I always was into modelling. My dream job already as a girl was to become a model.
I found it so cool to get the attention and also get paid really well for it
to buy cloth and cars and basicly everything. I knew i was hot because already
in school the older boys always wanted to hang out with me and told me they were in love with me, but i liked the attention more than the boys themself.
My mom always told me that i had to be taller, if i wanted to become a model.
I knew when i researched on the web models are usually tall and i am not that tall, more average. My dad always got annoyed and told me i shoudl finish school and learn something real, but i wanted to become rich.
So when i turned 18 i send my pictures to a lot of online agencies.
i was prepared to get invitations since my fotos looked pretty good.
After 2 weeks of waiting noone replied and i knew these agencies are probably stupid. I didn´t give and tried on, while also befriending a photographer
who told me i could make it big. My first obstacle was this: My breast size was maybe a little bit unusual for a model, but i knew i had one of the most beautiful faces in the model business, so i was dedicated. Noone could stop me. After 6 month of writing to the big agencies who had models for chanel and gucci and all the companies i wanted to work for, i decided to start a little smaller and work my way up, so we made a plan.
My friend -the fotographer- knew a guy who started a modelling agency and i wanted to give it a try. He had his own bureau and everything looked pretty professional. He talked about a 3 year plan on how to place me in the market. Finally someone who got my vision! He started with the first shoot, professional lighting and sexy shots. *click* 

Already after 1 week he told me he had a customer for me.

I was suprised and happy, so asked him what kind of customer since i was curious if it was a clothing company or something big. He told me we will start slowly and it was a smaller customer, he wanted to get to know me first and he will pay good money.
My share would be 5000$ and the meeting would be in summer, so we had 3 month to get in perfect shape. I was really excited. I started to change my diet, loose some pounds and also hit the gym regularily to work on my butt. Also only ate vegan diet, stopped drinking alcohol and got off the pill. My casual boyfriend - my fotographer - wasn´t very happy with the decision, since i told him we can only have condom-sex for the next 3 month, and i took it really serious! My job means a lot to me and he respected that.
1 Month before the meeting my skin got worst thou, since i stopped taking the pill, so i started to get some light acne, which i hated. The makeup artist could cover it a bit, bit i was really unhappy with the situatin. So my agency boss proposed i should take some pills against unclear skin, he gave me a little bottle. Apparently these pills were common to take for models, so i was really happy that i had someone who knew how to fix the skin problems. i took 2 of the pills everyday and my skin got really smooth again.
We had a last checkup 1 week before the big meeting with our well-paying customer. My manager took care of everything, he made shure i am healty and well, he weighted me and we took some final fotoshoot were i posed sexy, and accentuated my round round and my healthy breastsize. *click* 

He was very happy with the results, i looked fantastic on the
fotos, i knew we would win the customer and my carrer could take off. I was motivated. My manager and i went throu our calendar for the meeting again: 

9th off June, Massage and Peeling, 

10th of June - Period (take a day off) 

12-15th of June Gym Routine, Butt & Legs. 

16th of June (from now on only water and vegtables), 

18th of june: stop taking the “skin-pills”

19th of june final medical checkup, 

21th of June Meeting with Customer at 10.00AM. 

I wrote everything down, i was professional and i took it serious, soon my carrer was going to start. On 21th on June i was there already at 7AM, very excited and a bit nervous, so my manager gave me some drops that would make me more relaxed. The makeupartist fixed my face and cleavage really nice, i wore a pink lipstick, a short white skirt and my favortie pink top without a bra underneath, to make it look more natural. I was told we would do a young fashion footing, with some cool controversial backgrounds, it would be a campagne for a new japanese underground fashion label. I was verys open minded about it and looked at the scenery. We had old tables, couches everything very vintage, also a fixing table and some old lamps. “these japanese people are weired” My manager nodded.
We shoot in an old warehouse outside of the city. My manager was there, 2 guys who prepared the background, we had a professional fotographer and a security guy. The sun was about to go down, it was 9.40AM. I just signed the last papers and got ready for our customer. My manager asked me if everything was ok. I told him i felt really relaxed by now almost a bit dizzy, it must be excitement i told myself. “Don´t worry honey tonight we´ll inject some new life into your sleepy career!” We both laughed. I was happy and a bit tired so i sat down on
one of the tables. “Hey! Lizzy! Don´t fall asleep little pumkin!” he shouted to me, “our customer will be here any second now.” “Sorry” i said “i just felt like sitting down, i´m a bit dizzy, i feel funny and i can´t moove my legs” i giggled as i was drunk or something.
“Lizzy, let´s prepare for our customer” the fotographer said “get up and moove a  bit to warm up for the action, lets take some pictures!” he shouted, it was weired because althou he shouted really loud i only could hear as if i had wadding-pads in my ears. I stood up and felt really light, i turned around in and danced in circles, i could feel my huge tits swing under my pink top, i mooved my hands and stumbled. *click*
The guys encouraged me “I think she is ready for some action” my manager nodded to the fotopgrapher. I had to hold myself on one of the tables not to stumble. The guys came to help me. "Lizzy sit down, you need to relax" they said. “Thank you guys” i said, i felt like a little child and was glad they helped me. So lovely. “We will start the action now, you wanna sit on this table Lizzy?”
my manager asked kindly. I looked around , my sight was blurry, as was my ability to speak and to think. clear. I felt really good thou, almost a big high. 

