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Boba Fett x Reader

A/N:A short little something for our King, Boba Fett.

You knew Boba better than anyone.

He was the kind of man who was proud. Proud of the Kingdom he had built, of the power he holds in hands and of the woman by his side, you.

Boba Fett was the kind of man who liked to show you off to the people, one, to show that he had such a beautiful wife and two, that his wife was pregnant.

The little girl growing under your heart was Boba Fett’s pride and joy. He couldn’t wait to see his daughter, hold her, feed her and then later, teach her everything his father taught him.
You were out in the gardens, walking with Fennec enjoying the sun on your skin.

“You should be resting.” came the voice of your husband from behind you.

“It’s fine, Dear, I cannot sit around all day.” Fennec decided to leave you two alone as she headed back to the castle.

“You could give birth at any moment, you need to rest.”

“I am resting. Resting my mind and getting some fresh air, she needed it too.” you said as you placed a hand on your huge stomach.

He shakes his head before locking his arms with you. He knew that he could never win an argument with you, so he decided to join you on your walk.

Protecting you from even the smallest little bug.

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Din Djarin x Reader

Summary:When asking for zoomies is just too much for you.

You didn’t like the new ship. Not one bit.

It made you sit back, not on your man’s lap.

You travelled while sitting at the back, not while he held you. You held Grogu close to you, but you needed his arms around you, you needed to feel the cool Beskar and his heat radiating off of him, making you fall asleep as he flew.
Now, all you had was your kid. Who constantly kept on banging the window, asking Din to go faster. Honestly it was adorable, but you started to feel sick after the tenth time. So, when Grogu wanted Din to go again, you grabbed his little arms.

“Please, no more, I feel sick.” the Kid understood you, of course he stopped, not wanting to see his mommy sick he decided to cuddle against your chest.

Then you heard Din’s voice through the comunication system.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, just no more jumps please, my head hurts.”

“Should we stop? There is a planet fairly close.”

And he already stirred the ship to go that way, the last thing he wanted is for you to be sick and some fresh air will really help you.

After landing, you quickly got out of the ship, with the Kid still in your hands, you started walking around the foresty planet.

“I feel better…but, I’m a bit dizzy.” you said as you leaned against a tree. Din rushed over to your side, helping you to a nearby rock to sit on.

“Meshla? What can I do?”

You handed him Grogu and held your head, “I don’t know. Do you have any meds?”

“I do,” he rushed to his ship, finding the emergency bag and taking out a painkiller, he handed it to you with some water.

“Thank you.” you took the pill.

“I will only use that when we are chased or something, if you get a headache every time.”

“I don’t think it’s that, it's the amount. You did it like 12 times because he asked you. But we learned from it.” Grogu made a noise and reached out to you, Din held him closer to you as he grabbed your hand. “I’ll be fine. You don’t have to heal me, I’m good.” you said as you started to feel the force he used. As you said that, he stopped. “I just need an hour or so, then we an go.” you said to Din as you took Grogu from him once more. He nodded and decided to go relax with you under the huge tree. 

You leaned against him, he moved his arms around you, finally, finally he was holding you, just as you wanted. 

Now, not even the annoying headache could ruin your mood.

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Din Djarin x Reader 

Modern AU

Words: 1990

Summary: Din Djarin is the most influential man in the entire world. But even the most influential needed something more, something he found in a place he never expected to.

Din Djarin is one of the most influential men in the entire world, he has everything a person could ever want and more.

He was rich, he had power and people were afraid of him. He was a true leader who feared no one but everyone feared him.

And just as they say that behind every successful man there is a woman it was true in his case as well. 

It all began when he was on his way home from a job, his driver vent into a part of the city which was really dangerous, not that he cared because no one would even dare to look at him let alone attack or rob him. As they were driving through the streets Din was looking outside looking at the people out on the street, he saw prostitutes, drug addicts, drug sellers and many homeless people.

Then as they stopped at a red light he saw someone, a young woman carrying a small child in her arms as she was making her way through the streets. Din Didn’t know what was about her that caught his eye he was sure he had seen many women like her but there was just something about her, something he couldn’t quite understand but he was interested. But as the light turned green again the driver began to drive and Din could only see her getting smaller and smaller and then he took a turn completely losing her sight.

The next time Din saw this woman was in a different part of the city, but she still looked the same, same coat, same shoes, and the same child. He was sitting at a coffee store, enjoying his lunch when he saw her. Again Din found himself being interested. But she soon left.

Then the third time Din asked his driver to go the same route they went a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to see her he wasn’t sure why but he wanted to, and he did. She was getting out of a convenience store when he saw her. However, he also noticed the couple meant that was heading her way, he made his driver stop the car he got out and as the man saw him, the smirks disappeared from their faces as they looked down and quickly walked the other way they came from.

Din didn’t talk to her, but she did look at him, she offers him a warm smile before she walked away.

This is when Din realized that he wanted to know more about her, he wanted her, and he will always get what he wants.

So, he called up one of his most trusted men, Boba Fett, who was an assassin, Din explained to him that all he wanted was more information about the woman he didn’t want her dead.

Boba I know better than to question his bosses requests so he nodded and went along to carry out the job.

Din couldn’t wait, he was good at many things but patience was not one of them.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Boba to find out everything about her and so he gave all the information to his boss.

When Din those final left alone in his office he opened up the envelope, it was possibly the thinnest envelope he has ever seen in his entire life.

Her name was Y/N Y/L/N, an orphan there was very little information about her a couple of schools she attended, a couple of jobs that he had during her life, however, there was no mention of a child anywhere, no birth certificate for the little one no hospital entries or anything like that. Which made him even more curious, did she hide a kid from someone in that’s why there was no information about the kid or what was going on? Could it be that she stole the kid from someone or found him?

From her papers it was clear that she wasn’t a harmful person which he already knew just based on the smile she gave him, he knew when someone recognized him he knew when someone knew who he was but she had no clue, the smile she gave him was genuine not out of fear or respect it was a genuine smile something Din hadn’t seen in a long while.

The story of him talking to her for the first time was completely by chance, he was at his usual place in the café then he saw her once again when he saw her pass on the street as she was walking past the many people someone ran into her knocking her over and no one even looked at her everyone just walked past like nothing happened. Din didn’t even recognize his legs moving, he only realized that he was standing right beside her when he began talking.

“Are you okay?” he asked he offered his hand to her so she could stand up again. 

She smiled at him again, “Yes, thank you I’m fine.” She said as she took his hand and got up. She checked the kid and so did Din. The baby looked nothing like her, still sleeping as if nothing happened.

“Is he okay?” Din asked.

“He is, thank you. He is a heavy sleeper. Thank you again,” she said before she smiled at him, and started to leave. But Din grabbed her arm. She immediately looked at him, scared.

“I-I just.” he stuttered. Din Djarin just stuttered. For the first time in his life. “I like you.” he said.

“Thank you, Sir, but you don’t know me.”

“Let me get to know you. I want to know you!” the desperation in his voice was clear. He guessed she felt bad for him, and she agreed to meet him tomorrow same place.

You still couldn’t believe it.

What would a well-dressed handsome and rich man like him want from you? You were almost homeless, with a child. Why would he want to know a person like that?

Did he think you were some kind of prostitute or something? No, he wouldn’t have offered you lunch in that case.

Then, the next day, with Grogu in your arms, you made your way to the place you agreed to meet the man, who you learned was named Din. After many long debates about whether you should go or not, you decided to go.

There was something in his eyes which told you that you could trust him.

So, your first date came. At the time you didn’t even know it was a date.

And what a disaster it was.

You were a mess, lost in the luxury that seemed so evident to him. People looked at you with disgust in their eyes.

At least your son had a fun time, eating whatever he wanted and Din was really affectionate towards him.

In Din’s eyes, the date went amazingly. You looked beautiful and he loved hearing you talk, you weren’t so different from him, the difference was that now he had money in the bank.

Din Djarin was your savior.

He saved you from the awful world, he gave you shelter and loved you.

You realized you were in love during your fourth date with him when he took you and Grogu to the Zoo. The way he lifted Grogu so he could see the lion warmed your heart.

That was the first night you spent at Din’s place. And although you knew he had a completely different lifestyle, when seeing his mansion, you were left speechless.

But you also knew that was only the outside. Inside Din was much more than a multimillionaire with a gang to his name.

He was kind, affectionate and loyal. He wasn’t much of a talker, but he listened and remembered.

It was the first time you could properly celebrate your son’s birthday.

“He is getting so big.” Din said as he watched Grogu running around the backyard. He rented out three bouncy houses, a giant ball pit and there were way too much food considering no one was invited. You watched the man you love smile at your son, and you decided this was the time to tell him.

“Three years ago, I found him by a dumpster. He was just a newborn, crying. The most terrible part is that someone placed bags on him either to hide him or they didn’t even care that a kid was there and just left their garbage on him. He is not my blood but he is my son.”

“It always amazes me how strong you are, My Love.”

Din was not expecting that the kid was treated so poorly. Thankfully you found him, and Din found you.

Only after two years of getting to know Din was enough for you, you knew he was the one. The one you wanted to live your life with.

And only just one year later, Din finally gathered his courage to ask you to marry him. You made it official with a beautiful ceremony.

“Do we really have to go?” asked an annoyed Din. “We could celebrate our wedding anniversary from here, why should we go to a theater?”

“Because I heard great things about this play and I want to see it. I told you if you don’t want to go, I could have gone with my friends!” you said from the bathroom as you were finishing up with your hair. The dress you had on was pure perfection as you knew your husband loved seeing red on you.

“Okay, okay. And then we go to that restaurant, as I wanted to.”

“Exactly, theater, dinner, and then when we get home we can have sex.” you said as you got out of the bathroom. “What do you think? Do I look nice?”

“Can we maybe start with the last option on your list?” he said as he headed over to you, smirking.

“Nooo, we’ll be late, let’s go.”

Din let out an annoyed groan. You would always win.

Din had to be honest, he enjoyed the play, although he wasn’t a big fan of musicals, this one was actually rather good, but he was too proud to admit.

During dinner, he couldn’t take his eyes off of your breasts. The dress that you wore was covering them, but he just couldn’t look away.

“My eyes are up here Mr Djarin,” you said as you took a sip from the lemonade you ordered.

“Did they grow?” he asked looking into your eyes finally.

“I have a new bra. Maybe it’s that.”


He knew you too well.

And during dessert, you were ready to tell him about your surprise.

“I do have something for you.” you said as you watched him sip his champagne, you didn’t even touch yours.

You pulled out the small box from your bag and handed it to him.

“I thought you said no presents.”

“In a way, this is for both of us.” his eyes widened. “Not like that, you pervert! Just open it.”

Din opened the ribbon and the box, he took out the pacifier from it.

“I’m pregnant.” you said before he could ask anything. “The doctor confirmed yesterday.”

“We are going to have another little one?” the way he said that made you want to jump at him and kiss him.


He smiled at you, tears gathered in his eyes.

“Don’t cry love please, I know you are happy but someone could see you. The fearless leader might lose his reputation.” you laughed, trying to make him laugh as well, but he only smiled.

The house of Djarin grew, he was now a husband and a father. Something he was rather proud of instead of his fearful title.

From having one child to having two and now his wife was pregnant with their fourth, Din couldn’t believe his luck. He had a family now not only his empire.

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This is based of “The Rise of Skywalker”, but does not exactly follow the plot, so if that is going to offend you, stay away. In other news, this may be the best thing I have written… so here we go.

This was it, the final battle. You would either defeat general Palpatine once and for all or die trying. You had given the directions so that the resistance could follow you and start taking out the Star-Destroyers. They had called in every ally that they had and were prepared to fight.

But the real fight, the one that would ultimately determine the fate of the entire universe, that was on you. 

-no pressure-

You weaved in and out of the deserted hallways, put off by the eerie stillness. It was dark and had the force not been guiding you, you never would have found it. You came into a clearing, it appeared to be an empty stadium. And then you saw it, the throne that had plagued your nightmares.

Chanting filled the room as the once empty stadium was now filled with Siths. 

“Long have I awaited your arrival. I never wanted you dead, I wanted you here. Empress. You will take the throne as destiny demands.” Palpatine spoke ominously.

“I have not come to lead the Sith, I have come to destroy them,” you informed standing your ground.

“As a Jedi?” he all but laughed.


“No, your hatred, your anger, you want to kill me. That is what I want. If you kill me my spirit will pass into you, as all the sith live in me. You will become the empress and we will rule together. The time has come,” he announced and all the Sith bowed down. 

