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*Percy does something stupid*

Reyna: I assume you realise this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in my camp

Percy: would there be another type of idiocy that you would be more comfortable with?



Annabeth: hey, can i ask you guys something? how are you both so happy, doesn’t it weigh on you that the whole world might be ending?

Leo: can i tell her our secret?

Piper: *nods her head*

Leo: come here

Annabeth: *leans her head toward Leo*

Leo: we’re very very…stupid!

so we are in agreement that we have no problem with Grover being black in the trash movie adaptation? but we do have a problem with his personality being a completely 180 from the books and his character being reduced to a cliche comic relief sidekick?

I didn’t get Greek demigods. I never read of teens drinking solely black coffee or stashing away ouzo for parties. I didn’t get moussaka, gyros, pastitsio, stifado, lentil soup or excessive amounts of feta with every food. I didn’t get everyone with an evil eye on their camp necklace. I didn’t get a Maria from every cabin. I didn’t see everyone knowing how to dance the array of folk dances. Rick wrote a series about Greek mythology and left out the Greek.

So Percy Jackson just didn’t get a haircut for eight months—

@stanning_reyna and I talked about this for like an hour but how was the fact Annabeth didn’t have special powers on the Argo never come into play? Like being the only one out of seven who didn’t get godly powers is tough. I get that her defeating Arachne was supposed to be some kind of moment like that but why didn’t that involve everyone else? There should’ve been a moment where they were all fighting and something went wrong and she couldn’t do anything because she didn’t have godly powers

Easy ghost boy

Low key inspired by THAT Spider-Man scene but solangelo edition! It could be fitting everywhere honestly but the line was so good to not take the chance to make it solangelo!
I see you commenting and asking for more spiderverse x riordanverse content and I’ll try to give u some more!

I hope life is treating you well! Have a nice day

(also don’t expose me, I can’t make up my mind on characters hairstiles and will? idk okay)

jason, handing leo a present: I got you one that says “5” because I know you like math. and 5 is a number :)

leo, trying with extreme difficulty not to roast jason: woooooow

nico:…and that’s the moment when it all went wrong. It’s all been downhill ever since my sister died. yeah, some days are easier than others but most of the time I wish I was never even born

employee: sir, this is a mcdonald’s drive thru


this annabeth chase casting is so important because it’s gonna show black girls that they’re not just sexual objects for white men. it’ll show them that they can be loved, that they’re beautiful, just like princesses. this show is gonna have a white boy loving a black girl for her intellect and spunk, not just her body. i am so happy.

Headcannon that when Percy came home him and Estelle would do sleepover activities like painting each other’s nails and styling hair. Percy would braid Estelle’s hair and Estelle would put butterfly clips in Percy’s hair

Alright this one is a lil crazy but

In House of Hades we read about Jason and Nico meeting Cupid. Like Aphrodite, Cupid takes form as what a person finds most attractive. Jason describes him as having black hair. Who has black hair?

Nico and Percy

Also on page 285 of House of Hades Jason asks Cupid where he is and he replies “Where you least expect me, As Love always is” A few sentences later Cupid then says “You’ve found true love, after all. Or do you still doubt yourself.”

With this happening and Jason soon finding out that Apollo was in love with Hyacinthus. Jason didn’t realize that gay people existed

So he’d be realizing it’s okay to like guys and he could be questioning his sexuality.

Okay this was all over the place but thank you for listening.

The difference between Roman and Greek children of the big three is pretty great. You have Thalia who’s punk rock, Percy who gives us skater vibes, and Nico who is literally emo. Then we have Jason and Hazel. Jason is the preppy blonde who everyone seems to like and we have Hazel who is quite literally a horse girl

Really love Percy and Clarisse’s dynamic like they started out as enemies to rivals to a friendly relationship but they act like they’re rivals for the tea and drama

*trying to get through a door on the Argo II*

Percy: after you

Jason: no, after you

Percy: oh I insist, after you-

*Nico shoves both of them aside*

Nico: no, after me.

Chiron: so you’re an impulsive, ADHD teenager?

Percy: I’m…not actually a teenager yet. I’m 12.

Chiron: Excellent, here’s a sword.