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God nerfed us twenty somethings (and late teens) by not giving us a live percy jackson adaptation when we were growing up because he knew we’d be too powerful/too annoying if that had happened.

Oh I’m sorry, I mean.The gods*


When all you wanted was a 2am burger with your cousins and you end up in the center of a roast sesh instead smh

Sticker number 2, submitted by @/perkabeth4ever

This was so much fun to draw <3

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Thalia: I may be dumb and have non-coherent logic, and maybe I forgot the word for airport yesterday, but at least I’m not attracted to men.

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can you believe that Thalia created punk culture?

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a sketchy comic of luke and thalia from percy jackson as kids. luke says, so, uh. we're responsible for a small child now. thalia says, shit. my life is not together enough for this. luke, indignant, says, thalia, we can't swear. thalia looks disgusted and says, we can't swear?! then she looks thoughtful and says, my mom definitely swore at me when i was 7 and i turned out fine. luke says no you didn't. thalia says no i didn't. she takes a deep breath and says, okay. fine. no swearing. we got this.


a fully colored image of luke, thalia, and little annabeth in the woods. annabeth is saying FUCK in giant lettering. luke glares at thalia and says, what the fuck have you done. thalia zaps him and replies, wasn't me, bitch

secret full version of this post that i never posted cuz i was like ooooh im gonna color the sketches lol that never happened but its fine in this house we post unfinished art


So@starlinks​ commissioned me to draw a scene from their fanfiction (you can find it here) which explores pjo’s world from Annabeth’s pov in a god!Percy AU and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while. 

Her eighth birthday was spent on the run but it was the best birthday she had ever had. She had a family, and it wasn’t just an illusion of one.

They’d spent the night before in an abandoned elementary school somewhere in suburban New Jersey. It was a good spot to set up camp, and Thalia and Luke were thinking of converting it as their latest safe house.

It wasn’t a terribly wealthy neighborhood, but they had managed to sneak in some cold soggy tuna sandwiches and canned clam chowder from a supermarket after dark. Thalia heated it up with the school’s (surprisingly functional after a zap of electricity) microwave in a teacher’s lounge.

It was the most delicious thing Annabeth’s had in a month.

To her pleasant surprise, Luke and Thalia had also managed to grab a sheet cake (how?!) along with some colored candles.

Annabeth remembered that Thalia was laughing and swiping colored icing on Luke’s cheeks as she attempted to spell out Annabeth’s name on the cake. It ended up being horribly misspelled, but Annabeth couldn’t care less. In the meantime, Luke blew up balloons to decorate the classroom for her “birthday party.” He drew a multi-layered birthday cake on the blackboard, telling Annabeth that it’s the cake he and Thalia will bake her the next year, for her ninth birthday.

Afterall, they were nearly there, a few weeks away from a safe haven for people like them.

“Are we going to be a family forever?” She asked.

“Yes,” Thalia said, “Yes we are.”

Annabeth wished for the same thing before blowing out all the candles on her cake.

Luke took a picture of that moment, then, with a Polaroid camera they found in one of the classrooms. Annabeth kept the photo by her side for years. Since the Second Titan War, it’s been tucked away in a dusted box underneath her desk on Olympus, labeled “memories – do not open.”

Piper: I spilt Lipstick in your Valentino bag

Aphrodite: You spilt lipstick in my White Valentino bag!?!

Apollo: *shoots a gun in the living room*


Nico: Like this vine if you ever get that one feeling that you wanna die and you feel like its monday

I love creating these so much.