“i — i, yes i wanna sit here” i giggled. It was the fixing table i choose to sit on and i layed down on it. "Let´s make shure you don´t fall down lizzy, what do you think?“ the fotographer asked. "Uhm…ya , shure thing” i babbled. The fixing table felt really comfi. "Of course lizzy, very goood!“ the guys smiled at me while they strapped me on the fixing table. My round butt fited perfectly into the little mould at the edge of the table.
My hands were fixated over my head, so that my tits started to wiggle, my angles and knees were strapped and my kneck was put into a holder. "that way, you can´t fall of lizzy” my manager reashured me. "Oh cooool!  vehhy nice , vehy nice of you guys" i mumbled as i could feel my head spinning.
They spread my legs, until it started to feel strechy and i laughed out “stop it you guys” … At last my waist got fixed. The fotopgrapher made some pictures, *click*
“Oh! Look who arrived!” my manager shouted, it sounded like a jet.
“our cus …our - customm… if here finaly?” I whispered. “ Yes finally!” He said.

After what appeared to me like eternity I saw a shadow apprearing over my head. A Guy. I had never seen this man before. Then i remembered who it might be.

“Our customer!” i babbled. 

“She is very bright” the customer said. Everyone laughed.
“Holy moly, hmhm, Not bad, not bad, you didn´t lie to me about the rack" "I promised you george, she is all natural too!” my manager said. “all nadjual” i nodded and felt our model meeting was going very well. 

“So how much, 8?” the customer proposed. “George, we said - you know, as usuall 10grant, i can´t go down, i also got my costs, medical checkups, fertiliy pills, personal accompaniment of the girls, and…”

“you old cutthroat! alright 10” the customer said. “10, he also got his cosss..” i babbled. Everyone started laughing. “So everything alright with her?” “Shure george, let´s go over it quickly” he said, as they mooved in front of my wide spread legs, my skirt pushed all the way up the my flat stomach, exposing my string-covered pussy, giving them a good view on my strapped waist and
my standing boobs on the fixing table. 

“So…She is, let me see, 18years old, aspiring model, from france originally, then…ok 95F-Cup” “Good god!” the customer interjected. “Yes good god, good god indeed…ehmmm, clean and no STD´s on the check up on thursday, let´s see what else … we got this, ok of course Not on the Pill for 3 month,check, ferility drugs for about 10weeks, stopped taking them last week to not
to interfer with her ovulating-cycle…ehmm what else …" 

The customer interrupted: "So fertility is quite likely right now?” My manager replied: “Our medical check says thumbs up, both of her eggs are ripe, let me see..here …risk of impregnation: right now about 99,8% in case of sperm exposure” I found it so funny what he said and mumbled “fur - till - i - ty - tillity ” i smiled dumbly.
“holy moly, how much did you give her, i also want some of that stuff” the customer laughed and everyone joined in. “also our gynecologist messured 6,5inches for her vaginal tunnel.”
“that means…” “yes george, you will be able to hit her cervix for some good old - may i say "direct injection” to not use a less technical term.“ The old hall filled with laughter.
"sir - vix - Vix - CERVIIIX ” i giggled and felt really light as i tried to moove a bit on my fixing table. “Gosh, can´t someone make that bitch shut up” the fotographer griped.
“Don´t be a funspoil, Better get usefull and remoove that slip! I prefer having totally inhibited access to her fertile little pussy”
“acc - ess” i giggled, as the fotographer cut my slip and made some fotos of me
beeing safely strapped to the fixing table, with my long legs spread the sides and my knees pointing up. *click* 
The customer opened his belt and got closer. First I could only see him as a dark shadow standing over me. Then my blurry view got sharper: He must have been maybe 60years old, with a bald head, not fat, but maybe a bit chubby
and a bit sweaty. Having my neck in the holder, i tried to moove up my head a little to look over my tits and between my legs, to have a look at his boner, that stood up from under his shirt.
He seemed to be very excited! “suu - per - MODL” i failed to articulate.
“Well honey with oversized tits like those you wont quench the thirst of any model agency, hungry for new face… but soon enough those massive boobies might quench the thirst of my hungry baby." 

