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Chevalier: Welcome to my very first vlog in which I try different hair products!

Chevalier: *sprays hairspray into his mouth*

Chevalier: Well, right off the bat, I can tell you this one is not very good



Liselotte: What did I say about batting your eyelashes at me?

Chevalier: *sad sigh* That it only works on Philippe.

Louis: I have the sharpest memory! Name one time I forgot something

Chevalier: you left me in a Walmart parking lot like three weeks ago

Louis: I did that on purpose. Try again.

Philippe: What are you doing?

Louis, standing on a chair: I’m the king. I can stand wherever I want, thank you very much.

Philippe:…where’s the spider?

Louis: It’s under the table get it for me please

Chevalier: Are you scared?

Philippe: No. I have this terrified look on my face because I’m having So. Much. Fun.

Philippe: There’s an unspoken rule where if this many people are trying to kill you, then you should be dead already.

Louis: Yeah, well, they all suck at killing

Louis: I’m having a problem with this person

Fabien: Then kill them


Fabien: Then I’ll kill them for you

Philippe: Why are there scratches all over your back?

Chevalier flashing back to the fight he had with a raccoon in the gardens: …I’m having an affair

Nicklas Backstrom: I’m afraid they’re going to ask me advice on how to dispose of a dead body.

Nicklas Backstrom: I mean, sodium hydroxide in a plastic bin. Google it. But leave me out of it.

Aphrodite: *hugging Apollo from behind* I love you so much

Aphrodite: But if you take my lipstick again I will kill you

Airheaded: I can draw really well!

Cat: I’m really athletic!

Mage: I can write really well.

Cool: I’m fucking gorgeous.

Energetic: I’m hilarious and likable!

Princess: I can dance really well.

Laid-back: I can breathe really well.

Laid-back: *chokes*

Cat, on the horse: Meowdy, Pawdner

The Team during a Group Call

Stubborn: Alright, important question for our friendship: when you go to the movie theater, do you ask for extra butter or regular butter or no butter?

Laid-back: I put Skittles- not Skittles… M&M’s with the popcorn!

Stubborn: Alright, I’m gonna remove Laid-back from this call…

Laid-back: Hold on ple- *disconnects*

Everyone Else: *bursts out laughing*

Ex-Dark Lord: Of course I have a bunch of pent up rage you fool I’ve been the same height since I was 12

Banned from the Bowling Alley for using my special move where I dribble the ball before shooting down the pins

- Energetic

Imperial Guard, having taken her in for questioning: Do you have a significant other?

Nymphthea Grey: I’m significant by myself.

Childe: I cut apple slices for my siblings when they go to school.

Jean: I help Barbara out with her studies once in a while.

Aether: I’m always looking out for Lumine when she gets in trouble.

Diluc: I threaten Kaeya sometimes.

Lupin:Will you go out with me?


Lupin:I have a good heart.

Snape:I don’t need a transplant.

(Bursting through the doors late to an Order meeting looking like death warmed over)

Snape:Sorry I’m late.

Sirius:You look like awful, I mean more awful than you usually look, which is quite an accomplishment.

Lupin:How much sleep did you get?


Lupin:What hours?

Snape:… minutes