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Nico, trying to flirt: your outfit is so sharp it could puncture a hole in a ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea

Will, wearing a camp half-blood t-shirt: thanks, I got it at the store


Will, to Piper: wait…was he trying to flirt with me?!?!????


Annabeth Chase really just understood physics at the age of 12 huh

Like at Waterland she knew what time specifically to jump because, quote, “simple physics! Force times the trajectory angle-”

She did those calculations in her head as a twelve year old. Like this is stuff people learn in high school, and this sixth grader just did it. wow. Genius level intellect here.

yes this is an annabeth chase appreciation post.

*Percy does something stupid*

Reyna: I assume you realise this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in my camp

Percy: would there be another type of idiocy that you would be more comfortable with?



Percy: What flavour is this?

Annabeth: This is shampoo…

Percy: What flavour tho? It’s so blue!


Piper: Answer him

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Annabeth: it’s so dark in here! Do you have a flashlight?

Percy: I don’t need one cuz I have all the light I need in here-


Percy: on my feet *stomps and shoes start flashing*

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Nico: I’m tired of people telling me to ‘Go to the infirmary’ and that I’ve 'lost a lot of blood’. It’s my stab wound, not yours. So stay out of it.


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Leo, bursting into the room: How dare you

Percy, instantly: How dare ME? How dare YOU! wait what is this about?

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Something: *blows up*

Annabeth: percy, what did you do?

Percy: my best

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Leo: I’ve been learning a lot about computers in IT class but I’m still waiting for the clown

Annabeth: I have to tell you something…

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Percy: I wanna cuddle with you 23/7

Annabeth: Why not 24/7

Percy: snack breaks

Annabeth: … of course

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Annabeth: I’m back!

Piper: Cool, Leo broke all the toilets and Percy’s hand is stuck on the ceiling.

Annabeth: I was gone for 10 minutes.

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Percy: I think I did okay

*distant explosion*

Annabeth: *giving The Look*

Percy: maybe not…

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Coach Hedge: Jackson, I know you snuck out last night.

Percy:*play dumb*

Percy: Who’s Jackson?

Percy:*not that dumb*

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Annabeth: Hey, can you do something for me?

Percy:I would willingly die for you but continue

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Annabeth: Swear words are illegal now. If say one, you’ll be fined.


Annabeth: You are on thin fucking ice!

Annabeth: oh no

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Frank trying to flirt

Frank: Your eyes sparkle like the ocean

Hazel: My eyes are brown

Frank, nervously: Your eyes sparkle like the Hudson River?


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Percy: How do I tell Annabeth that I like her?

Beckendorf: Just do it after practice. But make it subtle.

[After fighting practice]

Annabeth: nice work! High five!

Annabeth: *high fives Percy*

Percy: *intertwines their fingers*


Percy: I love you

If Heroes of Olympus was YA, the scene where the webs from Arachne were caught on Annabeth’s foot and Hazel said “Her ankle! Cut it!” someone would have actually cut it off.

The fact that Annabeth was the only one of the seven who didn’t get physical powers was so overlooked. Like yes she got her own quest, but did that give her any extra character development? Not really. Tartarus did, her quest didn’t. There should have been some big revelation where her being the only one with out physical powers came into play. Did Rick give us that? Nope.