"Or Babies!” my manager proudly added “the chance of giving birth to twins is increased 5times while on fertility drugs…" Evil laughter filled the room.
In my soft, warm and cloudy feeling i suddenly realized a pointual pressure between my streched legs. Something tried to enter the cloudy feeling, but couldn´t get in. *click* "Her pussy doesn´t seem to like unwanted guests, i´ll have to teach her some propper hospitality, please pass
me the liquid” the customer demanded and took the little bottle my manager gave to him.  
He stuck the tip of the bottle inside my pussy about 4 inches deep and pressed it. I got shakey legs and with an absent stare i repeated  "hosss… pitellty"
It tickeled a bit when the oily, warm liquid went inside, it felt slippery when he slowly pulled it out. leaving one or two last dropplets on my clean pussylips. *click*
He smeared the liquid over the slightly opened lips with his errected dick.
“knock knock … who is there? …the knock up commando!” he said, a tough laughter filled the room.
“don´t knock up please” i giggled. For some reason these words stuck in my head. He pushed the tip of his member slightly against the spot between my oily pussylips. With controlled force my vaginal tunnel got pushed open reluctantly, wrapping tightly around his cock, squeezing him as if my pussy was trying to hold him outside, but the liquid made the entrance slippery, so he slowly got inside me with the kind of ease that apparently got him excited.
“That´s better, i knew you had a nice welcoming pussy and if you take good care of me, i might leave you some present” he moaned in a dark tone. My dizzy head was spinning “well - coooming pusse” i repeated with a stupid smile.
Something big and hard started to mix with my cloudly feelings, streching a part of me, that was not meant to strech by something that big. *click*
“Look at these pictures, they will go viral on the net” the fotographer said.
“We can title them something like : fat old fart knocking up a stupid big titted brunette.”
“What do you mean by old fart?” George said in a jokin manner,
What about “Natural breeding-cow beeing claimed by a really cool guy”. Everyone laughed.
“breeding cow hihi” i giggled as i looked down over my big tits that rhytmically wabbled front and back with every thrust our customer gave me. I saw the siluette of our customer in the twilight of the big hall desperatly rocking back and forth between my spreaded legs, with his hands on my angled knees. “Lizzy. listen to me!” our custome shouted. I listened to him.
“I want you to say : yes, please! - everytime i ask you a question. Got it?!”
I was a bit confused and dizzy but my mouth babbled something :“yesh pleees” i giggled, althou i didn´t exactly understood what it meant in that moment.
“Do you like me Lizzy, do you like me fucking you?” our customer grunted.
“yeee pleeea” i automaticly reacted. “Fuck! This stupid bitch is so tight, it is insane, she´s milking my cock, are you filming it?” George asked out of breath.
“no?” my manager said. “Film it! I wanna be legaly secure in case she wants to sue me”
“Alright big boy, i´m filming” the fotographer said, pulling out his handy.
“Tell me Lizzy, tell me my big tittes model whore!” he yelled.“
"Is this your fetish? do you want me to fuck you on the fixing-table?”
My brain couldn´t quite process the question, but i answerd as demanded : “YES …pleeese?” i said shyly.
“ Lizzy you don´t want me to wear a stupid rubber, you want my unprotected fully loaded dick, you love the perverted kick you get out of having risky, unprotected sex?!” “A stupid rubber”i brooded “if it is stupid i don´t want it” i thought to myself, giggling : “hmm yess pliiis!!”
“Lizzy you know i love your fucking huge tits and wanna make you a mommy, so if you really want it, i will do it for you, pushing the opening of
your fertile cervix and release all of my potent semen inside you, ending your model carrer, once and forever”
I was really ecxcited and shocked: “Semen inside? i wondered and thought “this will end my carrer, but also he said he loves me i should maybe trust him and stop beeing so sceptical”. My mouth reluctantly babbled : "yessh?? Please?”

