The zine is now ready for pre order!

Get a fan made magazine filled with 90+ pages of amazing artwork, quizzes and interviews of the pjo characters!

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This was such a fun project to work on, and with such amazing people! Definitely a highlight of being in the fandom! <333

Seriously go check it out ;)

Special shoutout to @mochosum for making this all possible <3333

Also the animated Leo is available as Instagram giphys that you can use in your story :)


When all you wanted was a 2am burger with your cousins and you end up in the center of a roast sesh instead smh

Sticker number 2, submitted by @/perkabeth4ever

This was so much fun to draw <3

Buy the stciker here~

People on Instagram voted for them to be released as a bundle but I don’t wanna do that lol.

Plus the Lost trio sticker is taking a while to get done, it wouldn’t be taking this long if someone *glares at Leo* wasn’t that hard to draw but alas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, the Solaneglo sticker idea was submitted by dualquii on Instagram

Thanks for the suggestions, and for the follower count on Instagram lol, there are quite a few more of them than when this was announced so for those confused I made stickers to celebrate based on their suggestions.

Thelink to the stickers

Up next is Nico, Percy, and Thalia ;)

All you gotta do is trust me~Shipuary day 2: album cover I gotta say I didn’t really have a plan for

All you gotta do is trust me~

Shipuary day 2: album cover 

I gotta say I didn’t really have a plan for this one, but I did know I wanted to make something jasabeth related and I think it turned out well overall ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 

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A little sneak peek at what I’m working on for the Percy Jackson Zine ;) if you want more informatio

A little sneak peek at what I’m working on for the Percy Jackson Zine ;) 

if you want more information about it you can click here or ask me :)

( I don’t bite (*´▽`*) ) 


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When I say that I want a solangelo solo book I actually mean that I need a whole series of books about Nico since he was ten, because I need to know what this boy been doing (especially Tartarus)

Every time I remember that my boy Nico di Angelo had a crush on Percy Jackson I’m just *sigh* good thing you over him he doesn’t deserve you hon

Reading the moment of Jason’s death while listening to the Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men was a bad idea. I think I’ve cried my eyes out

Will: You care about me!

Nico: I would sell you to the devil for a corn straw

Will: Last week someone tried to take my scarf and you broke their nose


Nico: I like to play this game called nap roulette, I take a nap and don’t set an alarm

Nico: Will it be 20 minutes or 20 hours? Nobody knows

Nico, to a policeman: Don’t worry, I have a permit

Policeman: … This just says “I can do whatever I want”

Percy: I get my news from the only reliable source… Annabeth. Because I can say whatever I want and she will yell at me over the correct news

Nico: a pet rock is a fun pet until you realize that it’s immortal and you’ve curses it to an eternity of watching its loved ones die

Will: Nico, it’s 3 a.m. go to sleep