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This might’ve been said before, but I bet Percy’s birthday is bittersweet for him. I mean, the Battle of Manhattan happened on his birthday. Lots of demigods died. It was tragic, and having that on your birthday is…a lot. So I hope Percy’s doing okay with that.

On the other hand, it’s his birthday! It marks his birth, his anniversary with Annabeth, and the day his prophecy came true and Kronos was defeated.

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

August 18 is such a big day for everyone in the Percy Jackson fandom! Percy’s birthday, and the day Percabeth finally happened! So, I am wishing the happiest birthday to Perseus Jackson, who absolutely deserves the best! And, celebrating the anniversary of Percabeth!

But let’s not forget what also happened on August 18. The Battle of Manhattan. Dozens of demigods died. Micheal Yew. Silena Beauregard. Ethan Nakamura. Luke Castellan. And so many unnamed others. It’s not only Percy’s “birth anniversary” — it’s their “death anniversary.”

Anyhow, happy birthday Percy!

u cannot tell me that luke’s internal monologue isn’t just like joe goldberg from YOU. like boi he be thinking this

i see that you have hair, not just any color, but blonde, just like mine. out of all the ages in the world, you’re 9 years younger than me, which is my lucky number. was it on purpose that your eyes are the same color as the dandruff in my hair? i must get to know you…and ask if you love me back after i kill myself…

a sketchy comic of luke and thalia from percy jackson as kids. luke says, so, uh. we're responsible for a small child now. thalia says, shit. my life is not together enough for this. luke, indignant, says, thalia, we can't swear. thalia looks disgusted and says, we can't swear?! then she looks thoughtful and says, my mom definitely swore at me when i was 7 and i turned out fine. luke says no you didn't. thalia says no i didn't. she takes a deep breath and says, okay. fine. no swearing. we got this.


a fully colored image of luke, thalia, and little annabeth in the woods. annabeth is saying FUCK in giant lettering. luke glares at thalia and says, what the fuck have you done. thalia zaps him and replies, wasn't me, bitch

secret full version of this post that i never posted cuz i was like ooooh im gonna color the sketches lol that never happened but its fine in this house we post unfinished art


So@starlinks​ commissioned me to draw a scene from their fanfiction (you can find it here) which explores pjo’s world from Annabeth’s pov in a god!Percy AU and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while. 

Her eighth birthday was spent on the run but it was the best birthday she had ever had. She had a family, and it wasn’t just an illusion of one.

They’d spent the night before in an abandoned elementary school somewhere in suburban New Jersey. It was a good spot to set up camp, and Thalia and Luke were thinking of converting it as their latest safe house.

It wasn’t a terribly wealthy neighborhood, but they had managed to sneak in some cold soggy tuna sandwiches and canned clam chowder from a supermarket after dark. Thalia heated it up with the school’s (surprisingly functional after a zap of electricity) microwave in a teacher’s lounge.

It was the most delicious thing Annabeth’s had in a month.

To her pleasant surprise, Luke and Thalia had also managed to grab a sheet cake (how?!) along with some colored candles.

Annabeth remembered that Thalia was laughing and swiping colored icing on Luke’s cheeks as she attempted to spell out Annabeth’s name on the cake. It ended up being horribly misspelled, but Annabeth couldn’t care less. In the meantime, Luke blew up balloons to decorate the classroom for her “birthday party.” He drew a multi-layered birthday cake on the blackboard, telling Annabeth that it’s the cake he and Thalia will bake her the next year, for her ninth birthday.

Afterall, they were nearly there, a few weeks away from a safe haven for people like them.

“Are we going to be a family forever?” She asked.

“Yes,” Thalia said, “Yes we are.”

Annabeth wished for the same thing before blowing out all the candles on her cake.

Luke took a picture of that moment, then, with a Polaroid camera they found in one of the classrooms. Annabeth kept the photo by her side for years. Since the Second Titan War, it’s been tucked away in a dusted box underneath her desk on Olympus, labeled “memories – do not open.”

I wish we had a scene in TLO in which Thalia talks to Luke. Thats all.


Percy Jackson X Reader

-Y/N L/N met Percy Jackson and everything is now ruined.

Chapter 22: Then It Ended

As soon as we came, Annabeth ang Grover tackled me. We were the first heroes to return alive to Half-Blood Hill since Luke, so of course everybody treated us as if we’d won some reality-TV contest. According to camp tradition, we wore laurel wreaths to a big feast prepared in our honor, then led a procession down to the bonfire, where we got to burn the burial shrouds our cabins had made for us in our absence.

Annabeth’s shroud was so beautiful—gray silk with embroidered owls— Percy told her it seemed a shame not to bury her in it. She punched him and told him to shut up.

Percy being the son of Poseidon, he didn’t have any cabin mates, so the Ares cabin had volunteered to make his shroud. They’d taken an old bedsheet and painted smiley faces with X'ed-out eyes around the border, and the word LOSER painted really big in the middle.

