathed it.

Questions began to rumble like an earthquake in your mind. Did he expect you to immediately melt into his presence? To bend against your will to be a woman who did what was told? He explained earlier that you were his equal, but his non-spoken threat against earth if you didn’t leave showed that he wanted the upper hand, most likely from habit. Kylo Ren did what he wanted without a check or balance, but now you were a block to challenge him, but he had yet to figure that out.

“Are we going to share a room?” You asked, the thought now just occuring. Kylo’s lip twitched under his mask before he moved to take it off. Reading your thoughts allowed him the knowledge that you did not appreciate the mask when it was just the two of you. Made you feel weary, for he got to hide while you were vulnerable.

“Where else would you sleep?” His natural voice retorted, sitting his helmet down on his black material covered thigh, a muscle toned thigh.. your eyes left his thigh and narrowed at his face.

“Clearly I had false hope that I would remain with any ounce of freedom.” You grumbled, playing with your fingers out of anxiety. Kylo sighed, wishing to grab your fingers in his own, but you were upset and he was scared to make things worse. He wished you could feel how he die. Two souls brought together, and you hated him for it at the moment.

“Freedom isn’t being stripped away from you, Y/N. I won’t push any boundaries until I know you want me to.” He nudged his knee against yours, using the force to graze your chin with the swirling touch that you experienced more times than you could count today.

You scoffed, “Good luck with me ever wanting to be near you, buddy.”

That was a bold face lie, and you both knew it. Angry at him, yes. Wanting to hit him and demand an explanation about how you were even bonded, hell yes. But clouded by his pretty face and strong body, you did not press for information. He would explain in time, and for now you appreciated the silence that took over. For once he shut up and stopped touching you. Silence didn’t last long once you left Earth’s atmosphere, a foreign territory to you.

A large ship hovered above the smaller one you were in. White with seemingly multiple floors. It was a ship like you have never witnessed before. Even shield did not have such a craft able to be so big and in space, not that you were aware of. Doors opened from the bottom and the ship was pulled in. You jerked into Kylo’s chest at the movement, but quickly yanked yourself away, glaring at him in defense, like a wild animal being caught.

“Supreme Leader, the Knights are waiting for you in the throne room.” A storm trooper spoke, not daring to enter the room, but his voice carried from around the corner.

“I have other matters to attend to for a few hours, alert them to meet back at 8,” Kylo’s voice was scary, but then he turned back to you, “come bug, let us tour your new home.”

Home.. what a funny word to call a ship full of killers.