You stood momentarily at a loss for what to do.

“With your hatred you will strike me down and ascend,” Palpatine instructed.

“All you want me to do is to hate, but I won’t, not even you,” 

“You are weak, like your master, look where that got him,”

“He sacrificed himself to save the resistance, to save hope, and as long as hope remains you can never truly win,” you replied with strength.

Palpatine opened the ceiling to reveal the war that was going on in the sky.

“Here is your great resistance. They don’t have long, no one is coming to help them, and you are the one who led them here. So much for your so-called hope,” he sneered.

“Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over the new empire and the fleet will be yours. Only then will you have the power to save them. Refuse and they will die,”

You felt conflicted, knowing that no matter the cost, you couldn’t give in to the darkness. You were questioning your next move, but then you felt his presence. Ben was here.

You nodded towards Palpatine, trying to buy time.

“Very good. The ritual begins!” he declared to his followers who cheered. “Now, you will strike me down and pledge yourself to the Sith. You will draw your saber,”

You did as he commanded.

“You will strike me, taking your revenge. The Jedi are dead, the Sith with be reborn,” he exclaimed, “Do it! Make the Sacrifice!”

You were scared, afraid that Ben was going to be too late. That is when he spoke to you through your connection. 

“It’s okay your not alone, just hand me the saber,”

You were filled with relief as you acting as if you were preparing to strike down Palpatine, then revealing your hand and the missing saber.

Seeing this Palpatine backed away and his guards rushed at you. You took out your second saber and began to fight them. Relief filled you as Ben joined by your side taking out the last guard. You both stared at each other for a moment so many things you both wanted to say, but this was neither the time nor place.

“Stand together, die together,” Palpatine snarled as he used his power to force you to kneel, pushing the lightsabers far away, as he tried to drain the two of you, immediately receiving a shock.

“The life source of your bond, a dyad in the force, a power like life itself, unseen for generations. And now the power of two will restore the power of the one true emperor,”

And with that, Palpatine started stealing your and Ben’s force with the two of you completely helpless to do anything about it. When he was done, both of you fell backward unconscious.

“Look what you have made,” he bellowed.

Ben woke up first, he struggled through the weakness to open his eyes. He glanced over to your unmoving form and knew what he had to do. He stood to face Palpatine, but the Emperor quickly lifted him off of the ground. 

“As I once fell, so falls the last Skywalker,” he yelled as he launched Ben off of the cliff, presumably to his death.

Palpatine then took his throne and sent electricity through the air to disable all of the resistance ships. 

In hearing the commotion you started to wake up. Your entire body ached, and while you could feel Ben’s presence, it wasn’t as strong as it should have been. You laid on your back seeing the resistance ships beginning to fail. Now, more than ever you needed hope. 

“Be with me,” you called out to the force, “be with me,” you pleaded.

And then you heard them, the voices of the Jedi who had come before you, giving you the encouragement and strength that you needed to rise. You summoned your lightsaber and stood your ground.

“Let your death be the last word in the story of the resistance,” snarled Palpatine. 

He refocused his power on you, which unbeknownst to you at the time had saved the resistance fighters.

“You are nothing. You are no match for the power in me,” he insisted.

You pushed forward with all of your strength, closing the gap between the two of you.

“I am all of the Sith,” he roared.

“And I am all of the Jedi,” you declared taking another step forward, summoning the other lightsaber. You then continued to push forward until the Emporer’s own power was too much and began destroying him. With one final push from you, his power imploded disintegrating him and taking out all of the Sith with as well as the majority of the structure. 

You managed to take another step, dropping the lightsabers before collapsing on the ground, welcoming death.

Ben, who was climbing back to the throneroom, ignoring his pain, had felt it. It was the same wave of emptiness that had hit him when each of his parents died, only now it was much stronger.

‘No, no, you can’t be dead,’ he thought as he struggled to pull himself over the side of the cliff. He looked around, the room had been completely demolished. There were no signs of life anywhere. Between the dust and the smoke it was hard for him to see anything. Despite that, his eyes found you, lying completely still eyes open. He limped over to you, tears streaming down his face. 

“You did it, Y/n you did it,” he cried as he pulled your limp form into his arms. He stared at you regretting everything he had done and all of the things he hadn’t done. He was too worried about turning you, trying to get you to join him. In all of the time you were together, he never told you that he loved you. He loved you. He hugged your lifeless, willing with everything that he had for you to be okay. And then he remembered.

When he had been struck down, right after his mom died, you had healed him. It was something that he had never seen done before, only having heard of it in legends. But if you could do it, maybe he could too.

He put his hand on your chest, closed his eyes, and focused. He was pushing out with the force, with his love, and transferring his life force to you. With everything he had and everything he was, he willed for you to come back.

That is when he felt it, your hand on top of his. He opened his eyes to meet your own.

“Y/n?” he asked softly as if you might fade away again. He was on the verge of crying again. 

You looked at him momentarily confused before smiling, “Ben,”

Before he could say anything else, you kissed him. The kiss was everything that you never knew you needed, it spoke every word that you hadn’t said. When it was over Ben smiled genuinely, before his face began to fall. 

He fell backward as you tried to reach out for him. You stared in disbelief as he was gone. Before you could even think about reviving him, he disappeared before your eyes. Leaving you alone once again.

You felt an overwhelming pain in your chest as you stared at his clothes. You forced yourself up, knowing that the entire empire was collapsing around you. Taking one more look at where he once laid, you turned away and headed towards your ship. You flew out and met the rest of the resistance as the flew back to the base. You hung back for a moment trying to compose yourself before landing.

You put on a fake smile as you passed through the cheering crowd. You watch as people reunite with their loved ones. Everyone was so happy. You saw Finn and Rose kissing, Maz giving Chewie a medal, R2 and C-3PO being reunited. Everyone had someone, except you. Your entire family was dead, and now even your chosen family was dead, Ben was dead. You continued through the crowd numbly, just trying your best to get back inside the base. That was at least til BB-8 rammed into you affectionately. You looked up and met eyes with Poe. He was the first one who seemed to really see you. He wasn’t fooled by the fake smile, he had no idea what you had to do to defeat Palpatine, but he could tell that it had shattered you. He pulled you into his arms and told you that everything would be alright. And that was the last thing you remembered.

Because it was seconds after he hugged you, that you collapsed into his arms. He hoisted you up bridal style and rushed you into the med-bay where the droids quickly started working to figure out what had happened. He waited outside your room, waiting to find out whether or not you were okay. He assumed that it was maybe over-exertion or pure exhaustion. It was also possible that you were more injured from your fight than it had originally appeared, he racked his brain to remember if there was anything off about your appearance when he’d seen you earlier. But nothing stood out.

He was pulled from his thoughts as one of the droids emerged from your room.

“There is nothing physically wrong with her. But for reasons we can’t explain, we are losing her,” the droid informed.

“She’s dying?” Poe asked in disbelief.

“We don’t know why, but her life force is failing,” the droid answered.

Poe didn’t know what to say as he entered the room. You had saved everyone, defeated the Emperor, destroyed the dark side. You deserved to be honored and thanked, but no one really knew what you did, how much you sacrificed. He decided two things as he sat beside you. One, you would not die alone. And two, he would make sure that your sacrifice was not forgotten. 

And true to his word, he was there when you took your last breath and faded from existence to become part of the force. To this day, people still theorize about what had caused your death. Some believe that it was because of your dyad connection with Ben, when he died, you died. Others believe that since all of the Sith and dark side leaders were destroyed, that the Jedi were no longer able to exist, and thus the force claimed you. Others claim that you suffered a fate similar to Ben’s grandmother Padame who died of a broken heart. No one will ever know for sure. 

Regardless of how you died, you will always be remembered as a hero. The Last Jedi. The one who killed the Emperor. 

But none of that mattered to you, you were happy now. For as you were welcomed into the force, you were reunited with old friends. First with Luke, then Leia and Han, each of whom congratulated you on your victory. Han was the first to notice that you were looking around expectantly for something, rather someone with a hint of sadness in your expression. 

“You can come out now,” he yelled smiling.

And then you saw him, joy washing over you completely. You ran to him jumping in his arms, all but tackling him. He smiled wrapping his arms tightly around you. “I love you,” you marveled.

“I love you too,” he beamed before taking your face in his hand and continuing what you had started earlier crashing his lips on your own. 

“You know, they used to tell Jedi’s that they weren’t allowed to be in love,” Anakin joked as he watched the scene unfold, “I will say this though, my grandson definitely takes after me”.

And with that, the Skywalker Saga that had started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, had finally, once and for all, came to an end.

*Insert theme music*

This is just a cute Kylo x Reader  idea that I came up with. Enjoy!


“I know you’re there,” you whispered.

“I am,” Kylo confirmed.

“I don’t want to talk right now,” you sighed resting your head against your knees.

“Y/n, I-”

“Please, don’t” you cut him off. You didn’t have the mental capacity to do this, not now. You didn’t want to do any of this anyone. No more light side, no more dark side, no more force. You were tired of fighting this unbeatable battle. You were tired of fighting him. 

“You’re not alone,” he replied, sitting across from you. He had never seen you look so hopeless or defeated before and it made his chest ache. 

But weren’t you though? You have been for as long as you could remember. And now the resistance only cared about you because of what you could offer them. They didn’t know you, no one did.

“I do,” Kylo said.

You didn’t realize that he could read your mind through the force connection. You looked up at him, he was staring at you with such sincerity and softness. Something you liked to believe he reserved only for you. 

“Why are you here Kylo?” you asked tiredly.

“You needed me,” he replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

After a moment of not receiving a response, he asked, “Where are you? I can’t see your surroundings, just you,” 

“We can’t do this,” you whispered softly.

And it was true, whatever ‘this’ thing was that connected you, you could never act on it. You couldn’t go to the dark side and he wouldn’t come back to the light. That is one reason that your feelings for him scared you so much. You had watched him do horrible things, but when you looked at him there was no room for hatred or fear. You simply wanted to be with him and to save him from the cruel world that you were both forced to be a part of. 

“Don’t be afraid, I feel it too,” he said reaching out his hand towards you.

You felt so safe in his presence and part of you wished that you could stay like that. You wished that the two of you could stay there in that room together and forget about the First Order and the Resistance.

You stared at him for a moment before returning the gesture. Your fingers touched and that is when you saw it. The outline of the future, the two of you fighting together, and you felt a consuming loss. You wondered if he felt it too, but when your eyes met his he merely smiled at you for the briefest of seconds.

Then Luke barged in and yelled for you to stop throwing you backwards with the force, not realizing how much his fear had magnified his power. Your head hit the stone and everything around you faded.

Kylo watched in horror as he heard his old master and saw the fear in your eyes. He watched you being thrown backward and then the connection was broken. 

“Y/n?” he reached out with his mind, but it was no use.

He needed to know that you were alright. He wanted to yell, not out of anger but out of fear. He felt so helpless. What was the point of the force connecting the two of you if he couldn’t protect you?

Then the conflict within him started again. Why did he care? He wasn’t supposed to. He was supposed to be a part of the dark side. No emotions, no mercy. Only power. And he did want to be powerful like his grandfather, at least he thought he did.

But then there was you. He couldn’t explain or understand the way he felt around you. It was like he was more. More than Ben Solo or Kylo Ren, more than the dark side or the light side. Just more. His feelings for you were the source of the growing conflict in him and it was tearing him apart. The only time that he didn’t feel it was when he was with you.

He waited, still sitting criss-cross on the floor of his room. He was struggling against everything, his humanity getting the best of him. That is when he felt it. You were back, he immediately took in your appearance. Aside from some blood on the side of your head and your eyes being red, you seemed to be fine. 

“Neither are you,” you said sitting across from him again.


“Earlier you said that I was not alone, neither are you,” you explained.

“Are you okay?” you both said in unison.

“Me? I’m not the one who was just attacked by Luke Skywalker,” he said confused.

“I’m fine, he didn’t mean it, he was just scared,”

“Why do you do that?” Kylo asked staring at you again.

“Do what?”

“Why do you refuse to see the bad in people?”

“The world isn’t just light or dark. People aren’t all bad or all good. They are a chaotic mix of the two. As long as they are alive there is always hope,” you explained.

There was a pause as he looked at you again as if really seeing you for the first time. You really were unlike any other person he’d ever met.

“Are you okay?” you asked breaking the silence.

“There is something that I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it,” he revealed looking down at his hands.

“Whatever it is, you don’t have to do it alone,” you promised.

