#incorrect percy jackson


Percy: I get my news from the only reliable source… Annabeth. Because I can say whatever I want and she will yell at me over the correct news

Estelle: can we get McDonald’s?

Percy: no, we have food at home

*one oven burning later*

Percy: McDonald’s it is

Percy: *winks at Annabeth unsubtly*

Annabeth: Did you just wink at me?

Percy: I dont know, you tell me *winks again*

Annabeth: I honestly couldn’t tell ya

Percy: Did i go to far?

Annabeth: No, no, no, you went to far eight hours ago, now your going to jail

Annabeth *calling Percy*: Where the hell are you? I’ve been trying to reach you for hours!

Percy: Oh yea, well we just went to the bar, got into a small fight, then we left and uhhh

Grover *mouthing: Escape room

Percy: And then we went to an escape room

Annabeth: Who the hell goes to an escape room after a bar fi- your in jail aren’t you?

Percy *trying to pick the lock*: It’s a room and we’re trying to escape!

Grover (while Percy is missing and he and Annabeth are complaining together): What about me? What if something happens to Percy and he never gets to meet my girlfriend? I don’t wanna hang out with some stupid girl who hasn’t met Percy

Chiron *walks in the big house*: What are you seven doing, offering some sort of sacrifice?

Percy: Yea and it me

Jason: No, it’s not, no one wants to touch that

Percy: Okay, first of all, ouch

Leo: Hey, wanna see a butterfly?


Annabeth: Please don’t

Percy: Hell yeah!

Leo: *yeets butter across the room*

Leo: Frankly I’m offended you would even think of me as the person who set the kitchen on fire. Shame on you.

Annabeth: So it wasn’t you?

Leo: No it definitely was but i’m still offended

Leo: *eating something*

Annabeth: Hey Leo, what are you eating?

Leo: *starts eating faster*


Fanfiction tropes as Hogwarts houses.

(Or alternatively, which hogwarts house is likely to be involved in said tropes.)

Gryffindor: rivals to friends to lovers, there was only one bed, accidentally locked themselves in a confined space (absolutely the kind of dumbassery you would expect from a gryff), idiots in love, truth and dare, OBLIVIOUSNESS, coming of age.

Hufflepuff: friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, coffee shop au, FLUFF, song fics, childhood best friends, neighbors, mutual pining, accidental confession (lmfao), hot cold dynamics, soulmate au.

Ravenclaw: office romance, METAPHORS, book shop au (obviously), bonding over common interests, letter/email fics, soft nerds, project partners, DARK ACADEMIA, domestic as hell, “and they were roommates”.

Slytherin: enemies to friends to lovers (duh), Fake dating, arranged marriage, partners in crime, immortal lovers, vampire/veela/supernatural elements, Never have I ever, ANGST, secret pining, “make me.” ‘nuff said.

It kinda makes sense in a weirdly specific way if you think about it.

Guys just imagine Reyna and Octavian aggressively singing This School is Mine from AVPSY to each other


You know nothing of my life

All I am is what I do

I cannot let you win

You snobbish, evil brat

Surrender now

Before I come for you


You will all bow down to me

Your reign is at an end

You are the not the Praetor you think

You are nothing but a fool

I see you now

You never were my friend


At last the lines are drawn into the sand

At last I know exactly where I stand

You may think that I am on the decline

But tonight this camp is mine!

Yes tonight this camp is mine!

Frank: *holds the door open for Hazel* After you.

Hazel: No, after you.

Frank: I insist, after you.

Reyna: *pushes past both of them* After me.

Hazel: You deserve an award for putting up with me.

Frank: You are my reward <3

Percy *turning to Annabeth*: You deserve an award for putting up with me.

Annabeth: Yeah, you can be a real bitch sometimes.


Jason: waddup bro

Percy: youd marry me if I asked right

Jason: id marry the shit out of you man


Nico: Shut up

Will: Anyways

Nico: Not in a rude way.

Nico: Shut up in a gentle way.

Nico: Shut up, darling.

Nico: Love is weakness and an evolutionary mistake

Jason: You’re literally making a Valentine’s day card for Will right now.

Nico *pointing his hot glue gun threateningly*: You’re on thin fucking ice

Will: Truth or dare, Nico. GO!


Will: How many times have you been nice to yourself today?

Nico: …. Dare

Will: Say you’re proud of yourself

Nico: I don’t like this game

Nico: I want to wake up with you every day for the rest of our lives

Will: I wake up at 6 am

Nico: ….. I want to see you at some point every day for the rest of our lives

Nico: I found out my sexuality yesterday.

Jason: Oh, did you? That’s great!

Nico: Yeah, I’m yarrsexual.


Nico: You know?


Nico: I be attracted to pirates matey.


Jason: You can be so weird sometimes.

the seven and nico as lorde quotes

All hail the prettier jesus :)))

Piper -this dream isn’t feeling sweet

Annabeth - if being afraid is a crime we hang side by side

Percy - blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you

Jason -you know, we’re on each others team

Leo- and I’ve never felt more alone

Hazel -every perfect summer’s eating me alive

Frank -and ill never go home again

Nico- got a million bad habits to kick , not sleeping is one