  • Apollo spends time with all of his children. He visits Camp a lot, and they do things together. Watching movies, going hiking, arguing about the books they’ve been reading. He’s not sure that he’s a very good father, but he’s trying.
  • He also takes time for each of them individually. He takes Austin to watch jazz bands and when Austin gets a slot performing at a small venue, Apollo is in the crowd.
  • It turns out Will has a natural talent for driving the sun chariot. Apollo is relieved that he doesn’t have to relive the terror of letting Thalia take the wheel. Thank the gods his child is better at driving than his sister. Sometimes he and Will head out from camp and just drive around, listening to music and talking. Will has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and it gives him a break.
  • Kayla is extremely competitive, and she’s never disheartened that her father has an unnatural ability in archery. In fact, she uses it as motivation to improve. They talk about the process of qualifying for the Olympics and what she’ll need to do. Apollo becomes her unofficial coach, and he even gets to meet her other dad again at one of her competitions.
  • He takes time getting to know his other children. At first, they’re confused. Was he always at Camp? Did he distance himself from them until they got there? He chooses to be honest with them. He could lie, and tell them he’s always visited Camp Half-Blood. But he knows now that he only hurts people by lying and pretending that he’s a better person than he is.
  • Piano lessons with Meg are predictably chaotic. He discovers that god or not, she’s not afraid to punch him in the ribs when he annoys her, which she seems to do more often than is reasonable. It unnerves him that Peaches also seems to show up every time he’s teaching Meg, as if he’s threatening Apollo.
  • Nico remains thoroughly unimpressed by him, but they begin to develop a friendship. He understands that Nico is reserved because he’s hurting. Apollo doesn’t push him to talk, but he makes it clear that if Nico ever needs anything, he will do what he can. He is happy to see that Nico and Will are happy together, and sometimes Apollo will take over healing duties at Camp so that Will can take time off and take Nico on a date.
  • Weekly pinochle tournaments are now a thing. Apollo and Dionysus have even drawn up a score board, and they take the competition seriously. At least, that’s what they like to pretend. Really, they just enjoy spending time together and talking as brothers. Chiron is resigned to their competitive attitude, but he can always be found on the porch, talking with them.
  • During their first winter break, Percy and Annabeth drop by and visit Camp. There are fewer people there than during the summer, but sometimes, less is more. The year rounders decorate the dining pavilion and all of the cabins, and even Mr. D gets into the Christmas spirit after being pestered by Nico, and agrees to decorate the big house. He tried to protest, arguing that Greek gods do not celebrate Christmas, but after the fifth zombie popped up in his path he gave up and agreed to join in. Percy and Annabeth bring lots of stories from Camp Jupiter and their first semester at New Rome University. They also bring plenty of photos of Estelle, and all of the campers agree that she is family.
  • They Iris message the Waystation, Meg, and Hazel and Frank at Camp Jupiter. Who knew four-way Iris messages were possible. Suddenly the room is full of familiar faces and voices, exchanging news. Apollo thinks that in all of his life, this is the most perfect holiday he’s ever had.

See my original headcanons.

I don’t know why but I have this headcanon that the Apollo kids have an older sister who lives in NYC. She’s like 22 or something as of TOA, so she was only around 19 when Lee was killed and then a year later Michael died, so she feels pretty responsible because she’d gone off to college to start her life, and although she rushed to join the battles she couldn’t save her brothers.

But she’s that cool older sister. She’s really into music, she plays guitar in a band and sings, and when she was a kid she participated in a lot of theater. When Will and Nico are annoyed with everyone at camp she lets them crash at her place and they stay up late watching tv and she doesn’t care if they go to the movies and come home late as long as she knows they’re safe.

She doesn’t take any shit from Mr. D and she’s only two years older than Castor and Pollux so was pretty good friends with them when they were all kids. She’d just laugh when Mr. D would try giving her a hard time and he has grudging respect for her because of this.

She was left at camp when she was really young, younger than Annabeth even and so she looks up to Chiron as a parent. She’s tried to be there for her younger siblings, but in that chaotic way you do when you’re not raised in a typical family and don’t actually have a great role model to follow. She remembers the things Chiron taught her, not just about studying but also about being kind and showing up for your friends, and she tries to model those things in how she interacts with her siblings.

She listens to Will and tries to guide him through his task of leading the Apollo cabin. Austin hangs out with her and they play music together and she takes him to see all the cool bands in the city. Kayla is relieved that she has an older sister and they talk about growing up and figuring out who you want to be and how you’re supposed to have anything close to a normal dating life when you live at Camp Half-Blood. Neither of them are really interested in their hair or makeup but sometimes they will dye each other’s hair and they wander around the stores and pick out ridiculous outfits that they think are ugly and are never going to buy.

Apollo disappointed her a lot. He was never really there for her, as he was never there for any of them. And there’s a part of her that resented him for this, particularly after Lee died and he didn’t even visit any of them. But she would have never considered joining Luke to fight against the gods. Not because she thinks the gods are right, she doesn’t. But because she loves Camp Half-Blood and everyone who lives there too much, and she wants to build something better, not tear down the world.