At this very second i heard an evil groan, I felt my pussy wrapping around his cock, my helpless half-opened cervix kissed the tip of his dick , unwillingly swallowing the first spurt of his aggressive seed. “OMG FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” he moaned. He come so hard, that i could almost hear the sound of his cum splasing against the wall of my fertile teenage womb. My cervix hungrily drank load after load of his 60year old sperm and gulped it down into my most private insides. At his moment he shot his baby inside me. My young body was forever ruined that day, but it was the best feeling of my life.

As of July 2016 across major Canadian cities Uber passengers can now tip their drivers through the app feature when completing the ride. In the past there were talks about implementing this option as users felt compelled to give that extra for a good experience.

Before Uber I used to catch a cab here and there around Toronto mostly arriving to destinations off the public transit reach or when going for big groceries. Then I switched to Uber for obvious reasons or price, practicality, quality, service, and was very happy to have embarked a whole new side of the sharing economy.

When riding on a taxi I used to give tips since we all know it can make a difference at the end of the month for the driver. However, I grew unsatisfied with cab service quality as fairs gone up, car quality gone down, especially for those routes taking passengers in and out of the airport. So I decided to switch.

Uber now has set the ability to give that tip to your driver with a preset sum of your choice. I’m a bit in the fence over this decision as tips should be give to those who deserve it for extraordinary service. The app already allows to express your driver’s rating and to send a thankful note as an additional way to remark what part of the experience was above your expectation.

I ask myself if the system is setup in a way your driver won’t give you a bad rating should you decide not to provide the tip because the ride was fine, but also because it was expected to go that way. Tipping should be a personal choice an not a moral tax based on quality.

Your waitress or barista at your local cafe will benefit when you drop that change into the jar on the counter that has a “thank you” note on it. We also understand that tipping these people is helping them compensate for the low hourly wages that alone aren’t enough to pay for the bills.

The process of tipping has long become so widespread in Canada there’s a minimum 15% to be given when sitting at restaurants, and that happens whether the service was sufficient or extraordinary, almost without discrimination. So customers will most of the time abide in case they receive the judgment stare from their server.

Personally, I always believed the tip is an extra people deserve if they went beyond their call of duty in a context of meritocracy, not on entitlement. I’m happy to provide more than what the bill states to the person that serviced me, but it shouldn’t be a taxation on the customer when service is mediocre at best.

My worry over the Uber tipping feature is that it will spark a guilt trip by riders into giving tips based on a subjective feeling and not on actual performance, or that a fear to receive a bad rating will trigger tipping. After all, when the driver is on time, drives safely, is polite, he or she is just doing the job as expected by contract with Uber.

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Pretty in Pink! Lovely to see our tentacles design in the girliest color of them all, and the matchi

Pretty in Pink! Lovely to see our tentacles design in the girliest color of them all, and the matching corset looks glorious too! Custom coloured set for @kendrajames_og photo by @thedeancapture #customer #pink #handmade #hourglass #corsetry #tentacles #chtulhu #videnoir #videnoircouture

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I’m officially approved by PMI to take the PMP certification exam. Woohoo! Let the exam prepar

I’m officially approved by PMI to take the PMP certification exam. Woohoo! Let the exam preparation begin. #wishmeluck #prayforme #pmi #pmp #pmpexamprep #pmpexam #projectmanagement #projectmanager #portfolio #program #makingmoves #encouragement #ambition #leadership #team #pmo #projects #support #professional #growth #professionaldevelopment #management #customer #partner #lsa #advancement #teambuilding #successful #aishahollystory #lovewhatyoudo (at Ann Arbor, Michigan)

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Headed to NYC this weekend. I’m attending the annual National Stationery Show with @annaheirs.

Headed to NYC this weekend. I’m attending the annual National Stationery Show with @annaheirs. So much work to finish up before I leave. #pmppreparation #pmi #projects #projectmanagement #portfoliomanagement #programmanagement #planning #technology #webdesign #marketing #communications #customer #client #designer #designmom #career #focused #passion #highereducation iPhone (at Ann Arbor, Michigan)

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“thai in the mirror by MaurizioLeonardi” ☛ http://bit.ly/1dG7rXS New Editors’ Choi

“thai in the mirror by MaurizioLeonardi”

New Editors’ Choice photo on 500px: Street

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How To Design Effective Marketing Tools

How To Design Effective Marketing Tools

In your marketing strategy have you considered the effective marketing tools you actually need? And which will be the most effective? Well, you should.