As I was still unclaimed, Hermes cabin had made me one. (Just… IDK go crazy with your shroud IG)

It was fun to burn.

As Apollo’s cabin led the sing-along and passed out s'mores, Percy and I was surrounded by my Hermes cabinmates, Annabeth’s friends from Athena, and Grover’s satyr buddies, who were admiring the brand-new searcher’s license he’d received from the Council of Cloven Elders. The council had called Grover’s performance on the quest “Brave to the point of indigestion. Horns-and-whiskers above anything we have seen in the past.”

The only ones not in a party mood were Clarisse and her cabinmates, whose poisonous looks told me they’d never forgive us for disgracing their dad.

That was okay with me.

Even Dionysus’s welcome-home speech wasn’t enough to dampen my spirits. “Yes, yes, so the little brats didn’t get themselves killed and now they’ll have an even bigger head. Well, huzzah for that. In other announcements, there will be no canoe races this Saturday….”

Going back to the cabin I finally had time to talk to Luke. Who just expressed his relief of me being fine, and how he was scared when Annabeth told everyone about me. No wonder everyone was so shocked seeing me come back with Percy.

On the Fourth of July, the whole camp gathered at the beach for a fireworks display by cabin nine. Being Hephaestus’s kids, they weren’t going to settle for a few lame red-white-and-blue explosions. They’d anchored a barge offshore and loaded it with rockets the size of Patriot missiles. According to Annabeth, who’d seen the show before, the blasts would be sequenced so tightly they’d look like frames of animation across the sky. The finale was supposed to be a couple of hundred-foot-tall Spartan warriors who would crackle to life above the ocean, fight a battle, then explode into a million colors.

As Annabeth, Percy and I were spreading a picnic blanket, Grover showed up to tell us good-bye. He was dressed in his usual jeans and T-shirt and sneakers, but in the last few weeks he’d started to look older, almost high-school age. His goatee had gotten thicker. He’d put on weight. His horns had grown at least an inch, so he now had to wear his rasta cap all the time to pass as human.

“I’m off,” he said. “I just came to say … well, you know.”

I tried to feel happy for him. After all, it wasn’t every day a satyr got permission to go look for the great god Pan. But it was hard saying good-bye. I’d only known Grover a year, yet he was my oldest friend.

Annabeth and I gave him a hug. She told him to keep his fake feet on.

I asked him where he was going to search first.

“Kind of a secret,” he said, looking embarrassed. “I wish you could come with me, guys, but humans and Pan …”

“We understand,” Annabeth said. “You got enough tin cans for the trip?”


“And you remembered your reed pipes?”

“Jeez, Annabeth,” he grumbled. “You’re like an old mama goat.”

But he didn’t really sound annoyed.

He gripped his walking stick and slung a backpack over his shoulder. He looked like any hitchhiker you might see on an American highway.

“Well,” he said, “wish me luck.”

He gave Annabeth and I another hug. He clapped Percy on the shoulder, then headed back through the dunes.

Fireworks exploded to life overhead: Hercules killing the Nemean lion, Artemis chasing the boar, George Washington (who, by the way, was a son of Athena) crossing the Delaware.

“Hey, Grover,” Percy called.

He turned at the edge of the woods.

“Wherever you’re going—I hope they make good enchiladas.”

Grover grinned, and then he was gone, the trees closing around him.

“We’ll see him again,” Annabeth said.

July passed.

I spent my daysplanning out strategies with Luke for capture-the-flag and making alliances with the other cabins to keep the banner out of Ares’s hands. I got to the top of the climbing wall for the first time without getting scorched by lava.

From time to time, Percy and I would walk past the Big House, he’d glance up at the attic windows, and think about the Oracle.

I tried to convince him that its prophecy had come to completion.

“You shall go west, and face the god who has turned.”

“Been there, done that—even though the traitor god had turned out to be Ares rather than Hades.”

“You shall find what was stolen, and see it safe returned.”

“Check. One master bolt delivered. One helm of darkness back on Hades.”

“You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend.” Percy recited.

“Ares had pretended to be our friend, then betrayed us. That must be what the Oracle meant…. Or maybe Nereid?”

“And you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end.” He sighed. “I had failed to save my mom and lost you…”

“So why are you still uneasy?”

The last night of the summer session came all too quickly.

The campers had one last meal together. We burned part of our dinner for the gods. At the bonfire, the senior counselors awarded the end-of-summer beads.

Percy and I got our own leather necklace, and when I saw the bead for my first summer. The design was pitch black, with a sea-green trident shimmering in the center.

“This is so beautiful…” I smiled to Percy.

“The choice was unanimous,” Luke announced. “This bead commemorates the first Son of the Sea God at this camp, and the quest he undertook into the darkest part of the Underworld to stop a war!”