So there you go. A headcanon that has absolutely no basis in anything RR has written but that still feels very real to me.

“ percy jackson icons ” ✧ !!

art: viria

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ID: A digital painting of Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson series. She is pale, with shiny , spiked black hair and electric blue eyes. She has black eyeshadow smeared around her eyes, and a grieving expression on her face. The eyeshadow streams down her face with tears, and her lip is bleeding. She wears a spiked leather jacket, gray t-shirt, a choker, and a necklace with one golden bead on it. Her right arm is angled forward, reaching with something. The background is gray with swirling clouds.
ID: A digital painting of Luke Castellan from the Percy Jackson series. He is a tan white man, with golden-blonde hair that hangs in his eyes. He has a long scar over the left side of his face. He has an expression that is both pained and taunting. His face is bruised and scratched, his eyes have heavy dark circles around them, and his lip is split open. He is sweating. He wears a blue t-shirt with a bloody slash across his chest, and a necklace with colored beads peeks out from under the shirt. Thalia's bronze spear point is at his throat, pressing in slightly. The background is gray with swirling clouds.


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Bonding in Elysium:

Luke: My first girlfriend turned into a pine tree.


Jason: That’s rough, buddy.

Judging you based on the 10th character you add when talking about The Seven + Nico and Reyna

Will: Solangelo shipper spotted. It’s probably your favorite ship. You will go to the ends of the earth to tell people that Will Solace is actually a good character guys.

Thalia: You probably enjoyed the og series more. Girlboss TM. You either hate or love Luke, no in between.

Rachel:You will defend her with your life. Severely disappointed with he lack of appearances in HoO. Chances are that BoTL or tLO are your favorite book.

Grover:You are cool. I like you. You will go to the ends of the earth to tell people that Grover was Percy’s best friend, not Jason.

Calypso: You ship Caleo, don’t you? You like to mostly take the books at face value.

Magnus and Alex: You are few and far between, but you are very cool. Your favorite riordanverse series is Magnus Chase. You probably don’t even post about the seven a lot.

People who replace Reyna with Will: Why??? Why not just make him the 10th character??? I don’t understand??? Why do so many people do this???

I wish we had a scene in TLO in which Thalia talks to Luke. Thats all.

The way people hate the H in Thalia’s that they’ll even go as far as to spell it Talia. Like cmon

Percy jackson character and their neurodivergence:

Percy: obviously extremely ADHD. this man is the poster child for it.

Annabeth: adhd and she’s autistic. She also was a “gifted kid” but had bad burn out. People think Percy’s the autistic one, but no. It’s Annabeth. Her not masking makes people think she’s a bitch. Also OCD

Jason:deadADHD but like, the kind that was diagnosed late in life and now he’s struggling to catch up. Also he suffers from adhd tics bc of electricity

Piper: she’s autistic. My proof? Hot girls have autism. I will not be taking criticism.

Leo: oh so adhd and autistic. That’s why him and Piper got along. They are very blunt with each other and people think it’s weird. They don’t even need to speak. I’d even say he’s a little ocd but hey.

Hazel: I strongly believe all hades kids are autistic. She gets offended when people say her autism is “acceptable” and has tried to throw hands on more than one occasion when people talked about Nicos autism and how he’s “unliveable” and “creepy”

Frank: idk man. He’s like. Normal? Idk i love him but he might have like ibs? Gotta nerf him some how. He orders for the group when someone’s anxieties too high

Nico: oh man. He is autistic through and through. Same with Annabeth, people think he’s an asshole when he’s not masking. Thanks to Will that’s changing tho. He has adhd, autism, anxiety, homosexuality, depression, Italian, ptsd. This man got nerfed

Rachel: oh she is so autistic. When her and Nico talk, people are scared they’re gonna hurt one another but it’s just vibes. It’s why her and Percy got along but she and Annabeth clashed.

Will: not actually autistic. He thought he might be bc of his friend group but he just has really bad adhd. He hyper focuses and can disappear for hours-days at some points. Lots of the autistic campers go to him bc he’s patient and gentle. Also they think he’s cute. But he can have bad anger issues bc of his dad. Thanks Apollo

Bianca: again, adhd and autism. But she got in trouble a lot so she learned to mask very early on so people would stop calling her weird. She felt bad for Nico but she couldn’t help him with it.

