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The Percy Jackson casting team is currently looking for actresses to play a 13-15-year-old Clarisse La Rue and a 12-year-old Nancy Bobofit!

Clarisse is set to appear in 3 episodes and Nancy in 1.


Chiron: So Percy, what are your goals in life?

Percy: Well, I’ve been banned from every major public transportation system except Melbourne. I don’t k is what their limit is, but i will find it and break it.

Clarisse: And i’m the one with anger issues


Question for the pjo fandom:

Do we know anything about Clarisses backstory? Like, does her mortal mom live or is she dead? Did she have any siblings?

(If Rick never said anything about this please say that so I am not waiting for answers who arent coming lmao)


Helloooo I have another headcannon

⚠️spoilers for The Last Olympian⚠️

(I am not so good at english spelling)

  • It was the 15th anniversary of the battle of Manhattan. Clarrisse was in the Ares cabin, practising her speech. As one of the only demigods that were still at chb and fought in the battle, she was chosen for the speech. She had written the speech with help from Cris and Will, and it turned out pretty good. The words flew out of her mouth, but she stopped at the part about Silena. She died a hero the paper said. A tear rolled down Clarrisses cheek. She wasnt suppossed to cry, she was a tough daughter of Ares. Ares’ kids didnt cry. But she couldnt help it. When she finished crying, she went outside for a bit of fresh air and some sword fighting. She saw Cris walking with a small girl. The came towards her. “Hey Clarrisse! Meet your new camper! She got claimed by Ares a few minutes ago.” Clarrisse looked at the girl. She looked like someone Clarrisse had seen before, but she didnt know who imidiatly. The long black hair, the beautifull eyes… “I am Sirena.” the girl said. She waved, and Clarrisses eye fell on the bracelet on Sirena’s arm. A friendship bracelet. Then it hit Clarrisse. There was a reason she got claimed on this day. There was always a reason. When Clarrisse figured out the reason, she couldnt help but cry. She didnt care about being a “tough Ares kid” she turned around and ran to her cabin. When she came in, she sat on the floor crying. This wasnt just they anniversary of the battle of Manhattan, it was also the anniversary of Silena’s dead. And this little girl, Sirena, was Silena’s reincarnation.

Yeah thats it, I just came up with this idea. Clarrisse is one of my fav characters, and her bond with Silena warms my heart. Also, I didnt know how to spell Cris lmao

- Stefanie

No because I just finished reading The Song Of Achilles

⚠️ spoilers ahead!!⚠️

the way that Patroclus died, pretending to be Achilles, reminded me of something.

In pjo, Silena died pretending to be Clarisse.

have a great rest of your day :D


If I said “I’m back” I should post something.

Yeahhhh… I know that

Sooo…. ummmm…. Here we are again…. PJO characters live in my heart rent-free…

Can you guess all of them?

Does anybody have or know where I can find Verge by FoalyWinsForever ? It’s one of my favorite pjo fics and I can’t find it and heard it was deleted. If anyone has any ideas I would be thrilled to hear them!

Frank: Ugh, my lips hurt.

Hazel:*kisses Frank’s chapped lips* There, I made it better!

Frank:*unable to form coherent sentences*

Will:*see’s how sweet Hazel and Frank are being* Nico, my lips hurt.

Nico:*steps on Will’s foot*

Will: Auch!

Nico: Well, now you’re not thinking about your hurting lips.

Samirah: Okay, we’re at the window, what do you want?

Magnus: A falafel.

: There’s no falafel on the menu.

: I want a falafel.

: Magnus, we’re at KFC.

: Quiero una falafel.

: The number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno if you don’t shut the hell up.