“I know,”

“Y/n I lo-” he started

“I know,” you smiled.

“I have to go, I’ll see you soon,” he said before the connection ended.

You didn’t have to ask, somehow you knew that he was going to Snoke, prepared to end him. You wouldn’t let him go alone and quickly prepared to leave. You thanked Luke for everything and boarded your ship directed towards the Supremacy.  

So I watch all of the Star Wars movies for the first time and I figured that there was no better way to jump start my return to tumblr than with a Star Wars imagine. So, here we go!

Here you were face to face with Supreme Leader Snoke. This is where you were going to die, Kylo had seen it happen in his dreams. This is where it was always meant to end.

Regardless of how bleak the entirety of the situation had seemed, you refused to lose hope. You fought back with everything you had in you and resisted giving in to the torture. You would rather die than to join the dark side.

Kylo struggled to watch as your face contorted in pain. He didn’t know why he cared. He wished that he could understand it because maybe if he could understand it he could put an end to it once and for all. He was Kylo Ren, grandson of Darth Vader. So why was he struggling with your inevitable demise?

His inner conflict was supposed to die when he killed his father. That was supposed to sever all ties he had to the light side and cement his commitment to the dark side. He should be well on his way to conquering the universe and dismantle the resistance. You were a Jedi, he was a Knight of Ren, opposition was your destiny. He most certainly should not be having any sort of hesitation in watching you die. But as he watched the scene unfold in front of him he realized that he didn’t want to kill you, he wanted to know you.

The two of you had only met a couple of times, but there was an undeniable connection between you. Your fire enchanted him. You were so passionate, brave, strong, and resilient. When you were with him he didn’t feel fear or hate radiating off you. It was something else entirely. It made him feel a draw, not necessarily to the light, but to you. It brought him a connection to his past that wasn’t accompanied by guilt or hatred. This feeling he got gave him hope for a future where he could be something more.

So when the Supreme Leader had placed you in front of him and ordered him to complete his training by ending you and the Jedis once and for all, he knew what he had to do. He looked you in the eyes as he drew his light-saber. Even facing death, you were not afraid of him, you didn’t hate him, if anything, you felt bad for him. You simply closed your eyes waiting for the blow that would end it all.

The expected blow never came. Instead, you were shocked to see that he used the force to activate your light-saber and kill the Supreme Leader. He gestured for it to come to you and together the two of you fought the Praetorian guardsmen. Your mind was racing about what this meant, however, you found it hard to think too much about it as you were both fighting for your lives.

The fight was intense, but together you persisted. You were in a one on one with one of the guards when you noticed Kylo was being overtaken completely unarmed. You didn’t hesitate to throw him your light-saber while using the force to summon his. In the mere seconds, it took to appear, your attacker managed to slice at your stomach. You immediately retaliated ending the fight in one strike. You made your way over to Kylo who was just ending his own battle.

You stared at him, briefly at a total loss for words. Your brain couldn’t comprehend everything that had just happened. He met your glaze and there was so much tension between the two of you.

“Thank you,” you spoke mentally cursing yourself for not coming up with something better.

“What?” he asked as your voice drew him out of his own thoughts.

“I said ‘thank you’, you know for saving my life and all” you repeated.

“Of course,”

“So, what happens now?”

“Join me,” he says softly.

“What? What about the Resistance and the First Order?”

“Forget them. We can leave all of it behind, just you and me against the galaxy,” he answered looking at you hopefully.

“I can never go back to the Resistance not with everything I’ve done. I’d never be able to look my mom in the eyes again. And I don’t belong here on the dark side. I can see it now, it’s a losing battle, just the past repeating itself. But it doesn’t have to be with us. We can leave here today and create our own future. When this ship crashes, everyone will think we were on it. We won’t have to be pawns in their game anymore.”

“I-I don’t know,” you answered mind racing at the possibility.

“Come on Y/n, you can’t tell me you don’t feel this connection between us. Come with me, please,” he begged as he reached out his hand.

The two of you were running out of time. It wouldn’t be long until someone discovered you or until the ship crashed. It was now or never. You had to make a decision. 

You were torn between going with your heart and your sense of duty. You owed your life to the resistance and believed in their cause, but Kylo was right about the undeniable connection between the two of you. Deep down you knew that if you didn’t leave with him that your paths would continue to cross until one of you wound up having to kill the other. And he was right, he could never join the resistance, they wouldn’t trust him and if the dark side found out he spared you they would kill him. He had risked everything to save your life, maybe this was how you would save his.

“Okay,” you decide, taking his hand.

His entire face lit up, he was so relieved that you weren’t abandoning him. There was so much that he wanted to say to you, but there wasn’t enough time. Instead, he simply nodded and led you away. The two of you boarded a ship and made it out into free space far away from all of the action. Kylo was familiarizing himself with the controls and set-up of the ship, taking a moment to breathe still slightly in denial after what had just happened. 

You were scoping out the resources on the plain and your adrenaline was beginning to wear off. For the first time, you were beginning to feel the extent of your injury. You glanced up to make sure you were still alone and proceeded to lift up the top of your outfit to access the damage. There was a lot of blood and the wound seemed deep. You reminded yourself that it most likely wasn’t as bad as it looked. The previously dull ache was quickly escalating into fiery agony and your breathing was becoming shaky. How had you not noticed this earlier? 

You quickly re-positioned yourself and tore off some fabric to wrap tightly and apply pressure to the wound. Everything was going to be fine, you just needed it to stop bleeding. It’s fine, you reassured yourself.

Meanwhile, Kylo had asked you where it was that you wanted to go. When he didn’t get a response he realized that you hadn’t returned from exploring the ship’s resources. He still couldn’t believe that you had agreed to join him and that the two of you were actually going to do this. You were going to get out of this messed up fight once and for all. He was busy thinking about the life that the two of you could create when he felt it. Something was wrong, something was wrong with you. He immediately went in search of you.

When he saw you, he cursed himself for not noticing your injury sooner. You were semi-reclined struggling to apply pressure as the exertion of the day and the consequences of your injury were combined and working against you. Your face was covered in sweat and the palest he’d ever seen it. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked as he sat across from you.

“It’s not that bad,” you answered.

“Of course you don’t think it’s that bad,” he chuckled, “let me have a look,” 

He lifted your hands and removed the already red fabric. In his presence allowed yourself to relax. You wanted to let go and give in to the exhaustion, knowing you were in good hands.

“Hey now, I’m going to take care of you, just stay awake,”

He then put his hand on your wound which caused you to groan in pain jerking away from his touch. He apologized and then closed his eyes to focus. He used the force to slowly heal your injury. You watched in utter awe. When he finished his eyes met yours and you both smiled. 

“That’s the second time you saved my life today,” you spoke.

“Just evening up the score,” he replied moving to sit next to you. You rest your head against him and just took in his presence.

Kylo was slightly caught off guard by this action as it was completely foreign to him. He quickly decided that he liked it. 

“So, what happens now?” you asked.

“Now, we make our own destiny,” he answered taking your hand in his. 


Anakin Skywalker x Reader

Anakin Request:  I saw that you are taking requests for Anakin Skywalker - I thought he needed a girl that he needed a first love before Padme - one that he stole away with behind his masters back… the breakup was due to her being pulled back into her family’s grip - Let me know what you think? - @ksmckaythingstolove

A/n:I changed it just a little bit… it’s way sadder then it should have been, I was listening to wildest dreams when I wrote this so y’know taylor got to me…. i tried to write it along the lines of a clone wars style episode

Warnings: sadness, angst asf, fluff in like the very beginning 

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

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“Best Kept Secret” - an Anakin Skywalker x Reader fan fiction by @meshlasolus

Mando caretaker headcanons

Kind of like domestic headcanons I guess? But really just focusing on the fact that even though this man acts like a big, scary bounty hunter, his natural instinct is to take care of those around him :’)

warnings: mentions of hunger, mentions of violence

-Din Djarin-

  • One of Mando’s main ways of showing affection is simply taking care of you. He makes sure you’re healthy, happy, and safe at all times and it’s something constantly on his mind. He views those close to him as being under his protection — it’s his jobto take care of them, and he’d feel guilty if he didn’t. So when you’re his s/o specifically, he takes that to an even higher level
  • You and the child always eat first. Always. Without. Question.
  • It’s not just because of his creed, but because the idea of you and Grogu having rumbling stomachs as you sleep is enough to keep him up at night – he’s seen what hunger does to people, and he’ll stick to just eating crumbs if it keeps you and Grogu fed
  • Once you made him eat first, since you felt bad he always got leftovers, and it took him ages to just take the dish to a room over
  • Only to come back from the other room after taking five bites and sliding the dish towards you and Grogu. “Here. Now eat.”
  • “But you hardly touched it,” you said, brow furrowing.
  • “I’ll be hungry once you and the child aren’t.”
  • Yeah. Very unhealthy caretaker mentality and he has no idea how to respond when that care is returned
  • Doesn’t like leaving you and Grogu by yourselves unless he knows/trusts a place well because the paranoia and anxiety eats him alive. What are you two doing? You’re staying in the ship like he asked? The Child is behaving? Neither of you appeared sick before he left, right?
  • So there’s a little checklist he goes through before he leaves
  • “You remember where the guns are?”
  • “Yes, Mando.”
  • “And the hiding spot if people get on the ship?”
  • “Mhmm.”
  • “Double-lock the ship once I’m off, alright?”
  • “Okie dokie.”
  • “And it doesn’t open again for anyone but me.”
  • Mando.
  • “If you’re ever uncertain, a shot to the leg is the best option.”
  • Din.”
  • You and Grogu often sit in the seat behind him when he’s piloting the ship, and despite his reminders to go to bed, you end up falling asleep in the chair often. So, moving with painstaking care and cringing every time you or Grogu stir in your sleep, he’ll move you to your bed — which is basically a collection of every soft thing Mando could find on the ship
  • If you ever get nightmares he’ll let you curl up against him
  • When you’re out traveling, you try to suggest sleeping in shifts, but Mando always sets it up so that you only lose an hour or two of sleep while he takes on the brunt of keeping watch
  • You sometimes get frustrated with him for constantly throwing his own needs to the side and practically putting your needs up on an altar, so you stubbornly insist on taking care of him
  • And he’s like??? Someone??? Wants to take care of me?? What??
  • So take care of him please :)

WARNING: Nightmares? Monsters? Um, being hit really hard to the point of being unconscious. 
Summary:Reader is in a danger and must flee Takodana but where will she go? Maz has an idea.
Notes: Ah yis….. your eyes are not deceiving you. I have updated! Thank you all who are still so patient for following this story. I truly appreciate it!


It’s been awhile since Hans had left you in the care of Maz and you couldn’t feel better. Every day you woke up ready to take on today’s challenges whether it be just dumping sludge down a drain or whipping up a simple drink, you didn’t care. 

“How are you feeling (Y/n)?” Maz asked from her place behind the bar, eyeing you curiously with a smile.

You turned her direction, beaming a big smile. “Oh Maz I feel better than yesterday. Thank you so much for this. I am eternally in debt to you.” You brought the broom in your hand closer to your chest.

Maz let out a laugh, “Oh hush child.” She waved her small hand.

“No I mean it Maz. I know I say it everyday,” you walked to the bar, leaning over a bit. She looked up at you. “This…. is amazing. I’m happy now. I feel at peace.” You said softly, feeling yourself almost cry. “and I…… I can’t thank you enough.“

"You can thank me by getting started on the stalls in the back!" she says with a playful tone while she brings out a bucket.

"Oh anything, you name it!" You then grab the bucket and start heading to the back door, a little skip to your walk. She chuckles and shakes her head, "so much heart….”

She then ponders for a moment, her smile fading, “But I fear the worse for you”


“Anything?” He says as he strides through the doors, a hiss behind him as they close.

Hux briefly looked back, not wanting to make an effort to look at Ren. “No. But there is word she hid in a shuttle and that’s how she left the ship.”

“Where did it go?”

“Unfortunately, we don’t know. The Resistance shot down all four shuttles when they attacked one of our bases. It happened before we could pin point their exact location but we did get something.” Hux then nodded to one of the communications and they quickly pulled up a map, the lights lid up projecting it in the middle of the command room.

Ren walked around, examining it. “Are you sure? Its the back end of the galaxy, why would the resistance be all the way out here?”

“Not sure but its a start. Now if you excuse me I have to get back to running an army.” He then turned back around to look out the thick windows.

Kylo stayed silent, sending daggers at Hux’ head, after a moment he turned back around and  walked out.


