#sally jackson


*at Taco Bell*

Young Percy, crying: I wish I had a burrito!!!!

Sally, pointing at Percy’s burrito: Percy, that IS a burrito


Gabe insisting there’s                           

no such thing as

blue food                                           Sally&Percy   


will anything ever be as iconic and savage as when sally jackson, percy jackson’s mother, used the decapitated head of the medusa to turn her abusive husband to stone, and then sold him as a statue to an art gallery to critical acclaim and used the resulting funds to pay to attend college and start her dream life as a writer


no cause calling sally “sally ugliano” in the pjo movies COMPLETELY erased the fact that she kept her maiden name as a sign of defiance and independence







1. Remind me that Luke’s mom doesn’t know her son is dead.


2. Remind me that Sally doesn’t know if her son is alive.


3. Bring up the movies.

Or 4. Remind me that they never found Michael yew’s body.

also 5. Bring up that the Apollo cabin has canonly lost more campers than anyone else

And 6. No one knows that Leo is actually alive

or 7. Remind me that Beckendorf brought out a picture of Silena to look at just before he died

hey cool i’ve covered most of this. nice.

Imagine Percy in his 40’s with children who are around 16 something and he sees thalia after a loooong time and he accidentally just starts treating her as his 16 year old daughter purely because she looks like his 16yo daughter.

He just looks at her and thinks omg baby must protect against evil in the world. And she is just like Percy wtf im literally older than you stop + at this age you fought a whole ass war so wdym baby????

Estelle and Percy’s relationship must be the best sibling relationship ever.

Imagine Percy running through the halls of a hospital, dodging empty wheelchairs and stretchers, frantically searching for a certain room. And when he finds it he bursts in, panting like he just ran a twenty mile marathon, and there in the bed is his mom and his new baby sister. He kisses his mom’s forehead, whispering to her softly and making sure she’s okay. Then, she gently hands him Estelle, sleeping peacefully in her warm bundle, and Percy is immediately captivated. As soon as he saw her he knew, that he would do anything for his little sis.

As the years go by and Estelle grows up, Percy is there for it all: her first steps, her first words, her first laugh. Every diaper change and meltdown and sleepless night.

When she’s young, she is his top priority to protect and care for (tied with Annabeth and Sally ofc) and he is her role model. But once she’s older, they are best friends. They tell each other everything, build pillow forts and have movie nights together, create secret handshakes, go on long-weekend road-trips just the two of them, sneak out to get McDonalds at 3:00 am, cover for each other when one gets caught breaking rules, and always always have each other’s backs.

So do the Jackson’s make ALL their food blue? Or just their treats? And do they dye their mac & cheese blue ?? Bc that seems like it would just turn into a chunky nasty green pasta blob. Do they add blueberry or blue raspberry flavoring to stuff, or just the color?

As a fandom we must know these things so that we can prepare our snacks properly for when the show comes out.

Bc blue snacks will be essential while I’m crying with joy.