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Blood loss? No I know exactly where it is

Death Boy and his glow-in-the-dark boyfriend ♥ I finished reading Tower of Nero and I’m so not-over

Death Boy and his glow-in-the-dark boyfriend ♥ 

I finished reading Tower of Nero and I’m so not-over how cute Solangelo are there. I desperately need that rumor about a Nico (and Will) -centric novel to be true

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Not me sitting here thinking “Man, everything’s gonna be so good after ToA! Apollo will get all the support he needs, especially now that people know about what Zeus has done.”

Nobody knows. Apollo didn’t tell anyone what Zeus did.

I’m glad people like my Trials of Apollo art asdfghjk I adore the books so much!! I love how it’s separated from the previous 2 books, like it’s a new story, Percy and the gang are in the background, and a new characters get to be presented. I love how the topic of abuse is written into the story. I love that it’s a story about how a god and a 12 years old helps each others overcome past abuse, learn to be better than their abusers, learn to let themselves be forgiven, learn to allow themselves a new beginning, and break the cycle they’ve been put through. I love that romance isn’t the center of the story at all in any way, but LGBTQ+ characters are still half of the characters in this story. I love the character developement, when I finished the book and flipped through the first book again, I see clearly just how they’ve grown. And yes, in the end, I suppose the one word to summed up this books would be “grow”. After all, the main characters are a child of Demeter, goddess of all things that grows, and a sun god, whose ray nurishes them.

I love The Trials of Apollo :)I love The Trials of Apollo :)I love The Trials of Apollo :)

I love The Trials of Apollo :)

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Nico: I don’t even care about my foot hanging off the bed anymore. Come get me demons

Nico: Bring me home

If you could bring back to life one riordanverse character but kill the other instead, who would they be?

When I say that I want a solangelo solo book I actually mean that I need a whole series of books about Nico since he was ten, because I need to know what this boy been doing (especially Tartarus)

Every time I remember that my boy Nico di Angelo had a crush on Percy Jackson I’m just *sigh* good thing you over him he doesn’t deserve you hon

Nico: Hi I would like to buy a coffin

Shop owner: Sir, I think you meant coffee

Nico: Both are fine

Will: Nico has been staring at me for a while, do you think he likes me?


Kayla: This is literally your wedding

Reading the moment of Jason’s death while listening to the Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men was a bad idea. I think I’ve cried my eyes out

Annabeth: why is the bottom of your pants wet?

Percy: there was a puddle

Annabeth: okay, but why did you jump in it???

Percy: it was a puddle

Will: Am I still saved in your contacts as “that annoying Camp medic”?


Nico: Your hair look wonderful today

Will: Answer the dam question

Will: You care about me!

Nico: I would sell you to the devil for a corn straw

Will: Last week someone tried to take my scarf and you broke their nose


Nico: I like to play this game called nap roulette, I take a nap and don’t set an alarm

Nico: Will it be 20 minutes or 20 hours? Nobody knows

This is why Trials of Apollo is my favorite book series

“Cause even when there is no star in sight
You’ll always be my only guiding light”
(Mumford & sons- Guiding Light)