It was another glorious day– well, glorious to you that is. It started out fine as usual, cleaning up the floors, clearing out the front to make it look decent again from the previous drunk bunches the night before. Everything was going so smoothly.


You hear Maz’ faint voice call you from inside.

“Coming!” You yell back finishing sweeping dirt off the stone stairs.

You walked back in wiping your hands down with your apron. “Yes Maz?” You then looked up but she was no where in sight. “Maz?”

No answer.

“Maz? Hello?” 

There was an eeriness in the air that sent chills down your spine which made you aware of how much you were sweating. “Please answer. Maz? Rack? Anyone?” Your voice croaked just a little, hands shaking a little. 

“(Y/n).” said a familiar deep muffled voice.

You stop, feeling the beads of sweat roll down your temple as you recognized it.

“Ren.” You said back. too scared to face him but hesitantly you did. There he was in all is his black robe glory, looming just feet away from you, his stance was defensive and he seemed relaxed.


He stayed quiet for a moment then with a slight shrug of his shoulders says; “I guessed.” 

“Is anyone with you?”

“No,” he says again with a low voice. “I came alone.”

“Why? Why can’t you leave me alone? Just leave. We were a mistake.” you said with light rears going down your face. “I’m happy here.”

He scoffs. “Here? Surrounded by drunk bastards that probably wont look your way twice? You don’t belong here.” 

“Who are you to say where  I do and don’t belong.” you raised your voice taking a step towards him. “You don’t own me Kylo. No one does.” 

“You’re right. I don’t…..” he starts walking around you slowly. “But I do know what’s best. You’re not safe here.”

“Ha! From you I am.” You turn you head but he stops. “I’m not talking about me, (Y/n).”

Your brows falter and crease. “What do you mean? Is there someone after me?”

“I don’t know exactly but I know they’re on to you. You’re not protected anymore.”

“The only danger here is you Kylo. I’m done with this.” You walked away and when you did light returned and Kylo was no where to be found.

“Child are you okay?” Maz asked walking from the back. 

You looked up and realized you were on the floor heaving and pale, covered in sweat. “I-I-I don’t know Maz. He was here. H-He was right here!” You held your hand out to the empty space Kylo was just moments before.

“He’s here Maz!”

She saw the desperation in your eyes and sighed. “No one has been here dear.” She came up to you and placed her hands on your cheeks. “You’re cold and clammy.” She stated feeling for a fever.

“What happen?” She said sternly making you look at her.

You took a moment, “He said I was in danger and that something was after me.”

“Who’s after you?” Her eyes bore into yours.

Lips trembling you replied. barely above a whisper;”I don’t know.”

She dropped her hands. “So it is true….” she says standing up and facing away.

“W-what? What’s true?” You said scrambling to your feet.

She held a hand up. “It’s best you don’t know. Who told you this?”

You swallowed. “Kylo Ren.”

She sighed. “You’re not safe here anymore. I knew this day would come.”

“Please, let me stay. I have no where else to go.” You pleaded to her.

“No. It’s not safe here anymore. You have to go. Soon. I will make arrangements for you. Somewhere other than here.” She starts to walk away.

“So then what?” You yell to her.

 She stops and turns halfway.

“Build a life there until I’m in danger again and keep running? Is that what my life is going to be like?”

She closes her eyes, a sign of grimace across her face. “I’m sorry (Y/n), this is for your protection. You can’t let it find you.”

You sniffled. “Please Maz. I don’t know where else to go.”

“I’m not going to send you to some unknown destination (Y/n). I’ll make sure you’re taken care of. In the mean time, just…….” She sighs again; “just stay here- for now. Until I can come up with something.”

You looked down at your feet and nodded. “Okay.”


A few days have past since Maz told you about your sudden departure, you were sweeping up a mess some idiot made but you couldn’t focus since Maz told you this morning the people taking you will be here in the afternoon and so you ended up bumping into a costumer who wasn’t really so nice.

:He snarled at you and made a move to push you but you dodged it and with all the anger and sadness returning after seeing Kylo again you pushed him.

Everyone stopped including the music and looked at you and the thing on the floor covered in his own beverage. They laughed at him and even the people in his group.

This made him more angry and stood up abruptly. “Why you!” He said in a unnatural deep voice and took a swing at you. 

With ease since he’s very large and slow you were ale to dodge it again. Maybe all those times watching Kylo train paid off.

“Not in the mood buddy. Go back to your friends, next one is on me.” You suggest taking a step back from. 

“You need to learn some manners little one.” His nostrils flared up and he came at you, too fast for you to dodge and you went flying to the wall where you slammed against it and fell to the floor on your stomach.

There was more loud commotion and voices yelling but you couldn’t even lift up your head to see, with very blurred vision you saw a figure walk towards you and lean down to check you.

“She needs to see a medic.” they said. Softly you felt their hand caress your stinging cheek. “We’ll take her now.”

Then everything went black.


You stood at the doorway, watching how she rode him and he reacted so lustfully, he hasn’t looked at you like that since she first started working for him.

The heartache hurt just as much as when your heart fluttered for him that first time you gave him your body. 

You swallowed what pride you had and turned to darkness, at first you walked mindlessly then you saw him, highlighted by a red light.

“I know you’re there.” You said not bothering to turn around.

He didn’t respond so you turned. 

“What’s after me?” You demanded. “I figured it out. you weren’t really there. You just got inside my head by using the force. You promised you wouldn’t do that.” Your voice softened a bit at the end.

You can practically hear his smile, “What gave it away?” he asked taking a couple steps towards you.

“How about that annoying headache you left afterwards?”

“Ah, you figured me out (Y/n). You’ve always been smart. I can see why Hux always wanted you by his side.”

“Don’t mock me.” Your voice cracked.

He came around, you could feel him behind you. “I wasn’t” Then you hear the hiss of his helmet and a heavy thud to the floor. “I miss you. Come back to me.” He proceeds to say pressing his chest against your back then feeling of his hands grab yours and intertwine fingers. “Please.” 

That deep voice of his always made your knees buckle and your heart skip a beat, even for how much anger and resentment you have towards him he was your first love. 

“Kylo….” you said lowly.

His hands moved up to grab your arms softly and you sighed, “Why did you do it?” you asked that one question that has been looming in your head since the day you left.

He didn’t answer.

“Please I need to know. You can at least give me an answer.”

Still quiet. 

“Kylo?” You tried to turn but his grip on you tightened. “Ow! That hurts!” You pry at his hands but they just gripped tighter. “Hey!” You shout at him and look down in horror as his hands start to grow and morph, long claws tearing through the gloves, so long they wrapped completely around your arms.

“Kylo?” You said more desperately. No response except a snarled growl behind you. When you turned your head you couldn’t see anything as it was too dark.

“(Y/n)!” two voices said.

You looked forward to see, far away, a small light and two small figures running towards you and as they got closer they turned into one; a hand reached out but the beast holding on to you yanked you before they could reach and you screamed into the black that was now your reality.


You jolt awake, immediately trying to sit up but regret as the setting of a excruciating headache closed in. “Oh. Ow, ow.” You winced laying back down.

“Hey. Hey. Take it easy, you’re safe.” A smooth voice said. 

You looked over at the person it belonged to. “Huh?”

He chuckles a little. “It’s okay. You’re at one of the safest places in the Galaxy.”

“And that place would be?” You asked.

“The main Resistance Base.”

“Oh. Um, was this the place Maz was talking about?”

“Well I only talked to her once and that was when I met her to pick you up, uh, I mean escort you here.” He sheepishly says rubbing the back of his head.

“Um, not to be mean or anything but who are you?” 

“Oh! How stupid of me. I’m Dameron, Poe Dameron. I helped get you here safely while you were unconscious.”

You nod slowly. “Oh…. okay. So you were flying the craft I was in?”

“Uh–no. Ha ha.” He laughs nervously. “I was flying along side, making sure no one tried to pick a fight.”

You sat up slowly, feeling all the bruises and aches set in. “So,” you winced; “You’re a pilot? Like the X-wings?”

He nods. “Yeah. I can show you around the base when you’re feeling better.”

“That’d be really neat actually, after everything that’s happened.” You shrug.

You looked at each other for a moment, finally noticing his dark curls and the tinge of light in his eyes, so different from Kylo.

“Dameron!” A voice sounded from across the room.

Both heads turn to see a scolding nurse with supplies in her arms. “time for to leave the poor girl alone. She’s had quit a journey here and I don’t need you slowing down her progress.” She starts to shoosh him away.

He gets up from his spot and walks around the bed. “Right. See you later (Y/n)!” He gives a small wave.

“Bye Poe!” You wave with your good hand.

You then turn to the nurse as she dumps the supplies on your bed. “Alright, let’s re-bandage those wounds.”

I See You Part Two (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Word Count: 750

Pairing: Kylo Ren X Reader

Warning: a bit of making out but it still pg up in here.

AN: Hey so i’m so sorry about this dissapearing but as some of you may know it got taken down for copyright but didn’t tell me what for. It was all very stressfull but hopefully everything works out okay now. In future if you want me not to use your gifs or something (idk what it was so i’m just taking a wild guess here guys) please just message my account i will happily take it down.

Also I thought i’d fill you guys in on why i’ve been so unorganised and long when it comes to posting stories. For a while there i was just in writers block, for about 4 months honestly. I wasn’t in a good place mentally but i’ve got help now so that’s all good. Last month I saw Thor Ragnarok and it gave me so much inspiration and i was so excited to write it all down and I did, but only for a little while and left it unfinished. Three weeks ago I graduated highschool and only got my OP (our overall score for year 11 and 12 which determines if we even have a chance of getting into our uni course or not. I’m from brisbane, australia it all so very different and confusing) two days ago so i’ve been very stressed out from that one. I was out partying for a week and since i’ve been doing nothing but staying home watching gilmore girls and going to work. I saw the last jedi the other night and I don’t know what it was but i was heavily inspired to write and i’ve missed it so much. So for now i’m back and i’m glad that I am. I also assume 99% of people didn’t read this and that’s okay I don’t read them either we all cbf

You were sitting alone around a lowly lit fire along the edge of the island. The night air was peaceful, only the quiet sounds of the native wildlife filled the air, leaving you to ponder on your thoughts as you gazed up into the starry night sky. Before you were dragged into this new world you’d lay down outside every night and stare up at the stars, imagining a better life, one where your parents would return to you. But now as you stared up at the night sky all you could think about was Ben Solo and how he turned into the man he is today. What happened to him? Who or what pushed him so far that he turned to the dark side? What turned him into somebody so cruel that they would murder their own father?

Then you felt it, the boys presence. And you were right as he sat across from you, the light from the flames flickering against his sorrowful face.

“Hi.” Your voice came out quieter than expected, showing your true emotions to Kylo.

“Y/N.” The way he looked at you, with such an intense longing to be closer to you. His intense gaze, it stirred something inside you.

“I…how are you?”


“Because believe it or not I care.”

Silence. Neither of you knew what to say. Something had clearly changed since the last time you connected.

“Kylo if…if the First Order, The Resistance, the Jedi and the Sith, this whole war. If none of that existed…would you…could we have been- how do I word this.”

“Y/N please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

“But it doesn’t have to be. You could hold me, love me, be with me if you just- why can’t you stay with me?”

“I can’t. I’m only darkness, why can’t you see that! If you’d just join me-”

“I will never turn to the dark side. I’m so sorry, but I can’t be with you like that.”

“Then this is never going to work.”

“I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish i could see you in person, I wish I could touch you and-” You couldn’t finish your sentence before you choked on your sobs, sending tears streaming down your face. “The closer i get to you, the more it hurts. I’m in agony Kylo. Knowing that we can never be together, that I will never wake up to find you sleeping there next to me-”

“I can’t be with you Y/N. if you just join me-”

“I cannot follow you down that path. Kylo…you’re breaking my heart.”

He watched as more tears dripped down your cheeks, not being able to take seeing you like this anymore. He slowly reached his hand out towards you and you gladly placed your palm onto his. His touch ignited something inside of you, a spark more intense than the first time your skin touched one another’s . Something had changed within him, you could sense it. The way he was looking at you, with want, need and desperation.

“To hell with it all.“ At those words he closed the distance between you both, his palms grabbing either side of your face and smashing his lips against your own. You were surely startled but quickly melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. A heavy blush coated your cheeks as the kiss became more intense, Kylo picking you up easily and situating your body onto his lap, your legs wrapping around his body like the position was second nature to you. His lips left your own for a moment as he trailed kisses down your neck making butterflies swarm in your tummy at the feeling.

