#incorrect pjo quotes


Will: You care about me!

Nico: I would sell you to the devil for a corn straw

Will: Last week someone tried to take my scarf and you broke their nose


Nico: I like to play this game called nap roulette, I take a nap and don’t set an alarm

Nico: Will it be 20 minutes or 20 hours? Nobody knows

Estelle: can we get McDonald’s?

Percy: no, we have food at home

*one oven burning later*

Percy: McDonald’s it is

Nico: *goes to hug Will*

Will, swatting Nico away: I am a southern lady, get your perverted paws off me

Percy: *throws water balloon at Jason*

Jason: *stops conversation with Piper to moan* DADDY, IM WET

Piper: *cackles*

Will, teaching Nico to sing: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do

Nico, singing while blushing: Do Re Mi Fa S-

Percy, singing horribly off-key:SOL-AN-GEL-O

Percy: What flavour is this?

Annabeth: This is shampoo…

Percy: What flavour tho? It’s so blue!


Piper: Answer him

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Piper: Truth or Dare?

Annabeth: Percy can’t do dares.


Percy:I have no regard for my personal safety.

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Grover: What is the capital of Belgium


Annabeth,thinking: Is he serious???

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Apollo: Here is the hand sanitizer you asked for.

Athena: Thanks! Keeping your hands clean is important.

Dionysus, drinking his fifth shot: I think keeping your insides clean is more important


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Hermes: *pouring Coffee into his energy drink*

Athena: dude just do cocain

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Athena: so you are like 13, right?

Annabeth: Mom, I’m 17!

Athena: great I know nothing about children

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Poseidon: Look! Athena is smiling in her sleep


Poseideon: I wonder how she killed me this time

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[Midnight emergency meeting of cabin 10]

Piper: Are you wearing make up?

Drew: Of course! If I die in my sleep or get murdered in the middle of the night I need to look drop dead gorgeous!

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Annabeth: it’s so dark in here! Do you have a flashlight?

Percy: I don’t need one cuz I have all the light I need in here-


Percy: on my feet *stomps and shoes start flashing*

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Annabeth: *driving a car*

Percy, looking out the window:OMG

Annabeth: WHAT?! WHAT!!

Percy: that dog is so fluffy


Percy: nah… just cool dogs…

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Frank: What if Hazel kisses me?

Percy: You kiss her back!

Frank: Okay, but why her back?


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Nico: I’m tired of people telling me to ‘Go to the infirmary’ and that I’ve 'lost a lot of blood’. It’s my stab wound, not yours. So stay out of it.


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Percy: Ugh, class was so boring

Annabeth: How would you know? You were asleep the whole time!

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Leo, bursting into the room: How dare you

Percy, instantly: How dare ME? How dare YOU! wait what is this about?

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Something: *blows up*

Annabeth: percy, what did you do?

Percy: my best

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Leo: I’ve been learning a lot about computers in IT class but I’m still waiting for the clown

Annabeth: I have to tell you something…

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Percy: I wanna cuddle with you 23/7

Annabeth: Why not 24/7

Percy: snack breaks

Annabeth: … of course

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Annabeth: I’m back!

Piper: Cool, Leo broke all the toilets and Percy’s hand is stuck on the ceiling.

Annabeth: I was gone for 10 minutes.

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Percy: I think I did okay

*distant explosion*

Annabeth: *giving The Look*

Percy: maybe not…

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