The entire camp got to their feet and cheered. Even Ares’s cabin felt obliged to stand. Athena’s cabin steered Annabeth to the front so she could share in the applause.

I’m not sure I’d ever felt as happy or sad as I did at that moment. I’d finally found a family, people who cared about me and thought I’d done something right. And in the morning, most of them would be leaving for the year.

* * *

The next morning, Luke called me. He gave me a paper, telling me to fill it out, and asked me to meet him as soon as I could.

I knew Dionysus must’ve filled it out, because he stubbornly insisted on getting my name wrong:


If you intend to stay at Camp Half-Blood year-round, you must inform the Big House by noon today. If you do not announce your intentions, we will assume you have vacated your cabin or died a horrible death. Cleaning harpies will begin work at sundown. They will be authorized to eat any unregistered campers. All personal articles left behind will be incinerated in the lava pit.

Have a nice day!

Mr. D (Dionysus)

Camp Director, Olympian Council #12

That’s another thing about ADHD. Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face. Summer was over, and I still don’t know what to do. I had no where to go to. The only option I had was Percy’s or maybe Hades was not joking about inviting me back to the Underworld.

Sighing I decided to just meet Luke before filling it for second opinions.

The campgrounds were mostly deserted, shimmering in the August heat. All the campers were in their cabins packing up, or running around with brooms and mops, getting ready for final inspection. Argus was helping some of the Aphrodite kids haul their Gucci suitcases and makeup kits over the hill, where the camp’s shuttle bus would be waiting to take them to the airport.

I was walking around looking for Luke. I jumped when I felt someone tap me from behind. I instinctively unsheathed my knife and turned only to see Luke with his hands raised.

“Whoa! Calm down just me.” He laughed.

“Kinda weird seeing someone laugh at a knife pointed at them.” I smirked sheathing my knife.

“I only laugh since its you.” He smiled and ruffled my hair. “Are you done with everything?”

“Not really. I don’t know whether to leave or not yet. That’s why I came. Help me?” I asked him.

He turned to me and to the forest. “How about you hear me out about something… important and private… then decide?” He gestured towards the forest.

“Not planning on killing me are you?” I squinted at him.

He gasped. “Not you. Never. I would never hurt you.”

I let him lead me to a shrouded area of the forest.

“How serious is this thing that you can’t let anyone see? I am blindly trusting you here Luke.” I laughed nervously. But when he didn’t reply I felt something was off. “Luke, okay this isn’t cool. How deep into the forest do we have to go?”

“Y/N remember when you said… You want to be the person I trust…? How you promised to help me?”

“Luke?” He took my hand and pulled me sharply. I winced at how hard he pulled me. “That hurts! Let me go!”

He snapped back and let go of my wrist. “I-I’m sorry… Y/N…”

As much as I knew I had to leave, I couldn’t I was worried about him. I reluctantly placed a hand on his shoulder. “What’s happening?”

“I did it…” I said and sat on the ground. “I swear I didn’t mean to get you hurt. But, I confess to everything. I  stole bolt and helm, I summoned the hound, I gave Percy the cursed shoes… And just now, I tried to kill Percy Jackson.” He looked at me with empty eyes.

I shot up and looked at him in emotions I couldn’t put in words. “W-Wh—” I wanted to leave and check on Percy. But once again, seeing him right now… I need to stay with him. “Why are you telling me this…?”

“Join me… please?” his voice was weak. He sounded vulnerable. “Let’s serve my Lord together…”

“L-Luke… no. I-I can’t do that!” I took his shoulder, “Y-You should stay with me instead. How about that, huh? L-Let’s explain to Chiron and the others… come on please. I could help you!”

Nothing was working.

“Come with me…” He muttered.

“Luke, I won’t join you. You have to change your mind. You can’t do this.”

“I can’t change my mind.”

“I can help you with that? How about you go with me huh? I could spend all my time doing this and that. Please, just change your mind.”

He didn’t reply for a while until he whispered, “Promise me.”

“Promise you what?”

“You’ll stay with me.”

“What? Luke I wo–”

“You won’t join… Just…don’t stay here for the year… and stay with me.”

“I-If I stay with you… what would that mean?”

“Yo-You… might change my mind.”

“I’ll go.” I replied with no hesitation. “I’ll leave camp for the year. And I’ll find my parent to prove to you that Gods and Goddess aren’t all bad. We’ll find my parent together.”

“I do my lord’s bidding–”

“You can still do it. If you want to. But whatever happens… stays only between us. I’ll stay with you until I change your mind. And I’ll bring you back to camp.”

“I would never do anything to ruin your trust in me.” He knelt down. It was kinda awkward but hey… “I need you.”

Worry not hero. We shall stay.


We’ll meet again. Wait for us, we shall join you soon. Now leave.

