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Zuko: You guys are crazy. Sokka doesn’t have a crush on me!

Katara: Yes he does

Aang: Yes he does

Toph: Yes he does

Suki: Yes he does

Sokka: Yes I do

Zuko: Did you know that when you break a bone it typically will heal back stronger than before?

Sokka: So what you’re saying is I should break every bone in my body until I become invincible?


Zuko: Please don’t

Sokka: I’m the kind of person who likes to think things through

Zuko: Since when? I once saw you eat a marshmallow that was still on fire

Sokka and zuko: two disaster gays who lead two of the four nations in the world except one can’t do math and the other can’t do public speaking



Sterek au but Stiles is Sokka and Derek is Zuko.


Sarcastic witty teenager Sokka and dark brooding mysterious werewolf Zuko

Sokka:Listen Zuko, in this world it’s either yeet or be yeeted

Zuko: I’m literally begging you to stop

Zuko, raising his voice slightly so he can speak to Sokka on the other side of the aisle: Do you want any chips?

Sokka, yelling at full volume: I AM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR DORITOS

Sokka: There are three ways to do this. The easy way, the hard way, and the Sokka way.

Zuko: Isn’t the Sokka way also the wrong way?

Sokka: Yeah but it’s faster

Zuko: *Sneaks into the room wearing a huge coat*

Sokka: What’s with the coat?

Zuko’s coat:*Quacks*


Skater Zukka Headcannon

  • Zuko is a classic emo skater boy (+extra points for the scar)
  • When he isn’t at his uncle’s tea shop, he’s at the local skate park
  • He likes to teach the kids there for free because no one was there to teach him when he first started
  • If you asked people at his school about zuko, you would get 300000 different rumors about him
  • “I heard he stabbed someone because they said good morning to him”
  • Zuko is Tsundere ™
  • On the other hand
  • Sokka wouldn’t fully believe the rumors about zuko
  • But he would still be wary of him
  • Until one day he goes into Iroh’s tea shop because his usual cafe is closed for renevations
  • And he sees Zuko with his hair up in a messy ponytail, a turtle duck shirt on, and an apron with flour on it while he squats down to give a little girl a free cookie
  • And his world is shattered
  • Who is this cute boy i only know Brooding Stabs-People-because-of-a-Hello Zuko
  • Anyways sokka, being the smooth b*tch that he is, promptly trips over a chair and spills tea all over the floor
  • Zuko is Pissed because now he has to clean it all up
  • Sokka apologizes profusely and offers to help
  • The two boys mop together
  • While they mop they get to know each other a little bit
  • Zuko isn’t really sure what to make of this Hot Boy ™ bc the only friends he’s ever had we’re Mai and Ty Lee but they were always with Azula
  • Anyways Sokka finally gets his shit together and gives Zuko his number
  • After they both leave the shop, Zuko waits a whole 3 minutes after he gets home to text Sokka
  • “Hello, Zuko here”
  • And they end up talking for a while
  • Fast forward and Zuko finds the balls to ask Sokka out on a date
  • Zuko takes Sokka to his skate park
  • A little boy runs up to Zuko and yells about how he missed him and that he wants another lesson
  • Zuko is Embarrassed
  • Sokka is 3 seconds away from being a melted pile of fluff on the ground
  • Oh my god how is he so cute everything people say is a lie this boy is the cutest boy in the entire world omfg-
  • Zuko tries to teach Sokka how to Ollie
  • Sokka falls straight into Zuko’s arms
  • They both fall to the ground and are really close and their faces are almost touching and then-
  • Both boys get extremely flustered and Get up as fast as possible
  • Sokka perfects the Ollie pretty quickly after that (because he is a natural)
  • On the way home Sokka thanks Zuko for teaching him and ends the night with a quick peck to the cheek
  • He runs inside right after and turns and looks out the window to see Zuko standing there wide-eyed and flushed
  • Zuko stands there for a whole 3 minutes before turning to go home
  • And scene (gotta love zukka fluff)

Sokka: Don’t you miss the vivid imagination of childhood?

Zuko: I never had one.

Sokka: An imagination or a childhood??



On the balloon to boiling rock

Zuko: wait, so your dad NEVER hit you, even when you weren’t as good as your prodigy sister? Wow he sounds amazing no wonder you wanna rescue him.

Sokka: *concerned* dude, not hitting your kid is like, the baseline for being a half-decent parent. That and like, feeding your kid.



Sokka: *holds Zuko out in front of him by the armpits, dangling him in front of Hakoda* This is yours now.

I feel like Hakoda would take all of an hour of meeting Zuko after Boiling Rock for him to realize why he was to adopt the child and have found a legal way to do so.

Also, Sokka offering his father an extra child is just perfect.

Zuko: Woah your dad fed you AND didn’t hit you??



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Tattoos /// Soulmates 


Tea or Coffee Shop /// Friends to Lovers 


Southern Water Tribe /// Secretly Dating 


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Free Space /// The Prince and the Fool

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Sokka: Have you ever seen us as maybe… more than friends?

Zuko: Yes!!! I’m so glad you’ve asked this!!!


Zuko: I’ve totally seen us as dragons!Let me find the drawings!!!

Sokka: Zuko i’m trying to ask you out