“Kylo…we should stop this…we’re only hurting ourselves more by doing this.” His mouth left your own to answer you. “You’re right, i’m sorry.”

There was silence as you both stared into each others eyes, knowing you should detach from each other but wanting the exact opposite. You let out a sigh as you leant forward to rest your forehead against Kylos as his arms snaked around your waist. “I never want to let go.”

“Then don’t. Stay with me, please.”

“I’m sorry.” Another tear slipped down your cheek as you said those words and the boy once again faded away. Seeing the hurt expression he wore killed you, but you could never give him what he wanted. You would never turn, not even for him. Not even for love.

the come & go - prologue

summary: a recount of every time obi-wan kenobi fell in love with you and every time one of you left. - a.k.a “the one where your relationship is like a revolving door”

warnings: age gap, mentions of death

reviving this series from 2+ years ago - w some parts edited/rewritten - because i lost direction with it but the new kenobi series has made me fall back in love with him and also this. still tho, no spoilers in this. enjoy xx


Obi-Wan Kenobi could have sworn that he was cursed with the most difficult Padawans.

Okay– technically speaking, you weren’t his Padawan. you’d lost your own master in a battle not so long ago and Obi-Wan had been tasked with seeing you through the final months before your Jedi trials. Initially, it was something that had seemed like a simple task. he’d dealt with Anakin for so long that you couldn’t have possibly been any worse, right?


Obi-Wan would quickly come to learn that Anakin Skywalker had nothing on you. He could tell from the minute he saw you, nonchalantly lounging in an empty council chair with your lightsaber dangling between your fingers and a blasé look of disinterest on your features. It was the sort of expression one might have if they were getting an unwarranted lecture from their parents – and with the way Yoda was going, it was a similar scenario.

At twenty-one years old, you were in no position to have such a demeanour when an ages-old Jedi Master was trying to talk to you. Obi-Wan was almost scared for you – and then your eyes met across the room, and he realised he was the one to be blessed with your difficult presence for the next few months. After that, he was scared for himself.

It was rightfully so, too. It became quickly evident that you had a sharp tongue and your wits about you; every question he offered, every conversation starter he threw out there was met with a backhanded comment or a dry quip.

Your first conversation was enough to knock him for six. he’d half-expected you to be a blubbering mess, a young girl heartbroken by the loss of her master. Instead, you were almost dismissive; a casually unconcerned Padawan with a cynical tone and a mischievous glint in your eye.  

“So,” Obi-Wan cleared his throat, eyes watching Coruscant blur past you as the lift took you to the top floor. “What do you think of the Temple?”

“I mean…it sure is a temple,” you glanced back at him, thinning your eyes with undue suspicion. “I don’t really have many feelings about architecture. It’s just bricks and shit, right?”

He blinked in surprise, almost faltering from his strong stance. "Some people get overwhelmed the first time they’re here.”

“I’m not overwhelmed,” you shrugged casually. "I’m not underwhelmed either. I’m just sort of…whelmed.”

The first ten years of your training – give or take – had been at a smaller Jedi base, much, much further away in the Outer Rims. The village in which it was situated was about a tenth the size of Coruscant and worlds away from the bustling, energetic city. He remembered being a wide-eyed Padawan when he’d first arrived here and yet, you didn’t seem phased. You had a calm manner about you, something for which he had not been prepared. You weren’t acting like a Padawan who had just lost her master, nor one who had been torn from her home and thrown into an urban jungle.

“I’m sorry to hear about Gio’s passing,” Obi-Wan cleared his throat, making a last-ditch attempt to break the thick, awkward silence that had filled the elevator.  Had it always been this slow?

“Eh,” you shrugged again.

Had…Had you just responded to the subject of your dead master by saying eh?

(That moment could be marked as the first time that you actually managed to shock the poor man into silence. Soon enough, it was a regular occurrence).

“I…” Obi-Wan trailed off, pausing for a moment to regain himself. “Gio was a good friend of mine. He was a good man, a good Jedi-”

“- yeahhhhhh,” you cut him off. “He was kind of a dick though.”

The elevator finally came to a stop and you stepped out, breezing down the hallway and leaving Obi-Wan to simply stare at your strolling form in shock. He cleared his throat and regathered himself (for the fourth time in ten minutes), rushing out of the lift just as the doors were about to shut on him.

That’s how things often went between you two over the next few months. he’d try and say something - usually, something completely normal, like a genuine question or an observation - and you would shoot back with something that could knock him off his feet. Just as Obi-Wan thought he was getting the hang of…well, of you, you’d turn it up a notch. 

But you more than just a girl with a sharp tongue - he knew that when he met you, and he knew it even more as the days and weeks passed. You were smart, deceptive in an assuming way. You could draw people in with your young appearance and sweet smile, and then you’d slaughter them in the same way a cheetah did to a hyena. You had the presence of an intergalactic spy more than a Jedi, and the lightsaber moves to go with it. 

There was one incident in particular that stuck with Obi-Wan. It was two months after you’d begun to bless him with your presence and you were in a training session. Anakin, a bright-eyed seventeen-year-old, was sat on the sidelines watching you twirl your lightsaber with the sort of grace one might expect from an ageing master, not a Padawan.

“Did your master teach you that?” Obi-Wan paused for a moment, pushing back a few strewn, strawberry strands of hair. He was red in the face, almost keeling over from your endless stamina and quick moves. 

“No,” you shook your head, a sly grin working its way onto your face. “Itaught me that." 

"Let’s go again,” he announced. "And this time, stick to moves that I"ve taught you.”

“Why?”you thinned your eyes at him. “Scared that you’lll lose?”

“If you spent more time on your fighting than you did try to be smart, you would have passed the trials by now,” he shot back. He was trying to get a rise out of you - he often did. It was his way of sparking your drive. 

“Oh, you didnot just say that.”

You raised your own lightsaber launching yourself forward to swing a hit at him. Obi-Wan easily blocked it, the blue of his blade forming purple smacks as it hit your red one. You drew back, going to swing underneath his legs; he jumped, narrowly avoiding the hit. 

“Just admit it!” you continued to thwack and hit, circling around the mat in the gym. “I’m ready for the trials, Kenobi.”


“- you’re not my Master,” You reminded him, dodging backwards to avoid a hit in a weird, limbo style move. “Gio was my master, and he’s dead, remember?”

You appeared to have zero grievances about your late master. Obi-Wan had never caught you mourning, or even shedding a tear over him. Of all the things he didn’t understand about you, that one seemed to take the cake. It had been eight years since he’d lost his own master and he still struggled with Qui-Gon’s passing - and here you were, more than happy to throw out the name of your deceased Jedi Knight like it was a curse word. 

That was when Obi-Wan realised what your play was. you’d make a comment so blasphemous, so shocking, that he’d have no choice but to reel back in horror - and that was when you’d take your hit. Like I said - deceptive in an unassuming way. 

Waiting for him to pause at your words, you used the Force to pull his lightsaber with your hands. A celebratory grin appeared on your face as you raised the weapon in the air, shutting it down as you juggled it with your own. 

The moment wasn’t particularly different to anything you’d done before; you’d made a comment and won a lightsaber duel. That was pretty much a Tuesday for Obi-Wan - but this one stood out for a particular reason. 

That was the first time he realised how beautiful you were.

You were stood directly under the stream of light from the window, the golden evening glow lighting up your face as you did an odd little victory dance. He could quite literallyfeelyour elatedness through the Force - which was odd, because you didn’t have a Force connection and you were good at blocking other nosy Jedi - and it had uplifted him too. 

Then, you tossed Obi-Wan’s lightsaber back to him as quick as you’d swiped it, giving him a slight wink. 

It wasn’t much, but it was the first sign of trouble. 

The next incident came at the five-month mark. By that point, both him and Anakin had become accustomed to your presence. Obi-Wan was alittleconcerned of your rebellious influence over his young Padawan but if anything, you were simply like an older sibling. The teenager seemed to idolize you and he actually listened to you. 

And you weren’t just developing a relationship with Anakin; naturally, you’d become closer with Obi-Wan. He liked to think that you were friends or at the very least, two people who mutually respected each other. You hardly listened to him but he’d known from the second that you weren’t huge on taking orders. At first, it was a mystery as to how you’d even lasted that long - but then it became clear. 

You were strong with the Force. In fact, you seemed to understand it in a way that no-one else did. You were hardly an expert in using it but you were so sure of yourself and so certain in what you wanted that you could bend it and shape it to your desire. You could use it to fetch faraway items in the same way that you could use it to block other people from using it to understand how you were feeling. 

But Obi-Wan saw through you. The whole world could tell, because you slammed doors and stomped your feet but he was the only one who could sense that was something was deeply off. You put up a good fight - an impressive barricade of fake Force emotions and even phonier smiles - but he knew when you weren’t genuine. Your sarcastic quips didn’t come with that glint in your eyes, and you hadn’t insulted him all day. 

Thatwas how he ended up outside your door; Obi-Wan didn’t mean to worry about you so much, but it felt only natural. He was concerned for you in the same way he was for Anakin. Except, maybe- just maybe - it was a little deeper than that but if he could half-convince himself of it, hopefully you’d believe it too.

He only had to knock once before you opened the door to your quarters. Your eyes were slightly bleary; you hadn’t been crying, but it looked as though you were about to be pushed over the edge. 

“I know that something was off with you today,” Obi-Wan didn’t bother with a greeting. 

“I’mfine,”you shook your head. "It’s late. Shouldn’t old people like you be asleep?”

He thinned his eyes at you. “It doesn’t do well to bottle up your feelings." 

"How do you know what I’m feeling?” you shot back. Turning on your heel, you spun around to head back into your room. Obi-Wan was hesitant to follow at first, but he took the open-ended statement as an invitation. 

He hadn’t been in your room before, but somehow it was exactly as he’d expected it to be. The place was tidy-but-cluttered; your bed was made and your books were organised, but there were robes and random knick-knacks stacked and strewn everywhere. He didn’t understand how you could have possibly used the space to meditate and relax - but you didn’t seem like the sort of person who did either of those things. 


“So what?”

“So how do you know what I’m feeling?” you took a seat at the foot of your bed, folding your arms across your chest. 

“When you’ve been a Jedi as long as I have, sensing other people’s emotions simply becomes second nature,” Obi-Wan replied. “Especially in your...Padawans.” 

“Okay - two things,” you jabbed your finger at him. “Firstly, I am not your Padawan. Secondly, I don’t spend twenty minutes each morning trying to put a Force blockade for you to pretend to know what I’m feeling.”

“There’s no blockade,” he shook his head. “There can’t be, not if I can tell that you’re anxious and you’re scared-”

“- there is,” you cut him off. "I might have not passed the Knight trials yet but blocking people from feeling my emotions was like….chapter one of the Jedi texts.”

There was always the possibility that your attempts at doing so had simply fallen flat, but you were right in saying it was a basic Jedi trick. It was a simple device, something that he’d mastered himself by the time he was eighteen. That left only one option, and it was one that he didn’t like. 

Obi-Wan could see through your facade, through your attempts to hinder people from feeling your sentiments. He could feel your emotions as though were his own, as if he could understand them in a way that no-one else could. You weren’t making yourself vulnerable to him, not intentionally. There was only one possible explanation for it.

It was the beginning of a Force connection - one that neither of you had ever intended to forge. 

He couldn’t tell you that. He’d have to explain why, but he wasn’t entirely sure what it meant. It certainly wasn’t one of a Padawan and her master; that would have taken much longer. It was also worlds away from any kind of connection that friends would have - and that’s what the pair of you were, no?

So Obi-Wan gave you a fake smile. He agreed with you, pretending to admit that yes, he was pretending to feel your emotions. He didn’t admit that he felt everything you were experiencing; he didn’t tell you that he could sense every fleeting thought and every transient connection…

…Including the one where you suspected you might have felt something too.

But, you and Obi-Wan were nothing if not good at pretending you were hiding your feelings. He left your room that night and neither of you ever mentioned it again, even though you both knew what it was. What had started as a simple admiration for the other had begun to grow into something beyond either of your control. 

It was easy at first to pretend that you falling for the Jedi; sliding closer and closer down the slippery slope of unrequited feelings with each passing day. Every smile that you exchanged and every glint of mischief that Obi-Wan sensed whenever you made a sarcastic quip was passed off as normal; nobody else could tell what was going on - and thank fuck, because then you’d both be truly screwed. 

