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Not to hate one Magnus or anything, but he has seriously bad taste in colours. Like one of his favourite colours is beige. BEIGE!

Rick really wanted to make him not Percy by making him like beige and hating blue huh

Magnus: i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i can’t eat, can’t sleep. Maybe im coming down with something

Sam: oh i know what you’ve got.. the “L” word

Halfborn: yeaaa, leprosy

Hmm Actually I’ve never seen this art of Magnus anywhere on the internet so I’m wondering if yall copies have this little postcard/bookmark of anime Magnus or is it just the Thai copies.

Ways Magnus Chase Has Definitely Died

  • Playing with Alex’s gorrote
  • Trying to get out of bed but strangled by sheets
  • Of embarrassment when Alex walks in on him singing Katy Perry in his underwear
  • Trying to help TJ by cleaning his gun
  • Trying to climb to the top of a tree
  • Eating Mac and cheese that he got from someone on floor 96
  • Forgetting to shut off the bath and falls asleep
  • Gets his foot stuck in a toilet, cuts it off, and bleeds out
  • Playing darts with his hall mates
  • Tripping down the stairs that he didn’t even know Valhalla had
  • Getting trampled in the yearly fire drill
  • Falls asleep while watching a movie with Alex and Alex wants him out of her room
  • Attempting to get to the top floor of Valhalla (killed by people in the elevator)
  • Wondering what it’s like to be a bird… and then trying to fly
  • Seeing how long it takes to starve to death
  • Yoga to the Death
  • Ping Pong to the Death
  • Golf to the Death
  • Mini Golf to the Death
  • Forgetting Mallory’s birthday
  • Eating so much that his stomach explodes
  • Giving Halfborn a hug
  • Falling from a balcony
  • Accidentally angering Jack

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Magnus: what are you going to do with an art degree?

Alex: make counterfeit money.

“We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”

Only then did she understand what would happen. A one-way trip. A very hard fall.

“As long as we’re together,” she said.

She heard Nico and Hazel still screaming for help. She saw sunlight far, far above- maybe the last sunlight she would ever see. Then Percy let go of his ledge, and together, holding hands, he and Annabeth fell into the endless darkness.


the alex activation sound

magnus is a small child and i dont know why i gave him a bloody nose but im sorry , he doesn’t deser

magnus is a small child and i dont know why i gave him a bloody nose but im sorry , he doesn’t deserve that 

idk i might draw annabeth too who knows 

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Alex: I have high standards.

Magnus: [acts like a dork]

Alex: Oh no, he’s meeting all of my standards.

*Alex and Magnus during their wedding*

Magnus: I’ll be your falafally wedded husband

Alex: I want a divorce

Samirah: thank the gods!

Magnus: The gods? The gods are the ones creating all the problems! I’m the one fixing them!

Percy: *screams from the distance*

Spreading my genderfluid Magnus Chase agenda through poorly drawn memes

Magnus Chase is also genderfluid.

Don’t try to argue with me. I’m right.

Judging you based on the 10th character you add when talking about The Seven + Nico and Reyna

Will: Solangelo shipper spotted. It’s probably your favorite ship. You will go to the ends of the earth to tell people that Will Solace is actually a good character guys.

Thalia: You probably enjoyed the og series more. Girlboss TM. You either hate or love Luke, no in between.

Rachel:You will defend her with your life. Severely disappointed with he lack of appearances in HoO. Chances are that BoTL or tLO are your favorite book.

Grover:You are cool. I like you. You will go to the ends of the earth to tell people that Grover was Percy’s best friend, not Jason.

Calypso: You ship Caleo, don’t you? You like to mostly take the books at face value.

Magnus and Alex: You are few and far between, but you are very cool. Your favorite riordanverse series is Magnus Chase. You probably don’t even post about the seven a lot.

People who replace Reyna with Will: Why??? Why not just make him the 10th character??? I don’t understand??? Why do so many people do this???


Apollo: yes I know, I’m superior,im the master off all, and zeus can suck my D-I-C-K

Meg: lol fuck off


i forgot i even wrote this lmao

Random thought,

If Percy is fighting to save the world, but for example Magnus would do something wrong, Percy’s work would be for nothing right? So actually, even if Percy, Magnus, or Carter and Sadie save the world… if the others mess up it would be for nothing. And they wouldnt even know.