I had no idea what happened since when I came to Luke was gone and there was no sign of him anywhere. How were we going to st—

We will meet him once we leave. Now go as our hero needs us.

I suddenly remembered Percy’s state that Luke had told me about. So I ran. I ran to the Big House


Percy finally opened his eyes.

He was propped up in bed in the sickroom of the Big House, his right hand bandaged like a club. Argus stood guard in the corner. Annabeth and I sat next to Percy, I was holding his nectar glass and she was dabbing a washcloth on his forehead.

“Here we are again,” Percy said.

“You idiot,” Annabeth said, “You were green and turning gray when we found you. If it weren’t for Chiron’s healing…”

“Now, now,” Chiron’s voice said. “Percy’s constitution deserves some of the credit.”

He was sitting near the foot of the bed in human form. His lower half was magically compacted into the wheelchair, his upper half dressed in a coat and tie. He smiled, but his face looked weary and pale, the way it did when he’d been up all night grading Latin papers.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Like my insides have been frozen, then microwaved.”

“Apt, considering that was pit scorpion venom. Now you must tell me, if you can, exactly what happened.”

Between sips of nectar, he told them the story.

I bit my lip trying to keep what happened between Luke and I private. It was a risky move that would not be approved by anyone after all.

The room was quiet for a long time.

“I can’t believe that Luke…” Annabeth’s voice faltered. Her expression turned angry and sad. “Yes. Yes, I can believe it. May the gods curse him…. He was never the same after his quest.”

Percy was looking at me as if checking what was my reaction to his story.

“This must be reported to Olympus,” Chiron murmured. “I will go at once.”

“Luke is out there right now,” Percy said. “I have to go after him.”

Chiron shook his head. “No, Percy. The gods—”

“Won’t even talk about Kronos,” Percy snapped. “Zeus declared the matter closed!”

“Percy, I know this is hard. But you must not rush out for vengeance. You aren’t ready.”

“Chiron… your prophecy from the Oracle… it was about Kronos, wasn’t it? Was I in it? Y/N? And Annabeth?”

Chiron glanced nervously at the ceiling. “Percy, it isn’t my place—”

“You’ve been ordered not to talk to me about it, haven’t you?”

His eyes were sympathetic, but sad. “You will be a great hero, child. I will do my best to prepare you. But if I’m right about the path ahead of you…”

Thunder boomed overhead, rattling the windows.

“All right!” Chiron shouted. “Fine!”

He sighed in frustration. “The gods have their reasons, Percy. Knowing too much of your future is never a good thing.”

“We can’t just sit back and do nothing,” He said.

“We will not sit back,” Chiron promised. “But you must be careful. Kronos wants you to come unraveled. He wants your life disrupted, your thoughts clouded with fear and anger. Do not give him what he wants. Train patiently. Your time will come.”

“Assuming I live that long.”

Chiron put his hand on Percy’s ankle. “You’ll have to trust me, Percy. You will live. But first you must decide your path for the coming year. I cannot tell you the right choice….” I got the feeling that he had a very definite opinion, and it was taking all his willpower not to advise me. “But you must decide whether to stay at Camp Half-Blood year-round, or return to the mortal world for seventh grade and be a summer camper. Think on that. When I get back from Olympus, you must tell me your decision.”

“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Chiron promised. “Argus will watch over you.”

He glanced at Annabeth. “Oh, and, my dear… whenever you’re ready, they’re here.”

“Who’s here?” Percy asked.

Nobody answered.

Chiron rolled himself out of the room. I heard the wheels of his chair clunk carefully down the front steps, two at a time.

Annabeth studied the floor.

“What’s wrong?” Percy asked her.

“Nothing. I … just took your advice about something. You … um … need anything?”

“Yeah. Help me up. I want to go outside.”

“Percy, that isn’t a good idea.”

Percy slid his legs out of bed. Annabeth and I caught him before he could crumple to the floor.

I said, “I told you …”

“I’m fine,” He insisted.

He managed a step forward. Then another, still leaning heavily on me. Argus followed us outside, but he kept his distance.

By the time we reached the porch, his face was beaded with sweat. But we had managed to make it all the way to the railing.

It was dusk. The camp looked completely deserted. The cabins were dark and the volleyball pit silent. No canoes cut the surface of the lake. Beyond the woods and the strawberry fields, the Long Island Sound glittered in the last light of the sun.

“What are you going to do?” Annabeth asked us.

“I don’t know.” Percy replied. “I got the feeling Chiron wanted me to stay year-round, to put in more individual training time, but I’m not sure that’s what I want. I also don’t want to leave you both with Clarisse only.”

Annabeth pursed her lips, then said quietly, “I’m going home for the year, Percy.”

He stared at her. “You mean, to your dad’s?”