It was eight months in that the cracks in your guise began to show. You were on a mission - nothing particularly dangerous or out of the ordinary. Having been assigned to take down some particularly nasty and rebellious bounty hunters, you, Obi-Wan and Anakin felt a little over-qualified for the job but it was all the more reason to do it. You were desperate to prove yourself, to finally be awarded knighthood.

Perhaps it was that cockiness that lead you to slip up. You ended up with a knife in your shoulder, dangerously close to your chest; it was bad, but not so bad that you were going to lifelessly flail to the ground, or die on the jet home.  With some bacta-spray and a few stitches, you were going to be fiiiiine. 

Obi-Wan didn’t see it that way though. Oh, he did not see it that way at all; the Jedi knight blew his lid in a way that shocked even Anakin, and that was truly saying something when you considered his Padawan’s reckless nature. He yelled - he shouted and he ranted and he nagged until his throat was raw and his face red.

“How could you do something so stupid? I almost - we almost lost you. Do you want to be a Jedi knight? Because you can’t do that if you’re dead, and you certainly won’t pass the trials if you blindly run towards danger like that.”

You weren’t an idiot - and it didn’t take one to know that Obi-Wan’s outburst wasn’t about the trials. It wasn’t about you being reckless; it was far from it. It was the fact he could have lost you, and even though you’d only been in his life for the better part of eight months, he’d never become attached so fast. You’d made him do the one thing he’d always sworn not to and the worst part was that you weren’t even trying

You were just there, simply existing - and apparently, it was enough to drive him insane. 

Then, you’d been there ten months. You’d been prancing about Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life with your beautiful stature and stupid comments for the better part of three hundred days (not that he was counting). Your repressed feelings for one another were simply a fact of life; something you both acknowledged to yourselves but would never, ever admit. You couldn’t and you wouldn’t - or so you told yourself. 

It was common for Jedi to accompany politicians on diplomatic missions; you were to act as a bodyguard of sorts and keep an eye out for any danger. You and Obi-Wan had been assigned to keep an eye on a ball in Naboo. 

It was a beautiful planet; bustling and peaceful, energetic and calming all at once. The weather was beautiful and it was one of the missions that made your job feel worth it. Everything had gone to plan and you’d even retired early for the night, taking to the balcony of your luxurious hotel room to admire the view. 

The sky was tinged pink, bleeding into the remaining blue of the evening as the day faded out into night. There was a slight chill in the warm air, a welcome contrast to the otherwise stuffy atmosphere that had been shrouding the planet during the day. 

You heard your hotel room door open - you didn’t need to turn around to see who it was. You could sense Obi-Wan from the other side of the galaxy if you had tried, let alone ten metres away. He had a calm presence, one of a weathered and levelled Jedi who probably meditated a lot. Neither part of that statement was something you could relate to.

“Nice view, right?” you kept your back to him, arms gently dangling over the rails of the balcony.

“It certainly one of the more beautiful parts of the galaxy,” Obi-Wan replied. A moment later, you saw him mimic your position out the corner of your eye. 

"What brings you to my neck of the woods?” you asked, tilting your head to face him.

He knew what he wanted to say: I can feel everything that you’re experiencing and I know that you’re sad, but this is the best planet in the galaxy and I can’t work out why. 

But because of the slight not-admitting-your-feelings pickle, Obi-Wan settled for a simple “you looked sad today.”

He’d half been expecting an insult; a fuck off, you nosy Jedi or a go back to whatever planet you came from, mullet head. He had never in a million years thought that you would entertain his question, let alone open up to him.

“I used to come here with Gio,” you continued to stare out into the distance. "He worked with the Queen a lot and more often than not, we’d be assigned this exact sort of job. It was kind of our place.”

That was the first sign you’d shown of missing your master. Maker, of course you missed him - you’d spent the better part of your almost-twenty-two years with him. He was an asshole in every sense of the word but he’d been like a brother to you. It also confirmed to Obi-Wan that you were probablya human being and not a sarcastic, person-like droid, something which came of a relief to him. 

“I slag the man off to no end but I loved him,” you continued. "He was the only family I had, the only connection to an identity beyond being a Padawan.”

“I felt the same when I lost Qui-Gon,” Obi-Wan reached across, gently resting his hand on top of yours. “I felt lost without his guidance, as though the world were suddenly a lot bigger. A lot darker.”

“Gio always seemed to know what to do,” you fondly smiled. "He definitely didn’t know everything but he was good at acting like it.”

“Perhaps that’s where youget it from,” he nudged you slightly with his elbow. 

"If I turn out half as good a Jedi as him, then I’m happy,” you replied.

"You are a brilliant Jedi, farmore than half as good as Gio,” Obi-Wan gave your hand a light squeeze. "A little reckless, yes, but you have all the makings of a brilliant warrior.”

“Is this the part where you tell me it’s because of your training over the last ten months?” you fully rotated your body around to face him, a teasing smile on your face.

“Isuppose that might have helped,” he beamed back at you. "It’s not been an easy situation for either of us. I’ve got my hands tied up with Anakin and you lost your master at the worst time.”

“It"s not been that bad though, surely?” you scrunched up your nose. “I’d love to have me, I’m pretty fucking cool.”

“You are.”

“Say it,” you flipped your hand over underneath his, intertwining your fingers. "I’ve never heard you swear before.”

“Say what?”

“That I’m pretty fucking cool.”

Obi-Wan bit his lip for a moment - but then he smiled. “You’re pretty fucking cool.”

It was hardly the most romantic set-up for your first kiss but as the words left his lips, you felt something click. You were miles out from the temple - miles out from all your troubles. At that moment, with the way he was smiling at you, blue eyes distant caught under the pink of the evening and fingers intertwined, it felt like you were the only two people in the galaxy. 

Obi-Wan"s lips were soft, welcoming and warm like a mellow summer’s day. Your bodies slotted together perfectly, his hands on your hips and yours on his neck as though whoever had created the galaxy had crafted them just for each other. It stole the air from your lungs and nothing else - not a single person, not a single issue or single rule - mattered. It was him and only him. 

That was when he finally admitted to himself that he was in love with you. It wasn’t in a simple way either; it was deep and it was true and there was no letting go. 

And letting go would be something both of you struggled with every time the galaxy seemed to want to rip the two of you apart. 

Robes and Rules - Obi Wan Kenobi

“Parting is such sweet sorrow” - Romeo and Juliet

You stirred at a sound of rustling. It was a strange way of waking. For after so long, you were used to being stirred by wandering hands and the dimness of the light’s morning setting, that bathed your quarters in a soft yellow glow. It was a colder way of waking that left you wanting.

And at the sight of Obi Wan is shrugging on his first robes, it’s chill grew. Your chest grew heavy and tension gathered in your shoulders. Every weight you felt, that of the world, the galaxy, this situation, shifted with you as laid on your side to watch your lover leave.

“Is it time already?” Your words came out horse, riddled with the leftovers of sleep and haunted by the blissed-out ghost of your voice from the night before. Obi Wan already slipped his arms through the sleeves as you asked. When he pivoted his stance to face you, you caught a glimmer in his blue eyes.

“I’m afraid so.”

“Pity,” you murmured, turning to rest on your back and face the cold, lonely ceiling. “Felt like there were things we could continue.”

“For both our sakes, I don’t think we should.”

“Careful,” you warned, flicking your gaze back over to Obi Wan. “You’re starting to sound more and more like the collective Council.”

“There are rules, Y/N.”

You nodded bitterly and returned your eyes to the ceiling. The moment you did, you heard Obi Wan’s boot clomp against the floor of your room. It took your every ounce of willpower to keep from watching him as he walked out your door. You simply stayed still, listening for the hiss that would come with the opening entrance and his dulled footfalls.

When the sound of the door never sounded, you turned your head and saw him. Obi Wan stood at your bedside, paces away from the exit, paces away from leaving. He was yours, for a few seconds longer. You reached out a lazy hand in the hopes he would take, prove that he was truly yours. That he would stay.

“There are feelings too, Obi,” you countered softly. “Unless there isn’t?”

“No, there are,” he whispered. Obi Wan took your extended hand and a trembling breath slipped past your lips.

Almost as if he heard the shaking in your throat, he moved to sit on the edge of your bed. The mattress dipped under his weight, incidentally letting you fall closer into his warmth. His bright blue eyes drank in your features and you were thrust back into similar mornings. Mornings of pillow talk and careful caresses before someone’s comm chimed, tore down the peace you built in the peaceful hours of dawn.

“Then we continue.”

“Then we continue,” he replied, but his lips faltered down into a frown. “But you must know that my allegiances to-”

“The Republic,” you interrupted, giving his hand a soft squeeze. You and Obi Wan had talked so many times about this before, what would happen if what you had fell apart. “As are mine, as are all the Jedi.”

“Yes, but my allegiances to you will endure, whether we continue or not. Know that.”

As he spoke, Obi Wan leaned in closer, until his face was tantalizing few inches from your own. His warmth both put you at ease and stole your breath away. When you felt it soak into the sheets of your bed and to your exposed skin beneath, you also became suddenly aware of how vulnerable you were. But as Obi Wan’s free hand moved to cup your face, you knew he would not exploit that fact; he would protect you, always.

“I know now,” you replied once you found your breath again.

A soft silence settled between you then. Obi Wan’s hands remained on you: his left gave yours a gentle squeeze while the right traced your jawline. He drew you in and pressed the lightest of kisses to the corner of your mouth. You smiled when Obi Wan pulled away before you tugged his lips back to yours. He relented, kissed you harder than the last time.

His beard tickled your chin and coaxed your smile to widen. You felt his own mouth mirror your expression. At the sensation, you titled your head back and studied Obi Wan’s expression. How rare it was to see him smile. You leaned back and savored the sight.

“I’ll see you at today’s meeting?” Obi Wan asked, his tone low in a whisper. You merely nodded in response and he leaned forwards once more, pressed yet another kiss to your forehead.

He stood up then, gave your hand a last squeeze, and headed towards the door of your chambers. Watching Obi Wan leave was never easy. Even in those slow mornings of wandering hands, you always felt a pang of loss when he walked away. But then, that morning, with the tingling feeling of his lips on your yours and your skin lingering, it was lessened.

Though, as always, Obi Wan left with a part of your heart in his.

Rest Easy - Anakin Skywalker

Anakin is all too familiar with restless sleep. So, when he sees just how tired you are, he offers to help.

“There’s that look again.”

There was a moment’s hesitation before you flicked your eyes up from the data display. Statistics and statement pieces still swirled about your vision, even as you met Anakin’s gaze. His brow was furrowed, in the way it always seemed to be since the Clone War began. Only, in that moment, as he looked at you, there was a softness in his eyes that threw your thoughts far from the image of him in battle. Such a gentleness had no place among the blaster fire and metallic corpses of droids.

“Sorry, what?”

“That look,” Anakin echoed, raising a hand to gesture to your face. “You’re either displeased or thinking too hard.”

A stunted, sour laugh slipped past your lips. “Or both.”

“What’s wrong?” Anakin asked, leaning over across the table, hand outstretched for you to take. Slowly, you moved to meet him in the middle to intertwine your fingers with his. Warm, the skin of his palm kissed yours in the mildest way, melted the ache behind your eyes, and relieved some of the heaviness of your limbs.

“Reviewing old legislation is neither entertaining nor easy on the mind,” you gave Anakin’s hand a squeeze. “That’s all, though. Nothing I can’t work through.”

“It has nothing to do with how you were tossing around last night?”

You quirked a brow at him in question and Anakin leaned back, his hand slipping from yours. A frown quivered along your lips at the loss of contact, but the loss was brief. Anakin stood from his seat across the sleek, metal table and started towards you. The dark folds of his tunics shifted with every step that brought him closer to you. When he was within arms reach, he pressed his hip against the table’s edge and leaned down towards you.

“You didn’t sleep, so I didn’t sleep,” he murmured. “Tell me what’s wrong, Y/N.”

As he spoke, his eyes held contact with yours, unyielding, reading your every microexpression. You knew the second you swallowed too hard that Anakin saw your resolve break. Memories of kicking your legs under the soft sheets of your bed, tossing from side to side, flooded back to you. Anakin must have seen those same memories too because he nodded, all too knowingly.

“Tell me, let me help you.”

There was never any hiding from him.

“Unless you can lift the weight of thousands displaced by the war and convince the Senate to provide for them, then there’s not much helping me,” you explained. “Padme’s proposal is necessary but the precedents for it…they’re nonexistent. At least according to everything I’ve read.”