Calypso: she’s a god so,,, I know she doesn’t have autism or her and Leo would have worked out better. Trust me I’m an expert.

Thalia: autism love. And me and girlies know about five people just like her. She also has zero (0) impulse control. Adhd and autism. But her ADHD is stronger.

Reyna: absolutely nothing. FUCK NO. autism babes. Again, why her and Nico got along so well. Also there’s a high chance of being ace and having autism so I’m not even assuming. It’s now canon.

 hey, little brother02.21.14: been having some grace family feels lately, figured i’d draw t

hey, little brother


been having some grace family feels lately, figured i’d draw the two siblings back when things were less complicated. thalia and jason are both such amazing characters it makes me wanna cry ; v ;

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camp half-blood realistic portraits part 1

disclaimer: these are not solely drawings. i used AI generation apps/websites (artbreeder and faceapp) to make them look realistic








mr. d/dionysus


coach hedge











camp half-blood realistic portraits part 3

camp half-blood realistic portraits part 4

toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together toastchild: My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together


My tiny Percy Jackson couples master post! Realized I’ve never posted them all together before.

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Thalia Grace - Before and After MemeBefore: 9th July 2013After: 16th June 2017

Thalia Grace - Before and After Meme

Before: 9th July 2013
After: 16th June 2017

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In case you didn’t know, I love Thalia Grace.

In case you didn’t know, I love Thalia Grace.

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bibinella:This is how I imagine Thalia tbh


This is how I imagine Thalia tbh

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okay, so:

Rachel is literally one of the richest people in the country…all she had to do was say her full name and that chauffeur in botl immediately cancelled on his client to drive her and her friends around. When you add her wealth and status to the fact that she’s very outspoken about her family’s entire business and organizes and promotes multiple protests and does performance art…like. she’s popular online. no doubt.

Piper’s dad is supposed to be like, the hottest guy in Hollywood, and even though those girls from the wilderness school didn’t recognize her, he doesn’t really strike me as the type of celebrity parent to shield her from the media or events- he wants her to enjoy and take advantage of the privilege she has. I’m sure he’s got her plastered all over his social media and takes her as his date to every red carpet premiere. When you take into account she’s a Troubled Youth™, I’m sure gossip mags and anyone who likes celebrity kids is obsessed with her. 

Annabeth, since Magnus is ‘’’’dead’’’’, is legally the sole heir to her family’s entire fortune, and technically owns the building that Blitz and Hearth are running that wonderful homeless youth shelter out of. I’m sure that will get her some media coverage. 

And then we’ve got…Percy, the kid everyone remembers blew up the St. Louis Arch and I’m SURE there are still debates about whether he was really a hostage or not years later. Frank, who’s grandmother was a wealthy business woman, who hasn’t been seen since his family’s estate mysteriously exploded. Thalia and Jason, who are literally the missing children of a disgraced Hollywood starlet. Don’t you think this could…get messy?

Like…Percy popping up on Rachel and Annabeth’s instagrams, and people who recognize him are just like ‘hey what the fuck’, and internet sleuths who have been obsessed with that case look further into it, and realize Annabeth was also involved in the mysterious kidnapping/terrorist streak, then looking further into her and realizing…apart from her and her nuclear family, everyone she’s related to has died under very mysterious circumstances? Magnus was pulled out of a river with a hole burned into his abdomen. Randolph’s wife and children drowned at sea, Randolph was thrown down a cavern or something, Magnus’ mother was mauled by wolves in her apartment in the middle of Boston…like hello? Then they realize there’s no record of Annabeth like, existing, between the ages of 7 and 12, and…does this bitch even have a birth certificate? Her father’s a notable professor and author, but there’s no mention of her mother anywhere, not even a single picture, and when pressed his life long friends said he just showed up with a baby one day, without even having ever mentioned he was seeing a woman…so this baby just? appeared? one day, with no warning, and now she’s an heiress who owns a homeless shelter in a city she doesn’t live in? what the fuck? The internet sleuths started out trying to crack the mystery of the Arch Bombing and somehow opened up a whole other can of worms.

