This is just an opinion of mine but I wanted to share because hehe! BUT. I actually really love it when games have something else instead of “New”, “Continue”, “Exit”.

It’s fun, it’s creative, and it ties to the game. 

So it’s something fun I enjoy when implemented.

(Nothing wrong with “New, Continue, Exit”. I just enjoy the other options more.)

i’ve been dating my boyfriend for 8 years (since we were 15) and just about 3 years ago i began to question my sexuality. i was raised in a religious household and because of this the idea of being queer legit never crossed my mind until i moved away for university. just about 4 months ago my boyfriend and i opened our relationship up so that we could explore different things that we have always wanted to. unfortunately, the open relationship has been working for me but not really for him and everytime i come back from a date our conversations usually end with him in tears and me feeling guilty and sad about everything. after sleeping with some women i now know for sure that i am bisexual and that i really enjoy being with women but i am feeling so torn about my relationship and what all this means. also, i have been way more sexually attracted to women than i am to men and i just haven’t been feeling it with my boyfriend but i also am dealing with a lot right now so it kind of makes sense i guess?? i just don’t know if we are meant to be or if i am hurting both of us by trying to make it all work. i have no one in my life who understands or can relate to this so any advice would be so helpful!!! thanks so much






learning grammar in another language reminds me of how little i know grammar in my own native language

i find this rly weird bcs in serbia they teach us a LOT about grammar (at least they did in my school) in primary school (and even secondary school but there they teach you in depth about syntax more so than grammar) for instance we learned how to locate the verb root for each verb and we dissected every single tense in serbian language on what kind of a verb root and extensions make it, how it’s used, verb aspects etc. we learn vocal changes like iotation, palatalization, sound equivalence, accenting (like rules for accenting and everything as if we couldn’t feel it as natives), compound nouns, congruence, we even learn grammar and accenting rules specific for each major dialect of serbian bcs obviously they’re different from the literary language, basically grammar makes a huge part of our curriculum and we have to know the theoretical part as is we were to explain it to a foreigner

i feel like english speakers are convinced english is easy bcs a ton of ppl manage to learn it and practically master it even so the academia just stopped trying to teach the actual english speakers about english grammar, but english is not easy AT ALL, we’re just highly exposed to it from the very young age. english tenses for instance are super complex for, say, a native slavic speaker bcs you need to be highly aware of timelines (we don’t have constructions like present perfect, for instance) and as a non-native i still don’t quite understand them and it bothers me so much that y'all learn practically nothing about them. the articles are also difficult if you’re a native to a language that doesn’t have them, i remember having to learn a list of over 200 rules that were mostly details about geographical locations and topography and things like that bcs in these case defined/non-defined rule doesn’t help much

long story short english speaking schools really need to put more effort into teaching native english speakers about grammar because it’s complex and you’d understand foreign languages much better if you knew your own well and this should include dialects as well not just standard british english

as a french native, i agree that the idea of english being an easy language is mainly caused by how widely spread and used it is in international media, as someone who is considered really good at english (from french standards..) i know i learned most of it by reading on the internet, but my english would be so much better if i actually learnt grammar properly. like, i don’t think i would be able to write a proper academic paper.

now about grammar teaching in schools, i can only talk from a french point of view since i never went to school in an english speaking country, but we do learn grammar here, in primary school, we do learn accenting and conjugation and all you need to be able to build a correct sentence in french. now, that was a long time ago, and, i can only talk as the lazy student who didn’t bother to learn properly because she had good grades without making much effort, but i have to admit i forgot most of it, i can still conjugate and use the correct accents without looking it up but i think that’s mostly because i use, hear and read french everyday, so i learned to do it as a native learn, naturally ,without realizing the amount of work you need to actually learn a language, which i am now realizing by learning a foreign language.

hey, native english speaker here.

i can confirm that we learn nothing about english grammar at all (at least in england anyway). we don’t even learn grammar properly when we study other languages at school.

i’m from the us and i learned nothing until i switched to private school. they made us take what was essentially an entire grammar course in 9th grade, because it’s a school for rich people in new england and it’s very important that we all have the option to sound like total snobs should we desire to do so. two years later, after getting 102% in the course, i remember maybe half of it and can confirm that my fellow small town residents know nothing about grammar. basically, the average english speaker knows just enough grammar not to sound like they belong in a monty python movie.