The thought of all the reading you had done nearly made your throat close up. Endless pages of Basic, detailing every piece of humanitarian legislation passed by the Senate had absorbed you, mind and body, for the past few planetary cycles. Yet, despite all that time, your research had come up empty. There were no prior models that you and the rest of Padme’s team could use to base her new, improved plan off of.

“So, you have to start from nothing?” Anakin asked, putting voice to your whirling thoughts.

Bitterly, you nodded and let your eyes fall from his. “Yes, and when you phrase it in that way, it sounds even more dire.”

“Sorry, you know,” Anakin’s fingers hooked under your chin and lifted your gaze back to him, “it’s not a doomed idea. You make things real.”

“But not without a precedent,” you countered, “this is something new.”

“We’re in a new galaxy, a new Republic,” Anakin pressed. “Now is the best time to push progress forward.”

You couldn’t help the smile at his persistence. “Careful, you’re beginning to sound like a senator’s speech. Padme may enlist you.”

“I’m enlisted in a different war,” he replied, his hand moving along your jaw to cup your cup. “One with fewer speeches.”

You frowned at his words before you pressed a kiss to the meat of his palm. In response, the corners of his mouth quirked upwards ever-so-slightly, but not for long. When his lips fell down again, Anakin stepped closer, letting you feel the warmth of his body more fully. He leaned in closer too, waves of light brown hair falling to frame his face.

“Tell me what I can do.”

“I did,” you sighed, eyes flicking from his to his lips. “Save the people.”

“I’m trying, with every battle, but what can I do for you, right now? How can I get you to rest easy?”

A grin broke out along your features the second the thought entered your head. Anakin seemed to sense it, part of you wondered if it was the Force. Perhaps he used it to help read you, read your mind even. But no, that wasn’t it. It was just Anakin, the bond you shared that gifted you both with a sort of secret language. Either way, he knew what you were going to say before you opened your mouth.

That didn’t stop you from saying it anyway: “I know one way you could help.”

A rumble of a chuckle raced up his throat, a sound that you quickly swallowed when you leaned forward to close the little gap between you. Your lips found his as if you were never parted, to begin with, like being close was your natural state and separated being a foreign condition. Using his hand and, this time you were sure of it, the Force, Anakin pulled you up from your seat until you were standing. As he did, his other hand came up to the other side of your face so that he could hold you impossibly close.

“Would you believe me,” Anakin managed to whisper when you parted for air, “if I told you this wasn’t my initial intention?”

His teasing tone, like the warmth of his hand in yours had only a minute before, lifted your tired spirits. Any hint of exhaustion alleviated, if only for a precious few seconds. A laugh, one truer and lighter than the first, slipped past your lips. Anakin laugh again too and renewed every nerve ending fried by work. You leaned in again, for another kiss. His lips move fluidly against yours, soft and warm.

Then, when you pulled away, you replied, “no, but I’m alright with that.”

A-Z Writing Challenge

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To celebrate me hitting this milestone, I have decided to host an A-Z challenge!

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May the 4th Be With You - Poe Dameron

Poe x Solo-Organa reader

Leia x daughter reader


Word count:

Summary:Leia has a mission for her daughter, where she gets to chose her own pilot. Y/n’s alittle nervous about it and her mom knows how to calm her nerves.

Authors Note: Thought of why not do a star wars my 4th imagine and use the phrase as the title and the purpose of the imagine. Happy May The 4th Be With You Day!

Star Wars Masterlist



“Poe I have to go!” Y/n laughed trying to get out of the pilots’ grip.

“Just stay for a little while longer.” Poe mumbled into her neck, holding her tighter to his chest.

“I can’t! My mom wants me at the bridge now. She needs to talk to me about something.” Y/n stated struggling to pry his arm from around her waist.

“Ugh. Fine.” Poe grumbled letting go of his grip.

“I won’t be long. Promise.” Y/n promised as she got out of bed, turning around to lean down and give him a kiss.

“Just hurry back.” Poe spoke with a graveled half-asleep voice.

“I will.” Y/n smiled at her sleepy pilot. It was still really early but her mom had requested this meeting the day before so there was no choice to get up.

After getting dressed quickly, Y/n headed out to meet with her mother. It wasn’t hard to find her since she is the general after all.

“General?” Y/n smiled coming up to her mother.

“Commander or Jedi.” Leia smiled toward her daughter. She loved to tease her about both her professional titles.

“Mom…” Y/n shied away from embarrassment. Leia knew that her daughter got embarrassed when her titles were used. Especially by her family or friends.

“You are both. Be proud of that. Of those titles.” Leia reminded her with a knowing look.

“I am. I’ll try to show it more. So what did you need me here for?” It’s not that Y/n wasn’t proud of them she just didn’t like all of the attention on her.

“I have a mission for you.” she said as she kept adjusting some backup plans on the holopad.

“Really?” Y/n asked surprised. After her last mission caused her to end up in the med bay for 2 weeks she thought it’d be a while before she sent her out again.

“Yes. It’s a mission only you can do. Due to your credentials.” her mother explained the rest of the mission details to her. It seemed like it should be an easy in n out mission. Wouldn’t take that long either.

“You’ll need a pilot.” Leia told her with knowing eyes.

“Is it my choice? The pilot I mean.” Y/n asked trying not to give away how excited she is that she might get to take Poe with her.

“Yes. Even though I already have a feeling who your gonna choose.” She gave Y/n a mischievous smile. She would’ve done that same with Han back in their day.

Y/n laughed at her mom’s look. “Oh, you know who I’m choosing, come on mom.”

“I figured.” Leia smiled laughing lightly along with her daughter. “You leave tomorrow morning. So go tell Poe and BB-8 and pack up.”

With that Y/n headed back to her room to pack and tell Poe about their new mission. While Leia got back into strategy conversations.

^ ^ ^

As Poe and Y/n with the help of Chewie were loading everything that they’d need for the mission. Y/n had stopped for a second just standing at the bottom of the ramp of the ship. Poe noticed as he was coming down the ramp how tense Y/n was, and he knows what that usually means.

“You look happy and nervous. What’s wrong?” Poe asked concerned for Y/n. There wasn’t a reason for her to be nervous about the mission.

Y/n sighed, he could always read her like a book. “I’m happy for the mission, happier that you’re coming. But I’m nervous for it as well.”

“Everything will be fine. I’ll be there to back you up. That is if you even need it. Okay?” he smiled teasing her trying to up her mood. Which worked since Y/n started smiling and let out a laugh. “Now let’s pack and get some sleep.”

Now that they were all ready to leave in the morning they could get some rest.

^ ^ ^

“You got everything you need?” Leia came up asking the two just to make sure they weren’t forgetting anything.

“Yes General.”

“Yes, mom.” Poe and Y/n answered at the same time.

Leia smiled at the couple. They often spoke at the same time. And it amused Leia very much. “Poe, can we have a minute?” Leia asked politely folding her hands together in front of her.

“Yeah.” Poe gave a nod in understanding. Before heading back up the ramp Poe gave a kiss to Y/n’s temple muttering a ‘love you’ before leaving the mother and daughter alone to have a minute.

“What’s wrong mom?” Y/n asked wondering why her mother wanted to speak alone.

“Your nervous.” Leia spoke softly.

Y/n furrowed her brows together. “How’d you-”

“You’re my daughter. I know you.” She stated. Leia always could tell how her daughter was feeling, if only she could’ve had that with her son. “You’ll do a great job. I have faith in you.”

Y/n smiled moving in to hug her mom. “Thank you, mom.”

“It’s no problem. Now, you should get going on your journey.” Leia smiled hugging her daughter back.

Y/n pulled away from the hug with a smile. Turning to go join Poe on the ship.

“Y/n.” Leia called out before Y/n reached the top of the ramp. “May The Force Be With You.” she nodded towards her daughter.

“May The Force Be With You too.” Y/n nodded back as she stood at the top about to close the ramp. Ready to go on this new mission.




Obi-Wan Kenobi x reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: insinuations to smut

Author’s Note: After realizing I hadn’t written for Obi-Wan yet I was appalled. Appalled I tell you. So I cranked this one out because y’all need to know my love for Ewan transcends Doctor Sleep. He is my ICON. I AM READY FOR THE TV SHOW! (I got disney plus for the star wars stuff I will admit) Also he already looks amazing in birds of prey. I am gonna die omg I hope you guys like this.

Summary: The reader and Obi-Wan have been together as long as either of them could remember. They were bound to forget to lock the door at some point.

Genre: fLUFF

(not my gif)

You fidgeted on your feet, your jedi robes flowing by your side. You were staring at Anakin, watching him work with his master, Obi-Wan on his lightsaber techniques. It wasn’t the first time you had watched the two of them work together. You often had your young padawan spar Anakin at a test of the two of their skills when you and Obi-Wan were tired.

You had been close friends since your own padawan years. You were both training to be Jedi at the same time, a wish the two of you fulfilled. Obi-Wan moved aside as Anakin fell to the ground.

“Can you tell me what you did?” he asked, looking down at his padawan. Anakin rolled his eyes, propping himself up on his elbows.

“I was to rash,” he muttered. Obi-Wan nodded, throwing his stick that they were practicing with. You laughed and walked down the few stairs that were between you and the two men. Your lightsaber was hanging on your side, ever present.

“Perhaps you should finish up for the day,” you suggested, diverting attention to Padme who was speaking with someone in the doorway. Her focus seemed more on Anakin than the person she was speaking to. Obi-Wan gave you a slight look but you shrugged.

As Jedi none of you were allowed to have attachments to anyone. It was one of the most enforced rules. Still, you saw the way Anakin was looking at the woman in the doorway. You stopped beside Obi-Wan, looking at his padawan.

“Y/N you shouldn’t encourage this,” he muttered. You shrugged and gave him a sneaky smile. With a look of approval, Anakin was gone, walking beside Padme somewhere secret.

“You haven’t said anything about it to the council either Obi,” you pointed out. He turned to the large glass wall of the room and sighed.

You and Obi-Wan had been in love since before you were ever Jedi. You had been told to follow the direct orders and told you were never able to fall in love. You weren’t a stickler for rules but your friend always had been. It was the one rule he had ever broken and he did it for you. You were still able to keep it under wraps, even all these years later. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t cause a toll on your relationship at the beginning, always hiding behind closed doors to see each other.

Now it was pretty much second nature.

“I thought if I told the council about them it would somehow find its way back to us,” he stated. You shrugged, walking forward to stand beside him. There was a foot of space between the two of you.

“That’s why I haven’t said anything either. I did warn Padme about it though. She was amazed I even knew,” you said with a laugh. He chuckled, leaning against the wall to look at you.

“Yes well, they’re doing exactly what we used to. Just badly,” he joked. You nodded and looked back at where they had once stood. It looked like another group was walking in to use the sparing room so you moved forward onto the mat, pulling out your lightsaber. He eyed you suspiciously.

“Shouldn’t you be sparing your padawan?” he asked but took out his lightsaber as well. The room lit up with blue light. The group of children who were learning the ways of the Jedi stopped at the door. Their teacher held them there but they didn’t need to be told. They were mesmerized by your lightsabers. They had seen them before, of course but rarely did they see two experienced Jedi fight one another.

“Safe word?” he asked and you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t stab me and we’ll be okay,” you said, twirling the weapon in your hand. He shrugged and circled around the center of the mat, raising his lightsaber to fight.

“That’s more than one word but ok-”

He wasn’t able to finish before you had pounced. Your lightsabers clashed many times within the second. Obi-Wan was the first person you had ever had a lightsaber fight with and you had fought many times after that. If you knew anyone better than your own it would be him, in every aspect.

It wasn’t long before he was on the ground, your lightsaber hovering above his chest.

“You’re out of practice,” you muttered, leaning down to help him stand. He jumped up and his face landed just in front of yours. It took a moment to break away but the children clapping behind you did help. A reminder that you weren’t alone.

“Thank you, thank you,” he bowed dramatically and you rolled your eyes. You grabbed his arm and started to drag him out.

“You guys need this space more than me. Have fun,” you said. You put your hand under the chin of one of the little girls and winked, leaning down. “Be smart over there. The boys tend to be a bit cocky with their sticks,” you teased, holding up your lightsaber handle. She giggled and nodded at you as you walked out. You caught up with Obi-Wan with a little jog.

“Cocky with my stick?” he asked. You smiled and sauntered beside him. The two of you said hello to people who passed on your way to his room. It was unspoken where you were going, but you both knew. You practically lived there although if anyone looked around his room they would find no trace of you. Maybe a leftover sock here and there but never anything substantial.

