if someone has a video of goin’ back to hogwarts from a very starkid reunion i will love u forever if you can send it to me


Making a teen character smoke cigarettes so that everyone will immediately know that this character is Edgy and Rebellious:

- Overdone

- Boring

- Promotes self destructive behaviors in the name of being different

Making a teen character get up on a stool and yell “MY MOM’S A BITCH” as the opening line of her first song in order to teach you that she is edgy, and only making her smoke cigarettes to give her a reason to constantly carry around a lighter so she can later burn down a mall to stop the birth of a god:

- Unique

- Incredibly cool and sexy

- The reason that the line “Either abandon your god or burn here with him” exists








shhhh he’s asleep

let him rest

hes had a very long day

He should be holding a Wiggly

I usually don’t reblog people’s additions to my posts but this is great

bitches will try out a slightly different brush and forget how to function

i’m bitches

here’s some good ol’ general john mac&cheese

You’ve been doing great so far!  Let’s keep the #FocusOnAction going for My Block, My Hood, My City!You’ve been doing great so far!  Let’s keep the #FocusOnAction going for My Block, My Hood, My City!

You’ve been doing great so far!  Let’s keep the #FocusOnAction going for My Block, My Hood, My City!  This organization is amazing and works every day to improve communities around Chicago, home of many SK productions!  


Their Explorer’s Program takes kids beyond their under-resourced neighborhoods to counteract “poverty of imagination,” and show them opportunities beyond what they’re used to seeing.  Explorations in the past have included taking students to tour art galleries, to learn how to sail, to serve meals to the homeless, to explore The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., and to engage in many more educational and life experiences.  Incredible! 

They also have multiple initiatives to support communities in Chicago that need it most.  The #HitTheHood initiative proactively put money and resources into the hands of community leaders to help curb violence on July 4th (a traditionally violent holiday in Chicago).  1-Day Block Club Training empowers community leaders with knowledge of technology and programs they can use to elevate the effectiveness of community organizing in Chicago.  And the Senior Viral response is making sure seniors have access to hand sanitizer, health supplements, toiletries, and food throughout this pandemic. 

In short (or slightly long), they are making one of our home cities, Chicago, so much better!  Please send your support their way!  https://www.formyblock.org/donate

and don’t forget to log your donation once you’re done.  http://www.teamstarkid.com/donation-log

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Visit http://www.teamstarkid.com/starkid-homecoming for more info!This special reunion concert will

Visit http://www.teamstarkid.com/starkid-homecoming for more info!

This special reunion concert will feature original cast members from our very first show (and performers from every StarKid show since), coming together for the first time in a decade to pay tribute to the musical that started it all. Get ready to go back to goblins, and ghosts, and magical beasts cuz to borrow a phrase from an old friend, it’s gonna be totally awesome.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will be rocking-out the Theatre at the Ace in Downtown Los Angeles on July 25, 2019. So dress your best, put on your dancin’ shoes, and we’ll see you at Homecoming!

Currently confirmed StarKid members participating include:

Nico Ager,Julia Albain,Clark Baxtresser,Jaime Lyn Beatty,Jeff Blim,Jamie Burns,Tyler Brunsman,Richard Campbell,Britney Coleman,Brant Cox,Darren Criss,Denise Donovan,Corey Dorris,Mariah Rose Faith,Elona Finlay,Arielle Goldman,Brian Holden,AJ Holmes, Angela Kiessel, Matt Lang, Nick Lang,Lauren Lopez,Corey Lubowich,Devin Lytle,Robert Manion,Jon Matteson,Lily Marks,Alle-Faye Monka,Joe Moses,Alex Paul,Sarah Petty,Amy Plouff,Jim Povolo,Joey Richter,Brian Rosenthal,June Saito,Dylan Saunders, Bonnie Socha (née Gruesen), Rachael Soglin,Meredith Stepien,Joe Walker,Lauren Walker, & Tiffany Williams.

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When the worlds at stake Reprise (The Trail to Oregon! Animatic)

I draw this weeks ago (18/12/2019), didn’t continue, open the file to check on it and decided to watch it run, kinda satisfy with the begining but I think I won’t finished the whole thing before second semester start, and that just a huge “going into a pile of WIP that I’m not going to touch again” kind of thing

so, i think i’ll post it here and hope that one day i’m going to draw it again.


i asked for ideas to draw from Instagram and look what I’ve got.

It’s a Prehistoric Power Couple.

What’s his name, everyone?

The Tiger Fucker!


From the prompt i get after i asked for ideas to draw from Instagram.