I agree with this. As somebody who did first four grades in a Russian school I remember doing all these exercises to actually learn rules of the Russian grammar but when I moved to Ireland it was kinda confusing for me as to why schools weren’t really teaching proper English grammar to all them students. This resulted in me learning English just by being exposed to the surroundings and even now I feel like I didn’t properly learn it because explaining something is ..well meh.

Is anyone else stressed about classes even more now that they’re online? Like I asked one of my professors if he could start recording the zoom sessions in case anyone missed a class/ didn’t understand/ didn’t want to come, and he said he looked in to it. He didn’t. I emailed him again asking about it and HE DIDNT RESPOND!! Like EXCUSE YOU… I KNOW YOU AINT DOING ANYTHING! I feel like I just got left on read by my own teacher. Like WTF…

dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that dragoncartridge: On Anon hate Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that



On Anon hate

Words have power in this world. No matter how much people insist that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

This is never really the case.

Your words, your suffering. Words can hurt and they do hurt. Ignoring this fact, or even using that phrase as some kind of excuse that they were weak isn’t true.

You don’t know their situation. You don’t know what they’ve been thru.

So, kindly shut the hell up. If you want to complain. Complain somewhere else where you can’t hurt anybody. Because behind all this, we are just people, people behind screens and no matter what you say, no matter what situation we are in.

Remember that. Because we may seem special with our talents with writing or whatever we have been given. But at our very cores, we are people. People with lives, and people with feelings.

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I see that you have changed your terms of use and will no longer permit adult content.  I guess you find it offensive.  I could write a book in response but I will leave it with a few cogent points;

1.  Why didn’t you warn all of us in advance that you were going to do this?  Instead, you deleted a vast number of blogs/accounts (my NSFW blog included) with ZERO warning.  The effect of that is that you denied all of us an opportunity to coordinate and find an alternative site so that we would be able to follow each other again.  

2.  You destroyed friendships.  A lot of them.  Many of us who shared the same adult interests and desires formed close bonds with other like minded adults (yeah, adults with adult interests; adults who NEVER posted kiddie porn; adults who self-policed their blogs to ensure minors did not follow us; ADULTS!!!!!).  We formed friendships.  We talked about our kinks to be sure but we also talked about our families, we cared about each other’s health, we celebrated milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, grieved over lost parents and rejoiced inthe birth of children).  We did what NORMAL people do.  We interacted socially and respectfully  And in doing so, we formed lasting friendships.  Some of us nurtured those friendships over a period of YEARS.  BUT because you gave us no warning before you deleted our accounts and destroyed our connections, we did not have the chance to exchange email address and phone numbers.  So people that we care about – and only got to know because of Tumblr – are now gone forever to us with no warning and no chance to ensure a permanence to our connections.  I’ll never know how my friend Dan is doing after being diagnosed with a heart condition.  I’ll never know how my friends’ babies are doing.  I’ll never know a lot of things about a lot of people that I cared about.  Thanks Tumblr Staff.

3.  If you are so worried about offending people, think about your “recommendations”.  Even though my blog was clearly marked NFSW and I repeatedly blogged about people under 18 not being permitted to follow me, you “recommended” blogs run by minors.  THINK!!!!!!  

4.  And while I’m on the subject of your asinine recommendations, on this blog I listed that I’m interested in “Politics”.  I didn’t say that I was a Democrat or a liberal or a socialist.  I simply said “politics”.  So what do I get?  You recommend every left wing, whackadoodle on earth to me.  Guess what?  I happen to be a conservative Republican (leaning towards libertarian), not a socialist or a communist.  Some of the stuff that you have recommended to me, I find highly offensive.  Some of it has been anti-military (guess what, I’m the proud father of a Marine Corps Captain who literally has fought for your liberties).  Some of it has been anti-police (guess what, I support the police and favor law and order).  Some of it has been highly incendiary and offensive.  And these are YOUR recommendations.