“Don’t pretend you aren’t love,” you said, opening his door. He slipped in beside you and with the click of the shut door his lips were on yours. Every kiss was needy yet slow and savoring. There was always a question of when you were going to kiss next with your relationship.

“Missed you,” he whispered against your lips. You tilted your neck, kissing his jawline and his neck slowly.

“Oh Maker I love you.” His hands brushed your body, moving from your back to your waist, leaving goosebumps in their wake. He brought you with him as you stumbled onto his large bed. You laughed as he landed on top of you, legs wrapped around his waist.

There was a sudden movement at the door and you shoved him off you. He fell with a thud on the floor.

“Master I-” Anakin stopped and covered his eyes like a child. You rolled your eyes and tried to ignore the blush that had creeped its way to your cheeks. Obi-Wan stumbled again as he stood up, tripping on your shoe that you had kicked off on the way in.

“Anakin what do you need?” he asked, fixing his hair. Anakin peaked between his fingers and then brought them down upon seeing all way okay.

“I..I just needed permission to go off…are you guys together?” You sighed heavily and looked at Obi-Wan to speak. You stood up and grabbed his robe which was on his chair. He put it on.


“I have to tell Padme. She thought you guys were together but I was sure you guys were just close. Man I owe her credits,” he stated. You shook your head.

“Anakin you are the only person out of our whole lives to know. You can’t tell anybody,” you demanded. He thought it over a moment and sighed.

“Fine. But you should probably lock your door,” he said. He was gone, just like that. You turned to Obi-Wan.

“He’s going to tell Padme,” he sighed. You nodded.

“You told me that they were together,” you pointed out. He let out a long sigh and then walked to the door, making a big show out of locking it. You laughed and threw your arms around him again.

“I guess she won’t tell anyone.”

“Probably not,” you concluded. He threw off his robe again.

Love or Leave Me [ Kylo Ren x Reader ] PART TWO

Summary: Kylo and you have a lot to discuss when he unexpectedly arrives as the representative of the First Order.

Warnings: None

A/N: A few people asked for a part two so here it is! I’ll be tagging those who wanted it below! I’m sorry for such a long wait, but I will be posting a part three as well! Let me know if you want to be apart of the tag list! <3 enjoy loves!




You stood there for what felt like forever, staring into his cold eyes that no longer shined as they did when he used to see you. They were now pained and dark bags were underneath. He looked like he no longer had consistent sleep, and how could he? He was now with the side that was planning to rule the galaxy.

“If I had known it was you, I would not have come to visit.”

The words struck you by surprise and for a moment, you wanted to snap back at him. How was he alive? You were told everyone was dead.

“How?” You whispered, trying to regain your composure. After all, this was still meant to be a formal meeting and you were to report discussions to the rest of the royal court.

“How did I survive?” He could easily read you, and for a split second you felt him inside your mind. The slight pain itched in your mind, but it was gone before you could process it entirely.

You nodded.

Ben looked down slightly before turning back to the tree. You slowly went to stand beside him, unsure if he would pull anything on you.

“I kept hearing things… like something was calling out to me. I chose to ignore it, but that plan did not last long after you were whisked away.”

You were not entirely understanding what he was saying… did your leaving effect his choices?

Ben continued to talk, not giving you time to respond. “I did not want the temple to burn or my uncle to… to be a coward and run away. Now they blame me for his absence when he was the one who turned on me.”

He clenched his fists and became angrier with the words he said, almost as if he was reliving the moment.

You seemed to act before thinking and reached out to grab Ben’s shaking hand. He flinched and quickly glanced down at you, noticing you were tense being so close to him.

Ben was unpredictable, you did not recognize the boy that was in front of you. He was no longer the twenty year old boy who occasionally gave you flowers or would keep simple conversations with you to pass the time. He was no longer the boy who helped you with training and encouraged you with every triumph and blunder. He was no longer the boy who kept his anger and pain inside and would enjoy the quietness that would help calm him.

And when you left the temple, he was no longer the boy you had grown feelings for.

Now he was no longer Ben, but rather Kylo Ren.

“While I do not know the extent of the circumstances, I do know that whatever happened in the past has led us both to these positions of power. I think we are both far too young to be making decisions and ruling out the fate of planets and the galaxy.” You spoke with such confidence and great manners. Fearing your voice would shake, it did not which impressed Ben to say the least.

He was the one to simply nod this time.

You dropped his hand and turned to the path that led to the beautiful, seasonal flowers. You began to walk down it and Ben was close behind, his long strides made it easy for him to keep pace besides you.

“Now, I do have to show you around and we have to discuss matters of what lies ahead.” You went straight into what the meeting was meant to be. While you wanted to confide in Ben for what you had lost and all the responsibilities you had gained, you knew now was not the time.

“I understand, Princess.” Ben was now more quiet than before, and it felt for a second you were back at the temple again, a lovesick teenager who wanted nothing more to hold the title of a Jedi and be the one to go home to Ben at night.

“I no longer hold that title.” You were a bit harsh when you corrected him, but you no longer were the Princess that he always wished would be the one he could hold in his arms at night.

“Apologies,” he said after a brief pause. “How have the troops been adjusting to the new artillery?”

“They are getting along fine. A bit of adjustment to such… advancements.” You knew your soldiers were not equipped enough beforehand as your planet was peaceful and seen as the middle ground for many debates and peace treaties. However, after the assassination of your family they knew they had to do whatever they could to keep you and the high officials of your planet safe.

“Very well…” Ben seemed at a lost of what to say. While he often was the more “intimidating, power” figure that would stand next to Snoke and General Hux, he was never the one to talk as a representative. “I, uh, know you must have other matters to attend to.”

You were confused and stopped in your tracks, “Well, you are the only meeting I have scheduled for today. I was to devote my time to you, Ben.”

Ben knew this was starting to become suspicious as to his true intention of Snoke sending him here. Whatever is was, a part of him felt as if he should not find out. However, the other side of him knew he would be yelled upon if he did not stay long enough.

“Everything is here is very clear to me.” Ben spoke like he was more confident than before. “I saw everything here upon my arrival. Your planet is as beautiful as you told me growing up… it makes me sorrowful that you had no other choice than to join my side when I know all you wanted was tranquility for your planet and to become a Jedi master.”

It was as if Ben had taken the words right out of your mind.

“That is only a dream of a young girl who was not burdened with such a high position.” You were starting to become impatient. Everything you had wished to be was taken from you in one day.

But seeing Ben in front of you, that made you feel as if there was a ghost of your dream reaching a hand out for you, the temptation of leaving this all behind…

“I understand that what we both wanted in life was not what came to be,” Ben knew that there was not much else to take away from the stakes at hand. “However, I do know that I will do whatever I can to make sure you, your people and your planet flourish. No harm will come your way. You have the First Order’s protection… and mine as well.”

He was now the one to grab your shaking hand. You peered into his deep, brown eyes and felt like there was a chance that your dream had already pulled you back into the temptation.

“And know now,” He said with a whisper as your bodies were very close together now, “My name is no longer Ben. Call me Kylo from now on.”

Love or Leave Me [ Kylo Ren x Reader ]

Summary: Everything you know was leading to the moment you feared.

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: I’m missing my troublesome boy…



You remember the day like a harsh snap. That was the only way you could describe it. Your life was perfectly fine and then in an instant, everything went to absolute shit.

You were young, in your late teens when the war broke out again. Your usual morning routine of meditation and slipping on your Jedi robes with difficulty. They were never too comfortable and you always complained to Master Skywalker about it. “(Y/N), you’re here to learn, not be treated like a princess anymore. You’re going to have to deal with it.”

He was right and you knew it deep down inside. Sure, you came from a royal bloodline and was next to be Queen on your home planet, but you had other plans. Finding out you were force sensitive at a very young age, you begged your parents to let you train with the famous Master Luke Skywalker.

It took forever for them to agree to this ridiculous plan that seemed to come from nowhere, but they eventually did send you off.

Training to become a Jedi was one of the greatest things to ever happen in your life. Instead of curtesy classes and council meetings and banquets, it was a breath of fresh air to you.

The morning of the tragedy was calm. After dressing in your robes, you exited your room and walked around the long hall that had other rooms and then in the center was one training place. You decided against going to that one that morning because the little kids were training and they tended to accidentally throw objects around. Last time you had decided to help them left you with a black eye. So, never again.

You went to the area where the older kids would hang out during the morning. Well, they would stand there and have their own conversation while you were awkwardly standing away, not wanting to barge into their own bubble.

When you first arrived, people had already made friends and become close. Therefore, you were often by yourself or with a certain Solo boy.

Ben Solo. He was a loner and quiet just like you. You could say there were similarities between the two of you. He came from famous parents with a high reputation while you came from an important royal family.

You had had conversations with him before, here and there, mostly about Jedi tricks that would help one other with training. He would never address you by your name, but rather princess since it was your actual title.

Ben was skilled beyond belief. He often helped you out in the places you struggled and did not mind being close with you.

If it was not forbidden, something beautiful might have bloomed between you two during that time. You would reflect on it later on in your life, wondering if it could have stopped his downfall into darkness.

But at the time, you were so wrapped up in your own world, thinking about Ben, that you didn’t hear Master Skywalker repeatedly call for you.

The older teens looked at you suspiciously; you never got in trouble or called upon so this had to be serious.

You followed after him as he led you outside of the temple.

There was a ship that you recognized immediately; it was one from your home planet that royalty and their servants would use for trips. At the bottom of the ramp was one of your childhood maids. She had a solemn look on her face which troubled you.

“Princess (Y/N), I was ordered to retrieve you under terrible consequences.”

“What has happened?”

“There is no easy way to say this but, your family was assassinated last night at a council meeting. You must come home and claim your position as queen.”


Your life from then on was like a blank journey, no color or liveliness.

Taking the mantle as Queen, your life from then on was filled with meetings, banquets, showing your face to planets you were in union with, dress fittings, and so on.

You obeyed what your higher officials told you to do, not caring all too much about what was happening around you.

Your home planet flourished while you wilted away inside.

The dream of becoming a Jedi was stomped into the ground immediately.

Only a few days after leaving did you receive the news of what happened at the Jedi Temple. Every last one of the people there were slaughtered, and Master Skywalker has vanished.

You mourned even more than you had before. While the death of your family stung, any chance of leaving this planet was gone. And Ben… the thought of him burned in your heart. The sweet, quiet boy was gone. The one who called you princess at every greeting and respected your boundaries and the want for silence.

People claimed there was war on its way, having said that it was the work of the new First Order.

A discussion arouse on your home planet: what side would you chose for them?

Long nights entailed for you. Demands from everyone around you made your head throb and your hands shake.

You knew you had to make alliances with the First Order. It was the only smart way in your eyes. You did not entirely agree with what they stood for, but it was either stand with them or perish. Despite your lack of caring for what happens to the royal gardens or the transportations to new planets or what color dress you would wear, you knew for sure that you could not let your home planet go down in ashes.

So you agreed to the peace treaty with the First Order. You were told that a high member of the Order was to visit your planet to get familiar with the resources and how your army was getting along.

Everyone was prepping for his arrival, making the castle look even more incredibly rich with life & prosperity. You were forced into a red gown that was embellished with silver and a lace belt that tied around your waist. You also adorned a small black cape that rested on your shoulders delicately.

You stood on the balcony overlooking the vibrant flowers of your home world. However, you noticed a dark figure admiring the tree that stood in the middle. The tree was older than you, and had been planted years before your grandparents were born. The thought of your family arose again, and made you wonder if they would have chosen to join the First Order.

The thought did not last long as one of your guards approached you. “Madam, the representative of the First Order is waiting for you in the garden.”

You nodded your head at him and he escorted you down the stairs. The floors, freshly polished, glimmered in the candlelit hallway.

Once outside, you dismissed your guard and began walking towards the tall man who had his back faced to you. His long dark hair rested on his broad shoulders. His outfit consisted of a dark, long sleeved shirt and fitted pants. He wore a thick belt buckle that had a… lightsaber attached to it?

You stopped in your tracks, worried about what this might entail for you. While your training was never finished, Master Skywalker did leave you with a blue lightsaber. However, you kept it hidden away in your room.

Now, you feared you should be carrying it with you at all times. Who is this man to be standing so confidently and poised with a lightsaber in sight instead of hidden?

“Will you continue to stand there or will you introduce yourself?” The figure said with a familiar voice. He sounded like a ghost to you.

He finally turned around, only to reveal what you least expected and that made your heart drop.




A/N: Should I make a Part Two?