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Riordanverse Headcannons: Part 1

Whenever Hazel gets any candy, like chocolate or gummies, anything sweet, she goes crazy. She runs around camp giggling at the most random things for no reason. The first time this happened, Frank had to put her in a room to drain all her energy. Then after that, she falls asleep for like ten hours straight.

Hazel: *yawns*

Frank: Yeah, being cute must be tiring

Hazel *tilts head*: Then you must be exhausted

Percy *from the other side of the room*:Awwwwwh

Riordanverse Headcannons: Part 6

So you know the hc that Nico plays the piano? Well I was thinking, what if Hazel plays the violin? Like one day Hazel is staying over at Camp Half Blood, and she finds a music room in the Big House (another hc that I have but irrelevant). She finds a violin there, so she picks it up and tries it to see if she remembers. Then Nico walks in the room and they do a duet and the whole camp hears it and they’re ️️.

This can be used in an many ways like they can play in the Underworld at Hades Palace and whatever… This was just an idea I had

Annabeth: No one is gonna marry me

Percy: I will

Annabeth: Im a handful

Percy: Don’t worry

Percy: I have two hands

Children of Aphrodite and Hades

So I have this headcannon that because of the whole ‘love and death are nearly identicall’ thing,

I bet children of Hades/Pluto and children of Venus/Aphrodite get along really well

They probably sing obscure love songs and have huge philosophical discussions

Idk tho its just a thought

Nico: I have edge!

Will: You really don’t. You are literally the most wide-eyed person I’ve ever seen. You have the face of a cartoon lamb.

Will: Where are you going?

Nico: Either to get McDonald’s or commit a felony.

Nico: I’ll decide in the car.


percy: waddup my name’s jared i’m nineteen and i never fuckin learned how to read // i am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand

annabeth: iridocyclitis

grover: *plays recorder aggresively in car* 

nico: hey how ya doin well i’m doing just fine i lied i’m dying inside


clarisse: next time you fuckin push me imma fuckin rip your face off BITCH

jason: stop saying i look like chicken little. he’s dumb, and he’s a coward

piper: all i wanna tell you is: school’s not important. be whatever you wanna be. if you wanna be a dog, WOOF, ya know?

leo: i love myself. even though i look like a burnt chicken nugget, i still love myself

frank: can i get a waffle? can i PLEASE get a waffle?

hazel: i love how people are telling me i’m like 2, 9 years old; i’m 11 so shut the fuck up

reyna: imma bad bitch you can’t kill me

This,,is all I needed in life. The accuracy of everything hurts im crying.

Jason: Oh c’mon, I didn’t drink that much last night!

Percy: You were flirting with Piper.

Jason: So what? She’s my girlfriend.

Percy: You asked if she was single…

Nico: And then you cried when she said she wasn’t.

Will: Well, you made a lot of people around here very nervous.

Nico: Yeah? That’s because they’re a bunch of bitch ass white boys.

Will: I hate to break this to you, but you’re also a bitch ass white boy.

Percy: I will now drink 8 glasses of milk in 3 minutes.

Annabeth: Nope! No you won’t, no you won’t because if you do that, you will die.

Percy: would you like to see my mask?

Jason: no, I would like you take off your mask.

Percy: But I’m not wearing my mask.

Jason: your emotional mask… the one you use to hide who you truly are.



Nico: I love you with every inch of my body

Will: That’s not that many inches

Percy: Have you been yelled at by Annabeth yet?

Octavian: I’m not scared of her.

Percy: So that’s a no.

Nico: So Will asked me to be his fake date to his cousin’s wedding so he could avoid the usual “Are you seeing someone?” questions.

Hazel: I’ve read enough fanfics to know this will end with you two declaring your undying love for each other.

Percy: What’s your blood type?

Annabeth: How would I know?

Percy: How would you not?

Annabeth: Who am I, Karl Landsteiner, discoverer of blood groups?

Percy: You don’t know your own blood type, but you know who discovered them?

“Actually, what’s interesting about this conversation is that you think I give a shit”

-Annabeth Chase to Hera (probably)