In a rush to gain rapid visibility, businesses are sometimes so focused on the results of marketing that numerous significant aspects, such as material design elements, are often ignored.

However, this oversight is the number one cause for many…

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Avoid these Mistakes When Online Brand Building for your Business

Avoid these Mistakes When Online Brand Building for your Business

Online brand building has been important for many years. Small businesses should be re-creating and implementing an online brand building strategy annually.

If you’re a business owner, then you probably know the importance of online brand building and creating a strong brand. But it is one thing knowing and quite another thing reaping those benefits. Experts believe that lack of proper branding…

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Facebook Business Promotion The Proper Way

Social media is the most widespread way of communicating with your customers (after email). Setting up a Facebook business page is simple, but now, what do you do?

It’s time to start getting customers to connect and engage. But with so many other companies doing the same thing, what does it take to promote your Facebook business on this massive social media platform? 

Create a Facebook Ad

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The Many Business Variables To Consider When Expanding

Business variables exist across every industry. So when business experts talk about the importance of constantly growing a company, what does that actually mean?

Is it as simple as hiring more employees or opening a new branch? Well, those are both things that will contribute to the overall growth of a business. However, you have to weigh up many other aspects in your plan if you want your empire…

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A Luxury Brand Is A Cut Above: So What’s Needed To Market One?

luxury brand
The most difficult aspect of running a business, especially a luxury brand, isn’t just in relation to the marketing or the product, it’s about creating an experience.

Creating the experience for potential customers can prove to be a challenge because you’re trying to entice people who belong in certain demographic – the luxury brand cohort.

You want to attract exactly the type of person who is…

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Content Marketing Advice: The Media and The Medium

content marketing advice
Content marketing advice is ever-changing as platforms, algorithms, markets and technology changes. So when it comes to media and the medium, how do you create the best approach to content for yuor marketing campaigns?

Content, it’s the dreaded C-word that we can overthink until we are blue in the face!

Content is such an ever-changing beast, that it seems when we are looking to improve our…

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peashooter85:The Complaint Tablet of Ea-Nasir Currently on display at the British Museum, the “Com


The Complaint Tablet of Ea-Nasir

Currently on display at the British Museum, the “Complaint Tablet” is an ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform tablet dating to around 1750 BC.  It is essentially a customer service complaint from a client named Nanni to the merchant Ea-Nasir.  Ea-Nasir had traveled abroad to buy copper ingots and promised Nanni to sell some of them to him.  Nanni sent a servant with a sum of money to buy it. The copper was of low quality, plus Nanni accuses Ea-Nasir of treating his servant rudely. The tablet was housed at the National Museum of Iraq, but was rescued from looters during the 2003 Iraq War. It was originally found in the ruins of Ur.

Tell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message:

When you came, you said to me as follows : “I will give Gimil-Sin (when he comes) fine quality copper ingots.” You left then but you did not do what you promised me. You put ingots which were not good before my messenger (Sit-Sin) and said: “If you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!”

What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt? I have sent as messengers gentlemen like ourselves to collect the bag with my money (deposited with you) but you have treated me with contempt by sending them back to me empty-handed several times, and that through enemy territory. Is there anyone among the merchants who trade with Telmun who has treated me in this way? You alone treat my messenger with contempt! On account of that one (trifling) mina of silver which I owe(?) you, you feel free to speak in such a way, while I have given to the palace on your behalf 1,080 pounds of copper, and umi-abum has likewise given 1,080 pounds of copper, apart from what we both have had written on a sealed tablet to be kept in the temple of Samas.

How have you treated me for that copper? You have withheld my money bag from me in enemy territory; it is now up to you to restore (my money) to me in full.

Take cognizance that (from now on) I will not accept here any copper from you that is not of fine quality. I shall (from now on) select and take the ingots individually in my own yard, and I shall exercise against you my right of rejection because you have treated me with contempt.

The ancient art of the customer complaint….

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If you work in any sort of customer service, you’re bound to come across people like this. At least If you work in any sort of customer service, you’re bound to come across people like this. At least If you work in any sort of customer service, you’re bound to come across people like this. At least

If you work in any sort of customer service, you’re bound to come across people like this. At least I channel my frustration in a healthy manner.


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From now until June 20th save 20% on your entire purchase from our website! This is in appreciation

From now until June 20th save 20% on your entire purchase from our website! This is in appreciation of all you wonderful people!

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