#incorrect percy jackson quotes


Annabeth: Don’t overreact.

Percy, already digging his grave and shovelling dirt on himself: I’m not.

Nico: I sent good vibes your way. They are coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop them.

Will: …this is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up.

Frank: No offense, but a waiter would literally kill me and I’d still tip 20%.

Nico: I would actually tip more if they murdered me. That’s great customer service.

Percy: *pretends to stretch arm*

Percy: *wraps arm around Annabeth*

Leo: *watching Percy*

Leo: *pretends to stretch arm*

Leo: *accidentally hits Calypso in the face with his elbow*

Nico: were you eavesdropping on us?

Percy, reading a book: pfft NO! I’m just reading a book!

Nico: the book is upside-down.

Percy: I like to challenge myself, unlike some people I could mention. It’s all about progress, man, evolution. I am above you in the totem pole of life

Alex: I have high standards.

Magnus: [acts like a dork]

Alex: Oh no, he’s meeting all of my standards.

Will: Get up! It’s morning, sun is out!

Nico: And what am I supposed to do? Photosynthesis?

Possible conversation in Cabin 7

New camper: Is Will Solace really our cabin counselor?

Apollo camper: Yeah, why?

New camper: He seems to be in the Hades cabin most of the time. You know, with Nico di Angelo.

Entire Apollo cabin: *grin, snigger, nudge*

Samirah: thank the gods!

Magnus: The gods? The gods are the ones creating all the problems! I’m the one fixing them!

Percy: *screams from the distance*

Percy: Good job, Nico.

Nico: You’re giving me a sticker?

Percy: Not just a sticker. It has a kitten that says “Me-Wow!”

Nico: I’m not a kindergartener.

Percy: Okay, I’ll take it back.

Nico: Hey, I earned this, back off!

Octavian: I feel like slapping the biggest idiot in this camp

Percy: Octavian, self-abuse is nOT FUNNY

Percy: I have an idea

Annabeth: a good one?

Percy: let’s not get ahead of ourselves

Child: Daddy can we go to Disneyland???

Will: *reading* No sweetie, I’m sorry.

Child: Please daddy??

Will: No *continues reading*

Nico: *whispers in Will’s ear* Please daddy…


Will: *throws books*


Leo: Hey Reyna, we both single and well I don’t wanna turn 40 being single, so let’s make a pact

Reyna: Okay if we are still single before we turn 40 -

Leo: We’ll marry each other


Reyna: I was gonna say we’ll kill each other but okay




Percy: First come love, then comes marriage

Will: and the son of Poseidon with spinal damage

Will: Sir, you’re losing a lot of blood. It looks like you’re going to need a blood transfusion. What’s your blood type?

Nico: B Positive.

Will: I’m trying, but you’re losing a lot of blood, sir.

Will: *hugs Nico*

Nico: What was this for?

Will: Thank you for always being there for me



Nico: Thank you for appearing in my life