⚠️spoilers for mcga ⚠️

TW: death

(This is a Fan fiction written by me, of course this didn’t happen in the books)

(I am not so good at the English grammer sorry)

It was about 200 years after the flyting with Loki. The world has been quiet ever since. Magnus was standing in his room in hotel Valhalla. The same room that he had been living in all those years. Life in Valhalla was more boring then Magnus had expected. His friends didn’t talk to him anymore. The last 50 years, everything was different. Floor 19 had a huge fight, which made that no one talked to eachother. They weren’t really friends anymore. Alex had broken up with Magnus, about 70 years ago. Magnus had been hearth broken, but he understood why. Having the same boyfriend for years must have frustrated Alex. Magnus looked out of the window.

He desided to go for a walk outside Valhalla. He went to Boston, were he was born and lived his life. He didn’t know where he was going. He just walked, looking at the fancy new buildings. The city had changed, like the whole world had changed in the past years.

About half an hour later, Magnus found himself standing in front of a graveyard. He opened the fence, and walked over the path. He knew this graveyard. He had walked here a lot, until about 10 years ago. He stopped in front of a big, white grave. Hearthstone. It said.Next to it was a other white stone, which said: Blitzen. A tear rolled down Magnus’ cheek as he picked up the old flowers that he had placed there years ago. He looked to the left, and he saw a stoned that said Samirah al abbas, next to a stone that said Amir Fadlan. They had been able to live a sort of normal live, just like Annabeth and Percy. Magnus had bought Estelle enough time to grow up the normal way. However, now, when they were all dead, Magnus started to think why did we stop ragnarok. How did I think I would be able to be a einherjar for so long?

Flashbacks from his fight with Floor 19 crossed his mind. “You are worthless, Magnus. You are just a normal boy, who became a einherjar by accident! Now you claim all the glory, while you couldn’t have done it without us!” They were right, Magnus knew. He looked around the graveyard one more time. He had lost everything and everyone. He couldn’t do it anymore. He took Jack. “Hey senior! At the graveyard again?” “Jack.” Magnus said. “Go find Alex. He will be a good owner for you.” Jack made a surprised sound. “A good owner, senoir? You are a good owner!” Magnus heart broke. “Go… go find Alex. Please, Jack.” “Alright, then. Cya at dinner!” Jack disappeared behind the houses, and Magnus continued his walk.

It took some time before he found the bridge. It wasn’t the same anymore as when he died, but it was still a bridge. With tears running down his cheek, he walked up the bridge. He heard the sound of running people behind him, but he didn’t care. None of his old friends would be there to stop him. They wouldn’t care.He took a knife out of his pocket. At the same spot where he had died before, Magnus Chase stabbed himself, and jumped into the water. The last thing he heard, were Alex, Jack, Mallory, Halfborn and Tj screaming his name.




I am back with some random thoughts.

Einherjar can die outside of valhalla, right?

Imagine someone who has been in Valhalla for over a 100 years. When he just doesnt want to be a einherjar(einherji??) he can just go outside and kill himself, right?

Yeah that was pretty random I know

Bye! Have a great day!

- Stefanie

(Bad spelling involved)

⚠️Some minor spoilers for mcga I guess.

Here my “Alex was actually the traitor in the end” au.

Pretend ship of the dead didnt happen, and Alex never kissed Magnus etc.

(Written from Magnus’ perspective)