Oh, right- the bomber! How does Percy Jackson know Rachel Elizabeth Dare?! The conspiracy theorists are worried about that- maybe it wasn’t a kidnapping, maybe the kid really was on a crime spree, and now maybe Rachel is looking to take her protests up to a new level and is looking at this criminal mastermind for help. Some weirdo who knows how to use a facial recognition program and has too much time on his hands identifies them both as being present at the Hoover Dam Riots from a few years ago- the riot that lead to the destruction of those angel statues! The sleuths are then able to pull up an article tying both of them to an explosion at their high school- but with Rachel’s father’s wealth and Percy’s stepfather being a respected teacher there, it’s no wonder charges were dropped! They then find some other weird, buried reports- Rachel stealing a helicopter and flying it into Manhattan? Rachel appearing to have deranged, mysterious ‘episodes’ in the middle of class? Wait, what the fuck- Percy’s school principal reported him as a missing person, and his mother and stepfather were uncooperative with the police investigation? Then Percy showed up 8 months later and claimed his aunt kidnapped him, but wouldn’t give the police any information past that?

So the sleuths start digging into those 8 months- there’s security camera footage showing Percy, looking haggard and homeless, stealing a cop car? around the area of that huge explosion in Rome? spotted all around Greece in the days before the bombing at the Parthenon? What the fuck

Then, holy shit- they find footage of him and missing teen Frank Zhang getting onto a private plane less than 20 minutes after the Zhang estate was blown up?? These conspiracy theorists aren’t even barely ready for this rabbit hole. The Zhang kid isn’t very active on social media, but combing through Percy Jackson’s pages they’re able to find a few images of him. Recent, post-estate bombing ones. Most of them appear to be goofy selfies with Percy and an unidentified girl that was also spotted on the security footage with them, but there’s one group shot that catches everyone’s eyes- because apart from featuring the weird Chase girl, what the fuck is that Tristan McLean’s daughter????

So they start combing through Piper’s pages- she’s more active than the Zhang kid, but apart from posting her mugshots with goofy captions, going on rants about meat-eaters, and posting videos of her dad being weird, she doesn’t have a lot of information. Except…one internet sleuth that joined this internet search party swears she recognizes a boy that pops up in a lot of pics on her instagram. Some more digging and they got it- it’s Leo Valdez, the kid who was accused of killing his mother! He’s got some cousins that have been trying to clear his name for years now, but they haven’t been able to find him because he keeps running from foster homes, they have a whole page dedicated to people trying to track him down! They contact the Valdez family members, and they’re elated to find out he’s alive and safe- but then it becomes a question of how does he know Piper McLean and what was he doing with her, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Frank Zhang in Greece around the time of the Parthenon bombing???

They start looking into the other two teenagers pictured with the group in Greece- they can’t find anything on the young girl, other than the Jackson kid referring to her as ‘Hazel’ in some of his posts, but the other boy…

He’s not very active online- just some aesthetic coffee shop pics, a few blurry selfies, and designs for what appears to be an architecture project at his school. But his username is ‘*disgraced*’, he’s called ‘Jay’ and ‘Jason’ in posts by his friends, he’s got blond hair, striking blue eyes, and a very specific scar on his lip…


Sleuths completely drop the bomb plot at this fucking point, and put all their energy in finding out if this is The Jason Grace, and- they literally can’t find a record of this person before he suddenly started appearing on Piper McLean’s and Leo Valdez’ media profiles. It looks like all his social accounts were started in August of the year he would’ve turned sixteen. But he’s the right age, he looks close to the computer generated age-up pictures made for the case, and- holy shit someone found a picture on Percy Jackson’s instagram of Jason and a girl called Thalia!

People are losing their minds- this girl looks a lot younger than the 20-something Thalia should be, but Beryl Grace was known for her innocent baby-faced look, so that can explain the difference between her and the aged-up picture. Same striking blue eyes as the boy next to her, same freckle pattern splashed across her nose, same raven hair and sharp smile that made her one of Hollywood’s biggest beauties before she could even talk properly. 

She doesn’t seem to have any social media herself, but pops up in quite a few of Jackson’s and the Chase girl’s pictures. Once Beryl Grace’s old friends, who have been searching for her children for years, see the picture of the smiling siblings together, it’s nothing but tears. They’re insistent that these are absolutely the Grace siblings, and are begging the police in charge of their case to track them down. They want to know they’re safe! And the rest of the world wants answers! Where have they been for all these years!

