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Dionysus: Okay, first I’d like to introduce our new camper, Percy, and I’d like to thank Percy for his generous gift of two dollars, which he handed me outside this morning. Not necessary, but much appreciated.

Annabeth: why’d you give him two dollars?

Percy: I thought he was homeless

Nico, trying to flirt: your outfit is so sharp it could puncture a hole in a ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea

Will, wearing a camp half-blood t-shirt: thanks, I got it at the store


Will, to Piper: wait…was he trying to flirt with me?!?!????


Nico: I never run around the bushes in a ski mask when I breaking in some place.

Nico: Somebody catches you, what are you gonna say? You want to look like a legitimate visitor until the very last minute.

Nico: If you can’t look legit, confused works as well. Maybe you get a soda from the fridge or a yogurt.

Nico: If you’re caught, you just act confused and apologise like crazy for taking the yogurt. Nothing could be more innocent.

Everyone: *concerned silence*


Frank: Nico what the…?

Annabeth: very smart, good job Nico!

*at Taco Bell*

Young Percy, crying: I wish I had a burrito!!!!

Sally, pointing at Percy’s burrito: Percy, that IS a burrito

Percy: okay, mission number two, finding the where the popcorn is.

Grover: what was mission number one?

Annabeth: literally getting here, Grover!

This might’ve been said before, but I bet Percy’s birthday is bittersweet for him. I mean, the Battle of Manhattan happened on his birthday. Lots of demigods died. It was tragic, and having that on your birthday is…a lot. So I hope Percy’s doing okay with that.

On the other hand, it’s his birthday! It marks his birth, his anniversary with Annabeth, and the day his prophecy came true and Kronos was defeated.

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

August 18 is such a big day for everyone in the Percy Jackson fandom! Percy’s birthday, and the day Percabeth finally happened! So, I am wishing the happiest birthday to Perseus Jackson, who absolutely deserves the best! And, celebrating the anniversary of Percabeth!

But let’s not forget what also happened on August 18. The Battle of Manhattan. Dozens of demigods died. Micheal Yew. Silena Beauregard. Ethan Nakamura. Luke Castellan. And so many unnamed others. It’s not only Percy’s “birth anniversary” — it’s their “death anniversary.”

Anyhow, happy birthday Percy!

Percy: hey Annabeth? I’ve got a question

Annabeth: it’s like 2 a.m. what?

Percy: who invented clocks? Like who decided they were just going to be like that. 3 hands? 6 means half? 12 is the start of the day? why!?

*both of them immediately dive into hours of extensive research to find the answer*

Percy: who are you?

Person: I used to have a crush on you

Percy: omg what?! You had a crush on me!! I never noticed! *surprised Pikachu face*

Not to hate one Magnus or anything, but he has seriously bad taste in colours. Like one of his favourite colours is beige. BEIGE!

Rick really wanted to make him not Percy by making him like beige and hating blue huh

Percy: *does something stupid* (like running into a volcano to sacrifice himself)

Annabeth: I can’t believe I have to kiss him *facepalm*

Grover: you know you don’t /have/ to kiss him, right?

Annabeth: no, I definitely have to

Annabeth Chase really just understood physics at the age of 12 huh

Like at Waterland she knew what time specifically to jump because, quote, “simple physics! Force times the trajectory angle-”

She did those calculations in her head as a twelve year old. Like this is stuff people learn in high school, and this sixth grader just did it. wow. Genius level intellect here.

yes this is an annabeth chase appreciation post.

*Percy does something stupid*

Reyna: I assume you realise this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in my camp

Percy: would there be another type of idiocy that you would be more comfortable with?



Teacher: What is the hardest word to say?

Young Annabeth:Antidisestablishmentarianism!

Teacher: Wrong, it’s ‘sorry’

Young Annabeth: *runs away to Camp Half-Blood*

Rachel: So, would you want to go out and get ice cream sometime?

Percy: You mean with other people?


Percy: I would go if Annabeth and Grover came!

Rachel: ummmm…ok ?

Kronos: Who are you to stand against me, Kronos, lord of time?

Percy: Percy Jackson, lover of blue food!

*kills Kronos cus he’s just that cool*

You know what else Percy and Jason have in common? They’re both really good at windsurfing! It’s not canon, but it’s totally logical! It combines both Percy’s and Jason’s domains, so they’re unbeatable together. Here’s a headcanon I can up with:

  • Piper invites the 7+ to Malibu to enjoy the beach.
  • She teaches Hazel, Annabeth, and Reyna how to surf. Percy also helps.
  • Annabeth gets really good at surfing (naturally). She loves building sandcastles. Hers get really detailed and are amazing. She’s also good at building replicas of famous buildings.
  • Hazel isn’t as good at surfing. It’s not like she’s terrible, she’s just not that comfortable on the sea. She’s not seasick, which is very good, but she’s more comfortable on solid ground (Pluto thing). So she joins Will on the sand and plays volleyball.
  • Will likes sunbathing. He plays volleyball with Hazel. He also makes sure that everyone has lots of sunscreen on and that they’re properly hydrated.
  • Nico is not uncomfortable with the ocean like Hazel. While he generally would prefer land, he likes the ocean too. His previous obsession with pirates might have something to do with it.
  • Reyna is good at surfing but prefers jet skiing. Her dogs can join her in side cars (?). Agentum and Aurum like playing vollyball. They get really hot in the sun but Leo built them automatic cooling systems.
  • Leo likes the ocean activities, but he’s not the best at them. He did try to surf using his on-fire hands to propel him, though.
  • Jason’s favorite beach activity is parasailing. It’s really calm and peaceful and it’s really high in the air.
  • Percy doesn’t have a favorite because he loves all of them. He also excels at all of them.
  • Jason and Percy try to figure out what activity to try next. They decide on windsurfing. It turns out that they’re both awesome at it. Percy’s good at navigating on the waters based on where the wind pushes him. Jason’s good at harnessing the wind properly.
  • Then they start using their powers for it and there’s literally nothing they can’t do. As we all know, when Percy and Jason team up, it’s pretty sick.

So that’s my beach headcanon for the 7+. Anyone want to add on?

Can we just appreciate how downright adorable Frank and Hazel’s canon relationship is? Here’s an example:

Like the fandom doesn’t even exaggerate their relationship!! They are just genuinely so cute and worried for each other!!

Headcanon that Percy looooves seaweed. He got a taste for it after one of his friends at a boarding school gave him some of the crunchy seaweed that comes in a plastic box. Then he tried seaweed salad (from the same person) and he loved it. And then when he came home, little Percy would beg Sally to get it at the supermarket. And most of the time, she would oblige. Percy would be overjoyed when she did and ration it until the next time she’d go shopping. Gabe haaaates it. He doesn’t like how seaweed salad smells, and always remark about how fish go to the bathroom on it. Percy would perkily say, “they clean it first, duh!” And continue to happily eat it. Idk I just find this so cute ☺️

So I was thinking about last names in the PJO books and how lots of them always have some hidden meaning or smth. Like some campers last names are kinda related to their godly parents. For I long time I’ve tried to figure out Will Solace; trying to related it to the sun, etc. I finally got it! Solace definition: n. comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. vb. give comfort or consolation to.

It’s been said throughout the books a lot (and pointed out by some fans) that Will can always calm people down. He has a healing/comforting touch. He can calm Clarisse down without getting stabbed. He can usually reach out to Nico and help him. Will’s always there to provide solace to others. This just further proves that he’s a kind soul and a great doctor.

So you know Percy says that [Greek] demigods all have dyslexia because their brains are hard-wired for Ancient Greek? Well, why would Roman demigods have the same problem? Roman demigods would have an intuition for Latin. And, as far as I know, Latin isn’t that hard to learn if you speak English, like dyslexia (probably) would not help like it does for Greek demigods. (Sorry if that’s not accurate).

In conclusion, I think that dyslexia is not as common among Roman demigods. It’s not mentioned much with the Romans, aside from the fact that Frank doesn’t have it, which just helps my point. But they would still have ADHD because that’s a lot of their battle instincts. What do you guys think?

In the Percy Jackson adaptation, “Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees should definitely be played in some of the fight scenes. The song reoccurs throughout the books a lot so it would be really cool to have it in the TV shows too. It’d be a fun little Easter egg for those who read the books first.

Percy: One year ago today I lost my buddy Jason

Percy: Sometimes it’s like I can still hear his voice

Nico: that’s because I summoned his ghost you idiot


I’m just so scared the they’re going to mess up the Percy Jackson adaptation. Like it can’t be as bad as the movies, but I’m terrified that it’s going to turn out badly. Like what then? I’ll probably get furious, then cry. And then all the hype and excitement would have been for nothing. This is just such an irrational thing that I’m just absolutely frightened of. Anyone else feel this way?

Demigods are a chaotic mess (affectionate) and the gods (except for Hestia) are a chaotic mess (derogatory but not that derogatory otherwise they will smite me)

*during BotL*

Annabeth: Percy, you’re driving, and Rachel walks into the road. What do you do?

Percy: Hit the brakes, of course.

Annabeth: No, Seaweed Brain, you hit Rachel!

Not to add on to the trend of the commentary on the casting, but i’m so excited for the diversity it’s going to have! Not just one, but two poc in the main trio!

And it’s just they’re doing something so many other adaptations of this genre have failed to do. Divergent, Hunger Games, the Maze Runner, Harry Potter — most of the main cast in these are white. Even Harry Potter, where a good amount of the characters’ race was not specified.

But there’s going to be so much representation in this — think about the Heroes of Olympus series. We’re going to have two black girls, an Indigenous girl, a Chinese boy, a Latino boy, etc. This is just so exciting because it means that so many kids will finally see themselves represented on screen.

Nico: I’m not a people person, I don’t like physical contact

*kisses Will*

*hugs Annabeth and Hazel*

*bro hugs Percy and Jason*

*high fives Frank*


nico: you do this shit again and i will NOT hesitate to strangle you

percy: can you even reach my neck?