#incorrect hoo quotes


Will: You care about me!

Nico: I would sell you to the devil for a corn straw

Will: Last week someone tried to take my scarf and you broke their nose


Nico: I like to play this game called nap roulette, I take a nap and don’t set an alarm

Nico: Will it be 20 minutes or 20 hours? Nobody knows

Nico: a pet rock is a fun pet until you realize that it’s immortal and you’ve curses it to an eternity of watching its loved ones die

Will: Nico, it’s 3 a.m. go to sleep

Estelle: can we get McDonald’s?

Percy: no, we have food at home

*one oven burning later*

Percy: McDonald’s it is

Percy: It’s June!!! This is the one month of the year we get to be gay!!

Annabeth: …you know you can be gay all year right?

Percy: Ya, but that’s for like gay people. I’m not gay I just enjoy doing gay things.

Annabeth: Then your probably gay!!!!

percy: WHO THE FUCK-

annabeth: language



annabeth: much better, thank you

leo: do it no balls

piper: uh yeah no balls im not fucking WEAK i have ovaries

octavian: water is absolutely not wet. end of discussion.

reyna: is “water” slang for “any woman within a five mile radius” now?

Hazel: *yawns*

Frank: Yeah, being cute must be tiring

Hazel *tilts head*: Then you must be exhausted

Percy *from the other side of the room*:Awwwwwh

Leo: What goes up, but never comes down?

Frank: The level of stress you bring into my life.

Leo: I had a dream that I was arrested for tax evasion. Which is weird, I don’t even pay taxes.


Jason: That’s… the definition of tax evasion.

Jason:You either finish your homework and pass all of your classes, or you drop out of highschool and end up being a worker at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Piper: So if I don’t do my work, we can go get McDonald’s?


Piper, tossing him car keys: You’re driving.

Leo: Ayo, what are you up to?

Jason: *doing buzfeed quiz: Which potato chip flavor are you?*

Jason, sweating:

Jason, finally: Watching porn-

Percy:Having a life crisis? Pop a choccy milk.

Frank:I’m lactose intolerant.

Percy:Get some lactose-free choccy milk.

Hazel:Wait a minute, someone’s created lactose-free milk? Jeez, this world astonishes me everyday.