And how are they connected to what appears to be an ongoing bombing/murder/money grabbing plot????

what is going on here?!?!?!

 All this information gets dragged up in less than a month. People are going full Pepe Silvia level crazy trying to piece everything together. Netflix has already announced a conspiracy documentary about the hunt for the truth about this band of kids and what their end goal is.

Chiron’s just sitting at Camp Halfblood watching all this shit go down like:

Annabeth’s little brothers Bobby and Matthew are going Full Feral Gen Z online to fan the flames of conspiracy, “oh yeah the first time we met Percy Jackson and Thalia Grace they stole our dad’s car and drove it off a mountain”, “one time Annie stabbed a man in front of us”, they post a tik tok of what appears to be Annabeth and Percy drenched in blood and dust cleaning off weapons??? They set an ABBA song over it??? Everyone’s losing their minds but then one day on a live stream people start asking if they know Why their sister and her friends are like this and they just dead pan, ‘oh, they’re all demigods. the ancient gods are all real and it just gets messy for their kids sometimes, Annie’s mom is Athena-” and everyone is like ah. they’re just assholes feeding us false information. (they still post tik toks like ‘put a finger down if one time your sister took you out for ice cream but then this weird man who would later hold the titan kronos in his body showed up and begged her to run away with him so he could avoid the kronos thing even though she was like 15 and he was an adult and then she pulled out a knife and told him she should slit his throat after all he’s put her through but then he called her out on her bluff but still accepted the rejection and left and then she offered to get you a second helping of ice cream if you didn’t tell your parents about that whole thing and then later the ice cream parlor was attacked by a snake woman’ lmao)

Anyway, desktop detectives keep pressuring the police and the fbi and whoever the fuck to look into this whole thing deeper and make some arrests, but they can’t, because while everything that’s been surfaced is suspicious, it’s all circumstantial. The only ones that actually have arrest records are Piper and Leo( and Leo’s was without evidence, as his cousins are still fighting to get the case reopened!), all charges on Percy and Rachel have already been dropped or overturned, there’s absolutely nothing physically connecting Annabeth and her father to their family’s deaths, Frank was never actually a suspect in his family’s fire and while the footage with Percy was suspicious it wasn’t illegal, and they still haven’t been able to physically produce the Grace Siblings or even get a phone number for either of them, so like….all that plus the occasional intervention of the Mist, even though it absolutely looks like this is a whole criminal master plot…they can’t prove it! Just taking a group picture on a boat in Greece isn’t enough to legally claim they bombed the Parthenon!

This all comes to a head when the Netflix docuseries premieres, full of the online theorists who pieced this whole puzzle together but where unable to find the last piece that would connect the whole plot and make it make sense….

Percy Jackson films a video of him and all his friends who are fingered in the docuseries watching and reacting to it. They think it’s completely hilarious. He posts the video to his youtube channel (which Sally later Murders him for) and it’s the top trending video for like…half a fucking year. 

like…the drama. the mess. the conspiracy. I want it. 

amazing, beutiful, spectacular, stunning

What… happened in the later Percy Jackson books?

Question: Are the demigods intersex?

I love all the riordanverse women of course, but all of them are the prime definition of women written by a man

The Big Four of the OG series: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, and our Lord and SavioThe Big Four of the OG series: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, and our Lord and SavioThe Big Four of the OG series: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, and our Lord and SavioThe Big Four of the OG series: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, and our Lord and Savio

The Big Four of the OG series: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, and our Lord and Savior Thalia Grace. I wanted to do a thing with their fatal flaws after rereading the first five books, and this is what I ended up with:) For those of you back at school, good luck!

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Thalia Grace fanart

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Thought I’d share some sketches from today and yesterday :p

Thalia, daughter of Lightning

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Hey!!!  I had the chance to be part of this PJO zine: OLYMPUS. It’s a fanzine created to feel like a

Hey!!!  I had the chance to be part of this PJO zine: OLYMPUS. 

It’s a fanzine created to feel like a magazine (with all the cool magazine segments and so much stunning art!!!)  It’s a 90+ page zine that includes interviews, tips, guides, and even (pjo themed) ads! You can order it at the cosmiccowzine shop (shop.cosmiccowzine.com) or click the link in the @cosmiccowzinebio.

 Preorders go from April 2 to April 23, It really is one of those “one of a kind” zines, please check it out!

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