I could go on and on and on but instead I will leave you with a constructive suggestion.  You should IMMEDIATELY reinstate ALL the adult content blogs that you have deleted over the past few months.  (I’m not talking about blogs that posted kiddie porn; I’m talking about adult content blogs.)  Then you should give us at least two months to make alternative arrangements, tie up loose ends, find our connections and exchange emails and phone numbers with those with whom we wish to remain in contact and ONLY AFTER you have done so, then you can delete our blogs.  Why two months?  I know that seems like a long time.  But let’s face it, it is the holiday season.  People are busy with end of year things.  Holiday parties, Holiday cards, shopping and celebrating, vacations, etc., etc., etc.  People are distracted with other things than keeping up with Tumblr’s rule changes and scrambling around to ensure continuity with their on-line friendships and export their content to an alternative site.  Many people don’t even check their Tumblrs over the holidays and may not realize that their accounts are gone or at risk of being deleted and won’t find out until a month from now (after New Years).  Any student of management will tell you that very little gets done at the end of the year (absent a change in law that mandates you do things before year end).  So the chances that anyone would be able to make alternative arrangements in a week or two, or even a month over the holidays is a more perverted fantasy than any of the “adult” blogs have ever displayed.

Have a Heart @staff and reinstate our accounts and give us proper notice and an opportunity to arrange our affairs and alternatives properly.  While you may not be legally required to comport with due process, good management and good customer relations demands it.

Please reblog this far and wide. 

Hear, hear!

Even as someone who no longer considers herself a regular Tumblr user this announcement greatly saddens me. I’ve met many people through the course of running an adult blog on Tumblr and even have a few lasting relationships that have persisted to this day.

It’s a sad day indeed when a massive chunk of your community is kicked out the door with scarcely two weeks’ notice.

Think anti-heroes and villians are somehow more complex? Think again.

Let me start this rant with a personal anecdote. I have a character in a modern day supernatural system. He is a sweet, gentle, kind young man with a strong moral compass and huge aversion to violence. He rarely loses his temper and his speech is peppered with apologies. At the end of an emotional event, I mentioned how tired I was due to him being a draining character to play. Casually, off hand, someone scoffed and asked why. “All you have to do is be nice all the time.” 

Reader, I almost killed him.

I do not blame this individual for expressing this opinion. I’ve heard it a hundred times in a hundred different ways. “Superman is so much duller than Batman.” “I wish Harry wasn’t such a goody two-shoes.” “I just find heroes boring.” “Finn had no flaws so I didn’t care about him.” (It’s worth noting that usually women are spared this sort of reasoning, only because they’re either expected to be good and vilified if they’re not, or classed as a Mary Sue which is a whole other rant). Apart from what I believe is a fundamental characterisation of much of these characters, I think it also betrays a slightly toxic geek belief. 

Antiheroes often express their flaws in ways that impact others negatively, or glamorises them due to what we judge as ‘cool’.  They’ll push others away, they’ll lose their tempers spectacularly, they’ll engage in self-destructive behaviour. Villains take this further, working against the common interest and going outside societal norms. These characters can be interesting! These can be cool ways to express character! However!

There’s a trend of dismissing characters with a good moral compass who don’t regularly have these traits as dull. As though being an asshole is the only way to be interesting. As though having schemes, plots or secret facets of misanthropy automatically makes a character complex. I often wonder if this is just due to a lack of understanding what can make a character tick.

Let’s examine Peter Parker for a minute, a character I’ve often seen dismissed in favour of his villains. On the surface, he seems happy-go-lucky, earnest, good and chipper. And he is all of these things. But to class him as ONLY these things due to his generally positive behaviour would be doing him a disservice. He struggles with anxiety, balancing his superhero and home life, and questioning his role in the world as well as shouldering a lot of responsibility and grief. I often find the true hero’s struggle fascinating. For villains, it can be easy to fall into evil due to personal pain. I find the struggle to continue to be good, and do good DESPITE personal pain just as complex and worthy of investment. 