She pointed toward the crest of Half-Blood Hill. Next to Thalia’s pine tree, at the very edge of the camp’s magical boundaries, a family stood silhouetted—two little children, a woman, and a tall man with blond hair. They seemed to be waiting. The man was holding a backpack that looked like the one Annabeth had gotten from Waterland in Denver.

“I wrote him a letter when we got back,” Annabeth said. “Just like you suggested. I told him… I was sorry. I’d come home for the school year if he still wanted me. He wrote back immediately. We decided… we’d give it another try.”

“That took guts.”

She pursed her lips. “You won’t try anything stupid during the school year, will you? At least … not without sending me an Iris-message? Both of you?”

Percy managed a smile. “I won’t go looking for trouble. I usually don’t have to.”

“You already know my plans.”

“When I get back next summer,” she said, “we’ll hunt down Luke. We’ll ask for a quest, but if we don’t get approval, we’ll sneak off and do it anyway. Agreed?”

“Sounds like a plan worthy of Athena.”

She held out her hand. Percy shook it. She gave me a hug.

“Take care, Seaweed Brain,” Annabeth told Percy. “Keep your eyes open.”

“You too, Wise Girl.”

Then turned to me, “Good luck on your own quest Droopy.”

“Of course Peabody.”

We watched her walk up the hill and join her family. She gave her father an awkward hug and looked back at the valley one last time. She touched Thalia’s pine tree, then allowed herself to be lead over the crest and into the mortal world.

“I made my decision.” Percy said. “What’s yours?”

“I’ll be leaving camp… I’m going to look for my parent…”

He looked at me in shock. “I’ll be back next summer,” I promised him. “I’ll survive until then.”


I smiled at him.

“Don’t you want to stay with us? Mom said—”

“I want to find my parent. I need to. I’ll be fine Percy.”

I helped Percy to his cabin so he could pack and went to mine. To my surprise I see a middle-aged man with an athletic figure slim and fit with salt-and-pepper hair, and a very familiar sly grin. He had bags at his foot.

“Delivery for Y/N L/N.”


“Hermes.” He said.

I froze and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Personally packed. As a thank you for what you’re about to do.” He smiled softly and handed me the bags.


“For helping Luke.”


Don’t forget her mail!

Ooh! And tell her to bring us snacks next time we meet since it’ll be often now!

No it wouldn’t be often! She’ll be with Luke!

“Both of you keep quiet.” Pulling out a mail he handed it to me. “Luke… prayed to me telling me about your plan. He asked me to help you. I don’t know what or why he did it. But I know he’ll change thanks to you. So do guide him.”

“Sorry you lost me at the talking air…” I blinked.

Hermes laughed and showed a caduceus. “It’s just George and Martha.”




“I just wanted to let you know. No god or goddess could see you. No matter how hard they tried. So your secrets.. are really secrets. Good luck on your travel.”

Next time we meet you should have snacks.

Then he vanished.

Staring at the letter on my hand, I was stunned seeing it was from… my mom and dad.


You’ve made quite a friend here.

-Mom and Dad.

I immediately knew where to look. I hurriedly took my bags not bothering to check the contents. I ran to Percy’s cabin and helped him out so we could leave.

Percy got a cab and looked at me worriedly.

“I’ll write you. Stay safe Arthur Curry.” I ruffled his hair and watched him go.

I didn’t know where to go so I just went to the first secluded area I saw.

“You have more stuffs than when you arrived.” I heard someone behind me.

“You prayed to your dad. I hope he knows how to pack.” I sighed turning to him. Turning around I barely made out Luke from the few days I last saw him. “You okay?”

“Do you know where to look first?”

Call upon our hound.