Watching Black Friday all i could focus on was Slick Haired Villian!Joey and Confused but Trying!Curt which brought back A Lot of Spies Are Forever feelings.

Also the movie theater scene but with curtwen

songs as tgwdlm characters

I made this with the sliver of energy I have so yeet


Last Snowstorm of The Year- Hippo Campus


Hard Out Here- Lily Allen


Cold Cold Man- Saint Motel


Luv, Hold Me Down- Drowners


I love you- Billie Eilish


Hotel Ceciling- Rixton


Younger Tied- Group Love or Let Me Down Slowly- Alec Benjamin


Sympathy For The Devil- The Rolling Stones


Mr. Davidson:

Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake

(The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals)

Bill: You should try to live life to the fullest! Cherish every moment of it, because you only get one life so it’s best to live it the best way you can!

Paul: There are only two reasons I live. 1) I was born, and 2) I haven’t died yet

(The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals)

The zombies: Don’t you want to be happy?

Paul: I don’t know, what’s it like?

(Holy Musical B@tman)

Alfred: Could you be sensible for once in your life?

Batman: I resent the implication that I am alive

Alfred: You are alive.

Batman: only on the outside


Okay, so I built Beanie’s and CCRP in the Sims 4 as yet another way to procrastinate writing the next chapter of my fic (which I am still working on, I have over 6,500 words for chapter 2 and it’s nowhere near done…). I did my best to get the layout to fit the staging, and I included as many little references as I could think of.

A list of all the references (that I can remember), alphabetised. Mostly for myself, but also in case anyone cares!


  1. Books on the coffee table - I imagine this is where Pete was studying.
  2. Satisfied Squirrel Hot Chocolate Kit - references both Peanuts the Hatchetfield Pocket Squirrel and Pete Spankoffski (Hot Chocolate Boy).
  3. Wallpaper (Retro Color Blocks) - looks a little bit like the squares used as the backdrop which were lit green for Beanie’s.

(I also put a university notebook in the break room, that is perhaps Emma’s)



  1. Cloning Machine - the making of the Pauls.
  2. Corbut - geode, perhaps taken from the meteor.
  3. Electroflux Wormhole Generator - an inter-dimensional doorway, maybe it will take you to the Black and White?
  4. Invention Convention and Robotics Workstation - everything you need to build Android Emma.
  5. Posters - aliens arriving and a suspicious singular eye on a purple background.
  6. Test Tube Room - there are 5 giant test tubes in the labs, the first four contain (in chronological order of appearance) Pokey, Wiggly, Blinky and Tinky (Nibbly is absent because I have yet to watch Honey Queen) with Webby watching over her brothers from the corner of the room.


  1. Bill’s Desk - Photos of Alice as a toddler, a child and a teen (a nightmare to both take and place).
  2. Charlotte’s Desk - Freezer Bunny Snow Globe to reference JLB’s recent Easter video, and a duck feather for Firebringer since only Jaime and Lauren had characters who worshipped the duck (Grunt wasn’t part of the tribe til after).
  3. Entrance - the actors seem to use Stage Right as the “door” to the office, so the entrance had to fit that.
  4. Geometric Honeycomb carpet - the Hive.
  5. Melissa’s Desk - Melissa enters Stage Left, so her desk had to line up, Llamacorns Team Photo is for the company softball league.
  6. Mr Davidson’s Office - had to be Stage Right, globe because CCRP is an international corporation.
  7. Paul’s Desk - Photo of him and Emma, Most Loyal Employee Award because Paul is shown to be very loyal, but also this is possibly the reason why they chose to clone him, Emily Snow Globe for the Emma-Emily line, and The Reaper Snow Globe for Jon’s attempt at Love Never Dies. Also a bi flag because Paul is bi.
  8. Ted’s Office - Ted pops out as Paul goes to leave, so his office is on the way out, Mysterious Time Capsule and Future Cube are only fitting for Time Bastard, Gonk figurine for Grunt in Firebringer.

(They all have “printers” by their desks in different colours because Paul mentions that Bill’s is HP laser jet where his is HP inkjet.)


  1. Sylvia’s desk

(Also in the front entrance, there is a Stock Ticker to reference “I hire you Pauls to keep our stocks high”)

Okay, so I built Beanie’s and CCRP in the Sims 4 as yet another way to procrastinate writing the next chapter of my fic (which I am still working on, I have over 6,500 words for chapter 2 and it’s nowhere near done…). I did my best to get the layout to fit the staging, and I included as many little references as I could think of.