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You’ve been doing great so far!  Let’s keep the #FocusOnAction going for My Block, My Hood, My City!You’ve been doing great so far!  Let’s keep the #FocusOnAction going for My Block, My Hood, My City!

You’ve been doing great so far!  Let’s keep the #FocusOnAction going for My Block, My Hood, My City!  This organization is amazing and works every day to improve communities around Chicago, home of many SK productions!  


Their Explorer’s Program takes kids beyond their under-resourced neighborhoods to counteract “poverty of imagination,” and show them opportunities beyond what they’re used to seeing.  Explorations in the past have included taking students to tour art galleries, to learn how to sail, to serve meals to the homeless, to explore The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., and to engage in many more educational and life experiences.  Incredible! 

They also have multiple initiatives to support communities in Chicago that need it most.  The #HitTheHood initiative proactively put money and resources into the hands of community leaders to help curb violence on July 4th (a traditionally violent holiday in Chicago).  1-Day Block Club Training empowers community leaders with knowledge of technology and programs they can use to elevate the effectiveness of community organizing in Chicago.  And the Senior Viral response is making sure seniors have access to hand sanitizer, health supplements, toiletries, and food throughout this pandemic. 

In short (or slightly long), they are making one of our home cities, Chicago, so much better!  Please send your support their way!  https://www.formyblock.org/donate

and don’t forget to log your donation once you’re done.  http://www.teamstarkid.com/donation-log

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I’m back to Starkid, so, I’ve watched “A Very Potter Senior Year and my very first reaction was: “That’s real Luna!” – meaning that it’s an actress who played Luna in the movies. That was cool. The plot is basically (mostly) based on the second book – “The Chamber of Secrets”, just Tom is showing Ginny through the diary… oh, sorry, journal flashbacks, which Dumbledore was showing Harry in the sixth book. We get to know why Tom’s always dancing – Dumbledore taught him. By the way, his dancing philosophy reminded me of something: “When the world sucks, just dance!” = “If your hands are shaking, make them jazz hands!” (From “The Prom”) Harry hearing the Basilisk – “Snake” was very funny! It was probably one of the best jokes, actually. I also liked, how Draco tries to remind Harry that they are friends and started retelling their school years – so, we get to know, that in the third year they actually got to Pigfarts and there were “singing, dancing and clean jokes”. Lockhart was also interesting – in this interpretation, he didn’t steal somebody’s deeds, but he steals muggle books and sells them in the magic world. (Spoilers!) He also made Hermione (who was in love with him and was writing explicit smut fanfiction based on his books) write him about Harry’s adventures, “fixed” it and wrote the original “Harry Potter” books that way. He was going to sell them in the muggle world. Harry, by the way, also had problems with Lockhart, because he was stealing his fame, so Harry tried to become popular again, but the only thing he did for it – broke up with Ginny. When the Chamber was open, he was accused of opening it – Lockhart said, that Potter decided to create a mystery for himself to solve it and restore popularity. By the way, there was an unexpected Death Note reference (that to see Tom, you have to touch the journal) – this stuff is pursuing me. Well, getting back to the plot – when all this Chamber stuff got intense Harry decided to leave, because he was under too much stress and pressure. He went to the Godric’s Hollow, opened the lucky snitch, found the resurrection stone inside it and talked to his parents, to Sirius and Remus. And to Cedric. Oh my god, Cedric Diggory and Lily – officially the weirdest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. Cedric and Lily are married in heaven. Harry also talked to Severus. Well, of course, then Ron brought him back to school, they fought the Basilisk and won. Everybody’s happy, the only victim in Scarfy (rest in peace), Ron proposes to Hermione and she says yes. The last scene, platform 9¾, Harry sends his son – Albus Scarfy to Hogwarts and that’s okay, but you know whom do we see next. Quirrell and Voldemort together (as at the end of the very first musical) sending their daughter to school. Oh good Lord in Hell, I cried and they did everything to make me – they made the girl call them “daddies”, they made Voldemort give a speech about found family and love and they made Quirrell say “Okay is wonderful!”. I’m super dead.  

Guys just imagine Reyna and Octavian aggressively singing This School is Mine from AVPSY to each other


You know nothing of my life

All I am is what I do

I cannot let you win

You snobbish, evil brat

Surrender now

Before I come for you


You will all bow down to me

Your reign is at an end

You are the not the Praetor you think

You are nothing but a fool

I see you now

You never were my friend


At last the lines are drawn into the sand

At last I know exactly where I stand

You may think that I am on the decline

But tonight this camp is mine!

Yes tonight this camp is mine!


Since people seemed to enjoy my Twisted one, I present a comparative analysis of plays based on Harry Potter:


Rules of playing Hide-and-seek in Hogwarts

by an annoyed Ravenclaw

1) Never let Hufflepuffs search, they are particularly good finders.

2) No hiding in The Room of Requirement.

3) Hiding/searching in Potions class and/or Snape’s office at your own responsibility.

4) Invisibility cloaks not allowed, Potter.

5) Being the seeker doesn’t give you the right to call other players “snitches”.

6) Cats do NOT count as Professor McGonagall.

7) Polyjuice potion is illegal.

I’ve just watched

“The guy who didn’t like musicals”

Note: If you don’t know what that is, go check out “Team Starkid” channel on YouTube, your life is going to get so much better


I mean it’s amazing as always, I wouldn’t expect anything less from team Starkid


So this is the first and only time I was disappointed by team Starkid in any way

It is still amazing though

La Dee Da Da Day is stuck in my head and I can’t get rid of it

(Also, I’m so gay for Lauren and Mariah)

(Also, they were singing Moana)

Harry uses Expelliarmus rather than Avada Kedavra because Hermione once told him that expelling is worse than death and he has learned not to question her judgement…