I whistled, I don’t know why. But when I did, D/N came out of the blue. Luke looked at me and my dear dog, who was probably bigger than the hound he’d summon back then. “How do feel about L.A?” I said riding on D/N and making space behind me for Luke.

~~~END OF BOOK 1~~~

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Requested by: anonymous

Fandom: Percy Jackson

Relationship: Luke Castellan x reader

Prompt: 33 and 34,,, could you do it before Percy arrives and everything is just kinda nice and wholesome,,, implied smut would be nice but only if you feel comfortable❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you’re a star

33- “Is that my shirt?” 34-“Isn’t that a bit too big for you?”

“Luke?” You called opening the door to your apartment.

“On the couch, baby.” You smiled to yourself, kicking off your shoes, and placing your bags against the wall. You walked into the living room and jumped onto the couch next to your boyfriend.

“Oh gods, Y/N, what was that for?” He laughed turning to peck you on the lips.  

“I missed you.” He smiled at you his eyes softening, different than the man that many others saw.

“I missed you, too.” He whispered pulling you closer and leaning his forehead against yours. You smiled and leaned into him pressing your lips against his.

“Mhmm,” you moaned pulling away.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I’m going to go get changed.” You pushed yourself up off the couch, stretching out your aching bones. Today you were in charge of training at Camp Half- Blood and some first years were struggling with skills. It was up to you to be an example and of course the only volunteers were the Ares kids… shocker. You felt a rough hand tug at your hips.

“Why do you need to get changed?” He whined. You turned towards the blonde stepping between his parted legs and letting hip wrap his arms around your waist.

“Because baby,” You laughed lacing your fingers in his messy knotted hair. “I was training today.”

“But, there’s no point in changing.”

“Oh?” You pulled away so you could see his face and his gorgeous blue eyes you could get lost in forever. You traced the scar that journeyed down the side of his face. He was always self conscious of it but you thought it made him look so mysterious and sexy. Like the bad boys you watched in those old movies. You loved the story of how it came about, fighting a dragon on a quest? Your own perfect hero.    “And why is it pointless to change, love?”

“It’s pointless when they are just going to end up on the floor anyways.” he pointed out a smirk You let out a laugh and pushed him off of you.

“ Very funny.” You walked away from your whining boyfriend, strutting down the hall to your shared bedroom. You quickly changed your clothes, now wearing just a T-Shirt- just one of Luke’s T-shirts. You smiled to yourself thinking about how much trouble you’d be in. It was going to be a long night, you knew it now.

“Hey Babe,” Luke called, his footsteps grew louder as he patted closer to the room.

“Yeah?” You called back as you cleaned up the pile of clothes that you left on the bed that morning.

“I just ordered-is that my shirt?” He stopped in his place causing you to smirk. It was way too easy with this boy.

“It’s my shirt” you replied as you continued putting the clothes a

“No, that, my love, is my shirt.” He took a few steps closer to you wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you flat against him.

“Its my shirt now.” You tried to stay cocky and continue playing hard to get but it was getting hard because he was getting hard. The more he pressed up against you, the more difficult it was to resist your boyfriend.

“Mmm” He moaned pressing his lips against your neck. You moved your head to the side to allow him some more room. “ Isn’t that a bit too big for you?” He asked flipping you around. Your faces were so close the urge to take him then and there was irresistible.

“I happen to think it fits just right.” You chokes out the words, your confidence fading as you felt your cheeks heat up.

“Mhmm..” He moaned looking you up and down “i’m starting to think you may be right.”

“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” you warned him, leaning in closer to him. Your lips inches, the tension could be cut with a knife.

“Oh baby, I intend to finish”



Requested by:@weirdnewbie

Fandom: Percy Jackson

Relationship: Luke x Reader

Prompt: Pt.3 of the Wednesday Addams series. Luke and the reader (Daughter of Hades) are now a couple, when a little boy enters camp half blood just moments after losing his mother and they become friends

Word Count:540

As a demigod, a million things can happen in just a second. One minute you’re observing the campers and holding hands with your boyfriend. But the next second you’re comforting a young boy. A young sea green-eyed, 12-year-old little boy who just lost his mother. Another child plagued with the inconvenience of being a demigod. Unclaimed and lost. There was yelling everywhere, that’s when Luke spotted his young satyr friend.

“Grover,” he yelled before taking off in a sprint.

“Luke,” you yelled chasing after him. You pushed through the crowd in front of the big house. “Get back to your cabins,” you yelled at the other campers. “Check-in is in 20 minutes!” They all just continued to stare at you. “Go,” you glared. They all ran back to their cabin except for a few stubborn Ares kids. You held up your finger “I will put you on dishes for the next two months.” They all groaned and rolled their eyes but they walked away. You opened the door to the big house.

“There you are Y/N,” Chiron said as he sighed. “Annabeth is in with him right now.” You nodded and walked over to the door and pressed your ear. You heard the young girl questioning the boy. Rolling your eyes you opened the door. You cleared your throat. Annabeth shifted her small body to face you.