I stood in a empty room. I couldn’t remember how I got here. I heared a sound, and I turned around. There was Alex. ‘Alex.’ I said. ‘How did we get here?’ I walked up to him ( he was male today). Alex laughed, but it was not his normal laugh. It was a scary laugh, and I knew that something was wrong. As a looked over my shoulder, I saw Loki walking in. ‘Loki!’ I said, while waking Jack up from his nap. ‘You tricked us in here!’ ‘Actually, Magnus, WE tricked YOU in here.’ He smiled. I turned around to look at Alex, who had his garrotted ready. ‘A-Alex?’ I said. ‘What is he talking about?’ I couldn’t believe it. Alex? Tricked me? Not in this way. My hope disappeared when Alex said: ‘You didn’t think I was spending time with you because I wanted to, did you?’ I felt Loki grapping me from behind, but I didn’t care. I was still looking at Alex. ‘No.’ I said. ‘I dont believe you.’ Alex laughed. ‘Sweet innocent Magnus Chase. Never thinks bad of anyone. You love to much. It makes you weak.’ I stared in the brown and amber eyes. The eyes I had fallen in love with. Loki pulled me backwards, and pushed me against a wall. I didnt care. I was only interested in Alex. ‘Why?’ I asked. ‘Why did you do this to me?’ Loki was the one answering. ‘You are a danger to us, Magnus. You are more powerfull than you will ever know. The only way to bring you down is by making you small, like now. Love is dangerous, Magnus.’ I wanted to scream. I wanted to wake up, figuring out it was all a nightmare. I wanted somoene to tell me this wasn’t real. None of it happened. ‘Your turn Alex.’ Loki said, and he let me go. I knew what was going to happen. Alex was going to kill me, again. But this time it would be for real. There was no Valhalla to protect me. I felt a tear on my cheek, and heared Alex laughing. My whole life was a lie. The one person I thought would never leave me turned against me. I couldnt hold it anymore. Jack had disappeared, I didn’t know where, and I didnt care. Even if he could save me, I didn’t want to live anymore. Not like this. Alex came closer. ‘Bye bye Maggie.’ He said. It was then that I desided that I was going to die, but not like this. I got up from my position against the wall. Loki looked concerned, but didn’t do anything. ‘What? You think you can beat me? Your sword is gone. Your friends are gone. You are alone.’ It was true. I felt like falling on the floor to cry, but I stayed where I was. ‘I trusted you.’ My voice cracked, and Alex laughed again. ‘Yes of course you did.’ He said. ‘That is how you are. You know nothing, Magnus.’ ‘I know something.’ I said, trying to stay brave. ‘Loving you is hopeless. Kill me already. Just know that I love you. I would never leave you.’ Tears were rolling down my face. I couldn’t help it. I started sobbing. I took one last look at Alex Fierro, the boy I loved, the boy I cared for. He came closer and whispered in my ear: ‘But I would leave you.’ He dicapitaded me, but this time I didn’t wake up.


It was crappy, sorry. I hope someone who is better in writing sees this and makes something better out of it. I hope you enjoyed.

- Stefanie

aka why you should all love my favourite blond, Magnus Chase 

Blond boys who have soft spot for their murderous s/o >>>>>>>>. 

You’re gay. 

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I’m going to be writing multifandom one shots weekly so please send me asks of one shots to write.

Rules :

No heavy smut

Fandoms must be in the list ( the hunger games, marvel, dc, Harry Potter, pjo , hoo, toa, magnus chase, kane Chronicles, doctor who, any and all star wars content including legends, narnia, squid game, Reign, Brooklyn 99, Bojack Horseman, Miraculous, The grishaverse, the Selection, The shadowhunters universe,  Young Royals and Twilight. )

No non conseual acts or large age gaps.

If you want me to write about a fandom not listed please pm me and i might get into the retrospective media and add it to my list:)))

marise-art: I created this account just so I could post this drawing, it took me several days but I’


I created this account just so I could post this drawing, it took me several days but I’m finally happy with how it looks :)

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Nico needs to meet Alex and Magnus in canon. I don’t care. he needs to meet queer people his age for real lol

Not only that but I really wanna see his reaction to them being straight up dead.

Nico: you’re dead

Will: Nico-

Alex: you’re right

Will: wha-

Magnus: yeah we’re dead


I was on the Magnus chase wiki and I found the mosthystericallyfunny line in existence

I just, safbafjsavfs


just finished magnus chase II and im so in love with alex fierro!! so here’s a fanart that i made while i should be sleeping

mariflexion: I’m reading The Ship of the Dead right now so here is a little fierrochase smooch


I’m reading The Ship of the Dead right now so here is a little fierrochase smooch

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Magnus: you know what I love about Alex?

Magnus: When I give him a portion of my food that little shit has the audacity to look surprised, like I didn’t notice his eyes boring into my plate the whole time

nbwolverine:is this not essentially what happened when magnus broke into his uncles house


is this not essentially what happened when magnus broke into his uncles house

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