#hoo post


Nico, trying to flirt: your outfit is so sharp it could puncture a hole in a ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea

Will, wearing a camp half-blood t-shirt: thanks, I got it at the store


Will, to Piper: wait…was he trying to flirt with me?!?!????


*at Taco Bell*

Young Percy, crying: I wish I had a burrito!!!!

Sally, pointing at Percy’s burrito: Percy, that IS a burrito

Annabeth Chase really just understood physics at the age of 12 huh

Like at Waterland she knew what time specifically to jump because, quote, “simple physics! Force times the trajectory angle-”

She did those calculations in her head as a twelve year old. Like this is stuff people learn in high school, and this sixth grader just did it. wow. Genius level intellect here.

yes this is an annabeth chase appreciation post.

*Percy does something stupid*

Reyna: I assume you realise this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in my camp

Percy: would there be another type of idiocy that you would be more comfortable with?



You know what else Percy and Jason have in common? They’re both really good at windsurfing! It’s not canon, but it’s totally logical! It combines both Percy’s and Jason’s domains, so they’re unbeatable together. Here’s a headcanon I can up with:

  • Piper invites the 7+ to Malibu to enjoy the beach.
  • She teaches Hazel, Annabeth, and Reyna how to surf. Percy also helps.
  • Annabeth gets really good at surfing (naturally). She loves building sandcastles. Hers get really detailed and are amazing. She’s also good at building replicas of famous buildings.
  • Hazel isn’t as good at surfing. It’s not like she’s terrible, she’s just not that comfortable on the sea. She’s not seasick, which is very good, but she’s more comfortable on solid ground (Pluto thing). So she joins Will on the sand and plays volleyball.
  • Will likes sunbathing. He plays volleyball with Hazel. He also makes sure that everyone has lots of sunscreen on and that they’re properly hydrated.
  • Nico is not uncomfortable with the ocean like Hazel. While he generally would prefer land, he likes the ocean too. His previous obsession with pirates might have something to do with it.
  • Reyna is good at surfing but prefers jet skiing. Her dogs can join her in side cars (?). Agentum and Aurum like playing vollyball. They get really hot in the sun but Leo built them automatic cooling systems.
  • Leo likes the ocean activities, but he’s not the best at them. He did try to surf using his on-fire hands to propel him, though.
  • Jason’s favorite beach activity is parasailing. It’s really calm and peaceful and it’s really high in the air.
  • Percy doesn’t have a favorite because he loves all of them. He also excels at all of them.
  • Jason and Percy try to figure out what activity to try next. They decide on windsurfing. It turns out that they’re both awesome at it. Percy’s good at navigating on the waters based on where the wind pushes him. Jason’s good at harnessing the wind properly.
  • Then they start using their powers for it and there’s literally nothing they can’t do. As we all know, when Percy and Jason team up, it’s pretty sick.

So that’s my beach headcanon for the 7+. Anyone want to add on?

Not to add on to the trend of the commentary on the casting, but i’m so excited for the diversity it’s going to have! Not just one, but two poc in the main trio!

And it’s just they’re doing something so many other adaptations of this genre have failed to do. Divergent, Hunger Games, the Maze Runner, Harry Potter — most of the main cast in these are white. Even Harry Potter, where a good amount of the characters’ race was not specified.

But there’s going to be so much representation in this — think about the Heroes of Olympus series. We’re going to have two black girls, an Indigenous girl, a Chinese boy, a Latino boy, etc. This is just so exciting because it means that so many kids will finally see themselves represented on screen.