“Annabeth, go help your siblings clean. Luke and I will be doing Check-ins very soon.”

“But, Y/N” she whined

“Annabeth,” you warned “now.” She jumped off the bed and ran out of the big house. “Hiya kiddo. I’m y/n,” he looked up at you sadly. All he gave was a slight smile. “Can you tell me your name?”

“Percy,” he whispered “Percy Jackson.”

“It’s okay to be scared, Percy Jackson.” He nodded

“I know.”

“Don’t worry, darling, it’s all going to be fine,” you whispered. His wide eyes stare up at you. You worried for him already.

“I’m all alone nothing is okay.” You sighed and moved to sit on the bed. You opened your arms and the young demigod slowly moved towards you.

“You’re not alone Percy Jackson. Come with me I’ll show you to your cabin.” You jumped off the bed and Percy followed. You walked to the Hermes cabin where your boyfriend was finishing up. “Luke!” The blond turned away from his cabin door to face you. His once annoyed expression became a smile.

“Hello, Wednesday Addams.” You walked forward and kissed him on the lips.

“This is Percy,” you brought Percy closer to you. “I’m sorry to do this to you, Tom Sawyer, but he’s unclaimed. You know I would take him to mine if I had a cabin.” Percy looked up at you confused. “I’m a daughter of Hades. There’s no Hades cabin. No need for one until I was claimed.”

“I’m going to change that,” Percy assured. You smiled down at him.

“I’m sure you will kiddo.”

“Alright kid, I’ll introduce you to the others of the Hermes cabin.” Luke took the boy by the shoulders. He gave you a quick wink before introducing Percy to everyone.

“You are not alone Percy Jackson.” You whispered before heading back to the big house.



Requested by:@weirdnewbie

Fandom: Percy Jackson

Relationship: Luke x Reader

Prompt: I wanted to send this in as a part two for the one before this. Maybe Reader goes on a quest with Luke and she gets injured and in her ‘dazed’ state she let’s it slip that she likes him and he says he likes her and when she’s all healed and stuff Luke hints at the confession and it ends with them together and all fluffy

Word Count: 776

It was supposed to be an easy task, you and Luke had studied the furies. They sent you because they were sure they wouldn’t attack a child of Hades but, all you plans had gone haywire went you felt the Fury’s claw slip into your back. You fell to the ground quickly and the Fury fled even faster disappearing before the son of Hermes’ eyes.
“Luke,” You croaked, it took a few seconds for him to process your state before quickly running to your side. He kneeled at your side and lifted your head.
“Oh my gods Y/N, okay. It’s going to be okay, I’ll get us to camp. It’s right up the hill and little Will Solace will fix you up.” He lifted you bridal style causing you to groan, “I’m so sorry, Wednesday Addams. I promise I’ll move quickly.” Those seconds up half-blood hill felt like hours. The rest was a blur, but you remembered those blue eyes and Luke’s hand holding yours.
“Listen, Luke, I’m going to tell you this while she’s asleep,” Will whispered to the older boy. “ To heal her wounds I had to give her a serum, this serum will cause her to be in this sort of,” Will paused thinking “dazed state,” Luke looked questioningly at the 10-year-old.
“What does that mean?”
“Well” Will smirked at Luke “She may not recognize you, and say some crazy stuff but, she won’t remember once the serum wears off.” Luke let out a laugh that scared the small boy.
“Oh gods, well how long should this last?”
“A few hours after she wakes up,” the small blonde peered around the older boy. “And by the looks of it, she’s awake. Just let me know if she’s in any pain.” Luke ruffled the small boy’s hair before rushing back over to you.
“How are you feeling Wednesday Addams?”
“ Mmm, better now that you’re here.” Luke smiled “You know you’re pretty cute.”
“So I’ve been told,” Luke said trying to hold back the laughter. This was going to a long few hours, so he took a seat in the chair beside your bed.
“Can I tell you a secret,” you whispered.
“Anything,” Luke leaned closer to the bed, you grabbed ahold of his shirt pulling him almost out of the chair. Even injured you were still one of the strongest campers.
“I’m in love with Luke Castellan,” You let go of his shirt and Luke’s face became the deepest shade of red. “But, shhh shhh.” You held a finger to your lips with your eyes closed. “He can’t know.”
“I won’t tell him, get some rest, Wednesday Addams.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and began to walk away when he heard you whisper,
“I like it when he calls me that.” Luke smiled to himself before heading back to his cabin to get everyone ready for dinner.
After dinner, he returned to the infirmary to find you sitting up eating small bites of a grilled cheese, you’re favorite.
“Hi Wednesday Addams,” his smile widened at the sight of you and a huge smile spread across your face when he got closer.
“Luke! Thank gods you’re here, as much as I love little Will if he asks me one more time if I’m in pain I’m going to unleash a skeleton army,” Luke let out a small laugh causing concern. “Is everything alright Luke?”
“Well, do you happen to remember anything after the fight?” you shook your head giving him a questioning look. “Well, you were in this dazed state and um…oh gods.”
“Luke,” you reached forward and grabbed his hand “you can tell me anything, I’m sure I said something stupid about ducks.” He let out another small laugh and you giggled.
“Actually, it was about me.” You gulped and fear instantly ran through your veins.
“Oh,” you whispered
“Yeah. You um… you said that you loved me. Is that true?”
“Only if you want it to be,” you blushed and he moved closer to you. You felt dumb of course he wouldn’t like you when he could have any girl in this whole camp.