My friend told me that autumn is the state of mind, not just a season. As for recently, I couldn&rsqMy friend told me that autumn is the state of mind, not just a season. As for recently, I couldn&rsq

My friend told me that autumn is the state of mind, not just a season. As for recently, I couldn’t agree more. The last couple of weeks were filled with ups and downs (luckily more ups than downs). I’ve spent my days with my mom, my friends, and doing things that I love. The new academic year officially started. Even tho that now I live in Belgrade, last week I was constantly going between my hometown and my home now. Traveling by bus isn’t new to me. By this time I’ve gotten used to it. What’s new for me is the rush of reminiscence while traveling. I’m surrounded by other people, and yet my main focus is my head. I think about the past, my father, and how I miss him. I think about my childhood and my friends at home. Also, I can’t stop thinking about my mom. I’m so grateful to her. I’m so grateful for all people in my life that I can call family and friends. But then, there it is. Even with all of this, there is still a feeling of emptiness. That feeling is always here at this time of year. Maybe that’s me. Or maybe, it’s just autumn.

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Do you guys think I’m too inconsistent with my edits? I like trying out new styles and I’m not sure exactly how y’all want your wallpapers so I try to include a bit of everything. Would you guys prefer I stick with one style or continue doing what I’m doing now?

Fuck society. Fuck the system. Fuck the police. Fuck bigotry. Fuck allegations. Fuck jk Rowling. Fuc

Fuck society. Fuck the system. Fuck the police. Fuck bigotry. Fuck allegations. Fuck jk Rowling. Fuck Putin. Fuck the church. Fuck fake labels. Fuck war. Fuck religion.
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Underrated flag in my opinion. Glad to add this one to my collection. from /r/vexillology Top commen

Underrated flag in my opinion. Glad to add this one to my collection.

from /r/vexillology

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Another big company used for tits windows displays mannequins that highlight a different dietary pattern, which only healthy we can not characterize it. The reason for the-famous-Primark, which did not hesitate to decorate their windows with mannequins whose rib bones were clearly visible.

The event got magnified when an indignant client staged in her Twitter account a picture of one of these…

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things I’m tired of on tv shows:

~ the white man always being the hero

~ few women-only scenes when a majority of the show is made up of men-only scenes

~ cheap “diversity” aka having a leading white cishet man, an emotional white woman, and poc on the main team with minor roles and stereotyped personalities, and one gay couple.

~ recycled plot lines. for example, death in paradise always has the authoritive white man having a crush on the a woman working below him

Too much is riding on Student Housing West to allow NIMBYism to destroy it.

It was hard not to feel irritated as I opened the homepage of East Meadow Action, a grassroots group recently formed to defeat the development of Student Housing West (SHW), particularly regarding the Family Student Housing project on East Campus. The group has its heart in the right place. They believe that the field at the base of campus is a setting deserving of preservation, and are trying…

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Why funding science makes America stronger


As a PhD candidate in the last year of my doctorate, I’m currently applying for postdoctoral positions, and running into a lot of difficulty because the fellowships that were previously available are on ice (NOAA, EPA), dead (USGS Mendenhall), or are so selective and prohibitive in their application requirements that they are effectively a lottery (NSF). These fellowships are would support my…

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❓ Should we ask consent whenever we open up to others?

I think it’s perfectly fine to open up to people but if what we will share is quite heavy, I do think it is best to ask consent from the other person if he or she has the headspace to take your problem in. This is because whenever we open up to others, we share our stories and give them a piece of us that they will carry. Sometimes, our friends are not yet ready to carry that weight so it’s best to know their boundaries and continue to build safe spaces for everyone. This is also my point-of-view on romantic confessions but I’ve heard from a podcast episode once that romantic confessions are more for the person who confessed and not much for the person they confessed to. I think that’s also quite a unique perspective to look into.

Life lately: Our university is currently on a wellness break and I am taking this time to work on my piling tasks instead of resting. The tendencies of a workaholic.

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