“I want it to be.” He leaned over the bed and hovered over your face. He was so close you could feel his warm breath. You looked into his bright blue eyes, the ones you had fallen in love with. “I’ve always wanted to be true since the day you called me Tom Sawyer.” Luke leaned closer and connected your lips only pulling away after what felt like minutes.
“I love you, Wednesday Addams.” You smiled at the goofy blonde standing over you.
“I love you, Tom Sawyer.”

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Requested by:@weirdnewbie

Fandom: Percy Jackson 

Relationship: Luke X Platonic!Reader

Prompt: Could you do a Luke Castellan imagine where the reader is the daughter of Hades and everyone at camp avoids her because of this but Luke approaches her and they eventually become badass besties? Thanks

Word Count:416

They all stared, from the moment you were claimed by your father, the staring never stopped. You were the child of Hades, causing every camper to scurry away, including those who claimed to be your friends. Luke hadn’t found out yet. He was on a quest when you’re father was kind enough to claim you. You were nervous, Luke was the last person to know and you needed him to be your friend. Without him, you were completely isolated. He arrived back at camp while you all were eating breakfast, you heard the whispers begin as soon as he spotted you sitting alone at the Hades table. You could hear the protests, telling him not to talk to me, that I’m no good. You let your head lean lower towards the table trying to shield yourself from the curious eyes when you felt the bench shift. A new weight added to the place no one had ever resided in.
“Y/N?” Luke whispered you kept looking down, no longer picking at your food. “Y/N, I don’t care who your father is, that doesn’t change you,” he paused for a moment trying to find the words. “It actually just explains a lot. I’m not going to leave you, you know.”

“Why? Everyone else did. Why don’t you just join them? I’m leaving ca-”

“Don’t you dare say that. We will show them, buttercup whether you like it or not.” You smirked at Luke and he smiled back. Everyone stared at you two, you hid your face again when you noticed the eyes. Luke placed his finger under your chin forcing you to look at him. “Hey, don’t worry about them.” He stood up from the table and looked around the dining hall. “What are you all staring at? Two demigods can’t be friends,” the room stayed silent. “Eat your breakfast.” You let out a laugh as he sat down again.

“Thanks,” you whispered.

“Anytime Wednesday Addams.”

“Alright, Tom Sawyer.”
“Who?” You stared at the blonde in front of you.

“Now that’s just sad.”

From that day on, no one messed with you two. You were the leaders at camp, the ones the others wanted to be like. So when a young boy arrived and was soon claimed by Poseidon, you and Luke knew exactly what to do. You were the mischievous boy and the dark girl. The badass besties that no one messed with, but everyone wanted to be. Your legacies would live on into eternity.  

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the lightning thief comic headers part2like if u save/use or credit to @meullarks on twitterthe lightning thief comic headers part2like if u save/use or credit to @meullarks on twitterthe lightning thief comic headers part2like if u save/use or credit to @meullarks on twitterthe lightning thief comic headers part2like if u save/use or credit to @meullarks on twitter

the lightning thief comic headers part2

like if u save/use or credit to @meullarks on twitter

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camp half-blood realistic portraits part 1

disclaimer: these are not solely drawings. i used AI generation apps/websites (artbreeder and faceapp) to make them look realistic








mr. d/dionysus


coach hedge











camp half-blood realistic portraits part 3

camp half-blood realistic portraits part 4

Whenever I saw anti Luke posts I always thought people were preaching to the choir bc literally everyone agrees. Then I actually saw a Luke apologist say that it was just a “love theory” and Percy was an unreliable narrator. BABE WHAT THEORY??? GROOMING? CHILD MOLESTING? PEDOPHILIA-

Does anyone have any White Collar requests? Please send me a msg, ask or comment!! I’m thinking of writing something short (under 3k) for the Caffery-Burke Day on Oct 23rd.

My current idea is a White Collar & Percy Jackson Crossover, where Neal is a son of Hermes that sided with Luke Castellan in the first series. I don’t think we’ve seen any POV on the characters on Luke’s side before in the PJO fandom (I could be wrong tho) but I think it would be interesting. So he’d either be a spy with Silena, or he would’ve left camp half blood and stayed on the Andromeda with Luke and the others. I’d probably write it as a reflection, maybe a spin as to why Neal knows how to use so many weapons but has a strong moral code against using them on other people.

My other idea is a White Collar & Supernatural Crossover, where one of the Winchesters, Adam Milligan or Michael (archangel) steals a piece of art. Neal and Peter follow the case and eventually tie to the Winchesters, at which point all hell breaks loose because the Winchesters are probably The Most Infamous Case the FBI has ever dealt with. (Suspected murders in nearly every state, been pronounced dead multiple times only to show up a few months/years later, almost everyone they talk to mysterious forgets everything about them/suddenly becomes very unhelpful etc). I don’t know how I’d finish this fic tho, or how I’d keep it under 3k.

When I was active in the fandom, I remember getting frustrated because I couldn’t find a single fic where Peter and Neal’s close relationship made El get insecure. Or maybe I was looking for ot3 Peter, Neal & El with insecure El? Idk. Either way, that’s a third option.

Please let me know what you think, by comments or ask (anon is on if you want)!! :)